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Snooki’s Husband Jionni LaValle Sets the Record Straight on Divorce Rumors

Nicole Polizzi, Jionni LaValle, WeddingDon't worry pop culture fans! This couple is staying Jersey Strong. Despite a few tabloid headlines claiming Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi and Jionni LaValle's marriage is on...

Kelly Clarkson Jokes About Raising Four Kids: ”Wine Is Necessary”

Kelly Clarkson, 2018 Golden Globes, Red Carpet FashionsKelly Clarkson's doing what she does best--getting real! During The Voice's panel at TCA on Tuesday, Clarkson spoke about life, love and the reality of being a celebrity with...

Inside This Is Us’ “Explosive” Therapy Session and What Comes Next

Milo Ventimiglia, Mandy Moore, This Is UsPhew, anyone else feel like they just left an intense therapy session? This Is Us' winter return on Tuesday night proved to be one of the NBC hit's most emotional and raw outings...

How Does Dakota Johnson’s Fifty Shades Wedding Dress Rank?

ESC: Movie Wedding Gowns, Fifty Shades, Dakota JohnsonLace and leather have never been more appropriate. If you're about to marry Christian Grey, No. 8 on Forbes' Fictional 15--the wealthiest characters in, well, fiction--we think...

Dr. Dre Hints ‘Detox’ Ain’t Dead, Working On New Songs

DETOX, BABY!!!!!!! Dr. Dre has suggested that his long-awaited, dead, then not dead, then dead again album "Detox" might actually be released after all ... and it all went down at a Golden State Warriors practice.  Dre and Jimmy Iovine were…

Kylie Jenner Can’t Stop Eating, Cruel Report Alleges

We finally have an answer to this ongoing pressing question:

Where in the world is Kylie Jenner?

Kylie Jenner to the Camera

And the answer is this:

Someplace with a giant plate of food in front of her!

Indeed, according to a pretty mean new report by Radar Online, the 20-year old is not sharing new photos on Instagram and not appearing in public because she's embarrassed.

She's ashamed.

She's downtrodden.

And it's not just because she's pregnant.

"Kylie's been eating non-stop and has gained a tremendous amount of weight," an insider claims to Radar, adding:

"She is not eating healthy, either, so it is not making her situation any better."

Kylie Goes Metallic

This is common for any woman that is expecting, of course.

How many times have you heard a pregnant person joke that she is "eating for two?"

Kylie, however, has made a living from posing in scantily-clad outfits and in sharing every detail of her personal life with her fans.

For this reason, those same fans are growing irritated over the lack of Jenner's baby bump.

They're sick of the games and just want Kylie to come out and admit she's expecting a child with semi-serious boyfriend Travis Scott.

But Radar writes that Jenner has gained 60 pounds in just a few months and it's all because she has a "big breakfast, big lunch, big dinner and tons of snacks in between."

Kylie Jenner with Her Lips

As a result, she can't bear to show off her figure to, well, pretty much anyone.

This is actually pretty sad, if true.

Kylie has created a life for herself in which she can't be her true self... unless that true self is svelte and sexy and all of that.

"She gorges on food and blames it on being pregnant, but says that she is always hungry," Radar alleges, writing that the star "hides her [body] in oversized clothes" these days.

Because Jenner has not issued any sort of statement regarding her pregnancy, we don't know for sure when she's due or whether she's having a boy or a girl.

But we hear the baby will arrive early this spring and be a female.

Kylie Jenner, Bare Face

We've also heard disturbing reports that Kylie will try to get emergency weight loss surgery as soon as she gives birth.

She's that desperate to shed this baby weight.

Her sisters and other loved ones are against this dangerous idea, but Jenner simply isn't thinking clearly at the moment.

"She thinks she is morbidly obese right now," the Radar insider says.

"After she gives birth, she is planning on checking into a fat farm for six weeks.

"If that doesn't work, she will resort to using a procedure like limo or cool sculpting to shed the pounds."

Again, we can't verify the accuracy of this allegation.

But even in the Keeping Up with the Kardashians clip where Kylie seemingly tells her family that she's pregnant (above), we do NOT see Kylie's body.

We simply see her face over the phone.

This has to lend at least some credence to the possibility that Kylie really has gained a great deal of weight and really does feel awful about it.

The truth, however, is that we'll never know for certain. We have no way of shooting down this claim until Jenner herself comes out and does what she is apparently afraid to do:

She has to make herself visible to the world.

Danica Patrick and Aaron Rodgers Going From 0 to 200 Real Quick

Olivia Munn is moving on with Chris Pratt and it appears that Aaron Rodgers is moving on with Danica Patrick.

Poor Anna Faris.

According to Terez Owens, Danica flew to Green Bay last week to meet with Rodgers. And this week, he flew to Indianapolis to meet Danica’s parents. They’ve been reportedly dating for like less than a month, so it seems a bit too early to be meeting the parents. But Danica is (allegedly) a race car driver, so moving fast is kind of her thing.

Of course, crashing is also her thing. So, good luck, Aaron.

Danica has essentially retired from racing, saying she only has two races left in her. That’s about 15 combined laps based on how she drives. She hasn’t announced which races she’ll participate in, but my guess is that it’ll be the Daytona 500 and then some race no one else will want to participate in.

With her career ending at 35, Danica needs something else to do. Ruining the final seasons of Aaron Rodgers career worse than Mike McCarthy is the next logical step.

Maybe Danica will be able to bring Aaron back together with his family. They reportedly did not like Olivia Munn, who at least had her shit together and can be a movie star for another 10+ years. Maybe they’ll like Danica, who is without a career, hot-headed, and used to ruining days, a bit more.

Probably not.

Aaron clearly has a type. If they ever made a movie about Danica Patrick (they shouldn’t), Munn would have to be the favorite based on looks.

We’ll see where this goes.

Into the wall. That’s definitely where this is going. Thank God Aaron is sponsored by Nationwide. Those discount double checks are going to pay off in a big way.

Kimberley Garner Wows In Tiny Maroon Bikini

Good heavens, how is a body like that possible? I am really hoping Kimberley Garner has a shitty personality, because if she doesn't then it really isn't fair or in her...

Amber Rose Loves Sex So Much She’s Going To Sell It

Amber Rose has turned being Kanye West’s girlfriend into her own talk show, an appearance on Dancing with the Stars, and now, a sex empire.

According to Page Six, Rose filed for the trademark Muva and Muva’s House.

Muva was registered for, “electric massage appliances, namely, electric vibrating massager; inflatable life­ sized dolls used in sexual activity; sex toys; sex toys in the nature of edible underwear; adult sexual stimulation aids, namely, artificial penises, penis enlargers, vibrators, benwa balls and artificial vaginas,” while Muva’s House was registered for “entertainment services in the nature of live dancers, musicians, singers and comedians performances; night club services; night clubs.”

Go to Muva’s House where you can play with a bunch of Muva’s.

Shout to Amber Rose for being a boss. Instead of making her own sex tape and selling it, she wanted to help people across the world by getting them laid with sex dolls and such. This is how you profit off of sex and keep your dignity. Not that there’s anything wrong with sex tapes. Just, it’s a bad look if that’s the only reason you’re famous.

It’s unknown when Muva and Muva’s House will debut, but I’d venture it’ll be around June 9.

See what I did there? You see it.

In other Amber Rose news, her ex-husband and baby daddy Wiz Khalifa had some things to say about her.

The freestyle is trash, but I’m convinced that Amber Rose is the dopest person on earth. Kanye and Wiz never have a bad thing to say about her. She’s the first person in history to be liked by two rappers after a breakup.

Keep doing you, Amber. I’ma buy all those edible underwear just to support.

Blac Chyna Still Hates The Kardashians For Being The Kardashians

Back in October, Blac Chyna basically sued the Kardashians for being the Kardashians. Today, Blac Chyna is complaining about the Kardashians being the Kardashians.

You’re going backwards, girl.

In the lawsuit that was just filed, Chyna says, “The unwritten rule no one told (her) when she began her relationship with Kardashian is that the entire family will come after you if you leave, using their fame, wealth and power to take you down, including getting your television show cancelled (despite great ratings), spreading lies about you, and even funding a bogus lawsuit about a crumbled gingerbread house.”

No one told you this? No one needed to tell you this if you’ve been paying attention. Look what they did to poor Kris Humphries. That guy was having a decent NBA career, playing 20 minutes a night, and averaging a double-double. All of a sudden, he marries Kim Kardashian, they split like two weeks later, and no one knows if Kris Humpries is still alive or not.

I don’t feel bad for Blac. She should have known what she was signing up for.

A reality show. That’s what you’re always signing up when you date a Kardashian. Not a life. A reality show. And what fuels reality shows? Drama. The more drama the Kardashians can create, the more people tune in to see their reality show.

Of course, the Kardashians believe they are innocent here. They want the case thrown out, arguing that Blac’s reality show got canceled because she filed a restraining order against Rob, making it impossible for them to film.

Just film them separate and arguing on the phone all the time. How difficult is this?

Anyway, yes, this is a real court case. People suing over the cancellation of a reality show starring people who are only famous because they have their own reality show.

Put this shit on Judge Judy and get it over with.

The Bachelor: Winter Games Cast List Released! Who’s Missing?!

If you already follow The Bachelor Spoilers, you have a pretty good idea of how this season ends.

But you have something else to look forward to, starting the night before Valentine's Day. It's something new.

It's called The Bachelor: Winter Games, and now we finally know the cast. And there's a huge surprise!

The Bachelor Season 22: Group Shot

The Bachelor is about a man trying to choose one woman among many to be the love of his life ... for a few months, usually.

The Bachelorette has the same premise, but with a woman choosing between male suitors.

And then there's Bachelor in Paradise. On that messy, messy spin-off, faves (and villains) from the two leading shows meet, mingle, and hook up for everyone's entertainment.

Premiering on February 13th, The Bachelor: Winter Games is going to work along similar lines, in that the people you see will be familiar faces from the Bachelor Nation.

Or should we say ... the Bachelor Nations.

Ben Higgins in a Tanktop

As ABC explains:

"Throughout the run of The Bachelor Winter Games, fans can expect twists and turns on and off the ski mountain, as well as romance, heartbreak, love and, of course, roses."

Contestants will come from Bachelor spin-offs from all over the world. Because yes, the franchise is that big.

"The bachelors and bachelorettes will participate in challenges from winter biathlon to ice dancing, with date cards being given to the winners of each challenge."

Hopefully, things won't be too athletically strenuous. They're all beautiful, but most have desk jobs.

"Romantic dates will test the bachelors' and bachelorettes' perseverance in pursuing relationships with one another while faced with language barriers and cultural differences, including some amusing issues with intimacy."

So, in case you were worried that there wouldn't be any romantic drama ... you can stop worrying.

Dean Unglert Pic

Let's take a look at which familiar names and faces will be representing Team USA!

Ben Higgins

Michael Garofola

Dean Unglert

Ashley Iaconetti

Luke Pell

Eric Bigger

Lesley Murphy

Josiah Graham

Clare Crawley

Jamie Kocan

Eric Bigger is Charming

Other contestants will be playing for Australia, Canada, Finland, Japan, Switzerland and Germany (one team), the UK, New Zealand, and China.

Incidentally, when we told you about this series event months ago, we mentioned that Peter Kraus would be making his Bachelor come-back on this spin-off.

It's strange to not see his name on this list.

Don't get us wrong -- we're excited for other things, from absolute legend Nancy Kerrigan's promised appearance (as a guest) to what we hope will be Dean Unglert's redemption arc.

But it's not just that people in general would like to see Peter Kraus on the show. We heard months ago that this was his next thing. So ... what happened?

Ashley Iaconetti

Maybe this twist is just because of a falling out between Peter Kraus and producers. We sure hope not, but it's possible.

It may be, however, that he will be on the list ... but was for some reason momentarily excluded. Perhaps because he was already known? That doesn't make sense, but we're spitballing, here.

It is also possible that Peter Kraus has something else lined up on this franchise. Perhaps something a little more exciting ... like, say, if he's already lined up to be The Bachelor in 2019.

Finally, it's possible that he just had an injury or something else that prevented him from taking part. Which would be tragic on multiple levels.

ABC is expected to release two more names for the cast list (at least). Perhaps Peter's will be one of them.

We're not sure, but we'll be sure to let you know when we know more.

Caitlin O’Connor Sexy (5 Photos)

Celebrity_Fappening posted a photo:

Caitlin O’Connor Sexy (5 Photos)

Caitlin O’Connor Sexy (5 Photos)

For the full HQ photo set visit ▶▶ celebrities.thepornster.net/caitlin-oconnor-sexy-5-photos/

Here are sexy photos of Caitlin O’Connor from Maxim South Africa (April 2017). Caitlin O’Connor Purdy is an American actress, TV host & model. Age – 27 years old.
Instagram: www.instagram.com/caitlin__oconnor/

If you haven’t checked out and liked our Facebook page, please go...

Hailey Baldwin Turns Every Head In West Hollywood

Turning heads is what Hailey Baldwin's all about. She could be in a Talking Heads cover band called Turning Heads and it could be three women and one guy, because think...

Margot Robbie Suicide Squad Regrets and Other Fine Things to Ogle

Bachelor beauties at the beach, Marisa Papen nude in Vegas, and more!

See Mariah Carey's Golden Globes

Perhaps Mariah Carey cheated the game a bit with her latest tummy surgery, though nobody complained much when she built up her chesty goodies so it seems a policy of sit…

Olivia Nova: Porn Star Passes Away at 20

Just weeks ago, the adult film world was stunned by the death of August Ames, who took her own life at the age of 23.

Now, another young starlet has been found dead, sending a second round of shockwaves through an already-reeling industry.

Olivia Nova Photo

According to Radar Online, the body of 20-year-old Olivia Nova was discovered in Las Vegas over the weekend.

The actress and model's cause of death remains unknown.

Nova (real name Jennifer Severin) was a Minnesota native who entered the adult film industry in March of 2017.

“She was a great person,” a friend tells Radar.

“We’re missing her. Everyone is in shock. We’re trying to piece this together.”

Though no official cause of death has been reported, those who knew Nova best say she struggled with depression and mental illness throughout her short life.

Olivia Nova Image

"Alone on the holidays and want to give a fan a holiday call. Would lift my spirits," she tweeted on Christmas Day.

It is widely believed that Nova entered a depressive period over the holidays, and loved ones suspect that like Ames, the actress took her own life.

Though Ames' may have been the most high-profile death due to the media's interest in the possibility that her suicide was the result of cyber-bullying, she's sadly not the only adult film star to pass away in recent months.

Actresses Yurizan Beltran and Shyla Stylez both died recently, at the ages of 31 and 35, respectively.

Substance abuse played a role in both deaths.

LA Direct Models, the agency that represented Nova during her brief career issued a statement.

Olivia Nova Pic

"While only represented by Direct Models for a short period of time, we came to know Olivia as a beautiful girl with a very sweet and gentle personality," the statement read.

"It is understood next of kin have been informed.

"Another one, way too young we are beyond shocked and most certainly, completely out of the blue. Rest in peace, sweet angel."

We'll have further updates on this developing story as more information becomes available.

‘mother!’ Honest Trailer Cuts to the Core of that Nutty, Nutty Movie (VIDEO)

Darren Aronofsky makes films that polarize people. It's part of what he does. He makes films more for the reactions they inspire than any specific storytelling goal, as far...

Amber Heard Cadillac-ing on the Red Carpet

Have you guys Heard about Amber?

Lisa Rinna’s Daughters Reveal the Very Unique Way She Taught Them About Sex in This Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Sneak Peek

Lisa Rinna, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, RHOBHThere's preparing your children for the world as a parent and then there's...this. In this sneak peek of the next new episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, exclusive to...

Toyna Harding Tries To End Interview Early After Piers Morgan DRILLS Her For Playing The Victim!

While doing press for her acclaimed biopic I, Toyna, Tonya Harding has touted herself as a victim of abuse in a situation much more nuanced than the media portrayed it back in 1994.

But even under this new sympathetic lens, not everyone considers the disgraced figure skater to be the victim in her story -- particularly Piers Morgan, who was butting heads with Harding in an interview so tense, she nearly ended it early!

Photo: Tonya & Tommy Wiseau Live Their Best Lives At The Golden Globes!

The former Olympian appeared on Good Morning Britain via satellite on Tuesday and was riled up by the controversial journalist about the infamous 1994 attack on her rival Nancy Kerrigan.

Morgan ruthlessly probed Harding about whether she knew that her ex-husband hired a hitman to club Kerrigan in the knee -- and the ice skater, coming off a string of glossy movie chats, wasn't having the hard interview.

Harding dodged the 52-year-old's inquiries and insisted she was only there to promote I, Tonya's positive message, maintaining:

"I respect you for trying to ask these questions. I'm here to talk about the future and what it means. My movie is going to help so many people, [and let them know] that it is OK to ask for help. So, that's why I'm here."

But Morgan wasn't satisfied with that -- interrupting the 47-year-old, he sharply responded:

"Maybe it suits you to play the victim, [but] the victim was Nancy Kerrigan."

Straight to the kneecaps!

Only seeing more pain coming her way, Harding then tried to shut down the interview, continuing:

"Thank you so much but I think I'm going to have to say have a good night."

After Morgan asked if she was leaving, Harding tried to reiterate her stance that the film depicts the "many people" who are "victims every day" -- to which Morgan replied:

"Nancy Kerrigan was the victim, she was abused she was attacked."

The back-and-forth between them grew more heated, until finally Morgan barked:

"You didn't have any knowledge at all, it was a pure coincidence?"

Harding again insisted she "did not" and then ended the interview. Morgan later shared that he didn't buy the former athlete's defense, tweeting:

Get your head out of the ‘90s, Piers! There can be more than one victim in a complex situation like this...


Even if she wasn't a victim back in 1994, Toyna at least gets to say she was victimized by the cranky morning show host. Watch (below):

[Image via ITV.]

Hailey Baldwin Steals The Show At Golden Globes Party

Hailey Baldwin is one of those celebrity hot models who may never have cause to be invited to the Winter Hollywood award shows for merit, but she sure as heck and by means...

Tessa Thompson Clarifies Comment About Lena Dunham and Time’s Up

Tessa ThompsonOver the weekend, Tessa Thompson shared a picture of a group of activists and celebrities--including Tarana Burke, Rosario Dawson, Brie Larson and Rashida Jones--crowded together to celebrate...

2018 BAFTA Film Awards Snubs and Surprises: The Post, Mudbound and Female Directors Shut Out

Mudbound, Mary J. BligeWhen Natalie Dormer and Letitia Wright announced the nominees for the 2018 BAFTA Film Awards in London Tuesday, there were more than a few surprises. Guillermo del Toro's The Shape of Water...

Surprise! Watch This Married at First Sight Groom Confess He’s Unemployed to His Wife

Married at First Sight, Season 6Getting Married at First Sight is full of surprises. Just ask one special bride. After viewers were introduced to six Boston residents ready to say "I Do" to a complete stranger,...

2018 BAFTA Film Awards Nominees and Host Announced

Margot Robbie, I Tonya, Tonya HardingNatalie Dormer and Letitia Wright announced the nominees for the 2018 BAFTA Film Awards in London Tuesday, just two days after Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri won Best Motion Picture,...

Why Team USA’s Jamie Anderson Is the Snowboarder to Watch at the 2018 Winter Olympics

Snowboarder Jamie Anderson, PyeongChang 2018 Olympic Winter GamesLet the games begin! We're one month away from the 2018 Winter Olympics and Team USA is already receiving plenty of buzz for their talented group of athletes. One Olympic...

Try and Resist Sofia Richie’s Nipples, Bella Thorne on the Toilet and More

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Ivanka Trump Is Just Trolling Everyone Now

Ivanka Trump is either severely tone deaf or she’s trolling everyone. After Oprah’s impassioned speech at the Globes, Ivanka tweeted about how inspirational it was and for everyone to come together.

This was confusing considering her father has been accused of sexual assault and even rape by a plethora of women. Maybe she hadn’t heard about that yet. Someone should tell her.

And I’m not exactly sure which part empowered or inspired her since she’s still enabling her dad by working with him and not saying shit. Maybe it was the part where Oprah talked about the kidnap and rape of Recy Taylor. Ivanka and her dad must have loved the part where the six white men who did it weren’t even prosecuted. “Make America great again,” her dad probably said as he attempted to memorize the National Anthem before saying “fuck it.”

Gayana Bagdasaryan Nude Sexy Photos

Celebrity_Fappening posted a photo:

Gayana Bagdasaryan Nude Sexy Photos

Gayana Bagdasaryan Nude Sexy Photos

For the full HQ photo set visit ▶▶ celebrities.thepornster.net/gayana-bagdasaryan-nude-sexy-...

New sexy pics of Gayana Bagdasaryan. Lovely titties, perfect backside and glorious person.

— Gayana Bagdasaryan (@Gayana_model) March 22, 2016

#dieantwoord #streetlight
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