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Chip and Joanna Gaines: About That Divorce Chatter…

It happened to Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner.

It happened to Chris Pratt and Anna Faris.

Heck, it just happened to Fergie and Josh Duhamel.

No matter how happy and in love a couple in Hollywood may seem, you simply never know if they will last or not. It's hard not to be a cynic.

The Gaines

This may explain why divorce chatter continues to follow around Chip and Joanna Gaines, the beloved twosome at the center of HGTV's Fixer Upper.

They have four children. Their chemistry on screen is undeniable. But is it real?

Or is it just a show for the cameras?

In an interview this week with Jenna Bush Hager on The Today Show, Chip and Joanna did all they could to set the romantic record straight.

"It’s funny, when I think about these circumstances, I think they’re hilarious," Chip said in a pre-taped segment, adding:

"I'm like, ‘I can’t believe that these things are happening to us.’ Because part of me feels, who would care about that?"

Who would care about their love lives enough to conjure up such sordid rumors, in other words?!?

Chip and Joanna Gaines See U2

What does Joanna think when it comes to tabloids or websites trying to stir up controversy between her and her goofball of a husband?

"I just don't know what’s going on. So then I’ll hear someone come up to me and say, ‘I hear you and Chip are getting a divorce!’ And I’ll be like, ‘Where did you hear that?’

"I don’t know any of this!'"

Joanna, who specializes in interior design, wants to make sure fans do not believe what they read.

She wants everyone to know that none of this break-up talk comes from her or Chip... or anyone that really knows her or Chip.

"We do our due diligence in letting people know as much as we can, ‘This isn’t us. Don’t be scammed,'" says Joanna.

Joanna and Chip

Last month, in response to a question on Twitter about whether he was splitting from his wife, Chip also aimed to be as clear as possible.

No words were minced. No bushes were beaten around.

"Won't ever happen.. you can take that to the bank!" Gaines Tweeted, adding that Joanna is the "#loveOfMyLife."

How sweet, right?

Instead of personal life drama, these HGTV stars are focused on their professional universe.

Fixer Upper is headed into its fifth season in their hometown of Waco, Texas - and there's no end in sight.

"As long as it can work in Waco, in our backyard, it works for us," Chip said on Today, concluding:

"We’ve got four kids who need us, we’ve got a business here that needs us, and something about our marriage - we do better when we’re on our home turf."

"Home is the most important thing and the fact that we get to be a part of that is an honor," Joanna adds.

Man, we adore these two. We hope they never change.

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Top 10 Most Regrettable Trends

Over the years, we have made some questionable choices in our lives — many of them surrounding what we thought was cool at the time, or things we thought made us look good. The truth is, we didn’t look good, we looked embarrassing.

Hundreds of years from now, archaeologists are going to find MySpace and Facebook and think to themselves: “What a troubled people they were.” And yes, what a troubled people we all were. Even though these trends were hot back in their prime, all they do now is turn our faces hot with embarrassment. So, feel free to cringe your way down memory lane with this list of the top 10 most regrettable trends.

Wavy Eyebrows

This one isn’t so far off from present day, having recently inundated the internet with all its weirdness. Is this a collective joke played on us by makeup junkies across the web, or are they serious? We really need to know in time for the Internet Troll Olympics.

Either way, it’s a no from me. Makeup is an art form, and yes, some eyebrows do need maintenance, such as plucking or penciling, that’s all well and good but this… should have never happened. Furthermore, if you have this much extra time on your hands while you’re getting ready, you could’ve had some extra sleep, or a nutritious breakfast, or done literally anything else with your time.

Convertible Pants

Have you ever been in an emergency situation where you were wearing pants, and needed some way to convert them into capris or shorts quickly? Neither have I, but, that was the glaring issue that convertible pants sought to solve.

These were basically cargo pants that could zip off at different lengths down the legs. They were mostly worn by children, but you could even get them in name brands such as North Face.

These must have seemed really cool, really useful, back then. Now, they just look ridiculous, and the usefulness is lost on me entirely. Fancy a walk on the beach? Just cuff your jeans like the rest of us, and deal with that weird dampness like an adult. Come to think about it; maybe they were onto something with these… but we’re guessing not.

Drop Crotch Pants

There is not one single person on this Earth that looks good wearing these. Sorry, I don’t make the rules.

These pants are truly horrifying. Imagine if humans were actually shaped like that, with our crotches down to our knees? These are reminiscent of other times our legs were clad in failure, like with parachute pants, or culottes. Culottes were bad enough to deserve an entire list for themselves.

This seems like fashion’s answer to the government attempting to ban sagging, instead of wearing your pants around your knees, these followed the same idea without putting you at risk of indecent exposure. I’m all for sticking it to the man, but the designer of these just ended up creating the cousin that harem pants don’t invite to the [...]

The post Top 10 Most Regrettable Trends appeared first on PopCrunch.

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Marilyn Manson Is Just Like Us, He Also Thinks Justin Bieber Is a Piece of Shit

We all think Justin Bieber is a piece of shit, right? If you didn’t before, then you must have when he slid into a gym’s DMs to hit on the receptionist, right? Well, after meeting him personally, Marilyn Manson agrees with you.

This all started when Bieber decided to wear a $200 shirt from Barney’s that was basically an existing Marilyn Manson shirt from Hot Topic with “Bigger Than Satan Bieber” printed on the back. That in and of itself isn’t a big deal, if someone put my name on a shirt like that I’d probably wear it, too. The problem is that, as Manson stated in an interview with Consequence of Sound, Bieber opened his mouth and his personality came out.

Manson says that when he first met Bieber “he was [already] wearing the shirt that had his name on my shirt, and he said to me, ‘I made you relevant again.’” “Bad mistake to say to me,” Manson adds.

That’s just a shitty thing to say in general. Is Justin Bieber even relevant at this point? All we’ve been reporting about Bieber is that he hits on receptionists and he cancelled his tour to hang out with Jesus. Do people still even like him after he transformed from baby-faced, non-threatening teen idol to the world’s biggest douche?

“He was a real piece of shit in the way he had the arrogance to say that,” Manson says of Bieber. “He was a real touchy-feely guy, too, like, ‘yo yo bro!’ and touches you when he’s talking. I’m like, you need to stand down, you’re dick height on me, ok? (laughs) Alright? So stand down, son.”

I don’t even like Marilyn Manson and I love Marilyn Manson. Manson mentioned the incident in an interview with Billboard, as well, detailing the immediate aftermath of the incident.

I reply, “That was a great idea you had about doing [my song] ‘The Beautiful People’ at your show at Staples Center tomorrow.” And he goes, “Yeah, it was,” not knowing that I told him an idea that I had just made up. His tour manager sat down, and I asked, “What time is sound check tomorrow? What time should I be there? Because we’re going to do ‘Beautiful People.’” Obviously, when 4 p.m. rolled around the next day, I just didn’t show.

It was nice though that I didn’t have to sue his company for making the shirts that he wore with his name and my face on it. They were very much like, “We know we’re wrong here; just take as many dollars as you want.” So it was a double “fuck you,” but wouldn’t have happened if he hadn’t said, “I made you relevant again.”

Has anyone seen this and been on Bieber’s side? For all his theatrics, Manson has always seemed like a pretty down to earth guy. You could probably have a beer with him, provided you aren’t a self-centered douche whose first interaction with him is to tell him you think you’re better than him.

Ozzy Osbourne Opens Up About Cheating On Wife Sharon: ‘Don’t Get Caught With Your Mistress’

Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne are truly unbreakable...

In 2016, their 34-year-long marriage was put to the test when the 68-year-old rocker cheated on the 64-year-old co-host of The Talk. In a recent interview with The Telegraph, Sharon says the former Black Sabbath frontman had affairs with six women, including "some Russian teenager, then a masseuse in England, our masseuse [in the U.S.], and then our cook."

In an interview with Rolling Stone published on Thursday, the musician gets real about his infidelity, and the shame it brought to his family.

Related: Ozzy & Sharon Just Renewed Their Wedding Vows!

When asked what's the secret to a long marriage, Ozzy joking responded:

"Don't get caught with your mistress."

But in all seriousness, the "Prince of Darkness" isn't proud of what he did, and is thankful his wife "didn't walk out."

"It's a rock & roll thing – you rock and you roll. You take the good with the bad. When I was a crazy fucker, I'm lucky she didn't walk out. Now I'm coming on five years clean and sober, and I've realized what a fucking idiot I was. I mean, I'm still nuts, but in control of it a bit more. ... When I said, 'Don't get caught by your missus,' I'm not proud of all that shit. I upset my wife and I upset my family and I made a lot of shock and shame. I love my wife, and it made me realize what a fucking idiot I've been."'

Even with their hiccups, the two truly love each other, and have moved on from their respective mistakes.

"I suppose it's fair to say we love each other. I love her, and she loves me. She was brought up in a music industry, so she's not like a schoolteacher who married a rock star. But that's a very good question. There's no other woman I really want to spend the rest of my life with. You make a mistake and you learn by it. She's made a few mistakes, and so have I. You know when you hear these people go, 'Oh, we've been married 35 years and we've never had a row.' I go, 'You must have been living in a different fucking country.' Sometimes, I've looked at my wife and I've just been angry as fuck, and vice versa. Other times, I go, 'Fuck, I love you."'

Ozzy and Sharon forever...

[Image via La Niece/WENN.]

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Emily Ratajkowski Sexy

Emily Ratajkowski looking sexy while out in NYC – 9/13/17. Emily Ratajkowski is a model/actress. Age: 26.

If you haven’t checked out and liked our Facebook page, please go here and do so.

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Amy Roloff: Slammed by Haters After Granddaughter’s Birth: Why?!

Audrey and Jeremy Roloff have welcomed their baby girl into this world. This should be a happy occasion for the whole family -- and for their fans.


Apparently not, since some fans are taking this as yet another opportunity to complain about Amy Roloff.

Amy Roloff Picture

To be clear, most fans of Little People, Big World and of the Roloff family are perfectly nice people, we're sure.

As with any fandom, it's a very vocal minority that seem to manage to dominate conversations simply by complaining harder than anyone else.

This is as true for reality television as it is for video games or films.

Once again, fans are hating on Amy Roloff.

Let's see. Last time was when fans hated on Amy Roloff for traveling with her boyfriend.

(The fiend!)

Specifically, these haters seemed to take issue with Amy being out of town when her newest grandbaby could have been born any minute.

We listed the various reasons for which this was ... not valid criticism.

Like, logistically, first-time labor tends to last for a while, so Amy Roloff would probably be able to get back pretty quickly from anywhere in North America "in time."

Also, not all grandparents are present for their grandchild's birth. it's seldom feasible.

Amy Roloff is allowed to have a life. All of her children are adults. Going somewhere with her boyfriend is not "neglect," or whatever.

Basically, some folks needed to get a grip.

This time, fans are mad at Amy Roloff for something different ... and yet the same.

Audrey Roloff Baby Picture

This time, Amy Roloff's "heinous crime" is ... not yet posting a photo of her new grandbaby, Ember.

("Ember" is a great name, by the way -- and easy to remember)

Or, rather, Amy Roloff is earning ire for posting an Instagram ad and not yet spamming her followers with photos of her second-ever grandbaby.

Sure, the family matriarch posted an ad.

But isn't part of the beauty of Instagram the fact that, if you don't care about whatever people are trying to promote, you can move on with the slightest motion of your finger?

No. According to some of Amy's followers, it's a huge inconvenience that warrants their very vocal complaints.

"We are interested in you and your family. Stop hawking products," one follower demanded 

"Love you and your family but I stop following when you start doing commercials," griped another.

She did get some nice comments, at least:

"Awww Amy you're looking so healthy and happy, thrilled for you!!"

Audrey Roloff, Baby Photo

For the record, it's not like Amy Roloff is ignoring the birth of her granddaughter.

At the good news, Amy Roloff shared her delight with all of her Instagram followers.

"And my baby granddaughter is here. I'm so so excited and happy for Jeremy and Audrey. I'm a grandma again. Ember Jean is beautiful. What a blessing. My heart is full of joy!!"

Maybe her haters are the sort who only look at the pictures and don't read the words?

Even on Instagram, you need to read the words, folks.

Amy Roloff and Cute Grandson

This is all extra silly, because we all know how much Amy Roloff loves grandma time with Jackson Roloff.

It's silly to assume that she already has a favorite grandbaby.

(Jackson Roloff is 4 months old, by the way -- he's growing up so quickly!)

Stop shaming a doting and loving grandmother, please.

Let her upload photos at her own pace. Please.

Sooner or later, we'll have just as many photos of Ember as we do of Jackson.

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Amber Tamblyn Pens Open Letter to James Woods: I’m Not a Liar!

James Woods got roasted for unbelievable hypocrisy after trying to bash a critically acclaimed gay film. He'd claimed that it, or Hollywood, or whoever, was "chipping away at decency."

He was then immediately on the receiving end of what we can only describe as some brutal and well-deserved clapback. Multiple women came forward with stories of James Woods hitting on them when they were teenagers.

Amber Tamblyn, whose tweet was the first of many accusations, took the opportunity and penned an open letter to James Woods.

Amber Tamblyn, James Woods Split

First, a quick refresher.

James Woods has done some incredible voicework over the years, which makes it all the more painful for many of his fans that he's turned out to be so aggressively offensive.

It's not just that he tweets support for Donald Trump or that he holds conservative viewpoints.

James Woods seems to actively court controversy to a point that would make Lena Dunham blush.

Earlier this summer, James Woods posted a photo of a gender creative child and his supportive parents at Pride, suggesting that the kid would grow up to be a deranged serial killer.

That was disgusting and transphobic, obviously.

James Woods defended himself by saying that he has gay friends, and couldn't possibly be homophobic.

One, some people aren't homophobic but are transphobic. There's a lot of types of gross bigots in the world.

Two, isn't that the "how can I be racist when I have black friends?" defense? Amazing that bigots are still trying to pull that in 2017.

Well, now he bashed a gay romance film because the ages are different.

Set in Italy where, like the vast majority of the Western world, a 17-year-old is considered adult enough to consent to sex, the film Call Me By Your Name details a relationship between a 17-year-old young man and a 24-year-old man.

We won't get into the whole age-of-consent politics, but suffice to say that the characters break no laws and that the older man isn't, like, the younger man's teacher or priest or any other sort of authority figure.

But James Woods apparently figured that it was a great opportunity to dredge up old anti-gay arguments that deliberately conflate gay men with pedophiles.

James Woods in 2017

He tweeted: "As they quietly chip away the last barriers of decency. #NAMBLA"

James Woods' tweet, which name-dropped an infamous pedophilia organization from the '90s that hasn't existed for more than a decade, earned him some serious callouts.

First, Armie Hammer tweeted a reminder to him that he had once dated a 19-year-old when he was 60.

Then Amber Tamblyn tweeted, accusing James Woods of trying to pick her and her friend up and take them to Vegas when they were just 16.

She says that when they informed James Woods of their ages, he replied: "Even better."

Since then, other women have taken to Twitter to share their alleged experiences with James Woods hitting on them when they were young.

One person tweeted a question at James Woods:

"What makes a 24yo/17yo gay relationship inherently indecent but skeevy old guys trying to pick up a pair of 16 year old girls is okay?"

James Woods replied that the first is illegal (again ... that's not universally true, and certainly not true in Italy). He claims that the second, the accusation that Amber Tamblyn made against him, is a lie.

Amber Tamblyn

Amber Tamblyn penned an open letter to James Woods, published in Teen Vogue.

"What you are experiencing is called a teachable moment. ... The hope being that through this experience, you can change. You can redefine the man who will come after this moment and this man who came before."

We won't hold our breath, though.

"Since you've now called me a liar, I will now call you a silencer. I see your gaslight and now will raise you a scorched earth."

"Upon leaving the restaurant we were stopped by you and your friend, who both seemed very nice. At one point you suggested we should all go to Las Vegas together. 'It's such a great place, have you ever been?' You tried to make it sound innocent."

It sounds like Amber has encountered other predatory men during her life.

"This is something predatory men like to do, I've noticed. Make it sound innocent. Just a dollop of insinuation. Just a hair of persuasion. Just a pinch of suggestion. 'It will be so much fun, I promise you. Nothing has to happen, we will just have a good time together.'"

But she was 16.

"I told you my age, kindly and with no judgment or aggression. I told you my age because I thought you would be immediately horrified and take back your offer. You laughed and said, 'Even better. We'll have so much fun, I promise.'"

See, a normal person would have apologized. Not a teen and maybe not a 20-year-old, but a grown-ass adult would have. And old man certainly should have.

"At that time I was not a public persona. I had done a couple years on a soap opera as an actress, but you wouldn't know me from Adam. I'm sure you've racked your brain trying to remember how you could've possibly hit on the actress Amber Tamblyn at a diner almost two decades ago."

We wonder if her letter -- if he reads it -- will jog his memory.

"You think, it's not possible, there's no way I would've been so stupid as to hit on a 16-year-old known actress. But I wasn't known then, James. I was just a girl."

Clearly, Amber saw some of those tweets from other women who say that they had similar teenage encounters with James Woods.

"And I'm going to wager that there have been many girls who were just girls or women who were just women who you've done this to because you can get away with it."

That's heavy stuff.

James Woods Speaks

She finishes by imploring James Woods to consider what sort of man he is and to face the truth.

Amber clearly hopes that he can change.

We doubt that he will. So many of his political opinions seem to be based upon a total lack of self-examination.

James Woods has characterized these accusations as personal attacks, as the last resort of his political opponents.

Controversies aside, we don't think that he's enough of a political figure to warrant some contrived character assassination.

It looks like Amber just saw his controversial, deeply offensive tweet and figured that he needed a reminder that people in glass houses shouldn't throw stones.

Martin Shkreli Imprisoned Following Hillary Clinton Threat

If you've ever wondered if there's any truth to those quotes about karma that your pettiest friend is always posting on Facebook, then look no further than the sad case of Martin Shkreli.

As you may recall, Shkreli first made a name for himself as a world class jack rag by hiking up the cost of a life-saving medication by more than 5,000 percent during his time as CEO of Turing Pharmaceuticals.

Martin Shkreli is a Douche

Apparently a fan of being universally despised, Shkreli proceeded to embark on a career of professional douchery.

He feuded with the Wu Tang Clan after buying the exclusive rights to the group's latest album and refusing to share any of it publicly.

He then trolled the entire hip hop community by stealing unreleased tracks from artists and releasing them online without permission.

If you're thinking those two acts seem to run counter to one another, you have to bear in mind that at all times, Shkreli is motivated by nothing but the desire to piss off as many people as possible.

We won't bore with you the full list of the Pharma Bro's indiscretions (though getting kicked off of Twitter for harassing a Teen Vogue reporter is a doozy that bears repeating), but suffice it to say, the guy is the worst, and he's finally paying the price for his life of dickishness.


Last month, Shkreli was convicted of securities fraud, and his crimes could land him behind bars for up to twenty years.

Martin is white and wealthy, so he was able to post bond, and the original plan was that he would await his sentencing at home.

But that would've required Shkreli to refrain from publicly engaging in behavior that's been roundly condemned by society for a few weeks, so naturally, he effed it up.

For reasons that are clear only to him, Shkreli offered his Facebook followers $5,000 to grab a strand of Hillary Clinton's hair during her current book tour.

Turns out, our legal system frowns on issuing public threats and paying for acts of assault, so yesterday, the judge in his case issued an order for Shkreli's pasty ass to be thrown in jail.

Martin Shkreli Photo

“The fact that he continues to remain unaware of the inappropriateness of his actions or words demonstrates to me that he may be creating ongoing risk to the community,” said U.S. District Judge Kiyo Matsumoto, in revoking Shkreli's bond.

“This is a solicitation of assault. That is not protected by the First Amendment.”

Shkreli was taken into custody immediately after his hearing, and this morning, he was issued an inmate number at the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn.

But we're sure he isn't worried.

After all, the guy who spent the past two years terrorizing the poor and publicly taunting hip hop fans should have no problem making friends inside a Brooklyn prison.

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