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Irina Shayk in a Wet Bikini, Touching Her Boob, Pete Davidson Got a Unicorn Tattoo and More

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  • Hey, life can be beautiful, just look at these photos [CavemanCircus]
  • Corey Feldman now wants to talk about Michael Jackson [Dlisted]
  • Toni Garn in a sheer top (Site NSFW) [TheNipSlip]
  • This Danielle Staub character is cringe [Starcasm]
  • 5 small changes that’ll make you happier, you depressing schlub [Linkiest]
  • Tahnee Atkinson bikini pics in Sydney [GCeleb]

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Kylie Jenner Honors Stormi Webster on International Women’s Day

Stormi Webster, Kylie JennerKylie Jenner is revealing who inspires her in honor of International Women's Day. The makeup mogul has a lot of things to be proud of: she is the CEO of a billion-dollar company and...

Jordyn Woods Returns to Instagram and Debuts a Major Look After Tristan Thompson Drama

Jordyn WoodsJordyn Woods is out here looking fierce and fabulous! The 21-year-old model makes her triumphant return to Instagram and debuts a fresh new hairstyle following the drama that ensued...

‘Captain Marvel’ is Perfect Hero for Int’l Women’s Day, Says Leonard Maltin

"Captain Marvel" is the badass we've all been waiting for, because on International Women's Day ... who else ya gonna call on to save the universe ... according to famed film critic Leonard Maltin. We got Leonard Friday at LAX and our photog asked…

Kimora Lee Simmons Relaunches Baby Phat: See the Stars Who Loved the Iconic Early 2000s Brand

Kimora Lee Simmons, Baby Phat Kimora Lee Simmons is celebrating International Women's Day by sharing some big news: Baby Phat is coming back! Her daughter Ming Lee Simmons is sharing the exciting news on her...

Kendall Jenner Shares the Most Important Lessons She’s Learned From Kris Jenner

Kendall Jenner, Kris JennerIt's no secret the Kardashian-Jenners are some of the hardest working people in entertainment. The famous family's resumés are chock-full of impressive projects, like successful...

Jussie Smollett Indicted on 16 Felony Counts by Grand Jury in Alleged Falsified Attack Case

Jussie Smollett, Mugshot Jussie Smollett's legal case just took another turn for the worse. On Thursday, a Cook County grand jury indicted him on 16 felony counts after allegedly lying to police about being the victim...

Lotte van der Zee, Miss Teen Universe, Dead at 19

A former Miss Teen Universe has tragically passed away at the young age of 19.

Model Lotte van der Zee, from Holland, was on a family ski trip when she suffered a fatal heart attack

Her parents, Bert van der Zee and Eugeniek van het Hul shared the devastating news through their daughter's Instagram account.

Miss Teen Universe Passes Away

"Our pearl, our everything passed away on Wednesday evening March 6th at 22:47," they captioned the post. 

"It is incredibly surreal that our dearly beloved Lotte is not around us anymore. Our hearts are truly broken."

The Dutch model passed away a day before her 20th birthday, according to E! News.

Lotte van der Zee

During the family trip to Austria, her parents spoke with a Dutch newspaper where they reported that "Lotte started to feel unwell throughout the course of the afternoon."

They said their daughter had been out with friends the night before her heart attack but that she had returned "cheerfully and without health complaints."

But she did not show up for breakfast the next morning and when her parents went to check on her, they found her sick in bed.

They wrote on Lotte's Instagram account that her sickness "swiftly escalated in sudden cardiac arrest" later that day.

Lotte van der Zee Poses

She was resuscitated by her mother and rushed to a nearby hospital before being placed into a coma where she was kept asleep under intensive supervision by the doctors in order to monitor her health. 

The young model was then transferred to a special hospital in Munich, Germany where she began suffering organ failure, according to reports.

Since their daughter's unexpected passing, her parents have received an incredible amount of messages. 

Lotte van der Zee With Mother

"We would like to thank you all again for all the support and heartwarming messages."

The 19-year-old won the Miss Teenager Universe title back in 2017.

The pageant's social media account sent their sympathy, writing, "Losing someone we loved is not easy, but knowing that we have been able to be part of her life, it has been [an] amazing journey," they wrote.

Lotte van der Zee In Snow

"Our deepest condolences to your family and friends."

Her family told the newspaper that tests are still being carried out to determine what exactly caused her heart attack.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Lotte's family and friends at this time. 

Chicago West Is a Mini Fashionista While Walking in Kim Kardashian’s Heels

Chicago West, Kim KardashianChicago West is taking to new heights. The youngest member of the Kardashian-West family is on the move--and doing it in style thanks to her famous mom's heels. Yup, Chicago may be...

Other Fine Things to Ogle 3.8.19

Put this week to bed with these sexy links including Sofia Richie topless, Madison Beer cleavage, and an in-depth look at the sex and nudity of Korean director Park Chan-wook’s films!

Jim Ross Leaving WWE, ‘I Need to Move On’

Olivia Preston Shows More Than You Were Ready For In Playboy Plus Shoot

Karlie Kloss Busting Out Some Impressive Bosom Action

Kara Del Toro is Amazing

A SKIN-depth Look at the Aberrant Sexuality of Park Chan-wook’s Films (header image)

A Field Guide to Brie Larson

Sofia Richie New Topless Tits of the Day

Georgia Fowler Wet Bikini Nips and Cameltoe

Carlotta Kohl Braless in a See-Through Top

How Mulholland Dr’s Legendary Lesbian Scenes Deepen the Film’s Mystery

Violet Myers Gets Caught by Her Grandpa

Paris Hilton’s Old Party House is Hitting the Rental Market

Madison Beer Big Cleavage of the Day

Jack Osbourne Officially Divorced From Lisa Stelly

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Meet the Site Turning Amateur Girls’ Sexual Fantasies into Reality…Plus a Killer Discount!

Porn, and discounts. Are these the two greatest things in life? If the answer is yes (and why the hell wouldn’t it be), then we have just the thing for you. First, The Discount. 50% off your membership for the site Ersties.com. That’s half price for a Porn site filled with thousands of videos, thousands of Pictures, new updates 3 times a week, and a unique and damn fine Porn Experience. Now, for the site.

Ersties.com is a site dedicated, in their own words, ‘to showcasing authentic amateurs in unique and natural settings.’ What does that actually mean? Well, it means they don’t do fake porn bullshit. You won’t be finding Babysitting Daddy lovers on Ersties. Instead, you’ll find genuine amateurs, fucking at home, fucking with friends, fucking in public. You’ll find multiple updates each and every week, full picture sets of every shoot and every model, all available in HD. Girls solo, girls together, girls with their guys, and, our favorite, their incredible, and very frequent, Orgy Shoots.

What really caught our eye as we conducted our ‘research’ (hey, it’s a tough job but someone’s gotta do it) was their more ‘special’ shoots. The Ersties Sexual Fantasy Series is the most simple, yet genius concept for porn we’ve ever heard. They invite amateur girls from around the world to email in their sexual fantasies, and then, Ersties make them happen! Which is how you end up with hot as hell Lucy, dressed up as Queen with her own army of sex slaves, submitting to her every sexual wish (Click here to watch). Or how Sicilia receives a BDSM coach named Katana to teach her how to dominate a man.

Then there is their First Sex series, which, as the name suggests, is all about capturing first time experiences between two people. How they get to that point is where the fun comes into it. Recreating The Dating Game, one hot girl asking 3 horny guys the most ridiculous questions, all behind a wall without seeing each other. Then picking her favorite …and fucking them as soon as they meet. That’s Ersties, unique and fun, but with incredible sex at the end of it all!

In summary, if you’re looking for a truly unique porn site, Ersties.com is the one for you. And what better excuse to give it a go, than with 50% off the price. Click here and claim yours now.

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The Case Against Adnan Syed Will Serve As a New “Trial for Many Reasons”

The Case Against Adnan SyedAdnan Syed is back in the spotlight. The subject of Serial is now the focal point of The Case Against Adnan Syed, a four-part HBO series directed by Amy Berg. Syed, who is currently in...

Amber Tamblyn’s Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants Tribute on IWD Will Inspire You

Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants CastThe Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants lives on. In honor of International Women's Day, Amber Tamblyn is giving a shout-out to her friends Blake Lively, America Ferrera and Alexis...

Martin Shkreli In Prison: Illegally Running His Business, Hanging With a Dude Named Krispy

It's been about 16 months since Martin Shkreli was sentenced to seven years in prison.

You probably remember Shkreli as the "Pharma Bro" (though we've always preferred the "Pharma Douche" variation on that nickname) who jacked up the price of a life-saving medication for HIV patients a whopping 5,000% percent during his tenure as CEO of Turing Pharmaceuticals.


That act of pure evil made Shkreli "the most hated man in America."

(Of course, his constant trolling of the Wu-Tang Clan didn't help. Did no one inform this guy they're nothing to f--k with?)

But it was Shkreli's unrelated conviction for securities fraud that earned him seven-year stay in federal prison.

Martin Shkreli is a Douche

Shkreli is a devoted member of MAGA nation, but he never climbed the ladder of insanity high enough to get the full Manafort treatment, so the Donald isn't sticking his neck out by pardoning Lil Marty.

But fear not, the hip hop obsessed Hillary hater is making the most of his life behind bars, as revealed in a hilarious new profile of Shkreli published this week by the Wall Street Journal.

The paper promises a glimpse into "the secret life of inmate 87850-053, 16 months into a seven-year sentence," and boy, does it deliver.

Martin Shkreli Photo

The most talked-about revelation from the Journal piece is that Shkreli is still acting as CEO of his company (newly-named Phoenixus AG in response to numerous PR nightmares) with the aid of a contraband cell phone.

And while you might think that his time behind bars would have humbled Shkreli a bit, it seems he's still a nightmare to work for.

The Journal reports that one of Shkreli's most recent actions was to call his CFO and fire the guy while he was on an African vacation with his fiancee.

Martin Shkreli

The problem, it seems, is that the exec picked the wrong time to ask for a seven-figure (?!?!) raise.

You see, Shkreli is stretched thin these days, what with paying for protection and covering his fellow inmates' poker debts (seriously).

Marty was already feeling the pinch, and since the fired exec won't be shanking anyone in the yard for him, he had to be let go.

Martin Shkreli Pic

So who are the movers and shakers on Shkreli's prison payroll?

Well, it seems he's got a crew of guys with names like “Krispy” and “D-Block."

According to the Journal, these up-and-comers "walk alongside him in the hall to ward off shenanigans from other inmates," which is exactly how we would expect the Wall Street Journal to cover prison politics.

Martin Shkreli is Sad

But Krispy and D-Block do more than just keep Shkreli from physical harm.

They recently dissuaded him from playing guitar in a prison rock band, as the other members were all locked up for child molestation.

They're also helping Marty with his goal of doing -- we sh-t you not -- 15 push-ups in a row.

We encourage you to take a moment to reflect on how gloriously f--ked this dude would be, were it not for the fact that he's mega-rich.

The Shkreli

But it's not just money that keeps Shkreli's associates loyal (j/k, that's exactly what it is).

The 35-year-old recently attempted to bolster his street cred by asking his Facebook followers to translate Meek Mill lyrics into Spanish for him.

And in exchange, the Shkreli crew bestowed upon their boss the ultimate honor -- a prison nickname.

That nickname? A-hole.

T.I. Calls Leaving Neverland a Conspiracy Against Black Culture

When someone is praising Piers Morgan, you know that it's going to be a mess. 

With the release of the chilling Leaving Neverland documentary about two men who accuse Michael Jackson of childhood sex abuse, he's a hot topic.

But T.I. is citing an old interview of Jackson's and claiming that allegations against him are merely an "agenda against our culture."

Michael Jackson, Pepsi

T.I. has, in the past, used his fame and platform for good cuases -- such as marijuana reform.

Unfortunately, this week, he responded to the Leaving Neverland documentary by sharing a 1999 Michael Jackson interview.

T.I. begins his caption: "Pierce Morgan a real one for this."

"I would slit my wrists before I would [harm a child]. I would never ever," Jackson said in the old interview.

"If it [weren't] for children, I would throw in the towel," he can be heard saying. "I would kill myself. I wouldn't care to live."

Jackson is saying that he could never abuse a child because he loves them so much.

Piers Morgan interview tweet about Michael Jackson

"Let this man speak for himself to defend his legacy," T.I. writes alongside the interview clip.

He insists: "Don’t just listen to one side and expect to find truth."

For the record, Michael Jackson's side told its tale repeatedly over the years, in interviews and in court.

Notably, the two men featured in Leaving Neverland had helped to tell Michael's side when they were much younger.

But T.I. suggests that any current discussion of Jackson's legacy amounts to badmouthing someone who cannot respond.

"Oh that’s right..." he writes. "Dead men can’t speak."

T.I. Scares Us

"So what was the point again?" T.I. asks.

Some would say that the truth is either always or almost always its own rewward, that it holds intrinsic value.

Others would say that every #MeToo story, including those in Leaving Neverland, helps spread awareness of powerful sexual predators.

But T.I. believes that there is another motive.

He suggests: "Destroy another strong black historical LEGEND?!?!"

Yikes, dude.

Michael J. Walks

"[There are] several examples of pedophilia in American History..." T.I. points out.

That is absolutely true.

"if y’all pulling up all our old s--t..." he begins.

T.I. continues: "we gotta examine ELVIS PRESLEY, HUGH HEPHNER, and a whole slew of others."

He suggests that these individuals are "guilty of the same if not more!!!"

We won't litigate his characterization of those men, but we'll note that Elvis has certainly been accused of preying upon multiple 14-year-old girls.

Though Michael Jackson's alleged victims were closer to half of that age, we believe that all sexual predators should be exposed and reviled.

T.I. at Dinner

T.I. then implies that Michael Jackson is being mentioned as the result of a racist conspiracy.

"BUT WHY US all the time?" he asks.

It seems clear that he is also thinking of the recent and long overdue arrests of disgraced rapper R. Kelly.

"There’s an agenda to destroy OUR CULTURE," he theorizes.

In his mind, sex abuse survivors telling their stories is part of a larger scheme.

He claims: "These are assaults against OUR CULTURE!!!"

"Make no mistake of it!!!" T.I. concludes.

The Onion on Michael Jackson accusers

Questions about why the accusers are coming forward now are best answered by this satirical headline from The Onion.

We understand that it is frustrating and disappointing when a celebrity or other entertainer whom you admire does something bad.

But the "threat" to expose other accused sexual predators is empty.

All sexual predators are bad.

Michael Jackson mug shot

His suggestion that there's some sinister agenda plays right into the arguments made by the likes of R. Kelly and Bryan Singer.

R. Kelly has suggested that accusations against him are the result of him being a successful black man.

Bryan Singer has accused allegations against him as being homophobic in nature.

There have been real conspiracies against minorities. Abuse survivors telling their stories are not examples of that.

If T.I. really want to make a plea and do some good, he should just remind people to not harass Michael Jackson's kids about what their father may have done.

Serial’s Adnan Syed Denied New Trial, Upholds Murder Conviction

Adnan Sayed, Hae Min Lee UPDATE: Adnan Syed won't be getting a new trial, Maryland's Court of Appeals determined on Friday, reinstating his conviction. Following the ruling, Syed's attorney Justin Brown...

Pink’s Family Moments on Tour Will Make Your Heart Melt

Pink, Daughter, Willow, Son, JamesonPink has returned to her Beautiful Trauma world tour after a six-year break, with her adorable family in tow. The 39-year-old "What About Us" singer began her concert series a...

You Have to Watch Kelly Clarkson Cover Cardi B and Post Malone Live

Kelly ClarksonAnything you can sing Kelly Clarkson can sing better! As The Voice coach continued her Meaning of Life tour Thursday evening at the Nassau Coliseum in Long Island, New York, fans were...

You Have to Watch Kelly Clarkson Cover Cardi B and Post Malone Live

Kelly ClarksonAnything you can sing Kelly Clarkson can sing better! As The Voice coach continued her Meaning of Life tour Thursday evening at the Nassau Coliseum in Long Island, New York, fans were...

Taraji P. Henson, Kate Upton and More Powerful Women Envision a World Without Sexism

Kate Upton, Taraji P. HensonImagine a world with zero sexism? For some, it's a dream that can absolutely be a reality sooner rather than later. But for others, it's a possibility that seems so far...

Watch Kehlani Break It Down With Her Baby Bump

Kehlani, CFDA 2018Kehlani is doing the baby mama dance as she counts down the days until she becomes a mother. The 23-year-old singer announced in October that she is pregnant with her first child, a baby...

Kate Hudson, Michelle Obama, Shakira and More Stars Celebrate International Women’s Day

Michelle Obama, Kate Hudson, ShakiraToday is a day for women. On Friday, the Hollywood stars aligned to celebrate International Women's Day, the annual day held on March 8 in celebration of gals everywhere....

Larissa Lima: Spending GoFundMe Cash on Botox and Fillers?!

After 90 Day Fiance star Larissa Lima displayed a new face and hair, fans wondered how she paid for it.

A haircut is one thing, but getting fillers to give her a new jawline is another matter.

Did Larissa use her fan-donated GoFundMe money, intended to help her pay attorney fees, to treat herself to a makeover?

Her bestie, Carmen, is stepping up and explaining exactly how Larissa can afford to live the lifestyle that fans are seeing on social media.

The way that she lays it all out, it really makes sense -- even if not all of her fans are going to love the answer.

1. Larissa got a dramatic beauty makeover!

Larissa lima debuts makeover look
She got a haircut in addition to some work done on her face. But after fans donated thousands to her GoFundMe to help Larissa pay attorney fees and live her life, some can't help but wonder: is she wasting those funds on beauty treatments?

2. If so, that would be ... a betrayal

Larissa lima gets a facial injection
Larissa is already a controversial figure among fans, but a lot of people feel like she got a raw deal and wanted to help her. But how can fans know for sure?

3. The answer is to just ask Carmen

Larissa lima and bff carmen
Carmen is Larissa's BFF -- and Larissa is living with her. If anyone would know how Larissa is getting normally expensive beauty treatments, she would.

4. Carmen did an interview with Auntie's Advice

Larissa lima new jawline 03
That's a sort of controversial choice. Auntie has done a number of 90 Day Fiance interviews, but she's also openly feuded with 90 Day Fiance blogger John Yates. However, she brought up an important topic with Carmen: "A lot of the fans of the show have been thinking that Larissa has been using GoFundMe money to fund cosmetic procedures and hair [extensions]."

5. Carmen was so glad that she asked!

Larissa lima models colorful activewear
Larissa is currently living with Carmen, but that's not all. Carmen is keeping her fed because Larissa has no accessible income of her own. And she says that all of that GoFundMe money -- thousands of dollars -- is in Carmen's account, not Larissa's.

6. It's all in Carmen's hands

Larissa dos santos on tv
Which is good, Carmen notes, because Larissa's attorney fees are about $8,000. Yikes!
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Corey Feldman: Okay, Michael Jackson Might’ve Molested Those Kids

As you’ve no doubt heard by now, the documentary Leaving Neverland premiered to tremendous controversy this week.

While the surviving members of Michael Jackson’s family have derided the film as a “public lynching,” many viewers have reported that Neverland left them with little doubt that the pop star molested numerous children throughout his life.

The documentary focuses on two of Jackson’s many accusers, Wade Robson and James Safechuck, both of whom are now grown men, and both of whom were granted the opportunity to tell their stories as never before.

But while Neverland focuses primarily on the appalling accounts offered by Robson and Safechuck, for many, it also raises unsettling questions about the other children who crossed paths with Jackson at the height of his fame.

There are Jackson’s own children, of course.

Two of them have kept quiet in the wake of Neverland, while the singer’s 20-year-old daughter Paris has vocally defended her father and continues to maintain that Michael is 100 percent innocent of all charges.

Then there are the Culkin brothers — Macaulay and Kieran — both of whom, by Jackson’s own admission. shared a bed with the singer while they were still young children.

And, of course, there’s Corey Feldman, the 1980s child star who befriended Jackson in his youth and has vocally defended him ever since.

Corey Feldman and Michael Jackson

On Thursday, Feldman spoke out for the first time about the revelations contained in Leaving Neverland.

And to the surprise of many, the 47-year-old stated that he feels he can “no longer defend” Jackson.

“I don’t want to be perceived as I’m here to defend Michael Jackson, because I can no longer do that,” Feldman said in an interview with HLN.

“I can not in good consciousness defend anyone who’s being accused of such horrendous crimes.”

Feldman went on to reiterate that he was never abused by Jackson, stating:

“I’m also not here to judge him, because again, he did not do those things to me and that was not my experience.”

Despite his repeated claim that his own experience with Jackson was purely wholesome, Feldman’s refusal to continue defending the singer speaks volumes about the impact of Leaving Neverland.

Jackson’s music has already been pulled from Canadian radio stations, and many expect US stations to follow suit.

Some say it’s unfair to condemn a man who’s no longer alive to defend himself.

But it is justice for Jackson’s alleged victims, not Jackson himself, that must take precedence.

20-YO Madison Beer Ups Even Her Own Game For Birthday Party Outfit

Freshly minted twenty-year-old Madison Beer has worn some pretty revealing outfits, but while celebrating her birthday at The Nice Guy in West Hollywood, upped even her own fashion game. The songstress was serving Megan Fox face and a pornstar bod (the perfect combo!) in her teeny weeny itty bitty skin-tight pink satin dress. If you can even call it a dress. The best part is the way her huge melons are barely contained by the constricting bust of the “dress.” Or maybe the best part is Beer’s thighs up to here. Whatever the case. Thank God for Beer.

Photo Credit: MEGA


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Mr. Skin Minute: Marvel at Captain Marvel Star Brie Larson’s Knockout Nip Slip (VIDEO)


This week’s Mr. Skin Minute serves Brie at nude temperature!

Brie Larson flies into theaters this weekend as the latest member of the MCU in Captain Marvel, but you’ll get a super boner to her nip slip in 2009’s Tanner Hall! Also in theaters, Julianne Moore has four nude scenes in the new film Gloria Bell, but you don’t have to wait to see her cougar/kitten scene with Amanda Seyfried in Chloe. And also this week, Emma Stone‘s nude debut in The Favourite is yours to own on DVD and Blu-ray!

As always, this is but a taste of the great things that await you on MrSkin.com, so be sure to head over there today and start fast-forwarding to the good parts!

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Nikki Bella’s Mom Wants Her to “Find Balance”–But the WWE Star Is Too Busy Getting In Shape for Evolution

Nikki Bella Total Bellas 408Nikki Bella knows life is a balancing act, but she still wants to be the last one standing. In this clip from Sunday's new Total Bellas, the superstar wrestler has been hard at work...

Jana Kramer & Carissa Culiner Get Very Candid About Parenting a Baby Boy During E!’s Mom2Mom Premiere!

Jana Kramer Mom2MomThese mothers are not messing around! The first episode of E!'s digital series Mom2Mom gets right down to business. Hosted by Daily Pop's Carissa Culiner, the new show's...

Inside Marvel’s Long Road to Finally Putting a Female Superhero Front and Center

Captain Marvel, Movie PosterWelcome to the MCU, Carol Danvers. It's been waiting for you. With the arrival of Captain Marvel on Friday, March 8, the 21st film in the wildly successful Marvel Cinematic Universe...

Books by Boss Ladies We Love

E-Comm: Boss Books for Boss LadiesWe love a good inspiring tale as much as the next, but since it's International Women's Day it feels particularly relevant. Who doesn't want to be told to live their best by...