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Kim Kardashian & The Most Successful Reality Stars

Kim Kardashian West and her KarJenner fam aren't going anywhere.

What started out as just a reality TV venture years ago, has transformed into a literal empire. We mean, you can't open a magazine or watch TV without seeing one of their faces. Whether you like them or not, Keeks and her family are successful AF!!

However, the E! personalities aren't the only ones who've taken reality TV fame and turn it into something more. Discover the other notable reality TV success stories for yourself (below)!

CLICK HERE to view "Most Successful Reality Stars!"

CLICK HERE to view "Most Successful Reality Stars!"

CLICK HERE to view "Most Successful Reality Stars!"

CLICK HERE to view "Most Successful Reality Stars!"

CLICK HERE to view "Most Successful Reality Stars!"

[Image via Instagram.]

Bella Hadid Brought the Boobies Out, Emily Ratajkowski Knows How to Get Attention and More

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  • Gender studies professors is triggered by elevator joke [CavemanCircus]
  • Amber Portwood‘s baby’s pics [Starcasm]
  • Prison guard’s big, smelly penis is evidence [TheBlemish]

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Blake Lively’s 2018 Met Gala Ensemble Had a Hidden Message You Didn’t See

Blake Lively, Met Gala, 2018, ClutchShe may have been last on the red carpet, but she was first on many people's best dressed list... Blake Lively may have hands-down had the best ensemble at the 2018 Met Gala on Monday...

RHONJ Star Kim D. Gets the Boobs She Always Wanted on Botched

Kim D., Botched 413From Barbies to butt implants, Dr. Terry Dubrow and Dr. Paul Nassif have seen it all. But on Wednesday's Botched premiere, the doctors got the chance to treat a patient from a...

Has the Day of the Hollywood Superstar Passed?

If there’s one thing I don’t have time for, it’s talk about the gender pay gap in Hollywood. Did you know Gal Gadot made less money to film her children’s comic book movie than Ben Affleck got to star in his, despite the fact that no one had ever heard of Gal Gadot before Wonder Woman and Affleck had been a box office draw for two decades? I can’t find it within myself that one millionaire is slightly less rich than another millionaire when they both made millions of dollars for three months of work. And neither of them actually worked as hard as the poor sod holding up the boom mic for 12 hours a day.

But according to Variety, the real winner of the Hollywood wage war isn’t men or women, it’s computers. While big stars still get big paydays, salaries for actors are down across the board, mainly because films have to spend so much money on post-production special effects. Look at how many of the three hundred and twenty seven stars of Avengers: Infinity War were computer animated, that money doesn’t grow on trees.

It’s also worth considering that movie stars don’t have the same kind of, well, star power that they used to. Hollywood doesn’t really have a Clark Gable or a Mel Gibson (you know, before all the anti-Semitism came out) today. Does Mark Wahlberg really evoke the same emotions in an audience that they did?

And who are today’s action stars? I love The Rock as much as the next guy, but does he really measure up to Arnold Schwarzenegger in his prime? Robert Downey, Jr. is great as Iron Man, but he’s not Jackie Chan.  Most of his action scenes are just him sitting in a chair talking to a disembodied Paul Bettany with some light effects on his face while computer animation does the work.

There’s also a much cheaper class of celebrity out their now: social media influencers. Yes, any dink with a Twitter account can make a profession out of selling crap to their followers, and if they’re good enough at it they get to hang out with Taylor Swift. Why would you pay an actor a premium to be in your film when a better way to get people into seats is to have Jake Paul take a break from… you know, I have no idea what Jake Paul actually does, but millions of idiot kids watch him do it and it’s not going to take much to get him to tell them they all need to see Corporate Sequel 3: The Rebootening.

So is it any surprise that where Jim Carrey used to make $20 million a picture, Jack Black and Kevin Hart are getting paid less than that put together for the new Jumanji picture? Even though they’re both probably funnier than Jim Carrey, studios don’t need to superstars to sell movies anymore, which means there are fewer superstars, and most of them became superstars in the 1980s and ’90s.

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Taylor Swift Is Still the Worst, Wants You to Know How Hard Being Taylor Swift Is

Every time I see a headline about Taylor Swift’s “Squad,” I secretly hope that this time it’s going to have the word “Firing” before it. She’s a rich, award-winning musician whose public persona is to constantly be whining “woe is me” at every turn. Also, her cover of “September” was truly awful, I was actually mad that I had ears when I was listening to it.

Taylor’s latest pity party took place at the first stop on her Reputation tour. Imagine paying hundreds of dollars to see some mediocre singer and then between songs she just talks about how Kim Kardashian was mean to her one time.

“A couple of years ago, someone called me a snake on social media, and it caught on,” Swift said, according to video tweeted by a fan. “Then, a lot of people were calling me a lot of things on social media. And I went through some really low times for awhile because of it. I went through some times when I didn’t know if I was going to get to do this anymore.”

A snake, hunh? You know, I missed that, but she is a snake, isn’t she? This is apparently a thing Kim Kardashian called her two years ago when Swift threw Kayne West under the bus after people said his song “Famous” was mysogynist, faking outrage over it even though Kanye had told her about it in advance.

A fan at her concert tweeted a video of Swift’s little speech.

Oh no, people called her names on social media!? That’s not right! The proper way to handle conflict is to write a manufactured hit song about your private relationships, not to say something mean on Twitter. If you’re going to shit-talk someone, at least have the decency to do it on national television when you’re accepting a Grammy like a well-adjusted adult.

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Justin Theroux Wants to Bone Emma Stone

Justin Theroux, fresh off his split from Jennifer Aniston, has wasted little time moving on. First, he was rumored to be hooking up with Petra Collins before being linked to Aubrey Plaza. Now, he’s moved on to Emma Stone.

The two were spotted out in New York following the Met Gala, which is that fancy ball where celebrities pretend to know what fashion is. They traded in their high-priced clothes that they’ll only wear once for ripped jeans, yoga pants, t-shirts, and hats during their NY stroll.

Back in April, Theroux posted an Instagram photo of himself and Stone hanging out with Queer Eye For The Straight Guy star Jonathan Van Ness. The caption read, “Bffffffs. And yes. JUST bfffffs”

Yeah, you don’t use that many F’s unless there’s a certain four letter F word involved.

Now, despite the two hanging out and Theroux’s overcompensation about their friendship, Stone has been dating SNL writer Dave McCary since October 2017. It’s possible the two have split without anyone knowing because SNL writers are pretty bad at coming up with endings.

It’s also possible that Theroux and Stone simply are Bffffffs. The two HAVE  been working on the upcoming Netflix show Maniac along with Jonah Hill after all.

That’s the real story here. Hill and Stone are reuniting on-screen!

While Theroux has been out-and-about with various celebrities and non-celebrities, Aniston has kept a low profile since the split. Because some people don’t need to flaunt that they’ve moved on. They just simply do it.

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Teairra Mari Sex Tape Appears On Instagram: Is She a Victim of Revenge Porn?

As a singer, actress, and former star of both Love & Hip-Hop: New York and Love & Hip-Hop: Hollywood, Teairra Mari has developed quite an impressive resume.

Unfortunately, it wasn't her professional achievements that made her a trending topic on Twitter today.

Teairra Mari

Mari's Instagram followers were stunned this afternoon when a number of very explicit video and several intimate photos appeared on her page.

The content was quickly deleted, but sadly, the damage had already been done.

Several media outlets reposted the images and video, and as of this writing, more than 15,000 people have tweeted about the situation.

Sadly, Mari's story is one we see all too often these days.

Yes, it seems that like Blac Chyna and so many others before her, the 30-year-old was victimized as part of jealous ex's quest for revenge.

Teairra Mari Image

The alleged culprit is Mari's former boyfriend Akbar Abdul.

Though Mari did not call Abdul out by name, she did post a lengthy statement to Instagram indicating that she has identified the person who hacked into her account.

The statement reads as follows:

"Recently, my social media was compromised by someone who I thought was deserving of my love and trust.

"That person proved to be untrustworthy and posted footage of what in the moment was private and sacred.

"Moving forward, I recognize the need to be more private and discerning.

Teairra Mari Pic

"My hope is for women to remain strong and dignified when they find themselves having to address hateful and juvenile by former lovers who find it difficult to act in an adult manner."

Mari added:

"Revenge Porn is a crime in California and I will be in pursuit of justice." 

Prior to her relationship with Akbar, Mari dated Ray J, the singer perhaps best known for his relationship with Kim Kardashian.

Clearly, if Abdul believed he was going to become a famous sex tape star in his own right, he was sorely mistaken.

Here's hoping justice is served swiftly.

Scarlett Johansson Dress Defender and Other Fine Things to Ogle

In today’s links, Gigi Hadid goes topless for Vogue, Bella Thorne also goes topless, and the hottest celebrity MILF GIFs!

Taylor Swift Got a Snake, Mang

Scarlett Johansson Defends Wearing Weinstein’s Wife’s Ugly Bloody Tampon Dress

Talia Storm Pasties And Bare Ass In See-Through Red Carpet Gown

Jenna Dewan Looking All Kinds Of Ultra Sexy, And Busty, And Bootylicious

Aubrey O’Day Is Now Porn Star Kim Kardashian

R. Kelly Says Sex Cult Allegations are Just a Money Grab

Gigi Hadid Titties for Vogue of the Day

Here Are GIFS of Celebrity MILFS in Time for Mother’s Day

Miley Cyrus Braless Cleavage at the 2018 MET Gala!

Bella Thorne Brought the Titties Out of the Day

Cardi B Plays Dumb And Blind When Asked About Met Gala Beatdown

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Kate Gosselin Baits Fans, Leaves Collin Out of Early Birthday Pic

Last year, Kate Gosselin wasn't shy about the fact that five of her sextuplets celebrated their birthday without Collin.

Kate has been beyond vague about his "treatment program" for alleged "special needs" that has kept him away from his siblings for years.

Now, as her children turn 14, Collin is nowhere to be found. But Kate seems to be trying to hide that fact.

Gosselin Children Turn 14

In the captions of this photo, Kate writes:

"Rainy day ice cream. ... #HowAreMyBabiesTurning14?"

Kate and John's sextuplets will turn 14 on Thursday, May 10.

"#LoveThemAll (even the ones who refused to be in the pic)"

Despite a caption that many saw as almost begging for questions about Collin Gosselin, some commenters glossed over his absence from the photo to fawn over kate.

Others just ignored all of that to make simple, positive posts.

"WOW! 14 already?! They have grown so quickly."

Gosselin Children

A number of Kate's harshest critics noticed Collin's absence and spoke up.

"This lady is evil all she cares about is herself, fame and having everything her way."

That is a common characterization of Kate.

"She did it again, wanted to get people attention and got it."

This comment seems to refer to her highlighting Collin's absence, which people see as a (successful) strategy for getting a lot of Instagram interactions.

"FREE COLLIN!!!!!!!!!"

Some fear the worst for the poor boy.

"Collin could be away in some dungeon for all [fans] know."

Others expressed disgust with Kate for shipping him off.

"Sick that she as a parent wouldn't want to learn how to deal with any issues. I did. Rather have my children where they feel loved and part of the family no matter what. Families do that."

Others would at least like an explanation.

"She could let the public know how he is doing. The saddest thing to me is that the dad to my knowledge has no contact with Collin. I don't understand why he cannot take legal action to get to see his son."

Kate Gosselin is Tired

Others were more charitable in their view of Kate and even spoke in her defense.

"Poor Collin.. I know he's getting help and she's doing what she needs to do to be a good mom. I just feel bad he can't celebrate his birthdays with his siblings."

One person thinks that Kate is right to be so cryptic about Collin.

"When Kate (and Collin) are ready to let fans of Kate Plus 8 know more about their situation, they'll do so. Not before, not for the sake of your curiosity or even your concern."

Fans with comments like this should probably remember that Collin likely won't be free to speak his mind. That's for another four years.

When fans say that, they should remember that four years isn't an inconvenience -- that is a massive chunk of a teenager's life.

Katie 'Kate' Gosselin

The Kate apologists continued to post, and some got very defensive.

"She posted a pic of her children who I believe she loves greatly. I don’t believe he was 'kicked out' and all I am saying is stop asking where Colin is every time she posts something."

That person doesn't think that people should even ask? About the whereabouts and well-being of a minor?

Other fans were weirded out by that assertion.

"I think it’s should be ok to ask where Colin is people who has watched the show from the beginning, [they] are just curious."


"I find it sad how some of Kate's fans are telling other Kate fans to stop talking about Collin. It's been 3 years since he's been gone and nothing from Kate. Now before you bring up the privacy argument,simply telling fans that hes home is not exposing details about anything."

Many feel that such a level of privacy -- where someone can just disappear for years without explanation -- goes out the window when you use your children as props to become reality stars.

Kate Plus a Pair

Other commenters decided to try to steer away from the Collin discussion, writing:

"I'm sure Kate is referring to the twins not wanting to be in the picture."


What may be our favorite comment was this one:

"Shouldn’t be Kate +7."

It's hard to tell if this person is saying that Collin should be there, or if they mean shouldn't it, suggesting that the show's name should be changed for accuracy.

Stunning Blonde Tallia Storm’s Sexy Outfits and Gorgeous Swimsuit Out In France

The bottoms on this bikini being worn by Tallia Storm are absolutely infuriating to me. They look like those early 90s thongs that were sort of a cross between a partial thong and granny panties. Seriously, they’re not even able to sit on her hips because they’re yanked all the way up to her sides.

They prevent me from finding Tallia sexy. I mean, there’s no reason I shouldn’t be absolutely gob-smacked and head over heels for her, and it has everything to do with these stupid bikini bottoms. They’re absolutely revolting. From a fashion standpoint, I mean.

How is this fashionable in any way, shape, or form. I guess if you live long enough, you’re able to get aggravated all over again when fashion trends you hated the first time around are revived. Honestly, does no one have common sense anymore, let alone fashion sense?

Oh well, I was never one to understand this sort of thing anyway, and I can always just hold my hand up to block the view of those awful bikini bottoms. Hopefully after she sees these pictures and see how ridiculous they looked, she’ll make a better decision next time. Fingers crossed anyway.

Photo Credit: Splash News 

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Congressmen Steve Scalise & Hakeem Jeffries Respond to N. Korea Releasing Americans

Congressmen Steve Scalise and Hakeem Jeffries might be on different sides of the aisle, but they both agree -- it's a good deal when North Korea gives us what we want. Both Representatives were on Capitol Hill Wednesday, when we asked if President…

Brace Yourselves for Chewie Playing Holochess in New ‘Solo’ TV Spot (VIDEO)


Hey kids, did you ever wonder why Chewbacca is so surly about Holochess in Star Wars Episode IV A New Hope? No? Well, you’re gonna find out anyway, damn it! As it turns out, Chewie has a history of losing the game, and now I’m left to wonder if Woody Harrelson’s the fella what got his arm ripped out of its socket.

Man oh man, Solo is just gonna be so chock full of winks and nods to the audience, it’s a wonder they didn’t cast Michael J. Fox as Han. I want to give this movie a chance, honestly I do, but every time there’s some callback or reference to the original trilogy, I’m left feeling cynical about their reason for making these films in the first place.

Awesome as Rogue One may have been, it could’ve done without the “You’ll be dead” guy and creepy cgi Tarkin and creepy cgi Leia and so on. But I know what you’re thinking, “Keep that final Vader scene,” and yeah, that’s fan service done right. One or two really well placed nods like that would be great, but this constant referencing is making it feel less like Star Wars and more like a Seth MacFarlane movie.

But part of me is also secretly geeked to see Chewbacca and Woody Harrelson hanging out together. That’s kinda worth the price of admission alone. Solo opens two weeks from tomorrow.

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Teen Mom’s Amber Portwood Shares a Photo of Her Newborn Son James

Amber PortwoodAmber Portwood is introducing her new baby boy to her social media followers. In the adorable photo, posted to Instagram on Wednesday, the Teen Mom star's daughter, Leah, holds her...

All The Hottest Models and Actresses From The Met Gala 2018

Never in my life, until now, have I had a hankering and itching to go to one of those fancy celebrity celebration events. I have this pit in my stomach, probably from knowing that I missed out by not making an appearance at the Met Gala. After looking at all the hot women who showed up there’s no other way to describe it. I dropped the ball here. The healthy glow radiating from Kim Kardashian and Kendall Jenner would have been more than enough to keep me mesmerized for the entire evening. I’d have the biggest case of inner conflict as I would try to look away to catch glimpses of my favorites like Ashley Graham, Salma Hayek, and Cindy Crawford. Honestly maybe it is better that I didn’t go. I’d behave worse than a kid left unsupervised in a candy store.

I’m a man that would do almost anything to see more of Miley Cyrus. I feel very fortunate to find her face in a new outfit. She was definitely one of the better dressed women that night. But she did have stiff competition as Gisele Bündchen went full goddess mode in a gold dress. There are no excuses for me next year as I will find a way to get inside to talk to all of my favorite ladies to look at.

Photo Credit: Photo Credit / Backgrid USA

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Kim Kardashian And Kendall Jenner Show Some Skin In Sexy Outfits

So here’s an even more embarrassing story where one movie was sold out, so dad and I had to go see a different movie. Early February 1994, the new James L. Brooks movie I’ll Do Anything opens to very little fanfare. It was pitched as a musical, but apparently he cut all the musical numbers and the movie he released was trash, so of course, my dad wants to see it.

Off to the tenplex on Rt. 4 in Paramus to see I’ll Do Anything, only it was sold out. I chime in with, “I’ve heard Blink is good,” but these quasi-rave reviews fall on deaf ears as dad has already made up his mind. It was the movie he wanted to see last weekend, but there had been a snowstorm…

“Yeah, gimme two for Car 54, Where Are You?

If you’re unfamiliar, Car 54, Where Are You was one of the films released during that 50s nostalgia boom in the mid-90s that saw Lassie, My Favorite Martian, Leave it to Beaver, and Sgt. Bilko all come to the big screen in atrocious adaptations. Appropriately enough, given the source material, this was the worst one of them all.

The big name in this film was Buster Poindexter, aka David Johansen glam rocking front man of New York Dolls turned actor in some of the worst movies ever made and Scrooged. His co-lead was John C. McGinley, and the cameos included “Grandpa” Al Lewis from The Munsters and Nipsey Russell. This movie is awful, rotten to the core, nothing good about it.

As we’re leaving the theater, my dad asks, “What was the one you said was supposed to be good?”

Blink, it’s got Aiden Quinn and Madeleine Stowe in it.”

“Maybe we’ll see that one next weekend.”

Thanks for always listening, dad.

[Read More Stories About The World’s Highest Paid Model Kendall Jenner Here]

Photo Credit: Backgrid USA

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Go Behind the Scenes of Deadpool and Celine’s Inspiring Music Video ‘Ashes’ (VIDEO)


The one big thing missing from the epic music video “Ashes” by Celine Dion for the Deadpool 2 soundtrack was Ryan Reynolds wise-assing his way through the video. Welp, they’ve rectified that with this new behind the scenes video wherein the Merc with a Mouth won’t shut the hell up about his dance background.

Sure, he showed up at the end of the video to tell Celine it was magnificent but that they needed to do another take, but this is just him jawing for the better part of a minute and a half. Fans of his special brand of Deadpool sass are sure to get their fill with this video.

I’m very curious to see how seriously they take Deadpool 2. Part of me is worried that with increased stakes and a bigger budget, there will be more pressure to make an actual movie this time around, so I wonder how they’re going to handle that.

Personally, I think it’ll be much more in line with the first film, despite any sort of perceived pressure from Fox to not insult Disney. We’re only 8 days away from finding out for sure, as Deadpool 2 hits theaters one week from tomorrow night, on May 17.

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Emrata’s Haircut And Toned Tummy At The SNL Afterparty

Emily Ratajkowski has done the unthinkable. She has accomplished what most women only dream of. She’s chopped off a good portion of her hair and still remained just as hot as she was with hair. That takes a type of talent only a few women possess. And that means Emily has moved up a few slots on my list of hottest women of all time. Being multitalented makes her that much more desirable to look at. Because who doesn’t love a woman who can do both? She can look hot and humble. Either separately or at the same time.

I know that she’s the city type, but one day I hope to catch her attention with the allure of a more simple lifestyle that I currently live. I can show her how certain countryside sunlight can bring out her beauty better than some make up can. And since all the hipsters in the city are doing farm to table, why not do farm to farm. I can offer her that. She will want no other man after realizing the milk is straight from the cow, the eggs are straight from the chicken, and the love is straight from my heart.

Photo Credit: Splash News / Pacific Coast News / Instagram 

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Extra Curvy Moriah Mills Hits The Beach In Barely-There Bikini

If my eyes aren’t deceiving me I’d swear that Moriah Mills is shaped like a valley of hills. I don’t think there’s a section on her body that isn’t curvy. She’s one woman I would like to build a sand castle for. Then crown her as queen. It’s the least I could do as a token of my appreciation. It’s my way of saying thank you for allowing a look at her beyond desirable shape. Moriah is a woman I always wish to see more of in less clothes. With all due respect, she’s at her most desirable in her natural state. That’s why seeing her at the beach is such a treat.

There’s no need to search for buried treasure at the same beach Moriah makes an appearance at. She’s above ground so there’s no digging required and she’s a woman that’s worth her weight in gold. If it was possible, I’d invent a Moriah detector. That way searching for her would be a breeze. But I’d say Mills is made from lovely dreams and great life decisions instead of a detectable metal. My invention will have to wait. But until then I’ll keep getting an eyeful of Moriah.

Photo Credit: Splash News / Instagram

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Taylor Swift’s Reputation Tour Costumes Are “Gorgeous!” Vote for Your Favorite Look

Taylor Swift, Reputation TourThe Reputation Tour has begun. We repeat Taylor Swift's Reputation Tour is officially underway! On Tuesday (May 8), Swift kicked off her Reputation Tour in Glendale, Ariz. and fans...

Funny GIF Of The Day: She Made One Crucial Mistake

She didn’t check her perimeter

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Oxygen’s In Defense Of Will Take You Inside Some of the Most Notorious Criminal Cases

In Defense OfOxygen is about to give all you true crime obsessives an in-depth look at four of the most headline-grabbing cases to rock the country from the people most uniquely capable: The defense attorneys...

Playmate Ana Braga Steps Out In Super Skimpy Gold Crotch-Hugger

Oh how I love to brag about Ana Braga. She may not be mine yet but I’m willing to search the ends of the Earth just to get a hold of this woman in gold. She should be at the end of every rainbow so I’d always know where to find her. I’d always take a pot of Ana Braga over a pot of gold every time. Because a pot of gold may be worth a lot but it’s nowhere near as much as Ana’s worth, due to her being priceless and all.

I can see she enjoys long walks and workouts in the park. What a coincidence. Me too. I have a few retro threads laying around to shred and sweat in. If she’s into leotards and fanny packs I can show up in some funky colored windbreakers and dual headbands. She’ll have no choice but to notice me as I workout at the tree adjacent to this treasure of a woman. I’ll bring inline skates and weights. Then we can emulate whatever we remember seeing from Richard Simmons videos. And enjoy some one on one time after. Post workout romantic conversations are always the best when you want to recover quickly from a park session.

Photo Credit: Splash News / Pacific Coast News

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Burt Reynolds and a Crop of Tarantino Regulars Join ‘Once Upon a Time in Hollywood’

It looks like Burt is gonna make one more run at an Oscar, as news has broken that Reynolds is joining the cast of Quentin Tarantino’s epic in the making, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. While I would never take Robin Williams’ Oscar away from him, the late comedian stole the award that year from Burt’s absolutely transcendent performance in Boogie Nights. It’s like the year Julia Roberts in Erin Brockovich beat Ellen Burstyn in Requiem for a Dream. Sure, Robin and Julia were good, but they were both up against a performance for the ages.

Nevertheless, Burt is presumably making another hunt for the little golden guy that’s alluded him throughout his career by working for a guy who has ushered Christoph Waltz to two Academy Awards, Quentin Tarantino. Reynolds is the latest big name star after Leonardo DiCaprio, Brad Pitt, and Margot Robbie to join the cast of Tarantino’s latest, due next summer.

According to Deadline, Reynolds will take on the role of George Spahn, the man who owned the ranch where Charles Manson and his followers lived during the time they perpetrated two grisly murders on seven wealthy residents of Beverly Hills. Whether or not this role has the meat to earn Reynolds another shot at an Oscar, but I imagine this is the role that would’ve gone to Waltz had he been participating, as he’s sadly too old to play Roman Polanski. You want to see that movie now, too, don’t you?

The article goes on to state that Tarantino is talking with three of his regulars to also come aboard the project: Kurt Russell, Michael Madsen, and Tim Roth. I think it’s a slam dunk for Madsen and Roth, who have worked both with Tarantino three times prior. This would be Russell’s third go-around with QT, but it seems like he would have to make time in his schedule for it.

Anyways, I hope this nets Reynolds one last bit of glory. He deserves a good send-off and lord knows no one’s come close to giving him one yet. I can’t guarantee it’ll be anything more than a glorified cameo. The one thing I know for certain is that based on the title and the running time for Tarantino’s last few films, I would say you should expect this one to have an epic, three hour running time, at least. Pack an adult diaper or two.

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Venus Williams Doesn’t Identify With the Term Feminist: “I Don’t Like Labels”

Venus WilliamsVenus Williams is all about the strength and power of women--just don't ask her to put a label on it. Considered one of the all-time greatest tennis players, the 37-year-old athlete...

How Audrina Patridge Bounced Back From Her Worst Year Ever

Audrina Patridge, Ryan Cabrera, Stagecoach 2018At first the pair were tentative. As they took to the fields of Indio, California's Stagecoach Festival Apr. 28 surrounded by pals, Audrina Patridge and Ryan Cabrera refrained from any...

Kylie Jenner’s Bodyguard is Not Stormi’s Dad

Kylie Jenner is blowing off reports that her former bodyguard, and not Travis Scott, is baby Stormi's dad ... because she says the stories are BS. A social media storm started this week ... noting similarities between Stormi and…