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Derry Girls protest

brightondj posted a photo:

Derry Girls protest

TV show's stars protest against Northern Irelands anti abortion laws

Prodigy’s Keith Flint’s Fire No Longer Starting

Luke Perry’s death sort of overshadowed the death of Prodigy’s Keith Flint, 49. Flint’s body was found on Monday at his home near London. Prodigy band mate said Flint had killed himself over the weekend.

The Prodigy was best known for the 90s hits “Firestarter”, “Breathe” and “Smack My Bitch Up”. Their music showcased techno and house at a time when R&B and altrock was dominating the charts. Personally, I never understood the allure of The Prodigy, mostly because of Flint’s hair which made him look like a dorky clown. It looked like he escaped from the psyche ward of a circus. But good for those that enjoyed his music and brushed off the cringyness.

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Sister, Sister Star Marques Houston Is Engaged

Marques Houston, Fiance, MiyanaIf you remember screaming "Go home, Roger" along with Tia Mowry and Tamera Mowry on Disney's Sister, Sister, you weren't alone. Fast forward to now, and fans will be...

Kate del Castillo Kicks Major Butt in La Reina Del Sur Season 2’s Explosive First Look

Kate del Castillo, La Reina del SurIt's been eight years, and now the story of La Reina Del Sur continues. The second season of the hit Telemundo series premieres Monday, April 22 at 10 p.m. and E! News has an exclusive sneak...

The Bachelor Finally Jumps the Fence After Extra Dramatic Breakup

The Bachelor, Colton Underwood It finally happened. Colton Underwood finally lost...his patience, and jumped over that damn fence. Very quickly into this season, we were no longer even sort of caring about...

Leaving Neverland: What Happened in Part 2?

Michael Jackson, James Safechuck, Leaving NeverlandHBO just aired the second part of its controversial documentary about two young boys and their relationship with Michael Jackson, and where part one was hard to watch, part two was hard to watch...

Cardi B and Offset Together on a Yacht in Mexico

Cardi B and Offset are still going strong, even in another country ... because they're doing it big south of the border -- spending quality time on a yacht in Mexico.  The recently reunited couple is having fun in the sun together down in Baja…

Watch Katharine McPhee’s Boobs Bounce, Roseanne Barr Is Still Racist and More

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  • Tamron Hall is pregnant [Dlisted]
  • Danielle Staub‘s fiance sounds like a real winner [Starcasm]

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Jessie James Decker and Eric Decker Will Give You Major FOMO During Their Sizzling Cabo Getaway

Jessie James, Eric Decker, Cabo Vacation GalleryJessie James Decker and Eric Decker are bringing the heat to their tropical vacation. The reality TV personalities are currently soaking up the sun in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, and...

Rachel Lindsay Dishes on Wedding Planning and Her Picks for the Next Bachelorette

Rachel Lindsay, BacheloretteThe wedding countdown is on for Rachel Lindsay. The reality star of Bachelor and Bachelorette fame recently confirmed her wedding to winner Bryan Abasolo is slated for August in the...

Snooki Debuts Her Baby Bump on the Red Carpet: See More Moments From Her 3rd Pregnancy

Nicole Polizzi, Snooki, The Cut's How I Get It Done Event 2019Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi's baby has made its red carpet debut and he isn't even born yet! Snooki attended The Cut's How I Get It Done event in New York City on Monday...

Other Fine Things to Ogle 3.4.19

Kick off your week with these sexy links including Miley Cyrus see-through, Kelly O’Grady’s nips, and the best nude scenes from Kristen Stewart’s career!

Teyana Taylor Rocks Leopard Print Sheer Thong Bodysuit in Miami

Playboy Model Tsanna LaTouche Has Perfect Boobs And An Even More Perfect Tan Line

Dakota Fanning Selfies Her Cleavage And Sexy Legs In Skin-Tight Workout Attire!

Even More Sexy Victoria Justice Bikini Pics

A SKIN-depth Look at the Sex and Nudity of the Porky’s Trilogy

Laura O’Grady Pink Nipples for St Patrick’s Day of the Day

Kelly Brook’s Mark Hayman Photoshoot

Florence Pugh Pokies in a Green Sweater

Mr. Skin Featured Original Video: Best Of Kristen Stewart (header image)

Mainstream Spotlight: The Brown Bunny

Tom Sizemore Dodges Jail Time in Heroin Drug Case

Miley Cyrus See Through Nipples of the Day

Sage Northcutt and Eddie Alvarez Love Each Other’s Abs and So Do We

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Queer Eye Star Antoni Porowski’s Third Wheel Reaction to Pete Davidson and Kate Beckinsale’s Make Out Is a Mood

Antoni Porowski, Pete Davidson, Kate BeckinsaleQueer Eye's Antoni Porowski isn't just a connoisseur in the kitchen, because he just mastered the art of being a third wheel. Over the weekend, Pete Davidson and Kate Beckinsale...

Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston: We Talk All the Time … But We Don’t Bone (Yet)

Just days before Valentine's Day, Brad Pitt attended Jennifer Aniston's party, which has left fans scratching their heads.

A new report adds to what we know about their interactions and explains that this was far from their first contact.

In fact, behind the scenes, it sounds like the two of them have stayed in touch for longer than people suspected. ...

Aniston and Pitt

According to Us Weekly, Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston are still in contact with each other.

"Jen and Brad are still in touch and speak," an insider reveals.

The two of them were married for five years but then split in 2005 ... at which point Brad was quickly photographed spending time with Angelina Jolie.

Any fans who are still clinging to hope that Brad and Jennifer will fall back into bed together may need to curb their enthusiasm.

The source warns: "but there still isn’t anything going on romantically between them."

Jennifer Aniston is Smiling

Brad and Jennifer have the kind of bond that can't be broken ... because she's friends with his mom.

The insider reveals that Jennifer "is also in touch with Brad’s mom."

According to the source, the two women "are close" and the past fourteen years of distance between Jennifer and Brad didn't change that.

"And," the insider adds, Jen and Brad's mom "have been for a while."

It's easier to remain on speaking terms with an ex if the two of you still have common ground.

To be clear, somebody's mom is definitely common ground.

Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt in Happier Times Photo

Of course, in February, Brad and Jennifer raised eyebrows when Brad showed up to his very-much-ex-wife's birthday party.

"Jen spoke to Brad briefly," the source acknowledges.

"At one point," the insider shares. "She hugged him and thanked him for coming.

That said, "It didn’t seem like that big of a deal to Jen," the source characterizes.

It's good that they can be nonchalant around each other.

Time and life experience can heal a lot of hurt feelings.

Jennifer Aniston at Vanity Fair Party

That said, Jennifer wasn't sending any kind of special message to Brad when she invited him.

"The invite went out to a ton of people and he accepted," the insider explains.

"She was happy he was there," the source says. "But that was it."

"She was busy making the rounds," the insider describes. "And excited to see so many people near and dear to her."

According to the source, Brad "didn’t stay all that long and ducked out before most people."

He wasn't there to mingle, just to wish her a happy birthday.

Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston... Together!

Jennifer reportedly called Brad afterwards.

No, it wasn't because seeing him had stirred up 14-years-dead nostalgia for their erstwhile marriage.

According to the insider, she called to "thank him for coming."

You know, like a polite person of her generation would do.

(Younger generations would never inflict a phone call upon a friend for something like this; texting is so much kinder)

During the call, according to the source, Jennifer asked "if he had a good time."

Jennifer Aniston Smiles

We're willing to believe that she called him, but we have to wonder how anyone could possibly know what she said. 

Is the NSA leaking gossip now?

Anyway, the two exes have called before, even while they were both married to other people.

Notably, in May 2016, Jennifer's mother, Nancy Dow, passed away.

Brad reached out to her to say how sorry he was.

According to the source: "She was touched that he knew what a difficult time it was."

Boob Tube Roundup: The Week’s Sexiest TV Scenes 3.4.19

Over at MrSkin.com, they don’t just focus on the week’s best nude scenes. They also round up all of the sexy non-nude content from the week and we’re bringing it to you in our Boob Tube Roundup! Here’s what you’ll find in the gallery below…

Northern Rescue: This new Netflix drama is about a family that moves to a small northern town after the unexpected death of their mother. There is no nudity but in Episode 8 we see Eliana Jones and Amalia Williamson hanging out on a boat wearing bathing suits, and in Episode 10, we see a bit of cleavage on Kathleen Robertson while she talks to her boyfriend about moving to Colorado.

The Widow: In episode 5 of this new Amazon series, we see Alex Kingston in bed on the phone. As she ends the call, we see Siobhan Finneran‘s head pop up after giving her oral. The two talk in bed, and we see near breasts on Siobhan.

Better Things: In the first scene of the third season premiere, Pamela Adlon shows off some underwear as she changes into different outfits, trying to find one that fits her.

You’re the WorstJanet Varney shows off some nice cleavage in a one piece, while lounging poolside at a country club.

Lindsay Lohan’s Beach ClubGabi Andrews spends most of the episode in various sexy two-piece bikinis showing cleavage. She is in very high thong bikini bottom walking up to and dancing on stage. At the end of the performance she jumps up and lands in a split.

Deadly ClassMaría Gabriela de Faría overhears some girls talking smack about her in a bathroom and confronts them while wearing a bra showing lots of cleavage.

Shameless: Shanola Hampton is in her underwear having sex with Steve Howey, while later in the episode, Emma Kenney and Jess Gabor make out on the couch.

CharmedMelonie Diaz shows plenty of hanging cleavage while getting ready to leave Aleyse Shannon’s place, and they share a short kiss before Melonie heads out.

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Jill Duggar: Why Is She Hated By Counting On Fans?

At first glance, Jill Duggar appears to be about as completely innocent and innocuous as any human being can be.

Jill is a young mother of two with a husband in law school.

Jill Duggar and Her Pale Children

She used to make big bucks as a reality star, but these days, she's a stay-at-home mom who occasionally supplements her family's income by working as a midwife.

But as with just about everything involving the Duggar family, there's more to Jill than meets the eye.

And a lot of what's just beneath the surface is the sort of stuff that the Duggars would probably prefer to keep out of the spotlight.

Jill Duggar with Son

Jill is one of the least well-liked members of the Duggar family.

You may have had the experience of wandering into the comments section on one of Jill's Instagram posts and wondering why she's so widely despised.

As it happens, there's no one answer to that question.

Jill and Derick Posing

The biggest problem for many fans is that Jill stuck by her husband after he was kicked off of the family's reality show.

Derick was fired from Counting On for launching a transphobic tirade against fellow network star Jazz Jennings.

Jill not only refused to speak out against her husband's bigotry, she also quit the show as a gesture of solidarity, leaving her family with no visible means of support.

Jill and Derick Dillard with Family

It's not hard to see why many fans may have been chagrined by that decision.

But it's certainly not the only reason that so many fans are so unforgiving of Jill.

Many fans take issue with Jill's method of homeschooling her children.

These people point out that the mother of two continues to rely on materials provided by the Institute for Basic Life Principles.

Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard in Class

The curriculum has been heavily criticized in the past for a number of reasons, not the least of which is that children are taught that sexual assault victims are often to blame for their perpetrators' crimes.

This is an especially disturbing teaching in the Duggar family, which has been beset by numerous sex scandals.

Others who criticize Jill's parenting focus on what they say is the lack of proper nutrition in her household.

Jill Duggar, Nose Pierced

Jill is famously averse to including vegetables in the meals she prepares.

Incidents such as the time she and her kids walked several miles to a Chick-Fil-A location highlight the importance of junk food in her children's lives.

Jill has also been criticized for her housekeeping, and in the past, she has not shied away from sharing photos of her "messy" home on social media.

Jill and Derick Dillard Pic

It's possible that fans are right to be concerned about Jill's parenting methods and belief system.

But it's just as possible that this is just a case of too much social media scrutiny combined with a widespread bias against her family.

We'll leave it up to you to decide if Jill is as bad as her harshest critics claim.

Olivia Munn, Aubrey Plaza, Other Celebrities React to Luke Perry’s Death at 52

Hollywood lost a star today. Dylan McKay will live on forever. Luke Perry, sadly, will not. He died at 52 earlier today.

Celebrity reactions are pouring in.

Olivia Munn professed to Perry being her first love.

So did Rachel Leigh Cook.

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You Know That ‘Beverly Hills 90210’ Reboot? Yea, Luke Perry Died, Not Gonna Happen

Luke Perry is dead. There is no god.

Perry, 52, suffered a massive stroke last week at his Sherman Oaks home. Medics transported him to a nearby hospital. Since then, there hasn’t been much word about what happened.

We still don’t know the details, but that stroke was too powerful for Dylan. Boo.

He beat back colon cancer in 2015, but wasn’t so fortunate this time around.

Perry is known as Archie’s dad, Fred Andrews, on Riverdale, but as Shannon Doherty said when she heard the news of Dylan’s stroke, “It’s Luke, and he’s my Dylan.” He’ll always be Dylan to us.

Perry starred as the heartthrob Dylan on the original Beverly Hills 90210. There was talk of a revival, but unless they get Luke Perry the Hologram to star, it ain’t happening.

His rep gave a statement confirming Perry’s death:

Actor Luke Perry, 52, passed away today after suffering a massive stroke. He was surrounded by his children Jack and Sophie, fiancé Wendy Madison Bauer, ex-wife Minnie Sharp, mother Ann Bennett, step-father Steve Bennett, brother Tom Perry, sister Amy Coder, and other close family and friends. The family appreciates the outpouring of support and prayers that have been extended to Luke from around the world, and respectfully request privacy in this time of great mourning.  No further details will be released at this time.

I’m sure the 90210 cast is heartbroken, especially Tori Spelling, who can forget about any 90210 reboot money saving her from bankruptcy.

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The Trailer for Hulu’s Gypsy Blanchard Series The Act Will Leave You Shook

The ActIf you thought The Act teaser was chilling, you ain't seen nothing yet. The first full trailer for Hulu's new series based on the true events surrounding Gypsy Rose Blanchard is here and...

Luke Perry Dies at 52 After Suffering Stroke

Luke Perry, RiverdaleLuke Perry, star of Riverdale and a former Beverly Hills, 90210 heartthrob, has died at age 52 after suffering a stroke. The actor passed away on Monday morning, E! News has confirmed. He...

Miley Cyrus Pays Emotional Tribute to The Voice’s Janice Freeman

Janice Freeman, Miley CyrusMiley Cyrus is mourning a great loss. The songstress and Voice coach took to social media on Monday to pay tribute to Janice Freeman, the former contestant on her team for season 13 of...

Ultimate Power Couple Tournament: Which Celebrity Duo Is Your Favorite Couple Ever?

Power Couples, Lisa Bonet, Jason Momoa, Joe Jonas, Sophie Turner, Ellen DeGeneres, PortiaHollywood is full of beautiful people, including actors, singers and athletes, and there is something magical that happens when these stars unite and pair up as a couple. We're not...

Who’s Hotter: Bella Hadid Or Gigi Hadid?

The Hadid dynasty has ruled fashion week runways and Instagram for the past couple of years. Both supermodel sisters Bella and Gigi Hadid are undeniably hot, and they have their ageless mom Yolanda and I guess billionaire Palestinian probably alleged money laundering father Mohamed to thank for their looks. But scientifically speaking, one of the two sisters is hotter than the other one. The probability of equal hotness is incredibly slim. So for science. For fashion. For the future of the Hadynasty. Let us know who’s hotter: Bella Hadid or Gigi Hadid. I’ve rounded up way too many of their pics in the gallery, so check ’em out and let us know who’d you rather Ha-do.

Photo Credit: Splash News

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Ben Affleck Opens Up About Alcoholism and His Famous Family

Ben AffleckBen Affleck is not hiding from his personal battles. During a Today interview on Monday, the Triple Frontier star opened up about his personal life, exactly four months since he...

Prodigy Singer Keith Flint Dead at 49

Prodigy frontman Keith Flint was found dead Monday in his home outside London ... and his bandmates say he took his own life. Police were making a welfare check at Keith's home in Essex, England when they found his body. Police will only say there's…

These 10 Fierce Females Are Changing the Film Landscape & You Should Know Their Names

Women Changing Film, Ava DuVernay, Greta Gerwig, Yalitza Aparicio, Lady GagaWho run the world? Girls! While we believe in Beyoncé's "Run the World (Girls)" mantra every day, there is actually a day dedicated to female empowerment and it's...

Sonakshi Sinha Abs Workout in Gym

videosloving posted a photo:

Sonakshi Sinha Abs Workout in Gym

Sonakshi Sinha Abs Workout in Gym Video #sonakshisinha #workout #gym #healthylife #gymlife #gymworkout #celebrity #ActressLife #BollywoodCelebs #BollywoodActress #fitnesslifestyle #beautiful #viralvideo #JustForFun #entertainment #viral #latest #NewVideo

Emily Ratajkowski Is Allegedly Living Rent Free in her Greenwich VIllage Loft

Emily Ratajkowski is a successful model and one of the world’s most beautiful women, so she’s obviously married to a millionaire, in this case Sebastian Bear-McClard. Despite having a net worth of $12 million, he hasn’t paid rent since 2017, taking advantage of New York law aimed at protecting low-income families from being gentrified out of their homes.

Here’s what the New York Post said:

After his lease expired in 2017, he hasn’t paid a penny of the $4,900 monthly rent since then, claims lease holder Antoni Ghosh in Manhattan Civil Court.

Daly said what Bear-McClard currently owes is “now over $120,000.”

How is he getting away with this, you ask?

A state law enacted in 1982 prevented landlords from booting artists and other low-income tenants who lived illegally in commercial loft spaces.

It said they couldn’t be evicted if their building didn’t have a certificate of occupancy or installed fire and other safety protections. The Bleecker Street building doesn’t have the certificate.

The law is good; as I mentioned, the intent is to prevent people from being thrown out because of rapidly rising rent costs. It wasn’t really meant to let millionaires live on Bleeker Street with their hot wives.

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My new favorite blue @inamoratawoman

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Oscars 2019 ✨

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My new favorite suit @inamoratawoman

A post shared by Emily Ratajkowski (@emrata) on

Is she like the hottest squatter ever?

Maybe I’m wrong. The poor thing can’t even afford clothes, she’s forced to go grocery shopping in her underwear.

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Idris Elba Doesn’t Even Want to be James Bond

We have been hearing for years that, for some reason, Idris Elba should be James Bond. Personally, I’ve never gotten where it came from. Idris is a great actor, but have you ever seen him in something that made you think “Oh, wow, this guy would be a great James Bond!” I swear to god if you say Luther… Bond is a suave superspy, not a streetwise grizzled cop. The only thing Idris Elba has that makes him like James Bond is that he’s British.

Which is not to say Idris Elba would be a bad James Bond or I don’t think he should do it, I just think the only way to arrive at the idea that Idris Elba should play James Bond is if you start at “who is both British and black?” Chadwick Boseman is closer to James Bond in the first two acts of Black Panther when it’s still good than anything I’ve ever seen Idris Elba in, and he isn’t even British.

You know who someone should have talked to before everyone started yelling at each other about if Idris Elba should be Bond or not? Idris Elba. Because Elba told The Daily Mail that he doesn’t even want the job.

Today, Elba seems keen to distance himself from the intense speculation. ‘Bond is one of the biggest franchises in the world, and for that reason, whoever ends up playing it, lives it. You’re THAT character, and known as that character for many, many years. I’m creating characters now that can still live alongside Idris. Not ones that take over me and solely define me.’

It sounds as categorical a denial of the rumours as he’s ever given. He tells me he’s more excited about another action role – more anti-hero than hero. ‘The Hobbs And Shaw character Brixton Lore is brilliant. Awesome. I’d love to see that franchise up and running, but it wouldn’t define me,’ he says adamantly.

So there you go. Idris Elba isn’t going to be James Bond because Idris Elba doesn’t want to be James Bond. Also because he’s racist, which I’ve been told by Twitter is the only reason not to want Idris Elba to be Bond.

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