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Khloé Kardashian SLAMS ‘Bitchy’ Kourtney In New KUWTK Clip! WATCH!

Can't we all just get along??

In the (above) clip from this Sunday's KUWTK season 15 premiere, Kim Kardashian needs help planning her baby shower and the family Christmas card. While Khloé Kardashian is (for the most part) on board, "bitchy" Kourtney Kardashian is NOT!


Michael Douglas Discusses His Son’s Battle With Drug Addiction and Imprisonment

Michael Douglas, Cameron Douglas Michael Douglas is opening up about the "very painful and difficult" battles his son, Cameron Douglas, has had to overcome in recent years. The eldest child of the Fatal...

The Sandlot Is Getting a Prequel–And “The Beast” Is Reportedly Back

The SandlotThere's even more good news out there for fans of The Sandlot. Multiple outlets are reporting that writer and director David Mickey Evans is working on a prequel and will reportedly...

David Hasselhoff Marries Model Hayley Roberts in Italy

David Hasselhoff, Hayley RobertsWedding bells are ringing! Baywatch actor David Hasselhoff tied the knot with his fiancée Hayley Roberts in a small ceremony in Puglia, Italy. Hasselhoff's press agent confirmed...

A Complete History of Kim Kardashian’s Feuds Over the Years

Chloe Grace Moretz, Kim KardashianAs Kim Kardashian once tweeted, "Hi, can I get zero f--ks please, thanks." And as Chloë Grace Moretz found out, Kim wasn't kidding. The 21-year-old recently reflected on...

Candace Cameron Bure Shares 3 Ways to Become a Fit Mom

ESC: Candace Cameron BureThere's no doubt, being a parent is hard work. Yet, being a parent that's also in incredible shape is even harder. Candace Cameron Bure, a self-described "fit mom," is...

Zoe Saldana Shows Her Evil Side In Deleted Avengers: Infinity War Scene!

Dread it. Run from it. The Avengers: Infinity War Blu Ray is here! (And with 10% more super villainy!)

As if Thanos' rampage wasn't soul crushing enough, in a deleted scene that hit the Internet on Tuesday, he also reminded everyone just how bad one of our heroes used to be!

Related: Guardians Of The Galaxy Cast Release Statement Asking For James Gunn To Be Reinstated!

In the clip, Gamora is confronted with an image of her own evil deeds, something we've never gotten to see before.

Ch-ch-check out Zoe Saldana's dark side (above) and find more on the full release available everywhere today!

Candace Cameron Bure Drops Some Fuller House Season 4 Scoop

Fuller HouseFans of Steve and DJ on Fuller House (and Full House) can rest easy: the two are officially official in season four. "DJ and Steve are together," Candace Cameron Bure confirmed...

Corey Feldman Files for Restraining Orders Against ‘Gang Rape’ Trolls

Corey Feldman isn't waiting for LAPD to conclude its investigation into what he calls serious threats on his life -- he's requesting court-ordered protection. Feldman filed for requests for restraining orders against 5 individuals he claims are…

Rihanna Ditches Her Eyebrows for the September Issue of British Vogue

Rihanna, British Vogue, September 2018When it comes to the art of transformation, Rihanna is the master of disguise. The Grammy winner, makeup mogul and style savant is British Vogue's cover star for the highly coveted...

How to Wear Shirts Under Dresses Like Alison Brie and Kourtney Kardashian

ESC: Alison BrieYou can get more from what you have by rethinking how to wear your favorite clothes. Layering is key. While most people know how to layer tops with sweaters and scarves, there's a new...

Harry Styles and Camille Rowe Break Up After One Year of Dating

Harry Styles, Camille RoweHarry Styles is back on the market. The British singer and Camille Rowe have called it quits after a year together, multiple outlets report. According to The Sun, who was first to report...

Lindsay Lohan One Hot Beach and Other Fine Things to Ogle

Sex up your Tuesday with these hot links including Kate Hudson’s bikini top, Iggy Azalea’s pokies, and this week’s skin-filled DVD and Blu-ray releases!

Kim, Khloe and Kendall Played Poker at a Charity Event

Lindsay Lohan’s Corpse Takes Us Around Lohan Beach Club In First MTV Series Trailer

Sara Sampaio Exposed Nipples Caught On Camera During Sexy Bikini Shoot

Taylor Swift Pops Out Her Newfound Bootylicious Booty!

Riley Hillyer Picture Moment

Demi Lovato’s Backup Dancer Defends Herself after OD Criticism

Kate Hudson Bikini Top of the Day

This week’s Skin-filled DVD and Blu-ray Releases

Courtney Love Swimsuit Pokies!

Iggy Azalea Hard Nipple Bikini of the Day

Demi Moore Trolls Bruce Willis with Harvey Weinstein Joke at TV Roast

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Paris Hilton’s Sexiest Looks She’s Using To Pimp Her Brand In Vegas

It seems a bit strange to me that Paris Hilton needs to promote her own brand out in Vegas, since the Hilton name is its own brand. If I had my own family name to ride the coattails of to stardom I doubt I would be motivated enough to start my own sidegig. I would probably be content with simply living out my days in the shadow of my forebears. Unfortunately, all my family name entitled me to was pre-approval to a members card at my local liquor store.

I think that is why I think it is so unfair for people to criticize the intellect of Paris. The woman is a socialite that has carved her own place into the history of pop culture. So what if it is usually associated with the kinds of things that cause husbands to poke out their eyes with hot irons. When Paris’s peers were out partying she was…well, she was out partying as well, but she found a way to monetize it. And now she is here, a decade after the rest of her contemporaries have been forgotten, still making that cash.


[More Photos Of Paris Hilton Right Over Here]

Photo Credit: Splash News / Instagram

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Bachelor in Paradise Season 5 Trailer Shows Hookups, Tears, and Feuds!

You know, Corinne Olympios worries that it's her fault that The Bachelorette sucks now. Maybe ... or maybe not. But Bachelor in Paradise doesn't seem to have lost its stride.

ABC teased the Bachelor Nation with an intense trailer for the upcoming season.

It has hookups, yet another love triangle, jealousy, a fight, a lot of crying, a proposal, and ... accusations of witchcraft. You know, summer fun!

Bip bartenders

Okay, so let's go through what's going on.

Wells Adams is dating Sarah Hyland in real life, so he's not mingling. Instead, he and Yuki are bartending -- and of course keeping contestants to the new Bachelor in Paradise 2-drink maximum imposed last year.

There are also some guest appearances, including Ashley Iaconetti, who is dating Jared Haibon.

We can already tell you what that visit is all about -- because Ashley isn't there to mingle.

Ashley and Jared get engaged on Bachelor in Paradise.

But others are still on the prowl for their special someone's.

Kendall gives leo a squeeze

So, one of the best parts of this whole dang trailer is watching Kendall grab Leo's (admittedly impressive) chest.

As a rule, contestants on Bachelor in Paradise tend to be as beautiful as they are messy, but Leo is clearly making a number of the others feel a little out of their league.

As Kendall gropes his pec, there is probably a taxidermy joke in there somewhere. Maybe about stuffing and mounting.

Colton, of course, lands himself in a love triangle. We wouldn't have expected any less.

Apparently, Chris and Tia are going to be a thing? Yeah. Colton doesn't love that.

Colton underwood cries over tia

It looks like stuff is going to happen between Kevin and Astrid.

It also looks like he's going to reconnect -- to some extent -- with his ex, Bibiana.

Jordan and Krystal are, at the very least, going to spend some time bonding if not boning. But don't worry -- Jordan will still have plenty of time to feud with David, who seems determined to ruin Jordan's time in Paradise.

David isn't shy about it, either. He comes right out and says it.


And it looks like Jenna will play a role in this explosive, ongoing feud.

Jordan and david still dont like each other

Did you spot Eric with Angela? Because they show up as a pair more than once in the trailer.

It's worth noting that Angela is currently following Eric on Instagram, which is probably a good sign. Either they're still together or they parted on reasonably good terms.

Grocery Store Joe is there! And it looks like he and Leo both have the hots for Kendall, which may be what leads Leo to describe Joe as "Grocery Store B--ch."

Rude, dude.

And that brings us to Kamil and ... the witch.

Bachelor in paradise crying montage gif

We're kidding. While obviously people are free to practice whatever sort of spiritual or religious path they'd like, Shushanna does not appreciate the accusation that she's a witch.

"First, I'm a Russian hooker," Shushanna laments. "Then, I'm European trash. And now, I'm a witch."

There's more, of course.

Arie and Lauren are back, which honestly seems like an ill omen. Not unlike a bunch of birds just dropping dead and falling out of the sky.

And let's not forget our favorite line: "I'm back in Paradise, where I had my first orgasm."

This show is ... a gift.

Bachelor in paradise season 5 meet the gorgeous cast

Bachelor in paradise season 5 trailer shows hookups tears and fe

Amber Davies, Olivia Attwood, And The Sexiest Ladies From The 2018 Love Island Final Party

If you’re thinking about sailing a red ship of Spain to Majorca, you could do better than to load it up with some of the hotties from Love Island, the UK reality series that shoots on the Spanish isle. The show’s stars gathered for a party to celebrate the fourth season finale, and it was a veritable cornucopia of the hottest women in British reality television.

The brunettes ruled the night, with many of the hottest and bustiest in attendance rocking dark hair and looking absolutely smashing while doing so. Sofia Filipe kicks things off by wearing a dress that nicely accentuated her breasts! Then there’s busty beauty Amber Davies, who kept her enormous breasts mostly covered in a colorful dress. Shelby Tribble is also showing some nice cleavage, and Jessica Shears gave us a flash thigh that’s sure to get your motor running!

If you’re not a fan of dark hair, there’s plenty of blonde babes here as well like Georgia Harrison—no relation to George—as well as Kerry Katona and Nicola McLean. There’s something here for everyone, and even if you can’t make the trek to Majorca to join them on Love Island, we think this gallery will help you book passage on a boob cruise of your own!

Photo Credit: Splash News / MEGA

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Thanos and Gamora Get Some Daddy/Daughter Time in ‘Infinity War’ Deleted Scene (VIDEO)


Avengers: Infinity War‘s epic length makes it hard to believe that anything at all was cut from the final film, but with its release today on Digital HD—the DVD and Blu-ray follow in two weeks—we’re getting our first look at some of the deleted scenes. This first one comes to us courtesy of USA Today and shows us a trick that Thanos plays on Gamora using the Reality Stone.

Gamora’s sporting some pretty terrible hair in this flashback, probably one more reason she was glad to be rid of her adoptive father’s services, but it shows us a time when she was running errands for the giant purple tyrant. It’s also a nice insight into Thanos’ feelings for Gamora, giving her murder at his hands several minutes later much more impact than it had in the finished film.

The effects are unfinished, as you might have noticed, and Thanos’ mouth never moves, but it feels like this was probably cut late in the game as they did a lot more work on the effects than you might expect from something cut early on. I’m looking forward to seeing the film again when it hits Blu-ray, and poring over the additional deleted scenes included on the disc.

Avengers: Infinity War is available today on Digital HD and August 14 on DVD and Blu-ray.

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15 Aloe Vera Beauty Products That Will Calm Your Sunburn

Shopping: Aloe Vera Beauty No one means to get sunburned, but once it happens there's no undoing it. Yes it sucks and hurts, but all you can really do is wait it out (and stay out of the sun, please!). While...

Ashley Graham All Smiles And A Big Round Ass In Workout Tights

Those of you who enjoy seeing a woman with some back, which seems to be an ever increasing number, get all you could ever want out of Ashley Graham. I would not be surprised to find out that a her milk shake could be tapped like a maple tree to provide actual milk shakes.

I know that is unlikely to be the case. If she had that sort of ability then I do not think she would be wasting her time modeling. She’d open up milk shake stands next to every frozen yogurt shop and quickly put them all out of business. She would then be free to sleep on her bed made of money and watch as the general public steadily increases the average waist line.

If I got news of that venture early enough then I would invest in a heartbeat. I have never felt comfortable having my money stowed away in a shoebox and I have been told investing is the “mature” move. I don’t know anything about that, but I know what the people want, and it isn’t a successful blood test from their doctor.


[Some Sexy Bikini Photos From Ashley Graham]

Photo Credit: Backgrid USA

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Amber Rose Steps Up Her Seduction Game In Curvy Purple Look

Whenever Amber Rose turns up, it’s virtually impossible to keep your focus on anything but her spectacular rack. However, I couldn’t help but notice that something was different about her in these new photos. At first I thought maybe she had gotten a new tattoo, considering her arm’s close proximity to her breasts, but then I moved my eyes up a few inches and exclaimed, “Oh, she’s got purple hair now!”

I mean, you guys don’t blame me for totally missing that the first time, do you? I was almost completely ignorant to everything above her breasts but then something told me to fix my gaze slightly upwards and that’s when I realized that this was not the Amber Rose we all know and love. To be honest, I’m not even sure how I noticed that anything was different at all, since I don’t spend much of my time looking at her head.

I hope that Amber Rose is happy with the purple hair, because if she’s happy, the rest of us are happy. In all honesty, though, she could have purple hair, blue hair, or rainbow colored hair, and I still might not notice anything was different.

[Amber Rose Hosts The Annual Slutwalk!]

Photo Credit: Splash News / Backgrid USA

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Real Housewife Of Orange County Gets Naked In Mexico


Mexico is famous for being the go-to vaca destination for classy people, so it makes sense that practical royalty Tamra Judge of Bravo’s Real Housewives of Orange County fame found herself there while filming the hit series. Judge was consuming a Real Housewives-approved amount of tequila when she thought it would be a good idea to strip completely nude before hopping into the hot tub with less adventurous bikini-clad gal pal Shannon Beador. Is Tamra actually Kate Middleton?

No she’s not. Like all the best Real Housewives, Judge takes great care of her figure, and you can see it nude thanks to the masterminds at Bravo. Judge drunkenly states that she might have broken her foot while attempting her nude stunt, so we hope that she’s okay. We wouldn’t want this national treasure to be damaged in any way. You can see some of Judge and Beador’s adventures in the video below, and you can hit the link to see their nude hot tub fun.

Head HERE for the nude hot tub fun

Photo Credit: Bravo via TMZ

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Sexy Girl Goa Escorts Service in Jaipur

GirlsJaipurr posted a photo:

Sexy Girl Goa Escorts Service in Jaipur

Sexy Girl Goa Escorts Service in Jaipur Call Girls

Ami Brown’s Cancer in Remission: Report

We've all seen the Alaskan Bush People Season 8 trailer tease Ami's second chance, but we know that her battle with lung cancer is ongoing.

In fact, back in May, Ami Brown returned to the hospital. Sometimes, cancer comes back.

The good news, folks, is that it is once again in remission.

Ami Brown in Season 8

An insider reveals to RadarOnline that Ami Brown is in remission again.

"Ami is doing amazing," the source describes.

Considering that Ami beat the odds and became one of the 3% beat back lung cancer not once but twice, we'd say that "amazing" barely begins to cover it.

Ami is doing well, the insider says, "and she’s ready to show everyone that miracles do happen."

Last year, it was reported that Ami's cancer was cured in a Christmas miracle. That's not quite right, because it was early November and not really a cure, but it's good to think positively.

Ami Brown Up Close

Ami is back with her family at their homestead in Washington, a 435 ace property that Billy Brown purchased -- to the outrage of some of the locals.

"Her doctors are all dumbfounded," the source says. "At how she was able to almost beat this."

Probably a combination of genetic factors, the fact that her family now has the resources to give her first-rate medical care in L.A. .... and, of course, her determination.

This is particularly impressive, the insider reports, "when she was in such a bad state last year."

There was a time about a year ago when most fans did not expect Ami to survive to Season 8.

Alaskan Bush People Promo Pic

"But she did," the source says of those doubts.

In fact, Ami and her cancer battle are expected to be a focus this season.

That and the family adjusting to their new home. And we imagine that Bear Brown's injury and subsequent hospitalization will also get some airtime.

But Ami is doing better, the insider reports, "and she is looking forward now to getting on with the rest of her life."

That is so wonderful!

Though, of course, she will continue to have to get regular check-ups several times a year to screen for the cancer's return.

Brown, Ami

"This whole experience has been a total wake up call for Ami," the source reveals.

Never take life or health for granted, folks. Also, maybe don't smoke or hang around a chronic smoker.

The insider says that this has been illuminating for Ami "and for everyone in the Brown family."

Of course. This is frightening but it can also be a learning experience.

Rain Brown Hugs Ami Brown

The source reports that: "It has also made her and Billy closer."

You'd think that a couple who's been married for decades and raised approximately 1,000 children (okay, maybe "only" 7) couldn't possibly be closer than they are.

But people can be surprised by what draws them to connect or reconnect with their loved ones.

It is, of course, wonderful to hear that Ami is once again in remission.

But she's not out of the woods yet -- and we don't just say that because she literally lives in the wilderness. She is not free and clear just yet.

As we cautioned last time, cancer can return to rear its ugly head at any moment. She will need to remain vigilant.

Jennifer Garner Proves She Can Juggle It All in Her Latest Relatable Mom Moment on Instagram

Jennifer GarnerJennifer Garner can juggle it all. The actress took to Instagram on Monday to post a picture of her carrying her kids' stuff out of the car--and let's just say the 13 Going on 30...

Soap Operas Threaten to Boycott Daytime Emmys, Call for Transparency and Integrity

Daytime Emmy Awards, GenericThe soap operas are facing some drama off-screen. According to a new report from Deadline, all four of this year's Daytime Emmy nominees for Outstanding Drama Series--The Bold and...

Hailey Baldwin Is All Things Young And Vibrant In A Flowery Little Summer Dress

That dress Hailey is wearing might as well be a corset with how tight it is fitted. My guess is she either had to put her boots on before squeezing into it, or she had the assisttance of a lady-in-waiting. I just do not see how she could be limber enough to reach her feet once the dress is on. And if the laces come untied once she is out then she had better come across the kindness of a stranger, or else those trendy shoes become a death trap. I have seen too many Final Destination films to not realize that tripping on shoestrings can easily lead to the death of no less than eight people.

I doubt Hailey would have much trouble getting someone to tie her shoe for her. She is pretty enough to deserve random favors, but when she is wearing a dress that short the good Samaritan could easily be vying for an up view of her bits. Not that I would ever think to do something so seedy, but there are some sickos out there who cannot wait to take advantage of a gal in distress.


[Justin Bieber Teaches Hailey Baldwin To Be A Good Swinger] 

Photo Credit: Splash News  / Instasgram 

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Frasier Revival: Kelsey Grammer and Kristen Bell Have One Surprising (And Genius) Idea

Kelsey Grammer, FrasierFrasier Crane could be coming back to TV very soon. A new report from Deadline broke the news that Kelsey Grammer was exploring a revival of the iconic series that ran for 11 seasons on NBC. When...

8 Cigar-Loving Celebrities (and Their Favorite Cigars)

Smoking cigars can be relaxing, celebratory, or a social occasion for people of all backgrounds. In fact, there are more than 17.4 million people who smoke cigars regularly, and stores like Thompson Cigar are thriving as they distribute top-quality cigars throughout the country (and beyond).

But what you may not know is how many famous people enjoy (or have historically enjoyed) the taste and occasion of smoking cigars.

Cigar-Loving Celebrities

These actors, politicians, and other celebrities love a good cigar:

  1. Winston Churchill. Winston Churchill was known for his indulgences, in addition to his wartime bravery and political cunning. He enjoyed some of the best food and drink he could get his hands on, and of course, made the investment in cigars. It’s said that he smoked between 8 and 10 cigars a day, and once convinced the King of Saudi Arabia to waive his prohibition of smoking in his vicinity.
  2. John F. Kennedy. Another politician, JFK procured 1,000 Petit Upmanns in 1962 before signing an embargo on all Cuban products (which of course, included world-famous Cuban cigars). It’s somewhat ironic that a man who loved cigars so much would prohibit their import in the United States for decades to come.
  3. Michael Jordan. It’s hard to imagine a professional athlete smoking cigars, with the potential threat to their lungs, but Michael Jordan enjoyed a good cigar even at the height of his athleticism. Even while smoking in the vicinity of his nonsmoking teammates, no one dared call him on the habit.
  4. Jack Nicholson. Jack Nicholson has smoked cigarettes for years as a way to calm his nerves, but eventually found cigars to be more relaxing. He was introduced to cigars in 1973, on the set of The Last Detail, and has been fond of them ever since. A few decades and 3 Academy Awards later, Nicholson still finds time to light up a good cigar.
  5. Babe Ruth. It’s hard to picture the legendary baseball player Babe Ruth without a cigar sticking out of his mouth. Also known for his indulgences, when he was off the field, Babe Ruth frequently ate good food, drank good booze, and smoked the best cigars he could find. His habit never interfered with his ability to smash home runs.
  6. Francis Ford Coppola. Famed director Francis Ford Coppola has enjoyed cigars for many years, but the root of his habit dates back to an introduction from Jack Warner, the former head of Warner Bros. studios. Warner taught Coppola the basics of choosing a good cigar, and how to light them properly. He even left behind a gold-and-silver cigar cutter, which Coppola inherited.
  7. Sigmund Freud. Sigmund Freud was an especially heavy smoker throughout his lifetime, enjoying nearly 20 cigars a day. Eventually, his habit caught up to him when he developed oral cancer, undergoing 34 surgical procedures before his death. Due to his association with overanalyzing phallic objects, Freud also coined the phrase, “sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.”
  8. Harrison Ford. Han Solo and Indiana Jones are just two of the notoriously cool characters Harrison Ford has played on screen. Harrison Ford is seen chomping on cigars in many of his pictures, but also enjoys them offscreen.

Enjoying the Habit

Smoking regularly may be harmful for your health, but almost any habit, when employed in excess, can be bad for you. These celebrities make it a point to enjoy individual moments, and celebrate special occasions with top-quality cigars. And for them, the enjoyment of the habit is worth it.

Why Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Are Throwing These Particular Royal Rules Out the Window

Meghan Markle, Prince HarryMeghan Markle is nothing if not a dedicated pupil. As a student at Northwestern University, she tackled a double major in both theater and international studies. As a working actress,...

Chrissy Teigen Just Got Real About Her “Mom Bod” on Twitter

Chrissy TeigenChrissy Teigen fans know that the model and Lip Sync Battle host isn’t afraid to show off her body on social media.
Today, Teigen posted a video of her stomach while wearing a…