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Jason Bateman Defends Wife Amanda Anka After She Accuses André Balazs of Groping Her

Jason Bateman, Amanda Anka, 2017 Oscars, Academy Awards, CouplesCelebrity hotelier André Balazs is being accused of sexual misconduct by Jason Bateman's wife, Amanda Anka. In a new report from The New York Times, Anka alleges Balazs groped...

Decoding Taylor Swift’s Reputation Lyrics: Stories of Love, Secrets and a Getaway Car

Taylor Swift, ReputationReputation is here! Taylor Swift just dropped her sixth studio album, complete with 15 songs. The 27-year-old singer had previously released four songs off of Reputation. First we had...

Gal Gadot Can’t Be Alone, Busty Belgian Model Rose Bertram and More

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Aaron Paul’s Wife Lauren Reveals Sex of Their First Child

Lauren Parsekian, Aaron PaulAaron Paul will soon become a father to a baby girl! The Breaking Bad star's wife Lauren Paul made a sly announcement on Thursday via Instagram--the sex of their first child...

Mel B and Stephen Belafonte Settle Domestic Violence Claim Amid Divorce

Mel B, Stephen BelafonteMel B and estranged husband Stephen Belafonte have reached an agreement regarding their divorce that removes her domestic violence claims against him. Mel had filed the divorce papers in...

Chloe Sullivan From ‘Smallville’ Is Running a Sex Cult While Felicity Smoak’s Sex Cult Is Just a Pale Imitation

I’m sorry to say this may well be the last article I write for The Blemish, because I just found out Allison Mack, who played Chloe Sullivan on Smallville, is the second in command of a sex cult and I’ve got to sign up quickly because like hell am I going to miss my chance to be Watchtower’s sex slave. College me would never forgive me if I blew this chance.

The Daily Mail is the first major outlet to run a story about this sex cult called DOS that is a part of  “management training” company NXIVM. It’s run by a man named Keith Rainere and mentions Allison Mack, though the New York Times ran an exposé last month without mentioning Mack. A website called The Frank Report, run by former NXIVM publicist Frank Parlato, has been documenting this for a good while before that.

Parlato explains, in one post, how Mack became sexually involved with Rainere, whom she had met through NXIVM, which she joined with Kristen Kreuk and Kreuk’s boyfriend. When the couple broke up, Kreuk left but her boyfriend and Mack remained.

One day, Allison left her computer open. There was an email on the screen. One of her friends saw it and was shocked: It was an email from Keith to Allison. It said in effect:

‘If you and I want to have sex, you have to make a vow to have sex only with me. You have to give me collateral that you are only having sex with me.’

Friends of the actress say she pledged significant financial assets as collateral to ensure her chastity.

So yeah, that’s a cult. That’s what cults do. Possibly the reason earlier reports didn’t name Mack, even though she’s said to be the second in command of the sex cult is that she’s clearly a victim of Rainere like the women “below” her, because, and this is interesting, the sex cult is organized like a pyramid scheme and Mack was apparently the first recruit.

Keith teaches that, combined with little sleep and a low calorie diet, a woman who has sex with him will be transformed. If he ejaculates with her, on her, or inside her, she becomes his forever.

As he healed her disintegrations though sex, he told her, as he had told many others, that he could die if she had sex with another man. He was ready to die, but his mission was not complete.  She had to give more collateral.

Wow, this management seminar is getting weird. How do you not realize that this is the sort of thing a crazy person thinks? I feel bad for Allison here. Also, he makes people call him “Vanguard”. That’s not something people do, that’s something Kyle MacLachlan’s character on How I Met Your Mother does.

When there were no more financial assets to pledge, he allowed her to give nude pictures and videos.  She had done cute pictures in her bra and panties. Maybe topless. Girls give pictures like that to their boyfriends all the time.

No. Cute pictures are not collateral. Neither are sexy pictures. It had to be completely naked. More: It had to go beyond moderate pornographic.

She had to have her legs up and her vagina spread open and it had to show her face. A shot of her inner labia with her face in the picture.

Yeah, okay, so this is super salacious. Remember that Rainere had convinced Allison she needed him to heal her. With his sperm. Which would be an awesome superpower, and was also a subplot in the second season of the Australian sitcom Laid. That did air in 2011, maybe that’s where he got the idea.

Long story short, he eventually convinced Mack that she needed to go and recruit more women. So he could heal them. With cum.

By the way, this guy has a YouTube channel, and it is a goddamn riot. Let’s have a look.

This is seriously creepy once you’ve heard about the whole sex cult thing. Rainere is making absolutely zero sense, he’s just saying words and buzzwords. People actually took this guy seriously. CEOs paid him tens of thousands, in some cases millions, of dollars to spout this bullshit. I should investigate this career path, honestly, I get paid significantly less to spout bullshit and I haven’t had sex with anyone from Smallville. I haven’t even had sex with anyone from Arrow and that show has been going downhill since season 3.

But look at the way Mack is looking at him, like he’s some kind of genius that she’s in love with. She’s clearly been brainwashed, you’d have to be to take this guy seriously. Maybe Justin Hartley can take a break from This Is Us and hit Rainere with a boxing glove arrow and save her.

Roloff Family Photo Album: Little People, Lots of Love!

The Roloffs may be a successful reality TV family, but they are not the Kardashians.

Social media photos of this close-knit bunch do not depict teenagers in lingerie or grandparents in bikinis.

Instead, over the years, we've been treated to adorable snapshots at the family farm and/or precious pictures of newborns being cradled in the hospital.

Because we're such big fans of Little People, Big World, we've collected some of our favorite Roloff family photos in the album below.

Scroll around and enjoy!

1. Fun in a Blackout

Cute roloff photo
Amy said she went over to Zach and Tori's house because her home lost power. And she found Jacob there as well, apparently!

2. Ember Jean: First Photo!

Ember jean first photo
Wow. What an amazing photo. Audrey Roloff has given us this look at the moment she welcomed her daughter into the world.

3. Such a Cute Family

Such a cute family
Audrey and Jeremy Roloff gush here over their daughter. Her name is Ember Jean.

4. Life on Their Farm

Life on their farm
How precious! Look at Ember with her parents in this photo on the farm. Looking good, Audrey and Jeremy!

5. All The Roloffs

All the roloffs
What a happy family! Look at this photo of every Roloff member on their beloved farm.

6. Jer, Auj and Ember

Jer auj and ember
Audrey, Ember and Jeremy Roloff make quite a sweet family, don't they?
View Slideshow

Taylor Swift Thinks Selena Gomez Can Do Better Than Justin Bieber

Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber are forever ever ever getting back together. And Selena’s friends don’t like it, but they can’t outright say, “You’re being an idiot” without looking like assholes.

So, they’re being supportive but telling Selena to just be careful. It’s probably not a good thing when your friends treat your relationship like it’s a road trip. “I don’t like you driving five hours to an amusement park, but if you’re gonna do it, just make sure you’re careful. And bring your sunscreen because it’s supposed to be hot out.”

According to a source, Francia Raisa, who donated Gomez her kidney, is said to not be a fan of Bieber. If Gomez listens to anyone, shouldn’t it be the girl who donated her a kidney? She gave you an organ. If she says, “I don’t like the boy you’re dating.” You say, “Then I shall not date him” or have her give her the kidney back because she didn’t keep you alive for you to date Justin Bieber.

Taylor Swift, the ultimate advice giver, believes that Gomez can do much better. I agree. Has she ever tried dating a stay-at-home writer? However, Swift does think Justin has grown up. Well, yeah. Physically. But probably not mentally.

Of course, Justin’s pastor would disagree with me. He’s credited the singer for working hard and finding his relationship with Jesus. Hey, just because you have a great relationship with Jesus doesn’t mean you’re going to have a great relationship with a pop star. Jesus loves unconditionally. Gomez once sang about being sick of that same old love.

I’m very excited for this to end poorly and for Selena’s friends to give her that “I told you so” speech. That’s the thing I’m most looking forward to in 2018. Yes, I know that’s a little sad. No, I don’t care.

‘Magnum, P.I.’ Sidekick John Hillerman Dead at 84

John Hillerman -- the co-star on "Magnum, P.I." who played Tom Selleck's condescending landlord -- has died. A spokeswoman for the family reportedly said he died Thursday at his home in Houston. The cause of death is not known. Hillerman played…

Get Ready for Star Wars and High School Musical TV Shows

Zac Efron, High School Musical 2May the force be with you, Wildcats. TV series based on Stars Wars and High School Musical are in the work, Walt Disney Company chairman and CEO Bob Iger revealed during a quarterly...

Steven Seagal Turned Portia de Rossi Into A Lesbian By Exposing Himself

Portia de Rossi put her new 280 Twitter character limit to use on Wednesday when she tweeted about an uncomfortable experience with actor Steven Seagal.

Maybe he was testing her to see if she would say anything about his fly being down during their meeting?

Based on Vulture’s story and de Rossi’s tweet, it sure sounds Seagal had a reputation around Hollywood and that casting agents knew about it. Julianna Margulies and Lisa Guerrero have come forward to say that Seagal invited both of them, along with a female casting agent, to spend the night with him.

This isn’t new information against Seagal. Jenny McCarthy accused him of sexual harassment back in 1998 while casting for Under Siege 2. Could you imagine if social media was a thing back when Jenny McCarthy was at her peak? I’m shocked she’s only spoken out against Seagal because I bet she was harassed all the time.

Seagal was also sued by an assistant for sexual harassment and sex trafficking. Those charges were dropped, likely after the person was paid off.

You know de Rossi is telling the truth in this case because of the outlet she used. Alright, plenty of accusers have used Twitter to tell their story, but de Rossi has only sent two other tweets this year. Both included pictures. Do you know how much restraint it takes and how impactful you can be if you only send three tweets a year? I’ve sent three tweets while writing this story. De Rossi is a boss.

I don’t know what happened to her agent who basically set her up on a creepy date, but I hope de Rossi fired him/her right there. Then, I hope she sent him/her a picture of her wedding to Ellen DeGeneres with the caption, “Steven Seagal was not my type.”

MILF-O-Rama Jennifer Nicole Lee's Booty Delights

Duuun dun. Duuun dun. Dun dun dun dun dun dun dunununnnn! That's the best Jaws I can do on a Thursday afternoon, and it's all to annouce that once again, back by popular...

Millie Bobby Brown Headed To ‘Chronicles of Narnia’

It’s been seven years since the last Chronicles of Narnia movie. No one remembers it, which means it’s time to make a new one as a way to reboot the franchise. Chronicles of Narnia: Silver Chair will hit theaters sometime in the next couple of years, but not before they actually cast the movie.

Their first casting decision is offering the role of the female lead to Millie Bobby Brown. That’s Eleven from Stranger Things, not someone related to Bobby Brown. Millie has yet to accept or reject the role and her availability will depend on when Stranger Things 3 begins filming.

Pass on this movie, Millie. But claim you’re only passing because it will interfere with your role in Stranger Things. And then make the producers of Stranger Things feel guilty that you passed on a big movie role for their Netflix show so they pay you more money.

This Hollywood agent thing is easy.

Silver Chair will be written by David Magee. Well, it’s already been written because it was a book. He’s just going to write it in movie form. The movie will follow Eustace Scrubb on an adventure to find the missing heir to the throne. No word yet on who will play the lion, the witch, or the wardrobe.

I just finished up Stranger Things 2 (no spoilers, I promise) and I thought Millie was fantastic once again. But if Hollywood really wants to revive the Narnia franchise, they should cast the dude who played Will. He was awesome.

The goal with Silver Chair is to revive the Narnia franchise, which seems like a dumb idea based on how the last two movies performed at the box office. Both came in way under their production budget because we were only forced to read the first book in the series at school, not the others.

Louis C.K. Jerks Off in Front of Unsuspecting Women

You know, rumors about Louis C.K. have been flying around for years, and five women have come forward with allegations against the stand-up comic, published today in The New York Times. I’m going to be honest, this is going to be big, big news because of the size of C.K.’s celebrity, but so far this doesn’t exactly make him sound like another Harvey Weinstein to me. I might regret saying that tomorrow if worse allegations surface, but I can only comment on the material we have at hand. Pun intended. Because Louis likes to jerk off in front of people.

So let’s dig into these allegations and get our hands dirty. Pun also intended.

Ms. [Rebecca] Corry, a comedian, writer and actress, has long felt haunted by her run-in with Louis C.K. In 2005, she was working as a performer and producer on a television pilot — a big step in her career — when Louis C.K., a guest star, approached her as she was walking to the set. “He leaned close to my face and said, ‘Can I ask you something?’ I said, ‘Yes,’” Ms. Corry said in a written statement to The New York Times. “He asked if we could go to my dressing room so he could masturbate in front of me.” Stunned and angry, Ms. Corry said she declined, and pointed out that he had a daughter and a pregnant wife. “His face got red,” she recalled, “and he told me he had issues.”

Soooo…. Louis asked her if he could masturbate in front of her, she said no, he got mad about it but proceeded to not masturbate in front of her or retaliate against her. This doesn’t seem like a major issue to me, people proposition people for sex all the time. All this does is tell us Louis likes people to watch him masturbate.

Let’s hear from another woman, who wanted to stay anonymous, about an incident she described as having happened during production of The Chris Rock Show, on which Louis was a writer.

In the late ’90s, she was working in production at “The Chris Rock Show” when Louis C.K., a writer and producer there, repeatedly asked her to watch him masturbate, she said. She was in her early 20s and went along with his request, but later questioned his behavior.

“It was something that I knew was wrong,” said the woman, who described sitting in Louis C.K.’s office while he masturbated in his desk chair during a workday, other colleagues just outside the door. “I think the big piece of why I said yes was because of the culture,” she continued. “He abused his power.” A co-worker at “The Chris Rock Show,” who also wished to remain anonymous, confirmed that the woman told him about the experience soon after it happened.

Kind of hard to say how C.K. “abused his power.” Maybe he was her superior, I don’t know. He asked her to do something, she said yes. Did he threaten her implicitly or explicitly? It doesn’t exactly sound like it, but he may have. If so, then yes, that is a major problem.

Okay, so, things get a little more damning from there.

Ms. [Abby] Schachner, a writer, illustrator and performer, admired Louis C.K.’s work. They had met in the comedy scene; Ms. Schachner’s former boyfriend was a comedy writer who had worked with Louis C.K. In 2003, when she called Louis C.K. with an invitation to her show, he said he was at work in an office as a writer on the series “Cedric the Entertainer Presents,” she recalled.

Their conversation quickly moved from the personal — Louis C.K. had seen photos of her on her boyfriend’s desk, he said, and told her he thought she was cute — to “unprofessional and inappropriate,” Ms. Schachner said.

She said she heard the blinds coming down. Then he slowly started telling her his sexual fantasies, breathing heavily and talking softly. She realized he was masturbating, and was dumbfounded. The call went on for several minutes, even though, Ms. Schachner said, “I definitely wasn’t encouraging it.” But she didn’t know how to end it, either. “You want to believe it’s not happening,” she said. A friend, Stuart Harris, confirmed that Ms. Schachner had described the call to him in 2003.

Okay, so, just starting to jerk it on the phone with someone is not good behavior. And pretty weird. But again, I fail to see how Louis was in a position of power here, unless you count his cache as a popular stand-up among other stand-ups. It doesn’t sound like he was promising to advance her career or threatening her. It was a phone call, a good way to end it would be “Okay, I have to go, bye.” So this is veering into “Louis is a creep” territory, but not “Louis is as bad as Harvey Weinstein” territory.

I want to make it clear I’m not trying to excuse Louis C.K. for any sort of sexual misconduct here, it’s just what I’m reading so far doesn’t really seem to cross any major ethical lines for me. Like, would we be talking about this if Louis asked someone to have sex with him, she said no, and then he didn’t retaliate against her in any way? Or if he asked a co-worker to sleep with him, without coercion or quid pro quo, and she said yes and then they had sex? That doesn’t seem inappropriate, it seems like Louis’s weird kink of wanting women to watch him jerk off rather than fuck them makes this seem a lot more salacious than it is so far.

Well, there’s one last incident, and this one does seem to cross a line. Maybe. I can see room for equivocation, where Louis believed the women had given consent when they didn’t think he was serious and would have said no if they knew he was really asking them.

In 2002, a Chicago comedy duo, Dana Min Goodman and Julia Wolov, landed their big break: a chance to perform at the U.S. Comedy Arts Festival in Aspen, Colo. When Louis C.K. invited them to hang out in his hotel room for a nightcap after their late-night show, they did not think twice. The bars were closed and they wanted to celebrate. He was a comedian they admired. The women would be together. His intentions seemed collegial.

As soon as they sat down in his room, still wrapped in their winter jackets and hats, Louis C.K. asked if he could take out his penis, the women said.

They thought it was a joke and laughed it off. “And then he really did it,” Ms. Goodman said in an interview with The New York Times. “He proceeded to take all of his clothes off, and get completely naked, and started masturbating.”

Maybe part of the issue is I’m underestimating Louis’s apparent pull in the comedy scene. It does sound like Louis’s manager threatened the pair after they started telling everyone about what happened, and though he denies making any explicit threats, implicit threats work just as well.

Hoping that outrage would build against Louis C.K., and also to shame him, they began telling others about the incident the next day. But many people seemed to recoil, they said. “Guys were backing away from us,” Ms. Wolov said. Barely 24 hours after they left Louis C.K.’s hotel, “we could already feel the backlash.”

Soon after, they said they understood from their managers that Mr. [Dave] Becky, Louis C.K’s manager, wanted them to stop telling people about their encounter with Louis C.K. Lee Kernis, one of the women’s managers at the time, confirmed on Thursday that he had a conversation in which he told Mr. Becky that Louis C.K.’s behavior toward the women had been offensive. Mr. Kernis also said that Mr. Becky was upset that the women were talking openly about the incident.

So here’s the thing; five women have said Louis either masturbated in front of them or on the phone with them or asked to masturbate in front of them. But that’s not really the issue, provided Louis isn’t abusing his power in order to force women to watch him masturbate.

Louis does, at least now, have a lot of power in Hollywood because of his celebrity, and he had power in comedy circles in the 1990’s and early 2000’s because he was a respected comic. No one wanted to listen to Wolov and Goodman in 2002, at least, so he had some influence in those circles. But I’m not seeing any actual proof he abused that power, at least knowingly. It’s one thing to use your power to force someone to watch you masturbate; it’s a whole other thing if they appear to have consented to watch you masturbate.

And look, it does, on the surface, make sense that Louis wouldn’t want people talking about this even if he hadn’t done anything wrong. It’s a pretty weird fetish to want people to watch you jerk off, that’s embarrassing. Dino Stamatopoulos might cop to it, but it’s still embarrassing.

Louis C.K. is either a serial sexual harasser or a weird guy with a kink we can all have a chuckle about. The difference is whether or not he’s using his status and power to force women to do things against their will. There’s nothing illegal or really immoral about being a weirdo sexually, as long as you respect people’s boundaries. I’m completely sure that we’ll find out which one Louis C.K. is, probably by Monday morning, but I personally am not comfortable passing judgement on him just yet.

Jasmine Tookes Melontown USA For Victoria's Secret

Victoria's Secret model Jasmine Tookes just can't seem to slow her sexy roll, and recently took to Venice Beach to one up her hot sweaty shoot that we took a look at just...

Jon Bernthal Says Kevin Spacey Was ‘A Bully’, Lucky He’s Not a Teenage Boy

Want to hear a massive understatement? Jon Bernthal said that Kevin Spacey was “a bit of a bully” to the cast and crew of Baby Driver, and that caused him to “lose all respect” for Spacey. Which, you know, seems kind of quaint what with the attempted rape of a 14 year old and all the dick grabbing on the set of House of Cards.

Bernthal was on The Jim and Sam Show on Sirius XM with Jim Norton and Sam Roberts when Norton brought up Kevin Spacey and Baby Driver. People had a transcript of the most relevant bits of the interview.

“The kind of man he was when I saw him, working with, made me lose all respect for him and I was enormously disappointed,” said Bernthal of finally working alongside Spacey in the 2017 film.

He further elaborated, “Going onto that set and working with him, I wasn’t there much and I wasn’t really in a situation to judge, but when I was there he really rubbed me the wrong way. I thought he was a bit of a bully… I didn’t really care for the way he was behaving toward some of the other people on set.”

“I think he was acting toward people in a way that where I remember, at the time, thinking, man if that was a woman that he was talking to I would have done something, I would have said something,” said the actor. “And I was really happy to sort of get out of there.”

So The Punisher got off the set of a Kevin Spacey film without getting his dick grabbed, so that’s good, at least. It’s a good thing Spacey wasn’t in The Punisher, since it was already delayed once because of the Las Vegas mass shooting. Luckily the Texas mass shooting a few weeks later was only the fifth worst in US history, so The Punisher is still scheduled to premier November 17th on Netflix.

Jeremy Piven Sexually Assaulted a Woman With a 15-Minute Dry Humping

Look out, Harvey Weinstein. Jeremy Piven is on a quest to top your sexual assault number.

The Entourage actor’s number currently stands at three, so he has a while to go before catching Weinstein. But don’t doubt the sleaziness of Piven.

Piven’s latest accuser is advertising executive Tiffany Bacon Scourby. Five bucks says Piven used some lame “bacon and eggs” or “let’s sizzle” joke, she gave him a courtesy laugh, and there was no stopping him after that.

Scourby says that she met Piven at a club and he used the ol’ “I’m gonna be a guest on Conan tomorrow night, wanna come?” line on her. That line works every time. She agreed and they met up the next day at Trump International Hotel. Trump International, your sexual assaults are safe with us.

As they were sitting on the couch, Piven forced himself on top of her, exposing himself and rubbing his dick and balls over her. She tried to push him off, but couldn’t. After 15 minutes of dry raping, Piven came on her white turtleneck.

Oh God, I already know what Piven’s defense is going to be. “Do you really think I only last 15 minutes?” Just wait. He’s going to use that line.

After Piven got off, Scourby got out. She ran out the room, wiped Piven’s juice on the wall, and cried in a cab. The incident occurred 14 years ago and Scourby had put it behind her until recently, when Piven’s name was brought up in other sexual assault incidents.

Piven hasn’t responded to any of the allegations, even going silent on social media. A representative for Piven said the actor is willing to take a polygraph test to prove that these women are lying. He’s also pursuing legal action.

Oh, Jeremy. You don’t want to do this. These women aren’t lying. We all watched Entourage. You were a little too believable as Ari Gold and we all know you’re not that good of an actor.

Check back tomorrow when another woman will have accused Piven of sexual assault.

Emily Ratajkowski Insta Booty Shake In Super Revealing Bikini

Emily Ratajkowski could look hot while using a gas station restroom - in fact I'm sure some of you would pay good money to see that - so it's no surprise that she's...

Star Wars Director Rian Johnson Developing a New Film Trilogy

Rian Johnson, Carrie Fisher Star Wars the Last JediThe Force is strong in Rian Johnson. Lucasfilm announced Thursday afternoon that the 43-year-old writer and director of Star Wars: The Last Jedi (in theaters Dec. 15) will create a...

Uma Thurman Choice Words and Other Fine Things To Ogle

VS Angels workout, the best of Gretchen Mol, and more!

Heidi Klum's Next Top Model Bikini

I wonder what it would take for me to no longer consider Heidi Klum to be attractive.

Batman Meets Aquaman in New ‘Justice League’ Clip (VIDEO)

It's "Who's More Grizzled: Superhero Edition"

Louis C.K. Exposed — FIVE Women Come Forward With Accusations Of Sexual Misconduct!

Yet another Hollywood figure is being accused by multiple women in a New York Times exposé.

This time, it's comedian and filmmaker Louis C.K.

There have been rumors swirling around the FX star masturbating in front of female comedians for years, but previous attempts to break the story have been shut down.

Related: Louis C.K.'s Movie Premiere And Colbert Appearance Canceled

But in the wake of Harvey Weinstein, women are becoming less afraid to speak out. Now five have come forward to the Times with stories of Louis' sexual misconduct.

Comedians Dana Min Goodman and Julia Wolov say C.K. invited them to his hotel room for a nightcap after their performance at the U.S. Comedy Arts Festival in Aspen in 2002.

They didn't think anything of the invitation as he was a respected comedian even back then, and they had one another there. But they say Louis immediately asked if he could take out his penis as soon as they sat down. Goodman recalls:

"He proceeded to take all of his clothes off, and get completely naked, and started masturbating."

Goodman and Wolov say they told others about the incident at the time but got wind that his manager was upset they were speaking out; fearing career damage they stopped.

Rebecca Corry says he actually asked her to masturbate in front of her during the filming of a television pilot, which she angrily declined. David Arquette and Courteney Cox, exec producers on the show, confirmed the story to the Times.

Comedian Abby Schachner says C.K. masturbated during a phone conversation with her in 2003.

The fifth woman, who wished to remain anonymous, worked at The Chris Rock Show where C.K. was a writer and producer. She says he asked her over and over if he could masturbate in front of her, and eventually she agreed. A coworker at the time confirmed her story.

Tig Notaro, who has been the loudest voice regarding the allegations, spoke to the Times, confirming that a recent storyline about sexual assault on her show One Mississippi is indeed a fictionalized version of Louis, who is listed as an exec producer on the Amazon hit. The comics used to be friends until Tig learned the rumors were true:

"Sadly, I've come to learn that Louis C.K.'s victims are not only real, but many are actual friends of mine within the comedy community."

You can find all these brave women's stories HERE.

With all the stories swirling through the years, we can't imagine these will be the only women to come forward.

[Image via Adriana M. Barraza/WENN.]

Jeremy Piven Denies Third Woman’s Sexual Assault Claim

Jeremy PivenJeremy Piven is being accused of sexual assault by a third woman. Tiffany Bacon Scourby, an advertising executive, has shared allegations with People, claiming that the actor sexually...

Amy Roloff: Is She Ready to Marry Chris Marek?

Amy Roloff's relationship with Chris Marek has somehow proven to be controversial, earning her some totally unwarranted hate.

But the Little People, Big World star doesn't let the trolls keep her from enjoying her romance.

Are Amy and Chris preparing to take this to the next level and get married?

Amy Roloff, Chris Marek Exercise Together

Little People, Big World is more than just an entertaining reality series about a captivating and often relatable family.

The Roloff family's show has educated audiences about dwarfism and, more significantly, served as a positive portrayal of little people that is often hard to find on reality television.

(Or elsewhere, really. It's Little People, Big World and Game of Thrones and ... that's about it for positive portrayals)

In particular, the Roloff family represents a powerful contrast from the various Little Women reality shows, whose stars tend to exhibit bad behavior.

We're not minimizing the important of a series like Little Women: Atlanta. People need to understand that little people are, you know, people. They might drink and swear and whatever.

But little people don't just exist for the entertainment of those of us who can reach things on high shelves. Their height doesn't have to be a punchline.

And while the lives of the Roloffs -- who are affluent reality stars who live on a farm -- aren't in any way typical, Little People, Big World does wonders in that it shows little people living their relatively normal lives and loving their family members.

Amy Roloff may no longer be married to Matt Roloff, but the two new grandparents are both central figures on the series.

Amy Roloff with Her Boyfriend

Two years after Amy and Matt Roloff ended their 26-year-marriage, Amy started up a relationship with Chris Marek.

Chris Marek is not a little person, and Amy has admitted that she never really expected to find herself in a relationship with a man who wasn't her size.

We imagine that part of that was a sort of creeping self-doubt and insecurity about whether or not a man could find her attractive. A lot of women with different disabilities feel this way.

(And have to fear chasers, who actively seek them out and may fetishize them)

But part if it must have been wondering if she could find a man who, though not a little person, would understand her and be willing to adjust his lifestyle to mesh with hers..

(Because everyday tasks and home furnishings that are convenient for little people may be inconvenient for others)

But something about Amy and Chris just works so well. The two of them have been doing weekly soup nights with friends for over a year. They go on vacations together. Amy Roloff even dressed up and handed out candy to trick-or-treaters with Chris.

Amy Roloff with Boyfriend

But Amy Roloff has been slammed for hitting the road with Chris, because it was "too close" to Audrey Roloff's due date.

Sometimes it seems like, no matter what Amy Roloff

Again and again, Amy Roloff has had to defend Chris Marek against haters and trolls who see her happiness and spit on it.

Some of these critics think that Chris is just chasing fame by being with Amy, though Amy has shot down this "theory."

Interestingly, Matt Roloff doesn't seem to get any of that vitriol even though he also divorced Amy and is also dating someone -- Camryn Chandler, a family friend.

It may just be that, to a small but vocal and hateful group of Little People, Big World fans, Amy Roloff can't do anything right. They even grandma-shame her over sweet baby photos.

We -- and most fans -- don't actually think that there's anything wrong with Amy's relationship with Chris. But we have to wonder how far they plan to take their runaway romance?

Amy Roloff Says Cheese

Amy Roloff has become a grandmother this year. As she dotes on her grandbabies, fans want to know if she and Chris are prepared to tie the knot.

There's nothing quite like becoming a grandmother to remind people that you're not getting any younger.

Fans, who are delighted that Amy Roloff is still living on Roloff Farms and able to be so close to her family (despite some accusations that she'd moved away, right after her grandbabies were born), would love to see her and Chris do something official.

They seem closer and closer as time goes on, and now they're celebrating holidays together. They're really starting to look like a family.

That said, we don't know what Amy has planned or what she's ready for. She was married to Matt for nearly three decades. Marriage is a huge decision, at any age.

We're sure that Amy Roloff's supportive fans will be happy with whatever Amy chooses for herself.

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Kylie Jenner: Trolling Her Fans…With Tampons?!

Last month, the world was shocked to learn that Kylie Jenner is pregnant with her first child,

As the 20-year-old had never previously expressed an interest in having children or, for that matter, anything other than herself, her social media presence, and her cosmetics line, many fans suspected the whole thing might be a farce.

Kylie Jenner, Baby Bump Hidden

Now, "evidence" that Kylie is "faking" her pregnancy has supposedly emerged on Snapchat--and fans are debating and dissecting this pic like it's the freakin' Zapruder film.

Recently, Kylie and some friends took a road trip.

As is customary for young folks hitting the highway, their first stop was at a convenient store, where they loaded up on the kind of snacks you can only eat when your 20 or pregnant.

Since Kylie is both (or is she?!), the calorie count crept toward the seven-figure range.

But it wasn't the fact that Kylie and friends shop like they're on their way to a party hosted by Seth Rogen and Snoop Dogg that caught fans' attention.

Kylie Jenner Snap

No, what really stood out about the pic was the item in the top right-hand corner.

Yes, as you can see, someone on the trip bought tampons.

And since the most salacious explanation is that Kylie bought the plunked down for the Playtex because she's totes not pregnant. that's the one many fans went with.

We gave her the benefit of the doubt and assumed that the tampons belonged to one of her traveling companions.

But as it turns out, everyone was wrong.

Or at least that's the claim being made by a source who claims to know Kylie best:

Kylie Jenner, White Bathrobe

“She’s loving the attention of everyone wondering about her pregnancy, she’s having fun teasing people," the insider tells Hollywood Life.

And why would Kylie engage in such pettiness?

Well, as it turns out she's bored out of her mind these days

“Kylie definitely isn’t loving every minute of being pregnant, and she’s struggling with Travis being away so much,” the source says.

“He’s doing everything he can to be supportive, but it’s difficult whilst he’s touring.”

Kylie Jenner Baby Bump?

Yes, apparently, Queen Kylie has grown weary of this tiresome gestation process and pranking the plebes is the only thing that still entertains her.

Interestingly, Kylie has yet to announce that she's pregnant, and fans have merely taken her silence on the matter as tacit confirmation that she's expecting.

Given how bored she is, we can only assume she's planning to make the announcement in some sort of epic fashion.

So get ready for the 2018 Kylie baby bump calendar!

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