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Swimsuit Model Hailey Clauson, Angelina Jolie Doesn’t Want Brad Pitt’s Money and More

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Miley Cyrus’ Thanksgiving and Birthday Plans With Liam Hemsworth Revealed

Liam Hemsworth, Miley CyrusIt's about to be a very special Thursday for Miley Cyrus. As the countdown continues for the official start of Thanksgiving, the "Malibu" singer doesn't just have the fall...

Ryan Phillippe Responds to Ex-Girlfriend’s Assault Allegations: “The Claims Are False”

Ryan Phillippe, Elsie Hewitt, InstagramUPDATE: Ryan Phillippe has responded to Elsie Hewitt's assault lawsuit, calling the accusations "utterly false" and an "unjustified attempt to extort money from...

Kendra Wilkinson Gets Dragged For Picking Cotton On Social Media

Tone deaf, much??

On Wednesday, while Kendra Wilkinson and husband Hank Baskett were on a road trip through Texas, she spots a field and gets an urge to pick cotton from a plant.

During her "adventure," the Kendra on Top star -- who is weirdly giddy about her scheme -- also jokes about getting shot while trespassing.

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When word of the video spread, social media users DRAGGED the reality TV personality for making light of something that has deep connections to slavery.

After facing heat, the Playboy covergirl's rep told TMZ she didn't mean to offend anyone, and is sorry if people took it the wrong way. The rep also points out that her husband Hank is black.

The 32-year-old also posted on Twitter:


[Image via Kendra Wilkinson/Instagram Story.]

19 Famous Side Dishes These Stars Should Not Have Tasted

This just in:

Not all famous people are loyal.

Some cheat. Many cheat, in fact.

And, in turn, the people with whom they cheat become famous themselves.

Below, for example, is a rundown of well-known men and women who allegedly slept with celebrities while those celebrities were in relationships...

1. Sara Leal

Sara leal us weekly cover
Sara Leal was the 22-year old who told Us Weekly all about the time Ashton Kutcher had sex with her in a hot tub...while he was still wed to Demi Moore.

2. Rachel Roy

Rachel roy picture
She sort of outed herself as Jay Z's mistress after Beyonce released an album titled "Lemonade" that clearly accuse her husband of cheating. (We said Rachel Roy, people. Not celebrity chef Rachael Ray.)

3. Rachel Uchitel

A rachel uchitel photograph
Patient zero of the Tiger Woods scandal. She later went on to serve as David Boreanaz's side-piece.

4. Ava London

Ava london video still
London's dalliance with Hank Baskett is still stirring up drama. We hope for her sake that she's working on scoring a reality show deal.

5. Cady Groves

Cady groves photo
Cady Groves was a little-known singer songwriter...until she (allegedly) broke up the biggest marriage in country music. We don't know if Cady is any good when it comes to writing country songs, but she sure knows how to live one!

6. Chloe Bartoli

Chloe bartoli hot on the beach
Photos of Chloe canoodling with Scott Disick led to the reality star getting dumped by Kourtney Kardashian. She still says the pics were misleading, and nothing happened between them.
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Kylie Jenner: Is She REALLY Faking Her Pregnancy?!

As you've no doubt heard by now, Kylie Jenner is pregnant with her first child.

We think.

Kylie has yet to confirm that she's expecting, and a surprisingly large contingent of fans believe that's because she's not actually knocked up.

Why would she engage in such a foolish stunt? What makes Kylie's biggest fans think she's misleading the public? And why the hell won't she just come out and say whether she's pregnant?

Join us as we put on our Sherlock Holmes caps to answer these questions and more:

1. Body of Evidence

Kylie jenner baby bump hidden
Kylie is keeping mum on the issue of her rumored pregnancy. That hasn't stopped her from posting on social media, of course, but as you can tell from the photo above, she's been going to great lengths to conceal her midsection.

2. Deceptive Selfies?

Kylie jenner serious selfie
Naturally Kylie is still posting selfies, and fans are putting them under the microscope in search of a baby bump, but thus far, no solid evidence has emerged.

3. Kylie's Closeup

Kylie jenner closeup
Kylie obsessives are so desperate for proof they've cited THIS photo--a closeup of Kylie's face--as evidence that she's knocked up. We kid you not; several fans have commented on Kylie's "obvious pregnancy face."

4. Snapchat Slip-Up?

Kylie jenner snap
Of course, it's impossible to post on social media as often as Kylie does without occasionally revealing more than one wants to. Some fans think Kylie messed up with this Snapchat post from early November that appears to show her buying tampons.

5. Offspring Bonanza

Khloe kardashian new face
Others think it's suspicious that three Kardashian women are expecting children at the same time ... and that the news coincides with a recent decline in the family's popularity.

6. But Why Would Kylie Lie?

Kylie jenner with her lips
Obviously, the Kards aren't averse to publicity stunts, but a fake pregnancy would be ridiculous even by Kris Jenner's standards. Still, that hasn't stopped fans from compiling a number of theories as to why Kylie would pretend to have a bun in the oven ...
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Kendall Jenner Spread Eagle At The Knicks/Clippers Game

Kendall Jenner was anything but a lady while airing out her chalupa courtside at the Knicks vs. Clippers game. The fashionista paired white thigh-high boots with white...

Emilia Clarke Conflicted Feelings and Other Fine Things to Ogle

Twerking singers, chicks naked under aprons, and more!

Mama June Maintains Her Weight Loss: See Her 7 Months After the Surgery Reveal

Mama JuneIt's been seven months since Mama June debuted her size four figure to the world, and it looks like the reality star has managed to keep the weight off. The Here Comes Honey Boo Boo...

Hailey Baldwin Parties Hard For Her 21st Birthday

As of today international supermodeling sensation Hailey Baldwin is twenty-one, which means that she can legally drink and that it's time for her to pack up her bags and...

Lottie Moss Little White Dress

Give Kate Moss' little half-sister Lottie Moss credit for daring to bare legs and body in little white dress despite the climate around her. That climate being both the...

Selena Gomez’s Nirvana Blonde Hair Took How Long to Do?!

ESC: Selena GomezWhen Selena Gomez hit the AMAs red carpet, the beauty obsessed (and everyone else) went crazy. After the news of the singer's recovering health and breakup with The Weeknd, we...

Holly Rickwood and Hayleigh Morris Girls Night

"Oh my god, Hayleigh, you look totally drunk, you need to pull yourself together."

Diane Kruger Sparkles On The Red Carpet

I can think of no better woman to have played Helen of Troy than the beautiful Diane Kruger.

Kim Kardashian Fights to #FreeCyntoiaBrown

Kim Kardashian is not here to pose half-naked for a change.

And we're not here to make fun of Kim Kardashian in any way, shape or form for a change.

Cyntoia Brown

That's because the mother of two has just used her Twitter account for something other than personal exposure, alerting her millions and millions of followers to the plight of a young woman named Cyntoia Brown.

"The system has failed," Kardashian Tweeted this week, surprising fans and adding:

"It's heart-breaking to see a young girl sex trafficked then when she has the courage to fight back is jailed for life! We have to do better & do what's right.

"I've called my attorneys yesterday to see what can be done to fix this. #FreeCyntoiaBrown."

This unexpected message has caused many to wonder:

Who is Cyntoia Brown?

KK tweetrown

Brown was sentenced to life in prison back in 2004 when she was 16 years old.

She was found guilty shooting dead a 43-year old Nashville real estate agent named Johnny Allen after he picked her up for sex.

According to legal documents, Brown said she was forced out on the streets by her boyfriend, a drug-using pimp who went by the named “Kutthroat.”

She said he verbally and physically abused her over the years.

Brown explained after her arrest that Allen showed her his gun collection once they got back to his home.

She says ate dinner with him, watched television and got into his bed with him. From there...

"He grabbed me in-between my legs - he just grabbed it real hard," she told the trial court, adding:

"I'm thinking he's going to hit me or do something like it..."

brown tweet

Brown then said Allen turned over and reached for something at the side of his bed.

She thought he was getting a gun.

She therefore responded in self-defense and shot him in the head with a .40-caliber handgun that Kutthroat had given her.

Brown was tried as an adult, with prosecutors arguing that she attempted to rob Allen (because she left with his wallet and weapons).

The jury found her guilty of first-degree premeditated murder, first-degree felony murder, and aggravated robbery.

She will be eligible for parole when she is 67 years old.

Along with Kardashian, Rihanna and Cara Delevigne have written social media posts about Brown. 

Kim Kardashian Sexy Pose

They are trying to draw attention to young women such as Brown, who lived a life of violence and abuse before she was even old enough to vote.

Is she really the type of person who must spend decades behind bars?

"To each of you responsible for this child's sentence, I hope to God you don't have children," Rihanna wrote on Instagram about the situation.

Added Delevigne:

"The justice system is so backwards!!! This is completely insane."

While in prison, Brown earned an Associate's Degree from Lipscomb University's in-jail program. She is now working on another degree.

At the time of this writing, a petition seeking a presidential pardon for her has attracted over 186,000 signatures.

Kardashian's Tweet, meanwhile, has been Liked over 379,000 times.

Director Denis Villeneuve Talks About Why ‘Blade Runner 2049’ Flopped

One of the higher profile box office disappointments in 2017 was the ambitious sci-fi sequel Blade Runner 2049. Though the film was almost universally beloved by critics,...

Eva Longoria Quite Possibly on the Menu at NYC Restaurant

Eva Longoria’s taste in men is strange. She used to be married to Tony Parker from the Spurs and now she’s going around with discount Alan Arkin. I don’t get it.

I Had No Idea Olivia Wilde Would Be Even Hotter On A Paddleboard

If I was given state of the art technology and an unlimited amount of time, I still do not think that I could produce a face more perfect than what Olivia Wilde has going…

Funny GIF Of The Day: Dedication

This is what it looks like

Terry Glenn’s Son: Tom Brady’s Tribute Gave Me Chills

Terry Glenn's son says Tom Brady's touching tribute to his father meant the world to him ... telling TMZ Sports he got chills when he read the quarterback's message about the late NFL star. We spoke with Terry Glenn Jr. about the outpouring of…

Jeremy Roloff Shares New Family Photos, The "Key to Eternity"

Jeremy Roloff appears to be picking up where his wife left off.

Just a few days ago, Audrey Roloff opened up to Instagram followers about how she'll be taking a break from social media sharing because she wants to dedicate more time to God.

A Possibly Perfect Photo

We respect that decision, of course.

And we're sure her husband does as well.

But Jeremy has gone ahead and posted three new pictures of Audrey and their daughter, Ember Jean, on his own Instagram account.

And he's gone ahead and gotten all profound in the process as well.

"Light vs dark - this eternal battle within our heart," wrote Jeremy as a caption to the precious snapshot above.

He added:

"One lies about the key and the other something to be. Light, the weapon of peace. Peace involved in a fight.

"A fight for the grounds of our heart and the key - the key to eternity."

We may need a few minutes to digest this one...

Cuddling with Ember

As a caption to this second photo, Jeremy focused on something far more practical:

The state of little Ember.

A baby who had trouble sleeping early on, the youngest Little People, Big World star appears to be on an adorable roll of late.

But we'll let her proud papa tell you more:

"Ember is two months and one week. She is busy cutting two bottom teeth right now, and can officially roll over as of yesterday.

"She enjoyed her new trick so much that she did it twelve times and went on after singing to us (crying) for hours because of exhaustion.

"It’s been a busy week for this little lady."

AWWWW! We love it!

Auds and Embs

Lastly, Jeremy completed his Ember and Audrey photo montage with this cute image.

He included a very simple caption along with it:

"Getting ready for this PNW winter."

That would be Pacific Northwest.

It does get chilly out there between autumn and spring, but there are worse ways to spend a couple months than staying inside and cuddling with your child.

Far, far, far worse ways.

Thankfully, though, Ember has reached a point where Audrey and Jeremy can at least get out for the occasional date night.

We know it's bittersweet for them to leave their tiny loved one at home, but it's also helpful in the long run for parents to recharge and relax for a bit on their own.

And then when they return... all the hugs and all the kisses!

Alessandra Ambrosio Finishes Her Last Victoria's Secret Show With A Bang

Well, it’s official. The thirty-six-year-old Alessandra Ambrosio is hanging up her Angel wings and walking away from her Victoria’s Secret fame in order to pursue other…

An Unapologetic Oliver Stone Hits Back At Melissa Gilbert’s Sexual Harassment Allegation

Oliver Stone feels he has no need to apologize.

As we previously reported, two women have come forward to accuse the acclaimed director of misconduct in response to the powerhouse's controversial Harvey Weinstein stance. Not only did former Playboy playmate Carrie Stevens accuse the director of groping her at a party, but actress Melissa Gilbert told Andy Cohen that Stone harassed her during an audition for The Doors.

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While Oliver has backtracked his Weinstein remarks, he REFUSES to acknowledge that he did anything wrong amid The Doors audition. In case you missed it, per Melissa's account, the Hollywood heavyweight forced Gilbert to perform a scene he wrote specifically for her where she had to get on her hands and knees and say, "Do me, baby." She says she left the audition in tears.

The Snowden director has since addressed the controversy, as he noted in a statement to The Hollywood Reporter:

"We auditioned dozens of actors for roles in The Doors and it was made clear from the outset that our film was going to be a raunchy, no-holds-barred rock ‘n' roll movie. Anyone auditioning was told the scenes would be rehearsed and performed from a script, with my casting director, Risa Bramon Garcia, present throughout the process to ensure a safe environment for all actors who auditioned."

Garcia also weighed in on the accusations as she recalled that the auditions were "challenging," but defended that it was necessary "given the nature of the material and the subject of the film." She continued:

"However, every actor who auditioned came in voluntarily and was aware of the provocative material prior to engaging in their scenes. No actor was forced or expected to do anything that might have been uncomfortable, and most actors embraced the challenge, recognizing Oliver Stone's vision and the creative process. In my experience, there was no attempt to personally offend any particular actor. I always have and still do go out of my way to create a safe and creative space for actors in the audition room. It was no different on The Doors."

Hmmmm, very interesting. Hopefully, this entire thing was just one big misunderstanding.

Still, Stone has remained tight-lipped about the groping allegation...

[Image via Dave Bedrosian/Future Image/WENN.]

Olivia Wilde’s Swimsuit Nipples, SI Swimsuit’s Camille Kostek Bouncing Booty and More

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