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Izabel Goulart Did Venice, ‘American Idol’ Might Be Worried About Katy Perry and More

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True Detective Season 3 Is Officially Official and We Even Have a Setting

Mahershala Ali, GQSeason three of True Detective is finally a go. After months of speculation and even a time when there was a star but not yet an official show, another installment of True Detective is...

Michael Nance From The Bachelorette Died From “Multiple Drug Toxicity”: Report

Michael NanceThe cause of the recent death of former The Bachelorette contestant Michael Nance has been revealed. According to Us Weekly, the 31-year-old reality star and musician, known as "Music...

15 Unbelievable Bachelor Nation Job Descriptions and Their Actual Professions

Alexis Waters, InstagramAspiring dolphin trainers, whabooms and chicken enthusiasts, oh my! Whether it's a contestant's preference to keep their professional life separate from reality TV stardom or a...

Amy Schumer Drops A HUGE Tip For College Student Waitress In Boston!

Amy Schumer is quickly becoming known for being as generous as she is hilarious!

The Snatched star is in Boston filming a comedy called I Feel Pretty, and while in town she dined at The Union Oyster House, one of the oldest restaurants in the U.S.

Related: Amy Schumer Is The Only Female On Forbes' List Of The World's Highest Paid Comedians

Owner Joe Milano tells People she and an unidentified male companion stopped in for some chowder and oysters:

"She was dressed very casually – a baseball cap, sunglasses, no makeup... it seemed like she didn't want to be recognized. It was early, like 5:30 or 6, so it wasn't busy, but we sat her in a back dining room area that wasn't being used so she had her privacy."

But it was what happened at the end of the meal that made all the difference to the waitress.

After racking up a bill of $80, Amy tipped her server a whopping $500!!! Milano says the waitress, a college student who wished to remain anonymous, was ecstatic:

"She was excited to be serving her, but then to get that kind of a tip was something else. She's a hard worker and I'm happy for her."

This isn't the first time Amy has shown her generosity.

Last year, while out with friends seeing Hamilton, she tipped a group of bartenders $1,000 on a bill of $77.

In case you were curious, $500 on an $80 tip is 625%.

[Image via WENN.]

Bella Hadid Mysterious Instagram Model For Vogue

Bella Hadid brings her thousand-watt personality to Vogue Australia's September issue, where she models various autumnal-hued outfits for fashion-forward clown forest...

China Is Still Mad At Gigi Hadid For Buddha Cookie Incident

Oh boy, Gigi Hadid ha-did something stupid months ago and people are getting mad about it all over again. Remember when Gigi held up a Buddha-shaped cookie and squinted beside it because the cookie had those “Brock from Pokémon” eyes? Dumb, but probably harmless, a description of both the act and Hadid herself.

Well, the young model is going to be in the Victoria’s Secret fashion show in Shanghai later this year, and according to the Evening Standard, some people in China are not happy about it, because China does not countenance racism!

Okay, clearly China countenances some racism, but racism against Chinese people is right out. According The Standard:

One user commented: “We like some people who respects us, not you. What you have done made us unhappy. And Chinese do not welcome you. So don’t come to China (sic).”

Another posted: “As a Chinese, we don’t welcome racist to China.”

A third claimed they had reported her to the Chinese authorities, writing: “I have reported to the Chinese government, and I hope you can not come to China.” Her comments were also littered with snake emojis while others branded her “shameful”.

I really don’t want to get in the middle of this. Gigi Hadid did a dumb thing. The people who are mad at her are likely fine with all sorts of offensive imagery as long as it isn’t aimed at them. So here are some pictures of Hadid from her Instagram.

morning stretch 😆☕️ happy Tuesday @dailyfrontrow @mertalas @erinparsonsmakeup @brycescarlett

A post shared by Gigi Hadid (@gigihadid) on

Did you know that because of China’s One Child Policy and a preference for male children, there are 115 Chinese boys born for every 100 Chinese girls? That’s absolutely true, I didn’t make that up. Maybe the people trying to keep Hadid out should rethink their positions with that in mind.

Georgia Police Officer Tells White Woman ‘We Only Kill Black People’

I could not, if I tried my hardest and spent all day trying, find a better example of people who react to the Black Lives Matter movement by saying All Lives Matter (or especially Blue Lives Matter) are idiots than this story. No one doubts that people’s lives matter and we shouldn’t go around killing them, but police have shown a certain disregard for the lives of black people, at least in the United States.

You may remember the body cam footage that came late last month of officers scrambling to explain why they pulled over a black woman in a nice car when she turned out to be their boss. Well now, courtesy of WSB-TV Atlanta, we have dashcam footage of an officer telling a woman “we only kill black people, right?”

According to their report:

Cobb County police Chief Mike Register told Channel 2 Investigative Reporter Mark Winne that after Channel 2 Action News submitted an open-records request, he and his command staff looked at the video.

“Remember, we only kill black people. We only kill black people, right?” the Cobb County police officer can be heard saying on the video.

On Friday, they opened an internal investigation.

Register said the officer heard on video is Lt. Greg Abbott. Register said Abbott has been assigned to administrative duties pending the outcome of the investigation.

According to Register, the recording is part of a DUI stop. The woman said she was hesitant to put her hands down to pick up a cellphone because she didn’t want to get shot.

“No matter what context it was said, it shouldn’t have been said,” Register said.

I agree, this goes way beyond dumb things someone says and doesn’t really mean. Even though I can see a perfectly rational explanation for the officer’s statement, it doesn’t make it acceptable. The willingness of police to kill black people at the slightest provocation, or even entirely absent of provocation, should be treated as serious problem and something that highlights the very real institutional racism that’s still alive today, not an offhandedly comment to make white ladies feel safe.

Thankfully, as is not often the case in this situation, WSB-TV is reporting Police Chief Mike Register has told them “the recommendation is to fire” Lt Greg Abbott. Normally, I would say we’re too quick to call for people to be fired in situations like this. But as a police officer, Greg Abbott caries a gun and is supposed to represent the best of us. He’s supposed to be held to a higher standard, and too often we fail to hold police officers to those high standards. When we do, it tarnishes the perception of law enforcement as a whole, and no one is hurt more than by the officers who meet or exceed the standards they should set. You know, aside from unarmed black men minding their own business.

Hurricane Harvey Relief: Which Celebrities Donated?

Hurricane Harvey was a Category 4 storm when it first made landfall in Texas.

We have all seen the photos of the flooding. We've seen highways that have flooded so high that the water above them has waves.

We've seen people standing on rooftops, people riding boats between houses, and heard the horrifying stories of people who were swept away by the water.

Celebrities have heard this, too, and they have been using their considerable platforms and their own personal resources to help with the relief effort.

As climate change continues to destabilize what were once more temperate weather patterns, these "500 year storms" will be coming more and more frequently.

Many believe that we need a better coordinate governmental response when these disasters strike. It's good to hear stories of private citizens acting as heroes, but it's better if they never have to.

In the mean time, however, boat owners have been taking time off of work and traveling with their boats towards Texas where they hope to help distribute supplies and reach people who are still stranded.

Celebrities are donating money to the relief effort, but some stars are doing even more.

1. JJ Watt

Jj watt
JJ Watt's relief fundraiser had an initial goal in the six digits. It has currently raised over $10 million and the amount continues to clim as donations pour in.

2. Jennifer Lopez and Alexander Rodriguez

Jennifer lopez and alex rodriguez on vacation
J Lo and A-Rod have each donated $25,000. They have also used their celebrity status to encourage their followers to donate to the Red Cross.

3. DJ Khaled

In addition to sending his prayers to the people of Houston, DJ Khaled has also donated $25,000 to aid those ravaged by Harvey.

4. Nicki Minaj

Nicki minaj and boobs
Nicki Minaj announced that she was donating $25,000 when she shared Kevin Hart's message.

5. Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson

Dwayne johnson laughs
Dwayne Johnson donated $50,000 and shared Kevin Hart's plea.

6. Kevin Hart

Kevin hart at get hard premiere
Kevin Hart is said to be the first major celebrity to donate, putting up $50,000. He's also encouraged other celebrities to do the same.
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Kate Hudson Sizzles For Cosmo

2000’s silver screen sensation Kate Hudson could have easily been a one and done celebrity – one of those former rom com queens relegated to playing corpses on NCIS. But…

Tom Brady: Caught Lying About Floyd Mayweather Friendship?

As expected, Floyd Mayweather defeated Conor McGregor Saturday night in a fight that was far more entertaining than it had any right to be.

Of course, now that his career in the ring is over, Mayweather will likely spend the rest of his days engaged in the other kind of battle he's become famous for.

Floyd Mayweather in Training

No, we're not talking about the many incidents of spousal abuse he's been arrested for over the years.

We're talking about the odd, passive-aggressive verbal sparring between Floyd and random celebrities that seems to take up much of the boxer's time.

The most high-profile example in the past year saw Floyd getting dissed by former friend Justin Bieber, who decided to cut ties with the Money Man as a result of Mayweather's ungodly ways.

(Strip clubs and Moet don't jibe with the Biebs' newly Bible-thumping lifestyle.)

Now, Floyd is in a tift with another talented, but widely-despised pretty boy.

And amazingly, he's found a frenemy who might be even more universally-disliked than Bieber.

Tom Brady Pic

Asked about his celebrity friends in a recent interview, Mayweather stated that he and Tom Brady are pretty much besties.

"That's a close friend of mine. Tom Brady is a very, very close friend," Mayweather said.

"An unbelievable guy with unbelievable talent...he's a great guy. Actually, Tom Brady texted me yesterday."

In case you didn't get the point that he and Tom are bros for life, Mayweather continued:

"We have a cool friendship. He texted me and asked me 'How's everything going?' And I texted him back: 'Everything is cool, how you doing? How's the family?' And he said, 'Everything is going A-OK.'"

Wow, sounds like they're pretty tight.

Unless, of course, you ask Tom Brady about his supposed BFF.

Tom Brady With Gisele Bundchen

Fortunately, that's just what a pair of Boston radio hosts did this week, and the results were hilariously awkward.

After repeating that he's only met Floyd "a couple of times," Brady responded with a curt "no" when asked if he and Mayweather are friends.

"No, I met him a couple of times," Brady said, clearly dying to move on to a new topic.

"I think he's a great fighter. That was a great fight the other night."

We hate to side with Floyd on ... well, on anything, really, but Mayweather is probably telling the truth here.

TMZ is reporting that Floyd was spotted video conferencing with Brady during a press conference just before his fight with McGregor.

Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen at 2017 MET Gala

For boxers, every fight is one of the biggest days of their life, so if they're video chatting with you the night before, you're probably more than just some dude they met a couple times.

In all likelihood, the Patriots QB is just trying to manage his public image after the debacle that ensued last summer when the world learned that Brady and Donald Trump are friends.

Anyone who watched the Deflategate press conference knows old Tom Terrific isn't the most media-savvy guy on the planet but watching that guy who used to make inappropriate comments about your wife at cocktail parties become the most powerful man in the world is enough to teach anyone a lesson.

Ariel Winter Sideboob and Butt Cheeks to Beat the Heat

Ariel Winter has made it abundantly clear that she doesn't give a damn about what you think about her showing off tons of skin in public and on social media. It's unclear...

Cindy Crawford’s Tribute to Princess Diana Reminds Us Just How Much of a “Class Act” She Was

Cindy Crawford, Princess DianaWhen asked to describe Princess Diana, fans have many positive words to choose from. Whether it's mother and wife to style icon and philanthropist, the royal family member earned...

Hailey Baldwin Keeps the Faith and Other Fine Things to Ogle

Buoyant bikini babes, Berit Birkeland baring breasts, and more!

Kristen Bell In a Wedding Dress Running Through Manhattan

Granted, this is one of the tamer photos to ever appear on Egotastic, but if you happen to be a Kristen Bell devotee such as myself, and you rarely ever get to see the...

Tom D’Agostino: Already Dating After Split from Luann de Lesseps!

Luann de Lesseps and Tom D'Agostino are divorcing. Officially. After their short, short marriage, they're not trying a trial separation but just ripping off the bandaid.

It's such a sorry situation for Luann that even Bethenny Frankel feels sorry for her. And Bethenny Frankel isn't exactly what you'd call a bleeding heart.

Apparently, things aren't so hard on Tom D'Agostino. And, to absolutely no one's surprise, Tom is reportedly already back to dating.

LuAnn de Lesseps & Tom D'Agostino Are Officially Married!

Hey, so, remember when Tom D'Agostino spoke to Us Weekly and told them that he and Luann had a lot of love between them and had no plans to split?

Well ... we don't want to be mean and say womp womp, but that sure didn't last.

As it turns out, cheating on your fiance right before your engagement party doesn't usually spell success for your marriage.

Basically everyone had warned Luann, but if she was a fool to marry Tom, then she was a fool who wanted to believe that love could conquer all obstacles and overcome any issues in their relationship.

There are worse dumb things to believe.

Overall, it seemed, Tom D'Agostino just had a wandering eye, and wandering other parts, and wasn't going to let a little thing like marriage to a beautiful celebrity like Luann hold him back.

(It sounds like he might have some impulse-control issues, with a severe case of basically being immune to consequences and the entitlement that comes with that)

So, given that he was reportedly getting around during his engagement and marriage to Luann, it's not really a shock to hear that he's already back to dating openly.

LuAnn de Lesseps & Tom D'Agostino Are Married

Us Weekly reports that Tom D'Agostino is 

"Tom has been seeing a few of the women in his life, including Missy, but hasn't rebounded with anyone in particular yet."

That's a reference to his ex-girlfriend, Missy Tool.

Us Weekly says that another source insists that Missy and Tom are "just friends."

Overall, though, that sounds pretty consistent with Tom, though we'd point out that seeing a bunch of different women is fine ... when you're single.

As he is no0w.

The first source has more to add.

"He didn't want to do any interviews until he sees Luann's sit-down with Andy to see if she bad-mouths him. Tom is really trying to take the high road with the divorce."

LuAnn de Lesseps Tom D'Agostino Jr Boat

Tom and Luann filed jointly for divorce, so it makes sense for them to try to be amicable.

There was a rumor floating around towards the end of their marriage ...

(Though the eight-month marriage was so brief that any part of it could also be said to be "right at the beginning")

... That Luann had struck Tom, slapping him in a restaurant. That sounded a lot like domestic violence.

When asked about it, Luann had stated that she had grabbed his face during their conversation. That's not okay either, but a lot less alarming.

Tom's rumored cheating plagued their relationship almost from the beginning, to the point where it became a storyline on The Real Housewives of New York City.

Tom is said to have grown tired of his newfound spotlight and celebrity status that came with marrying a Real Housewife, though ... many imagine that the true impetus behind the divorce was the cheating.

LuAnn de Lesseps and Tom D'Agostino

We wonder if Tom has ever considered that he should be in an open relationship?

If he wants the affection and stability of a committed partner but also wants to be free to hook up with different women, that's totally possible.

Polyamorous relationships can take a lot of forms, and the simplest of them is a couple that's in an open relationship where both partners love and support each other but also know that they don't need to sneak around if they hook up with a coworker or friend or a stranger in a bar.

Of course, for some people, it's not that they just don't like exclusivity -- there are people who get a thrill from cheating and prefer things that way. That is something very different.

Honestly, we just want Luann and Tom to be able to move on and live their best lives.

And not repeat past mistakes.

Explore the Terrifying World of Derry, Maine in New ‘IT’ Promo (VIDEO)

The fictional town of Derry, Maine has been host to some pretty terrifying stuff in Stephen King's literary works. 

Kat Graham Stretching it out in Hollywood

This is the kind of role model we need in our society right now.

Two of ‘Spider-Man Homecoming’s Six Writers Return for Sequel

These guys also wrote Ant-Man and the Wasp. And LEGO Batman.

Miley Cyrus Moved to Tears Over Hurricane Harvey and Donates $500,000 to Flood Relief Efforts

Miley Cyrus, Ellen DeGeneres, Hurricane HarveyMiley Cyrus got emotional talking about the victims of Hurricane Harvey on an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and has pledged a hefty sum to help them. At least 35 people have been...

Lil Uzi Vert Beats The Hell Out Of 12-Year-Old Rapper In Boxing

Here's rap star Lil Uzi Vert proving his luv really is rage ... by beating the trash out of 12-year-old rapping phenom Matt Ox in a friendly (yet brutal) boxing sesh.  First off, Uzi is 23 ... let that sink in as you watch a video of him…

Celebrities Save More Than You Think

We’ve all heard the stories of how our favorite celebrities live these rich and famous life styles. Every time you pick up a magazine or tabloid with headings concerning a celeb, usually, you will find them engaged in something that shows off their wealth. However, there are a few of those successes that believe that just because you make more money doesn’t mean you have to spend more money. Below are three such ways that they chose to save. Maybe, we can learn from those more fortunate than us for a change.

Hand Me Downs

Most of us have seen a celebrity or two in our day, at least on tv. What they are wearing, in many cases, is what we use as a template for modern fashion and what we think that should look like. Marc Jacobs, Ralph Lauren, and Donatella Versace are just a few of the names we hear when actors, actresses, philanthropists, and even presidents take a walk down the red carpet, but there are a few people that have a little different view on the matter and you’ll never believe one of them.

Sarah Jessica Parker is one of those wonderful designers. She creates some beautiful dresses, but when it comes to her children, she is perfectly ok with hand me downs. It’s not that the money is not enjoyed, but that she wants her children to understand how much work it took to get there.

A Less Expensive Brand Name

When you reach a stage in life where money truly is no object, as most celebrities have, you can afford to get what you want and that means if you want a McClaren P1 instead of a Ford Taurus, then you can do that. However, there are celebrities that understand that you don’t have to sacrifice money for just a name when you can get the same quality at somewhere like Target. Kristen Bell, the lead in the Disney movie, Frozen, donned a $45 dress from there at an event, proving that style doesn’t always mean more expensive.

Choosing A Little Over A Lot

Another temptation that comes when you are faced with the trials of being a celebrity is knowing you can always have more. You want three houses? Go get it. You want 1500 pairs of shoes? Why not? You feel like you need to collect cars like some people collect stamps? Have at it.

Again, there are some who do not see the sense. Those that understand that all the extra money they are making could be put to much better use. Leonardo DiCaprio is one such guy. He is known to have one car, a Toyota Prius. He feels it’s all he needs and spends the majority of his income helping charities who need it.

Overall, the lesson seems to be that less really is more. If you are well endowed financially like the above, when you spend your money frugally, it is guaranteed to stretch much further than you could ever think.

Karlie Kloss Is Summer 2017’s Most Well-Traveled Celebrity

ESC: Karlie, Aspen Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid may have the whole girls' trip thing down, but Karlie Kloss is a supermodel with major globe-trotting cred. Instagram users, beware. Following this...

Listen To This: Flying So Damn Fast!

This is shockingly good!

Jacob Sartorius has done a great job at maturing his sound while still remaining youthful (he's singing about a skateboard). He's only 14!

His latest release would make Bieber proud!

Check out Skateboard above!

Then CLICK HERE to listen to more music from Jacob Sartorius!

SPFW N44 Agua de Coco 29ago2017-493

BW Press posted a photo:

SPFW N44 Agua de Coco 29ago2017-493

Desfile da grife Água de Coco, na edição N44, Verão 2018, do São Paulo Fashion Week (SPFW), na Bienal do Ibirapuera em São Paulo (SP), nesta terça-feira (29).

© BW PRESS 2017
AVISO: Imagens protegidas pela lei do direito autoral 9.610/98.
É proibido o uso ou cópia sem permissão do autor.
Sujeito às penalidades legais.

Ami Brown Birthday Tributes Pour Forth Amidst Cancer Battle

Ami Brown is so far from alone.

The Alaskan Bush People star is battling stage four lung cancer and the prognosis from doctors is grave.

But the mother of seven can at least take comfort in knowing she's surrounded by friends, family members, loved ones... and an endless array of fans.

brown bday

With the Discovery Channel personality celebrating a birthday this week, supporters from all corners of the Internet have come together to send Ami their very best wishes.

"Happy birthday to the matriarch of the Brown family and the glue that holds them together!" reads the caption to the Facebook photo above.

It has been Liked over 28,000 times.

Wrote another user of the World Wide Web:

“Happy birthday Ami, a beautiful woman inside and out. We pray you have a very blessed day surrounded by your loved ones.

"Sending our love and prayers! Continue to look up, that’s where our hope comes from."

Brown recently spoke to People Magazine about her illness, telling the publication that "everything hurts" and adding:

“I realized early into this that it’s very easy to want to give up and just die. And on the pessimist side, it could be my last days.

"But I have the will to fight.”

Ami on TV

It's this brave and strong attitude that has endeared Brown to so many viewers over the years.

“Happy Birthday Ami, Praying fo you to have GREAT results from your treatments," wrote another followers, adding that she can relate to Ami's pain:

"I am a two time cancer survivor and wish you ALL the Best, LOVE You and your Family and show."

And one more fan note:

"If prayers alone would heal cancer, you would be healed.

"You are a wonderful Mother, Wife and Role Model. You have raised a fine and loving family. You are a strong woman and have blessed our lives just by your inspiration.

"GOD Bless you and your family always."

Billy Brown also spoke to People this month about the state of his wife, saying he almost never leaves her side and marveling over the courage his wife has displayed.

"She’s the strongest person I know, so if she’s saying it hurts, it really hurts. She tries to hide it from everybody but four or five times a day she bends over like a baby and cries.

"She bends over and tears run down. She put out seven babies without a grunt. I’ve always had a lot of respect for Ami, but I’ve got a lot more now.

"She makes me feel like a wuss."

Based on her type of cancer, Brown has only been given a long-term survival rate of three percent.

As we said above, the outlook is grim. 

Ami Brown in Bed

However, as long as Ami is alive and fighting, we'll maintain hope.

We join these fans in sending birthday wishes to the reality star and we hope we can do the same next year at this time.

Hang in there, Ami.

Chrissy Teigen Swimsuit Sideboob, Kendall Jenner Fashion Icon? and More

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Jamie Foxx, Reese Witherspoon and More Stars Set to Participate in Hurricane Harvey Relief Telethon

Jamie FoxxHollywood is stepping up to help thousands of Hurricane Harvey victims. As donations continue to come in across the country, a few familiar faces are planning a special telethon that will...

Irina Shayk’s Butt Deserves an Award, Joel Osteen Gives BS Reason for Not Opening Church and More

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Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation Donates $1 Million to Support Victims of Hurricane Harvey

Leonardo DiCaprioLeonardo DiCaprio is using his Hollywood status for good. As thousands of residents across Southeastern Texas and Southwestern Louisiana continue to be affected by Hurricane Harvey,...