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Jersey Shore Recap: Paying with Jewish Barbie

For most of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation Season 2, fans have been watching Ronnie get pounded on by girlfriend Jen Harley.

The two have a very unhealthy relationship.

On Thursday night, however, we were left to wonder whether this muscle-bound reality star stepped out on his violent baby mama and pounded another woman.

Ronnie is Shirtless

With his penis. In her vagina.

Did he really cheat on Harley?!?

The situation to do so presented itself because Angelina brought along her friend Lindsay (aka "Jewish Barbie") for a night out with the cast in Jersey.

While Pauly D and Vinny most certainly seemed interested in this special guest, Jewish Barbie set her sights on Ronnie from the start. That much was clear.

She Twerked for him. She joked about who's bed she'd be sleeping in that night. She got Ronnie's mojo going, big time.

Jewish Barbie

During these interactions, though, Ronnie was also texting/fighting with Harley.

They starting having issues when she sent him photos of his ex (possibly Sammi Giancola?) to show him how happy women were without him.

Ouch, right?!?

Harley also allegedly told Ronnie she was going to find another guy to raise their daughter -- all over text message!

Ignoring Snooki's advice to "pass [Jewish Barbie] off" to Pauly or Vinny, Ronnie decided to tell Lindsay that the group had a hot tub at their place.

in the tub

Once they arrived there, the girls and guys mostly separated.

Upstairs, the girls played a game of "F-ck, Marry, Kill," where Lindsay revealed she was interested in banging Ronnie. D'uh.

Meanwhile, the men were downstairs busting Ronnie's chops about the entire ordeal.

They were totally joking around, but when they realized Ronnie was actually considering hooking up with Jewish Barbie," they tried to talk him out of it.

"Women in hot tubs are Ronnie's Kryptonite, okay?" The Situation told the camera. "When Jewish Barbie comes out in her bathing suit, he will be left powerless."

Yup. That's exactly what transpired.

borrow shirt?

As the episode came to a close and the credits rolled, Ronnie and Lindsay went to his room and he told her she could sleep in his bed.

“There goes my life,” he joked before the the episode faded to black.

Elsewhere this week... Snooki thought she was pregnant!

She got this idea in her head because she actually vomited after many days in a row of drinking.

It's true: Snooki vomited!

"Nicole never throws up," JWOWW said in shock, leading her and her friend to assume Nicole was expecting.

So they ran out to get a pregnancy test.

am i preggers?

"Me and Jionni are trying to have a baby, so maybe I'm pregnant!" Snooki said to the camera. "If it says no, I'm gonna be really upset. I really want a baby."

(Editor's Note: Maybe you shouldn't have been drinking SO hard if you were trying. Just saying/judging.)

In the end, the test came back negative, and Snooki was bummed.

"Why did I throw up like that?" she wondered, apparently forgetting that she had been gulping down vodka seltzers for four days straight.


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Javi Marroquin and Lauren Comeau Welcome First Child!

The Teen Mom family just got a little bit bigger.

Kind of.

Sort of.

Javi Marroquin, who appeared on many episodes of Teen Mom 2 as Kailyn Lowry's ex-husband and who shares custody of son Lincoln with Kailyn, has welcomed his second child into the world.

He and girlfriend Lauren Comeau just confirmed the blessed news.

Is it a boy? A girl? What are the measurements? The name?

Scroll down to find out everything we know about the baby, the couple and everything related to this trio...

1. The New Parents

The new parents
Javi Marroquin and Lauren Comeau are first-time parents... together! They have welcomed a son into their ever-expanding family.

2. So... What Is It?

Lauren comeau with javi m
It's a baby boy! The second one for Javi and the first kid overall for Lauren. He was born on November 15 in Delaware at 3:09 p.m., about two weeks before Lauren was due.

3. What Does He Weigh?

Javi and lauren comeau in swimsuits
Six pounds and 13 ounces, according to Javi, who spoke to Radar Online about the exciting development.

4. How is Everyone Doing?

Javi with lauren comeau
"Mom and baby are doing great," Marroquin tells this website. "It was me, her mother and her sister-in-law in the deliver room."

5. Okay, Okay, But What's the Name?

Javi marroquin with lauren comeau and lincoln
TBD, Javi says. "We still haven't decided," the former MTV personality admits to Radar.

6. What's the History Here?

With their baby bump
Javi and Lauren started dating in the summer of 2017, but it ended badly. After Marroquin split from Briana DeJesus in early 2018, he and Comeau rekindled their romance. They announced the pregnancy in May.
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Juliette Lewis Break from Reality and Other Fine Things to Ogle

Your week is nearly over! Celebrate with these sexy links including Vanessa Hudgens’ panties, Dagny Paige’s titty, and the top ten nude stars of the Harry Potter franchise!

Kim, Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian Go All Out for Dream’s 2nd Birthday Bash

Juliette Lewis Asks Britney Spears To Save Her from Satan In Instagram Meltdown

Go ‘Inside the Box’ with Naked News Beauty Alana Blaire

The Force Is Strong With Felicity Jones’s Massive Braless Cleavage Show

Sofia Jamora Bangin’ Bikini Picture Moment

Kyra Rockmore on ‘Kenan & Kel’ ‘Memba Her?!

Vanessa Hudgens Panties in a Magazine of the Day

Top Ten Nude Stars of the Harry Potter Franchise

Emily Ratajkowski Wearing Micro Bikinis in Australia!

Dagny Paige TITTY of the Day

Danielle Bregoli Attacks Iggy Azalea with a Drink, Caught on Video

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Lil Xan Announces Plans to Enter Rehab On One-Year Anniversary of Lil Peep’s Death

Lil Xan's stage name might be inspired by his love of prescription medications, but it seems the death of several close friends has caused the rapper to realize that recreational pill-popping can have deadly consequences.

According to TMZ, Xan (nee Diego Leanos) has announced plans to enter rehab in order to seek help for an addiction to opioids.

Lil Xan Relaxes

It's no coincidence that he reached the decision to enter treatment exactly one year after fellow emcee Lil Peep was found dead of an overdose.

And sadly, at the age of 22, Leanos has been impacted by the opioid crisis multiple times.

Rapper Mac Miller, who died of an overdose in September was a close friend and mentor of Xan's.

Lil Xan

Leanos has stated that he decided to get sober not long after learning of Miller's passing.

He says he's recently been hard at work on an album that he describes as a tribute to Miller.

But apparently, Leanos realizes that his health needs to take priority over his work, as he announced today that he'll be putting that project on hold in order to focus on getting sober:

Lil Xan Smoking

"I just dropped out of SoundCloud Uni to go to rehab, I leave in like 5 days and I couldn’t be happier with this choice," Xan wrote on Instagram today.

"I love you guys for being so supportive and can’t wait too get back clean headed ready to Finish my album!"

The decision comes just days after Xan opened up about his ongoing substance abuse issues in an interview with TMZ:

"I relapsed, and that's common ... Any other addict would understand that sh-t just happens," Leanos told the outlet.

"You just relapse. You don't want to. It's a process. You need treatment and help, and sometimes that doesn't even help."

Xan made it clear in recent interviews that while he is not as "strung out" as he's been in the past, he has still not achieved the sobriety he aspires to:

Lil Xan Tattoo

"I'm not completely clean. Off Xanax, yes, but I'm still weaning off Norcos [a brand of codeine-based painkiller]," he said.

While fans have been supportive of Xan's decision, many expressed hope that he would decide to check into rehab immediately, rather than waiting until next week.

We wish him all the best as he embarks upon the long road to recovery.

Elizabeth Hurley Plunging Dress Cleavage in London

Anyone that doesn’t have Elizabeth Hurley in their all-time top ten hottest women that ever lived needs to seriously reconsider their list. Liz Hurley is a goddess on earth, plain and simple, and seeing her out and about in a cleavage-baring dress only reaffirms that belief.

There’s not a day of my life that I won’t wonder what the hell Hugh Grant was thinking when he cheated on Liz with Divine Brown. There’s no rebounding from a decision that bad in my book, and I’ve never looked at that nebbishy, floppy haired doofus the same way since.

It would be one thing if Elizabeth Hurley lost her looks or sex appeal over the year, but like another great dame before her—Helen Mirren—she actually seems to be getting sexier with age. Don’t get me wrong, I’d trade my left nut to have a shot at Liz Hurley in her prime, but I’d gladly sacrifice either of my testicles to get with Liz today. Not both, though, because then I’d be no use to her.

So bust our your top ten list without Liz Hurley because, well, it’s been busted. There’s no complete list of the hottest women of all time without her name on it. Say it once, say it twice, third time’s a charm, Liz Hurley is the sexiest!

Photo Credit: Backgrid

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Kim Porter, Diddy’s Ex-Girlfriend, Dead at 47

Kim PorterFamily and friends are mourning the death of Kim Porter. E! News can confirm the model and actress has died at the age of 47. "Sadly, I can confirm the passing of Kim Porter,"...

Ariel Winter Yoga Pants at CVS

Stars, they’re just like us! I mean, just look at Ariel Winter leaving CVS in her yoga pants. That’s about as basic as it gets, if you ask me, and if Ariel Winter wants to keep things basic, that’s just fine by me.

I don’t need stars like Ariel Winter shopping in some chichi pharmacy, it makes me feel like they’re on another plane, and that’s no fun. Seeing Ariel Winter walking out of a CVS however makes me say, “Hey, I shop at CVS also, and my cousin is a pharmacist at one of those.”

Then I’m thinking, maybe my cousin filled Ariel Winter’s prescription, and maybe, just maybe, she’ll break those pesky HIPAA laws and dish on what Ariel’s picking up. Maybe some Valtrex? How about a morning after pill? Man, it sure is fun to guess.

So the next time you run into CVS for some tp or perhaps something to cure your crabs, be on the lookout. You never know what big star might be lurking around the corner like Ariel Winter in her yoga pants buying a douche or some other such thing. Stay vigilant, keep your eyes peeled, and watch what you say out loud!

Photo Credit: MEGA

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The Prometheus Trilogy May Never Be Finished, But Here Are Some Details on the Abandoned 3rd Film, Alien: Awakening

Alien fans have put up with disappointment for so long—32 years by my count—that it’s almost easy to forget that the first two films in the franchise are among the best science fiction films ever made. When Ridley Scott returned to the franchise with 2012’s Prometheus, it was the first of a planned trilogy of Alien prequels.

Despite being one of the dumbest movies ever made, Prometheus was at least trying to do something different with the franchise. Last year’s Alien: Covenant, however, preferred to just recycle all the major beats of the first Alien film. It didn’t work. The film was more or less reviled and bombed at the box office, causing the planned third film in the trilogy to languish.

Empire Magazine, however, unearthed the plot of what was planned to be titled Alien: Awakening, which would’ve pitted Michael Fassbender’s David against a planet full of Engineers

“Logan’s script would have seen the return of Prometheus‘ Engineers, with that species’ survivors coming after the genocidal David. Setting-wise, Scott said it was obvious ‘We’re gonna actually go to the planet,’ by which we assume he means LV-426.”

Alien fans should recognize that as the name of the planet from the original 1979 film, which would bring things full circle, leaving the Xenomorphs on that planet for Ripley and crew to discover. I’m glad this isn’t happening, because I guarantee they’d have found some way to beef the execution. Better to just leave well enough alone at this point.

[h/t HN Entertainment]

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Bruce Willy’s Unbreakable Faces Off With James McAvoy’s The Beast in New ‘Glass’ TV Spot (VIDEO)


The big thing that Unbreakable denied us 18 years ago was the thrill of seeing Bruce Willy’s character open a can of whoopass on some bad guys. The guy is, after all, unbreakable. Then early last year, M. Night Shyamalan shocked us all when he turned Split into a sequel to his 2000 comic book origin film, setting up an epic showdown in the upcoming film Glass.

The film itself appears to be taking a meta-approach to superhero films by having Bruce Willy’s David Dunn, James McAvoy’s The Beast, and Samuel L. Jackson’s Mr. Glass all under the psychiatric care of a doctor (Sarah Paulson) who thinks all three men are delusional. In a world where there are a half dozen superhero movies every calendar year, it’s nice to see at least one of them set in the confines of a somewhat “real world.”

My only reservation in all of this is that Bruce Willy hasn’t given a shit in a long time. Every movie he’s been in for the last decade and a half, he’s been on autopilot. And sometimes he can’t even be bothered to flick on that switch. Fingers crossed he was persuaded to give a damn again.

Glass hits theaters on January 18, 2019.

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Kris Jenner Promoting Rob Kardashian’s Sock Company In Midst Of His Child Support War

Kris Jenner is swooping in to help Rob Kardashian make a quick buck off the holiday shopping season, plugging her son's sock line after he filed docs to have his child support payments to Blac Chyna lessened.  Kris…

Nina Agdal’s ‘Fuck Off’ Crop Top Photos Will Get You Through The Week

What is Nina thinking using such profanity during a photo shoot? Anybody looking at these pics at work could find themselves being hauled down to HR because she decided to put the F-bomb in big letters on the front of her little crop top. I am sure the underwear and underboob would have been acceptable to any prying eyes, but cusswords are one offense too far.

I just do not understand why Ms. Agdal would betray her fans like this. Is being edgy really that important in todays age? And if it is, aren’t there other, more respectable ways to exhibit it?

She could have chosen to smoke a cigarette and then thrown the butt on the ground. Hardly anyone smokes anymore, and everyone despises littering, so I think that would have been sure to give her the bad girl persona she so desperately wants. I still have not been able to redeem myself in the eyes of my mother when she caught me smoking as a kid. You’d have thought she caught me clubbing baby seals with the way she reacted. I mean, I get that I shouldn’t have been smoking meth, but I think she should be over it by now.


[The Best Bikini Hot Shots Right Here]

Photo Credit: Instagram / MEGA / Backgrid USA 

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Lena Dunham Reflects on Her Emotional Journey 1 Year After Hysterectomy

Lena DunhamIt's been one year since Lena Dunham had her hysterectomy. On Wednesday, the Girls star took to Instagram to reflect on the anniversary and share a side-by-side photo of herself...

‘Aquaman’ Featurette Shows Us its Better Down Where It’s Wetter, Take it From Me (VIDEO)


If the film’s two hour and twenty three minute running time promises nothing else, it’s that Aquaman will be spending time in some amazing worlds, some of which are shown off in this new featurette. While one might expect an Aquaman movie to take place mostly underwater, it seems that James Wan and crew have cooked up an Indiana Jones-esque globe trotting adventure for the man who would be King of Atlantis.

One of the more impressive things about this production appears to be their commitment to practical sets, at least when we’re above sea level. There’s lots of sets and real locales, which give the film a more tangible feeling, something that can only benefit a superhero as ridiculous as Aquaman.

It also looks like they’ve spared no expense when it comes to the underwater sections of the film, with all sorts of high tech equipment being used to make it look like Jason Momoa and friends are talking and fighting and adventuring underwater. Plus, and I don’t want to get your hopes up, there’s even some much welcome Willem Dafoe action happening in here too, always a plus.

Aquaman swims into theaters on December 21 opposite Bumblebee and Mary Poppins Returns.

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Dog the Bounty Hunter Rescued Tiger Woods’ Mistress From a Drug Den Because 2018 Is the Weirdest

Folks, we're gonna step into the Wayback Machine for a moment and transport you directly to 2009.

A fresh-faced Barack Obama had just moved into the White House; the global economy was still reeling from the Great Recession; and the Tiger Woods cheating scandal dominated tabloid headlines.

Tiger Woods on Golf Course

For our younger readers who may not remember the revelation that Woods' obsession with holes extended beyond the golf course, allow us to summarize it thusly:

Tiger Woods slept with all the women.

Actually, to be fair, it's not totally clear if he was still sleeping with his wife with any regularity, but in 2009, he was definitely banging everyone who wasn't his wife.

Tiger Woods Swings

Another figure from the bygone oughts who factors into today's sordid tale is Duane Chapman, otherwise known as Dog the Bounty Hunter.

There was a time when networks were allowed to produce reality shows that focused on things other than real estate and reproduction.

During this time, Dog reigned supreme, combining the most bonkers elements of Cops and Intervention to form a weird hybrid product in which he would tackle people and then lecture them about their life choices.

Dog the Bounty Hunter-Tiger Woods

How do the tales of these two fallen heroes intersect?

Well to explain that, we need to introduce you to Jamie Jungers.

Jungers was one of Woods' mistresses, and it seems her life hit the skids in a major way in the years since she parted ways with the golfer.

Fortunately, Dog emerged from retirement to come to Jamie's rescue.

Jamie Jungers Legs Photo

In a wild interview with Radar Online, Chapman tells the tale of saving Jungers' life by rescuing her from a drug house where she was exchanging sexual favors for heroin:

“She was 88 pounds when we got her and the handcuffs wouldn’t even go on her wrists because they were so skinny. She was going to die in the next few weeks," Dog tells Radar.

“These guys were holding her in a house where she was giving sexual favors for drugs," he adds.

“She told me she was trading drugs for sex with guys at four or five houses.”

Jamie Jungers Mug Shot

Hilariously, Chapman thinks we need to know the professions of Jamie's johns:

“One was the top investigator for one of the biggest insurance companies in the U.S. Another guy was in construction," he tells the website.

Champman goes on to say that Jungers fully blames Woods for the current state of her life:

Duane Chapman aka Dog the Bounty Hunter

“She said she blames Tiger," he reveals.

"She said all these dirty motherf--kers wanted to f--k me just because I had f--ked Tiger Woods, and before I knew it all these people were coming into my life because of drugs and I’m a f--cking junkie now and I hate it.”

Well, Tiger might be partially responsible, but it seems like there's a lot of blame to go around in this case.

This has been the first in what we hope will be many installments of Dog vs. Tiger.

Singer Saweetie Shines In Gold Showcasing Her Faptastic Cleavage

If Saweetie keeps up with her current trajectory someday she will be able to afford an outfit made out of actual gold. It wouldn’t be the most comfortable thing in the world, but it would get your message out, and in the end isn’t that more important?

What’s the point of being a successful singer if people don’t know what your expendable income is like? At that point you might as well have never got into the business. There are millions of musicians living in poverty and I’d be damned if I let myself get roped in with that lot.

I think that was partially Saweetie’s thinking when she chose that gold outfit. It’s like when an athlete writes down their goals and tapes them in their bedroom. That way they are always being reminded of them. And when Saweetie puts on that shimmering getup she can maintain her motivation. Granted, she might never wear this one again, but sometimes all you need is motivation for one night.



Photo Credit: Backgrid USA / Instagram 

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Funny GIF Of The Day: Dee-NIED!

via Gfycat

At least the popcorn guy was ready to go. He was trying to sneak that gag in before the camera moved

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Hailey Clauson Shares Shimmering Topless Shot On Instagram

Sure, when Hailey Clauson wears nothing but a cowboy hat and a shirt like a cape she makes headlines, but when I did it as a child my mother yelled at me for ruining my uncle’s funeral.

What is even more upsetting is that I told that story to Hailey in confidence, and then she went behind my back and stole it! That kind of betrayal is unforgivable, in my opinion. If she thinks she is going to get anymore creepy DM’s from me that can serve as her inspiration, she is sorely mistaken.

Let’s see how long this stunning beauty can remain a successful model without my help. I give her ten years, twenty tops. After that I have a hard time believing she is going to stay relevant. She had better appreciate that time while she is living it, because after that all she is going to have are the memories. Well, there will be all of the cash as well, if she hasn’t spent it all by that time, but how much can a model really be making? She’s no Jeff Bezos, I can tell you that much.



Photo Credit: MEGA / Instagram 

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#tbt DJ Kyos somewhere out there… . . . . #celebrityfashion #manswear #fashion #model #photoshoot #kyoswear #travel #travelling #tour #tourist #music #musician #celebs #celebrity #dj #producer #author #clothes #De_philosopher_DJKyos

Celebrity lifestyle posted a photo:

#tbt DJ Kyos somewhere out there... . . . . #celebrityfashion #manswear #fashion #model #photoshoot #kyoswear #travel #travelling #tour #tourist #music #musician #celebs #celebrity #dj #producer #author #clothes #De_philosopher_DJKyos

#tbt DJ Kyos somewhere out there… . . . . #celebrityfashion #manswear #fashion #model #photoshoot #kyoswear #travel #travelling #tour #tourist #music #musician #celebs #celebrity #dj #producer #author #clothes #De_philosopher_DJKyos

Celebrity lifestyle posted a photo:

#tbt DJ Kyos somewhere out there... . . . . #celebrityfashion #manswear #fashion #model #photoshoot #kyoswear #travel #travelling #tour #tourist #music #musician #celebs #celebrity #dj #producer #author #clothes #De_philosopher_DJKyos

Elton John’s Christmas Commercial Is an Emotional Experience

Elton John, Christmas CommercialJames Corden summed it up best on Twitter: "Holy s--t. This commercial." Overnight, John Lewis & Partners released a Christmas commercial starring Elton John. Titled "The...

Busy Philipps Has Taken Some Seriously LOL-Worthy Photo Booth Pics on Busy Tonight

Busy Tonight, Busy Philipps, Kristen BellBusy Philipps knows how to show her Busy Tonight guests a good time! We know this to be true as the actress turned late night personality has gotten every single one of her guests to pose...