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Jay-Z Celebrates 48th Birthday with Beyonce in an Elevator

Either Jay-Z's feeling a little nostalgic, or he and Beyonce just wanted to have a good laugh on his birthday ... by striking a pose in an NYC elevator. Mr. and Mrs. Carter hit up Angelika Film Center & Cafe Monday night as they celebrated…

You’ll Never Guess the 2017 Song That Received More Spotify Streams Than Luis Fonsi’s “Despacito”

Luis Fonsi, 2017 Latin Grammy AwardsSome songs you can't get out of your head or off your Spotify playlist. As the end of the year quickly approaches, Spotify has decided to reveal 2017's biggest artists, albums,...

Did Kim Kardashian Just Reignite Her Feud With Taylor Swift? Fans Flood Instagram With Rat Emojis

Kim Kardashian, Taylor SwiftDoes someone smell a rat? On Monday, Internet looky-loos were quick to comment on Kim Kardashian's Instagram with a slew of rat emojis soon after the Keeping Up With the Kardashians...

Kylie Jenner Shares Nude Throwback Pics, Margot Robbie Shades the DCEU, Emily Ratajkowski Pasta Breasts and More

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Former Rivals Pink & Christina Aguilera Are Making Music Together!

Time DOES heal all wounds!

It's no secret that Pink and Christina Aguilera have a turbulent past: the divas reportedly clashed heads while recording 2001's Lady Marmalade, and according to a recent episode of Watch What Happens Live, Xtina once swung at Carey Hart's wife at a club!

However, the two singers have buried the hatchet, and the What About Us musician even struck down a rumor that she cringed during Christina's Whitney Houston tribute at the 2017 American Music Awards.

Related: Pink Opens Up About Struggling With Monogamy

Apparently, the ladies are in such a good place, they even recorded music together! Pink recently told The Sun:

"We did a duet for her album and I don't know when it's coming out but it's amazing... We did it two years ago so I don't remember the title, but she's incredible."

The 38-year-old even slams their non-existent AMAs feud as "bullshit."

"It is really frustrating, but I fight back. I do it less than I used to but I do when I think the narrative needs to be changed... It's bullshit, I'm not gonna stand for it. But I'm used to it, to be honest. And this never happens to men, it's very specific to females."

While her song with Christina may be released one day, her Revenge music video with Eminem won't.

"We shot it and it was terrible... It's never coming out. It just didn't work and it was the wrong timing for it. I looked like hell, it was awful. Thank god Eminem wasn't in it. If he was in it I would have been mortified. We had Eminem lookalikes, Beautiful Trauma is better."

Honesty is truly the best policy for Pink!

[Image via Lia Toby/FayesVision/WENN.]

Woman Robs House for Its WiFi Password

Veronica Ann Stephens broke into a house to steal some painkillers. But she said she was looking for a WiFi password. Because, you know, everyone hides their WiFi password in pill bottles.

The incident occurred on Dilly Shaw Tap Road in Texas. That’s where Budweiser got the idea for “DILLY DILLY!” from.

Stephens entered through the bathroom, carrying a flashlight, and rummaged through medicine cabinets and the kitchen before leaving. She claims to know the residents. The residents claim they don’t know her because who the hell would claim to know a crazy lady who breaks into a house looking for a WiFi password?

This idiot was caught because everyone has security cameras in or around their house nowadays. Oh, she also left the flashlight behind. She’s being charged with burglary and could face up to 20 years in prison. What? She broke into the house, didn’t take anything, and actually left the flashlight? And she could get 20 years in prison for that? The homeowners should pay her the $3 for the flashlight, give her the WiFi password so she doesn’t break into any more houses, and this whole thing should be forgotten.

The mistake this lady made, besides everything, is not going to the wireless router. That’s typically where people keep their WiFi password. Not in bathrooms and kitchens.

Don’t worry lady, when the government passes this net neutrality bill, you’ll be able to get all the free WiFi you want because nothing will be a secret anymore. If you’re not in prison, that is.

Florida Opossum Breaks Into Liquor Store and Gets Drunk, Leads Field in 2018 Governor Race

Sometimes after a long day of pretending to be dead and rooting through trash bins you just need to kick back and take the edge off. That’s just what this Florida opossum did when she broke into a liquor store and drank an entire bottle of bourbon because opossums like to party.

According to the AP, the opossum was taken to a wildlife refuge where it was given fluids until it sobered up and it was released back into the wild, proving that even opossums take rehab more seriously than Harvey Weinstein.

Luckily for the opossum it was white, otherwise the police would have shot it while it was passed out for ‘resisting arrest’ and Tucker Carlson would be opening tonight’s show going “Well, it did steal a bottle of liquor, this opossum was no saint” and a bunch people would get mad when an NFL player took a knee to protest the shooting.

After the opossum was returned to the wild, she became a bit of a celebrity on social media.

I mean, not everyone is funny, but nice try, guy.

Apparently the opossum’s celebrity is already encouraging copycats… err… copyrams, I guess. A ram tried to break into a liquor store in Nova Scotia is what I’m saying.

So basically, we’ve got a cute but mindless animal that’s now Internet famous for getting drunk and passing out in a strange place, and she’s already inspiring others to imitate her. Make sure to tune into Keeping Up With The Opossums on E!, coming soon.

10 Things You Might Not Know About Uber

Uber Technologies Inc. is based in San Francisco, California and provides transportation and delivery services in over 600 cities around the globe. It was founded in 2009 and was called UberCab at the time, and then dropped ‘Cab’ in 2011 when things started to take off. You’ve probably used an Uber before; it’s an affordable and convenient mode of travel. Here are ten things you may not know about the company.

It Was Founded By A Dropout

Travis Kalanick, Uber co-founder, dropped out of the University of California. While it isn’t uncommon today to see very successful college dropouts, it is always interesting to learn of another successful company that has someone without a college degree behind the wheel. The other founder, Garrett Camp, is one of the founders of the social network called StumbleUpon. The friends came up with the idea while on a vacation to Paris in 2008, where they had trouble hailing a cab.


UberMOTO still operates in India, but that may be the only place where this is still an option. Instead of requesting a ride via car, riders would instead have the opportunity to take a motorcycle. It was available in Paris and Bangkok prior to its discontinuation in 2013 but was relaunched in Hyderabad at the beginning of 2017. Drivers are required to carry an additional helmet for their passengers, and this is one of the few services that allow patrons to pay with cash or through the app.

No Employee Discounts

Uber has a very lean business model. It is a very profit-driven company, and of course, that has caused some controversy in the past surrounding specific practices. One thing that they do in congruence with this business model is that they do not offer any discounts to their employees. However, technically Uber drivers are independent contractors – like freelancing, so it would make sense that there is no discount available.

Special Welcomes

Just like any other mode of transportation, be it bus, taxicab, train, plane, or cruise ship, you can bet that plenty of babies have been born in the back seat. While this is obviously an incredibly stressful occurrence for the driver and the parents alike, Uber tries to smooth things over by welcoming the baby with a gift. Every baby born in an Uber is given a special Uber onesie to celebrate. The first verifiable in-car birth was in March of 2016. The driver reportedly handled the situation so well that Uber gave him tickets to a Knicks game as a thank you.

Rating is a Two Way Street

After you complete a ride with Uber, the app will pop up with a notification on your phone asking you to rate your ride out of five stars, and leaves you space to include a comment about your driver. Drivers must maintain a rating of 4.6 stars or higher, or they risk being terminated. What many people don’t know, is that drivers rate riders too. Low points have reportedly been given for obnoxious drunks and [...]

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Did Britney Spears and Sam Asghari Get Engaged for Her Birthday?

Britney Spears, Sam AsghariIsn't she lucky?! Britney Spears and Sam Asghari have been going strong for one year, but could they be headed down the aisle soon? The singer turned 36 on Dec. 2 and was flashing...

Rapper & Grandma Form Unlikely Bond Over Words with Friends

As an aspiring rapper, 22-year old Spencer Sleyon has likely been involved in many rap battles.

But the young New York resident has reached viral fame thanks to a different kind of battle:

The one he has engaged in often via Words with Friends... with an 81-year old named Rosalind Guttman.

The latter is a resident of Florida and the Internet is going bat $hit bananas over Spencer and Rosalind finally meeting face-to-face, following over 300 installments of their online Words with Friends contests.

Ready to get to know the people at the center of this most unlikely of friendships?

Scroll down to learn their inspiring story...

1. Say Hi to Roz and Spencer

Say hi to roz and spencer
The 22-year oldand 81-year old started talking in earnest after Roz used the word "Phat" while playing Words with Friends, which is essentially the same as Scrabble and which enables one to do battle against folks one knows... or against total strangers.

2. A Phat Friendship

A phat friendship
"I was like, yo, how do you know that word?" Sleyon asked Roz, making the first real contact between the pair outside of the game. They soon got to talking often, while continuing to go at it on Words with Friends.

3. How Many Times Have They Played?

How many times have they played
Over 300, Spencer estimates. That's about once every other day, starting from last summer up through this late fall.

4. Who's Winning Overall?

Whos winning overall
It's sort of close, but Spencer does want the world to know he's put in front at the moment. Look at those stats, though!

5. After All This Time...

After all this time
.... Spencer and Roz have finally met! The former touched down in Florida and, as you can see above, gave a giant hug to his online pal.

6. How Did This Happen?

How did this happen
The meeting was up by a pastor in Manhattan who knew Spencer and learned of his unexpected friendship with Roz. "I'm all for just experiencing stuff, I was like 'yeah,'" Sleyon said when asked if he wanted to meet Roz. "I love random occurrences, I thought it was cool I was able to befriend her."
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Ryan Edwards and Mackenzie Standifer: We’re Gonna Have a Baby!

Don't you just love hearing details about the strange, strange couple that is Ryan Edwards and Mackenzie Standifer?

Of course you do -- it's human nature to feel compelled to look at a train wreck, and if Ryan and Mack aren't a train wreck, then what are they?

Somehow, someway, they managed to make themselves into one of the most hated couples in the Teen Mom franchise, and that's really saying something.

So hey, why not throw a new baby in the mix?!

1. A Love Story

Ryan edwards mackenzie standifer photo
Ryan and Mackenzie have been together since sometime last fall. That's when she was introduced on Teen Mom OG, and we know they got engaged last December. At first, if you'll remember, many people thought that Mackenzie seemed sweet, stable, and like she'd be a good influence on Ryan. And those people were wrong.

2. Worse and Worse ...

Ryan edwards and mackenzie standifer pic
On the last OG season, we saw them planning their wedding, and we also saw Ryan continue to be just high out of his mind. Maci confirmed that he was doing drugs, but Ryan and Mackenzie didn't mention anything of the sort until the season finale.

3. A Parking Lot Wedding to Remember

Mackenzie standifer ryan edwards
For some reason concerning Bentley's custody that still doesn't really make sense, Ryan and Mackenzie decided to get married in a quick little ceremony in a parking lot in May instead of waiting for their planned wedding in November. Ryan drove them both to the wedding, and it wasn't a great time.

4. Nope Nope Nope

Mackenzie standifer and ryan edwards
He was nodding off behind the wheel, so much that Mackenzie had to help him steer. Instead of instructing him to pull over, she concerned herself with turning of MTV's cameras in the car, and we heard her ask him if he'd been taking Xanax "again."

5. What a Fairytale

Ryan edwards wedding photo
Even though Ryan could have easily killed them on the drive over, and even though their only guests were Ryan's devastated parents, they got married anyway. The whole thing was shocking and depressing and just very, very bad. Some have even called it the darkest moment in Teen Mom history.

6. Off to Rehab

Ryan edwards and mackenzie standifer photo
On the reunion special for that season, Mackenzie claimed that that fateful wedding drive was the very first time she ever noticed Ryan's drug use, and that she shipped him off to rehab the very next day. It's a little hard to believe, especially considering that thousands of strangers noticed his drug use at least a year before, but hey, sure.
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Harry Shearer’s Response to Claims That Apu from ‘The Simpsons” is a Broad, Overdone Stereotype

Hey, did you happen to see that movie Hari Kondabolu made for TruTV about being offended by Apu on The Simpsons? Yeah, neither did I, because I saw Hari Kondabolu on @Midnight and he was the only regular panelist who managed to somehow be more insipid and less funny than Jen Kirkman.

I’m definitely not alone in not watching this documentary, The Problem With Apu, as the program drew a 0.11 rating, which is fine for being on TruTV, but it did get beat by reruns of Flea Market Flip and an 8 a.m. broadcast of Batman vs Superman on HBO. This is despite not being able to use any sort of media without being bombarded by ads for it for weeks. I can only assume that the roughly 250,000 people who did tune in had never heard of Kondabolu before.

The documentary may have made some good points, I don’t know, but from the promotional materials and the interview I heard on NPR the premise was “I find Apu’s accent offensive.” Which, I mean, fair play, it is a little thick. The reviews I’ve read said it was mainly Kondabolu whining about how Hank Azaria wouldn’t be in the movie about how racist Hank Azaria is.

TMZ caught up with Hank Azaria in an airport, and he made a statement about Apu. He said, essentially, that the movie made some good points and that The Simpsons crew is having discussions about how to handle it.

This has, of course, caused speculation that the Apu will be killed off or written out of the show somehow. Guess who doesn’t want to be held accountable for a beloved character being forced off of the air?

Which seems like a pretty big turnaround from his position like, 18 hours earlier.

Considering that in all of his media appearances all he’s talked about is Azaria’s voice work, it’s interesting that his solution now is just to make him rich and age his kids up some more.

It’s very unlikely that Apu is actually killed off, though. For starters, he isn’t married to Ned Flanders, which is basically a prerequisite for being killed off on The Simpsons. The reaction on social media of Apu being written out has been overwhelmingly negative, despite the positive press the film has gotten.

That’s just a small, random sample of some of the most recent tweets about this. Like, you know how negative social media is normally? Tell those people you’re going to mess with a show they’ve grown up watching because of a movie that premiered to 1/10th the audience of Chris Hardwick talking about an episode of a TV show they had just finished watching.

Also, can we stop calling it a movie? It’s 45 minutes long and aired on TruTV. It’s basically an episode of I Love The 80’s if everyone on it hated Apu from The Simpsons.

Who Is This Woman Eating With Harvey Weinstein?

Hollywood’s most “in” sexual assailant pariah these days is producer sensation Harvey Weinstein, duh, and while he’s actually been lurking around in all sorts of disguises…

Matt Lauer’s Wife Flees His Giant Bag of Sex Toys

Too bad Matt Lauer doesn’t have a button under his desk to keep his wife from leaving the country, because that’s exactly what she’s done in light of the news that he’s basically spent his whole career shaking his pickle at interns. According to Page Six, Lauer’s wife Annette grabbed a bug-out and the kids and hightailed it to the Netherlands.

One Hamptons source told Page Six, “Annette has taken their two younger kids out of school and is believed to have left the US and gone to her family in her native country.” It is believed her mother lives near Amsterdam.

Apparently the last time she was going to leave him he gave her five million dollars to stay. And he also tried to keep her interested in him with a giant bag of sex toys a therapist bought for him. That’s some therapist. Most therapists just ask you about your childhood and give you some pills that kill your sex drive, but at least they stop the voices.

Dr. Laura Berman, who was a regular guest on the “Today” show, told Inside Edition Friday she reportedly gave the fallen TV journalist sex toys to help him spice up his troubled 19-year marriage with his wife, former model Annette Roque.

She claimed the 59-year-old sought advice when cameras weren’t rolling.

“We were in the makeup room and he sort of asked the makeup artist to leave,” said Dr. Berman. “He asked me about sexual aids and devices. He confided in me about some of the struggles he was having in his married relationship.”

So Matt Lauer can’t make his wife come but he was chasing every girl in the office trying to get his dick wet? That makes insanely good sense. Someone ask one of these women whom he was showing his dick to if they thought it was small. I’ll bet it is.

Kendall Jenner Gets Sweaty in the Name of Art

Don’t look now, but Kendall Jenner is doing things again.

As part of LOVE Magazine’s seventh annual YouTube calendar series, Kendall is seen here training for a boxing bout. Here’s the description:

Kendall wanted to do something cinematic, so Katie Grand asked her to play Rocky Balboa AND his girlfriend Adrian. She boxes with her personal trainer Rob Piela owner of Gotham Gym who was on set to work with her on perfecting her Rocky moves. She also really drank the raw eggs. Very impressive.

Had Kendall, Katie, or anyone working on this project ever seen Rocky, they would know that Adrian would never be caught at the gym while Rocky was working out. She hated her husband’s boxing career. But let’s not let facts get the the way of dressing up Kendall like she’s some high-class French painter.

As you may or may not remember, Kendall has done this type of stuff before. She and Gigi Hadid did some type of performance art nonsense last year.

While Kendall’s shadowboxing form might not look like that of a high-level fight, I’d like to direct your attention to the follows GIFs.

As you can see, even women who go on to become world champions don’t need great technique when shadowboxing. In fact, I’d say Kendall is ahead of Rousey in terms of their respective boxing skills.

And Kendall knows how this story ends, right? Not to spoil anything, but everyone around Rocky dies and he ends up a crippled old man with brain damage.

I’m sure everyone involved didn’t really think that hard about this video or the meaning behind it. They just thought, “How can we make Kendall Jenner sweaty?” and someone was still on a high from the summer’s McGregor-Mayweather fight, so they suggested “boxing.”


Lindsay Arnold Maj Pokies In Hawaii

Hey Arnold! That was for all of you 90's Nickelodeon fans out there, and these pics below are for all of you sextastic bikini fans out there. Twenty-three-year-old...

Hottie Billie Piper Rare Red Carpet Appearance

British former pop star and current thespianic, Billie Piper, made one of her very few public appearances decked out in a glittering black dress for the Evening Standards…

Blake Lively Injured on Set of The Rhythm Section, Production Temporarily Suspended

Blake LivelyProduction on The Rhythm Section has been temporarily suspended after Blake Lively suffered an injury on set. A statement from the production company to The Hollywood Reporter read,...

Emily Ratajkowski Plaid To The Bone

Emily Ratajkowski has been a very very plaid girl, as evident in these paptastic pics taken in a parking lot outside of a Los Angeles Lakers game. Ratajkowski could turn a…

Selena Gomez Wore 6 Outfits in a Day–What’s Your Favorite?

ESC: Selena GomezThe London fog isn't keeping Selena Gomez from shining. Today, the star stunned in a rapid-fire sequence of high-fashion ensembles during a press tour in London. Within 24 hours, we...

Madison Beer Little Black Number for Cleavetastic Dinner

Based on my research, rather in-depth I might add, Madison Beer spends most of her days getting ready to look wicked hot and skin baring out for the evening for dinner or a…

Selena Gomez in Body-Hugging Little Blue Dress

Selena Gomez is rocking bleach blonde locks in a super form fitting dress that nicely hugs her curves, and all is right with the world. Except for her Daisy Duck shoes.

Australian Lawmaker Proposes to His Partner on House Floor and the Timing Could Not Have Been More Perfect

Tim Wilson, Ryan Patrick BolgerLove was in the air--and on the Parliament floor. Australian lawmaker and parliament member Tim Wilson turned a political fight into a personal triumph on Monday when, during a speech in...

What’s Your Very Own Holiday TV Movie Plot? Find Out With Our 2017 Cheesy Storyline Generator

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Why The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel’s Duo Is Just So Damn Dynamic

The Marvelous Mrs. MaiselThe Marvelous Mrs. Maisel hails from Gilmore Girls creator Amy Sherman-Palladino, and while it's set in New York City in the 1950s, there are more than a few delightful similarities between...

Brazil's Anitta Arrives In Hot Style for the GQ Men of the Year Awards

Brazilian singer transplanted to the U.S., Anitta, made her way to the festivities in a lovely bit of cleavetastic repose in black. The up and coming diva is backed by...

Maluma’s Domination: How 2017 Has Been His Best Year Yet, Plus All That’s to Come

Maluma, 2017 Latin Grammy AwardsLet's get right to it, Maluma dominated 2017, but we have a feeling this is just the beginning for him. In the past 12 months, the Colombian superstar has completely blown us away,...

Blake Lively Sheds Her Blond Hair for Dramatic The Rhythm Section Transformation: See Her Dark New Look

Blake LivelyBlake Lively is making everyone do a double take. The actress was clearly ready to transform for her upcoming role in The Rhythm Section. Directed by Reed Morano and based on the...

Elton John’s Mother Dies at Age 92: “I Am in Shock”

Elton John & Sheila FarebrotherElton John shared some heartbreaking news with fans Monday. "So sad to say that my mother passed away this morning. I only saw her last Monday and I am in shock. Travel safe Mum....

Meghan Markle’s Resume, Woman of Many Talents, Like Stripping and Juggling

Meghan Markle's a Jill of all trades ... at least according to an old acting resume that lists a VERY wide range of talents. The British Royal-to-be's resume, obtained by TMZ, seems to be from before her days on "Suits" ... listing her TV credits on…