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Mariah Carey Makes Her Triumphant Return to New Year’s Rockin’ Eve With a Medley and a Joke

Mariah Carey After last year's epic mishap and ensuing drama on Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve with Ryan Seacrest, Mariah Carey made sure she made a big comeback for this year's second...

Gillian Anderson Naked Photos

Celebrities_Fappening posted a photo:

Gillian Anderson Naked Photos

Gillian Anderson Naked Photos

For the full HQ photo set visit ▶▶ celebrities.thepornster.net/gillian-anderson-naked-photos/

New naked photos of Gillian Anderson. Perfect feets, perfect ass and beautiful bum.

#TheXFiles #TakeAKnee pic.twitter.com/65GJiBAOsl
— Gillian Anderson (@GillianA) September 26, 2017

#TheXFiles #TakeAKnee
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Camila Cabello, Shawn Mendes and Nick Jonas Wow at New Year’s Rockin’ Eve

Camila CabelloCamila Cabello brought her sultry moves to Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve With Ryan Seacrest on Sunday night, giving a rousing performance of her hit song, "Havana."...

See How Justin Bieber, Sofia Richie, Victoria Beckham and More Stars Are Spending Their New Year’s Eve

Justin Bieber, Cabo, New Year's Eve, 2017From Donald Trump's eyebrow-raising first year in office to Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber's out-of-nowhere reconciliation and Scott Disick's unlikely relationship with Lionel...

America Ferrera Is Pregnant With Her First Child

America Ferrera, InstagramAnd baby makes tres... America Ferrara took to her Instagram on New Year's Eve to make a very special announcement--that she's pregnant with her first child. While...

Mariah Carey Is All Smiles As She Rehearses for New Year’s Rockin’ Eve Comeback

Mariah Carey, New Year's Eve, InstagramSometimes even a diva needs a rehearsal... After last year's headline-making (for all the wrong reasons) performance at Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve, Mariah Carey...

Best Spanglish Songs of 2017: “Despacito,” “La Modelo,” “Mi Gente,” and Many More

Luis Fonsi, Daddy Yanki, DespacitoIt's safe to say that this was the year of Spanglish songs. Of course, bilingual songs are nothing new, artists like Gloria Estefan, Jennifer Lopez, Shakira, Ricky Martin, Marc...

Mariah Carey Reportedly Nailed Sound Check And Rehearsal — Looks Ready For New Year’s Rockin’ Eve Tonight

Looks like Mariah Carey is making the most of her second chance at redemption on New Year's Eve!

As you'll recall, the superstar is singing later tonight for Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve in New York City, hoping to make up for a dreadful performance at this same event last year that became the most embarrassing thing we'd seen in quite a while.

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But now, unlike last year, she's actually on stage beforehand preparing for the show! What a concept!

Ch-ch-check out the behind-the-scenes pictures and video of her pre-show rehearsals and prep (below):

Mariah and Bryan doing rehearsals 💕💕 #mariahcarey #bryantanaka #Bryriah #lambily Credit @bbydeee_A post shared by @ erica0808m on Dec 31, 2017 at 12:26pm PST

And more here (below):

#mariahcarey #rehersal #souncheck #hero Credit: @asong_stagram @bbydeee_A post shared by @ erica0808m on Dec 31, 2017 at 12:36pm PST

Not cutting any corners!!!!

According to sources at the event, Carey ran through her sound check with no issues, and she appears ready for tonight.

Also, it really was her -- and not a stand-in -- at the sound check this year.

Unlike last year, Carey's there and she appears to be motivated to make it happen.

Good for her!!!

[Image via FayesVision/WENN.]

Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber to Spend New Year’s Eve in Cabo

Justin Bieber, CaboSelena Gomez and on-again beau Justin Bieber will ring in 2018 in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. She jetted off to the Mexican resort town late last week and has been vacationing with friends....

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez Are Both in Cabo San Lucas for New Year’s Eve

Justin Bieber can't seem to stay away from his girlfriend, Selena Gomez, for the holidays ... 'cause they're in the same town south of the border for New Year's Eve.  Bieber was spotted shirtless and soaking up some sun Sunday in Cabo San…

Tamar Braxton’s Ex Vincent Herbert and Laura Govan Deny Baby Rumors

Tamar Braxton, Vincent Herbert, Laura GovanAfter Tamar Braxton announced that a woman told her that estranged husband Vincent Herbert got her pregnant, fans on Twitter pointed the finger at Basketball Wives L.A. star Laura...

Lindsay Lohan Wishes Happy New Year 2018 in Video From Dubai

Lindsay LohanHappy New Year from Lindsay Lohan! As millions of her fellow Americans prepare to ring in 2018 on Sunday, New Year's Eve, the 31-year-old Mean Girls actress posted on her Instagram...

Will Smith Shares Sweet Tribute to His ” Queen” Jada Pinkett Smith on 20-Year Wedding Anniversary

Jada Pinkett Smith, Will SmithLooks like they made it... On the 20th anniversary of their New Year's Eve wedding, Will Smith wrote a touching Instagram tribute to his wife of two decades, Jada Pinkett Smith, with...

Jana Kramer and Husband Mike Caussin Renewed Wedding Vows

Jana Kramer, Mike Caussin, Hawaii, 2017Jana Kramer has revealed that she and husband Mike Caussin renewed their vows earlier this month. The 34-year-old One Tree Hill star and country singer made her comments in an Instagram...

Jill Duggar SLAMMED for Sharing Offensive Photo of Her Son?!

There are lots of fun things about being a celebrity.

Money, fame, adoring fans ... what's not to like?

Jill Dill

As it turns out, if you just think about it for a minute, there are actually quite a few things not to like -- for instance, all those strangers who feel like it's OK to criticize you for each and every thing you do.

Sometimes it's deserved, of course, but a lot of times, haters hate just for the fun of it.

The Duggars know that. They know it very, very well.

To be clear, the Duggars have done several things through the years that deserve heaps and heaps of hate.

That horrible molestation scandal, and the way Jim Bob and Michelle handled it? Despicable.

Josh's Ashley Madison mistakes and his admission that he was addicted to both sex and porn? Yes, sure, throw all kinds of shade at that.

But a few days ago, Jill posted this photo of her younger son, Samuel, on Instagram:

Samuel Dillard Poop Incident

And surely there are things more deserving of your outrage than this.

"That moment when you hear the rumble and you're like, 'oh no! Quick! Stand him upright before he....too late," Jill captioned the picture.

She added the hashtags "Samuel Scott Dillard," "Sam the Man," and "blowout," just in case you needed a little more information.

The photo is instantly relatable for anyone who's ever spent any significant amount of time around babies. Things like this happen, and they happen often.

But still, a lot of people feel like, for many reasons, Jill was wrong for sharing this.

"What would possess you to post such a dumb picture, Jill?" one of her followers asked. "Slow day at the house of Derelict Dillweed?"

Jill Duggar Pregnancy

All right, that's a pretty solid nickname for Derick Dillard, we're not going to lie. But things do get a lot worse.

"Why the hell would you post a pic of poop coming thru onesie?" another person asked. "Just another reason showing how you 'girls' really don't have a life outside of being submissive to your hubbys."

Someone told Jill that her post was "really not in good taste," and someone else said "Seriously, it's gross and nobody wants to see that."

For one of her followers, the picture was simply too much -- this person wrote "SMDH - yes quick take a pic post it on social media. Screw the fact he should of been changed."

"Same as you did to poor Izzy bind him in a blanket let him cry as you take pics to post. Social Media comes before your kids damn Jill you are your parents!"

Way harsh, right?

Jill Duggar Nose Piercing

But honestly, these people are kind of right.

If you're on social media yourself, there's a good chance that you've seen photos like these -- some parents just enjoy sharing things like this.

You'd think that more people would understand that their friends don't really care to see picture of actual poop while scrolling through their Instagram feeds ...

But obviously you'd think wrong.

Still, this is all harmless, and we're sure precious little Samuel didn't suffer too much while his mom put off changing him for a second to take this picture.

Though to be clear, it's definitely gross.

This Kardashian Family Photo Raises Two Major Questions

The Kardashians and Jenners have unveiled a new holiday card...

... actually, allow us to amend this statement:

Most of the Kardashians and Jenners have unveiled a new holiday card.

Limited Family Photo

In an image shared across the social media accounts of all featured above, Kim Kardashian, Kris Jenner, Kendall Jenner, Khloe Kardashian and Kourtney Kardashian all are posing for the camera.

(Most are doing so in very serious and dramatic fashion for some reason, too.)

But no Internet user out there cares very much about these women.

They only care about the one woman NOT in the picture.

We speak, of course, about Kylie Jenner.

Just like she was absent from the Kardashian Christmas card, despite rumors that she would reveal her pregnancy on the final version, Kylie is absent from this family photo as well.

And lest you think her absence is just something celebrity gossip sites are fixated on, as we attempt to stir up controversy where there is none, consider what Kourtney wrote as a caption on Instagram:

When you can’t find the rest of the family for the photo ...

Kardashian Christmas Card 2017

This is clearly a reference to Kylie's whereabouts.

The 20-year old is expecting her very first child with semi long-time boyfriend Travis Scott.

But Kylie is yet to say a word about the bun in her oven, choosing instead to basically go radio silent on Twitter and Instagram ever since the news went viral.

This decision has irritated her followers, many of whom just wish to send Jenner their best wishes. They cannot do so, however, until she actually verifies the pregnancy herself.

Heck, the choice to keep mum has even led to a few crazy theories, such as some speculating that Kylie is Kim's surrogate... and others thinking she has already had the baby.

We doubt either of these rumors are true.

Khloe and Kylie, Christmas Party 2017

But Kylie is Internet savvy.

She should realize that her ongoing silence on the issue is simply generating more and more chatter.

Why doesn't she just set the record straight? Why doesn't she confirm the news and announce her due date and watch the congratulations roll in?

There are two possibilities:

  1. She is just incredibly ashamed over this whole development and remains in some kind of denial.
  2. This is all part of a media strategy to be mysterious and quiet and then spring her baby bump (or the baby itself!) on folks once anticipation has reached its peak level.

For the record, we hear Jenner is due in February and is having a girl.

Kendall Jenner Possible Bump

Elsewhere, with Khloe also expecting and Kim said to welcome her third child via the aforementioned surrogate, there's a new rumor out:

Could Kendall Jenner ALSO be pregnant?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

The above selfie has people wondering because maybe, possibly there's a baby bump there.

The model, though, has denied this crazy theory, joking online in response that she just "likes bagels" and, we guess, recently ate some.

We likely believe her.

But take another look at the family photo at the outset of this article.

Kendall is standing in the back, her belly covered up by the relatives in front of her.

Could this be because she's hiding something?!?

We're just asking.

Khloe Kardashian Includes Pregnancy Photos in Her Top 9 Pics of 2017

Khloe Kardashian, PregnantKhloe Kardashian's 2017 was certainly a year to remember and the best is yet to come...specifically in a few months. The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star, who is six months...

Serena Williams’ Baby Girl Alexis Olympia Stars in 10 of Her Top 2017 Videos

Serena Williams, Baby, Daughter, Alexis Olympia, InstagramSerena Williams is not letting her loss from her first post-pregnancy tennis match get her down; she's focusing on what's most important. The 36-year-old tennis champion posted on...

Kylie Jenner: Dumped by Travis Scott on Christmas?!

Man, it sure has been a hell of a year for Kylie Jenner, huh?

And not really in a good way, either.

Kylie Jenner While Pregnant

She's had more success with her cosmetics company, but it hasn't been without controversy -- who could forget when she tried to charge people hundreds of dollars for a cheap set of makeup brushes?

She debuted her very own reality show, Life of Kylie, and while that was an accomplishment, the show was garbage. The content, the ratings, it was all just so bad.

Another big that that happened for Kylie in 2017 was that she finally broke up with Tyga for good.

That was very exciting, but instead of taking time to herself, to chill and have fun like a 19-year-old should, she immediately began dating Travis Scott.

And a few seconds after they got together, she got pregnant.

Yep, Kylie's pregnancy is no doubt one of the biggest celebrity stories of the year, and for good reason.

Kylie Jenner and a Watch

There is not one single thing about the whole entire thing that is not, as the kids would say, juicy AF.

Unfortunately, it sounds like the story is getting even juicier now -- because Travis may have just set Kylie up to become a single mother.

In a new report that will shock literally no one, a source tells Radar Online that on Christmas, Travis told Kylie that he simply "can't do this anymore."

"He finally plucked up the courage to tell Kylie he's done," the insider claims, "that he loves her and will always be around for the baby, but they're not compatible as a couple."

And what's worse, "Kylie was totally blindsided even though everyone else in her life saw this coming."

"She's still refusing to admit it's over, and begging him to stick around."

Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott

Poor Kylie ... but like the chatty source here says, everyone else in her life saw this coming. Even the people who just observe her life from afar.

Depending on her exact due date, she and Travis were dating for maybe a month or two before she got pregnant. Nine times out of ten, you're not going to get a fairytale ending from that kind of situation.

Besides that, we've been hearing for a little while now that things haven't been all that great between them.

Reports claimed that they'd been fighting about where to spend their first Christmas together -- he wanted to bring her home to his family in Texas, and she wanted to stay with her family in L.A.

They did take a photo together at Kris Jenner's Christmas Eve party, so it looks like we know who won that fight.

Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott... Together!

Before that photo, however, they hadn't been seen together for a while, and that's at least in part because Travis has been touring a lot while Kylie's been in hiding.

He's even performing a concert in Miami tonight, so they'd have missed their first New Year's Eve together, too.

You know, if he hadn't dumped her on Christmas anyway.

We'd say that 2018 will be a better year for Kylie, but let's be real ... does anyone actually think she's going to take to motherhood right away?

Babies are hard, and they're probably harder when you're a 20-year-old mega celebrity who's used to flying around in private jets and dedicating 95% of your time to wigs and lip injections and dumb selfies.

Bless this mess. Just ... just bless it.

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Kendall Jenner Denies She’s Pregnant Too After Photo Sparks Speculation

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On Friday, the 22-year-old model and reality star posted on Instagram a mirror selfie showing her…

Pia Mia Fishnets and Lingerie for BASIC Magazine Vibes Issue

Due to the first photo of this gallery I was forced to wonder if Pia Mia was sending us pictures from the future. 

In Memoriam: A Tribute to the TV Shows and Characters We Lost in 2017

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Rare Jennifer Aniston Bikini In Cabo

While my main passion is writing about nobody Instagram models with twelve-thousand followers and four-second shelf lives, it's nice to write about someone who is actually...

50 Pop Culture Events Guaranteed to Get You Excited for 2018

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Aymeline Valade See Through (4 Photos)

Celebrities_Fappening posted a photo:

Aymeline Valade See Through (4 Photos)

Aymeline Valade See Through (4 Photos)

For the full HQ photo set visit ▶▶ celebrities.thepornster.net/aymeline-valade-see-through-4…

Aymeline Valade shows off her small tits as she arrives at Saint Laurent Spring/Summer 2018 show during Paris Fashion Week, 09/26/2017. Aymeline Valade is a French model & actress. Age: 32.
Instagram: instagram.com/aymelinevalade/

If you haven’t checked out and liked our…

Shakira and Gerard Piqué Cuddle Up in the Cold During Their Holiday Vacation

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Pregnant Khloe Kardashian Dazzles in New Family Christmas Photo–But Kylie Jenner Is Still Missing

Kourtney Kardashian, Kendall Jenner, Kim Kardashian, Kris Jenner, InstagramThis is just getting awkward... Taking their cue for the Kanye West School of No Smiles, the Kardashian/Jenner clan posed for an oh-so-serious Christmas photo during Kris Jenner's...

Luann De Lesseps’ Ex-Husband Is ‘Mortified And Ashamed’ And Wants Her To Drop His Last Name

Another tough trip for the news cycle for Luann de Lesseps, even after she went off to rehab to recover from a not-so-good night in Florida a week ago.

The Countess -- a Real Housewives mainstay who is now facing felony charges after attacking a police officer in Palm Beach County, Florida last week -- has apparently REALLY angered her ex-husband, the European aristocrat Alexandre de Lesseps.

Related: RHONY Will Cover Luann's Dramatic Arrest

The French-born de Lesseps is a Count, of course, and that's why everyone naturally calls Luann the Countess in reference to her former marriage to him... but now, according to Page Six, Luann might be in hot water for using the de Lesseps last name!!!!

A source says that Alexandre is "mortified and ashamed" at Luann's recent behavior, and continues (below):

"He told her she is ruining the family name and should drop it if she's continuing to act like this . . . He is watching from abroad and is totally embarrassed."

Ooooof... Not a great look for the RHONY star.

No word yet on if she'll actually change her last name -- Luann's maiden name is Nadeau -- but it should be known that it doesn't look like she can legally be forced to drop de Lesseps now that it's her legal last name. (And yes, in case you're wondering, she did officially go back to de Lesseps after marrying -- and then divorcing -- Tom D'Agostino.)


What do U think, Perezcious readers?!

Let us know in the comments (below)!!!

[Image via IZZY/WENN.]

Kendra Caldwell SLAMMED for Endangering Her Unborn Child?!

Life is tough for a Duggar woman.

Like, real tough.

Kendra Caldwell and Joe Duggar

You get married as young as possible most of the time, and from then on out you're pretty much just a baby factory. Yep, if your last name is Duggar and you have a uterus, you best believe that uterus is going to do some hard time.

Oh, and definitely be prepared to be judged for each and every choice, valid or terrible, you make while parenting your gaggle of kids.

One of your "duties" is to make yourself available to your husband at all times -- meaning if he wants sex, well, then you better get to sexin'.

If you like fashion and beauty, you don't have too many options, because you have to dress modestly and haircuts should be few and far between.

(Apparently perms are OK though? Whatever, Michelle.)

The Duggars believe so strongly in their fashion choices that it's been actual news when one of the girls has worn pants. For real.

Now that we've gone over all that, let's take a gander at this new photo of Joseph Duggar's wife, Kendra Caldwell, with Amy Duggar:

Kendra Caldwell with Amy Duggar

With the rules of Duggar ladies fresh in your mind, there's a good chance you see a few issues with the picture already, right?

If you don't though, don't worry -- Amy posted this photo on Instagram, and you know her followers were ready and willing to tear this apart.

First, let's take a look at Kendra's attire here. Because yes, she is wearing a skirt while tubing!

"Is that a skirt in the snow?!" one concerned citizen asked.

Another said "It's weird to me to be sledding in a skirt -- it's actually hilarious to me."

For the Duggars though, the skirt does make sense. Kendra's wearing pants underneath the skirt, but the skirt's purpose is to hide any of her figure that might have shown through the pants.

Modesty, get it?

Joe, Kendra Duggar

The bigger issue here for most people is that Kendra and Joseph just announced that they're expecting their first child, so for Kendra to do a physical activity while pregnant, that's not OK.

One person called this "not something you should do while pregnant," and another said "Kendra um aren't you pregnant not very wise."

"I'm not her doctor but I do care about a precious unborn baby's safety," someone else wrote. "I don't think people should intentionally do things that could cause harm to their unborn baby."

"I would just not risk getting a injury to myself or my baby if it wasn't a must," yet another cautious commenter said. "I'm sure there is safer activities she can do while she's pregnant that are fun and less risky."

"She can flip on the tube or hit a bump or tree. I just don't think it's the best idea."

The thing is, and many of Amy's followers pointed this out, Kendra is barely three months pregnant, if that. Doing some tubing down a hill like this isn't going to hurt anything.

What do you think: should Kendra take her skirt and her fetus inside, or is she fine?