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Jenelle Evans to Fans: David Eason Is the Racist One, NOT Me!

These are tense times in America, and many public figures are showing their true colors with their reactions to the police murder of George Floyd and the resulting protests that have sprung up in cities all over America.

And not surprisingly, folks with long, well-documented histories of bigotry and prejudice -- folks like Jenelle Evans -- are not faring particularly well in the court of public opinion.

Jenelle and David Eason

It's been a tumultuous few weeks for Jenelle, and as always, most of the drama has had to do with her relationship with David Eason.

Last month, David reminded everyone how racist he is, with a long, unhinged rant about Michelle Obama in which he shared his hateful and unfounded belief that the former first lady is a trans woman who was born in Africa.

Have we mentioned lately that David is one of the worst people on the planet? Because he absolutely is.

Anyway, Jenelle stood by her man during that one.

Jenelle and David on the Lot

This was during that brief honeymoon era when Jenelle had recently moved back in with the guy who abused her kids and murdered her dog, and she couldn't stop talking about how happy she was.

Of course, that happiness was short-lived, but not because Jenelle remembered that David is an abusive racist.

No, the problems occurred when she remembered that David is a broke abusive racist.

Yes, Eason hasn't worked in years, and it seems Jenelle is getting sick of being 100 percent responsible for her family's finances.

Jenelle Is Awful

The trouble started with a recent boating excursion.

As is customary for bigots, she kicked the trip off by attacking people who are protesting for their basic civil liberties.

Everything was all set for Jenelle to enjoy a bigoted afternoon on the water with her husband, and her best friend, Tori Rhyne.

Presumably, the trio were planning to get hammered on Twisted Teas and talk about their shared contempt for everyone who doesn't look like them.

JE vs. DE

But things quickly went awry when David was excluded from the second leg of the day's festivities.

Maybe he couldn't afford to join Jenelle and Tori out on the town.

Or maybe he was a bit too vocal in his belief that Tori is a "drug addict" and a "whore."

Whatever the case, Jenelle and David traded jabs on Facebook before eventually unfollowing each other.

Tori Rhyne and Jenelle Evans

“At least my friend can pay for her own bills … uhm … when’s the last time you paid for ANYTHING? History repeats itself lol,” Evans wrote at one point.

Seemingly emboldened by Tori's presence, Jenelle proceeded to post an Instagram Story in which she clumsily tried to make up for her past bigotry, as well as her silence regarding the murder of George Floyd.

We probably should have edited Jenelle's comments to make them at least slightly more grammatical/coherent, but who has the energy for such an undertaking?

Victoria Rhyne, Jenelle Evans

"I would like for all the racist comments to stop being sent to my inbox, and I appreciate it if you guys stop calling me a racist just because I haven't spoke out yet," she said.

"Just because I haven't spoke out yet, you do not know my opinion," Evans added.

"So don't sit there and judge. This is a very touchy subject, and I feel like every time I open my mouth about anything, whether it’s about politics, whether it’s about race, whether it’s about parenting, everyone hates me no matter what I say,” an angry Jenelle blathered on.

Jenelle Evans Eyebrows

“I do think it was wrong, and I’m so sorry it happened,” she said of Floyd's murder.

“It shouldn’t have happened, and it’s bulls–t that it did.”

Well, that might be the understatement of the century, but it's Jenelle's idea of activism.

And she probably only feels safe saying that much because she's temporarily away from David.

Jenelle and David Cuddles

Fans noted that Jenelle appeared to be in a hotel room in her Instagram Story.

Now, that combined with the mutual unfriending and unfollowing on social media would normally lead us to believe these two might be finished.

But they've already put us through this so many times before.

Rest assured, Jenelle will be back on The Land spewing David-approved racist BS before the week is out.

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Jaime King Says She Was Arrested During Peaceful Protest in L.A.

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Bhad Babie Enters Rehab

Bhad Babie aka Danielle Bregoli has taken her catchphrase to rehab. The 17-year-old has some “very serious issues” that only rehab can solve. According to TMZ:

Sources connected to the rapper tell us Danielle, who’s just 17 years old, recently checked herself into a facility at an undisclosed location, and has been held up a few weeks now. We’re told she’s receiving treatment for a combination of things … past trauma from her childhood, but also substance abuse in the form of prescription pills.

Too bad, she’s gonna come out all boring and stuff. Oh well.

TMZ says rehab will take 30-90 days, which is perfect for Bhad Babie because she’ll get out just in time for bikini season. Hey girl! Where you been?? Oh right, rehab.

Is it me or is Bhad Babie beginning to look like Lil Kim?

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‘Batwoman’ Will NOT Recast Ruby Rose, Instead Creating New Protagonist for the Series

After Ruby Rose announced she was leaving Batwoman after one season and the CW announced they’d be recasting the lead, we all assumed that they would be casting an actress to take over as Kate Kane and continue the show as planned. We have word now, however, that the new Batwoman will not Kate Kane and that a new character will be created to take up the mantle of Batwoman.

A leaked casting call posted on Reddit and reported by Decider describes the new Batwoman.

The news began to trickle out thanks to a leaked casting call looking for a character named “Ryan Wilder.” Described as a “female, Mid-late 20s, any ethnicity,” the part that raised fans eyebrows was the following sentence: “Ryan Wilder is about to become Batwoman.”

The description continued that, “She’s likable, messy, a little goofy and untamed. She’s also nothing like Kate Kane, the woman who wore the batsuit before her.” And though casting calls are known to create fake parts for auditions, the “Ryan Wilder” character will in fact be replacing Kate Kane as Batwoman in Season 2; and Kate Kane will not be recast.

It sounds like Berlanti and the CW are taking the opportunity to retool the show which, while it was successful, appears to have underperformed relative to the network’s expectations. “Nothing like Kate Kane” is a big giveaway that they think Rose’s portrayal and the first season’s dark and somewhat depressing tone failed to strike a chord with the audience the same way lighter shows like Flash and Legends of Tomorrow did. Batwoman even felt crushingly grim compared to Arrow, a show whose first season involved protagonist Oliver Queen straight-up murdering the people he decided had failed his city.

But let’s wildly speculate over who “Ryan Wilder” might be. I’m guessing that it’s a placeholder name because I seriously doubt a network DC show is going to be headlined by an original character. Legends of Tomorrow’s Sarah Lance arguably is this, but most of the other Legends have been established DC characters like Firestorm, the Atom and John Constantine and Sarah is essentially an alternate version of the original Black Canary more than a new character.

The problem is there’s only ever been one Batwoman, Katherine Kane. There’s two versions of her, Kathy and Kate, but Batwoman isn’t a legacy character like Flash or Green Lantern where there have been half a dozen people taking the mantle.

There have been quite a few Batgirls, though. Kate Kane’s niece Betty Kane was the first, followed by Commissioner Gordon’s daughter Barbara Gordon, the most famous Batgirl. Cassandra Cain, Harley Quinn’s teen sidekick in Birds of Prey, was also Batgirl for a while, as was Stephanie Brown, who also held the mantle of Batman’s sidekick Robin for a time as well as Robin’s sidekick/love interest The Spoiler.

Stephanie Brown is the character I’m putting my money on. Kate Kane on Batwoman isn’t old enough to have a niece to take over for her while Barbara Gordon and Cassandra Cain are both probably unavailable to the TV division because of films. The casting call’s description of Ryan Wilder fits Brown pretty perfectly and it would be easy to writer her in as a former teen hero who had worked with Batman and is pressed to return to super-heroics with Kate Kane’s departure (or possible death).

Whether or not this pans out, one thing I’m sure of is that Batwoman will have a tone closer to Flash and Supergirl in season 2. I’m not expecting full-on Adam West camp by any means, but I am expecting a Batwoman who is lighter and less serious than Kate Kane was.

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Carole Baskin Given Joe Exotic’s Zoo

The Netflix doc Tiger King gripped the imagination of the country for roughly a day when it came out because we were all stuck inside and nothing was on fire, and there are about fifty to a hundred factionalized adaptations coming over the next few years.

The story of dueling exotic tiger rescues/zoos, one of whom may have hired a hit man to kill the other and one of whom may have fed her husband to her tigers Kingsman style got another twist as nominal good guy and possible husband-chopper-upper Carole Baskin has taken over Joe Exotic’s former zoo.

CNN reports that Baskin was awarded the land as part of a trademark infringement lawsuit that Baskin won again Exotic in 2011.

In 2011, Baskin won a trademark infringement lawsuit against against Maldanado-Passage — who was ordered to pay her $1 million. In a second suit, filed in 2016, she claimed he had subsequently transferred the Oklahoma property to his mother in a bid to evade creditors. On Monday a federal judge in Oklahoma City ordered that the property be turned over to Baskin.

An attorney for Jeff Lowe, the current owner of the park, told CNN the judgment was not unexpected.

It sounds like she’s just getting the land and not any of the tigers. Presumably any zoo animals will move to Lowe’s new Tiger King Park which is scheduled to open in the next 120 days, the same period of time they were given to vacate the zoo Baskin won in the suit.

Baskin’s husband said that “the court documents which speak for themselves,” something I would also say if I was married to Carole Baskin and she just even more land to keep tigers on. I would take her side on absolutely everything. “Yes, honey, that bitch Becky at work is clearly out to get you. And this steak is so moist and tender… that’s the sous vide you say, great thinking honey.”

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Keke Palmer Asks the National Guard to “March Beside Us” While Attending Protest

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Celebrities Hit Los Angeles Streets To Protest George Floyd’s Death

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Evan Peters Says He’s “Deeply Upset” at Himself for Sharing an Anti-Protest Message

Evan Peters, 2018 Critics Choice AwardsEvan Peters is apologizing for hitting the retweet button a little too fast. On Tuesday, the American Horror Story actor told his followers he was sorry for retweeting a post by a Twitter...

Time to Cancel Lea Michele and Other Fine Things!

Some Links…

Cancel Lea Michele!

Sexy Cop Who Moonlights as an Influencer

Ashley Graham Breastfeeding in a Magazine!

Girls in PPE

Canadian Olympic Hopeful Georgia Ellenwood is Worth Some Attention

White Hot Sommer Ray!

Coyote Plays Backyard Golf

Kourtney Kardashian in a Bikini

Farrah Abraham Takes Credit for getting Over 20 Protestors Arrested

Former NFL Running Back Larry Johnson Says George Floyd Was Sacrificed by Freemasons

Instagram Model Janine Almario Responds to Conor McGregor’s Message Of Hope

Camila Mendes Eating Grapes!

Bella Hadid Braless in a Green Jacket in the Garden

Ireland Baldwin’s Camel Toe Joins the Protest!

Guy Brings Hunting Bow At The SLC Protest And Shoots At The Protesters

Dropping GoPro in a 300 Foot Well

Madison Beer Protesting!

How To Pick a Cat Up Like a Pro

Celeb Quarantine Break-Ups

Armie Hammer is Losing his Mind – Apparently

Sharon Stone Giving Safe Room Advice

Melissa Greene Black Sand Beach Photoshoot

Influencer Faking her Photo Op During the Protests.

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Amazing Acoustic Cover Of “Whole Lotta Love” By Led Zeppelin

Steve Harvey Buys Tyler Perry’s Atlanta Mansion

Protester From LA Hits Another Protester With A Dumpster

Lady Gaga in a Bikini Top!

Renata Gubaeva’s Nude Shoot, Meow!

Oakland Rioters Totally Destroy A Mercedes Benz Showroom

Pranking Mom with Toy Story 3!

Meghan Markle Addresses Racism in Resurfaced Clip…

Watch UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Jon Jones Stop Rioters in Albuquerque

Lulu and her Surf Board!

The Audi RSQ8, The Ultimate Sleeper Car!

Husky Yells Over Her

The Best Cameltoes on Instagram

Get Some Tropical Print Masks for Mandatory Mask Stores

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Hannah Ferguson for Elle!

Hannah Ferguson got her start in Texas, where she says the family went without running water for 5 years because they were broke. Something that gives me visions of terrifying toilets that kind of take away the hotness of this shoot for Elle.

She went onto find herself all the water she needed by working with Sports Illustrated swim from 2014-2017. Then she decided to make the move to the fashion world, she changed her look and has been killing it.

I am not sure what this shoot is about, but I like it!

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Cressida Bonas Speaks on Prince Harry Breakup, Issues Warning to Meghan Markle

In the years before he married Meghan Markle, Prince Harry developed a reputation as a bit of a playboy.

But while we're sure he never lacked female companionship in those days, Harry seems to have been more of a serial monogamist, and he devoted the majority of his twenties to on-again, off-again relationships with two different women -- Chelsy Davy and Cressida Bonas.

Prince Harry and Cressida Bonas Together

Harry and Cressida dated from 2012 to 2014, and for much of that time, it looked as though they were headed for marriage.

There were even bogus reports that Harry and Cressida were engaged.

(There's nothing new about the British tabloid press publishing misinformation about the personal lives of the royals.)

But the couple split under mysterious circumstances, and less than two years later, Harry started dating Meghan.

Cressida Bonas Picture

Less than two years after that, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex were married in what might prove to be the last royal wedding that anyone gave a crap about.

Now, Cressida is opening up about her breakup with Harry for the very first time, and some believe her words contain a coded cautionary message for Meghan Markle.

In an interview with the Daily Telegraph, Cressida spoke poignantly of the fear that prevented her from considering taking the next step with Harry.

And it seems that during the relationship, the mere thought of becoming a member of the royal family was enough to trigger intense feelings of anxiety for Bonas.

Meghan and Cressida

"The fear of failing, the fear of rejection, the fear of not getting it right, the fear of not being perfect ... I think that has limited me in certain situations in my life," Cressida revealed.

"I just think it has definitely given me a stronger sense of purpose and a stronger sense of what I want or don't want," she said of her split from Harry.

Meghan, of course, lived out Cressida's fears by becoming a member of the royal family and constantly being made to feel as though she doesn't live up to the expectations of her regal in-laws.

Meghan Markle on Commonwealth Day

The situation was exacerbated by the fact that Meghan was targeted by the British press, and many who were in a position to help her chose to do nothing instead.

Harry was once considered one of the world's most eligible bachelors, but it sounds as though in many ways, Cressida dodged a bullet.

These days, Bonas is the host of a British television show called White House Farm, which, despite the name, is not a documentary about the process of harvesting the sesame seeds for Trump's Big Mac buns.

Cressida Bonas on Instagram

Speaking about her new gig, Cressida seems to sympathize with Meghan, who was forced to step down from the royal family in order to pursue her professional passions,

"I think that I work very, very hard, I love what I do, and I just hope that this role has shown people what I can do and what I would like to do going forward and not be caught in a box in any way," Bonas said.

Well, Cressida may not have received a royal title -- and it sounds like she's perfectly fine with that -- but in many ways, she would have fit right in.

After all, she's clearly mastered the art of the subtly talking trash without mentioning anyone by name.

George Floyd’s Funeral and Memorial Services Announced One Week After His Death

George FloydGeorge Floyd will be laid to rest after numerous memorials are held in his honor across the country. According to NBC News, the 46-year-old is set to be memorialized in the three cities...

Ash Naeck: I Dumped Avery Because She Hooked Up with Tom Brooks!

Avery Warner and Ash Naeck decided to make it work long distance on the 90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days finale.

But as we all know, Ash and Avery have broken up since then, and he accuses her of being a liar. Now, we know why.

Avery and Ash

There were a lot of factors in Ash and Avery's romance.

If Ash were to come to the US to join Avery, he would be leaving his son behind. They were very conscious of this.

At the finale, Avery returned to the United States. They were going to make it work via long distance for the time being.

Weeks ago, Ash confirmed that they were not together. What happened?

Avery Warner in Soft Glam

Don't get us wrong, we know that they had plenty of interpersonal issues on their season.

But apparently, they continued to break up and reconcile after Avery's return to the states.

Remember: everything but the Tell All special was filmed many months ago.

And it turns out that their breakup involves a third party -- one very familiar to 90 Day Fiance viewers.

Tom Brooks Projects Sincerity

According to Katrina of FraudedByTLC, the breakup stemmed from Ash's friendship with castmate Tom Brooks.

"Ash asked Tom to test Avery's commitment," the report claims.

"So," the Frauded blog continues, "Tom began communicating with Avery,"

"And," the report continues, Tom eventually "asked her out."

Tom Brooks is Back!

"She said yes," the FraudedByTLC report announces.

Apparently this agreement took place a mere two days after one of her many breakups with Ash."

"Only once the date was set, did she find out it was a set up," the report concludes.

Wow. That's like something straight out of a sitcom.

Avery Warner at the Beach

To be clear, this doesn't mean that Avery is some sort of cheater.

This report says that it was only after breaking up yet again with Ash that she agreed to go out with Tom.

Questions about her taste in men aside, that doesn't make her a cheater.

But it sounds like it did make Ash question her commitment to making their relationship work.

Avery Warner and Ash Naeck

During TLC's teaser for the Tell, All, we see Avery accuse Ash: "You have lied to my face."

"You ghost me for two weeks," we see Ash complain, before declaring: "It’s bulls--t."

Then Tom, who clearly lives for drama, weighs in saying: "I’m not willing to continue talking while she’s here."

We also see Avery shaking her head. What a messy mess for a bunch of adults to find themselves in, don't you think?

Avery Warner, Ash Naeck, and Taj

Real talk? It sounds like while Tom was doing Ash a favor, Avery did herself a favor.

You know what's a great sign that two people should break up?

If they keep breaking up. That's a sign that things aren't quite right and that they're putting themselves through more stress than any relationship should involve.

If you have the instinct to break up, with rare exceptions, you should probably trust that.

Tom Brooks Arrives

But what about this deep shadiness on Tom's part?

Fake-asking out a castmate at the behest of another?

We know that the dude clearly loves drama -- he dated Darcey, after all -- but that's over the top.

He must have been so, so excited to share this story at the Tell All.

Rihanna’s Viral Tie-Dye Dress Makes a Comeback to Support Black Lives Matter

Rihanna, 2019 Diamond BallThe world of beauty, fashion and entertainment are banding together to support the Black Lives Matter movement. Over the weekend, the London-based brand ASAI took to social media to share...

Blue Bloods’ Griffin Newman Calls on Actor Cops to Donate to Social Justice Reform

Griffin NewmanBlue Bloods' Griffin Newman is asking actors who play police officers on-screen to donate to organizations fighting for social justice reform. "I'm an out-of-work actor who...

How Victor Cruz Explained Racism to Daughter Kennedy Following George Floyd’s Death

Victor Cruz, InstagramAn eye-opening conversation. On Tuesday, Pop of the Morning's Victor Cruz joined Nina Parker on Daily Pop and discussed the conversation he had with eight-year-old daughter Kennedy...

Meghan Markle Reflects on Her Experience With Racism in Resurfaced 2012 Video

Meghan Markle, 2012 USA Racism VideoMeghan Markle has always been one to stand up against inequality. Back in 2012, the Duchess of Sussex appeared in USA Network's "Characters Unite: 'I Won't Stand...

Hunter King’s Protest Booty!

I try not to get too political here. We want to be a positive and light part of your day. We’ve focused on hot celebrities, models and personalities being hot and amazing for many years, and we plan to continue that!

I don’t think I am in a position to spew my opinion on things that are outside my realm of expertise, which is posting babes!

I also think it’s important to have a little distraction from all the energy being put out there on social media.

Since it is Blackout Tuesday, where no one is posting hot pics on social media, we are either left to go through the archives and pull some gold.

Or post some protesting celebs, since they are not blacking out that part of their feed.

So we’ve got Hunter King, sister of Joey King, who had a break out year last year and is now a very respected actress, in her leggings, because if you’re going to protest, you gotta bring that booty with ya!

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Sarah Beattie Showed Her Boobs to Remind You There’s Still Good in This World

Sarah Beattie, aka Nacho Sarah, who we’ve said in the past is one of the funniest people out there, has boobs. Not sure if you knew this.

She threw up a shot of her cleavage today to take us away from 2020, the year that never should have existed.

View this post on Instagram

tit break

A post shared by Sarah Beattie (@nachosarah) on

That goes well with a glass of wine and Nacho Sarah’s midnight ass shot.

She really is funny as hell, so use your dong and smash that follow button on her Twitter.

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The Weeknd Donates $500,000 to Black Lives Matter Causes

The Weeknd, 2018 Outside Lands Music Festival The Weeknd is ready to give back. As protests continue around the world after the death of George Floyd, one rapper has donated a total of $500,000 to various Black Lives Matter...

Hairstylist Jen Atkin Applauds Protester Who Spray Painted “Black Lives Matter” on Her Billboard

Jen AtkinJen Atkin is showing her support. On Monday, the celebrity hairstylist applauded a Black Lives Matter protester that wrote on a Los Angeles billboard for her hair care brand...

Rihanna, Taylor Swift and More Stars Support Blackout Tuesday

RihannaCelebrities are taking part in Blackout Tuesday. Social media users are taking to Instagram, Twitter and Facebook to post pictures of black squares as symbols of solidarity with the black...

Remember LIBERTY from Degrassi? This is Her Now!

I don’t know if we have any DEGRASSI fans here but I’m sure most people have heard of the show since Drake aka Wheelchair Jimmy made his debut as a rapper back in 2006 when he signed with Young Money and started singing backgrounds on all of Lil Wayne’s songs, I know you’ve heard those top 40 jams!

But if you DID watch Degrassi the Next Generation, you might remember Liberty. She’s the annoying nerdy overachieving girl who dated the J.T. Yorke in the show, the nerd who (spoiler alert) died shortly after getting her pregnant when they were 15. Well Liberty is actually played by a girl named Sarah Barrable-Tishauer, and she’s now a DJ and Music Curator living in Toronto and going by the name DJ ME TIME. So if you’re looking for someone to DJ you’re next party, or to curate a soundtrack for your event post COVID you can give Liberty a call!

While lurking Sarah I came across a few more of the Degrassi girls, like HAZEL pictured in the centre of the image below… should we see more of her?
Sarah Barrable-Tishauer Liberty Degrassi

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Selena Gomez Shuts Down her Website!

Selena Gomez’s website SelenaGomez.com has been one of the most popular celebrity websites sitting at rank #73,343 in the world, she gets a ton of traffic to the website even though to be honest I have no idea what anyone is doing when they actually get to the SelenaGomez.com site. But if you’re a regular there, don’t try and access the site today! Selena has put a pause on her website to show solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement.

Selena Gomez Store

Selena is known for being a “All Lives Matter” kind of girl and apparently said that the Black Lives Matter movement was “stupid” in the past, although I can’t find the exact quote. But it was something like “Why can’t people use their voice for something that fucking matters, oh lol so that means if I hashtag something I save lives?”

So either she’s changed her tune about her hate of hashtags, or she’s jumping on the bandwagon with this move. Either way it’s actually a good thing, even if it’s just for PR, she’s using her popularity and platform to say SOMETHING which I guess is better than NOTHING. So here’s some pics of Selena to look at in the meantime..

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