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Ronnie Magro-Ortiz and Jen Harley “Trying to Work Things Out” Amid Baby’s Health Scare

Ronnie Ortiz-Magro, Jen HarleyRonnie Magro-Ortiz and Jen Harley are putting their child before any drama. Over the weekend, the Jersey Shore Family Vacation star revealed on Instagram Stories that he had to take his...

Dancing With the Stars: Athletes: Who Made the Final 3?

Adam Rippon, Jenna Johnson, DWTSThree weeks in and only three contestants to go! We will not lie, this shortened season of DWTS is weirding us out. No one is getting real critiques. No one has had time to improve. Few...

Salma Hayek’s Big Cannes Bosom, How Michael B. Jordan Gets the Women and More

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  • You’d date any one of these hot girls [CavemanCircus]
  • Rita Ora hopes her song becomes a bisexual anthem [Dlisted]
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  • Youngsters who took an early interest in boobs [Linkiest]
  • Emily Ratajkowski loves boobs [TheBlemish]

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‘Harry & Meghan’ TV Movie Star Says He Nailed William Role … Sorta

The guy who played Prince William in Lifetime's "Harry & Meghan: A Royal Romance" says even he was surprised when he wasn't given a prosthetic to play the future king of England. We spoke to actor Burgess Abernethy about his role in the TV…

Don’t Ask Rihanna About the Royal Wedding

Good news Royal Wedding fans, it’s only a week until the world watches The Working Actress marry Obergruppenführer Harry. The spectacle of it all! I’ve heard from reliable sources that Harry will be wearing a traditional suit and tie and not a Nazi officer’s uniform, much to the disappointment of The Sun’s editorial staff.

Not in attendance at the wedding will be Rihanna, because why would she be? Apparently Access thought she might be because she had met Prince Harry once. Meghan Markle’s family isn’t going but maybe this singer is, right?

Rihanna makes a good point, having met someone once doesn’t mean you’re going to be invited to their wedding. My girlfriend once bumped into Lucy Lawless on the street, but Xena isn’t coming to my hypothetical wedding. Which is unfortunate, when I was younger I always imagined my wedding night would involve Xena in some way.

Also not in attendance will be Meghan Markle’s father, so why the hell would Rihanna be there? Markle’s father was slated to give the bride away, but he’s unable to travel after having a heart attack last week. Under normal circumstances you’d delay a wedding when that happens, but that isn’t really an option when the entire nation of Great Britian is involved.

Access will be sending reports out all week asking random people if they’ll be in attendance at the royal wedding. I hear that Hugh Laurie and Prince Harry once shopped at the same Sainsbury’s, so maybe he’ll be invited.

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Katy Perry Unbe-Weave-Able and Other Fine Things to Ogle

Kicking off your week we’ve got Nicole Scherzinger’s Pussycat Nips, Elsa Hosk losing her top, and Elisabeth Moss will stay single and mingle!

Bella Hadid, Kendall Jenner and Hailey Baldwin Hit up Cannes Film Festival

Katy Perry – Gypsies, Tramps, And Weaves

Teen Temptation Kylie Quinn Is All Smiles In This Devastating Nude Shoot

Alison Brie Looking Leggy, Busty, And Bootylicious, Oh My!

Christina Aguilera’s Funbags Are Popping

Janet Jackson Spends Mother’s Day in Park With Son Eissa

Nicole Scherzinger Dark Nipples of the Day

Elisabeth Moss Plans to Stay Single and Sexy!

Vote NOW On The Fleshbot Awards!

Farrah Abraham goes Paddle-Boarding in a See Through Top!

Elsa Hosk is Topless of the Day

‘Superman’ Star Margot Kidder Dead at 69

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Cardi B Deleted Her Instagram After Being Attacked by Noted Troll Azealia Banks

Cardi B became famous on Instagram, which led to a reality show on VH1, a network that used to play music for old people, and eventually to her being signed as a rapper by Atlantic Records. Azealia Banks is mostly famous for viciously attacking women who are more talented and successful than she is, so of course she had some mean things to say about Cardi B on “The Breakfast Club,” basically blaming her for setting black women’s causes back for not being Beyonce, who Banks once said should “SHUT UP and let the new vanguard of black women come forth, instead of poaching from us.”

Cardi B posted a response to her Instagram before deleting the entire account, saying among other things, that Banks “constantly finds joy in belittling black women” and that she isn’t happy in her own skin. She added that she has “never dismissed my heritage or my culture.”

#Cardi has a message for #AzealiaBanks !

A post shared by The Shade Room (@theshaderoom) on

Banks has, over the years, viciously attacked pretty much any black woman who is more famous than Azealia Banks for not being black right. She couldn’t find enough bad things to sat about Beyonce when Lemonade came out, but today she’s talking about great Lemonade was and how much Cardi B has ruined things, which were previously so great.

Banks has also attacked Rihanna for “not being a citizen” when Rihanna attended rallies against Donald Trump’s travel ban targeting Muslim countries, which Banks supported. She also called Zayn Malik from One Direction a “sand n—–,” so she’s not a big fan of people from the Middle East in general.

Amazingly, her comments on Malik led her to get into a long, public argument with 14-year-old (at the time) Disney Channel actress Skai Jackson, whom she told “You need to get ur ass done and your tits done before you become a proper instagram thot girly,” and called her “flatty patty”.

You might think that’s the bottom of the barrel, but when Izzy Azealia said she had considered suicide because of being attacked by trolls on social media, Banks took to social media to tell her “YAAS slavemaster, drive that slave truck right off the canyon!!!”

While Banks was doing that, Vermont Senator and leading 2020 presidential candidate Bernie Sanders was complimenting Cardi B for her insight on the need to strengthen Social Security in an interview with GQ, where she impressed with her knowledge of presidential history.

Cardi unleashes her recollections of FDR’s life and accomplishments in a passionate torrent that assumes no prior knowledge on the part of the listener and follows no time line. She knows which president succeeded Roosevelt (his vice president, Truman) and which preceded him (Hoover). She gives a brief overview of the 22nd Amendment. She used to be able to list all the U.S. presidents in order of term but is too nervous to try it in front of me. As a compromise, she invites me to name any president. https://www.gq.com/story/cardi-b-invasion-of-privacy-profile


“He was the 15th president,” she says, and her tone is as neutral as if she were reciting types of weather. “Buchanan is the only president that was a bachelor.”

Azealia Banks saw that and called Cardi B “illiterate” because she makes some typos sometimes.

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Tori Spelling: Having a SIXTH Kid to Squeeze More Money From Her Mom?!

Back in March of 2017, Tori Spelling welcomed her fifth child.

Fans were somewhat surprised by Spelling's decision to expand her family, not only because she's 44 years old, but because her extreme financial difficulties have been well-documented in recent years.

Spelling and McDermott

But over one year later, Spelling and husband Dean McDermott are holding things together, and it looks as though their relationship might actually be on the upswing for the first time in a very long time.

So we suppose it should come as no surprise that Tori is talking about having another kid.

“You know, I do, I like even numbers, they keep asking, they all want one more because they want a little baby sister now,” Spelling recently told Us Weekly.

Fortunately, she seems well aware of the fact that bringing another child into the world would likely send Dean running back to the probably-fictitious Emily Goodhand

“But I can’t imagine dad being sane if we have one more. It would push dad over the edge. He’s doing the best he can!”

Tori and Dean in Hawaii

And Dean would have every reason to lose it if Tori announced her desire to get pregnant again, right?

After all the Spellings are broke.

Not celebrity broke, mind you, but regular folk, coupon-clipping broke.

The situation is so bad that McDermott was nearly arrested for unpaid child support.

But believe it or not, those financial issues might actually help motivate Tori and Dean to welcome yet another child.

Mary Jo Eustace has a son by McDermott, and she says she and her boy both expect Tori and Dean to pop out another tyke.

Tori Spelling and a Pig

"I think my son would not be surprised if they had another one," Eustace says.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if she had another one."

And why wouldn't she be shocked?

Well, it seems the payout that Tori and Dean will eventually receive from the trust of her mother, Candy Spelling, is entirely dependent on how many children they have.

“So, there’s incentive there," says Eustace.

As for life with five kids under one roof, Tori says it's a dream come true:

Tori Spelling Baby Bump Shot

“It’s going amazing. You know, we had four kind of back-to-back. I was pregnant for years, and then there was a little break, so now that we have started over basically, Dean always says we got all the amount of diapers, all of them self-sufficient, and then started all over again with Beau,” Spelling told Us.

“But Beau is going to be the happiest, well-adjusted baby ever because he has four doting brothers and sisters," she adds.

"We joke, he hasn’t started walking yet and we’re like, ‘Well why should he? Everyone carries him everywhere.’ And he knows too.”

Why walk when others will carry you?

There's a metaphor for Tori's financial situation in there somewhere.

Superman Co-Star and Hollywood Hills Prowler Margot Kidder Dies at 69

Margot Kidder has been confirmed dead at the age of 69. According to TMZ, the cause of death is under investigation but police have ruled out foul play.

Kidder achieved stardom as Lois Lane in the Richard Donner Superman films opposite Christopher Reeves. She followed that role up by running around the Hollywood Hills covered in dirt and leaves because celebrity is not all it’s cracked up to be, even though Margot Kidder was pretty cracked up.

Most people probably don’t know how Margot Kidder spent her last days, but I do; she spent them following Google alerts of people mentioning her name and chiding people for making offhanded jokes about the time she went totally banana-pants and was found hiding in someone’s bushes in Glendale hiding from imaginary attackers, presumably sent by Lex Luthor.

I know this because I made such a joke when I said I was glad Colin Farrell checked himself into rehab “before he relapses and goes all Margot Kidder in the Hollywood Hills.” Kidder saw this and commented:

For your stupid information, I was NOT on drugs or alcohol when I went crazy all those years ago in LA. I am manic depressive and was coming down from a serious manic episode. You are idiots. The mentally ill are human beings, just like you – surprise, surprise. We are simply missing. or have a surfeit of, certain neurotransmittors or neuroreceptors in our brains. If you don’t understand any of this, or any of the words I have used, you sleazy idiots, look the references up. Or are you all too stupid?
Margot Kidder

I assume that since we’re sleazy idiots, Kidder wasn’t a regular reader, and spent her time Googling her own name. I’m a little sad that Margot won’t be sitting down at her computer, typing “Margot Kidder” into a search engine and making sure everyone knows she’s crazy, not an evil druggie, whenever anyone makes a joke about her hobby of running around one of the world’s most exclusive zip codes looking like a homeless yeti.

But Margot is in God’s bushes now, and she will be missed.

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Say Goodbye To Margot Kidder With Her Super Nudity


Normally I wouldn’t bring attention to a recently deceased woman’s figure – and quite frankly I can’t decide if doing so is obscene or not yet – but screen legend Margot Kidder, who passed away at sixty-nine-years of age yesterday, was proud of her looks and loved showing off her amazing body. It’s an undeniable part of her legacy that also encompasses her acting chops and contribution to pop culture as everyone’s favorite Lois Lane in Superman.

But, yeah, back to that super bod. Just one year after the release of 1978’s Superman Kidder showed off her amazing rack in The Amityville Horror. But her best nudity can actually be found before her big break, in the 1975 flick The Reincarnation of Peter Proud. I’m not Kidder you, the scene of Kidder going fully nude in the tub is insanely hot. And that’s just the nip of the iceberg when it comes to her nude portfolio. Well, in conclusion, if I’m a terrible person for writing this post, then you’re a terrible person for reading it. If that’s how you feel, whatever you do, don’t click on the link below to see Kidder’s nude peeks. Have some decency people.

Head HERE (SITE NSFW) for the nude scenes


Photo Credit: Mr. Skin, Warner Bros.

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John Cena Willing to Impregnate Nikki Bella If It Means Getting Her Back

John Cena proposed to Nikki Bella in front of millions at WrestleMania 33. They were scheduled to get married earlier this month, but Nikki (or Cena, depending on which publication you read), called things off.

And now Cena, always the babyface, is fighting to get her back.

Appearing on the Today Show, Cena said he “had his heart broken out of nowhere” and that he “still loves Nicole.” This would appear to confirm that Nikki was the one who called off the wedding and not Cena. Unless Cena is lying. But pro wrestlers never lie.

Cena continued by saying that he wants to have kids with Nicole, which is more shocking than him losing to The Undertaker in two minutes at WrestleMania 34. The WWE superstar turned Hollywood actor had long been against kids (and marriage) after a divorce from his first wife. He changed his tune on marriage with last year’s proposal and now it looks like he’s willing to impregnate Nikki as well.

For those out of the loop, Nikki has always been jealous of her twin sister Brie. Brie has a husband (WWE superstar Daniel Bryan) and the two welcomed a baby girl into the world in early 2017. Nikki has always wanted a husband and children, but also wants to be spoiled and live a lavish lifestyle. Cena provided the latter.

The two appeared to be down for the count a couple of weeks ago, but if you’ve seen and many John Cena matches as I have, you know that this match isn’t over until the ref counts three. And Cena typically kicks out at 2.9.

[Image: Daniel Benavides]

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Kelly Clarkson’s “Meaning of Life” Video Is Here! Where Does It Rank Among the Singer’s Best Music Videos?

Kelly Clarkson, Love So SoftRejoice because Kelly Clarkson's newest music video is here! Happy Monday to us! Clarkson released her latest music video for "Meaning of Life" on Sunday (Mother's Day)...

Ana Braga and Alicia Arden Grinding All Over A Blow-Up Toy

I’ve lamented my lack of sexy friends in the past, and seeing more sexy friends only drudges up all those old feelings of inadequacy. I had no clue that Ana Braga and Alicia Arden were even friendly with one another, let alone that they considered themselves close enough friends to dry hump an pool inflatable outside an Albertson’s. That’s a special brand of friend with whom you can do that very specific activity.

I wonder if they’re besties or if they were just thrown onto this inflatable shark shortly after their first meeting. I like to think it’s the latter, but something tells me that no matter how uninhibited you are as a person, you’re not just gonna start grinding on a pool toy with anyone moments after meeting them. I think it’s more likely these two were well acquainted prior to this impromptu trip to the store.

Maybe one day I’ll be cool enough to have a sexy friend. I doubt it, particularly considering that at my advancing age, I’m not getting any sexier. At the same time, a man’s gotta dream, and if I can’t dream about scoring a sexy friend down the line, what else have I got to dream about?

Photo Credit: Splash News

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Emily Ratajkowski Loves Her Boobs, Your Boobs, All Boobs

We all have boobs. Some boobs are bigger than others, but no boobs should be discriminated against.

Emily Ratajkowski, proud shower of boobs, does not discriminate. In a new interview with Marie Claire, Ratajkowski said, “I love my boobs. I love other people’s boobs. Boobs are kind of great.”


A post shared by Emily Ratajkowski (@emrata) on

Yes, they are.

Ratajkowski continued by calling boobs “funny.” She added, “They hurt sometimes, and sometimes they’re the thing that makes me feel the most powerful. They’re a key to my sexuality. They’re all those things.”

Dreamsicle 🍦 for @inamorataswim by @livincool

A post shared by Emily Ratajkowski (@emrata) on

Boobs are funny, powerful, sexy, and smart. They are the exposed brain of the body.

Sneak peek 💦

A post shared by Emily Ratajkowski (@emrata) on

Keeping showing off that personality and intellect, Emily.

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‘Incredibles 2’ Gets a New Extended Sneak Peek as Tickets Go on Sale (VIDEO)


While not the invulnerable hit-making factory it once was, Pixar is still among the most consistent studios in the industry for putting out quality product. Among their best films is 2004’s The Incredibles, which has a long overdue sequel set immediately after the events of the first film due out on June 15.

The Incredibles is a brilliant mash-up of Watchmen and Fantastic Four, and though the animation isn’t as jaw dropping as it was 14 years ago, the solid storytelling on display more than makes up for it. I’m a touch worried about this sequel though, despite Brad Bird’s involvement, and that has more to do with Pixar than anything else.

With the exception of the Toy Story franchise, where each film in the series got better, every single Pixar sequel has been a pale imitator of the first film. Cars 2 and 3, Finding Dory, Monsters University… they’re all fine films, but none can compare to the original. Fingers crossed this one goes the way of Toy Story. I think we could all use a sequel that’s better than the original right now.

Tickets are now on sale at theaters everywhere, so if you’re worried about getting sold out, check your local listings now and buy your tickets today!

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Happy Birthday: Your Annual Reminder That Miranda Cosgrove Is Super Hot

There’s always a conundrum involved when seeing former child stars all grown up. Oftentimes, they’ve blossomed into beautiful young women, but sometimes they just look like slightly older versions of themselves as children.

That’s where I’m at with Miranda Cosgrove. I look at her and still see the little know-it-all from School of Rock. But I also know that I’m something of an anomaly when it comes to celebrities, so don’t mind me.

I get that you guys really enjoy this sort of thing, so I have no problem standing idly by an endorsing it. I just can’t bring myself to get, ahem, aroused by a young woman who still looks like she did when she was ten.

Is there a way to move past this way of thinking? I’d like to know, because I want to be able to appreciate many of these women in the same way you guys do. It’s probably because I’m a dad and I’m starting to get worried about the fact that I have more than a few friends who are the kinds of guys who would totally hit on my daughters.

Help me out, guys, you’re my only hope.

[Check Out More Photos Of Miranda Here!]

Photo Credit: Splash News / Backgrid USA

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Rita Ora Apologizes After Getting Sustained Backlash Over New Song Girls

After a LOT of public backlash over the past several days directed at her new song Girls, it sounds like Rita Ora has finally decided to walk things back a bit.

As you'll remember from our reporting last week, LGBT performers like Hayley Kiyoko had been very critical of Ora's new single, even after Rita got real about her own bisexuality and how it related to the track.

Related: Rita Ora Brings The Drama To The 2018 Met Gala!

Well, now, Rita Ora is addressing the controversy head on.

In a post to her Twitter account today, she took time to apologize and reach out to fans with more insight into her decision-making process here (below):

Well said!!!

What do U think about all this, Perezcious readers?!

Let us know in the comments (below)...

[Image via WENN.]

Ian Somerhalder Pays Tribute to "Magical" (And Naked!) Wife

Ian Somerhalder wants the world to know two things about Nikki Reed:

1. She is an amazing woman.

2. She's gorgeous! Especially when she's wearing her birthday suit!

The Somerhalders

The former Vampire Diaries star paid tribute to his wife on the occasion of her first Mother's Day as an actual mother on Sunday, posting a lengthy message that once again proved Somerhalder may have gone into the wrong profession.

As profound as they come, he should perhaps be a poet instead of an actor.

But the reason why Somerhalder's Instagaram caption has gone especially viral is because it accompanied a photo of Reed naked.

Totally and completely, folks.

"No filter needed," wrote Ian to open his tribute, adding of Reed:

"I remember taking this image of this magical human with a tiny magical human inside.

"Nicole, you are the warmth of the sun, you are the light of the moon, you are the air in my breath and the ground beneath my feet."

See, we told you Somerhalder should be a poet.

Nikki Reed Nude

The lovely image, as you can see above, features Reed very far along in her pregnancy.

The famous couple welcomed its first child into the world last July, naming its little girl Bodhi Soleil.

Shortly after announcing her arrival to the world, Somerhalder explained that he and Reed were going to go social media silent for a month in order to fully embrace parenthood.

He also addressed his wife and wrote:

"Thank you for being my partner in this life and thank you for inspiring not just me but all others who read, hear or see what your soul gives us."

Man, this guy is good.

Nikki Reed and Ian Somerhalder, Baby Bump Kiss

In this latest tribute, Somerhalder continued as follows:

How lucky I am to witness you in your most natural and powerful state; as a mother. I’m so profoundly grateful to you for the great sacrifice, patience, will and strength to grow, nurture and push this tiny little angel into the world.

You inspire me every day to learn and alongside learning from you there is no doubt in my mind that we will be the parents we’ve always dreamed of being.

Happy 1st Mother’s Day honey. What a special day, like every day, to spend in the California sun with you and our cub.

Ian and Nikki have done an admirable job of keeping their daughter away from the spotlight.

They have not even released a photo of the precious bundle of joy just yet.

Nikki with Ian

Reed and Somerhalder got married in April of 2015, taking fans by major surprise when they announced they had exchanged vows.

To celebrate two years later, the stars gushed over each other immeasurably online.

Wrote Ian at the time:

To the most amazing human in the world. Thank you for 2 incredible years of marriage. Thank you for being my best friend, the hardest-working, kindest, most patient and most talented woman I've ever known.

And then Reed:

Navigating the waters of life with you is the greatest and most rewarding adventure I've ever known. We climb, we grow, and we laugh at all of it. Thank you for being exactly who you are, and for loving all of me.

These two are so in love.

It's inspiring.

Kim Kardashian: Kris Jenner is the Best Momager … I Mean, Mom!

Last week, Kim was trying to explain away Kanye's MET Gala absence. This weekend, however, was all about her.

Because Sunday was Mother's Day, folks! Kim posted a sweet tribute to celebrate Kris Jenner for Momager's Day.

She then shared a wonderful and rare family photo that included all three of her young children. Awww!

Kris Jenner and Kim Kardashian, Mother's Day 2018

Kim shared this platinum selfie, and gave her momager an epic shout-out.

"Happy Mother’s Day to the best mom in the entire world!"

You know, from a lot of people, this would be hyperbole. But she's talking about Kris Jenner.

Someone has to have the best mom in the world, and Kim and Kourtney and Khloe and Rob and Kylie and Kendall might just be those lucky someones.

"You’ve taught us all how to live life to the fullest and work hard for what you want."

Kris has certainly done that.

A lot of people may not consider being a reality star to be "work," but when you're on camera for as much as 14 hours in a day, that is exhausting.

But the results for the Kardashians speak for themselves.

Kris Jenner Goes Blonde

Kim's Mother's Day tribute to Kris continues.

"You’ve always taught us that family above everything!"

The Kardashians are all about family. That has been a huge element of their success and it's key to their brand.

Kim has more to say to Kris than thanks for making sure that most of her children are money-making machines.

"Thank you for being the best grandma to my kids!"

Kris is now grandmomager to a growing brood of grandchildren, three of whom are Kim's -- North, Saint, and Chicago.

"I love you."

That is so sweet and the whole note seems to come straight from the heart.

Kim Kardashian and All Three Kids, Mother's Day 2018

Kim wasn't done, however, and shared this photo on Instagram with the following message.

"You don’t even understand how many lollipop bribes this pic cost me..."

Those of us who were additional primary caregivers to our younger siblings and anyone who is a parent understands how much work that can take.

Young children are very restless.

"But it was so worth [it]."

It clearly was! This is a precious pic.

"Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there."

Kim is using her own day to celebrate other moms.

"I’m the luckiest mom in the world to have these three babies in my life!"

Kim Kardashian With Chicago

And let's talk about those three babies for a moment, because it is so rare for fans to see them all together.

Chicago ... well, she's still a baby. She's like ... half a year old? So she has a sense of object permanence but, if my understanding of normal child development is correct, is probably not saying more than a few words yet.

Then we see North off to the side.

The way that she's posing coyly ... reminds us so much of not just her mother, but of a few of her aunts. She's not just posing for the camera, she's modeling.

It's adorable.

And then, of course, there's Saint.

He looks so much like Kanye in this photo.

Let's not give him a hard time about it. Not only is Saint a little kid, but he shouldn't be blamed for his father's dumb slavery comments.

Kim Kardashian Says "Yo!"

Some commenters expressed confusion over Kim's remark about lollipop bribes. They may not realize that family photos don't always happen organically.

We can only guess how many attempted photos they took and never ended up using.

Honestly, Kim and Kanye should count themselves lucky that lollipops are still effective bribes for their kids. That won't work forever.

Fortunately, human motivations don't end with positive rewards like lollipops, so Kim and Kanye aren't going to have to promise North her own flying car or whatever when she's 12 and they want her to do her homework.

The best and most powerful form of motivation is intrinsic motivation, when you do something because you want to.

Judging from the way that North is posing like her model aunts in this picture, we'd say that she's not going to need to be bribed for photos much in the future.

At the moment, though, she's still very young and probably struggles to sit still. Even on Mother's Day.

Kim Kardashian Appears on Ellen Show

Kim Kardashian also took to her app to speak about motherhood to her fans.

"I have always been really honest about my struggles with pregnancy."

She reminds them of exactly why she opted for a gestational carrier.

"Preeclampsia and placenta accreta are high-risk conditions, so when I wanted to have a third baby, doctors said that it wasn’t safe for my -- or the baby’s -- health to carry on my own."

She made the right call.

"Having a gestational carrier is definitely different, but anyone who says or thinks it’s the easy way out is completely wrong."

For some people, it's a luxury. For her, it was a necessity -- but she was reluctant to go through with it.

"People assume it’s better because you don’t have to deal with the physical changes, pain or complications with delivery, but for me it was so hard to not carry my own child, especially after I carried North and Saint."

We're glad that things worked out for the best for their family. Chicago is a precious little baby.

Janet Jackson Spends Mother’s Day in Park With Son Eissa

Janet Jackson's hands were full on Mother's Day because she spent it with a firm grip on her adorable 1-year-old son, Eissa Al Mana. Janet and the kid spent Sunday in a Beverly Hills park. Janet's bodyguard also accompanied them and looks like he's…

Rumor Has it an Obi Wan Kenobi-Centric Star Wars Movie is About to Start Shooting

As long as the notion of Star Wars spinoff movies has existed, fans have wondered if there would be an Obi-Wan Kenobi film in the mix, something that covers his time between Episodes III and IV. As Ewan McGregor is now fifteen years younger than Sir Alec Guinness was when he first played Obi-Wan—McGregor’s 47, Guinness was 62 when he first played Obi-Wan—the timing seemed perfect.

Hell, they could squeeze an entire trilogy of flicks out of this, ending the last one just before his first encounter with Luke. Then, once they make the Luke origin film, we’ll never have to wonder what happened to every single character immediately before the events of Episode IV ever again. It’ll be great.

But for whatever reason, this Obi-Wan movie seems to have stalled. It was never officially announced, and Ewan McGregor said in several public forums that he would be game for returning, but there was no traction. In fact, nothing has been announced for the future of Star Wars movies beyond Episode IX and two far off trilogies—one by Rian Johnson, the other by Game of Thrones‘ showrunners.

According to Fantha Tracks, however, there is indeed an Obi-Wan movie getting ramped up to shoot once Episode IX wraps, and it’s pretty common knowledge around Pinewood Studios, where all of the Star Wars films have shot their studio scenes. Fantha Tracks’ “well-placed source” has confirmed that the following information has been shared around the studio for quite some time…

The project is sufficiently along that an art department is now in full pre-production mode at Pinewood Studios, England with ancillary work being carried out at Industrial Light & Magic in London.  A number of concept artists, prop modellers, and storyboard artists are working as a team across the two locations on the film, with the group growing in numbers every month.

Contracts have also been extended to a number of crew who have worked on various Star Wars films produced at Pinewood under the Disney era, to join the production when their work on Episode IX ends.  This will see the Obi-Wan crew grow gradually over the remainder of the year but primarily from October on wards.

Pre-production will continue at Pinewood whilst Episode IX shoots from this summer through the end of the year, at which point production of the Obi-Wan movie has been scheduled to move onto stages in mid January 2019 with the main shoot to begin in April of 2019.

The project is being developed under the corporate name of PLT Productions (UK) Ltd.

The scheduled release date is December 2020.

Now, this could be the rumored Stephen Daldry-directed film with McGregor on board, and McGregor’s just been playing dumb all this time. OR, perhaps they’ve recast the role and McGregor truly isn’t involved. Now, that second possibility is awfully stupid and doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, which is why I think it’s at least plausible.

I suppose they’re just waiting for the thing to get into production and ensuring that they won’t have to fire the director before they officially announce the film. This way they can save themselves any sort of potential embarrassment related to their inability to retain directors. Anyways, we’ll keep you posted on this one as more info comes in.

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4 Most Common Reasons Celebrities Get Famous

Scrolling through gossip sites or flipping through magazines full of our favorite stars, we often wonder why they get to have all the fun and we don’t. What is it that sets apart us normal people from these glittering starlets and how can we get the same status?

After all, who wouldn’t love to be seen in the finest brands and designers, be invited to the most lavish parties and buy cars that the rest of us only dream about. So how did they get famous anyway? When it comes to some of the most common reasons that people celebrities get it, here are the reasons that stick out most.

Being In The Right Place At The Right Time

Sometimes it’s all about simply being the best location at the right moment. You never know when things are in the hands of fate. Some celebrities were doing something as simple as standing in line at the bank when they caught their big break.

The secret to what sustains their fame after being initially discovered is that they take advantage of the opportunity and do whatever it takes to keep themselves relevant. They keep themselves in the public eye, get a good publicist, and involve themselves in notable projects.

Being Outstanding at Their Craft

Some celebrities are famous because they’re downright undeniably great at what they do. They are so fantastic at their craft, whether it’s sports, music, or acting, that they have gained a huge amount of attention because of it.

When someone comes along who truly changes the game, the world usually catches on after a while. Celebrities are often people who simply aren’t comparable to anyone else. So they get put on a pedestal.


Everyone loves a good scandal. When a person is involved in some kind of a racy scandal, the media loves to get coverage of it. Often when there’s a non-celebrity attached to the scandal, it’s only a matter of time until they’re a celebrity themselves and in the limelight.

Many of the people whose names we know by heart were once in the center of a scandal. From Paris Hilton to Monica Lewinsky. Their embarrassing moments, although terrifying at the time, may just have been their lucky break.

Being Good Looking

People love a beautiful face. Many celebrities are known worldwide because of their striking good looks. Since often people are cast in films based off of their appearance, incredibly good-looking people often have a huge chance of breaking into big starring roles.

Because of these expectations for celebrities to be outlandishly hot, often more talented and motivated actors will get overlooked simply because of their appearances.

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