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The Hills’ Doug Reinhardt’s Wife Arrested on Domestic Violence Assault Charges

Dough ReinhardtNatalie Sutton, the wife of former The Hills star Doug Reinhardt, was arrested last weekend on a misdemeanor domestic violence assault charge in Paradise Valley, AZ., E! News can confirm....

Sandra Bullock’s Stalker Found Dead After 5-Hour Stand-Off With SWAT Team

Sandra Bullock, 2018 Oscars, Red Carpet FashionsAfter a five-hour stand-off with a SWAT personnel, Joshua James Corbett, who was previously convicted of breaking into Sandra Bullock's house in 2014, was found dead inside his home in La...

Russell Simmons Expresses Support for #MeToo, Isn’t ”Angry” About Rape Allegations

Russell SimmonsRussell Simmons is speaking up about Hollywood's fight against sexual assault. Days ago, the hip-hop mogul and the woman accusing him of rape agreed to dismiss the $5 million lawsuit...

Tyler Henry Gives La Toya Jackson Some Clarity About Michael Jackson’s Final Moments on Hollywood Medium

La Toya Jackson, Hollywood Medium 310The end is here! After a great season of celebrity readings, the season three finale of Hollywood Medium With Tyler Henry is officially here. Lucky for us, he definitely saved the best...

The Originals Stars Sound Off on Telling Elijah’s Story and His “Devastating” Choice

The OriginalsElijah Mikaelson is no more. OK, he's not dead since he's really hard to kill, but he is gone in the sense that he's rejected his old life for a new, Mikaelson-free life. He...

Riverdale Continues to Tease Us With Black Hood Possibilities

RiverdaleIf there's a competition for TV's craziest show, we'd like to humbly submit Riverdale for consideration. Tonight's episode was chock full of chaos, starting with the...

Vanderpump Rules Cast Supports Lala Kent at Her Father’s Funeral

Lala KentLala Kent has the love and support of the ladies of Vanderpump Rules. One week after the reality TV star announced the death of her father, Lala returned home to Salt Lake City, Utah for...

Katie Couric Thinks A Lot Has Been ‘Misreported’ In Matt Lauer’s Sexual Misconduct Scandal — But Does She Think He Can Make A Comeback?

Matt Lauer's insatiable behavior has put many people in pain -- and we're not just talking about his alleged victims.

Katie Couric opened up about how she's been dealing with her longtime colleague's exit from the Today show, admitting that it's been a "very painful time" for those who worked closely with the since-disgraced daytime host.

Related: Hoda Kotb Admits To Keeping In Touch With Matt

While promoting her new National Geographic series on the Wendy Williams Show, the 61-year-old admitted that she's never witnessed the behavior detailed in the allegations against Matt and was only ever treated "respectfully and appropriately."

After Wendy told Katie she had been looking forward to a reunion between the former daytime duo (good segue, girl), the journalist explained:

"Well, you know, it's been a very painful time for a lot of people who worked with Matt, knew him, and care about him, who never witnessed this behavior that is now obviously being talked about. I don't know the full extent of all these things that happened. I can only talk about my personal experience and I was always treated respectfully and appropriately."

When Wendy asked if Katie thought if Matt could ever make a TV comeback, the industry vet mused:

"That's really not for me to say, Wendy. I think that depends on the path he chooses, and how he decides to handle what has happened -- and the full extent of what has happened, I don't think has been truly revealed."

Katie didn't say what hasn't been "revealed," but she did argue that "a lot of stuff gets misreported and blown out of proportion" -- like the secret button Matt had under his desk that allowed him to lock his office door, which she says was "just a privacy thing" that "a lot of NBC executives had."

Uhhhh what are you implying here, Katie???

Watch the video (below) to hear what the reporter had to say.

[Image via Wendy Williams Show/NBC.]

Meghan Markle’s Brother Warns Prince Harry: Call Off the Wedding While You Still Can!

We're just over two weeks away from the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, and for the most part, everything is falling into place.

The royal invitations have been sent out; the menu is set, and Meghan's gown - which is sure to be extravagant - is reportedly in its final stages of preparation.

Meghan Markle with Her Prince

Of course, anyone who's ever planned a wedding knows there's no way to prepare for every eventuality.

All anyone can do is take precautions wherever possible, so as to minimize the likelihood of a disaster.

And the happy couple did exactly that by snubbing Meghan's brother and sister.

Actually, Thomas Markle Jr. and Samantha Markle are Meghan's half-brother and sister, but as they've repeatedly shown us in recent weeks, they're full-blown opportunists.

Samantha penned a tell-all about Meghan, even though she reportedly hasn't spent any time with the princess-to-be in over a decade.

Meghan with Harry

As for Thomas, he accused Meghan of tearing her family apart in a hilariously over-the-top interview.

And the melodrama doesn't end there.

Today, In Touch Weekly published an open letter from Thomas, in which he implores Harry to call off the wedding before it's too late!

“As more time passes to your royal wedding, it became very clear that this is the biggest mistake in royal wedding history,” the 51-year-old writes.

“Meghan Markle is obviously not the right woman for you.”

He goes on to accuse Meghan of basically conning the Royals:

Meghan Markle in Beige

“I’m confused why you don’t see the real Meghan that the whole world now sees,” Thomas argues. 

“Meghan’s attempt to act the part of a princess like a below C average Hollywood actress is getting old."

Thomas then repeats one of the most damaging - and demonstrably false - claim about Meghan, insisting that she used her father for his money and left him destitute:

"What kind of person starts out by using her own father until he’s bankrupt, then forgets about him in Mexico leaving him broke, over mostly all her debts. And when it’s time to pay him back she forgets her own father like she never knew him," Thomas says.

“It’s very apparent that her tiny bit of Hollywood fame has gone to her head,” he continues.

Markle and Harry Pic

“Not to mention, to top it all off, she doesn’t invite her own family and instead invites complete strangers to the wedding. Who does that? You and the royal family should put an end to this fake fairytale wedding before it’s too late.”

Like, she's becoming a princess, so it's almost literally a fairytale wedding - but is Thomas aware that that's generally considered a favorable description of a nuptial ceremony?

When people object to a wedding, it's usually because they're pregnant with the groom's baby or something, not because the whole thing is too reminiscent of a Disney movie.

But hey, maybe Harry will heed Thomas' warning and call off his wedding 17 days before the ceremony.

Just kidding, he's more likely to have Thomas beheaded as part of the after-dinner entertainment.

Paris Hilton Moving Violations and Other Fine Things to Ogle

Among today’s links you’ll see Madison Beer’s sex tape, Iggy Azalea spreading her legs, and sexy GIFs of naked women covered in spring flowers!

Kylie Jenner & Travis Scott Bring Baby Stormi on Paradise Vacation

Paris Hilton’s Sex Tape Left Her Feeling Violated

Bella Will Make You Thorny With New See-Through Nip Peek

Blake Lively Busts Out Her Awesome Braless Cleavage

Meet Instagram Cutie Nikki Sia

Former Playboy Model Khloe Terae’s Sexy Bikini Car Wash Is Full Service

Madison Beer Makes a Sex Tape of the Day

Sexy Gifs of Spring Flowers on Naked Babes

Cora Keegan Posing Nude for P Magazine!

Iggy Azalea Spreads Her Legs of the Day

Blac Chyna is Not Pregnant, At Least Not Yet

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Avicii Loved Ones Feared He Would Kill Himself, Rushed to Prevent Suicide

According to a recent report, Avicii talked to his loved ones just hours before he took his own life two weeks ago.

Based on this conversation and the DJ's behavior/mindset/attitude during it, Avicii's feared the worst.

They feared that Avicii would take his own life.

Avicii Spins

"The family was aware that Tim felt bad. It went up and down, but when he was in Oman, it became worse," a source close to the family told the Swedish website Stoppa Pressarna.

This insider added:

"When they talked to Tim on the phone they became worried. The family realized that it was really bad and that one had to act."

This article goes on to say that one family member immediately hopped on on a flight to the Middle East, but it was too late:

When the family member (believed to be Avicii's brother) arrived in the city of Muscat, Avicii had already committed suicide.

As previously detailed, the beloved musician killed himself at the young age of 28, following years of admitted substance abuse and anxiety.

In 2016, Avicii took a hiatus from touring due to health issues (he was previously diagnosed with pancreatitis), both mental and physical.

He confessed to partying too much and feeling ongoing pressure to be a global success.

Avicii in Vegas

Earlier this week, TMZ quoted an insider who said the Swedish DJ used a shard of glass to fatally wound himself.

It's unclear whether he cut himself on the wrist or on the neck, but it's become evident that Avicii struggled tremendously with his place in the world.

"Our beloved Tim was a seeker, a fragile artistic soul searching for answers to existential questions," read a recent family statement, shedding some light on what transpired with their relative.

This statement continued:

"When he stopped touring, he wanted to find a balance in life to be happy and be able to do what he loved most – music.

"He really struggled with thoughts about Meaning, Life, Happiness. He could not go on any longer. He wanted to find peace."

Based on those final two sentences, it was assumed by most fans that Avicii did, indeed, kill himself.

Avicii Pic

And now that has been confirmed.

But this was the first we heard of the phone call between the late DJ and his family members.

It's heartbreaking, isn't it?

The hitmaker bled to death while on vacation on the aforementioned Arabian peninsula on Friday, April 20.

"It's terrible for the family, an unusual sense of powerlessness and frustration that Tim left them in such young years," the source told the website cited above, concluding:

"It's a big tragedy. He was really a great guy."

Avicii Image

This really does seem to be the case.

In the wake of this suicide, those in entertainment took to social media to express their thoughts and their condolences.

You can read those tributes HERE.

We continue to send our own best wishes and to send our own prayers to everyone who knew Avicii best.

We simply loved his music. We can't imagine what this must be like for those close to the musician.

May he rest in peace.

Olivia Culpo and Cara Santana Enjoying The Warmth In Sexy Poolside Bikini Candids

I would totally watch a show called Culpo & Santana where Olivia Culpo and Cara Santana fight crime in sexy bikinis. Just think of all the pool related crime they’d be investigating. Then, maybe for sweeps, they have to tackle their first oceanic murder and they arrive at the beach with extra swimwear, just in case this investigation takes a turn for the sexy… Spoiler alert: On Culpo & Santana, things always take a turn for the sexy.

Not being hip to what the kids are into, I don’t really know who either of these fine ladies are and I haven’t checked their acting credentials, but even if they’re both terrible, we could just bring in someone to dub their voices. Maybe Tyne Daly and Sharon Gless in a nice nod to Cagney & Lacey, their decidedly less sexy counterparts from the 80s.

Anywho, I think this idea’s got legs. Get someone from TNT or Bravo! on the phone. Those networks will put on any old garbage you pitch them. Maybe even USA. They say characters are welcome there, and lord knows these two beauties are plenty stacked when it comes to character. Tune in to Culpo & Santana, Fridays this Fall!

Photo Credit: Backgrid USA

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Smoldering Redhead Julianne Hough All Smiles Leaving The Gym In Tight Yoga Pants

I do not know which mastermind decided to make Julianne Hough a redhead, but I applaud their vision and their gumption. I say this under the assumption that she went red for a movie role, because very few women dye their hair red voluntarily. I can only think of Emma Stone off the top of my head, and she is clearly not a typical woman.

No, it had to be the decision of some producer who wants to make an adult version of little orphan Annie. Julianne, being the consummate professional, went right along with it, knowing that her beauty was of such otherworldly quality that no change in pigment could degrade that in any way.

If I tried dyeing my remaining hair red I would end up looking like I had just had an accident in a science laboratory. (How uneducated am I? I tried thinking of something smart sounding and all I could come up with was science laboratory. I left it as it was in an attempt to shame myself. And now I know that I am no longer capable of shame.) This is why I don’t mess with my natural colors. I would come out looking like an abomination.


Photo Credit: Splash News / Backgrid USA

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Final Crack: Meet All The Finalists For The Last Ever Miss Bumbum Competition

I know there are a lot of things that a daughter can do to make her father proud of her, but I think earning the title of Miss Bumbum is perhaps the greatest of them all. That is why it devastates me so to hear that there will no longer be a Miss Bumbum competition. My own daughter is still too young to compete—she also does not exist yet, but that is not the point—so she is destined to be a disappointment to my family name.

I think a woman of my stock could have brought a lot to the competition that is currently missing. Namely a name that is easy to pronounce, but there are other things too. She would also have a great personality, because if she comes from my genes then it is a guarantee that she is not going to be much of a looker. She probably won’t have much of a bum either if she takes after her future mother, so the cards would really be stacked against her.

Perhaps I should take this into account when choosing future mates. Just in case the Miss Bumbum competition gets brought back it might be a good idea to be prepared.


Photo Credit: Splash News / Backgrid USA

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Dr. Phil Says Kanye’s Comments are Irresponsible, Ignorant and Empowering Hate Groups

Dr. Phil believes Kanye West saying whatever he thinks and feels is either an attention grab or a serious impulse control problem, but either way ... it needs to stop because he's fueling hate. Dr. Phil gave us his take on the rapper's…

All The Very Hottest Babes At The Tangle Teezer Pool Party

It’s been a while since we’ve done a Jukebox Selects, but I’ve got a great song for you to enjoy these pictures from the Tangle Thingamajig Pool Party.

I can tell you for certain you don’t know who any of these women are, but if you look while you listen to the sweet, sweet country rockin’ voice of Kenny Rogers reminding you that love will, indeed, turn you around, you’ll find a whole new world of wonder! It’s like a veritable cornucopia of women you’ll instantly fall for, in the way that only a great three-minute pop song can make you believe in the redeeming power of love.*

You may or may not know this, but Kenny composed this tune for his first major motion picture, the 1982 classic Six Pack. Prior to this, Kenny had proven his meddle in some TV movies, including the first of what would end up being FIVE Gambler movies. Five movies made off of one song? That’s like a studio head’s wet dream right there. “We can buy the rights to one song and make five movies about it? Where do I sign?”

If you have kids, it is your god damned duty to show this movie to them. Six Pack holds up and then some. Plus you can see Kenny’s old face, which we all miss. It is a shame Kenny didn’t win an Oscar for the song or Best Actor. Anyways, crank it up and fire up that gallery in a new window faithful readers!

Photo Credit: Splash News / Backgrid USA

*Bonus points to anyone who remembers this song’s brilliant use at the end of the best episode of Eastbound and Down.

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Tom Arnold Reveals He Briefly Romanced Laurie Metcalf Before Roseanne Barr

Tom Arnold, Laurie MetcalfTom Arnold is opening up about his relationship history. The 59-year-old actor was a guest on The Howard Stern Show on Wednesday, where he talked about the early days of Roseanne. Arnold,...

The Titans Face Off with Deathstroke in New ‘Teen Titans GO! to the Movies’ Trailer (VIDEO)


WB may not be all that adept at cranking out big budget superhero films that aren’t completely problematic, but their animated meta-takedowns of superhero movies are going strong thanks to last year’s LEGO Batman Movie and this summer’s Teen Titans GO! to the Movies. Both films have gotten an incredible amount of mileage out of making fun of their own in-house properties, and this new trailer for the latter proves that the creators of this film have mercilessness on their minds.

Best of all, this new trailer finally gives us our first clip of Nic Cage’s Superman in action, and while it’s not super Cagey, it’s got potential to get nuts, especially if he keeps setting up perfect shots for Cyborg and Beast Boy to spike home. Honestly, even if you don’t like the show or don’t see how they could stretch the conceit out to feature length, at least it’s upfront about how dumb it is, unlike most of DC’s other film properties. That’s gotta count for something.

We’re now in the Countdown to Cage-El, and there’s only 86 days left before we can walk into a movie theater, purchase a ticket for Teen Titans GO! to the Movies, and finally see Nicolas Cage play Superman. What a time to be alive!

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Xenia Deli Red Hot Lingerie Model For Maddam Underwear

In the words of Sam Cooke, “Don’t know much about lingerie, don’t know much about HIV, but I do know what makes me grow, and I know that if you’re growing too, what a wonderful world this would be.” It has been awhile since I heard that song, but I think I got the gist of it. The point is, I do not know the first thing about designing women’s underwear, but I do know what I like, and I like seeing Xenia in what she is wearing here. Whether that be because of the garments themselves, or because her body is so smoking hot that it can make anything look good is still up in the air.

What I like almost as much as Xenia’s body is her last name. I have nothing but good memories at deli’s so it isn’t a surprise that simply seeing the word should brighten my spirits. Come to think of it, Xenia holding up a sandwich would be a nice detail for this shoot. A little pastrami on rye could really take it all to the next level. A couple drops of Dijon mustard around her lips would really get that merch off the shelves.


Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News / Twitter 

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Who’s Hotter: Perfect 10 Showdown With Alexis Rupp and Tika Camaj

I’m not sure who’s pumping out all of these hot women on to this Earth all at one time but whoever it is, they need to slow down. It’s beginning to get way out of hand. Alexis Rupp forces my eyes to glaze over due to her looking so good. Then I’m asked the question is Tika Camaj hotter when she’s practically the woman version of the flame superhero from Fantastic Four. She could be fantastic Tika since she’s so hot and I’m in need of a little saving from a woman like her. It would be easier for me to figure out how to find a source of light in a dark cave with wet matches than it would be to figure out which woman is hotter.

Alexis is the woman I see when I close my eyes to dream at night, Tika is the one I see when I open them and drift off to dream during the day. I guess you can say they both have their advantages. But to say one is hotter than the other happens to be a decision harder than those rock hard abs Alexis owns. I’m going to call this one a tie.

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News / Instagram

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Funny GIF Of The Day: Looks Like We Made It…

Except, no. We didn’t. Seriously, I could watch this over and over.

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Gorgeous Jesy Nelson Major Sex Appeal In Racy Little Bralet

Goodness gracious, how time does fly. It feels like only yesterday that Jesy Nelson and the rest of Little Mix were shaking what their mommas gave them on the stage of The X Factor, and now it is nearly eight years on and they are still shaking every part on stages all over the world. What is most impressive of all is that I cannot even name a single song that they have produced. If that is not the mark of our current celebrity climate then I do not know what is.

Hopefully Jesy will not be doing too much shaking in that little bra, I am not sure that I would put much trust in the tensile strength of those straps. Or it might be better for business if she did overestimate their durability, so what the hell, go right ahead. Just for kicks she should feel free to work a trampoline into the routine. It is all about giving the fans what they want, right?

Come to think of it, I have never been to a concert that involved a wardrobe malfunction. That is probably for the best since most of the bands I see are all dudes. Still, it seems like it would be a good story to tell.


Photo Credit: Splash News / Instagram 

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Kylie Jenner Cuddles With Travis Scott on Birthday Beach Getaway

Kylie Jenner, Travis ScottKylie Jenner can't stop spoiling birthday boy Travis Scott. The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star shared a picture of her embracing her beau during a beach getaway on Tuesday. The...

Little People, Big World Recap: Look Who’s Here! (Just a Tad Late)

There was a special delivery on Tuesday night’s episode of Little People, Big World.

And we mean this literally.

Before getting to the main storyline of the installment, we’ll talk for a moment about Amy Roloff.

She’s been the most central figure of the new season, having said on previous installments that and she isn’t sure about her future with Chris Marek.

This time around, she and Chris were on a vacation when she got mad him for abandoning her.

“I’m definitely enjoying the trip, but we did get into an argument,” Roloff told the camera at one point, explaining what happened:

“When we were having dinner, he just left, and he was gone for a long time, and I was left by myself. I had no idea where he was, what we was doing.”

Marek eventually returned and shrugged off Amy’s complaint initially.

He just want to speak to some friends. What was the big deal?

“My head was in a different place when I walked away from the table,” he said, adding that he apologized and the two are now on good terms.

“There’s some fundamentals in a relationship, and the two that we’ve got nailed are trust and communication.

“We trust each other 100 percent and we communicate well, so that’s part of the reason it’s going so well.”

It really is. The couple has now been together for over a year.

But enough about an old relationship.

Let’s talk about a brand new one… as in, the relationship Audrey Roloff formed last night with daughter Ember Jean, who took her sweet and adorable time entering the world.

The episode was filmed many months ago, so we caught up with Audrey and Jeremy while they were anxiously awaiting their daughter’s birth.

The thing, is she was late.

“It’s a really unsettling feeling just knowing that any day I could wake up and go into labor … and just knowing that the most pain I’ve ever experienced is right around the corner,” Audrey admitted.

We’re sure millions of women can relate.

She added: “Mentally and emotionally, the toll it takes on you is kind of exhausting.”

As the days continued to tick away and Audrey remained pregnant, she touched on another problem this raised:

“My plan is to have a natural childbirth, but if I go 12 days past my due date, then that’s when the doctors will want to induce,” she revealed.

“I don’t want to be induced, so I’m just really hoping and praying that she’ll come before then.”

As fans of the family and the series must know by now, Audrey gave birth on September 10, a full 10 days past her due date.

This did allow her to have a natural birth, however.

The night she went into labor, Audrey suffered excruciating contractions … without any kind of epidural or painkiller.


“The closest thing it feels like to me is someone taking a chainsaw to your stomach,” she said.

(Have we mentioned of late that all women are total and complete superheroes?)

Despite doubting herself an hour into delivery (I kept thinking, I’m not sure if my body is going to be able to do this), Audrey pushed on and pushed through and pushed her first child out.

Ember was born at 9:40 a.m., weighing 7.13 lbs. and measuring 20.25 inches long.

“Seeing her for the first time was crazy,” Audrey said. “Just so exhausted and so full of joy. … It’s just a miracle the way it goes down.”

To see this incredible experience in action, click below to watch Little People, Big World online.

Happy 3rd Birthday, Princess Charlotte! See Her Cutest Moments

Princess CharlotteShe's growing up right before our eyes! Our most since birthday wishes go out to Princess Charlotte, who turns 3-years-old today. The royal toddler's milestone celebration comes...