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Lil Wayne Hospitalized After Suffering Multiple Seizures, Cancels Las Vegas Show

Lil WayneRapper Lil Wayne has cancelled his Las Vegas show on Sunday night after suffering multiple seizures, reports TMZ. According to the site, the rapper was hospitalized at Northwestern...

Jay-Z Gets Crowd to Serenade Beyoncé for Her 36th Birthday During Made In America Festival

Beyonce, Jay-ZBeyoncé's fun-filled birthday weekend is in full effect! The singer got some serious birthday love from her main man Jay-Z (and the entire crowd!) during the rapper's...

Twin Peaks Finale: Did All of Our Questions Get Answered? (Nope!)

Twin PeaksIt's all over, once again, and once again we're left going, "what the f--k?!" It's possible that tonight's Twin Peaks finale made sense, but it's also very...

Hencha Voigt and Astrid Bavaresco’s Fight Gets Messy on WAGS Miami: “Bitch, Watch Your Back!”

WAGS MiamiThe claws have officially come out. Hencha Voigt and Astrid Bavaresco were at war as the green-eyed monster reared its ugly head in Sunday night's all-new episode of WAGS...

Chris Evans Finally Reunites With His Dog ”After 10 Long Weeks” And It’s Adorable

Chris Evans, Dog, TwitterThe reunion of the century! After 10 weeks apart, Chris Evans and his dog Dodger have finally reunited and we can't tell which of the two of them is happier! Evans, who has...

Joel Osteen Holds First Sunday Church Service Since Houston Flooding Backlash

Joel Osteen was back to preaching the word of God Sunday after belatedly opening his megachurch to victims of Harvey flooding ... but not before clearing his name (again). Joel's Sunday service at Lakewood Church -- the first since massive…

John Legend Is Looking For Fat Donald Trump Supporters For His Next Music Video!

Typecasting Middle America, or making a pointed statement at Donald Trump... or a little bit of both?!

John Legend is reportedly searching for some folks who look like what you're imagining a stereotypical Trump supporter to look... and that means white, old, and overweight!

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A new listing has gone up on a casting website in El Lay this weekend searching for a very specific type of people for Legend's new music video project, including a group of actors needed to play rally/protester types as "preferably out of shape" white men and women aged 30-65 years old!

Here's where it gets interesting, though: the rally also calls for eight black men and women to play Black Lives Matter supporters, and ten "young and blonde" white males that must be tasked with portraying the white nationalist alt-right... we can only assume.

But the only listing that mentions a preferred body type is the Trump supporter group, looking for overweight actors to portray The Donald's fan base.


The shoot is set for Friday, so things will start happening here soon enough. We can only imagine what the finished product will look like!!

Thoughts, Perezcious readers?!

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Is John Legend's characterization of Trump supporters the right one???

Let us know your thoughts in the comments (below)!!!

[Image via Dennis Van Tine/Future Image/Mischa Schoemaker/WENN.]

Paris Jackson Poses Topless Again to Showcase Her New Tattoo

Paris Jackson, Topless, TattooParis Jackson is going au natural again to celebrate her new ink. The 19-year-old model and daughter of the late Michael Jackson posted on her Instagram Stories feed Saturday a censored...

DeMario Jackson Responds to Rachel Lindsay’s Tweet About Loyalty

Bachelorette, Rachel Lindsay, DeMario Looks like there may be still some bad blood between Rachel Lindsay and DeMario Jackson. Months after The Bachelorette star booted the contestant from the show after his alleged...

Jenelle Evans: My Mom Deserves to Go to Jail!

Sometimes, when it comes to Jenelle Evans, all you can do is just sigh, shake your head, and go "Oh, honey ..."

This is one of those times.

In the current season of Teen Mom 2, we've been seeing Jenelle's relationship with her mother, Barbara, worsen as they get closer and closer to their big court date.

A few years ago, Jenelle decided to stop doing heroin and start trying to be a mother, and ever since then, she and Barbara have been going to court to figure something out with the custody of poor Jace.

After a bit of rescheduling -- and after their lawyers managed to push back the final court date a few times -- they finally settled the custody deal in May.

We already know what happened, but in the world of Teen Mom 2, the big day is just a few weeks away.

And things have been super, super tense.

In last week's episode, we saw Jenelle show up at a restaurant where Barbara was trying to have dinner with friends and harass her until she felt she had to leave.

She accused Barbara of being drunk, which obviously wasn't true, and then of driving drunk with Jace and a couple of other kids in the car.

When her mom got sick of the accusations and left, Jenelle went to her house and banged on the doors and windows for two hours, then called the police.

When she told this story, she seemed to think that she was in the right, and she and her fiancé, David Eason, insisted that the scene they'd made had ensured that Jenelle would get custody of Jace at their court date.

It was really, really bizarre, and that theme continues in this sneak peek of the upcoming episode.

In this clip, Jenelle and David are having a little chat about Barbara.

The issue is that it's Mother's Day weekend, and Jenelle wants to spend the holiday with Jace -- but Barbara won't respond to her phone calls.

Which makes sense, considering what had just happened between them.

"You know, it really upsets me that Jace isn't here," she told David. "And all the other kids are here. You know, Maryssa's spending Mother's Day with her mom."

"Everyone's with their mom, but not my son."

Meanwhile, Jenelle's other son, Kaiser is playing unsupervised in another room, but he's apparently not who she's referring to here.

"It's your mom's fault," David remarks. "What a great mother."

Does anyone else think it's weird that David is commenting on someone else's parenting when he's facing jail time because he violated a restraining order in place against him for his own son?

But yeah, sure, let's bash Barbara.

David theorizes that Babs isn't letting Jenelle see Jace because of what happened at that restaurant, because she's "scared" that they're going to get more evidence against her for the custody case.

He also says that Barbara "knows that she's probably gonna lose Jace," so she's trying to get in a bunch of time with him before the hearing.

Meanwhile, Jenelle says that they need to come up with a deal in court where "it has to be set in stone that she cannot hold Jace from me, and if she does, she gets contempt of court and goes to jail."

OK, so a few things here.

One, obviously Barbara doesn't want Jace to go to Jenelle's for Mother's Day.

She's the one who raised him, she's the one who parents him -- she may not be his biological mother, but in all other ways, she is his mom.

Two, shut up, David.

Three, If Barbara has full custody of Jace and there's no visitation schedule in place -- which is the case for this scene -- she can hold him from whoever she wants.

Why does Jenelle have such a hard time understand everything?

Watch the tense scene in the video below:

Jenelle evans my mom deserves to go to jail

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Justin Timberlake Is the Happiest Fan in the World at U.S. Open Date With Jessica Biel

Justin Timberlake, Jessica Biel, 2017 U.S. OpenAnd the award for biggest U.S. Open fan goes to...Justin Timberlake! Not that he was competing against anyone. But now that he has taken home the proverbial trophy, hey, it's...

Paz de la Huerta's Sexiest On-Screen Scenes for Her 33rd Birthday!

Born in New York City on this day 33 years ago, Paz de la Huerta has been steaming up the screen in dozens of films and television shows over the last decade! 

Taylor Swift and Hailey Baldwin Are Among the Most Beautiful Celebrity Bridesmaids

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Brooke Perry Sexy outfits for Urban Outfitters

I have always thought that the name of Urban Outfitters was always a bit of a misnomer.

Funny GIF Of The Day: Eyes on the Prize

Keep your eye on the runaway tire

Taylor Swift Releases ANOTHER New Song: Listen Here!

Last week, Taylor dropped "Look What You Made Me Do," the very first single from her new album ... and she blew our minds.

Not necessarily because of the quality of the song, which was honestly not so great, but because she had a completely different sound than the old Taylor Swift.

Which makes sense, because in the song, she explains that the old Taylor Swift is dead.

It was also fun to analyze the lyrics and, a few days later, the music video -- she obviously has a big grudge with someone, and the girl left us so many hidden clues and messages.

It was like celebrity gossip Christmas, really.

Even though it's been over a week now since we first heard the song, people are still talking about it. A lot.

Which makes it more than a little surprising that she went ahead and released another single today.

The new song is called "...Ready for It," and while it's still very, very different than what we'd expect from her, this one is a little more familiar than "Look What You Made Me Do."

And that's because this song is a love song.

Judging by some of the lyrics, we're guessing this is about her current boyfriend, actor Joe Alwyn.

They've been dating since last year, and in a lyric from the first verse, Taylor sings that the object of her affection here is "younger than my exes but he acts like such a man though."

Joe is 26, a year younger than Taylor, and quite a bit younger than many of her previous lovers, men like Tom Hiddleston, Calvin Harris, and John Mayer.

There's a chance she could still be pulling inspiration from her relationship with Harry Styles, who is four years her junior, but that would be sad at this point.

So let's just say this is about Joe -- and if it is, then she seems to be very, very serious about him.

So serious that in another part of the song, she sings "Every lover known in comparison is a failure, I forget their names now."

And like, we know she didn't actually forget their names, but this Joe must be pretty darn special, huh?

Listen to the full song below:

Taylor swift releases another new song listen here

Lais Ribeiro Sexy See Through Black Bra

Because it's impossible to see too many insanely hot Brazilian models in one day, why not take a gander, a peek, and a happy ogle at the wicked hot body of Lais Ribeiro....