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Frances Bean Cobain Finalizes Divorce From Isaiah Silva, Loses Father’s Iconic Guitar

Frances Bean CobainUPDATE: Over two years after filing for divorce, Frances Bean Cobain has officially finalized her divorce her estranged husband Isaiah Silva, E! News can confirm. While the divorce may...

Ludacris’ Wife Eudoxie Mbouguiengue Reveals She Had a Miscarriage in Candid Birthday Post

Ludacris, Eudoxie MbouguiengueIn a candid birthday post, Ludacris' wife Eudoxie Mbouguiengue has revealed that she suffered a miscarriage and had to have surgery within the last year. But despite all that she says she...

Celebs Take Sides In The Laurel Vs. Yanny Debate!

The debate rages on!

As we reported, the Internet is divided over an audio clip that either says "Yanny" or "Laurel."

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On Tuesday, your favorite celebs weighed in, and the results are still mixed!

While Chrissy Teigen and Ellen DeGeneres are #TeamLaurel, Mindy Kaling is #TeamYanny. To make things complicated, Emmy Rossum hears both!

See all the reactions (below):




[Image via Brian To/Jeff Spicer/Future Image/WENN.]

Yanny vs. Laurel: The Internet is at War Over THIS Video

Just over three years since debate over the color of a certain dress nearly tore families apart, a new question has arisen over social media.

And it's a very simple one:

Laurel or Yannny?

Allow is to explain…

Earlier this week, a woman named Cloe Feldman posted a video on her Instagram story, one that was short and sweet and straightforward.

"What do you hear? Yanny or Laurel," asked the footage.

Despite the footage clearly saying Laurel (let's be honest here, people), the mere uttering of this single word has divided Hollywood.

Ellen DeGeneres, for example, thinks she knows the answer:

Literally everything at my show just stopped to see if people hear Laurel or Yanny. I hear Laurel.

But Ike Barinholtz disagrees:

I truly do not understand where Laurel comes from. I only hear Yanny. This is not a bit, I am so confused.

Chrissy Teigen feels pretty confident in her opinion:

it's so clearly laurel. I can't even figure out how one would hear yanny.

Former Barack Obama speechwriter Jon Favreau says his fellow podcast host won't let the issue die:

[email protected] has been talking about the Laurel/Yanni thing for the last two hours please send help.

Thanos even seems to have a take:

And Emmy Rossum is downright confused:

I hear #yanny so clearly… but if I listen closely I can hear a deep quiet ghost saying #laurel…. so there… anyone else hear both?

So that's what these famous people think.

What do YOU think?

Listen to the brief video below and decide now!

Yanny vs laurel the internet debates viral twitter recording

Kristen Stewart Flashes Her Cleavage, Dua Lipa Enjoys Being Single and More

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Kara Del Toro Bikini Pics Never Disappoint, Farrah Abraham Bikini Pokies and More

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  • Meghan Markle not looking to be a fattie for her wedding [Celebitchy]
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Adult Woman Tries ‘Laxatives in Brownies’ Gag, Is Fired and Almost Arrested

For some reason, someone long ago decided that laxatives should taste like chocolate. Personally, I’d have gone with vanilla or apple or blueberry, something that’s not likely to draw comparisons, but what do I know. I understand the ex-lax heiress is absolutely stuffed full of so much money she just can’t seem to get it all out. No good has come from this choice, however, because it’s super easy to hide chocolate-flavored laxatives in chocolate-flavored food.

As reported by Michigan Live, it turns out that poisoning your co-workers is frowned upon, though. It’s political correctness gone mad if you ask me. In my day we’d get poisoned at work every day. These snowflakes today and their whole “It’s wrong to sneak drugs into people’s food” thing. Next thing you know, I won’t even be allowed to slap my secretary on the ass and call her “Sugar Tits” or fire warning shots at co-workers who have displeased me.

Police were called on May 3 to MMI Engineered Solutions, 1715 Woodland Drive in Saline, after the company received a tip from an employee that the woman planned to put laxatives in brownies she was bringing to a send-off for another worker, said Saline Police Chief Jerrod Hart.

The company intervened, confiscated the suspect brownies and called police before the brownies could be eaten, Hart said.

Man, what spoilsports. Who doesn’t want to see a bunch of engineers shit their pants because you didn’t like someone who is leaving anyway? At this rate, no one is going to shit their pants. Fucking fun police.

Anyway, police didn’t charge the woman with a crime because no one ate the tainted brownies, but she was fired. This means she’ll have to go back to her old job as one of The Little Rascals. I think she was Sharty.

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Damon Wayans Is Getting Too Old for Clayne Crawford’s Shit

Upfronts are this week, and with them comes all the news on what shows will be renewed, cancelled or moved to a new time slot on network television. It’s basically a pitch to advertisers telling them “Here are the shows we have and when they’ll be on, so you can decide how best to give us your money.” Fox’s upfronts included Tim Allen dying on stage trying to be funny to promote the return of Last Man Standing and the announcement that Lethal Weapon will be returning with a shortened thirteen episode order after star Clayne Crawford was let go by production company Warner Brothers.

The reason for Clayne Crawford’s dismissal is that he’s allegedly a huge douchebag. Crawford posted an explanation to his Instagram in the wake of the news breaking.

Forgive my delayed response. #truth

A post shared by Clayne Crawford (@claynecrawford) on

He was also defended by Hilarie Burton, who has a recuring role on the drama.

But series regular Michelle Mitchenor stepped in to say that Clayne Crawford was, in fact, a dick.

Damon Wayans, who plays Murtaugh, the role originated by Danny Glover in the Lethal Weapon film series, posted an explanation of his problems with Crawford on Twitter, including a video showing him being injured by shrapnel in a scene directed by Crawford, which Crawford had mentioned himself. Of course, afterwards, Wayans deleted his Twitter account entirely, presumably because of all the negativity being directed towards him from Crawford’s fans. Luckily, there are screenshots.

Before he deleted his account, Deadline reported that Wayans showed stickers someone posted all over the studio lot calling Crawford and “emotional terrorist,” explained he had become uninsurable and that he “Relished in making female cry. And stuck [sic] fear in cast and crew.”

Warner Brothers has cast Seann William Scott to replace Crawford, saying only “Warner Bros. Television has decided not to renew Clayne Crawford’s contract for Lethal Weapon.”

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Meghan Markle’s Dad Says He’s Undergoing Heart Surgery Ahead of Royal Wedding

Prince Harry, Meghan Markle, Anzac Day Thomas Markle has shared that he's having surgery on Wednesday, following his heart attack last week. With just days to go until Meghan Markle and Prince Harry tie the knot at St....

Rita Ora Juggy Apology and Other Fine Things to Ogle

Today we’ve got Kristen Stewart in a see-through skirt, Iskra Lawrence poking out, and a tasteful, skin-filled tribute to the late, great Margot Kidder!

Farrah Abraham Goes Commando at Cannes Film Festival

Rita Ora Apologizes Sort Of To LGBT Community For Doing Basically Nothing

Vintage Goddess Christa Speck Is The Sexy 60’s Secretary You Wish You Had

Exclusive Hi-Res Photos: Emily Ratajkowski Leggy And Perky In A Silk Dress

Victoria Justice And Sister Make A Great Pair

Liziane Gutierrez Survives Coma After Botched Liposuction Procedure

Kristen Stewart’s See Through Skirt Of the Day

R.I.P. Mr. Skin Hall of Famer Margot Kidder

Vote NOW On The Fleshbot Awards!

Victoria Silvstedt Flashing at Cannes!

Iskra Lawrence Hard Nipples in Cannes of the Day

Jada Pinkett Smith’s Mom Shows Off Washboard Abs at 64

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Mark Vanderpump: Cause of Death Finally Revealed?

Yesterday, we reported on the tragic death of Mark Vanderpump, the beloved brother of Bravo reality star Lisa Vanderpump.

It was initially reported that the 59-year-old DJ's lifeless body was discovered in his London apartment, but as new details of Vanderpump's death emerged, a different narrative began to take shape:

Mark Vanderpump

We now know that Mark was still alive when he was discovered, and he died later at a Swindon Hospital.

We also know that news of Mark's passing was kept private for more than two weeks, with new reports confirming that he passed away on April 30.

Given his profession and history of substance abuse, it's not hard to see why many jumped to the conclusion that Vanderpump's death was the result of an accidental overdose.

But the controversial British model Gemma Walker - who had recently got engaged to Vanderpump - says that's not the case.

Walker tells Radar Online that she's 100 percent Mark intended to take his own life

Lisa Vanderpump, Brother

“It was for sure suicide,” the 36-year-old tells Radar.

“I was the last person he spoke to.”

Walker dated Vanderpump for the final three years of his life after receiving permission to carry on an affair from her previous husband, who believed the relationship might alleviate her depression.

(“It was better to have an adulterous wife than have no mother for our two children," Mike Ramsay later said in a divorce hearing.)

Walker says she realized too late that Vanderpump was saying goodbye to her in his final text messages:

“He sent me a text message that said he was going to a better place,” she said.

Gemma Walker

“The last message he sent me was ‘My fingers are getting slower.’ I didn’t understand it at first. I was calling him and texting him back, and I heard nothing.”

Walker says she's been inconsolable in the weeks since Vanderpump's death, telling Radar:

“Of course I am devastated. I loved him very much. I am with my family now."

Vanderpump and Walker's relationship was often a subject of interest to the British tabloid press, and not only because of the unusual circumstances under which their relationship began.

Prior to meeting Walker, Vanderpump participated in a reality show with the stated goal of helping men find "gold digger" girlfriends.

Gemma Walker Image

Vanderpump's appearance on Gold Diggers and Proud came on the heels of his divorce from his wife of 22 years.

He stated at the time that he enjoyed dating "four or five women" at a time, and while promoting the show, he secured a date with a 31-year-old co-star after gifting her with a $50,000 ring on live TV.

Walker was present when Mark got into a loud public altercation with his famous sister back in January.

“Lisa and her husband Ken and daughter Pandora were eating dinner with her brother Mark and a few others," one witness told Radar at the time.

"They were all obviously really upset. Lisa and her brother were shouting at each other so that the entire restaurant could hear! … At one point, Lisa’s brother slammed his hands on the table and screamed ‘Enough is enough!’"

We'll have further updates on the increasingly bizarre circumstances surrounding the death of Mark Vanderpump as more information becomes available.

Anne Frank Worked Blue: Newly Uncovered Diary Pages Full of Dirty Jokes

Something that’s often overlooked in discussions about Anne Frank’s diary is that she was a teenage girl. Her writing gave us a view into what it was like to be Jewish in Nazi-occupied Amsterdam, hiding from the Gestapo, until their family was eventually caught and sent to Auschwitz. But Anne Frank was a teenage girl and there are plenty of bits of her diary that depict her as such that tend to be downplayed or removed from the copies we’re given to read as school children.

Just as an example, Anne Frank, in various entries, talks about masturbating, looking at her vagina, realizing she didn’t actually urinate from her clitoris and about kissing and her sexual attraction to both boys and girls she had known.

There are a few pages that Anne had covered with adhesive brown paper that no had been able to read before, but after decades of trying, the Anne Frank House museum has finally deciphered what is on those pages, and it’s a bunch of dirty jokes and insights on prostitution and sex.

On prostitution, she wrote: “All men, if they are normal, go with women, women like that accost them on the street and then they go together. In Paris they have big houses for that. Papa has been there.”

One of her jokes was this: “Do you know why the German Wehrmacht girls are in Holland? As mattresses for the soldiers.”

She also related this joke: “A man had a very ugly wife and he didn’t want to have relations with her. One evening he came home and then he saw his friend in bed with his wife, then the man said: ‘He gets to and I have to!!!’”

Okay, so she’s not exactly Lenny Bruce. Comedy was different then, and, oh yeah, she was hiding in a crawl space while being hunted by Nazis. Cut the girl a little bit of slack.

If you’re very quiet, you can hear the sound of mothers in the Midwestern United States pissing themselves with anger as they try to have these scandalous passages re-censored. Anne Frank’s diary is the topic of censorship, such as a 2013 incident where a Michigan woman complained it was “pornographic” because of a passage where Frank talks about what a vagina looks like. She was definitely not mad that the theme of the book was “Nazis are bad,” though. We just can’t have teenagers knowing vaginas exist.

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Pantyless Farrah Abraham Flashes Her No-No At Cannes


Or maybe we should call it her yes-yes, because we always say “yes” to seeing more of Farrah Abraham. The Teen Mom alum and sex worker graced the esteemed Cannes Film Festival with her natural good looks and endless grace, but during a red carpet mishap that she in no way planned, completely by accident flashed her pita pocket to photographers. According to TMZ Abraham was attending a fashion show put on in conjuction with the film festival, and needless to say, she turned the CATwalk into the… you-know-what walk. Does this Abraham give you a Lincoln Log in your pocket? Let us know in the comments.

Head to TMZ for the pic 

Photo Credit: Instagram

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Kendall Jenner Teases Her Nips On The Red Carpet In Lacy, See-Through Dress

I can’t be anymore cuckoo for Kendall Jenner than I am right now. I have only sheer longing for Jenner in sheer. She’s royalty in my book. I’d be forced to take her around in horse and carriage but I’d love every minute of it. Even when strangers confuse us for being Amish. I’d just politely explain that I’m with my noble steed and princess whose beauty has no comparison. Also that I’m willing to protect her at all costs. It’s always finder’s keepers when you find a love like Kendall’s.

If she loves to wear sheer outfits than she would love living with me. Winter and Fall gets skipped practically every year where I’m from. She could wear sheer in the morning, sheer in the evening, sheer at supper time. I’d even wear more loose fitting airy clothing as well to make her feel comfortable for her decision to go lighter when it comes to wardrobe. It may not be sheer but if my white tank top gets wet I instantly become just as see through as her shirt. That would make us match so everyone around would realize that we were a couple. Because true love is built on honesty, trust, and transparency.

Photo Credit: Splash News / Instagram

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Willow Smith Cut Herself After Whipping Her Hair Too Much

Willow Smith used to whip her hair back and forth. All that whipping led to a severe case of, in her words, “psychotic” behavior.

Appearing on Red Table Talk with her mother Jada Pinkett and grandmother Adrienne Banfield-Jones, Smith opened up about how fame led her down a road to cutting (via PageSix).

“After the tour and the promotion and all of that, they wanted me to finish my album. And I was like — I’m not gonna do that. And after all of that kinda settled down and it was like a kind of lull, I was just listening to a lot of dark music, and it was just so crazy and I was just like plunged into this black hole, and I was, like, cutting myself.”

Willow even showed her mother, grandmother, and the audience a scar from cutting. Willow continued by saying, “I never talk about it because it was such a short, weird point in my life, but you have to pull yourself … out of it.”

The ladies then discussed how emotional pain leads to someone wanting to experience physical pain as it’s “tangible.”

This is why you don’t thrust your kid into the spotlight before they know how to make scrambled eggs. Willow was 9 years old when “Whip My Hair” annoyed radio listeners every 30 minutes. She’s been out of the spotlight ever since. Now we know why.

With this news coming out, I hope we never have to hear “Whip My Hair” again. Cut hair, not yourself.

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Jenna Dewan’s Cleavage On Display In Extra Short See-Through Dress And Sexy Bralet

Now that Jenna Dewan is back on the market, she wants the world to know that she’s still got the goods and you’re welcome to sample the merchandise. Jenna’s rocking a sexy see-through number that easily takes some of the Tatum stink off of her and let’s everyone know that she’s single and ready to mingle and perhaps even ready to swingle… or to tingle your dingle! You just never know when Jenna Dewan is involved.

Channing Tatum told a story on Howard Stern where he turned down a threeway with his wife and Khaleesi, and that might’ve been the moment I lost all respect for him. Not that I had a ton of respect before that, but he is the modern day Patrick Swayze. If he’s not careful, his career will take the same nosedive Swayze’s did. The guy never made a good movie after Point Break, and that was in 1991 for crying out loud. Just look at his filmography, it’s terribly sad after Point Break.

Channing’s headed in the same direction. He hasn’t done a good movie in an awfully long time, and his decision to split from his super hot wife lead me to believe that he’s not the genius he was purported to be. No one can be smart and not make it work with a chick this hot.

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News / Splash News

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Nikki Bella Will Only Discuss Her Relationship with John Cena on ‘Total Bellas’

On Monday, John Cena pleaded with Nikki Bella to take him back. He was even willing to have kids.

Nikki was speechless when she heard.

Well, unless she was promoting the new season of Total Bellas. She had plenty to say about her reality show, less about her actual reality.

Speaking of Total Bellas, which premieres this Sunday on E!, a new clip was released with Nikki detailing how she rarely sees John.

Nikki explains that she and John have shared their bed, maybe 30 days out of the six months they’ve been engaged. Keep in mind, this show is six months behind real time and they were engaged over a year before splitting. Adjusting for math, they shared a bed 60 days in their one year engagement.

The engagement is supposed to be the happiest time when you’re having sex every day, right up until the wedding. Nikki definitely wasn’t getting laid enough.

Cena was a busy man in the past year, filming multiple movies, a TV series, and appearing on WWE television whenever needed. Nikki….did stuff. I think. Or maybe she truly was “alone in these big, beautiful homes” all the time.

If you want to see how this story ends, tune in to Total Bellas a year from now.

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Katy Perry Wanted to End Her Taylor Swift Feud for the Longest Time, But the Snake Refused Her Offers

The feud that ended a year ago has ended once again, but it took a long time getting there.

Entertainment Tonight has the exclusive how Katy Perry tried ending her beef with Taylor Swift forever. And this was all over backup dancers!

Last week, Perry wrote a note to Swift and sent her an actual olive branch. Taylor revealed the gift on her Instagram story.

Perry admitted defeat in this feud last year when her album flopped and everyone panned “Swish Swish,” a diss track aimed at Swift Swift. Despite her public attempts to admit defeat, Perry was ignored by Swift.

A source told ET, “(Perry) hates that feeling of having bad blood. She often told friends she wanted to end this fight with Taylor, but didn’t know how to make that happen. Katy’s attempts to apologize through her interviews seemed to have no effect on Taylor. She kept trying to show Taylor she cared and wanted to end this rift, but Taylor wasn’t having it.”

The feud divided friends of both parties, including Karlie Kloss, a longstanding Squad member who was spotted out with Perry earlier this year.

Let’s remember that this feud was over a backup dancer. And it turned into petty shots on social media, petty shots in music videos, and full blown diss tracks. This backup dancer better be the next Channing Tatum.

The source notes that even if Swift didn’t accept the apology, Katy was going to keep trying. Because American Idol won’t be around forever. Fortunately for her, the apology was accepted and now Perry can appear on stage with Swift during her Reputation tour and the two can make up and kiss to see if Swift likes it.

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Taraji P. Henson Says Kelvin Hayden “Couldn’t Wait” to Propose

Taraji P. HensonTaraji P. Henson had an inkling a proposal was on the way. While walking the red carpet at the Fox 2018 Upfront, the Empire star showed off her diamond ring and dished on her recent...

Who Could Walk Meghan Markle Down the Aisle in Place of Her Father, According to a Royal Expert

ESC: Meghan MarkleThe royal wedding will go on as planned, even if the father of the bride decides not to attend. Carolyn Harris, royal historian and author of Raising Royalty: 1000 Years of Royal...

Rami Malek Sees a Little Silhouette-o of a Man in First ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ Trailer (VIDEO)


Of all the films I thought would never get made, the Freddie Mercury biopic is one that I would’ve bet money wouldn’t happen. First it was going to star Sacha Baron Cohen, then Ben Whishaw, and then it seemed to die. It’s just not an easy role to cast, until Mr. Robot star Rami Malek came along and was a dead ringer for an in-his-prime Mercury.

The film didn’t stop having its fair share of problems then, either. Original director Bryan Singer was fired because his, shall we say, extra-curricular activities became too sordid to ignore. But then Eddie the Eagle director Dexter Fletcher stepped in to replace him, and now we’ve got our first look at the trailer for Bohemian Rhapsody, a title likely chosen because it sadly continues to be the one Queen song everyone knows. Honestly, there’s like a dozen other Queen songs that would’ve made better titles for this film.

I sincerely hope this film is good. It looks pretty damn good, and hopefully they’ll just use Mercury’s real voice rather than having Malek sing. No matter how good his voice is, it can’t touch Freddie’s, so why bother? We’ll find out what route they decided to take when Bohemian Rhapsody opens on November 2.

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Funny GIF Of The Day: Wanna Know Where Dr. Strange Went at the End of ‘Infinity War’?

Why, he went to the water park, of course!

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Ex-MLB Pitcher Matt Mantei Convicted In Domestic Violence Case, Avoids Jail

Ex-MLB pitcher Matt Mantei was convicted of domestic violence after roughing up his wife, but he ain't gonna spend a minute behind bars ... TMZ Sports has learned. We broke the story ... Mantei -- who was known for his 100 MPH heater during his…

Carl from ‘Aqua Teen’ Stars as Deadpool 2 in an Actual Dead Pool (VIDEO)


One of the greatest of all pop culture creations is the born and raised Jersey strongman Carl Brutananadilewski, next door neighbor to the titular team on Adult Swim’s Aqua Teen Hunger Force. As someone who spent nearly the first twenty years of his life in North Jersey, I can attest that Carl is as close as television’s ever come to representing the average North Jersey resident. This guy’s a close second, though he’s technically not on television.

Carl is back in action in this new promo for Deadpool 2once again, these guys deserve a Pulitzer for their advertising campaign for this film—getting you hyped for the upcoming sequel by clowning on Cable’s haircut and hanging out in a dead pool. Tip of the cap to Carl’s creator and voice artist Dave Willis for really nailing the essence of what it means to be North Jersey Strong.

I also love the callback to one of the greatest lines in Aqua Teen history, from arguably its best episode “Mail Order Bride,” when Carl busts out his go-to analogy for something being so hot, it’s akin to “sizzlin’ like fajita meat.” But it’s all worth it for the button on the whole thing, as Willis’ second greatest creation Meatwad makes a cameo. I can’t wait for this movie. Thank goodness the wait ends Thursday evening.

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Damon Wayans Claims Clayne Crawford Injured Him on the Set of Lethal Weapon

Clayne Crawford, Lethal WeaponAfter Fox announced that Seann William Scott will replace Clayne Crawford for season three of Lethal Weapon, Damon Wayans took to Twitter speak out about the Martin Riggs character....

The Voice Recap: The Top 8 Perform

With The Voice Season 14 winding down, the Top 8 took to the stage to perform with the aim of securing a place in next week's final. 

The Voice has a nasty habit of taking too many performers to the live shows, and it means an alarming number are eliminated in the lead-up to the finale. 

Adam Levine on The Voice Season 14

It creates drama but also makes it more difficult to connect with any of the stars. Let's break down the top 8 performances and try to narrow down who will make it through the elimination bloodbath. 

Brynn Cartelli (Team Kelly) - “What the World Needs Now”

If Brynn wanted to prove that she was a force to be reckoned with, she sure as hell accomplished that goal Monday night. For the first time in a long time, her performance was solid from start-to-finish and provided viewers with a great showcase. 

There's no way she's not making it to the final four, and if she doesn't, she has a bright future ahead of her. 

Jackie Foster (Team Alicia) - “Here I Go Again” 

Jackie has been a bit all over the place of late, and that's down to the downright bizarre songs being chosen for her. I mean, it's obvious she has a great voice. 

But the voice only works well with certain songs, and that's what's putting Jackie at a disadvantage. She shouted her way through this performance, and it seemed way too fast-paced for her. 

Kelly Clarkson on The Voice Season 14

Rayshun LaMarr (Team Adam) - “Imagine”

Rayshun has stayed in the competition much longer than he should have, and his Top 8 performance aimed to change things up. He wanted it all to be about his vocals, but he stood stationary on the stage instead of dancing around like he usually does. 

He seemed nervous, presumably because he thought he was going to be in the bottom two once again. 

Spensha Baker (Team Blake) - "My Church”

Spensha may be one of the most fun-loving people to ever grace The Voice's stage, but she needs to channel that personality into her performances. They are coming across as monotonous, with very little in the way of versatility and that, once again, rung true on Monday night. 

Her tenure on the show will likely come to a close on Tuesday night's episode. 

The Voice Season 14 Panel

Kyla Jade (Team Blake) - “Let It Be”

Oh, Kyla. Never has a performance gave me the chills quite like Kyla's latest number. It was from the heart and was the perfect one for such a crucial time in the series. If Kyla does not make it through, we riot. 

Kaleb Lee (Team Kelly) - “It Is Well With My Soul”

Kaleb changed things up in a big way, and it resulted in his best performance to date. It's just a shame he waited so long to change his sound up. If he did this after the first wave of criticism, he would for sure be at the end of the competition. 

Pryor Baird - “Change the World”

Pryor turned in more of the same, and that was a good thing. He's been solid since his first performance, so why fix something that is not broken? He has his fans, and that should be enough to keep him around. 

Alicia Keys, The Voice Season 14

Britton Buchanan (Team Alicia) - “The Rising”

Britton oozes confidence, and that's a good thing. Confidence is the name of the game, and if you can prove to everyone that you're confident in yourself, then everything else should work itself out. Britton deserves a spot at the end, but time will tell. 

What did you think of the performances?

Who do you think will make it?

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High School Sparks Outrage For Bringing A Caged Tiger To Its ‘Welcome To The Jungle’ Themed Prom

Proms are known for getting wild, but this is just too much.

Students and parents are angry at Christopher Columbus High School officials for taking its "Welcome to the Jungle" themed prom too literally -- particularly, wheeling out a LIVE TIGER in a cage for students to gawk at and take pictures of.

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Outrage was sparked after video of the big cat was posted to Facebook by Marie-Cris Castellanos, whose brother attended the event.

The footage (below) shows the tiger pacing in its tiny cage, clearly startled by the flashing lights and commotion:

The event, hosted at the Double Tree Hilton Miami Airport Convention Center, also included costumed fire dancers, giant plants, a lemur, two macaws, and an African fennec fox. Some of the live animals were used as table centerpieces, according to WPLG-Ch. 10.

In the caption of her video, Castellanos accused the school staff for being "responsible for this tiger's misery," adding that the animal "was used as an EXOTIC amusement for the mindless teenagers who were present."

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Castellanos added that she hopes the all boys Catholic school will stop the use of animal entertainment at parties. School officials, however, say people are overreacting. A rep said in a statement:

"The tiger, which was displayed for a few minutes in a cage, was never harmed or in danger, was not forced to perform, was always accompanied by his handlers, and for the great majority of the time, was laying down in a relaxed state, facing away from the audience."

But professionals saw the tiger's behavior much differently. Ron Magill, an animal behavior expert from ZooMiami, told the Miami Herald:

"The tiger is clearly looking for a way to get out of that situation, it's not difficult to interpret that behavior. He was surrounded by people, cell phones, lights, jugglers juggling fire. I really don't know what they were thinking."

David Pugh, the Miami high school's principal, apologized for the use of the tiger in a statement on Sunday. Going forward, he added, the school will evaluate their current policies and procedures in the planning of school events.

Maybe next time just book a solid DJ.

[Image via Facebook.]