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Kanye West May Start His Own Religion, Which is the Most On-Brand Thing Kanye West Has Ever Done

Kanye West gave an Easter sermon at Coachella that got a lot of attention.

Now, I wasn’t at Coachella but I imagine Kanye mostly played it straight, just talking about how he was crucified and rose from the dead three days later and how his father loves us. Standard stuff for Kanye, really.

Apparently Kanye liked being a preacher because of course he did, he’s Kanye West and people were listening to him talk. According to People, Kanye liked it so much he’s considering starting his own church, and his wife, Kim Kardashian-West, supports him.

“Kim is 100 percent on board with this,” the source tells PEOPLE. “She’s a Christian, too, and she understands the importance of being spiritual.”

It’s nice to know you don’t need any sort of theological training to be a Christian minister. I had long suspected this based on, you know, everything I know about religion but it’s great to have actual confirmation that some rapper standing up and talking about Jesus counts as going to church.

The source adds that West has been consulting with spiritual advisors and leaders as he figures out his next move, and says Kardashian will have a role in whatever he does.

“She wouldn’t be a traditional ‘pastor’s wife’ who organizes bake sales,” the source explains. “But she will support him if he ever starts church. She’ll be there for it.”

I predict Kanyeism is going to be the fastest growing religion in the United States by the end of the year, replacing the current fastest-growing religion, which is atheism. People love celebrities and are willing to do whatever stupid shit they say. Don’t believe me? Jenny McCarthy and Gwyneth Paltrow, two celebrities no one even really gives a shit about said vaccines were bad and now there are measles outbreaks all over the country. So you ma as well just buckle up and get ready for Pope Yeezus.

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Jenelle Evans “Distraught” After Her Husband David Eason Allegedly Shoots and Kills Her Dog

Jenelle EvansJenelle Evans' husband David Eason has allegedly shot and killed her French bulldog, Nugget. Evans, however, was reportedly not the one who called authorities. The Columbus County...

The Walking Dead’s Steven Yeun and Joana Pak Welcome Baby No. 2

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The 100 Season 6 Is Finally Here and the New Planet Is Not All It’s Cracked Up to Be

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Chrissy Teigen Targeted By Fur Protester, Shrugs Off Heckler

Chrissy Teigen is catching the fire of fur protesters, but she can't be bothered by the hecklers screaming at her and calling her a "heartless murderer."  TMZ's obtained video of the TV personality and model catching the full brunt…

Was Game of Thrones’ “The Long Night” Too Dark to See?

Game of Thrones Episode 3, JonGame of Thrones' big battle against the Army of the Dead went down on Sunday, and at the very least, you probably heard it. You might not have been able to see it if you were one of...

Is There Trouble in Paradise for Vanderpump Rules Star Lala Kent and Fiancé Randall Emmett?

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Oprah Winfrey Reveals One Thing Prince Harry Does That’s Totally Relatable

Prince Harry, Oprah WinfreyJust because Prince Harry is a royal, that doesn't mean he can shirk some of his more mundane day-to-day duties. Although, to be fair, there's nothing mundane about teaming up with Oprah...

David Eason May Have Killed His Wife’s Dog

David Eason is in trouble with the law and, it very strongly seem, is also in trouble with Jenelle Evans.

Neither of these statements ought to come as a shock, we know.

But the reason why David Eason is in trouble with both of these parties may be at least a tad surprising, even to those who constantly expect the worst from this ex-Teen Mom star:

He's been accused of trying to kill his wife's dog.

We're not kidding or exaggerating.

Do we have your attention now?

Okay, good. Scroll down for all the totally insane details...

1. Let's Just Delve Right In, Shall We?

David easons new shirt
By now, you must know the history of Eason and Evans and their romance, right?

2. They're Up, They're Down, They're Assaulting One Another

Jenelle with david and ensley
Well, Eason is assaulting Jenelle at least. He was accused of doing so in October of 2018.

3. So, Really, We Shouldn't Be Surprised by Any Kind of Violence by Him

David and his chicken
No, we shouldn't. And yet... this new report took us aback. Like, WAY aback.

4. David Eason Shoots Stuff

David eason shoots stuff
According to a Radar Online report, a man called the Columbus County Sheriff’s department on Tuesday, April 30. This man has not yet been identified.

5. The Source Here Seems Reliable

Eason daughter
"A call was made today, and it was relayed that the woman’s husband had killed her dog,” the Sheriff’s Department told Radar. “The Sheriff is out there right now investigating and there will be an incident report filed later.”

6. Did Evans Make the Call?

Jenelle evans cop
No. Radar simply insists that it was placed by a "male." This is all we know at the moment.
View Slideshow

Game of Thrones Stars Help Grant 88-Year-Old Hospice Patient’s Last Wish

Liam Cunningham, Game of ThronesGame of Thrones stars are coming together to fulfill an 88-year-old's last wish. Over the weekend, Claire Walton expressed to her caretakers that she wished to see the third episode...

Model Caroline Bittencourt Dead at 37 After Suspected Drowning

Caroline BittencourtBrazilian model Caroline Bittencourt has died at the age of 37. According to multiple reports, Caroline went overboard a catamaran after an unexpected storm rolled into Sao Paulo on...

See the Miss USA 2019 Contestants Model Their Evening Gowns

Miss USA 2019Miss USA 2019 is here! Talented women from all 50 states and the District of Columbia have headed to the Grand Theatre at the Grand Casino Resort in Reno, Nevada in the hopes of winning...

Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar: Did They Accidentally Announce ANOTHER Pregnancy?!

It's time to pull out your iPhones and open up that nifty calculator app, folks. 

This is not a drill -- get these suckers ready for some serious math I am about to throw your way because there may be another pregnant Duggar! 

And it may have been Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar's fault for revealing the news! 

Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar Pic

After Josh and Anna Duggar revealed to Instagram on April 26th that they're expecting their sixth child, Jim Bob and Michelle left a questionable message in the comment section.  

The two included their five other kiddos (Michael, 7, Meredith, 3, Marcus, 5, Mason, 1, and Mackynize, 9) to help with their exciting announcement as Anna kept the caption sweet and simple. 

"As we watch our children grow and thrive -- we look forward to baby six joining us this fall!" she wrote. 

Josh, Anna, Kids

And while fans celebrated the news, many were surprised and well, a tad flustered thanks to Jim Bob and Michelle.

The couple -- who birthed 19 kids together -- congratulated Anna and Josh in the comment section, noting that they now have 16 grandkids in total! 

Hold up... that's just not right. 

Michelle Duggar (Young)

Considering the actual number is 15 (even taking into account the current pregnancies), fans are totally convinced that another baby announcement will soon be underway. 

Yep, it seems Michelle and Jim Bob just leaked some major news. 

Or maybe they just mistyped or miscalculated? 

Either way, nice going, you two! 

Jim Bob Duggar and Michelle Duggar Share a Drink

"We are so happy for Josh and Anna, expecting their 6th child and our 16th grandchild!" the couple wrote in a joint statement. 

But let's double check their math, shall we? 

Anna Duggar rings in with 5 children + 1 pregnancy.

Kendra Duggar offers us 1 baby + 1 more pregnancy. 

We are at 8, people. Keep up!

Garrett Duggar Photo

Jinger Duggar and Joy-Anna Duggar tie for last place with 1 child.

As Jessa Duggar gives us 2 kids + 1 pregnancy.  

Oh, and we can't forget about Jill Duggar's 2 little ones. 

All together that puts us at, yep, 15! 

Jessa Duggar and Co.

Fans are absolutely losing it over the meaning of number 16. 

Some people think Joy and Abbie Duggar are likely shoo-ins, while others think Michelle just can't keep her family straight. 

"I think it's a toss up between Joy and Abbie for the next pregnancy announcement," someone shared. 

Austin, Joy Duggar

"Also, Michelle probably barely knows her grandchildren's names, let alone how many there are." 

I must agree with them on that, but also we can't dismiss the possibility of another future Duggar -- because it's not far-fetched in the slightest. 

Another commenter brought up Lauren's recent miscarriage and the possibility that she could be pregnant again. 

"It would have been Lauren, but she seemed to indicate she wasn't recently on Instagram. However, I fully expect any of them to announce at any time, so..."

Swanson and Josiah Duggar

While all of these options are fair, it does make sense that Michelle and Jim Bob could have included Lauren's miscarriage in their count of 16.

According to Romper, the couple sometimes says they have 20 kids -- in reference to their miscarriage in 2011. 

"It's hard to believe Jubilee would have been 6 years old today," Michelle and Jim Bob wrote about losing the pregnancy in the second trimester.

"Jubilee is our 20th child who was stillborn. We so look forward to seeing Jubilee in heaven."

Michelle Duggar and Jim Bob Duggar in Silver Dollar City

But if this were the case, wouldn't they have included Anna's miscarriage, which happened sometime before 2010?  That would've knocked them up (no pun intended) to a total of 17 grandkids.  

Either way, it's really none of our business nor our place to be stirring rumors about the family's fertility.  

We are really just as clueless as the rest of you -- but we do know that this is enough mental exhaustion for one day.

Stay tuned to see if the Duggars do not shock us at all with yet another pregnancy. 

Denise Richards Three Times a Lady and Other Fine Things to Ogle 4.30.19

Keep your week rolling with these sexy links including Ellen Page topless, Natalia Roth’s nipples, and an in-depth look at the threesome from 1998’s Wild Things!

Sunday Night’s American Gods Brought Full Frontal Nudity From Star Yetide Badaki

Madison Beer Ultra Sexy, Leggy, And Cleavagy In The Skimpiest Dress Ever!

Olivia Munn is a Fine Ass Cougar

Anatomy of a Scene’s Anatomy: Wild Things (header image)

Sally D’Angelo Gives A Young Man A Sexual Healing Over at Adult Time’s Age And Beauty

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Dakota Johnson Pokies while Shopping!

Padma Lakshmi Poses Naked Again on Instagram

Spanish Model Marta Ortiz Sunbathes Topless

Natalia Roth Nipples of the Day

A Recap Of All Your Drunken Escapades Over The Weekend

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Can You Tell The Difference Between The New Daenerys Targaryen Wax Statue And The Real Thing?


It’s a trick question. You can’t. No one can. JK. Dublin’s National Wax Museum Plus is receiving widespread criticism for its new statue of the Game of Thrones character Daenerys Targaryen, played by Emilia Clarke. A detail that you wouldn’t pick up on if you were to go by the statue itself. While I wouldn’t kick wax Daenerys Targaryen out of bed, I think we can all agree its creator isn’t a fan of the show and in fact might have accidentally modeled his masterpiece on Google Image search results for “Random woman with blonde hair who doesn’t look like Emilia Clarke.”

In order to celebrate whatever the hell this is, I’ve thrown some of Emilia Clarke’s hottest nude shots yet from Game of Thrones in the gallery. I mixed in her doppelganger to give you a little scare every few pics. Because I furking can.

Photo Credit: MEGA, HBO via Mr. Skin


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Game of Thrones’ 25 Most Important Deaths So Far

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Jesse Williams Seeks to Deny Ex’s $200,000 Plea in Divorce Battle

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Robert Pattinson Reveals Where He Stands With His Famous Exes

Robert Pattinson, Kristen StewartFor a generation of Twilight fans, Robert Pattinson's love life will forever be a mystery worth cracking. The typically private star is years removed from the franchise that made him...

Mr. Skin Podcast Ep 147: Maisie Williams’ Sex Scene and The Avengers Stars Nude

Winter is coming on this week’s Mr. Skin Podcast!

This week, Andrea and Skin talk about the box office smash The Avengers and where the female stars of the movie have previously gone nude. Not only that, but Skin will talk about 22-year-old Maisie Williams‘ skincredible first sex scene in Game of Thrones. All that, plus TV nudity with sexy scenes in American GodsNow ApocalypseThe Good FightSamantha!The Chi, and the Netflix series Chambers.

Click on the player below to listen to the show and then head over to the Mr. Skin Podcast page for all the links mentioned in the episode, as well as your chance to call into the show and make your voice heard!

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Lindsay Marie Shows Her Cooter on a Scooter

It seems like only a month ago–spoiler alert, it was four weeks ago to the day—that we last caught up with Lindsay Marie showing off her naked body for our enjoyment. This time, Lindsay’s taking things on the road, however, hopping on her scooter and showing off her cooter. It’s a win-win of a road trip, if you ask me, which is more than one can hope for when presented with a road trip scenario.

I’ve never had much desire to buy a motorcycle or a scooter, mainly due to the lack of a backseat, but Lindsay Marie has shown us all that scooters can be sexual devices as well. It may seem like there’s nothing sexy about a scooter, and normally there isn’t, but when you slap a naked Lindsay Marie on that scooter, it suddenly becomes the sexiest mode of transportation known to man.

I don’t know that I’m going to run right out and buy a scooter in hopes of recreating this moment, particularly when I have no way of contacting Lindsay Marie to see if she’s down, but I’ll definitely pause the next time I walk past the local scooter dealership. I guarantee it.

Photos courtesy of Playboy Plus

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Sophie Turner, Eva Longoria and More to Present at 2019 Billboard Music Awards

Sophie Turner, Eva Longoria, Jennifer HudsonThe 2019 Billboard Music Awards just got even better. Dick Clark Productions announced its list of presenters for Music's No. 1 Night on Tuesday--and fans are sure to recognize a few...

Zac Efron Seriously Thinks His Wax Figure Has a Better Six-Pack

Zac Efron, Ellen, Wax FigureZac Efron's body is extremely ripped, shockingly buff and strong. Well, that is, in the eye's of everyone except Zac Efron. While sitting down with Ellen DeGeneres today, the...

‘Bonding’ Star Zoe Levin Unbuttons Her Shirt for a Sexy Photoshoot

The new Netflix series Bonding seems like the kind of show you tell yourself you just don’t have time for, but allow me to counter that with two important things. First, none of the episodes runs longer than 20 minutes, meaning you can watch the entire series in a shade over two hours. Second, the show stars the gorgeous Zoe Levin, who shows off her many sexy sides in this new photoshoot.

The 25 year old beauty has made a big impression in such films as The Way Way Back, Palo Alto, and on the TV series Arrested Development, but Bonding is her big breakout and she made the most of the moment. If you need any more convincing to watch this show, allow me to entice you by informing you that she plays a dominatrix on the show and spends a good deal of time in sexy leather get-ups.

So enjoy this gallery of sexy pics with Zoe Levin showing off with her shirt unbuttoned and then head over to Netflix to continue your newfound Zoe Levin obsession. She really is the chick to be obsessed with of the moment, so you might as well stop fighting the temptation.

Photos courtesy of MEGA

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New ‘John Wick 3’ TV Spot Gets You Primed For Summer’s Next Big Movie


Now that Avengers: Endgame is out in theaters, it seems like there’s nothing much to look forward to over the next few weeks, but allow me to remind you that John Wick Chapter 3: Parabellum is due in theaters two weeks from Friday. Keanu Reeves closes out another trilogy, but this time, I feel like we’re going to be a lot more satisfied than we were the last time he brought a trilogy to a close.

I know there are people out there who still cling to The Matrix trilogy and have convinced themselves that if they watch all the films, all the supplemental material, and play the old PS2 game, then the whole thing really comes together. While there are obviously college courses that are certain to discredit this theory, there’s not much entertainment happening in those second and third Matrix movies.

I’m glad that Keanu was able to bounce back and give us the trilogy we’ve always known he had in him. At least until we get that third Bill & Ted movie, though I would caution against holding your breath on that one. It may be a while or, more than likely, it’ll never happen at all.

John Wick Chapter 3: Parabellum hits theaters on May 17.

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Bella Ramsey Pays Tribute to Her Fan-Favorite Game of Thrones Character Lyanna Mormont

Game of Thrones, Episode, Lyanna Mormont, Bella RamseyOne of Game of Thrones' most beloved characters, Lyanna Mormont, was only supposed to have one scene. But when the world--including series creators D.B. Weiss and David Benioff--met Bella...

Jake Owen and Erica Hartlein Welcome a Baby Girl

Jake Owen, Erica HartleinMonday was a day of gold for Jake Owen. The country crooner and his girlfriend Erica Hartlein have officially welcomed their first child together, the star sweetly confirmed on Twitter...

Shannon Beador Divorce Details: REVEALED!

The ugliness is over.

And the celebration can now begin for Shannon Beador.

Shannon Beador with David

Back on April 24, Shannon and ex-husband David agreed to terms on their divorce settlement, putting to an end one of the more vicious break-ups in recent memory.

At the time, however, the details of this settlment were kept private, with fans asking the expected question of who came out on top, financially speaking.

We now appear to have an answer.

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, David has agreed to pay Shannon $1.4 million “to equalize the division of community property as set forth herein."

The former couple will also share joint legal and physical custody of their three daughters -- and they both agreed not to move outside Orange County with the kids.

Moreover, David pay Shannon $2,935 per month in child support, plus $7,065 for spousal support ... for a total $10,000 a month.

This is a huge figure, but it's actually a drastic reduction from $22,000 she was being paid on temporary basis over the past few months.

Shannon and David

Reads the divorce judgment:

“The parties shall communicate with one another to ensure the children are appropriately cared for at all times.

"The parties shall cooperate to promote healthy parent-child relationships between each party and each of the children, and neither party shall make derogatory remarks about the other in the presence of the children."

The kids in question are 17-year old Sophie and 14-year-old twins Stella and Adeline.

The reality stars split in September of 2017 after over 17 years of marriage and then Shannon filed to end their relationship in December of 2017.

Shannon Beador Debuts New Look

The romance was rocky even before it ended, with Season 10 of The Real Housewives of Orange County focusing on David's admitted infidelity.

The couple tried to repair its marriage on air through therapy and open dialogue with their family -- but to no avail in the end.

“The truth about the state of my marriage is that it’s not good,” Shannon said on an episode of this Bravo reality show, adding at the time:

“I just want to know how David feels because living in this limbo, it’s kind of a form of torture. I just want to know.”

Eventually, Shannon got what she asked for -- but this information came in the form of David accusing his estranged wife of being a drunk.

Shannon Beador and Boyfriend Alex

In March, Shannon won joint legal and physical custody of her daughters, along $22,500 per month for child and spousal support

After having referred to David as both “disgusting” and a “nickel and dimer" in previous statements, Shannon may not be thrilled with this figure being slashed by more than half in the final settlement.

But at least she's now free from the constraints of her marriage.

The settlement prevents the exes from having to go through with a scheduled trial and avoids Shannon from having David's allegations made even more public, considering he said in the past that her drinking and her "behavior" were "detrimental to the children."

He also said on many occasions that she had gotten really fat.

Shannon Beador Selfie

Among the things Shannon will maintain in the divorce:

She will keep a 2015 Cadillac Escalade; a leased 2018 BMW7 Series sedan; her bank accounts; and household furniture and furnishings currently in her possession.

David will keep a property near Corona, California; the Beador Construction Company; a 1998 Ford Expedition; a 2008 Ford Explorer; a 2011 Land Rover Range Rover SC; a 2017 BMW X3; a 2018 Ford Raptor Truck; a leased 2018 Porsche Carrera Turbo Cabriolet; a 2019 Mercedes-Benz G-Class SUV; and household furniture and furnishings presently in his possession.

As stated above, The Blast was the website that obtained these documents and broke this news.

You can read more about who receives what in the Beador divorce HERE.

The Jasperz The Avengers Age of Ultron Captain America Chris Evans Synthetic Leather Jacket Costumes!

elmaclara789 posted a photo:

The Jasperz The Avengers Age of Ultron Captain America Chris Evans Synthetic Leather Jacket Costumes!

Inspired by american superstar Steve Roger who play a famous superhero role "Captain America"in movie The Avengers Age of Ultron. The Jasperz crafted it with best of its artistic skills by using top quality synthetic (faux) leather jacket costume.
Shop Now: amzn.to/2V77o1W

The Jasperz The Avengers Age of Ultron Captain America Chris Evans Synthetic Leather Jacket Costumes!

elmaclara789 posted a photo:

The Jasperz The Avengers Age of Ultron Captain America Chris Evans Synthetic Leather Jacket Costumes!

Inspired by american superstar Steve Roger who play a famous superhero role "Captain America"in movie The Avengers Age of Ultron. The Jasperz crafted it with best of its artistic skills by using top quality synthetic (faux) leather jacket costume.
Shop Now: amzn.to/2V77o1W

Graphic Slides & Espadrilles For the Win

E-Comm: Graphic Slides & Espadrilles for the Win We love these products, and we hope you do too. E! has affiliate relationships, so we may get a small share of the revenue from your purchases. Items are sold by the retailer, not E!. By...