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Aretha Franklin Will Be Laid to Rest in Detroit Following a Public Viewing

Aretha FranklinAretha Franklin will be laid to rest on Friday, Aug. 31. Gwendolyn Quinn, the publicist for the late singer, told the Associated Press that the star's funeral will take place in her...

Matt Smith Told Tobias Menzies to ‘Make Sure’ Salaries Are ‘Even’ While Starring on The Crown

Matt Smith has a few pieces of advice for Tobias Menzies as he steps into the role of Prince Philip on Netflix’s The Crown.

Smith, who portrayed Philip on the first two seasons of the acclaimed series, shared some of the helpful hints he gave to his successor in an interview on The Late Late Show with James Corden on Thursday.

After joking that his number one pearl of wisdom had been to tell the Game of Thrones actor “don’t do it,” Smith went on to share that in all seriousness “I told him a good book to read by Philip Eade called Young Prince Philip.

“But you know how it’s like, you can’t really offer up too much,” he added, before sharing one last piece of friendly advice.

“I just said, ‘God, make sure they pay you enough — and make sure it’s even,” he said, referencing the controversy that arose after it was revealed that Smith was paid more than Claire Foy, the Netflix hit’s leading lady.

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Earlier this year, producers Suzanne Mackie and Andy Harries revealed at a panel at the INTV Conference in Jerusalem that Smith, 35, received a bigger paycheck due to his higher profile coming off Doctor Who.

However, Mackie added that “Going forward, no one gets paid more than the queen.”

The U.K. production company behind the Netflix drama also issued an apology for putting the stars in the middle of a pay equity debate.

In response to the news, Smith shared that he completely supported Foy, 34.

“Claire is one of my best friends, and I believe that we should be paid equally and fairly and there should be equality for all,” Smith told The Hollywood Reporter. “Going forward, I think we should all bear in mind that we need to strive to make this better and a more even playing field for everyone involved — but not just in our industry, in all industries.”

RELATED VIDEO: Claire Foy Responds to The Crown Pay Controversy

Earlier this month, Foy went on to shut down reports that she had received $275,000 in back-pay for her role as Queen Elizabeth II.

“That was what was reported, that I was back-paid,” the Golden Globe-winning actress told Dubai-based news channel Al Arabiya. “I’ve never mentioned anything about it and neither have the producers. The fact that that is ‘fact’ is not quite correct.”

“It happened at the same time as it was coming out with a lot of other people that there was a lot of pay inequality across the board – in the music industry, in journalism, in every industry,” Foy said. “It’s across the board that it became part of a bigger conversation, which is an odd place to find yourself in.”

During the next season of the Netflix season, Broadchurch actress Olivia Colman will be stepping into the role of Queen Elizabeth alongside Menzies.

Marion Cotillard Skinny Dipping and Other Fine Things to Ogle

Stormy Daniels Bails on ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ at the Last Minute

Would You Hit It: Marion Cotillard Full Frontal Skinny Dipping Candids

Blac Chyna Flashes Her Faptastic Cleavage In Pasties and Lace Dress

Eiza Gonzalez Braless And Busting Out Like Bananas… WOW!

Chloe Grace Moretz Looks Different

Miss America Cara Mund Says Org Bullied, Silenced Her in Favor of Gretchen Carlson

Kendall Jenner Degenerate Pussy Print of the Day

Movie Nudity Report: Blaze & On This Day in Movie Nudity History 8.17.18

Sports Illustrated Presents 2018 Rookies!

Bethenny Frankel’s Boyfriend’s Last Words Help Explain Trump Tower Death

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All the Details on Ryan Lochte’s $11,500 Bachelor Party

Ryan Lochte, Hakkasan Las VegasRyan Lochte is celebrating his final days as an unmarried man--sort of. On Thursday night, the Olympic swimmer and ten of his closest friends partied it up at the Hakkasan Las Vegas...

Sophie Turner Looks Gorgeous Sipping On A Mojito In Wet Crop Top

Here is a serious question: when is Sophie Turner going to be the hottest working actress in Hollywood? I honestly and truly believe it is only a matter of time before she is everyone’s favorite actor. She’ll be in all the movies as all the leading ladies, she will be everywhere, and we’ll love every minute of it.

I know she’s stuck in Game of Thrones land right now and that probably takes up all of her time. She’s done a little movie here and there between all the fighting and dragons. But once that show is over, she’s going to be free to do more stuff and that’s when I think Sophie Turner will take over the world. I really don’t think we’re going to able to stop it. Not that I believe any of us should try and stop Sophie Turner from spreading her wings and flying. I’m just saying that we couldn’t stop it if we wanted too. Sophie Turner is going to be a goddess, you mark my words.

Until then, let’s just enjoy Sophie Turner in a crop top having a drink. I’m telling you, it’s going to happen. Prepare yourself now because sexy goddess Sophie Turner is coming.

[Go Se All The Sexy Swimsuit Photos Right Over Here]

Photo Credit: Splash News / Backgrid USA / MEGA

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Blake Lively Has the Perfect Comeback for Instagram User Who Calls Out Her Typo

Blake LivelyBlake Lively isn't afraid to be the punchline. The Simple Favor star was sharing a few photos from her night out with famous husband Ryan Reynolds when a fan noticed a minute error....

Has Ben Affleck Moved on from Lindsay Shookus? Actor Spotted Out with Playboy Model

Is Ben Affleck newly single?

The actor, who has been dating Saturday Night Live producer Lindsay Shookus for over a year, was spotted leaving Nobu restaurant in Malibu, California, with friends, including Playboy model Shauna Sexton on Thursday evening. TMZ was the first outlet to identify her.

Affleck, who celebrated his 46th birthday on Wednesday, was dressed in a green T-shirt, navy jacket and jeans while the 22-year-old Virginia native, who was named Miss May 2018, wore a nude colored bodycon dress.

Shauna SextonNGRE / BACKGRID

The night before his outing with Sexton and pals, Affleck spent some quality time with his three kids, Violet, 12, and Seraphina, 9, and son Samuel, 6, whom he co-parents with ex Jennifer Garner.

Missing from both birthday festivities was Shookus, who the father of three was last spotted with in late July.

WATCH: Ben Affleck and Lindsay Shookus Are Spending the Summer Together in L.A.: ‘He Seems Very Happy’

Affleck’s latest outing also comes after a friend close to the actor told PEOPLE that he has been in a happy, health-focused place as of late.

“Ben is doing well,” the Affleck pal said. “He is in a good place mentally and has worked really hard to get here. He continues to focus on himself and the health of his relationships.”

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The friend added, “He attends meetings, many meetings, and he also does meditation and yoga. While he still has his moments — and let’s be honest everyone struggles — he continues to work hard on himself.”

Meanwhile, PEOPLE previously reported, Buffalo native Shookus has been staying at Affleck’s $19 million mansion on and off, as well as her own place in L.A. for the summer.

Miranda Lambert’s Boyfriend Evan Felker Finalizes Divorce From Wife Staci

Miranda Lambert, Evan FelkerEvan Felker and Staci Felker are ready to move on. A source confirms the pair's divorce is finalized and they are officially done. The development comes after the Turnpike...

Authorities Respond to Over 80 Overdoses from Synthetic Marijuana in New Haven Park

Emergency responders in New Haven, Conn. are dealing with over 80 overdose cases from a synthetic marijuana that authorities said was passed out in a local park.

They found dozens of people who had overdosed on the synthetic marijuana, also known as K2, on Wednesday morning on the New Haven Green, near the Yale University campus. 25 of the overdose cases came in that morning during a three-hour time span, officials told ABC News.

Over the next two days, that number swelled to over 80. Officials expect that more will come in as people who saved the K2 for later use take the drug.

“It’s very reminiscent of a mass casualty incident,” New Haven Office of Emergency Management Director Rick Fontana told the New Haven Register.

Most victims were sent to the hospital, while some declined to undergo additional care. One victim did not respond to Naloxone, the drug used to treat overdoses, when they were injected at the scene and is “very sick,” Fontana said in a press release. Otherwise, the other patients are not in life-threatening condition.

Some of the patients had fentanyl, the highly addictive opioid, in their system. Several had been treated at the hospital two or more times after they went back to the park and took the K2 again.

RELATED VIDEO: Fentanyl: 5 Things to Know About the Drug That’s Connected to Prince’s Death

New Haven Police have arrested three people in connection with the case, and the investigation is currently ongoing, New Haven Police Chief Anthony Campbell said in a press conference.

One of the three suspects allegedly did not charge people for the K2 and was “just handing it out,” Campbell said, possibly to start a clientele. Other victims reported paying for the drugs.

Campbell alleged that two of the suspects are known for selling K2 and have been arrested in the past. Their charges, if convicted, are not known at this time.

PEOPLE has contacted the New Haven Police Department for comment.

The overdoses came as a dire new report from the Centers for Disease Control on Wednesday showed that drug overdoses killed around 72,000 people in the U.S. in 2017, a record-breaking rise of about 10 percent.

The rise in deaths is thought to be from the increased use of opioids, and that the drugs themselves are more deadly, reports the New York Times. Overdose deaths are now higher than the highest yearly death totals from H.I.V., car crashes or guns.

Halsey Wows In Gorgeous Zip-Up Bikini

Halsey’s bikini is causing me to be much more disoriented than it probably should. I just do not get it. Bathing suits go in water, and metal rusts in water. What is the lifespan for this bikini, three wears? I hope it comes with an accessory of a tetanus shot, because she will certainly be needing one.

Metal is also really heavy. Why would anyone want to add it to their swimwear? I once tried swimming with my socks on—they damn near cause me to drown. That extra weight is no joke. I was almost happy to drown as well due to the disgusting feeling of having wet socks on my body. I felt like a cat was suckling on my feet.

I suppose this is just the price one pays for trying to look chic. Risking catching a nipple or pubes in the zipper probably sounds like child’s play at this point. And who isn’t looking for an excuse to call EMS over an embarrassing mishap? I know I loved needing their help to get unstuck from between the toilet and the bathtub. So many laughs were had. Not by me, but they were still had.


Photo Credit: Backgrid USA / Instagram 

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Ariana Grande’s Sweetener Decoded: “Soulmate” Pete Davidson, Mac Miller and Her Touching Manchester Tribute

Ariana Grande, SweetenerFans are waking up to the sweet sound of Ariana Grande's new music. The star's fourth studio album, Sweetener, has officially been released and it's clear this...

Charlie Riina Pumping Gas In A Cleavetastic Uni Is High Grade Sexy

Charlie Riina is about as excellent as excellent gets. If she were any better, it would put her 10 paces past being perfect. I have no idea why such a pretty little lady is pumping gas all by herself. I understand the independent woman argument, but when you’re that beautiful, other people pumping your gas should be an expected common curtesy. Even when it’s outside of the only two states left in America that still require another person to pump your gas. I wouldn’t mind being her personal fuel attendant. I’d follow her to the ends of the Earth just to make sure she would never have to experience the hassle of stepping outside of her vehicle for a fill up.

With me by her side, she’d have more time to take pictures. Which should be mandatory for a hot woman like her. She should have a 10 picture minimum per day. All of them portraits because it’s important for everyone to admire beauty whenever possible. Just looking at her will brighten up anyone’s day. I haven’t been down since I laid my eyes on her. And I don’t plan on looking away any time soon. She’s such an instant pick me up.

Photo Credit: MEGA

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Ariana Grande Knew Years Ago She’d ‘100 Percent’ Marry Pete Davidson: ‘I Had the Biggest Crush’

Ariana Grande knew she wanted to marry fiancé Pete Davidson the first time she met him.

The 25-year-old “God Is a Woman” singer swung by The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Thursday to promote her new album, Sweetener (out now), and explained that wedding bells were ringing in her mind when she first crossed paths with Davidson while hosting Saturday Night Live in 2016.

“I left his writers’ room when we were writing skits and stuff for the show, and my tour manager was in the hallway,” Grande recalled. “And I’m not a crushy person — like I don’t have crushes on people, I don’t know — but I left and I, like, jokingly said to my tour manager, ‘I’m marrying him. 100 percent. I’m literally marrying him.'”

Back then, Grande and Davidson, 24, “weren’t even friends,” and wouldn’t connect again until years later.

“We never exchanged numbers or anything,” Grande said on The Tonight Show. “But I had the biggest crush in the whole world on him the whole time, like forever. Like, my friends used to make fun of me for it, all that stuff.”

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Coincidentally, Davidson felt the same way. In a new interview with GQ for the magazine’s upcoming September issue, he revealed that marriage was on his mind when they first met too.

The day I met her, I was like, ‘Hey, I’ll marry you tomorrow,’ ” Davidson told GQ. “She was calling my bluff. I sent her a picture . I was like, ‘Do you like any of these?’ She was like, ‘Those are my favorite ones,’ and I was like, ‘Sick.’ ”

Davidson would end up popping the question with a $93,000 3-carat pear-shaped ring in June after just weeks of dating Grande.

Their whirlwind romance has made headlines since, with the pair even moving into a $16 million apartment together in Manhattan.

So when will they officially tie the knot? Davidson told GQ they don’t really have much in the way of wedding plans — but the trip down the aisle is “definitely going to happen, for sure.”

RELATED VIDEO: Ariana Grande Gets Carried Away & Shoots Down Pregnancy Rumors in Between Carpool Karaoke Tunes

Meanwhile, until then, Davidson has a special place in Grande’s heart and on her album.

On Sweetener, Grande has a short interlude called “Pete Davidson” where she calls him her “soulmate.”  

“I thought you into my life,” she sings. “No better place or a time / Look how they align / Universe must have my back / Feel from the sky into my lap.”

She wrote the song just a week after they started dating.

“I just made it and I sent it to him, and I didn’t know what to call it. So I just called it ‘Pete,’ ” she said on The Tonight Show. “It was either going to be that, or ‘This Is About Pete Davidson.’ I was like, ‘Why not?’ You know? You should be direct.”

Pregnant Mom & 2 Daughters Likely Killed at Home — Allegedly by Husband — Before Bodies Were Dumped

A pregnant Colorado mother and her two young daughters who vanished earlier this week were likely murdered inside their house and their bodies were later allegedly hidden on property belonging to the woman’s husband’s former employer, officials have reportedly said.

According to local TV station KMGH, the Coloradoan and the New York Times, prosecutors disclosed the detail about the suspected location of the slayings on Thursday during a bond hearing for husband Chris Watts. He is accused of first-degree murder and tampering with evidence in the deaths of wife Shanann Watts and their daughters Bella and Celeste, 4 and 3.

Causes of death for Shannan, 34, and her girls have not been released; neither has motive.

However, a family friend previously told PEOPLE that there was marital discord between Shanann and Chris, 33, and public records show they had faced financial issues in the past, including a bankruptcy in 2015.

More recently, it seemed, the family had returned to financial stability, the Denver Post reports, citing social media posts about their extensive travels.

Before his arrest in their deaths, when his family was still missing, Chris gave several emotional news interviews casting himself as a grieving husband and father hoping for their safe return.

During one such appearance, he said that before she disappeared, he and Shanann had an “emotional conversation.”

“But I’ll leave it at that.”

Chris was arrested Wednesday night. The next day, the remains of all three of his alleged victims were found near each other, according to authorities in Frederick, where the Watts lived

First, Shannan’s body was found on Anadarko Petroleum Corporation’s property, an oil company where Chris had worked until being fired Wednesday, according to KMGH.

“This is absolutely the worst outcome that any of us could imagine,” the Colorado Bureau of Investigation’s John Camper said in announcing Shanann was found.

Remains believed to be daughters Bella and Celeste were located later Thursday near Shanann’s body, officials said. Their exact location was not disclosed, but multiple sources told KMGH that the girls’ were hidden in “mostly full” oil and gas tanks.

Speaking with local station KUSA before Shannan, Bella and Celeste were discovered dead, Chris said their house had been scarred by the apparent disappearances, first reported on Monday.

“Like, this house is not the same. Last night was traumatic,” he said. “Last night was — I can’t really stay in this house again with nobody here.”

At his hearing on Thursday, Chris was ordered held without bond. He is next scheduled to appear in court on Tuesday where he will face formal charges.

His attorney could not immediately be reached by PEOPLE for comment.

Shanann’s relatives, meanwhile, have vented grief and fury about the killings, reportedly saying in one statement, “It is with deep hurt, confusion and anger to confirm our beautiful cousin Shanann Watts, her unborn child, and her two angelic daughters, Bella (4), Celeste (3) were viciously murdered by husband Chris Watts; who confessed to the killings. Please keep Shanann’s parents and brother in your prayers.”

(Authorities have not publicly confirmed or denied allegations that Chris confessed.)

On Facebook, Shanann’s brother spoke even more directly, writing in one post: “I just want 30 seconds alone with that heartless psychopath.”

According to her brother, Shanann, who was 15 weeks pregnant, was to give birth to a boy named Niko.

• With reporting by KC BAKER and STEVE HELLING

Throwback Alert! Which MTV VMAs Look from 2008 Is Still Your Favorite?

2008 MTV Video Music Awards, Britney SpearsA lot can change in 10 years...especially fashion! Ahead of the 2018 MTV Video Music Awards on Monday, Aug. 20, we're taking a look back at 12 celebs who rocked the 2008 award...

Javi Marroquin and Lauren Comeau: Is the Baby Coming Soon?!?

While Javi Marroquin continues to clash with his ex-wife over their past, many questions continue to be asked about this reality star's future.

Specifically, about his future with Lauren Comeau.

Lauren Comeau with Javi M

The couple, of course, stunned celebrity gossip followers back in late May when they announced they were expecting a baby.

This news came mere months after Javi split from Briana DeJesus and also stopped hooking up (again) with Kailyn Lowry.

Marroquin and Comeau had met at a wedding last summer and actually dated briefly in 2017... until they reportedly broke up because Javi slept with another woman.

We haven't been here to judge, however, simply to wish these two and their impending child the best.

Perhaps Javi really is a changed man and will dedicate himself entirely to this new family. You never know, right?

Along with the baby bombshell, meanwhile, has come various speculation regarding Comeau, considering she's now very much involved with a prominent MTV personality.

Lauren Comeau is Pregnant

As we've posted about over the past few weeks...

... will she appear on Teen Mom 2?

... will she and Marroquin get married?

... heck, are they already married?

Now, based on the photos above and below of Comeau, we can add another inquiry to this list:


Taking to both basic Instagram and her Instagram Stories page over the past week or so, Comeau has shown off her baby bump on multiple occasions.

And it ain't small!

Lauren Comeau: Baby Bumpin!

All Comeau and Marroquin have said thus far is that their son will enter this world at some point in 2018.

That much is clearly true, but the size of Lauren's precious tummy makes it appear here as if their son may enter the world at some point in the fall of 2018.

We make note of this partly because it's very exciting and it will be cool to meet yet another baby produced by a member of the Teen Mom 2 cast.

But also because Comeau's due date does make one wonder when she and Marroquin got it on and whether he cheated on DeJesus with his baby-mama-to-be.

The timeline does cause fans to ponder this possibility.

Javi and Lauren Comeau in Swimsuits

Whether or not Javi stepped out on Briana, though, he and Lauren appear to be going strong.

They are posing together in a number of Instagram photos, often with Marroquin and Lowry's son, Lincoln.

Lauren has also now moved to Delaware and is shacking up with her famous lover.

At some point, Javi swears, wedding bells will even ring for the eventual parents.

"Definitely in the future I will propose," the MTV star recently told Radar Online, quelling rumors that they were already betrothed.

He says it will happen, he promises, but he and Comeau have something else to concern themselves with in the meantime.

Or someone else, we should say:

"The focus is on the baby first." 

Bethenny Frankel’s Boyfriend’s Last Words Help Explain Trump Tower Death

Bethenny Frankel's late boyfriend, Dennis Shields, was able to utter a few words to EMTs and police before he died -- and they paint a clearer picture of how he passed. Sources say Dennis told the responding EMTs and cops he'd taken some of his…

female Call Girl in Ahmedabad Escorts Service

mishrapriya posted a photo:

female Call Girl in Ahmedabad Escorts Service

female Call Girl in Ahmedabad Escorts Service - goo.gl/csTMHL

The Office Alum Angela Kinsey Calls Out Her Nephew for Using Her Picture in His Tinder Profile

Angela Kinsey is not here for any name-dropping on Tinder — even if it’s her nephew!

The Office alum, who played Angela Martin on the beloved NBC series for eight years, called out her family member on Instagram Story after a viral tweet showed 25-year-old James’ Tinder profile photo, which is of him and his famous aunt.

What made it even better, James’ bio reads: “Life long musician, can get along with just about anyone. Also a former firefighter. You can still call me a fireman cause I turn the h— on and yes Angela from the office is my aunt.”

Kinsey hilariously trolled him, writing, “Nephews…do not put me in your @tinder profile photos. K. Thx. Byeeeee.”

The star, who often shares photos of her daughter Isabel, stepsons and cats, has yet to post a photo of her nephew James on social media.

While Kinsey certainly has the right to poke fun at James, she too has had her fair share of hilarious moments — outside of The Office.

In March, Kinsey stirred social media into a frenzy when she revealed she bought a coat from an airport vending machine.

“Airport jacket vending machine purchase… living my best life folks! And it fit!! 💃,” Kinsey captioned an Instagram photo of herself wearing the lightweight plum puffer from Uniqlo’s #UniqgloToGo machines.

RELATED ARTICLE: Angela Kinsey’s Husband Turned Her Internet-Famous Jacket Into an Incredible Cookie

Unlike most vending machine items, the jacket cost more than a few dollars.

Airport jacket vending machine purchase… living my best life folks! And it fit!!💃 #notanad #justadork *$69.99 #that’swhatshesaid

A post shared by Angela Kinsey (@angelakinsey) on Mar 8, 2018 at 2:21pm PST


“*$69.99 #that’swhatshesaid,” Kinsey added in reference to the price.

The jacket grew so popular that a fan created the account @angelasvendingmachinejacket.

The page has over 28,000 followers and is “dedicated to the adventures of the vending machine jacket Angela bought.”

Each photo features Kinsey in the jacket.

Ariana Grande Cries While Singing ‘Natural Woman’ in Powerful Tribute to Aretha Franklin

Ariana Grande delivered a powerful performance dedicated to the late Aretha Franklin during The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon on Thursday night.

The “No Tears Left to Cry” singer, 25, shed a few for Franklin while singing her iconic “Natural Woman” following the iconic Motown singer’s death Thursday morning.

Grande honored the late singer with powerhouse vocals reminiscent of Franklin’s stage presence wearing a glittering black suit and a high ponytail as she was accompanied by The Roots.

“I met her a few times. We sang at the White House and she was so sweet, she was so cute,” Grande said of meeting Franklin for the first time. “It’s an honor to have met her.”

Ariana Grande on The Tonight Show with Jimmy FallonThe Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, NBC https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xN6C_WuEbGI

The “God is a woman” singer paid tribute to Franklin earlier on Thursday upon hearing the news she had passed away.

Grande shared a black-and-white photo of herself with her arm around the legendary singer with heart emojis.

In addition, she also shared a video of Franklin belting out “I Say a Little Prayer,” captioning it “forever.”

Jimmy Fallon also shared memories of Franklin, telling his audience after opening the show that when she came onto his show they weren’t allowed air conditioning.

“No air conditioning for the whole day, because it’s bad for the vocal chords,” he explained, adding Questlove “almost” fainted when she walked onto their set.

Fallon said everyone on set could feel the heat — except Franklin.

“We get to the end of the show… and she walks out in a long fur coat,” he said. “She’s laughing and goes, ‘I’m cold.'”

“She was so funny and charming and nice to every single person on our staff,” Fallon continued. “She would call us – even up to last year — and say, ‘Tell Jimmy I’m watching the show before bed.'”

Franklin, who was 76, died of advanced pancreatic cancer of the neuroendocrine type, her publicist told PEOPLE.

RELATED VIDEO: Queen of Soul Aretha Franklin Has Died of Pancreatic Cancer at Age 76

“In one of the darkest moments of our lives, we are not able to find the appropriate words to express the pain in our heart. We have lost the matriarch and rock of our family. The love she had for her children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, and cousins knew no bounds,” the family said in a statement.

“We have been deeply touched by the incredible outpouring of love and support we have received from close friends, supporters and fans all around the world. Thank you for your compassion and prayers. We have felt your love for Aretha and it brings us comfort to know that her legacy will live on. As we grieve, we ask that you respect our privacy during this difficult time.”

Funeral arrangements will be announced in the coming days.

Man Risks His Life and Jumps into a River with Feeding Brown Bears to Take the Perfect Photo

Some people will do whatever it takes to get a good photo.

Two Alaskan residents and one tourist are in serious trouble with the law after one member of their group approached feeding bears at the Katmai National Park and Preserve in an attempt to take a selfie.

In footage obtained by the park’s explore.org bear cam, a man from the group can be seen jumping into the river and then walking towards the bears as they fed on salmon.

The other members of the group were not pictured.

While the bears remained calm throughout the encounter, the situation, which took place last week, could have ended differently.

The park only just reopened after being closed from June 15 through August 15 due to the high concentration of bears in that specific feeding area, according to the National Park Service.

Superintendent of the park Mark Sturm said those involved are lucky to be alive.

“People need to recognize that these are wild brown bears. These visitors are lucky that they escaped the situation without injury,” Sturm explained.

“The possible consequences for the bears and themselves could have been disastrous,” Sturm added.

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Echoing his sentiments, the National Park Service said by entering the bears’ feeding area “the group violated National Park Service wildlife viewing regulations, putting themselves and wildlife at risk.” 

“Immediately after the incident, Katmai rangers received multiple reports from concerned visitors and explore.org bear cam viewers who observed the violations,” the statement continued.

“The group was contacted by park rangers and charges are pending.”

The identity of the man and his group will be kept private until the investigation is over.

Jack Osbourne Settles Divorce!

It's over...

As we reported in May of this year, Jack Osbourne and his wife Lisa are getting divorced after 6 years of marriage.

According to TMZ on Thursday, the two have settled their split.

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Sources say Ozzy Osbourne's son is giving his ex a "sizable cash payout," is paying "significant child support," and is shelling out money for private school tuition, medical fees, and more.

The couple will share joint custody of their 3 children: Minnie Theodora, Pearl Clementine, and Andy Rose.

Although their divorce was supposed to be official 6 months after Lisa filed documents in May, because of their settlement, it could come sooner.

[Image via Brian To/WENN.]

Troian Bellisario Spotted for the First Time Since Pregnancy News

Troian BellisarioTroian Bellisario is bumpin' along! Weeks after E! News exclusively broke that the Pretty Little Liars star and hubby Patrick J. Adams were expecting their first child together,...

Nick Jonas and Family Arrive in India for His and Priyanka Chopra’s Engagement Party

Priyanka Chopra, Nick Jonas, Met Gala 2017Let the celebrations begin! On Thursday, Nick Jonas and his family were photographed arriving at the Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport in Mumbai ahead of his and Priyanka...

Celebrities Who Died in 2018: From Aretha to Anthony…

Below is a tribute to celebrities we have lost in the year 2018.

These entertainers are gone, but will never be forgotten by their fans.

May they rest in eternal peace.

1. Anthony Bourdain

Anthony bourdain photograph
Anthony Bourdain, world traveler, celebrity chef and CNN journalist, was found dead at the age of 61 in June. There was perhaps no greater star in the food world, and no more unique an individual around.

2. Aretha Franklin

Aretha franklin picture
Arguably the greatest singer EVER, Franklin died in August after a brave battle against cancer.

3. Kate Spade

Kate spade
Kate Spade is pictured here back in 2008. The designer very sadly killed herself years later at the age of 55.

4. Mark Salling

Mark salling on the red carpet
Mark Salling took his own life. The Glee star was 35.

5. Jerry Van Dyke

Jerry van dyke
May Jerry Van Dyke rest in peace. The actor, pictured here in 2002, has died at the age of 86.

6. Dolores O'Riordan

Dolores oriordan pic
Cranberries singer Dolores O'Riordan has passed away. She was just 46 years old.
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Angelina Jolie ORDERED to Give Brad Pitt More Visitation With Kids!

Brad Pitt sure is getting a lot of child visitation time for a guy who allegedly barely even pays child support.

But will it last? A report says that a court date for him and Angelina Jolie is looming -- and it's just days away.

These questions of custody, child support, and visitation could be resolved sooner than either estranged ex could imagine.

Angelina Jolie BAFTA Pic

Until the next court date, which is scheduled for August 21, Angelina is being forced to send her six children to spend time with Pitt.

The court has ordered her, The Blast reports, to hand them over for "four hours every other day on school days and twelve hours every other day on non-school days."

The order that they spend twelve hours with him every other day on non-school days is staggering.

Additionally, as we previously reported, she was ordered to surrender her children's cell phone numbers to Pitt.

She was also instructed that she is not to monitor their communications with him.

Brad Pitt with a Question

As we mentioned, Angelina has accused Pitt of being a deadbeat dad.

In court documents, she alleges that he has made minimal contributions towards their children during the two years since their split.

This, she says, has forced her to shoulder the bulk of the costs of caring for all six of them.

It is not that she cannot afford to care for her children, but that it is the responsibility of both parents to support their children.

Pitt did not care for being called a deabeat -- if not in so many words -- at all.

Angelina Jolie at the BAFTAs

Brad Pitt accused Angelina of "media manipulation," though her complaint was filed in court documents.

He then went on to claim that, actually, he's paid more than $9 million in child support.

That sounds like plenty to contribute to six children. More than plenty, really.

But Angelina's team replied that he was deliberately distorting facts to make it appear that he was providing for his children more than he really was.

He had apparently given Angelina an $8 million loan after he insisted upon keeping the family home and the belongings within it.

Brad Pitt Says Hello

Obviously, a loan is not the same thing as child support.

The loan was given to help Angelina secure a new home, and he is reportedly charging her interest on the amount.

It is possible that Pitt's attorney will argue that since the loan is for a home that the children also occupy, he was helping them with it. That would make his case pretty weak, however.

It is difficult to imagine how that argument would work in court unless Pitt forgives the loan, and even then.

Hopefully, an official amount for future child support payments can be determined soon -- perhaps in a matter of days, if the August 21 hearing goes well.

Angelina Jolie BAFTA Pose

Many suspect that the court will make a new ruling on child custody and visitation -- though that could, at least potentially, go in favor of either Angelina or Pitt.

Perhaps the court can also clear up who has paid what to whom during the past few years.

Hopefully, the court can do so in a way that does not allow one side or the other to misrepresent the truth using numbers and payments.

What everyone should want is whatever arrangement -- in terms of finances and custody and, well, everything else -- is in the best interests of the children.

Vanessa Hudgens Glammed Up For Flirty Fun At The Celebrity Experience Red Carpet

Celebrity experience? How much do the fans get to actually experience when the celeb is up on the stage and surrounded by what I assume to be armed guards, which I concede is for good reasons. There are certainly some freaks out there. If I was head of security I would contact whoever made the popemobile and get him to outfit that chair with a hefty amount of bulletproof glass. She is already out of arms reach, how much more removed would the glass make her feel?

My point is, the experience in celebrity experience should really be in quotes. I concede that she is in fact a celebrity, but to experience something I think it also needs to touch you. Although, maybe Vanessa is taking the “touch” definition to be a bit more metaphorical.

The Jimi Hendrix Experience touched a lot of people, which is why there have never been protests over the band name. I suppose if some people had their souls fondled by Vanessa then that does constitute a valid usage of the word as well. I rarely get fondled by anyone, so whether Vanessa did it metaphorically or literally I wouldn’t have much reason to complain.


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