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Kim Kardashian Breaks Her Silence on Baby No. 3 Surrogate Reports

Kim KardashianKim Kardashian is addressing the rumors surrounding her family. While trying to enjoy New York Fashion Week in the Big Apple, the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star can't help but...

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RHOBH Star Dorit Kemsley Says Husband Will Take A ‘Back Seat’ In Season 8!

#Pantygate part 2??

Earlier this week, US Weekly spoke to Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Dorit Kemsley at Bella Magazine's New York Fashion Week kickoff party at The Attic Rooftop where she reveals husband Paul "PK" Kemsley will have a limited role next season.

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The reality TV personality dished:

"I know he had a rough season. I think he took it well, he's a big boy... This season, I think that PK took a step back. He took a back seat and kept it simple."

In case you forgot, the businessman and his wife got into major drama with costar Erika Girardi after PK claimed he caught a glimpse of the singer's crotch when she was wearing a dress without underwear.

Regardless of who's right, the fashion designer will always stand by her man.

"The thing is, he and I always support each other... We're partners in this life together. We roam through life together and we will be there for each other."

Speaking of fashion, season 8 of the hit Bravo show will focus on Miz Kemsley's sartorial return.

"It had been five years since I put out a swim line and now the ideas are pouring out of me... But you'll see me trying to balance that with being a mom. It wasn't easy for me to do as a career woman because I wasn't a mother when I was doing my career before and I think I can do it."

[Image via FayesVision/WENN.]

Blake Heron Dies; Troubled Actor Was 35 Years Old

Blake Heron, a former child actor best known for his role of Marty Preston in the 1996 film Shiloh, was found dead on Friday morning.

He was 35 years old.

in Shiloh

According to TMZ and other outlets, Heron’s body was discovered by his girlfriend inside the actor’s Los Angeles area home.

After a call to 911 was placed, paramedics reportedly spent 40 minutes trying to revive Heron, but it was too late and he was pronounced dead at the scene.

The Los Angeles Sheriff's Department tells E! News that the aforementioned call came in around 7:05 a.m. regarding an unidentified man who was not breathing.

In the ensuing hours, Heron's rep confirmed Blake's passing to multiple websites and television stations.

Heron had been sick for the past few days and had also battled a heroin addiction.

He just completed a stint in rehab mere days ago.

Blake Heron

TMZ writes that responders did not find illegal drugs or evidence that alcohol had been consumed.

Prescriptions for the flu were found at the scene, but it's unclear at the moment whether anything Heron ingested contributed to his death.

Following Shiloh, Heron landed bit roles in movies and television projects; including We Were Soldiers, Boston Public and 11:14.

He recently co-starred in A Thousand Junkies, which premiered at Tribeca Film Festival in 2017.

"I started doing drugs when I was about 12, typical smoking weed at first and drinking and what not. It quickly progressed," Heron said this past April, adding at the time:

"I lost everything. I lost my career, I lost all of my money, I lost possessions, and most importantly, I lost myself. I felt like I lost my soul.

nh pic

Our thoughts go out to the loved ones of Blake Heron.

May he rest in peace.

Here's a look, meanwhile, at other celebrities who have also passed away in 2017. 

May they all rest in peace.

J.J. Watt Harvey Relief Fund Passes $30 Million … with Assist from Jimmy Fallon!

J.J. Watt's Hurricane Harvey relief fund is still goin' hard -- blitzing past $30 MILLION as Houston begins its long road to recovery. After breaking $20 million on Tuesday, a couple HUGE donations came through for J.J. -- $5 mil…

Nikki Reed and Ian Somerhalder Walk First Red Carpet Since Welcoming Their Baby Girl

Nikki Reed & Ian SomerhalderNikki Reed and Ian Somerhalder are stepping out for a good cause. Less than two months after welcoming their first child, the famous couple decided to return to the red carpet for an...

Lady Gaga, Margot Robbie, Jason Sudeikis and More Spotted at the 2017 Toronto International Film Festival

Margot Robbie, 2017 Toronto International Film FestivalThe 2017 Toronto International Film Festival is in full swing. The festival just started on Sept. 7 and runs until Sept. 17, but there have already been several celebrity...

‘Game of Thrones’ Season 7 Hits 1 Billion Illegal Downloads

Game of Thrones is one of the biggest things to ever happen to television. Seth Meyers has a whole segment on Late Night that’s just him watching Game of Thrones with Leslie Jones, former Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard was revealed to be a huge fan while she was in office, former US President Barack Obama got advance screenings of the show, and people even watch less porn while Game of Thrones is on. It’s no surprise, then, that Game of Thrones is also the most-pirated TV show in the world.

Inverse is reporting that the various episodes of season seven have been illegally downloaded over a billion times, which is roughly 150 million times per episode. This is five times the official viewing audience of 30 million HBO reported.

Personally, I can’t help but think at least part of this is because it’s so hard to see the show legally. HBO Now, the stand-alone streaming service that doesn’t require a cable subscription, is only just over two years old and was initially only available on Apple devices. DVD and Blu-Ray versions, along with legal digital downloads, were previously held back for an entire year after the season aired, and still aren’t available until months after the season finale airs. Other popular prime-time television shows, like Modern Family and The Big Bang Theory, are available for purchase on iTunes and Amazon a few hours after they air.

Basically, HBO’s attempts to drive people to cable subscriptions to watch Game of Thrones ended up training the viewing public to pirate it. By not offering any legal way to watch other than a $100 monthly cable subscription on top of $15 for HBO itself, people felt way less guilty pirating it. When legal options came around, a huge number of people were already in a an ecosystem based on piracy. HBO Now just isn’t a great value. It has far less content than Hulu and Netflix at a higher price point than either. And while it does have some great shows aside from Game of Thrones, like Last Week Tonight with John Oliver and Westworld, Game of Thrones is 90% of the reason to have HBO.

HBO was the very first cable channel, predating even the venerable ESPN. It positioned itself as a premium brand where you could watch movies just months after they aired in theaters and even original programming where people could say fuck because there were no advertisers or FCC guidelines. But now we have streaming and home video, and brands like Netflix offer the same kind of prestige programming at a lower price and with a much larger catalogue of content. The massive piracy of Game of Thrones tells us not only how popular the show is, but how out of step HBO is with modern consumers.

Jared Leto Continues His Crazy Streak in ‘Blade Runner’ Sequel

No one likes method actors. People pretend to be impressed, but really, every time you tell someone to call you Biff during rehearsal for Death of a Salesman at your community theater, everyone is rolling their eyes and mouthing “what an asshole” as they walk away from you. No one spends more time annoying their castmates with their unnecessary displays of commitment to acting than Jared Leto, though.

Maybe you’re familiar with how he paid someone to dress as a henchman and deliver a dead pig to his Suicide Squad castmates.Or how he sent Margot Robbie, who played Harley Quinn, a live rat. Imagine being in Suicide Squad with this douche, sitting around yelling at some PA “I’m the fucking Joker, bring me a cheese danish or I’ll rape your mother!” He was only in the movie for like, ten minutes, but he gave his co-stars a lifetime of memories of him being a huge dick. Which is apparently one of his better attributes.

Someone involved in the Blade Runner sequel, which is super creatively named Blade Runner 2049, thought it would be a good idea to cast this maniac as a blind person. According to Entertainment Tonight, he did exactly what you’d expect him to do and wore contact lenses that actually made him blind.

Because it’s not like the ability to see would be useful on a movie set for things like finding your mark or not walking into the prop scenery.

Director Dennis Villeneuve had high praise for Leto’s commitment, saying:

“He could not see at all. He was walking with an assistant, very slowly. It was like seeing Jesus walking into a temple,” he recalled. “Everybody became super silent, and there was a kind of sacred moment. Everyone was in awe. It was so beautiful and powerful — I was moved to tears.”

Yeah, I’ll bet that’s what happened. At no point did he think to himself “I can’t believe this asshole blinded himself, I have a shooting schedule and a budget to keep to and he can’t just pretend to be blind? I’ll bet they didn’t have to put up with this shit on Daredevil.”

XXXTentacion Abused Girlfriend, Made Her Choose What BBQ Tool He’d Stick Up Her Vagina

Just when you thought Example was scraping the bottom of the barrel for rapper names that start with an X, here comes XXXTentacion, which I’m pretty sure is pronounced “extension.” His debut album, 17, was released two weeks ago and hit number 2 on the Billboard charts, and he’s followed that success up with a 150 page deposition detailing how he tortured and abused his girlfriend for months, a copy of which was acquired by Pitchfork. Wow, sounds like a great guy.

Seriously, this guy makes Chris Brown look like… is there a famous musician who doesn’t treat women like shit? Ice Cube has been married for 25 years and seems like an excellent husband and father, so let’s go with him. Anyway, there are some brutal details in the deposition.

He slapped her and broke her iPhone 6S, because she had complimented a male friend on his new jewelry. (XXXTentacion later repaired the phone.) Later that day, XXXTentacion left the room and returned with two grilling implements—a “barbecue pitchfork” and a “barbecue cleaner,” she said—and told her to pick between them, because he was going to put one of them in her vagina. She chose the fork. He told her to undress. He was lightly dragging the tool against her inner thigh when she passed out. He did not penetrate her with it.

That’s just fucked up. I don’t understand what makes a human being treat someone like that, honestly. And it’s just the tip of the iceberg.

When asked during the deposition to “pinpoint the days he threatened to kill you,” the reported victim responded, “Well, when we lived in Orlando, it was literally like every day.”

He seems lovely. He gets even lovelier as this goes on.

About a week and a half into their stint in Orlando, the woman and XXXTentacion were on their way to a show together. They listened to one of XXXTentacion’s songs in the car and she sang along with his verse. Then she hummed along with a verse from a featured artist on the track. After that, XXXTentacion fell silent and left her in the car outside the venue. Inside, they got into a fight. When they arrived home after the show, he took her into the bathroom. “And he was asking me why I was singing his friend’s part of the song, if I like him, why do I like him, like do I ever look at his Twitter,” she said.

Then, XXXTentacion head-butted her, punched her, stomped on her, and put her in the bathtub, where he continued hitting and kicking her. “He also wanted to cut out my tongue because I was singing the song,” she said. She tried to run away down the street. He tackled her, causing her head to hit the pavement. She suffered black eyes, a lump on the back of her head, scratch marks, and bruises, including a large bruise on her ankle where he stomped her.

Okay, I’m just going to stop right there. That’s the craziest thing I’ve ever heard. He almost killed her because she sang a part of his song that was sung by someone else. Spin called him “The Most Controversial Man in Rap“, a headline which seriously hasn’t aged well in light of this. I personally don’t see how anyone can read this deposition, which goes on to detail how he almost killed his girlfriend again when she got pregnant because he thought it might be someone else’s, then refused to let her go to the hospital and locked her in a room with bars on the windows, and even want to hear his music.

I know, I’m often saying that we should separate the artist and the person. I’ll watch a Mel Gibson movie even though he’s a crazy anti-Semite. There’s a line, though, and I don’t see how this isn’t so far over the line for everyone that this piece of shit never sells a single album again. I almost felt physically ill just reading about this to write this article, I can’t imagine seeing it and thinking “Oh, but “Look at Me” has such a sick beat”. That guy who punched him in he face is my new hero.

Is Kim Kardashian A Feminist? Plus, Disappointing Kate Winslet News! And…

Sharon Osbourne is definitely wrong about Kim K. not being a feminist! Here's why!

Also, we expected so much more and better from Kate Winslet!

Scott Disick continues to party hard after his 5150 psychiatric hospitalization!

Lionel Richie needs to rip up his daughter's credit cards!

How unwell is Steve Bannon?

And, let's end things with some very inspiring George Clooney news!

Watch! Enjoy! And SHARE!

Lady Gaga Tears Up While Addressing Chronic Pain: ”I Don’t Have to Hide It”

Lady GagaLady Gaga refuses to let life's darkest moments break her down. In her upcoming Netflix documentary Five Foot Two, the pop music superstar pulls back the curtain on her personal...

Paris Jackson: Shows Off Tats, Sideboob in Flower Photos!

We're always on the lookout for an update on Paris Jackson's life. Maybe it's a new photo, maybe it's a meme. it's actually usually a meme. This time, though, the 19-year-old model has shared two new 

So, remember Paris Jackson's new tattoo? The one of the chakras that runs along her chest. She's showing it off again, but this time she's outdoors among some beautiful flowers.

Plus, she's flashing a little sideboob. That never hurts.

Paris Jackson, Wild Hair

Paris Jackson is full of life, love, and she's so carefree! She's also an intensely spiritual person.

She has her detractors, because people love to hate celebrities -- but also because some people can't stand to see someone happy and want to try their best to ruin someone's day.

We're not saying that we always agree with her on everything, though watching Paris Jackson bash white supremacy really warmed the cockles of our hearts.

But given that her family's tragedies (some of which are ongoing) create circumstances in which she could have been a miserable person who didn't even make it to adulthood, we're so happy that she's found a life path that brings her a sense of fulfillment.

Plus, she's just a treat to follow.

(We love memes!)

Anyway, here's the first of the two new pics that she shared:

Paris Jackson, Flowers and Sideboob

She tagged this photo and the next one:

"I can feel the flower power."

Plus a flower emoji. She's just precious.

And, as we said, super spiritual with a New Agey vibe ... but in a way that seems way more chill than, like, the way that some other folks can be.

Like we said, she's showing a little sideboob, there.

Paris Jackson doesn't shy away from sharing topless selfies, so some sideboob is nothing.

She looks great, though!

The next photo shows a much closer look at her latest tattoo.

Paris Jackson, Tattoo and Flowers

This tattoo has a powerful spiritual meaning, since it portrays the seven chakras.

Paris recently posted to Instagram about the feelings of spiritual contentment that she achieves from really embracing the natural world.

"I can honestly say that before this week, i have never been able to show my true form to more than one person at a time. being able to channel my higher self and just vibrate at a frequency where i am one with the fluidity of mama gaia as well as the beautiful souls i had the pleasure of creating with, has been a journey i will never forget."

There's a lot of New Age spirituality that borrows from other faith traditions, like certain polytheistic faiths, and includes animistic beliefs.

You can see a lot of that in Paris' writing.

"Embracing the gifts, facing my mortality, connecting with new and old friends. i thank everyone around me for this growth, the moon, mercury, my guides, and great spirit. i never want to lose this feeling."

Hey, for what it's worth, we hope that she never loses this feeling, either.

We're happy to see her happy.

If you still need a better look at that tattoo, here's a glimpse with better lighting.

Paris Jackson, Chakras and Censorship

Paris censored that herself, of course, per Instagram's infamous hang-ups about women and their "scandalous" nip nops.

Anyway, you don't have to share Paris' beliefs to admire her level of devotion to improving her life and maintaining her overall well-being.

We think that it's great that she continues to share so much of herself and personal journey with fans and followers.

A lot of celebrity kids run from the spotlight, but Paris has found a powerful way to embrace it.

And she can teach a lot of people about body positivity in the process.

Bella Thorne Hot Black Leather Show Off

Bella Thorne understands very well the prominent place in her position staked by her stellar sextastic body. That's why she's loathe to ever cover it up, on social media...

Gina Rodriguez Won’t Be Sacrificing Her Happiness to “Kill” Herself in the Gym: “I Love My Shape”

Gina Rodgriguez, Shape MagazineGina Rodriguez is feeling strong and fearless. The stunning Jane the Virgin actress is October's Shape cover girl and inside the magazine she's opening about her life, health and...

Get Access to All of Mr. Skin's Celebrity Nudity for Just $4!

Before you watch football, fast forward to the good parts with Mr. Skin. 

Farrah Abraham Closeout Sale and Other Fine Things to Ogle

Smoking hot mom bods, Kenzie gets naked, and more!

James Franco Is Too Pure to Watch Porn

James Franco doesn’t watch porn anymore.

That’s it. That’s the news.

Now, when you watch Franco in his new show The Deuce, an HBO series set in the 1970’s about the rise of the porn industry, you can tell all your friends, “Franco doesn’t even watch porn. What does he know?”

Well, he may not watch it anymore. But he used to watch it. Obviously. Here’s what he told US Weekly at the show’s premiere:

“I don’t know if you believe me or not. I watched it in my day. I certainly watched it as research for this show. [But] I don’t watch porn,”

No, James. I do not believe you. Because everyone watches porn. I’m watching porn as I type this. It’s very awkward because I’m at a Starbucks and left my headphones at home.

Why doesn’t James watch porn anymore? Because he’s taking a moral stand, of course:

“I have no moralistic stand against it by any means, but in unregulated capitalism, I think that’s one of the main points of our show,” he continued. “There’s always these people, a select few who sort of come out on top and the rest are just thrown under the bus.”

“My friend Rashida Jones came out with a documentary called Hot Girls Wanted a couple of years ago and I think the main point I took away from that film is that these young women [in porn] are not protected. They have union. It’s just completely unregulated,” Franco told Us of the moment his view on pornography changed. “They go out to Florida and they’re just sort of ground up in a matter of months and just discarded, and nobody is there to protect them. There’s no laws to protect them and that is very much the case in our show as well.”

“I have no moralistic stand against it, but let me take a moralistic stand against it.”

Is porn a dirty industry? Sure. But if it were cleaner, it’d be called Hollywood.

What Models Really Do Backstage at New York Fashion Week

ESC: Models Backstage, Gigi HadidIn between the glitz and the glamour, there is some sartorial downtime. Such is the case for runway stars every season at New York Fashion Week. While backstage at a fashion show can...

Jennifer Lopez Sexy and Flexible in Concert

 I pulled both sides of my groin just from looking at Jennifer Lopez pull those moves and muscles I did not even know I had are now sore.

Jim Carrey Shaves Beard to Prove He’s an Asshole

Jim Carrey is dead to me. The famed actor, who stood arm-in-arm with me as a bearded brother, decided to give himself a shave. How could you do this, Jim? Here’s what Carrey looked like in better times:

Never mind the fact that you can’t tell that’s Jim Carrey. That’s a hell of a beard that any man should be proud to wear. Carrey’s beard was so legendary that it even has its own Twitter account.

When one fan wanted Carrey to lose the beard, his beard responded:

Well, he took the blade to his neck and did some cutting.

Words can’t express how sad I am that Carrey went clean. But, alas, he had no choice. The actor had to shave it off in order to promote Jim & Andy: The Great Beyond – The Story of Jim Carrey & Andy Kaufman Featuring a Very Special, Contractually Obligated Mention of Tony Clifton. Yes, that is the full name of the movie. No, I will not type it again.

The documentary is about Carrey transforming himself into Andy Kaufman for the 1999 film Man on the Moon. Carrey won a Golden Globe for his performance. He described his preparation for the film as “psychotic” as he transformed himself into Andy as part of his method acting. The documentary comes from 20 hours of footage that sat somewhere in Universal Pictures, who didn’t want to release it because it made Carrey look like “an asshole.”

Now that he’s shaved his beard, we all know he’s an asshole. So bring on the documentary.

Carrey basically went into hiding after Dumb & Dumber To because who could show their face after that atrocity? He emerged a month ago to show off his painting skills:

The end of the beard may signal a return to movies. Or it may signal that he got tired of birds nesting in his chin.

Jennifer Lawrence Thinks Donald Trump Can Cause Natural Disasters

Houston got destroyed by Hurricane Harvey. Florida and other East Coast states might be destroyed by Hurricane Irma. And it’s all your fault, America.

Not because of global warming, which is totally not a thing despite all the evidence. It’s all your fault for voting Donald Trump as president. So sayeth Oscar winning actress Jennifer Lawrence.

In speaking to Channel 4 in Britain, Lawrence was asked about America and the “end of days” feeling due to the hurricanes and Trump. Here was her response:

“You know, it’s this new language that’s forming. I don’t even recognize it. It’s also scary to know that climate change is due to human activity, and we continue to ignore it, and the only voice that we really have is through voting.”

When the reporter mentioned the voting results, Lawrence said that it was “startling” that Trump won and then gave the following comment:

“You’re watching these hurricanes now, and it’s hard — especially while promoting this movie, not to feel Mother Nature’s rage and wrath.”

Yikes, not the best look, J-Law. I’d like to think that she wasn’t outright blaming these hurricanes on how Americans voted, but her word choice was certainly poor.

She wasn’t done with Trump or America, though:

“It’s really polarizing and upsetting. I’ve heard things and seen things on TV in my own country that devastate and make me sick. It’s really confusing.”

“I don’t find him confusing. I think I know exactly what he is,”

Yeah, that’s a bit more like it. Very few are happy with Trump and the way he does things, but he can’t be blamed for these hurricanes. He can be blamed for acting like the hurricanes are a good thing and doing very little about the victims, but he can’t be blamed for the actual hurricanes.

Or, maybe he can. Honestly, if we can’t blame Trump for everything that sucks right now, who can we blame?

Screw it. I’m on Team Lawrence. These hurricanes are your fault, Donald.

‘Black Panther’ Toys Hint at Another Marvel Hero Fighting His Villainous Counterpart

Let's hope this is a Batman Returns Penguin situation all over again

Heidi Klum Braless Hottie in Purple for Project Runway

I'm not sure how many top tier TV shows Heidi Klum fronts these days, but it has to be many. I am entirely aware of how many perfect mom funbags the Forties and Faptastic...

Inside Serena Williams’ First Week as a Mom

Serena Williams, Alexis Ohanian, 2017 Met Gala ArrivalsSerena Williams is doing "beyond perfect" as she completes her first week as a mom, E! News has learned. It was announced last Friday that the tennis champion gave birth to her...

Blac Chyna Curves in Miami

Blac Chyna's figure has developed past the coveted hour glass shape that so many women struggle to achieve and has now reached the next stage in female evolution.

Olaf’s Frozen Adventure’s Songs Will Put You in the Holiday Spirit and Brighten Your Day

Olaf's Frozen AdventureGet into the holiday spirit early, Frozen-style! Snippets of new songs from the upcoming sequel featurette Olaf's Frozen Adventure were released Friday. The special sees Olaf, voiced...

Gigi Hadid Cleavage in Pink in NYC

What the hell is an outfit like that called. It is like one part trench coat, one part pantsuit, and two parts acid trip.

Reese Witherspoon Comes Home in This Week's Mr. Skin Minute (VIDEO)

Reese's pieces always satisfy!

Sam Smith Talks New Album and Says He’s “Insanely Single”

Sam SmithSam Smith is single--like really single. During an interview with Beats 1 radio host Zane Lowe about Smith's new album, Lowe asked Smith if he was over the "heartbreak"...