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Everything We Know About Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra’s Relationship

Priyanka Chopra, Nick JonasNick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra continue to fuel relationship rumors. Earlier this week, reports surfaced stating that the "Jealous" singer and the Quantico actress are dating. The...

Feels like Khloe Kardashian Is Really Desperate, Bella Hadid: Boob Job or Real? and More

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Psychiatrist in JonBenet Ramsey Case Murdered

A famous psychiatrist who has worked on some notorious cases -- including the murder of JonBenet Ramsey -- has been murdered. Steven Pitt was shot and killed Thursday night outside his office as he was leaving work. Witnesses say they heard a loud…

Car Dealership Boss Sued for ‘Weaponizing Farts’ and Titty Twisting

When you’re a kid, adults generally tell you the way to deal with bullies is to either ignore them or to stand up to them. What they don’t tell you is that bullies will always be bullies, and the ones who don’t become cops will probably end up in middle management where the people in charge will still take their side because they’re drinking buddies instead of captain of the football team or whatever.

According to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, Jeremy Pratt of AutoNation Acura in League City, Texas is one such adult bully. Pratt used the tiny amount of power that being the manager of a small car dealership gives you to harass his employees by farting in their offices and pinching their nipples. After Pratt was eventually fired, one employee who complained, Brett Bland, was given a sales quota as a means to try to push him out the door and Pratt was allowed to hang out at the dealership and harass his former employees despite not working there anymore.

Bland is suing over these incidents and one in which Pratt sent a group text to co-workers using a photoshopped picture to call Bland a sex offender.

It also says that Pratt’s behavior was tolerated in the office and by upper management, and that “opened the door” to even nastier behavior. Bland accuses Pratt of warning that if anyone complained about him to the human resources department, officials wouldn’t do anything because Pratt had the director of Human Resources ‘wrapped around his finger.’ ”

That was after an episode in February, when Pratt allegedly sent a group text to several employees including a doctored version of a photograph of Bland that falsely warned the other recipients that Bland might be a sex offender. According to the lawsuit, Pratt sent the text to 8-10 coworkers, saying “Keep your children safe,” and “you are receiving this because there may be a risk of sex offender activity in your area.”

How empty of a person do you have to be to hang out at the place that fired you to bully your former employees? Maybe we can set him up on a date with the women who tried to feed her co-workers laxative-tainted brownies. They seem like they would be a good couple. At the very least they can torment each other and leave the rest of the world alone.

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Kim Kardashian Is a Slave to Kanye West

Kanye West dropped his new album ye last night and he was 100 percent in his feelings. On the track “Wouldn’t Leave” Kanye addressed his relationship with Kim Kardashian and her reactions to his recent breakdown, which including saying, “slavery was a choice.”

I said, “Slavery a choice,” they said, “How, Ye?”
Just imagine if they caught me on a wild day
Now I’m on fifty blogs gettin’ fifty calls
My wife callin’, screamin’, say, “We ’bout to lose it all!”

Kanye even gave Kim the choice to leave him. But, like slaves, he chose to stay.

Had to calm her down ’cause she couldn’t breathe
Told her she could leave me now, but she wouldn’t leave

In the least surprising revelation, Kim was mainly worried about protecting her money and the Kardashian brand.

For any guy that ever fucked up (love me or hate me)
Ever embarrassed they girl (love me or hate me)
Ever embarrassed they wife (gone when you miss me)
She told you not to do that shit (ohh)
She told you you’s gon’ fuck the money up

In the end, Kanye and Kim lived happily ever after. Say what you will about these two, but they lasted way longer than anyone expected them to. Probably wouldn’t be good for Kim’s brand if she had two failed marriages.

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Peyton Manning Might Be a Snitch

Peyton Manning has been retired for a couple of seasons now, but he’s still making headlines thanks to the ongoing Al Jazeera case.

Al Jazeera is a former news network currently battling MLB stars Ryan Howard and Ryan Zimmerman in court over doping allegations they made. Manning is involved as he was not only named in the allegations, but also allegedly used as a source.

Charlie Sly, a pharmacist who had worked at the Guyer Institute in Indianapolis, stated (via the Hollywood Reporter), “I did part of my training at the Guyer Institute which is like this anti-aging clinic in Indiana. [Peyton Manning] and his wife would come in after hours and get IVs and s***. … So one thing that Guyer does is he dispenses drugs out of his office, which physicians can do in the United States it’s just not very many of them do it. … And all the time we would be sending [wife] Ashley Manning drugs. Like growth hormone, all the time, everywhere, Florida. And it would never be under Peyton’s name, it would always be under her name. … We were sending it everywhere.”

Sly later recanted those claims. Al Jazeera claims that the Mannings (through counsel) backed up those claims.

Peyton Manning disagrees. Here’s what Manning (through a spokesperson) had to say:

“Al Jazeera’s self-serving claim that Peyton Manning’s attorneys ‘confirmed’ Al Jazeera’s allegations about Peyton Manning is absolutely false. In fact, information was provided to Al Jazeera that confirmed the Al Jazeera allegations about Peyton Manning were unfounded. In addition, the sole source for Al Jazeera’s allegations has publicly recanted them. Moreover, the NFL conducted an extensive investigation of the claims raised in Al Jazeera’s programs and found no evidence to support them. This is a desperate move by Al Jazeera to distract the courts from its own wrongdoing.”

If Manning was using HGH in his final seasons, that shit didn’t work. He sucked in his last season and only won the Super Bowl because of Von Miller. Dude has been retired for two years, let him make his stupid Papa John’s commercials in peace.

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YouTuber Arab Andy Livestreamed a Bomb Threat

Why do we let YouTube continue to be a thing? Does it even serve a purpose anymore? I never hear anyone go “Hey, I saw this awesome video on YouTube, you need to see it!” What I do hear is “Hey, this nine-year-old just said the n-word!” or “Some thot is mad this Swedish guy called her a thot!” or worst of all “Hey, Jake Paul is a person whose existence you’re now aware of.” It’s like the opposite of the Library of Alexandria, YouTube contains the sum total of human stupidity.

Our latest example is a YouTuber who goes by Arab Andy. Arab Andy decided to defy stereotypes by… bursting into a college classroom and making a bomb threat for his YouTube channel. University of Washington school paper The Daily reported the details of the incident.

“We were in a reception in our conference room … listening to our chair talk about our year’s worth of stuff … then this man, who was about six foot one comes in the doorway and says ‘I’m sorry I’m late,’ and I didn’t recognize him, so I say are you supposed the be here … then he didn’t really say anything but then he pushed a button that said, ‘Attention, attention, attention’ then there was a long gap and it said ‘C4 device activated, the countdown has begun,’” a male sociology faculty member who was in the room in Savery Hall said.

So this guy is sort of a known douchebag, from what I can tell most of his “prank” videos are basically him playing a recording of the n-word in public.

Get it, it’s funny because it’s hurtful and upsetting as well as disruptive to people trying to get an education. Apparently the bomb threat thing is a common thing, to.

See, it’s funny because people are afraid they’re going to die.

These “prank” YouTube channels are pretty much never funny, but this guy is close to a new low. I say close because there was that one guy who was emotionally abusing one of his kids and going “it’s just a prank, bro!” and he was worse. But Jake and Logan Paul are better at prank videos than this guy and that’s something I thought I’d never say about anyone, because they’ve done some seriously unfunny shit, but I have a feeling their pranks are staged anyway.

The good news is we don’t really have to do anything to make these idiots go away. Like Arab Andy, their unfunny behavior is also probably criminal. All we have to do is sit back, ignore them and wait for them get arrested. I’ll bet the trial is hilarious.

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Now There’s Video Evidence of Harvey Weinstein’s Sexual Misconduct

Things just keep looking bleaker for Harvey Weinstein. I mean, not as bleak as the women he raped and blacklisted from the film industry, but bleak. He’s been arrested, a grand jury indicted him and his company went bankrupt and was sold. Now he’s being sued by a woman who claims to have video evidence of Weinstein assaulting her, according to TMZ.

Melissa Thompson claims she had a meeting with Weinstein at his New York office in September 2011 to pitch her tech company’s new video platform to use in the movie biz, but almost immediately he started harassing her. She says there’s video evidence of this because her computer’s video camera was on for the pitch.

According to the suit … Weinstein at one point reached down and began caressing her leg and moved his hand under her dress and mumbled, “It’s fun when you do this.” Thompson claims she ignored it and carried on, fearing he would become angry and aggressive if she rebuffed him.

Thompson says she went to a follow-up meeting with Weinstein at the Tribeca Grand Hotel later that day hoping to secure the video deal, but the meeting quickly moved to his hotel room … where he forced himself on her. She claims she escaped and went to the bathroom, but when she came out he was naked from the waist down.

According to the suit … Weinstein tried to force her to perform oral sex on him but she refused, so then he pushed her flat on the bed and raped her. Thompson claims he then masturbated on the bed next to her … then acted like nothing happened once he was finished.

If there is a God, I pray to him that we never have to see a video of Harvey Weinstein Donald Ducking in a hotel room. Even if someone was willing to have consensual sex with Weinstein, which really seems unlikely, him being naked from the waist down would probably queer that deal. But Harvey was never one to take “No, please, god no, get off of me” followed by quiet sobbing for an answer.

Weinstein could face up to 25 years in prison, and, in the worst case scenario for Harv, the jury could order a rabbi to pull the shem out of his mouth in a synagogue so he crumbles to pieces and is stored in an attic in Prague.

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Roseanne Spinoff: Might It Actually Happen?!?

If at first you succeed, try again.

Such was the thinking behind the Roseanne reboot, which took a classic sitcom and revived it for the year 2018... to surprisingly strong ratings.

But then Roseanne Barr opened her often-racist mouth, ABC canceled the series and now a source alleges that executives are contemplating a second line of thinking:

If at first you succeed, and then you try again successfully until your star proves herself to be an irredeemable dirtbag... well... try again. Again.

Roseanne on Roseanne

In other, less complicated:

A Roseanne spinoff is in the works at ABC.

Insiders close to the situation say that network higher-ups are thinking of re-branding Roseanne and centering it on Sara Gilbert's character of Darlene.

The thinking is that:

  1. The Roseanne brand still resonates with millions of viewers.
  2. Gilbert is far, far, far less of a terrible person than Barr.

Gilbert has supposedly been calling co-stars to gauge their interest in such a show, with John Goodman described by TMZ as "very interested."

Sara Gilbert on Roseanne

These same television sources say Tom Werner, who produced Roseanne through his company Carsey-Werner, is involved in the effort to reboot the show around Sara.

Just three days ago, Roseanne quipped about former White House advisor Valerie Jarrett, saying she was a mixture of an "ape" and the "Muslim Brotherhood."

In a statement mere hours later, Channing Dungey, president of ABC, did not hedge in the any way, shape or form when she said the following:

Roseanne’s Twitter statement is abhorrent, repugnant and inconsistent with our values, and we have decided to cancel her show.

So that was that... until Roseanne blamed the use of Ambien for her racist remark.

She also went after any colleague who dared to call out her awful viewpoints on life, one of whom was Gilbert hereslf.

Roseanne Reads

Here is what Gilbert said the day Roseanne's Tweet went viral:

Roseanne’s recent comments about Valerie Jarrett, and so much more, are abhorrent and do not reflect the beliefs of our cast and crew or anyone associated with our show.

I am disappointed in her actions to say the least.

Elsewhere, showrunner Bruce Helford said he was “horrified and saddened” by the insult.

Barr was later dropped by her talent agency ICM Partners; while TV Land, Paramount Network, CMT and Hulu all announced that Roseanne reruns were being yanked.

Roseanne Season 10 Pic

But would there be interest nationwide in a Darlene-centric sitcom?

It would not lack for publicity, that's for sure.

“Don’t feel sorry for me, guys!!,” Roseanne Tweeted at one point this week, adding:

“I just want to apologize to the hundreds of people and wonderful writers (all liberal) and talented actors who lost their jobs on my show due to my stupid tweet.”

Well, not at least one of those talented actors may end up with an even better job.

But why do we doubt Roseanne will be happy for her?

Watch Jimmy Fallon and Lin-Manuel Miranda Sing About Their Matching Goatees

Jimmy Fallon, Lin-Manuel MirandaTwo goats in a boat! Jimmy Fallon and Lin-Manuel Miranda have matching goatees and they want you to know all about it! The duo star in "Goatee Summer," a hilarious video posted to...

Ashlee Simpson & Evan Ross’ Daughter Jagger May Follow in Grandma Diana Ross’ Musical Footsteps: “She’s a Star!”

Ashlee Simpson, Evan RossShowbiz runs in Jagger Ross' blood! So it's no wonder proud parents Ashlee Simpson and Evan Ross are already envisioning a career in music for their toddler. While both Simpson...

Roseanne Spinoff Starring Sara Gilbert Reportedly in the Works at ABC

Roseanne, Roseanne RevivalThe newest TV trend? Revival of a revival. After ABC announced they were canceling Roseanne after Roseanne Barr's latest offensive tweets about former Obama adviser Valerie Jarrett,...

Bella Thorne Musical Prophet and Other Fine Things to Ogle

Kick off your weekend with these hot links including Emma Stone hanging with Jennifer Aniston’s ex, Dua Lipa’s nips, and five of cinema’s sexiest threesomes!

Lena Dunham Says She Wasn’t Serious About Writing a ‘Roseanne’ Spin-off

Bella Thorne’s New Music Video Is Amazing

Gorgeous Brunette Miesha Strips And Primps In This Must-See Nude Shoot

Genie Bouchard Leggy In Shorty Shorts And Busty In A Mesh Top? Yes Please!

Ariana Grande’s Only Real Talent

Lil Rel Blasts Tracy Morgan for ‘Hating’ On Tiffany Haddish

Emma Stone Tits Fucking Justin Theroux of the Day

A SKIN-depth Look at Five of Cinema’s Sexiest Threesomes

Vote NOW On The Fleshbot Awards!

Leaked Nudes of Instagram Star Brittany Furlan!

Dua Lipa Nipples of the Day

Scott Disick Gets Handsy With Mystery Chick During Kanye Album Release

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Descendants 3 First Look: See Carlos, Evie, Jay and Mal’s Makeovers

Descendants 3Mirror, mirror on the wall: Who's the baddest of them all? The answer, of course, is the VKs. Disney Channel just gave fans their first look at Descendants 3, premiering in the summer...

Queer Eye’s AJ Brown and Drey Are Married

Queer Eye, AJ BrownAJ Brown has revealed that he and Andrey are married! The couple, who appeared this season on Netflix's Queer Eye reboot, have officially tied the knot. AJ and Drey joined the Fab...

So, Hottie Lena Dunham Will Not Be Writing The New Roseanne?


Lean Dunham always knows how to light our fire, and she was looking particularly chic while strutting her stuff at LAX airport. Thankfully a TMZ camera crew was there to catch the impromptu sex show, and thankfully they also got the deets on Dunham’s confusing tweet about possibly picking up where Roseanne left off.

Roseanne Barr famously ostracised ABC and Disney with a questionable tweet, leading to the abrupt cancelation of her popular series reboot. Hundreds of celebrities immediately weighed in online, but it was Dunham’s tweet – “I will do the spin off of your show starring Darlene’s cool kids” – that had fans wondering if something could be salvaged from the wreckage. It turns out that Dunham was just joshing, but if all of this confusing mess allowed us to see her at LAX looking like an angel in this video, then, we know God had a plan after all.

Head HERE for the video 

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Chris Hemsworth’s Best Shirtless Moments Including a Few From His New Movie Bad Times at the El Royale

Chris Hemsworth, Bad Times at the El RoyaleChris Hemsworth is a talented actor, but this post is not about his amazing acting skills. No, this is a post dedicated to his abs, so prepare yourself! In Hemsworth's next film, Bad...

A TV Wasteland: When Beloved Stars’ Bad Behavior Ruins Their Classic Comedies Forever

Ruined Classic SitcomsFor most of my adult life, when I've attempted to explain the unique alchemy that is my sense of humor, I've related it to people by explaining it in terms of the television shows that...

Plane Makes Emergency Landing After Man’s Body Odor Sickens Passengers

Flying in an airplane is rarely fun. But sometimes, it can be downright unbearable.

While most people would consider sitting near a bad-smelling passenger to be bad enough, unpleasant body odor isn't usually enough to land a plane.

But that is just what happened here, as one person's foul odor was enough to sicken others and force the plane to land.

Transavia 01

Transavia may sound like the name of an all-naturla sugar substitute, but it is a Dutch budget airline.

Unfortunately, one Transavia flight from the Spanish island of Gran Canaria, a fairly common vacation destination in Europe, was besieged by a foul odor.

Reportedly, passengers complained of an "unbearable" smell, which they blamed upon an "unwashed" man onboard.

The alleged olfactory assault was so severe that some passengers reportedly became ill.

Once the flight took off from the Las Palmas airport, some people's reactions were so severe that they were fainting or vomiting.


Transavia 02

One Belgian passenger named Piet van Haut reported that:

"It was a huge stench."

It certainly sounds like it.

"The man was sitting on the last row of the plane."

Nonetheless, it sounds like many passengers were impacted.

"And it smelled like he hadn't washed for weeks."

Horrific. Unimaginable.

Transavia 03

Apparently, after several passengers grew ill from the relentless assault upon their senses, airline staff asked the man to confine himself to the bathroom.

That was not enough to mitigate the damage, unfortunately.

The plane was headed for Amsterdam in the Netherlands, but had to make an emergency stop in Portugal, at Faro Airport.

It was then that the man was ushered off of the plane.

He was then placed on a bus by medical personnel.

Transavia 04

In a statement from Transavia, it was said that the emergency stop was made for "medical" reasons.

Many people immediately wondered if perhaps the odor arose from something other than poor hygiene. Perhaps this poor man was suffering an illness that created a powerful and noxious body odor.

Diabetes, thyroid issues, and dysfunction in the kidneys or liver can lead to different and unpleasant body odor that can be difficult to mask.

There is another medical possibility: a mutation known as trimethylaminuria.

Trimethylamine is the chemical compound responsible for giving fish their "fishy odor."

People with trimethylaminuria, which is extremely rare, are unable to break down that compound. This causes it to build up in their systems.

We don't know what kind of bad smell drove these passengers to their limits. If what they were smelling was similar to fish emulsion, this could be the answer.

But obviously, we don't know.

Transavia 05

Sometimes, people don't smell too bad even when they smell a little "ripe." But please, no matter your personal opinion, tell someone if they are about to go fly somewhere and their body odor is in any way detectable.

We feel so sorry for this poor man and for his fellow passengers.

None of them asked for this to happen.

And honestly? We feel sorry for Transavia. A lot of airlines get bad press, but it sounds like Transavia did all of the right things, here.

There are so many ways to ruin someone's flight. Let's all try to avoid being at fault.

Victoria Justice And All Gorgeous Ladies At The Revolve LA Party

It was a cleavage-off last night at the Revolve LA Party, with Victoria Justice, Chanel Iman, and Georgia May Foote all getting in on the action! We could spend all day and all night arguing about whose cleavage is the best, but the honest answer is that all the cleavage was amazing.

Maybe I’m partial to Victoria by default, but after taking a look at Georgia yesterday, I have to admit that she’s making a pretty compelling case as the winner of this particular showdown. Though who even deemed it a showdown?

I don’t want these ladies to think that everything in their lives has to be a competition. It doesn’t. Sometimes life can just be what you want it to be and there doesn’t have to be a winner and a loser.

Though if there were a winner, it would have to be all three ladies in a dead heat tie. I think that’s really the only democratic thing to do. I don’t know that we’ll be able to properly judge this contest without the ladies taking off their tops. Yes, I know it’s a cleavage contest, but this is really the only way to settle things at this point. Off with the tops ladies!

Photo Credit: Backgrid USA / Instagram 

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Ami Brown Really Does Have Cancer, Discovery Channel Confirms

An executive at the Discovery Channel has a very simple and very pointed message for certain fans of Alaskan Bush People.

And that messages goes something like this:


Brown, Ami

Speaking to Radar Online, the network's Executive Vice President, Laurie Goldberg, opened up for the first time this week about Ami Brown's cancer diagnosis.

She and her loved ones admitted in July of 2017 that the long-time reality star had been diagnosed with a very serious form of lung cancer and that her prognosis was grim at best.

Since then, various members of this famous family have kept fans apprised of Ami's status on occasion, with the latest update being an extremely sad one:

Brown has reportedly returned to the hospital.

But this doesn't mean all hope is lost, Goldberg says:

"She is going to L.A. for a routine three month check-up but is optimistic and surrounded by nothing but love," she also told Radar.

Ami Brown, Sad

In this same conversation with the aforementioned celebrity gossip website, Goldberg expressed consternation that anyone out there has been doubting Ami's diagnosis.

Do these critics really think producers and/or the Browns themselves would lie about such a thing?

"Ami’s battle with cancer is very real," Goldberg emphasis, taking those who disbelieve her to task and adding:

“It is just disgusting that anyone would say her cancer is not real or that it was created for the show."

We can't entirely fault viewers for having a few questions, of course.

Reality TV in general is known for conjuring up storylines, as Jacob Roloff very recently came out and explained in a book written by this Little People, Big World star.

Ami Brown in the Snow

But still.

We're talking about cancer here and we would never for a second wonder whether Ami and her children were actually lying about such a serious illness.

"It’s in both lungs, in the middle and sides of the lungs," Ami’s husband, Billy Brown, said last year.

He said the cancer had been labeled as stage 3B, which is very close to the worst possible diagnosis, and continued at the time:

“It hasn’t traveled to any other organs, but that’s what they’re saying is next. Any time we talk to anybody, it’s bad news.”

Alaskan Bush People will be returning for Season 8, however, and we hear that Ami may still be part of the cast.

“The fans will get to see her journey alongside the rest of the family on the upcoming season,” Goldberg previews, adding:

“There is definitely no drama between her and anyone in the family - they love her very much and would do anything for her.”

No premiere date for Season 8 has been announced just yet.

We'll pass it along as soon as it's confirmed...

... and we'll continue to send Ami our best wishes.

Amy Duggar: I’ve Been Kicked Out of My Own Family!

We're about to take you back to the dark days before Josiah Duggar began rebelling against his father's strict rules and harsh disciplinary tactics. 

We're talking way, way back to a time when no Duggar women wore pants -- a time when if you wanted to find someone with the last name Duggar who wasn't completely under Jim Bob's thumb, you had to leave the Tontitown compound and travel to the Fayetteville home of Ms. Amy Duggar-King.

Amy Duggar on Marriage Boot Camp

Newer fans of the family might not even remember cousin Amy, as her role in the Duggar media empire has been severely diminished in recent years.

And sources say that's no accident.

According to Radar Online, Amy Duggar is now forbidden to publicly associate with her famous aunt, uncle, and cousins in any way.

She reportedly was not invited to Josiah Duggar's bachelor party that took place over the weekend, and she does not expect to be invited to his wedding.

Furthermore, Amy has been asked to remove all photos of her cousins from her social media accounts and to refrain from speaking with the press about Jim Bob, Michelle, or their offspring.

In effect, like Josh Duggar before her, Amy has been exiled from the famous branch of her family.

Amy King Picture

“Amy is not allowed to talk about the Duggars anymore,” a source tells Radar.

“Amy went through her Instagram and had to delete all the pictures she had with her cousins."

Insiders say Amy is heartbroken by the request, and despite her considerable humiliation she "still loves" her entire family.

Of course, this isn't the first time that there have been reports of serious strain in Amy's relationship with Jim Bob.

When Amy married Dillon King back in 2015, the Duggars attended the ceremony but left the reception almost immediately, per Jim Bob's orders.

The father of 20 was reportedly upset by the fact that his niece had decided to allow alcohol and dancing at her wedding.

Amy Duggar Instagram Image

In a 2016 interview, Amy revealed that she's only allowed to see her cousins at their home in Tontitown, as they've been forbidden from going to visit her in Fayetteville.

“It’s a rule," she said at the time.

"f I want to spend quality time with them, I have to come see them.”

Insiders say that even though Amy has long known that Jim Bob does not approve of her lifestyle, she's stunned by the latest steps he's taken to cut ties with her completely.

Asked to comment on the situation by Radar today, Amy replied simply, “No comment.”

We'll have further information on this developing story as more information becomes available.

In the meantime, watch Counting On online to relive Amy's contentious relationship with her famous uncle.

Woman Gets Very Annoyed Over Man Jerking It on Airplane

In a word? YIKES!

In another two words? EWWWW! GROSS!

Elly Shariat, the head of a PR agency, has gone viral for the nightmare she recently lived through while flying from Las Vegas to Philadelphia on board a Southwest airline.

The poor woman says the next to her was not only viewing adult entertainment while jetting through the apparently VERY friendly skies...

... he was also pleasuring himself to it.

For real!

Shariat live-Tweeted this nauseating scenario, including the response of Southwest when she made the company aware of what was taking place.

You may not want to, but you know you have to scroll down to read all about this incident:

1. Down with Southwest?

It hasn't been the best run of late for Southwest, as one of the company's planes nearly killed everyone on board in April of 2018.

2. And Remember This Incident?

Swp lane
The airline once gave the boot to a famous musician for the type of pants he was wearing.

3. But This? This May Take the Really Terrible Cake

Gross schmudt
We just wanted to give you proper warning. Okay? Here we go...

4. One Man's Orgasmic Bliss...

... is another woman's biggest nightmare. Yes, we'd agree this is "an issue."

5. Maybe If He Had a Nice Eggplant?

But that thing is tiny AF, Southwest. I don't want to be looking at it.

6. Come On Now!

No way this happened, right? You know what that emoji stands for, right?
View Slideshow

Tiffany Haddish Takes Kevin Hart to ‘Night School’ in New Trailer (VIDEO)


One of last year’s funniest films, Girls Trip introduced many of us to Tiffany Haddish, who is re-teaming with that film’s director for the upcoming Kevin Hart vehicle Night School. It’s not the most original premise for a film, and its six credited writers lead me to believe this one’s going to be something of a mess, but don’t discount the winning combination of Hart and Haddish.

Hart decides he wants his GED and so he enrolls in night classes taught by Haddish and also attended by a wackadoodle group of character actors including Rob Riggle, Romany Malco, and Mary Lynn Rajskub. Former SNL’er Taran Killam is also on hand, as is Jean-Ralphio from Parks & Rec.

I suppose that even with a mediocre script, that seems to be a group of people who could make just about anything funny. Let’s hope they manage to squeeze some laughs in between the hackneyed set-pieces like a boxing match and a late-night theft.

At the same time, Hart is coming off the biggest film of his career—and arguably his best performance—in Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle, so he’s probably got enough juice to get above average productions going, rather than just settling for pat formulaic films like Ride Along. Night School opens September 28.

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Riff Raff Allegedly Drugged and Raped a Woman

Add Riff Raff to the ever-growing list of celebrities who suck.

Eliza Stafford has accused the rapper of drugging and raping her back in 2013. Here’s what she wrote on a Facebook post about the night in question:

In 2013 I was raped by a man whose stage name is “Riff Raff”. I went to his show because my boyfriend at the time was a huge fan. My boyfriend was with me at the concert. I was asked mid-show to come backstage, and as a 19 year old I was flattered and complied. When I got backstage I was offered a shot from a (branded) vodka bottle that was sitting on the table. I was offered a 60ml ‘party’ shot. I took the shot, it was syrup and I immediately asked what it was. Riff raff and his support act told me that it was codeine and started laughing. I don’t remember anything from that point.

Another girl who had been backstage with me told them that I had been coerced to get in to a car with riff raff and his support act. She didn’t do anything. I had been actively fighting against them as she watched and they had eventually forced me in to a car. She told my friends this, we were all young and they didn’t tell anyone and I don’t blame them. I woke up as Riff raff was pulling out of me and getting in to the shower. I crawled – truly, on all fours -out of the hotel room and managed to get outside where I booked a taxi who wouldn’t take me because I was “too drunk”. I begged him to take me home, got back to my boyfriends house, and he was angry at me for “blowing him off”. I was punished for 6 months within that relationship for what “I did”. I was raped and blamed myself for 5 years.

Stafford recalled the alleged incident after a notification appeared on her phone, telling her that Riff Raff would be performing nearby. She encouraged fans to reconsider attending his concert.

Now, fans don’t have a choice. His Australia and New Zealand tour has been canceled. And the event that was scheduled to take place near Stafford has also been canceled. Here’s what the host venue, the Corner Hotel, had to say:

We have recently been made aware of allegations of drugging and sexual assault against Riff Raff on a previous Melbourne tour. The Corner & High Fi Events take allegations of sexual assault very seriously, and we have therefore cancelled Riff Raff’s upcoming show at the Corner Hotel.

Her ex-boyfriend is going to be very upset by this.

The rapper has yet to respond to the allegations or cancelations. That’s probably for the best.

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Kelly Brook’s Ample Cleavage Spilling Out Of Her Lacy White Bikini

Here is another woman wearing white at a beach. I simply do not understand it. Does her ass never touch the sand? Because if it did then it surely would not have stayed white for long. And having a brown stain on your bikini bottom is one of the top two worst colored stains one could have. And I am only referring to the sand. This does not even take into account the water. Who knows what is floating around in there.

The swimsuit could go in white and come out looking like it has been tie-dyed with sewage. Although, that could be rather useful. It would be like a canary in a coal mine. That swimsuit could provide a nice litmus test for the quality of the water that she is swimming in.

Personally, I would rather stay ignorant to it all. I enjoy swimming too much to worry about what I am swimming in. Any carcinogens that may be in there are for my doctor to worry about later. I am only looking to have some fun on my day off. If I wanted to be a Marine Biologist I would have stayed in school passed the eighth grade.


Photo Credit: Backgrid USA

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Meet the Eclectic Cast of Characters in New ‘Hotel Artemis’ Trailer (VIDEO)


In the mood for a throwback to 70s exploitation trailers that introduced basically every single character in the film? Then have I got the trailer for you!

Drew Pearce’s directorial debut Hotel Artemis opens one week from today and the advertising campaign to date has been aimed squarely at our exploitation nostalgia, as well as our soft spot for Jeff Goldblum…

There’s my boy! Honestly, the cast for this one alone has me sold on it, and this latest trailer just does a brilliant job of illustrating how deep and how good this roster of actors is.

Another thing I’m excited about is Jodie Foster getting weird with a character again. If you ask me, she’s the only thing interesting in Elysium, precisely because she’s so bizarre and out-there. She’s one of those actresses that doesn’t mind getting a little weird with it, and I think that’s what we’re in for here.

It may not be the most earth-shattering premise of all-time, but don’t go to sleep on this one. I think it’s got the potential to be quite a summer sleeper, particularly if there’s not much else of quality playing at the local multiplex. Hotel Artemis opens one week from today, on June 8.

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MILFtastic Model Elisabetta Gregoraci Plays Around With A Big Paddle In Thong Candids

It does not matter how hot a woman is , if I see a person with a paddle then I immediately have flashbacks to my childhood.

That is not because I was physically beat with a paddle, but because my grandma beat me at ping pong while showing no mercy. I was just a child at the time, barely able to coordinate feeding myself, and yet my grandma would intentionally direct spikes toward my face. She said it was for my own good, that it would make me better, but all it has done is given me cold sweats anytime I see a ping pong table.

Even now, a couple decades later, I still cannot get over those humiliating defeats. Looking at the paddle in Elisabetta’s hand makes me cringe. With a paddle that size my grandma would be unstoppable. Not a single ball would get past her. And my grandma looked like a doughy ball with wig on. If she had had the core strength of Elisabetta then she would probably be a certified killer. I can only thank whatever gods may be that Grandma was brought up in a time when physical fitness was reserved only for the gays.


Photo Credit: Splash News 

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I don’t think you’re doing it right, guy.

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