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‘Saturday Night Live’ Fires Controversial New Hire Shane Gillis in Desperate Attempt to Cling to Relevance

I don’t know if you’ve caught Saturday Night Live lately, but it was been terrible for years. How terrible, you ask?

That sketch lasted three minutes! That’s twice as long as the cue card scene in Love, Actually lasts to begin with. And in that three minutes the only actual joke is Clinton saying she’s never seen a movie.

Which is to say the bar was not high for Shane Gillis when he was hired. All he had to do was be as funny as Colin Jost and Michael Che.

Unfortunately for Gillis, he did a racism on a podcast 20 people listened to, so he got fired before he ever made it onto the show.

The shocking thing to me is how long it took internet “detectives” to find a year-old clip of Gillis using the word “chink” in a rant about Chinatown. Literally only an hour or two after he was announced as a cast member were people all over this obscure podcast.

When I was a kid, we started to see these conservative Christian groups spring up where all they did was watch every show on broadcast television and look for things to complain to the FCC about. They would not only complain, though, but they would mobilize a network of followers to complain, and threaten advertiser boycotts. I can’t help but think the same thing is going on now, only instead of trying to get Ellen DeGeneres cancelled for being gay they’re trying cancel Dave Chappelle for saying “fag”.

The consensus on Twitter is pretty much the same joke about him turning right-wing and getting a Netflix special.

Seriously, I just picked on the checkmarks here but there are hundreds of tweets of this exact same joke. To be fair, it’s funnier than anything that Saturday Night Live has written since John Mulaney left.

If there’s one person who knows about getting fired by Saturday Night Live, it’s Norm Macdonald. Norm was fired for making too many jokes about O.J. Simpson being a murderer, and that rankled NBC executive Don Ohlmeyer, a friend of Simpson. So it’s no surprise Norm reaches out to him.

Gillis, for his part, made a statement on Twitter.

I was on his side until he said he was a Mad TV guy. Aside from My White Momma that show was just five minute sketches based on answers from an @Midnight hashtag game.

But at least we know this sort of racism against Asians has no place at Saturday Night Live.


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Shane Gillis: Fired by Saturday Night Live Over Racist Jokes, Responds Like a Total Douche Canoe

Shane Gillis has been fired by Saturday Night Live before ever stepping foot on its legendary stage.

The comedian — who came under extreme fire just days after his hiring last week after audio surfaced of some very inappropriate (read: RACIST) jokes and remarks — was let go by NBC on Monday.

Shane Gillis image

“After talking with Shane Gillis, we have decided that he will not be joining SNL,” said a show spokesperson on behalf of SNL boss Lorne Michaels.

This statement continued as follows:

We want SNL to have a variety of voices and points of view within the show, and we hired Shane on the strength of his talent as comedian and his impressive audition for SNL.

We were not aware of his prior remarks that have surfaced over the past few days. The language he used is offensive, hurtful and unacceptable.

We are sorry that we did not see these clips earlier, and that our vetting process was not up to our standard.

Not long after Gillis was confirmed as one of three new faces on Saturday Night Live Season 45 (along with Chloe Fineman and Bowen Yang), a video resurfaced of the so-called comedian engaging in racist rhetoric.

“Chinatown’s f-ckin nuts,” Gillis can be heard saying in a clip from a September 2018 podcast posted to a YouTube channel called Matt and Shane’s Secret Podcast.

“Let the f-ckin ch-nks live there,” he adds.

Earlier this year, Gillis also referred to Presidential candidate Andrew Yang by this same derogatory term for Asians.

On another episode of this podcst, Gillis referred to Judd Apatow and Chris Gethard as “white f-ckin got comics,” calling them “f-cking gayer than ISIS.”

Aware of the immediate backlash against him, Gillis released a very lame non-apology that used his profession as an excuse for his language and viewpoint.

Shane Gillis statement

“I’m a comedian who pushes boundaries,” he wrote on Twitter, as you can see above.

Gillis then added, condescending and pathetic fashion:

“I sometimes miss. If you go through my 10 years of comedy, most of it bad, you’re going to find a lot of bad misses. I’m happy to apologize to anyone who’s actually offended by anything I’ve said.”

In response to his firing, meanwhile, Gillis Tweeted in an equally shameful and cocky manner.

“It feels ridiculous for comedians to be making serious public statements but here we are. I’m a comedian who was funny enough to get SNL. That can’t be taken away,” he wrote, concluding with a dig at the program itself:

Of course I wanted an opportunity to prove myself at SNL, but I understand it would be too much of a distraction. I respect the decision they made.

I’m honestly grateful for the opportunity. I was always a mad tv guy anyway.

Shane Gillis states

The sad truth is that this controversy likely will lead to some fame and riches for Gillis.

He’s actually scheduled to meet with Yang down the road, Tweeted the Democratic hopeful himself.

“Shane Gillis reached out. Looks like we will be sitting down together soon,” Yang wrote this afternoon.

Where do YOU stand on this scandal?

Shane Gillis

We’re all for open dialogue and on people learning from past mistakes.

But does Seth Gillis sound like someone who is doing this? Or is capable of doing this?

Or does he just sound like an unfunny loser who relies on racist tropes and played-out stereotypes to try and come across as edgy and/or relevant?

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Farrah Abraham Squashes Jenelle Evans Feud: Do We Smell a Spinoff?

Farrah Abraham is not one to withhold her opinion.

Just consider what the disgraced ex-Teen Mom star recently had to say about Cheyenne Floyd.

However, in a new interview with TMZ, Abraham makes it apparent that is one to change an opinion -- and that's exactly what she has done in regard to fellow disgraced ex-Teen Mom star Jenelle Evans.

farrah vs. jenelle

Back in July, Farrah took aim at Jenelle shortly after Evans regained custody of her children.

They had been taken away by the authorities after David Eason shot and murdered the family's dog and Child Protection Services determined that Evans and Eason were raising their kids in a dangerous environment.

What did Farrah think of this entire situation?

She referred to Jenelle as a "failure" of a "mother" and said this summer that she should dump Eason... for the sake of her kids.

"That's not a publicity stunt to kill an animal, and she should not be with a man who’s like that," Farrah said at the time, adding of Evans:

"And for her to choose a horrible man over her kids, she’s a failure as a mom...

"I don’t think any woman who chooses a man and abuse over her children is in the right state of mind to have kids."

Farrah In Venice

Pretty harsh assessment, huh?

As you might expect, Evans fired back hard at Farrah, making it appear as if these two would be sniping at each other for months and years to come.

Apparently not, however.

Speaking to TMZ over the weekend, Abraham said she has no issues at all any longer with Evans... and made it sound like the hatchet had been buried on both sides.

"I think Jenelle just recognizes that others have concerns for her and her kids," Farrah explained.

Jenelle's Big Night

Abraham made this comment after attending the fired Teen Mom 2 star's JE Cosmetics launch last week during New York Fashion Week.

It's unclear if she actually spoke to Jenelle at the event, however.

"We actually never reached out to one another," Farrah told TMZ, continuing as follows:

"If I'm invited to something of hers, I show my support.

"But I think we understand the hardships of motherhood, and she's doing great.

"Honestly I stay focused, I wish her all the best with her eyebrow kit and her makeup line, and that's just where we're staying focused."

Jenelle and David Launch Party

Back in July, Farrah accused Evans of choosing a "bad relationship" over her kids, really pouring it on via a scathing critique.

"I feel really awful for her kids for that.

"I do wish Jenelle all the best, but again, she’s making all the wrong choices. Like, she shouldn’t stand with a man who shoots dogs …

"I think everybody on the earth would not stay with David.

"A woman of value would not stay with a man who’s like that. So, I’m teaching my daughter better and we’re living our lives."

Farrah and Sophia Pic

What has changed between then and now?

Nothing, as far as we can tell. Eason is clearly as violent and as dangerous as ever.

So... why would Farrah make this sort of peace offering?

And why would she do it just as she also discussed a return to Teen Mom (which you can read about below)?

What if -- bear with us now and try not to lose your lunch as you do -- Farrah is angling for a spinoff here with Jenelle?

What if these twoo fired reality stars are planning to team up and go up against the show that gave them both their walking papers?

It's not the craziest notion ever -- and, let's be honest, you'd tune in, wouldn't you?

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For the record, I don’t get outraged over things like this, but it really pumps some people’s nads to get righteously indignant about things, and seeing a white woman paint herself black seems like just the sort of thing that might inflate one’s testicles. I think Natasha Blasick managed to dodge any sort of major controversy by stopping the body paint at her neck. Had she gone into full blackface, there’d be no question that folks were going to be outraged.

As it stands, however, it’s just a gorgeous Ukranian woman with a red dress painted onto her body, and any areas below her neck that remained flesh colored were then covered with black. Natasha Blasick might just have figured out where the line is and walked right up to it, daring folks to get outraged. I can’t wait to see what people have to say about this in the comments section below!

Photos courtesy of Mega Agency

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Hailey Baldwin: Haters Are Trying to RUIN My Marriage!

Now that Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber are finally having a real wedding, their relationship seems to be locked into place.

But critics of the pair and of the Biebs in particular think that this pair was doomed to failure 

In a new interview, Hailey confesses that the haters get to her and how their nasty comments "mess with her head."

Hailey Baldwin for Vogue Australia

"I said that [marriage was hard] when we had first married," Hailey acknowledges while speaking to Vogue Australia.

"Look," she says. "Marriage is always going to be hard."

Hailey then expresses: "And I think good relationships are the relationships that you put the work into."

Sounds kind of exhausting, but whatever. What Hailey really wants to do is explain why she described marriage as a challenge.

"Specifically," she emphasizes. "I said that when there were a lot of new things."

Hugs for Biebs

You have to remember how very young Hailey is to understand why aspects of marriage came as a shock to her.

"I had never lived with someone before," Hailey explains.

"I never had to cohabit with somebody in that way," she clarifies.

"So," Hailey details. "I was learning how to share space with someone for the first time."

"We were trying to bend in each other’s direction," she adds. "And learn what was comfortable."

Hailey Baldwin Flaunts Her Tan Lines

What's more, of course, is that Hailey was doing all of this in front of "a zillion people who had a zillion opinions."

"Now it’s easier," she admits. "Because we’ve found a rhythm."

Once you learn each other's sleep schedules, temperature preferences, how long the other takes to waste time before they shower, it gets easier.

"We have more fun together," Hailey gushes. "Which is what should happen when you spend more time with someone you love."

Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin, Black and White on Vacation

So what is the biggest lesson that she has learned from her marriage so far?

"Compromise," Hailey says.

"If you don’t want to compromise," she asserts. "You can’t be in a relationship."

I think that I just heard the sound of countless aromantic people cheering and patting themselves on the back.

(Compromise can be great over some things; other times it's just a way of making both of you equally miserable. Learn where to draw the line)

Hailey Baldwin with Justin Bieber, Best Friends Photo

Hailey is well aware of what these zillions of opinion-havers think of her marriage.

But, she points out: "…Nobody from the outside really knows what's going on between us."

Hailey recalls: "I had hundreds of thousands of comments bombarding me with: 'He's never going to this,' 'you're never going to that,' 'you'll be divorced by then.'"

She admits: "You can't help but wonder: 'Does someone see something that I don't see?'"

Hailey even confesses that all of the hate can really mess with her mind.

"But the only two people in a relationship are the two people in it," she states.

Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin: Little Slice of Heaven

To be fair, predicting that Hailey's relationship is doomed isn't necessarily hateful.

All relationships are doomed. You either break up or one of you dies. Or, rarely, both of you die. Same result.

People who marry young, celebrities in marriages, people with histories of substance abuse and emotional instability ... these are all factors that point to a likely divorce.

Knowing this doesn't make you a hater.

Tweeting or commenting it at Hailey, however, does. She's not going to listen to you, no matter how well-intentioned you are.

Please be nice. Let her ride this train (and her husband) as far as it will take her.

New ‘Ford v Ferrari’ Trailer Hints at All the Automotive Intrigue to Come


The first trailer for the upcoming flick Ford v Ferrari leaned heavily into the dramatic aspects of this true story of the Ford Motor Company’s attempt to beat Ferrari at LeMans in 1966. As you can tell from this new trailer, they’re now attempting to market the film as a two and a half hour thrill ride full of awesome racing action and none of that pesky talk-ety talk drama with which the first trailer was consumed.

Christian Bale and Matt Damon share above the title billing in this new film from James Mangold, the man behind Girl, Interrupted, Walk the Line, and Logan. Once upon a time, this film was going to be directed by Michael Mann, but he hasn’t been able to get a film financed since the financially disastrous Blackhat, so Mangold beat him to the punch.

Ford v Ferrari premiered to mostly positive reviews at Telluride, before making a big push at last week’s Toronto International Film Festival. 20th Century Fox clearly has Oscar ambitions for the film, as they’re premiering it in the heart of awards season. Lord knows it doesn’t really feel like an Oscar movie, but with this cast and release date, you can’t help but think that’s where this is headed. Ford v Ferrari cruises into theaters on November 15.

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Gwyneth Paltrow sells a lot of really dumb bullshit. You know, like jade eggs to shove inside your vagina and vampire repellent and that sort of thing. But apparently she’s fresh out of pants, because Goop just posted a picture that looks a whole like Gwyneth with her bare ass sticking out.

It raises a lot of questions. Questions like “Is that really Gwyneth Paltrow?” And “Couldn’t she have done this 25 years ago when her ass didn’t look like two deflated hams?”

The picture garnered a lot of criticism because the model, whether or not it’s Paltrow, appears to be so thin her ribcage is showing.

Except it’s not. It’s loose skin because time is a cruel mistress. Seriously, look closely. Yeah, I bet you regret stopping to jack off before you got to the end of the article now, don’t you?

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Brett Favre’s Family Really Wants Him to get CTE

Brett Favre hasn’t played in the NFL for a long time. The last time Brett Favre took a snap in the NFL Blockbuster Video still existed. The last time Brett Favre took an NFL snap was before George R.R. Martin published the latest A Song of Ice and Fire novel. The last time Brett Favre took a snap in the NFL, Flint had drinkable tap water. You get the point.

You know what else happened the last time Brett Favre took a snap in the NFL? He got hit so hard by a Chicago Bears defensive player that he asked “why are the Bears here?” That really happened, it wasn’t just a Snickers commercial.

So you would think his family family would want him to stay away from the football field. You know, unless he had done something to humiliate them and himself immediately after he retired. But Favre told TMZ his family told him he should get back on the field.

Favre is almost 50 and hasn’t played in the league in almost 10 years, so his return to the gridiron was never going to happen. If only there was a young quarterback out there who was in playing shape, maybe someone who had taken his team to the playoffs before the franchise imploded through no fault of his own? But where would we find someone like that? Better call the dick-flashing grandpa.

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Was the Cardi B and Nicki Minaj Feud Set Up for Clout?

People will do some insane things for clout. Like pretend to marry Jake Paul. Like, even if it isn’t real, why would someone do that to themselves? Especially someone so hot. She could fake marry someone way better.

Chance the Rapper thinks that Cardi B’s feud with Nicki Minaj was faked for clout, too; except he doesn’t think that they faked it, or were even aware it was being faked.

Complex reported on what Chance said about the feud.

“A lot of that stuff is produced,” he said at the 1:12:40 mark of the interview. “We live in… A lot of everything is curated before we get to see it. Like, all the information, the way that they phrase it to us… The way they put people against. It’s made for you to like, accept it a certain way, so a lot of people had to choose a side. I don’t want to speak for them at all, but I feel like to a certain extent they got pushed into that too, and I don’t think that all of that was a hundred percent their feelings.”

What he’s essentially saying is that they didn’t know they were being set up to fight by their managers or producers or someone who thought it would bring them more attention.

It makes sense, and it kind of worked. I talk about it a lot and I’m not even all that interested in their music. Well, I do think Cardi is super hot and has good politics, but I don’t really listen to her music, so this has got their names out there.

but it will be interesting to think that when Cardi finally hauls off and plasters Nicki, it will be because of a publicity stunt she wasn’t aware of.

The post Was the Cardi B and Nicki Minaj Feud Set Up for Clout? appeared first on The Blemish.