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The Surprising Backstories Behind These Celebrity Cameos on Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones, Ed SheeranA girl has no name...nor do most Game of Thrones extras, even if they are a celebrity. While it's rare to see a famous face pop up among the Wildlings, Wights and other Westeros...

Inside Adele and Simon Konecki’s Split and Why They ”Grew Apart”

Adele, Simon Konecki, 2012 GrammysLike many fans, we set fire to the rain when news broke that Adele and her longtime partner Simon Konecki called it quits on Friday, April 19. "Adele and her partner have...

Other Fine Things to Ogle 4.22.19

Kick off your week with these sexy links including Constance Jablonski topless, Anna Avila nude, and the week’s best boob tube nudity!

Raluca Cojocaru Is Hotter Than You Deserve In Nude Playboy Spread

Josephine Skriver Rocking Some Serious Braless Cleavage And Leg Action!

Olivia Culpo is Orgasmic

The Week’s Best Boob Tube Nudes Including Game of Thrones (header image)

Five Reasons Why I Loved Starring in “Dredd”, by Riley Reyes

Constance Jablonski Topless of the Day

Shanina Shaik See Through at Coachella!

A SKIN-depth Look at the Manic Sexuality of Ken Russell: Part Two 1984-1993

Porn Review: Fantasy Massage’s “Art of Massage”

Raluca Cojocaru Is Hotter Than You Deserve In Nude Playboy Spread

Anna Avila Nude Photoshoot of the Day

A Few Problems Encountered By People Living In First World Countries

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Prince Louis Shows His Teeth in Adorable 1st Birthday Portraits

Prince LouisPrince Louis is ready for his close-up. In honor of the royal youngster's first birthday on Tuesday, Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton and Prince William's third child is the...

It Doesn’t Get Much Better Than Sophie Turner Teasing Maisie Williams Over Her Big Game of Thrones Scene

Game of ThronesMiss the Sunday, April 21 episode of Game of Thrones because of Easter? Don't worry, because Sophie Turner is here with a brief--and hilarious--summation of what you missed in "A Knight of...

Hilarie Burton Shares Sweet Family Video for Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s Birthday

Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Hilarie Burton, KidsGrab your tissues, this video will bring tears to your eyes! Hilarie Burton just shared the sweetest video for Jeffrey Dean Morgan's 53rd birthday. While the One Tree Hill alum and...

JWoww Reunites with Roger Mathews; What Might It Mean?!?

In a figurative sense, Jenni Farley has moved on from her marriage.

Her rep said these exact words just a few days ago.

In a literal sense, however, Farley will never be able to move fully on from Roger Mathews because they share two children together -- and, no matter what their romantic status may look like, these will always be parents.

Jenni and Family

Therefore, on the heels of Farley teasing a new and special boyfriend, the Jersey Shore star shared photos and videos on Instagram of her enjoying Easter Sunday with her two kids.

But not just her two kids, four-year old Meilani and two-year old Greyson.

Mathews was also on hand for the holiday. 

“Happy Easter,” Farley captioned her set of photos, one of which featured the immediate family of four sitting outside a nice-looking home.

“Beautiful family Easter Day,” Mathews captioned his own Instagram post, which showed him kicking a soccer ball to his son. 

Jenni and Roger Throwback

This unexpected family gathering comes several months after Farley filed for divorce from Mathews after three years of marriage.

The break-up seemed amicable at first, with Mathews even vowing to win his wife back someday.

But then it turned VERY ugly in late 2018 after some sort of altercation in the couple's kitchen -- which led to Farley getting a restraining order against Mathews and Mathews slamming his wife as a total and complete nut job and liar.

A few weeks after this unfortunate incident, Farley took things even farther:

She said that Mathews had assaulted her on multiple occasions.

Roger Mathews and Jenni

"THE ALTERED PERCEPTIONS YOU HAVE CREATED FOR YOURSELF ON SOCIAL MEDIA IS TRULY STAGGERING," she wrote in all capital letters in a scathing open letter this past January, continuing at the time:



Jenni has also claimed that Roger is in denial over their son's Autism diagnosis, while writing pointedly in her aforementioned message:


Mathews eventually responded to Farley's charges (above) and actually admitted to getting physical on occasion.

But he also blamed Farley for instigating everything and pleaded with her to basically calm the heck down so they could co-parent successfully together.

Little has been said between the pair since this response.

It's clear from the Easter picture, though, that the two have arrived at some sort of mutual understanding that involves putting their children first.

Thank goodness, right?

Roger Mathews and Jenni Farley Together

On Friday, April 19, meanwuole, Farley went on a romantic rendezvous with an unnamed individual, about whom she seems veyr smitten.

She shared a video online that did not include this paramour's face, but did include some red wine being enjoyed by the twosome -- and she later shared a photo of the exterior of a beautiful old building and wrote:

“Spent the night in a castle and felt like Belle.”

Who is this mystery man? We don't know yet.

But we're on the case, folks!

Why Pink Is Done Sharing Pictures of Her Kids on Social Media

Pink, Daughter, Willow, Son, JamesonPink doesn't need any more reasons to stop sharing photos of her kids on social media. The mom of two has long been forthcoming about her famous family on social media, often sharing...

Why Real Housewives Is Good for Feminism, According to Roxane Gay

The Real Housewives of New York CityBravo's The Real Housewives franchise is many things. It's entertainment, it's escapism, it's a sociological experiment--and it's not bad for feminism, according to Roxane...

Sera Mann is All Woman, As You Can See When You Check Out Her Naked Body

Don’t be fooled by her last name, Sera Mann is all woman. If you have your doubts about that, I would advise you to behold the amazing pictures in the gallery below and see your petty argument struck down in a ball of flame. She’s a woman who enjoys doing any number of things, so long as she gets to be naked while she does them. That’s the Sera Mann way.

Honestly, the only real bummer here is that there are only nine pictures of Sera Mann’s stunning self for us to enjoy. It feels like there could have been a hundred times that number and it still would’ve been too few pictures. I feel like all nine of these pics are perfection, though, so it’s always good to raise the average, so to speak, by having fewer pictures.

I just don’t think there’s such a thing as having “too many” naked pictures of Sera Mann. I don’t think there’s any point on sitting on any pictures of her, even if she’s blinking or pulling a stupid face in some of them. Having only nine pictures makes me wonder where all the rest are. I get it, good problem to have, but a problem nonetheless.

Photos courtesy of Playboy Plus

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Today’s Dylan Dreyer Opens Up About Suffering a Miscarriage and Secondary Infertility

Dylan Dreyer, MiscarriageWhen it comes to fertility struggles, Dylan Dreyer has her own story to share. On Monday during the third hour of Today, the longtime weather correspondent opened up about her previously...

See Cardi B and Offset’s Daughter Kulture’s Cutest Moments

Cardi B, Kulture, OffsetCuteness overload! Cardi B and Offset celebrated their first Easter with their 9-month-old daughter, Kulture, over the weekend. In a photo posted to the Grammy winner's Instagram on...

Rob Kardashian’s Daughter Dream Hunts for Easter Eggs in This Adorable Video

Dream Kardashian, Easter 2019Dream Kardashian is on the hunt--the Easter egg hunt! It looks like Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna's 2-year-old daughter got into the fun spirit of the annual holiday. In a video...

The Game of Thrones Episode 3 Trailer Will Get You Seriously Excited

Game of ThronesThe gang's all here--including the dead! In Game of Thrones, season eight, episode three, the fearless folks of Westeros prepare to face the Night King. The impossibly dark preview...

Justin Bieber Joins Ariana Grande Onstage at Coachella for Surprise Performance

Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande, 2019 CoachellaHe's back! Justin Bieber made his return to stage on Sunday night, performing alongside Ariana Grande at Coachella. The 25-year-old singer, who has been taking a break from the...

Game of Thrones Recap: Nothing Happens (And It Was Awesome?)

With only five episodes remaining in Game of Thrones, one would think the epic drama wouldn't have time for everyone to basically sit around the campfire and tell stories.

But that's exactly what transpired on Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 2.

There were no shocking deaths, no huge secrets revealed (to the audience) and really no storyline advancement of any kind.

jaime and

Instead, with the Night King expected to arrive at Winterfell within hours, there was only a look at what nearly all our beloved characters were thinking the evening before their presumed death.

For long-time followers of the books and the series, this was likely a welcome, tear-filled hour in which they got to slow down and appreciate the journey/saga of the past several years.

For those who tune in wondering whose head will be separated from its body next, this likely felt like a giant waste of time.

On which end of the spectrum did you fall?

jon plots

The two major revelations from the installment were both follow-ups to how the Season 8 premiere concludes:

Jaime Lanniser stood in front of Dany, whose father he murdered, and Sansa, whose brother he shoved out a window, and pleaded his case.

He explained that he was a changed man and Cersei was a liar and he just wanted to help fight for the survival of mankind at this point.

Dany was still itching to avenge her dad's death, until Brienne stood up and delivered an all-time speech about how honorable Jaime acted when he held her as his captive and how she would gladly stand by her side in this fight.

This was enough for Sansa to hear and Jaime's life was spared.

This led to one of the most emotional scenes of all-time, as Jaime later knighted his unexpected best friend and most loyal supporter:


Jon, meanwhile, chose the worst time ever to tell Dany about his heritage and his true identity.

He shocked her with this information mere seconds before the horn blared to alert everyone that the Night King was about to make his violent presence felt.

Dany was less taken aback that she'd been banging her nephew and more stunned that Jon ist he rightful heir to the Iron Throne.

This ought to make for some awkward pillow talk if both survive the war to come.

A Khaleesi Moment

Elsewhere, though, we weren't kidding above: Everyone just sat around and talked.

Tyrion noted the irony that he and his brother were at Winterfell, essentially fighting for the Starks after trying to have that family wiped out for so many years.

Sam reminded the few remaining men of The Wall that he has killed a White Walker and that Gilly and Little Sam would be safe in the crypts while he helped battle the dead.

Arya totally had sex with Gendry because she wanted to experience intercourse before she died.

Sansa and Dany has a nice talk, bonding over their hatred of Cersei and love for Jon... until the former reminded the latter that she wants to control the North even after Dany is anointed to the Iron Throne.

Tormund told a story about how he killed a giant as a boy and then suckled at the teat of the giant's wife for three months and that's why he's so big and strong.

No, really, he told this story.

Gilly In the Cold

Sam gifted Jorah with his family's sword as a tribute to Jorah's father -- and because it was too heavy for Sam to use in battle.

Grey Worm promised to take Missandei to the beach after the major fight was over.

And, lastly, Tyrion watched from the top of a castle wall when the White Walkers showed up and the episode cut to black.

Were you among those disappointed that no one of significance has died yet? That we just spent an entire hour chatting about feelings and bringing up memories instead of drawing swords and flying around with dragons?

Or was this the perfect appetizer before what appears to be the ultimate main course of blood and death next week?

The ideal build-up for a battle seven-plus seasons in the making?

Becaus the point of Game of Thrones isn't simply that lots of people die; it's that lots of people who we've grown to know and love die after a legendary voyage, one the viewers have gone through right along with everyone on screen.

Death may be inevitable, but this was the rare opportunity for Tyrion, Davos and company to actually stop and appreciate their lives.

Onion Soup, Anyone?

Because, as teased in the trailer below, there's no debating it at this point: Winter is absolutely, positively, 100% coming in a few days.

And ain't no way most people are making it out alive.

Check out the preview now:

Celebrate Earth Day With Our Favorite Sustainable Fashion

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Game of Thrones Prepares for Death With Hook Ups, Truth-Telling, and More Reunions

Game of Thrones Episode 2If this entire final season of Game of Thrones is just a whole bunch of random "long time coming" moments, we honestly wouldn't be mad. Where the premiere was all tense...

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Cardi B and Offset’s Daughter Saying “Dada” Will Make Your Day

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Jessica Simpson Celebrates First Easter With Baby Birdie: See Holiday Photos of Her and Other Stars

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