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Jeff Bridges Reveals He’s Been Diagnosed With Lymphoma

Jeff Bridges Jeff Bridges has been diagnosed with lymphoma. The legendary actor shared the news on Twitter with a reference to one of his most memorable movie roles, The Big Lebowski. "As...

Scott Disick Leaves a Cheeky Comment on Kourtney Kardashian’s Latest Instagram Pic

Scott Disick, Kourtney KardashianScott Disick is always one to keep it real. Taking to Instagram, Kourtney Kardashian posted one stylish snap that showed off her wildly colorful co-ord set that looked like an...

Who Would you Rather? and Other Fine Things!

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Who Would you Rather?

Ashley Graham is Naked on the Gram

Bella Thorne’s See Through Sister Photoshoot

Ayesha Curry Went Viral After Switching Up Her Look With a Blonde Wig

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Bella Hadid’s Nip Slip!

New Yorker’s Jeffrey Toobin’s Hilarious Zoom Fail

Jojo Looking Great in Lingerie

Gisele Enjoyed Watching Tom Brady and the Buccaneers Kick the Shit Out of the Packers

Kara Del Toro’s In Maxim and Topless

Naked Man VS Biden Sign

Sofia Richie on the Treadmill! Nice Booty!

Oscar Pistorius is back int he News – Here are some Memorial Pics of his Model Girlfriend he Killed

Sports Hottie of the Day!

12 Celebs who Used Dating Apps for Love

Brad from Home Improvement Got Arrested for Strangulating His Girl. Nice Guy.

Charlotte Lawrence’s Hot Interpretive Dance!

Hailey Bieber – Pushing the Vote!

TikTok Addison Rae Nip Slip

Heidi Klum in her Lingerie

Suspect Tries to Torch Cop Car – With Cop Inside

Elephants Crushing Pumpkins

Kristen Johnston is Getting Confused for Kirstie Alley and Getting Hate for Kirstie’s Trump support

Femcel Memes (FEMCEL is a THING)

Maxim’s November / December Cover Girl

Schroder Sisters Do a Dance

Man with Brain Injury Recovers after Taking an Ambien?

Jessie James Decker Did an Amazing Band Routine in Her Bikini

Hot Model Polina Malinovskaya is Naked and Sunkissed

Lily James is Caught up in a Scandal

Christopher Hitchens Volunteers To Get Waterboarded To Prove That It’s Not Torture and Fails

Don’t Tailgate cars

Horse Saves Other Horses in Barn Fire

Hot Girls in Yoga Pants

Titans Face a Potential Fine After NFL Concludes Investigation into COVID-19

Tori Spelling Recalls Being Bullied

Sarah Michele Gellar and Shannen Doherty in the Pool

Gigi Hadid’s One Direction Groupie Baby

Chase Carter in a Bikini because she Cheered on Cody Bellinger and the Dodgers as They Erased a 3-1 Deficit

Model July Pretzel on the Tennis Court

Fine Imposed On Door to Prevent Solicitors worked.

Homeless Woman Living under the Bridge

Lady Gaga’s Sports Bra

The Backstreet Boys Broke into AJ McLeanas Hine Intervention

White Guy Learns African Language And Stuns Everyone In The African Market!

Eagles Fans Jump a Ravens Fan in the Stands During the First Game Fans Are Allowed to Attend

Model Kari Riley Posing in the Backyard

Daughter Successfully Cracks Dad Joke On Mom, Father Couldn’t Be Happier!

Skateboarding Dog

Danielle Harris Reflects on being a Scream Queen

Aaron Rodgers Did the Hingle McCringleberry Celebration

WWE Star Peyton Royce’s Photoshoot

Isolated Voices of the Beatles Singing “If I Fell”

10 Celebs on the Drawback of Fame (if you care)

Kate Hudson’s Topless for her Fitness Brand!

Deshaun Watson’s Girlfriend Jilly Anais Does Her Best Barbie in Pink Lingerie

Model Anna Ioannova Naked in Nature

Youtube Magician that Disappeared

Charli XCX Butt Hanging Out of Shorts

Adela is Hot Posing in a Bodysuit

Guy Tries To Unclog Girlfriend’s Sink, Ends Up Destroying Her Kitchen!” rel=”nofollow noopener” target=”_blank”>SMASH THIS LINK BUTTON!

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Why John Cena Was Ready to Marry Shay Shariatzadeh

John Cena, Shay ShariatzadehIn the ring as a WWE star, the "attitude adjustment" became John Cena's signature move. He has since mastered the concept in real life, too. But while you can watch...

Catelynn Lowell Gets Slammed For Smoking Around Kids: You’re Gonna Give Them Cancer!

Catelynn Lowell has battled a number of mental health and substance abuse issues over the years, and she deserves credit for being candid about her struggles.

But it seems there's one substance that still has its hooks in Catelynn, and it's one that kills nearly half a million Americans each year.

Catelynn on Air

Yes, Catelynn is a smoker, and it seems that her efforts to quit have not yielded positive results thus far.

The subject of Catelynn's smoking resurfaced this week thanks to a selfie she posted following a visit to her local hair salon.

"Well here it is folks! Thanks so much @stephanie.atmospherehairstudio," Lowell captioned the pic.

Catelynn Lowell With Purple Hair

Instead of Catelynn's hair, fans fixated on the pack of Marlboro Menthols in the compartment on her door.

"Seriously who still smokes in their car??" wrote fan asked, according to UK tabloid The Sun.

"Especially when you have kids. You know them and all of their sh-t smells like smoke".

Catelynn Lowell with Purple Hair and Cigarettes

"She's been filmed smoking while Nova was in the car, too," another follower pointed out.

"And standing like 6 inches away from Nova," a third critic chimed in.

While it's certainly fair to criticize Catelynn if she's been subjecting her children to secondhand smoke, the mere presence of a pack of cigarettes is not proof that she's recently smoked in the presence of her children.

Catelynn at the Wheel

Catelynn is mom-shamed on a regular basis, and we're sure she's accustomed to it -- but she probably still appreciates the fact that not all of the comments on her post were negative.

"Love it! Such a pretty color!" one commenter wrote.

"Purple looks GREAT on you!! Totally suits your skin tone and makes your eyes pop!! She did a great job," another added.

Catelynn Baltierra Photo

We're sure Catelynn appreciates the enthusiastic support from fans.

But she also issued a reminder to fans who might be jus a tad overzealous in their support.

"Okay I love all my supporters I honestly do!!" Lowell wrote in a recent Instagram post.

Et Tu, Catelynn?

"Please quit just showing up at our home," she continued.

"Our home is our safe place so please respect that," Catelynn added.

"Please understand that I really do love all of our supporters."

Catelynn Lowell on Her Gram

It's an important point:

Nowadays, we have greater access to our favorite celebrities than ever before.

But as much as we might feel like we know them personally, it's important to note approach them as friends.

Dorit Kemsley: Becoming a Kim Kardashian Lookalike???

Fans know that Dorit Kemsley has some incredible looks, stunning even her fellow Housewives with her sense of style.

But one of her latest looks has fans wondering if she's trying to morph into Kim Kardashian.

Dorit Kemsley Sports a Brand New Look

So, a few days ago, Dorit took to Instagram to share her look.

She was engaging in a round of video conference calls, a habit that is not going away as the pandemic worsens in most parts of the country.

"On Tuesdays, we zoom," Dorit tagged the photo, making a delightful Mean Girls reference. Here, you can see the pic for yourself.

Dorit Kemsley at the Season 10 Reunion

Dorit may be excited to reveal the new product lineup for her Beverly Beach swimwear line, but she was alsready sampling some of the brand's bronzer.

It was her hair -- flawlessly straightened -- and the makeup look that she was sporting that caught people's eyes.

To them, it seemed less like Beverly Hills and more like a look you'd find 40 minutes away in Calabasas, if you catch our meaning.

Dorit Kemsley is Way Too Optimistic

"You're starting to look like a Kardashian," commented one fan.

Shining, almost absurdly healthy hair falling perfectly straight despite having body and a touch of volume is often associated with the Kardashians -- at this length, particularly with Kim.

"Seriously thought it was Kim K 2.0 for a second," another confessed.

Dorit Kemsley is Shocked and Surprised

"Kim Kardashian Kemsley is that you ????" another commenter jokingly asked.

Another quipped: "Who are you and what have you done to Dorit?!"

"I'm not kidding, I had to check the name and make sure I wasn't following Kim Kardashian," someone who likely has face blindness of some sort confessed.

Dorit Kemsley Poses in a High-End Flower Crown

Others chimed in to support Dorit emotionally, as if she were an insecure 15-year-old and not a 44-year-old woman with an estimated net worth of $50 million.

"Be yourself! You are gorgeous without makeup," wrote one fan, who then insisted: "The Kardashian look is not a good one."

I'm not saying that all of the Kardashians are necessarily the embodiment of human perfection, but "the Kardashian look" has made their family worth 10 figures.

Dorit Kemsley Has Been BLOCKED

"Gorgeous but you don’t look like yourself anymore," another commenter observed, taking a bit of a critical tone.

"You were gorgeous already," another fan insisted. 

"Please don’t change anymore. You are too beautiful to pull of a kardashian look," yet another demanded.

Dorit Kemsley and Kim Richards at the Surprise Shower

To be clear, literally all that Dorit did was straighten her hair and lightly tweak her face's makeup, with a little added emphasis to her eyelashes.

When you go on television with a specific look, you are not signing a pact to always have tha tlook, whether it's Dorit's very intense and tight ponytails or her scrunched up shoulder-length bobs.

The Kardashians have had the gall to try to trademark a number of things, but straightened hair is not one of them. Not yet.

Kyle Richards and Dorit Kemsley React

Dorit can change up her looks if she wants to.

Fans are certainly allowed to offer feedback, but sometimes fans who see someone on television and on their phones can cross boundaries and forget that, well, famous people don't know them.

We're sure that Dorit will be just fine despite the backlash ... if she ever even saw those comments in the first place.

Olivia Culpo Gets Ready for Halloween!

Olivia Culpo purchased her new house in LA this time last year and it looks like she’s made it into her home. She spent this weekend preparing her front step for Halloween, even though it might be cancelled this year because of COVID. Gone are the days of being afraid of razor blades in your Milky Way, now you can’t ring a doorbell without wearing the appropriate PPE. Maybe if everyone just dressed up as nurses and doctors, Halloween could continue?

Olivia also spent some time in her huge backyard, laying out by her pool with her little dog until the dog took off down a cliff that sits at the end of her property. Olivia ran after her dog and scaled the cliff in her bikini, a true hero!


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Miley Cyrus the Rockstar!

Miley Cyrus is killing it right now and has been preforming her new song Midnight Sky to get us all hyped up for her new album that will be dropping next month. It’s working. I’ve never listened to so much Miley in my life, but I’m not mad at it. Miley recently did a duet with her sister Noah as part of her MTV Unplugged set, which was the first time I’ve ever heard Noah sing and it was actually pretty great!

Miley’s newest Gig was at the historic Whisky a Go Go on the Sunset Strip in Los Angeles. Miss Hannah Montana was asked to perform at the venue as part of the Save Our Stages Festival which is a 3 day virtual YouTube that supports The National Independent Venue Association in their efforts to save concert venues from going out of business due to the pandemic. If you want to actually help this cause you can see more about it here.

For her set, Miley performed her hit Midnight Sky along with some covers like this pretty sick rendition of The Cranberries Zombie. Watch the entire show below!


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Celebs Who Voted!

This whole voting thing is getting exhausting, it’s like everywhere we look someone else is telling us to vote, whether it be by wearing a mask that says VOTE, or a shirt that said “voting is sexy” it’s everywhere. I don’t think voting is necessarily sexy, but I get the whole exercising your right to vote thing because if you got it, flaunt it and what not.

The thing I don’t find cool is the celebrities who are being paid to promote the vote, it just doesn’t seem right. But there are things like “I Am a Voter” who are enlisting celebrities to promote the vote as if it’s a new energy drink on the market. Tana Mongeau was even de-monetized on her social channels for potentially committing election fraud by offering free nude photos in exchange for proof of a vote for Biden. Crazy. Here is a round up of all the celebrities who said they have completed their early voting.


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See Ashley Graham Strip Down In a Scandalous Bathroom Selfie

Ashley Graham, Milan Fashion Week Spring, Summer 2021Ashley Graham is rocking her birthday suit for the 'gram! The plus-size model took to her Instagram on Oct. 18 to share her bare body in a scandalous bathroom selfie. The...

How Savannah Guthrie Helped Perfect Kate McKinnon’s Saturday Night Live Sketch

Kate McKinnon, Savannah GuthrieSavannah Guthrie is the MVP of Saturday night! On the Oct. 17 episode of Saturday Night Live, fans witnessed a sketch titled "Dueling Town Halls Cold Open." In the segment, NBC...

Taraji P. Henson Confirms Ending Her Engagement

Taraji P. Henson is officially single again ... the actress confirmed she's splitting up with her fiance. Taraji revealed the news Monday while on "The Breakfast Club" and inferred she and Kelvin Hayden may have hit a rocky patch, so she suggested…

Vanessa Hudgens Gets Spooky Glam!

Vanessa Hudgens is still getting in her Halloween spooky spirits and this weekend she played around with a new look that included a heavy smokey eye and a new headpiece. The High School Musical star said the look was inspired by the 1972 Liza Minelli film Cabaret.

When Vanessa gets into the Halloween spirit she really goes all out, she even had her manicure done with what looks like bondage straps painted or glued on around the nails, it’s very on trend but sadly the actress broke two nails off while being wild and spooky. Vanessa is so influential, the manicure post already has over 200,000 likes and Mr.Horror himself, Eli Roth even smashed that like button!

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True Crime Fanatic? Watch the Hair-Raising Trailer For Quibi’s Murder Unboxed

Murder UnboxedUnboxing videos have been a staple of internet culture for years, giving viewers first looks and never-before-seen access to products of every kind. If you're interested in watching...

Zoey Deutch Throws a Pool Party!

Last week Zoey Deutch celebrated National Pizza Day in her backyard and took that time to let us all in on her quarantine secret. She’s been drinking Aperol Spritz’s and eating pizza everyday for the last 8 months. It seems crazy that we’ve been in this quarantine situation for that long but I guess Zoey has found the way to get through these tough times! It also helps when Aperol pays you to promote the brand while being a genuine fan!

Zoey threw a little pool party this weekend and invited over some girlfriends to drink more Aperol and lounge in the sun. Zoey let us in on another secret, her smoking bikini body, who knew?


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Hannah Brown Asks Out “Cute” Mystery Man by Leaving Her Phone Number on His Car

Hannah Brown, 2019 CMA Awards, Red Carpet FashionHannah Brown is taking another shot at love--this time without the roses. The Bachelorette alum took to Instagram on Sunday, Oct. 18 to dish on a mystery man who caught her eye. The...

Monday Cheat Sheet: Kylie Jenner’s Reunion With Travis Scott, Matthew McConaughey’s Wet Dreams & More

Cardi B, Matthew McConaugheyIn the words of Kourtney Kardashian, ABCDEFG, we have to go...back in time to a place when we felt safe, when Dexter didn't need a revival, when the alphabet song wasn't up for...

Quick! Shop BaubleBar’s Festive Extras Collection Before It Sells Out

E-Comm: BaubleBar's Festive Extras CollectionWe love these products, and we hope you do too. E! has affiliate relationships, so we may get a small share of the revenue from your purchases. Items are sold by the retailer, not...

From Meat Dress to Met Gala, Relive Lady Gaga’s Best Fashion Moments Ever

Lady Gaga, PCA's Style Star NomineesAll hail the fashion queen! When you think fashion, you should think Lady Gaga! For over a decade the Grammy-winning singer has managed to both inspire and make the world completely...

Amy Duggar Shuts Down Troll Who Told Her to Have More Kids: Here Goes My Rant!

Amy Duggar is absolutely disgusted right now.

And for good reason.

Amy Duggar with a Selfie

On Sunday, Jim Bob and Michelle's niece penned a lengthy Instagram post in response to a direct message some total stranger sent her, which expressed disappointment and outrage that Amy had only given birth to one child.

The nerve she must have for doing, right?!?

“Hello Amy I would just like to say your a good mom but aren’t you a little behind some other famous people who are having 4 babies by the time they are 20?” the troll wrote, as you can see below.

“You only have one. He’s so cute. I think your body is fine to have more. I like you tou have a fun life but don’t be selfish with your life. Pick up the pace you should have been pregnant again like yesterday.

"Ok gurl well if you need help losing weight I can help you. Just dm.. so much love.”

message for Amy Duggar

Just, uhh... wow, right?

Yes, Amy only has a son named Daxton, who she and husband Dillon welcomed in October 2019.

But Amy is well-known for NOT adhering to her family's conservative procreation code, having freely admitted she's estranged from the Duggars.


Amy Duggar's Son

Duggar wrote in response that she tried "so hard" to ignore the comment, but...

“I think what really got to me was the fact that this total stranger apparently knows my body so well!?

"I'm flabbergasted that someone would have the audacity to type these words to anyone!!

"I mean. Who in their right mind says ‘I think your body is ready to pop out more kids’ to a total stranger?!"

Amy Duggar and Son and Hubby

That's a wonderful question.

Amy then asked if followers were "ready" for her "rant," before continuing as follows:

My body has been through alot and it gave me the sweetest boy ever. Yes of course it was worth it. But I still need to heal. C- sections are no joke and vertigo is/ was very hard on me.

I still get dizzy sometimes but I'm getting stronger everyday.

Amy Duggar and Child

As recently as this past July, Amy opened up about all her body has gone through in the wake of giving birth and having surgery.

She explains here, though, that it's not just a physical thing, either, her reason for going slow when it comes to family expansion.

Also. I AM TIRED. Anyone else!? This pandemic has been so rough on so many people and my business has taken a hit just like so many others. I need to be on my A game. I need to give it my all .

I need to stay creative and focus on 3130. Children are such a blessing, but I can't imagine being pregnant again right now.

I'd be unmotivated, emotional, stressed out and not in a good head space and that's ok to admit.

Amy Duggar King Selfie

Amazing and admirable honesty, right?

I'm a very hands on mom, and I also want to give my son my full attention, Duggar continued.

This toddler stage is so amazing and I don't want to miss a thing! A women's body is not a factory!! Yes our bodies can do miraculous things! But I hate that phrase" pop out" umm. No. It's WORK.

And our bodies go through alot!

Amy Duggar and Fam

We'd jump in to add our thoughts, but there's literally nothing we could say that's any better than this. Duggar is on a roll.

She went on to note that she's an only child and turned out "fine" and:

Honestly we are teetering on that idea. Some women are designed not to have large families. I am one of them. Too much noise, chaos , it's just not for me. But kudos to those mama's who do! God gave you super human strength

Deep down even though in a way it terrifies me I'd love to foster or adopt.

It's exhausting always being compared to other people. I'm in my thirties now, away from that show and I'm so over it. It just has to stop.

Amy and Daxton

This, for the record, was the only time Amy even references her famous relatives, when citing "that show," Counting On.

Duggar rarely talks about her aunt and uncle or any of her cousins, but she does make pointed comments here and there.

She isn't close to any of them, but she harbors no ill will and is simply happy on her own with Dillon and Daxton.

In conclusion here, Amy got cut off by Instagram, but then jumped back to conclude...

Hello, Daxton!

Being compared to makes me feel like what I do in this world is not good enough. Which is a complete lie from the Enemy!!

Also. Lets talk about when your pregnant all of the hormonal changes if your married or in a relationship that changes alot especially in the bedroom! Everything hurts, our hips widen and our bodies go through so much change , so give your body rest!

Also for those who can't have kids who are always being judged because they think something is " wrong" with you . I see you. I have been judged since my teens and it's so hard.

To the women who just decide motherhood isn't for them. Rock on too! Let's just stop the comparison game! Much love!! And for those that read all of this..thank you!

Now go outside or something and take a break from social media!. I'm putting my phone down and spending time with my 1 child!!

Current Mood: Missing Jon Stewart

The world’s on fire.

We all agree on that, right? Between the election, the pandemic, the racial problem, the Supreme Court battle, and the looming economic crisis, things are just on fire out here nowadays.

2020 has been one consistent hellfire of a year, from murder hornets and the weak music releases to the death of Black Panther himself, Chadwick Boseman.

We’re all going to need a heavy drink when all of this is over (some of us have already gotten a head start, beginning our burgeoning alcoholism in early March) – but that doesn’t mean historically it’s the worst year we’ve ever had.

The 2008 crisis, the 2013 government shutdown. 9/11. The Ebola crisis in 2014, or any number of the hurricanes that have wrecked our shores. We’ve been through horrid years before. The difference was, it was easier to laugh because we had truly great comedians, absurdist voices to bring us through the dark until we found the light. Most notably? Jon Stewart.

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart (1999-2015) was the predominant political comedy show of the modern era. For sixteen long years, its host was a comforting sight, a consistently hilarious satirist who would digest the day’s news for us. Four nights a week, he tore apart biased news organizations and dissected politicians’ lies, until we felt like the world was fair again.

Not to imply that today we don’t have decent late-night talk shows still airing throughout all the misery. Yes, Jimmy Fallon over at The Tonight Show is a joke and Seth Meyers remains the host with the creepiest eyes ever (though his comic book love is pretty cool), but there are a few strong hosts, many of them students of Jon Stewart themselves.

Take John Oliver, host of Last Week Tonight over on HBO, as an example. He’s a Stewart disciple, who landed his own show gig after guest-hosting The Daily Show in Stewart’s absence for six weeks during the summer of 2013. There’s Samantha Bee, host of Full Frontal, as well as Stephen Colbert, who isn’t nearly as funny on The Late Show as he was on The Colbert Report but is still good for a laugh.

None of this to even mention The Daily Show’s current host, South African comedian Trevor Noah, who has ushered the long-running program into a new, younger, fresher era since the fall of 2015.

That being said, these great comedians’ talents aside, none of them are Jon Stewart. None of them bring the same laughs, nor the same political edge and analysis. In the case of Trevor Noah specifically, none of them could hope to fill Stewart’s ever-large comedic shoes.

It’s quite simple: you can throw as many Adam Driver jokes or Trump tweets in your segment as you want, it’s simply not the same as the original comedian, who would flame the GOP, Arby’s, and himself all in one bit.

But was Jon Stewart the greatest to ever do it in political comedy due to luck, just arriving at the right time (at the turn of the century) in order to garner critical and commercial success?

More likely is that he brought exactly what America needed, right when it needed it. He saw just how outdated and out-of-touch our traditional media was in receiving the 24/7 news cycle being propagated by CNN, FOX News, and MSNBC. So, he created a new style of show.

Taking over from the less political Craig Kilburn in the late 1990s, Stewart revamped The Daily Show into a cutting, satirical political comedy show that incinerated fraudsters and poor policies. It covered the 2000 presidential election with scorn and derision, one matching many Americans’.

Then came 9/11, where an emotional Stewart’s impassioned monologue completely summed up the feelings of many New Yorkers in the aftermath. This is where Stewart went from being a funny fresh liberal voice to the voice of the modern American generation, at once funny and heartfelt.

It was followed by the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as the 2004 and 2008 presidential elections, demonstrating Jon Stewart’s versatility in tackling issues of foreign policy, domestic policy, environment, healthcare, immigration, and more.

Over these next few years, he became one of television’s biggest hits, as evidenced by his 24 Peabody Award wins. Along with Chappelle’s Show, he ushered in a golden age for Comedy Central, and somewhere along the process became an ingrained part of the culture he so frequently lambasted.

Polls regularly showed him as being considered more trustworthy by most viewers than CNN, while his constant political takedowns of policymakers made him a favorite among the disenfranchised politically-minded youth.

The show’s war on the disinformation coming out of FOX News only helped, as Stewart and his writers spent years taking on every lie from America’s #1-rated news network.

He was like the Avatar, maintaining balance in this screwed-up world we all live in. And just like the Avatar, when the world needed him most…he vanished.

Stewart retired in August 2015, citing a desire to spend more time with family, and was promptly replaced by Trevor Noah that fall.

And yet, at the end of the day, when I see how absurd everything seems nowadays – I mean, seriously…murder hornets? – I tend to always think the same thing: I miss Jon Stewart.

I miss his voice, his reasoned takes, his ridiculous accent showcasing his New York Jewish roots. I especially miss his ability to take the unfunny and make it palatable.

Having The Daily Show with Jon Stewart back on wouldn’t change the situation or anything; as he himself once said, “We couldn’t stop the Iraq War, we tried. I couldn’t even get Jim Kramer off the air.” But without a doubt, it’d provide a much-needed laugh, a critical analysis that’s been sorely missing.

Perhaps most importantly, Stewart’s reasoned voice and empathetic sense of humor, much like it did after 9/11 and during the Great Recession, would remind us all that we’re not crazy, and we’re not alone.

#JonStewart #TheDailyShow #LateNightTV

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Lily James Running Away From ‘Today’ After Snogging Married Co-Star

In 1995, Hugh Grant got arrested for getting a blowjob from a hooker. He was scheduled to appear on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno about two weeks later to promote a movie called Nine Months. Much to everyone’s surprise, Grant actually showed up for the interview in which Leno famously opened with “What the hell were you thinking?” The result of the interview was that Grant’s career didn’t suffer any kind of backlash from the incident and Leno overtook Letterman in the late-night ratings war.

Lily James is not Hugh Grant. You might have guessed that if you’d ever seen her acting, but I’m actually talking about her canceling an appearance on Today after getting caught with Dominic West’s married tongue in her mouth.

Fun fact, Lily James and Dominick West are currently filming a BBC miniseries based on the book The Pursuit of Love, and Page Six says he’s playing her father. Good for him. His wife even did the “Everything is fine, we’re stronger than ever, I’m definitely not putting ground glass in this prick’s meatloaf” thing Hillary Clinton did for Bill.

That Hugh Grant thing was 25 years and he went on to be in Love, Actually, a film my partner and I watch every single Christmas. Lily James should take her lumps and go and promote her Netflix series. The story isn’t as big as Hugh Grant being with a hooker and Today is one of the most softball shows out there, they’d probably just avoid the whole situation if James didn’t want to talk about it. She wasn’t even going on alone, her Rebecca costar Armie Hammer was going on with her. Running away from this is only going to make things worse and I don’t think Lily James is going to successfully rebrand herself as a lesbian like Kristen Stewart for a comeback.

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Cardi B Deleted Her Twitter Because You’re Terrible, You’re All Terrible

I’m currently suspended from Twitter for inciting violence against Margaret Thatcher, a woman who has been deal for almost a century, by saying we should cut off her head and drive a stake through her heart to make sure she never comes back. It’s Halloween soon and you anything could happen, it’s just good to take precautions. Thatcher is kind of like my archenemy, I was previously suspended from a different social media site for saying “She’s snatching milk from babies in hell now” when she died. The point is that I’ve missed all kinds of awesome social media drama during my suspension, though I got a lot more work done so it’s kind of a mixed bag.

One of the things I missed by not being on Twitter is all the drama around Cardi B reuniting with Offset after filing for divorce. I heard her reasoning and honestly, I get it. She got on Instagram Live and told her fans “It’s hard not to talk to your best friend. It’s really hard not to talk to your best friend. And it’s really hard to have no dick.” I’m guessing she means she only makes 66 cents for every dollar a male rapper makes with songs about his pussy.

Apparently, this was some Grade A Twitter drama since Cardi deleted her Twitter because of it. She explained why on Instagram again, via E!

“A whole bunch of 15-year-olds telling me how to live my life like I’m mother f–king Ariana Grande or something. Like I came from Disney or something,” she said in her now-expired video, which has since been captured and shared online.

“I’m so tired of people saying I’ve got to continuously explain myself. I didn’t put my divorce out there, a f–king court clerk put it out there,” she continued, adding, “And because people are making rumors up, ‘Oh, this guy has a girl pregnant,’ I have to address it.”

Yeah, divorce filings are pretty public, you can’t just hide those.

Look, I just want Cardi to B happy. Offset clearly makes her happy, even if they have rough patches, so let them be happy. And if she ever stops being happy with him, she can call me.

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‘Home Improvement’ Child Actor Arrested For Domestic Abuse After Strangling Girlfriend

I don’t think Tim Allen has been a very good fictional dad. For starters, two of his three daughters on Last Man Standing have been replaced by entirely different people and he didn’t even notice because he was too busy talking about cars and liberals with Jay Leno.

His fictional son Brad Taylor from his previous sitcom Home Improvement, however, has taken the Dana Plato Prize for screwed-up former child actors.

Zachary Ty Bryan, who played Brad, the older, dumber brother who didn’t have the weird cancer scare episode has been arrested for allegedly strangling his girlfriend.

From TMZ:

Look, I know it’s funny when Homer Simpson chokes Bart but it is never okay to strangle a woman unless she asks you to. Even then, it’s kind of weird and you’re definitely not going to do it right and it’s going to get weird pretty fast, you should probably just pass.

Bryan was charged with strangulation, fourth-degree assault and interfering with making a report and booked into jail.

Zachary, or Brad as we like to call him because that IMDB page is looking real sparse. If he hadn’t been on Home Improvement this article would have been called Kirstie Alley Claims She’s Being Harassed By Other Celebrities For Supporting Trump because like hell is anyone doing a story about a guest star on Veronica Mars doing anything. But Zachary has had previous violent incidents.

Back in 2008, he was tased at a hotel where staff said “Zach went nuts on the staff, a lot of alcohol was involved, and tasering the dude was the only safe bet.” That’s the only other story we’ve done about him in case you were wondering how his career was going. I was shocked that I didn’t have to make a tag for him writing this story.

Maybe, if he’s really lucky, he’ll get sent to Tim Allen’s old prison. He is a legacy admission.

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Trump Touches Down for Orange County Fundraiser, Maskless Fandom Ensues

President Trump is in sunny California to raise some much-needed cash as he falls behind in the polls and in the money dept ... thus the trek to raise cash. DT made his way to a private fundraiser in Newport Beach Sunday, rolling up to tech…

Kailyn Lowry: I Had to Get a Paternity Test for My Baby!

Does anyone else get exhausted just from hearing about all the drama between Kailyn Lowry and Chris Lopez?

It's just way. Too. Much.

And it never, ever stops.

Back in July, they welcomed their second child together, a boy named Creed, and while it seemed like things were getting better for them for a moment, it didn't last.

They're back at each other's throats, and now it's looking like there's some doubt that Creed is even Chris' child.

Yep, if things weren't messy enough, now we've got a paternity test in the mix!

1. A Little History

Kailyn lowry and four kids
Let's zoom through the backstory real quick, just so we can get a good look at the whole picture here, OK?

2. Ah, Memories

Kail ponders
Kailyn met Chris when they were both students at Delaware State University. She was married to Javi at the time, but they still struck up a friendship, and she has since admitted that she did cheat on Javi with Chris.

3. Romance

Chris lopez burns kailyns book
But even though they were sleeping together, it's not like there was ever any kind of solid, healthy relationship -- she's said that Chris has had a girlfriend for a lot, if not all, of the time she's been messing with him.

4. Cool Move

Kailyn talks to her mom
Kail and Javi filed for divorce at the end of 2016, shortly after that he was deployed, and while he was away, Chris started coming around more. The divorce was finalized in the fall of 2017, and right around that time she got pregnant with Lux. So that was interesting.

5. Not a Great Sign

Kailyn lowry and baby lux at the beach
Throughout the pregnancy, he refused to come to doctor's appointments or show any interest at all in the baby, and after Kailyn gave birth, she claimed that he turned violent -- she's accused him of breaking a window in her bedroom as well as breaking into her home when her kids were there.

6. Stuck in a Cycle

Kailyn lowry naked in bed
But even after all that, she still hooked up with him from time to time, and right around a year ago, she got pregnant again.
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