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Brooklyn Nine-Nine Saved From Cancellation! Season 6 to Air on NBC

Brooklyn Nine-NineFox's loss is NBC's gain! Rejoice, Brooklyn Nine-Nine fans, your show has officially been saved. After being canceled by Fox on Thursday, NBC announced that it is saving the...

Kesha Likes Her Big Butt, Thank You Very Much, Kendall Jenner Swimsuit Photos and More

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Hayley Kiyoko’s Racially Insensitive Tweets Resurface!

This isn't good...

As we reported on Friday, openly gay singer Hayley Kiyoko wrote a lengthy statement on Instagram criticizing Rita Ora's bisexual anthem Girls for being "tone-deaf" and harmful to the LGBT community.

Related: Rita Ora Brings The Drama To The 2018 Met Gala!

That same day, the Internet reportedly dug up racially insensitive tweets from Kiyoko's past, and they are pretty shocking.

In May 2009, the now-27-year-old reportedly mocked black basketball players in the following message:

Later that year, the singer reportedly shared the following photo of herself in dreadlocks:

In 2010, Kiyoko reportedly published the following tweet, which potentially suggests she refuses to date black women.

Months later, she reportedly wrote the N-word on social media.

Care to explain, Hayley??

[Image via WENN.]

Here’s What Anna Faris Thinks of Chris Pratt’s “Divorce Sucks” Comment

Anna Faris Perhaps pop culture fans read into things a little too much. After news broke that Anna Faris and Chris Pratt were separating after eight years of marriage, many fans of the couple wanted...

Hayley Kiyoko Labels Rita Ora’s New Song ”Girls” as ”Tone-Deaf” and ”Dangerous”

Hayley Kiyoko, Rita OraHayley Kiyoko believes Rita Ora's new song "Girls" is harmful to the LGBTQ+ community. Ora's newly-released collaboration with Cardi B, Bebe Rexha and Charlie XCX...

Once Upon a Time Kicks Off Its Series Finale by Putting Everyone in Danger

Once Upon a Time, Season 7We knew Wish Rumple wouldn't be easily defeated, but we had no idea it would be this intense. In the first part of Once Upon a Time's two-part series finale, our Hyperion Heights...

John Stamos’ Baby Meets Fuller House Friends and More Sweet Off Screen Moments From the Cast

Bob Saget, Lori Loughlin, John Stamos, Billy StamosThe house just keeps getting fuller! If there's one thing we love about the cast of Fuller House--besides the fact that they have given us two fun sitcoms--is how close they are in...

Bella Hadid Spending Her Weekdays with The Weeknd

The on-again off-again relationship between The Weeknd and Bella Hadid appears to be on-again.

The singer and model were spotted at Cannes Film Festival holding hands and kissing. TMZ posted the following video, which catches them in the act of locking lips.

The two fueled rumors that they were back on during Coachella, when E! News reported that the two were kissing all night. Bella denied the rumor in an Instagram comment (courtesy of Bustle).

Shaggy said the same thing. Turns out, it was him. And there’s no denying the video above, which is clearly Bella. Unless someone has finally perfected cloning.

It’s been a whirlwind year for the pair. Justin Bieber stole Selena Gomez from The Weeknd, sending him to the recording studio to sing about how he never loved Gomez. Along with this admission, he continued to profess his love for Hadid, longing for her to re-enter his life.

It worked. Now he’s re-entering her.

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Apple Sued by Families of Those Killed on EgyptAir Flight 804 for Alleged Fiery Phone

The crash of EgyptAir flight 804 into the Mediterranean Sea that killed 66 people was caused by a hot Apple product ... according to a new suit. The families of several of the victims of the May 19, 2016 crash claim the tragedy was due to the…

Man Politely Broke into Rihanna’s Home to Have Sex with Her

A man by the name of Eduardo Leon broke into Rihanna’s house on Wednesday. His plan? Just have sex with her.

You have to admire the guy’s honesty.

He was found Thursday morning by Rihanna’s assistant and was tased and arrested by the cops. He was able to disable the alarm system and made himself at home by unpacking his bags and charging his phone. Gotta make sure that battery is 100 percent if you’re about to have sex with Rihanna.

Leon told cops that he was not going to use force to engage in intercourse. So had she said no, it sounds like he was just going to leave without an issue. Rihanna was not home at the time of the incident.

Leon was arrested for stalking on May 4 after breaking into another home, thinking it was Rihanna’s. He’s a terrible stalker if he didn’t know which house was hers and she wasn’t home when he broke into the correct house.

He’s being held on $150,000 bail. No word if his phone charger was returned or not.

Your move, Taylor Swift stalkers.

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Britney Spears Is Now Your Hot and Wise Mother

Britney Spears is the one of the biggest pop stars of all time. And yeah, she went through some hard times in life – mainly the Kevin Federline years – but she never seemed to lack in confidence. That’s because who she is on stage is not who she is in real life.

Speaking to the Associated Press, Spears said being on stage and performing is “a boost to my confidence. It’s like an alter-ego type thing. Something clicks and I go and turn into this different person. I think it’s kind of a gift to be able to do that.”

You have to be confident to keep performing after the 2007 Video Music Awards debacle.

Spears continued by saying that she’s a “sensitive” and “shy” person away from the stage. She must be channelling her on stage persona when she’s posting those Instagram workout videos.

Stronger together @samasghari 👯‍♀️🍏👯‍♀️

A post shared by Britney Spears (@britneyspears) on

The singer, who is leaving Las Vegas to embark on her “Piece of Me” tour in July, claims that the video above took 40 takes. Sam Asghari, her boyfriend and trainer, wanted it to be perfect. But when she’s solo in the workout videos, like so….


A post shared by Britney Spears (@britneyspears) on

She does it in one take.

In words to live by, Spears said, “I think it’s healthy to be able to put on the persona of being confident.”

Britney Spears being a wise MILF is not where I pictured her being ten years ago. But she did it. Don’t ever tell me Christina Aguilera won this battle.

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Woman Who Sent Man 65,000 Text Messages After First Date May Have Come on a Little Strong

Most people, at one point or another in their lives, have worried about being a little too clingy in a relationship. I know I have, in large part due to the fact that I tend to date emotionally unavailable women with a fear of commitment. I don’t know why that is, but that’s basically the way things have worked out. But regardless of how clingy you may have gotten, you’ve got nothing on Jacqueline Ades.

USA Today reports that Jacqueline met a dude on a blind date and he wasn’t into it, but she believed she was in love with him. So she did what anyone would do in the face of rejection, she moved on and tried to meet someone new. Nah, just kidding, fam, she sent him tens of thousands of texts saying things like she wanted to bathe in his blood and calling herself the new Hitler. I have a feeling if Ronald Reagan was still alive, she may have tried to shoot him.

Court documents say the man called police last month when surveillance footage showed Ades in his home while he was out of the country.

Paradise Valley police arrested Ades after finding her taking a bath in the home on April 8. At that time, police also found a large butcher knife on the passenger seat of her car, the court documents added.

That’s a normal thing to do, just go into someone’s house with a butcher knife and have a bath while they’re not home. Why wouldn’t Jodie Foster notice you after that?

The most baffling thing here is that she seems to think this is all normal behavior, that she and the dude she’s stalking will just laugh about it with their kids some day.

“I felt like I met my soulmate and I thought we would just do what everybody else did and we would get married and everything would be fine,” Ades told reporters.

Ades is suspected of sending the man around 65,000 text messages and sometimes 500 in a single day, court documents show.

When a reporter asked whether Ades recognized that sending thousands of text messages seemed threatening, Ades responded that love is “not perfect,” KPHO-TV reported.

“I love him,” she said.

Yeah, and I love Red Dead Redemption, but I know that Red Dead Redemption sometimes needs space to do its own thing. And maybe Red Dead Redemption isn’t all that into certain things, so maybe I should try playing Dragon Quest instead of sending Red Dead Redemption 65,000 text messages.

I’m guessing that while Jacqueline Ades is in prison, she’ll be able to move on and get back to her first love, asking Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland when new episodes of Rick and Morty are going to air. When she gets out of prison, she should try dating a lesbian; in that community sending 65,000 texts after a first date is considered playing hard to get.

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Lil Tay’s Mom Fired for Having Lil Tay for a Daughter

Have you heard of Lil Tay? Yeah, neither have I, but she’s got nearly two million followers on Instagram, which isn’t bad for a nine-year-old. I could, however, live a long, happy life without ever having to see another one of these somehow internet-famous toddlers act like they’re about to film a rap video.

I mean, it’s kind of funny when a little kid swears, I get that. But why would you ever follow her on Instagram? Who needs to see a little kid throwing around money that isn’t even theirs? What jackass thought making these little hobbit morons was a good idea?

Of course Jake fucking Paul is involved. He’s always there when one of these tiny morons shows up.

Could this be more obviously staged? That’s her dad, right? Are we supposed to believe this? “Oh, I’m just going to stand here with a cake until someone rides by on a scooter and then hit them with it, that’s believable”.

However, in a turn that gives me some amount of hope for humanity, Lil Tay’s mother, Angela Tian, was fired from her job as a realtor with Pacific Place Group because of Lil Tay’s antics.

“When we found out about this activity last week we had to dismiss her,” Jim Lew, director of business development for Pacific Place Group, told Daily Hive via email.

“There is no place for this sort of activity in our industry. Angela has only been a realtor with our brokerage firm for only six months.”

It turns out the whole “look at how rich I am” crap was, as everyone guessed, fake. Her mom just filmed her in places she was showing for sale, and the stacks of cash she’s always holding appear to be a real hundred dollar bill on top of a bunch of fake $20s.

bruh she got them 20s @liltay #liltay #freeliltay

A post shared by Lil Tay Bae 👑 (@liltay1.0) on

In true Hollywood fashion, her home in the Hollywood Hills is actually in Vancouver. I guess maybe they have tax credits for social media dumbasses and not just TV shows on the CW.

@liltay @jakepaul #liltay #freliltay #jakepaul #skittles

A post shared by Lil Tay Bae 👑 (@liltay1.0) on

Oh yeah, that’s Jake Paul hanging out with a nine-year-old girl while not wearing pants. Seems like a good idea.

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TV Show Scorecard: Did Your Favorite Get the Axe?

It's that time of the television season. 

That very, very sad time during which we learn the fates of our favorite comedies and dramas.

Which shows have already gotten the axe and will NOT return in 2018-2019?

Break out the Kleenex and scroll down to find out...

1. Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Fox sadly announced this Andy Samberg sitcom will not return for a sixth season.

2. The Mick

It's always sunny in Philadelphia, but a dark cloud officially hangs over The Mick, which is over after two seasons.

3. Last Man on Earth

Last man
Fox strikes again. Season 4 was the last season of Last Man on Earth.

4. Valor

We forgot this was even a show on The CW. Probably explains why it only lasted one season.

5. Life Sentence

Darn, we love Lucy Hale. But this CW series never gained any traction and is over after one season.

6. The Originals

The ogs
At least we had warning: The CW announced prior to 2018 that this would be the final fun for this Vampire Diaries spinoff.
View Slideshow

Roswell and Charmed Reboots Picked Up by The CW–Plus, The Vampire Diaries Spinoff!

Charmed Reboot, Madeleine Mantock, Melonie Diaz, Sarah JeffreyTwo reboots and a spinoff: The CW's 2018-19 TV season in a nutshell! The network has officially picked up reboots of Roswell and Charmed to series for the 2018-19 TV season, along...

Meghan Markle’s Exes: A Complete Rundown of the Future Royal’s Romantic Past

Well, the big day is almost upon us.

In just over a week, Prince Harry will marry Meghan Markle before the eyes of the world.

In many ways, it'll be just like every other royal wedding - loaded with pageantry, tradition, and probably a few dozen powdered wigs.

But we don't need to tell you Meg is not the typical royal bride.

She's American; she's a former actress; and - perhaps most controversially - she's been divorced.

In fact, unlike some of her more prim and proper predecessors, Meg has a rather extensive romantic history ...

1. Young Meg

Meghan markle modeling
Before hitting it big on Suits, Meg was just another young woman taking whatever work she could find in Hollywood. Like most up-and-coming model/actresses, she often found herself in some unusual positions.

2. What's the Deal?

Deal us in
For a time, Meg was one of the "Briefcase Girls" on the popular game show Deal Or No Deal. But it wasn't long before she rose through the ranks to become a legitimate actress.

3. Suit Up

Meghan markle on suits
Before her relationship with Harry, Meghan was most familiar to Americans as one of the stars of the USA Network drama Suits.

4. Go-Getter

Meghan markle face
Yes, she certainly didn't waste any time in carving out a career for herself. And it seems Meghan applied that same level of ambition to her love life.

5. Rule-Follower

Meghan markle in happy shock
Sources say Meg was a strict adherent of the controversal women's dating guide entitled The Rules.

6. Meghan's Men

Meghan markle in red
“Meghan used to quote The Rules all the time and really put it into practice with a number of her boyfriends," says one insider. And those boyfriends were a motley crew, indeed ...
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Emily Ratajkowski’s Feminism Is Showing and Other Fine Things to Ogle

Kendall Jenner Looks Ridiculously Hot in Swimsuit at Cannes Film Festival

Emily Ratajkowski heaving feminism

Mexican Actress Patricia Gloria Contreras Suffers A Nip Slip At The Cannes Film Festival

Margot Robbie Looking All Kinds Of Ridiculously Stunning/Flawless

Kimberley Garner Is A Favorite Babe

Rihanna Intruder Says He Broke Into Her House to Have Sex with Her

Irina Shayk Almost Pussy Flash of the Day

Foreign Film Friday: The Handmaiden

Naomi Holt Naked of the Day

Instagram Star Genesis Lopez Nude Photos Collection!

Kylie Jenner’s Former Bodyguard Tim Chung Fuels Rumors He’s Stormi’s Dad

The Fleshbot Awards have some interesting categories…

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OPEN POST: Which Actor’s Music Career Do You Most Enjoy, Ironically or Otherwise?

If you’re a connoisseur of awful music, you often need to look no further than actors turned musicians. While there are exceptions to this rule, the vast majority of actors who release albums are just doing it as a lark, a side project funded by their own success in a completely unrelated field.

Often, the size and scope of the downfall of these projects is directly related to how earnest their content is. Scott Baio’s dour and humorless cover of The Grass Roots’ “Midnight Confessions” is a great example of this in action. The total lack of self-awareness lends this already bad music an air of intrigue it wouldn’t otherwise have.

It’s why consumers thumb their nose at gimmick albums by celebrities. They can smell the scam a mile away. But the guys who really give it their all that stand out from the crowd like Corey Feldman, Billy Bob Thornton, and my personal choice for greatest music career by an actor, Rick Moranis.

Moranis was back in the news recently for a vocal guest appearance on The Goldbergs, but he’s notoriously fickle about what projects he chooses to do, saying no to most of them. His music career, however, is something of an anomaly. It’s not that we don’t associate Moranis with music—he absolutely killed it as Seymour in Little Shop of Horrors—it’s just that… well… I mean, just look at the cover of his debut album, 1989’s You, Me, The Music, and Me….


You look at that and you think, “Okay, he’s joking. It’s a joke.” And it’s mostly joke songs, like some bizarre ass covers of songs…


And it seemed like that would be the end of it. Funny album from a funny guy. Until sixteen years later, when he hadn’t appeared on screen in close to a decade, he released another album titled The Agoraphobic Cowboy. It’s another comedy album, we thought. Until we saw the cover…

Oh no, he’s taking himself seriously. This can’t be good. But then the album comes out and it’s full of gimmicky songs…


Rick Moranis’ music career only gets weirder from there. Eight years later, in 2013, he releases his third album, My Mother’s Brisket & Other Love Songs.

The album cover’s a dead giveaway once again. It’s his third gimmicky album featuring such hits as…

I don’t get it, but I have to admit that I respect the hell out of Moranis for making the albums he wants to make and releasing them whenever he feels like it.

So how about you? Which actor has a music career that most delights you, whether ironically or honestly? Let us know in the comments section below!

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Heartbroken David Beckham Reveals His Daughter Harper Is His Only Child Still Playing Soccer!

David Beckham's last hope of his kids playing soccer lies with his six-year-old daughter, Harper!

Watch him talk about his youngest kid's love of his sport and his protective instincts on The Graham Norton Show (above)!!

[Image via YouTube.]

Is Noah Cyrus The New Sextastic Teen Goddess?

*goes to the beach once

A post shared by NC (@noahcyrus) on


Everyone knows that Miley Cyrus is one of the sexiest songstresses in the biz, and even if you don’t think so, you have to admit that she goes nude a lot. Well watch your back Miley, because younger sis Noah Cyrus is making a name for herself with both her music and her bod. The eighteen-year-old loves showing off her Insta curves, and seems just as comfortable in tiny bikinis – not to mention undies – as she does is in clothes.

In her latest bikinitastic pic Cyrus can be seen soaking up the sun on a beach. Her surprising curves are on full display, and those with a keen eye might notice the hint of underboob. Which Cyrus sis is your Billy Ray of light? Let us know in the comments.


A post shared by NC (@noahcyrus) on

A post shared by NC (@noahcyrus) on

A post shared by NC (@noahcyrus) on

A post shared by NC (@noahcyrus) on

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Demi Rose’s Faptastic Cleavage To Start Your Weekend

I wish that I could forget that Demi Rose exists just so that I could experience the joy of discovering her again. I suppose that is one benefit to having Alzheimer’s that no one likes to talk about. People are always telling me to be more optimistic, but then when it comes to horrible afflictions like Alzheimer’s and cancer suddenly I am being callous when I try to look at the bright side.

I am just saying that if I were to have a short term memory that reset after 24 hours, I bet my overall level of happiness would be higher. Think about it. Every single day you could rediscover that a woman exists that is put together the way that Demi is.

I actually avoid watching any video clips of her with the sound on because I am worried that she is going to ruin what I already think of her. It is the same reason that I avoid watching music videos that my friends do not personally vouch for. I do not want to be stuck with whatever nonsense images the record company makes the band put to music. I cannot afford another “Rock Me Tonite” incident.


Photo Credit: Splash News / Backgrid USA / Instagram 

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Bella Hadid and The Weeknd “Never Lost Touch”: Inside Their “Flirty” Relationship

Bella Hadid, The Weeknd, Cannes, Magnum x Alexander Wang partyBella Hadid and The Weeknd are sparking reconciliation rumors at the 2018 Cannes Film Festival.
The supermodel and the “Call Out My Name” singer were spotted kissing at the Magnum…

New Zealand Model Amy Lee Summers Busting Out Of Her Tiny Bikini

Amy Lee Summers is more than alright in my book. She sits in-between amazing and absolutely awesome. If there was ever anything missing from my existence, it’s Amy. She’s the same shape as the void in my life. It’s like I’ve found the missing piece of the puzzle. She’s a perfect fit and the perfect shape. I’m starting to theorize that women near water get very thirsty for some reason. I’m starting to see more and more very hot women all holding water bottles. Maybe that’s the key to landing a hot lady of my own. I’m thinking this time instead of filling the cooler with the usual Coors maybe I can fill it with water an attract a very attractive young lady like Amy. It’s worth a shot.

Summers’ body is show stopping. It’s like I’d never need to change the channel after looking at her. Even if I lost the remote. I could watch her hot bod all day. It would provide an excess of entertainment. I hope Amy’s up for allowing me to be her lifeguard. If ever a woman like her required a little bit saving from shallow water or a clam caught in her foot.

Photo Credit: Backgrid USA 

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Who’s Hotter: Tessa Thompson and Sofia Boutella Sheer Dress Showdown

I’ve been between a rock and a hard place a few times in my day but I’ve never managed to be in charge of making a decision this difficult. Is Tessa Thompson hotter than Sofia Boutella or is it the other way around. For starters Tessa’s outfit has all of my attention and then some more. A see-through dress is a great way to get me to look in your direction, and if that was Tessa’s goal she can mark it off as completed on her checklist. But even with Thompson seemingly taking home the gold in the who’s hotter competition, her challenger Sofia, isn’t making it an easy win. She also has a see-through dress that puts her amazing lower half on display. A truly fierce competition between two of the most seductive females around.

I’m not sure if transparent clothing for women is trending but I sure like seeing it. It allows ladies to look modest and still show off all the goods at the same time. Both women are unbelievable hot. The way I can tell is by the lack of clothing. I’m not sure if you can really say one is hotter than the other when both women look like they can’t be touched without a pair of oven mitts on.

Photo Credit: Splash News / Backgrid USA

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Mackenzie Ziegler Blasts Dance Moms: I Had No Childhood!

While Abby Lee Miller struggles through her chemo treatments, another former Dance Moms star is telling all about her experience on the show.

13-year-old Mackenzie Ziegler is following in big sister Maddie's footsteps; she has written a book!

In Kenzie's Rules for Life, she talks about missing her childhood while dancing on TV, and she slams Dance Moms as a toxic environment.

Mackenzie Ziegler at Her Book Signing

RadarOnline reports on some of the contents of Mackenzie's tell-all book. Within the pages, Mackenzie confesses that she felt inadequate and insecure during her reality television career.

"I didn’t feel like I was good enough."

That's a normal feeling to have, but for a young child to experience it while being thrust into the spotlight is ... sad.

"I was also really nervous about people watching me on TV."

Of course! She was a child. She is still, for that matter, a child. She's barely a teenager.

"Would they laugh at me? Would I look really stupid up there?"

Dancing in a room full of dancers is one thing. Doing so on television is another.

"I know the cameras would be following us around and catching everything I did and said. I was embarrassed and really insecure."

Mackenzie Ziegler

Like her sister Maddie Ziegler's tell-all book, Mackenzie's does not mention Abby Lee Miller by name.

But you can see "vague" hints that appear to refer to her.

"I always felt like I had to live up to people’s expectations of me."

A number of people suspect that Mackenzie is referring to Miller, here.

"I thought everyone was constantly judging me, watching each move and tearing it apart, nitpicking everything I did, and laughing at me behind my back."

Yeah, that definitely sounds like how Miller came across on the show.

"The competitive dance world and reality TV can get a little crazy."

Mackenzie also mentions that she basically missed out on a lot of important parts of being a child.

"It was pretty much my answer to every party, play date, after-school activity, you name it: ‘Sorry, I have dance.'"

Strange that we live in a world where you (correctly) can't send your child to work in a mine or a textile factory, but kids can be trotted out on TV and dance themselves into exhaustion.

"I started to regret not being a ‘real kid’ with a real life. I felt like I had no childhood, and it made me sad and angry."

Those feelings sound very justified.

Mackenzie Ziegler at the Airport

To make matters worse, Mackenzie reveals that she was the target of online bullying over social media.

"People would be so cruel to me in comments."

For one thing, they would make unfavorable comparisons between her and her sister.

"They would compare me to my sister, saying that I wasn’t as pretty or as talented as Maddie."

Vicious and inexcusable.

"They called me fat; they said I was ugly and had big bunny teeth that stuck out."

I cannot imagine saying these vile things to anyone, let alone a child.

"They made fun of my costumes and my routines, called me a crybaby and a loser."

Absolutely despicable.

"I felt like I was constantly being attacked. It made me paranoid and insecure."

That kind of experience can haunt you for life.

Mackenzie Ziegler and Maddie Ziegler

Mackenzie says that it took almost her entire run on Dance Moms to work up the courage to put her foot down and leave the series.

"I was over it."

By the way, are you aware that Mackenzie herself was not paid for her time on the show? She's worth 2 million, thanks to other appearances and endorsements and tours.

"I felt like the constant competition life was getting to me too much."

Absolutely understandable.

"It wasn’t fun for me anymore; I was ready to move on and do something else."

Good for her.

"It was me knowing I was capable of doing so much more in my life and feeling ambitious and a little 'itchy' to branch out. I was ready to move on."

Abby Lee Miller, Hospital Selfie

Considering that Maddie's book also did not mention Abby Lee Miller by name, we assume that Mackenzie avoided naming her from the start.

That is for the best, since Miller has been diagnosed with cancer. Releasing a book that bashes someone while they're in the hospital fighting for their life would be all kinds of awkward.

That said, Miller did shade Mackenzie over allegedly vaping, but that's a far cry from actively bashing someone.

We hope that Abby Lee Miller makes a swift and full recovery.

We also hope that Mackenzie Ziegler continues to see success -- and that she gets to, at least, have an almost normal adolescence since she was robbed of a childhood.

Kristen Bell, Anna Faris and More Stars Read Hilarious Texts From Their Moms

Kristen BellMoms are the best. In honor of Mother's Day, Jimmy Kimmel asked several celebrities to read actual text messages from their moms. The stars obliged on Thursday's episode of Jimmy...

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Might Be Saved From Cancellation

Brooklyn Nine-NineIt's a TV miracle! After being canceled by Fox in a no-good very-bad move, it's looking likely that Brooklyn Nine-Nine will be the latest series to be saved from cancellation....

Grey’s Anatomy Season 14 Episode 23 Recap: Did April Kepner Die?!

With the news that Sarah Drew is exiting Grey's Anatomy, it seemed like her character, April Kepner was going to die on Grey's Anatomy Season 14 Episode 23

The official teaser for the episode found the redhead in a bad way, but did she really bite the dust?

When the episode kicked off, April was still planning Alex and Jo's wedding, and even sent out the invites for it. We were then treated to a flurry of scenes showing the characters reacting to the big news. 

But disaster struck when Matthew was wheeled into the hospital after a car crash and started mentioning April's name. This made the others wonder whether April would be with Matthew considering their past. 

When Arizona confirmed they were indeed back together, Owen led a team out to the crash site to search for April. It turned out that Matthew was telling the truth. 

April was found in bad shape, barely clinging to life and suffering from hypothermia. She was rushed to the hospital, and the doctors fought tooth and nail to save her. 

Sarah Drew for ABC

Jackson was kept out of the loop because everyone thought he would struggle to save her given the circumstances, but one of the interns accidentally slipped up about the surgery going on. 

The most interesting thing about it was that they all agreed to pray because that's what April would expect of them given the dire prognosis. 

April was saved and wheeled into a room with Matthew. Could this be the thing that makes her decide that working in the hospital was not the best career move?

It certainly presents a difficult situation: She has a kid with Jackson. Is she going to remain in Seattle off-screen, or will she skip town with her new man?

We have no idea, but it's sure fun to speculate. 

Ellen Pompeo as Meredith Grey on Grey's Anatomy

This also gave Ben time to return from Station 19 if his friend passed away. It came around the time Bailey was worried that he was going to die in a fire. 

Meanwhile, Arizona continued to make her decision about the future and even told Miranda that she was exiting her role to move to New York to be with Sofia and Callie. 

Miranda admitted that she thought Arizona was going to be a terrible, terrible doctor when she first laid eyes on her, but she was surprised at her growth. 

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Then, Arizona opened up to Nicole about her decision to leave town, and the former doctor was against the idea. Ultimately, she wanted Arizona to bring her crash carts to the masses, and that could be done from New York. 

Could a happy ending for Arizona be on the horizon? 

It sure seems that way. 

What did you think of the episode?

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