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Kourtney, Kim and Khloe Kardashian Battle It Out on Twitter After KUWTK Fight

Kourtney KardashianFamily sticks together no matter what--and the Kardashians are certainly no exception. After the season premiere of Keeping Up With the Kardashians this evening, Kourtney Kardashian took...

OMG! You’ll Never Guess Who Is Pregnant on Very Cavallari

Kristin Cavallari, Very Cavallari_105Can Uncommon James run smoothly without Kristin Cavallari's presence? On this week's all-new Very Cavallari, Kristin headed to Los Angeles for the Oscars and left husband Jay...

Kourtney Kardashian Skips Kim’s Baby Shower After Explosive Feud on Season 15 Premiere of KUWTK

Kim Kardashian, Chrissy Tiegen, KUWTK 1501They're back and it's time for the Kardashian's annual Christmas card, but this year, getting the family together for some holiday magic turned out to be less than...

Even Rachel Bilson Can’t Believe The O.C. Is 15 Years Old

Rachel BilsonStars, they're just like us when it comes to fashion regrets and wondering where all the time has gone. Case in point: Rachel Bilson taking to Instagram earlier this afternoon to...

Even Rachel Bilson Can’t Believe The O.C. Is 15 Years Old

Rachel BilsonStars, they're just like us when it comes to fashion regrets and wondering where all the time has gone. Case in point: Rachel Bilson taking to Instagram earlier this afternoon to...

Demi Lovato Releases First Statement Since Near-Fatal Overdose

Demi Lovato has spoken out for the first time since nearly dying of a drug overdose just under two weeks ago.

In a statement released to the public, the beloved and troubled singer addressed this frightening incident... her road to recovery... and those who have been responsible for her well-being over the past several days.

Scroll down to see what Lovato had to say...

Demi Lovato Arrives

Via Instagram, this is how Demi opened her heartfelt message to fans and supporters:

I have always been transparent about my journey with addiction. What I’ve learned is that this illness is not something that disappears or fades with time.

It is something I must continue to overcome and have not done yet.

Lovato, as you likely know by now, was found unconscious inside her Los Angeles bedroom on Tuesday morning, July 31.

Initial reports indicated that Lovato has overdosed on heroin, but follow-up articles made it clear that the substance Lovato ingested or injected remains unknown.

The same can be said for Lovato's status.

We know she's alive. We know she nearly died. And we believe she has agreed to attend some sort of rehab for the third time over the past few years.

Demi Lovato: Another Selfie

Continues Lovato in her statement:

I want to thank God for keeping me alive and well. To my fans, I am forever grateful for all of your love and support throughout this past week and beyond.

Your positive thoughts and prayers have helped me navigate through this difficult time.

Lovato has been hospitalized at Cedars-Sinai in California for well over a week now.

In her message, the artist acknowledges that she came very close to dying.

And that she likely would have passed away if not for those around her (an assistant called 911) and the medical professionals who took over from there.

Demi in NYC

Writes the singer:

I want to thank my family, my team, and the staff at Cedars-Sinai who have been by my side this entire time.

Without them I wouldn’t be here writing this letter to all of you.

It's hopefully a positive sign that Lovato recognizes this fact.

If she understands how close she came to accidentally killing herself, perhaps she will take the steps needed to attempt to get better once and for all.

Demi Lovato at the BMAs

Without revealing her plans for the future, this is how Lovato concluded her post:

I now need time to heal and focus on my sobriety and road to recovery. The love you have all shown me will never be forgotten and I look forward to the day where I can say I came out on the other side.

I will keep fighting.

We can't say for certain when we'll next hear from Lovato, but that isn't important right now of course.

She needs to take as much time as she needs to heal, mentally and physically, and it will likely serve her best to do so far away from the spotlight.

We just hope she knows how much her fans love her as she takes the time she needs to arrive in a healthier place.

Priyanka Chopra Fangirling Over Nick Jonas Is the Best Cure for the Sunday Scaries

Priyanka Chopra, Nick Jonas, Met Gala 2017If you're about to get on stage to perform for thousands of screaming fans, make sure you've got your biggest fan by your side to cheer you on. That's precisely what Nick...

Jennifer Lopez, Hailey Baldwin and More Stars Support Demi Lovato After Singer Breaks Her Silence

Demi LovatoOne thing is clear: Demi Lovato is loved the world over by fans and famous friends alike. Shortly after breaking her silence on social media nearly two weeks after suffering a drug...

Blake Lively Dressed As Baby Spice Is Everything We Didn’t Know We Needed Right Now — Look!

This is incredible!

This weekend, a girl named Bria Madrid took to Twitter to post a throwback pic to her first concert -- nearly two decades ago, as a five-year-old -- going to see the Spice Girls.

Better still, little five-year-old Bria had taken a picture with somebody else in the audience who was dressed for the concert like Baby Spice (AKA Emma Bunton).

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Now, two decades later, with Madrid looking back on that photo and the concert, suddenly, something hit her: the random girl in the pic dressed up as Baby Spice at the time was none other than Blake Lively!!!

No, seriously -- look at this (below):

It took her twenty years to realize it, but Bria finally got it -- she met a soon-to-be celebrity at the concert, and didn't even know it!!!

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After Madrid's tweet went viral on Twitter, Lively confirmed that, yup, that was definitely her, by posting the pic to her Instagram account and crediting Bria with the throwback memory (below):

Pretending to be someone else... since 1997 (Thanks @briaaamadrid for the photo of us at the Spice Girls concert. Sorry -not sorry- I tricked you into thinking I was @emmaleebunton)A post shared by Blake Lively (@blakelively) on Aug 4, 2018 at 9:17am PDT



Also, um, Blake... can we talk about those platform shoes?! OH MY GOODNESS!!!! LOLz!!

[Image via WENN.]

Khloe Kardashian Asks Body Shamers to ”Be Kind” About Her Pregnancy Appearance on KUWTK

Khloe Kardashian, PregnantKhloe Kardashian is inviting fans to experience her pregnancy journey, but asks for empathy as her physical changes become more and more apparent along the way. In a message posted to the...

Hilary Duff Soaks in Final Stretch of Pregnancy on Babymoon With Son Luca

Hilary Duff, Luca Comrie, InstagramHilary Duff wouldn't miss her annual Hawaii trip for the world, so why not turn it into a babymoon?! As has become a summer tradition over the years, the Younger star and 6-year-old...

Marilyn Monroe

eagle1effi posted a photo:

Marilyn Monroe

Born in Los Angeles, County Hospital. "Marilyn Monroe" was born as Norma Jeane Mortenson .

June 1, 1926 – August 5, 1962
born as the third child of
Gladys Pearl Baker
(née Monroe, 1902–1984).

From French née ‎(“born”, feminine singular‎) = Originally known as.
In the original French, the masculine form né should be used when the subject is masculine. In English, this distinction is not always followed.

56 Years ago

persona, face, portrait, Retrato, Ritratto, Portret, Arckép, Porträtt, Porträt,

baptised Norma Jeane Baker by Aimee Semple McPherson.

www.flickr.com/search/[email protected]&q=monroe

Aimee - Amata, Amy, weiblicher Vorname; die Beliebte.


Artist "Marilyn Monroe" was born Norma Jeane Mortenson



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__ For your Eyes only ©


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made by eagle1effi
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High-key beschreibt einen technisch-gestalterischen Stil in der Fotografie, bei dem helle Farbtöne vorherrschen und der hauptsächlich in der Schwarzweißfotografie und modernen Modefotografie verwendet wird. Die Bilder zeigen helle bis weiße Flächen im Hintergrund und hellfarbige oder hellgraue Farbtöne in der Darstellung der Objekte. Diese Technik ist nicht mit einer Überbelichtung zu verwechseln.

Um ein High-key-Bild im Studio technisch fachgerecht auszuführen, sind eine Belichtungskorrektur und ein beleuchteter Studiohintergrund notwendig. Alternativ kann auch mit digitaler Nachbearbeitung ein ähnlicher Effekt erzielt werden.

Ideal für
Portrait , "Schnee"- Landschaft, allgemein weisse oder Elemente , sowie Tiere.

Key ist ein englisches Wort
und bedeutet Schlüssel, Note (Ton, Tonwert), Taste.

Für den Bereich Fotografie meint dies das bestimmende Licht für die Aufnahme,

die vorherrschende Farbe bzw der vorherrschende Helligkeitsbereich.

Cheeky Ashley Tisdale Gets Too Much Sun In Tulum

If there are any generous Mexicans in the vicinity of Tulum who have an aloe plant, we would all be grateful if you made your way over to Ashley and showed her some mercy. Even a well prepared tourist would be acceptable. I am not trying to discriminate against anyone’s help.

Clearly Ashley’s gringo skin is ill-equipped for anything south of Boston. Whoever put the idea into her head that Tulum would be a great vacation destination should be put before a firing squad without even being given the courtesy of a last smoke. And if he is not a smoker then he should be forced to smoke. Show no mercy to the Benedict Arnold who showed none to Ashley.

If it was up to me we would enact a more medieval punishment on him, but the world has gone soft and there are laws against that type of thing now. For the record I find that ridiculous. People were being burned at the stake for hundreds of years, and yet we claim enlightenment and no longer want to be associated with it. But I ask you this, what would a more fitting punishment be for this traitor than to burn?


Photo Credit: Backgrid USA

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Demi Lovato Addresses OD and Is Clearly Headed to Rehab

Demi Lovato has broken her silence on her near-fatal overdose almost two weeks ago, saying she hasn't beaten her addiction ... and wants to focus on sobriety and almost certainly rehab. The "Sorry Not Sorry" singer posted an open letter on…

Demi Lovato Breaks Her Silence Nearly Two Weeks After Overdose

Demi Lovato, MTV Video Music Awards 2017, NippleDemi Lovato has a message for fans nearly two weeks after she suffered an overdose. In a lengthy statement posted to her Instagram on Sunday, the 25-year-old pop star breaks her silence...

Wilmer Valderrama Attends Charity Event as Demi Lovato Remains Hospitalized for Overdose

Wilmer ValderramaFor Wilmer Valderrama, the show must go on. Nearly two weeks have passed since Demi Lovato suffered an apparent drug overdose and was rushed to the hospital, but her ex-boyfriend and...

Cardi B Jokes She’s ”Part of the Rich People Club” After Partying With Kim Kardashian and Kris Jenner

Cardi B., Kris Jenner, Kim Kardashian, InstagramCardi B who? That's Kardi B to you! The rapper and new mama surprised fans when she enjoyed a girls' night in with none other than Kim Kardashian and Kris Jenner on Saturday...

Luann de Lesseps Opens Up About Her “Rough Year” During Post-Rehab Cabaret Performance

Luann De LessepsShe's back! A confident Luann de Lesseps returned to the stage on Saturday night for the first time since leaving rehab, making her Countess and Friends cabaret show return at The...

Watch All of Taylor Swift’s Surprise Reputation Tour Collaborations, From Shawn Mendes to Bryan Adams

Bryan Adams, Taylor SwiftTaylor Swift surprised Reputation Tour attendees last by bringing out one very special guest: Bryan Adams! The two rocked out to his 1985 hit "Summer of '69" at Rogers Centre...

Kailyn Lowry and Chris Lopez Reunite for First-Ever Family Photo

Many months ago, Kailyn Lowry and Chris Lopez came together and, as a result, an adorable little boy named Lux was created.

Fast forward about 21 months after this romantic act took place and Kailyn Lowry and Chris Lopez came together once again over this weekend.

In a different, less lewd way, however.

What we mean here is... they hung out family of three!

In honor of Lux turning a year old, Kailyn, Lopez and their precious child have posed together for what we believe to be the first time in recorded history.

Scroll down to check out the picturel; to relive Lowry and Lopez's unique history; and to see other snapshots of Lux on his first birthday:

1. Welcome to the World, Lux!

Kailyn lowry three sons
Just a couple days after he became a real life human person, Lux posed for this picture with his two old brothers. How sweet, right?

2. These are Kailyn's Kids

Kailyn lowry children
The veteran Teen Mom 2 cast member is the mother to a son named Issac with ex-boyfriend Jo Rivera; and a son named Lincoln with ex-husband Javi Marroquin. Along with Lux, of course.

3. The Introduction

Lil lux
Here is how Kailyn introduced her third-born to fans on Instagram: "Lux Russell, 08/05/17. 7 lbs 15 oz, 19 3/4. born at 3 am on the dot. It only took us 7 weeks to decide a name and 8 weeks to make it official. thank you to @shophighway3 for our first personalized blanket to announce."

4. Fast Forward a Year And...

Lux at 1
... here is Lux at a year! Wrote Kailyn as a caption to this image: "8/5/17, my life changed. Which means tomorrow my littlest turns one. I truly cannot believe how fast the year went by. And I don’t think I've ever appreciated time the way I do now. It’s been an exhausting year... But it's all worth it."

5. She Added:

Im a year old
"The little moments will really pass you by if you let them. Thank you @wendydarlingphotography for capturing his cake smash. Thank you @halfbakedde for his cake. Thank you @darlingbabyshop for his outfit. And most importantly, thank you @chrisxlopezz for Lux."

6. Thank You, Chris Lopez?!?

Chris lopez son
Yup. Kailyn and Chris have come a pretty long way from the time the former called the latter an "Instagram parent" and implied he was a deadbeat father.
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The Big Bang Theory Ending? Season 13 Renewal Talks Underway

The Big Bang TheoryIf you're not ready to say goodbye to The Big Bang Theory, well, you're not alone. At the 2018 Television Critics Association summer press tour, CBS Entertainment president Kelly Kahl...

Drake Messaging Teenage Girl!

Is it just us or is this weird???

This and much more on our latest podcast! Listen to The Perez Hilton Podcast with Chris Booker on iTunes or directly at http://PerezPodcast.com

Who’s Hotter: Black Cutout Swimsuit Edition With Playmate Ana Braga And Bella’s Big Sister Kaili Thorne

Listen up, gents. Do not be fooled by the design of the swimsuit that Ana Braga is wearing. I have come across this kind of defeat before, and I will do what is necessary to prevent men such as myself from being deceived again.

What we all are looking at is Ana Braga in a swimsuit that has been cleverly cut to appear like her waist is much smaller than it actually is. In reality it is, like, two or three times bigger than that. But due to what the art nerds call negative space she looks like she has a much smaller torso than she actually does. A side effect of this is that she also looks like she has black lines going across her body like a zebra. This is unfortunate for her, because had I been deceived I would have been totally turned off of her. I don’t fuck around with zebras.

I do not see why Ana feels the need to resort to these deceptive practices. She is slightly above average in the looks department, I think we all can agree on that. She would still be able to have a career in the Sears catalog if she put the effort in.


Photo Credit: Splash News / MEGA / Backgrid USA

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