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Everything We Know About Sophie Turner & Joe Jonas’ Secret Las Vegas Wedding

Joe Jonas, Sophie TurnerWhat happens in Vegas ends up on Diplo's Instagram. Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner learned that firsthand when they decided to up and secretly get married at a chapel in good ole Las...

Surprise! Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner Get Married in Las Vegas

Joe Jonas, Sophie Turner, Game of Thrones Season 8 PremiereHow's this for the shotgun wedding of a lifetime?! Less than two hours after the 2019 Billboard Music Awards concluded, Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner headed to a Las Vegas wedding...


Phrason Lawrence posted a photo:


Maria Durbani

Everything You Didn’t See On TV at the 2019 Billboard Music Awards

Taylor Swift, Brendon Urie, 2019 Billboard Music Awards ShowYou thought awards season was over? Think again! Just days after the 2019 Billboard Latin Music Awards, top artists once again gather together in Las Vegas at the MGM Grand Arena for the...

Drake Dethrones Taylor Swift to Win Most Billboard Music Awards of All Time

Drake, Taylor Swift, 2019 Billboard Music AwardsDrake has good reason to be all up in his feelings tonight. The Scorpion rapper officially dethroned Taylor Swift at the 2019 Billboard Music Awards as the artist with the most awards...

Kelly Clarkson’s Best Hosting Moments at the 2019 Billboard Music Awards

Kelly Clarkson, 2019 Billboard Music Awards PortraitBehind Kelly Clarkson's hazel eyes is one heck of a Billboard Music Awards host. The pop star and American Idol alum returned to the MGM Grand Arena in Las Vegas on Wednesday evening...

Paula Abdul Receives Standing Ovation After Nostalgic 2019 Billboard Music Awards Performance

Paula Abdul, 2019 Billboard Music Award, Red Carpet FashionsPaula Abdul is proving her icon status on the 2019 Billboard Music Awards stage. The former American Idol showed she's a force to be reckoned with when she performed a six-minute...

Taylor Swift Is the Dancing Queen at the 2019 Billboard Music Awards

Brendon Urie, Taylor Swift, 2019 Billboard Music AwardsTaylor Swift is making the 2019 Billboard Music Awards a dance party.
After opening the show with an energetic performance of “ME!” with Brendon Urie, the pop star took her seat…

Taylor Swift, Cardi B and More Celebs Dazzle in Pastel at the 2019 Billboard Music Awards

Taylor Swift, 2019 Billboard Music Award, Red Carpet FashionsIt's a pastel dream tonight! Music's biggest stars are pulling out all of the stops for the 2019 Billboard Music Awards with their major style moments on the red carpet. The...

Josh & Anna Duggar: Their Long, Strange Road to Baby #6

Well, it's official -- Josh and Anna Duggar are expecting their sixth child.

Despite the fact that Anna pregnancy rumors circulate on social media pretty much nonstop, a lot of fans were still surprised by the news.

You can count us among those who were taken off-guard by the couple's video announcement.

Sure, the rumors are constant, but that's all the more reason they can usually be discounted.

The situation has caused us to reflect on the bumpy road that brought Josh and Anna to this point.

Here's a look back at how it all began, as well as the many challenges these two have faced along the way:

1. The Beginning

Josh and anna duggar image
Josh is the oldest of the Duggar kids, and he was the first of Jim Bob and Michelle's children to tie the knot and start a family.

2. The First Grandkid

Josh and anna duggar picture
No doubt Anna will always have a special place in her in-laws' hearts for giving the offspring-obsessed Duggars their first grandchild.

3. Keeping Tradition Alive

Michelle jim bob josh and anna duggar
When Mackynzie (who's now 9) joined the family, it looked as though Josh and Anna would follow in his parents' footsteps.

4. D.C. Bound

Josh duggar ted cruz photo
But the couple surprised fans when they moved to Washington. D.C. so that he could work as a lobbyist.

5. Keeping Up the Pace

Josh duggar on election day
Two more kids -- Michael and Marcus -- followed soon after Mackynzie.

6. Doing the Duggar Deed

Josh and anna duggar image
Josh and Anna continued to welcome kids at the rate of one every two years, and they seemed to have the full support of both fans and his family.
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Cardi B Sprayed on Some Abs for Billboard Music Awards

Can’t wait to see her abs sweat away in the L.A. sun

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It’s Channing Tatum Naked and Holding His Junk

Ladies, feast your eyes on Channing Tatum cupping his balls and being sprayed with water like a sex toy.

Evidently, Tatum lost a bet to Jessica Cornish [Ed. note: Jessie J, his girlfriend] at a game of Jenga. He captioned his Instagram:

 lost a game of Jenga to Jessica Cornish.
The loser (me) had to post a picture the other person (Jessica Cornish) picked… Smh and fml… I’m never playing Jenga with her ever again… 🚿 + 🐰 📸@jessiej

See? That’s how we know he lost a bet. We call this “reporting.”

Celebs commented on the pic. Like Halle Berry who only posted “😂😂💀”.

Marlon Wayans said “I been there… but my Jenga game is dope as fuck.”

Olivia Culpo said “I think you just broke the internet,” but c’mon, no guy’s gonna break the internet.

No idea what Jessica Cornish would’ve done had SHE lost. I wanna see that.

Another thing: Tatum sure has some tiny calves. Dude needs to do more calf raises.

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Taylor Swift Takes 2019 Billboard Music Awards to New Heights With Premiere Performance of “ME!”

Taylor Swift, Brendon UrieWe promise that you'll never find another like this opening number. On Wednesday night, the 2019 Billboard Music Awards kicked off with a bang as Taylor Swift started the show with...

Kelly Clarkson Says She’s Achieving a “Childhood Dream” at the 2019 Billboard Music Awards

Kelly Clarkson, 2019 Billboard Music Award, Red Carpet FashionsBecause of Kelly Clarkson, we've never been more excited for tonight! We're just hours away from the start of the 2019 Billboard Music Awards at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las...

Dakota Johnson Braless and Shopping, Kim Kardashian Still Hates Taylor Swift and More

  • Dakota Johnson braless and shopping (Site NSFW) [TheNipSlip]
  • Kim Kardashian still hates Taylor Swift [Celebitchy]
  • Paul Rudd fainted in a bathroom because of Chinese food [Celebitchy]
  • Kate Beckinsale works her ass to DMX [GCeleb]
  • Madonna will lick your toe [Dlisted]
  • People with scat and urination fetishes confess [CavemanCircus]

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Channing Tatum Shares NSFW Nude Photo After Losing to Jessie J in Jenga

Jessie J, Channing TatumHello there, Channing Tatum! The Magic Mike star had a sexy surprise in store for his Instagram followers on Wednesday. After the actor lost in a game of Jenga to his girlfriend, Jessie...

Jenelle Evans Confirms Separation From David Eason Following Dog Killing: He’s So Cruel!

As you've likely heard by now, David Eason has been accused of shooting and killing Jenelle Evans' dog, a small French bulldog named Nugget.

At first, the accusation seemed too appalling to believe, even for someone with a well-documented history of violence and emotional instability like David.

Jenelle with David and Ensley

But earlier today, Eason admitted to shooting the dog in a shocking Instagram rant, in which he claimed Nugget was such a vicious beast that he was left with no choice.

In a newly-published interview with Us Weekly, Jenelle is now confirming that David killed her dog on a whim, and she says she's unsure if she'll ever be able to forgive him.

With the exception of 11-year-old Jace, who's currently on a cruise with her his grandmother, we now know that all of Jenelle's kids were home at the time of the shooting.

Jenelle Evans and Nugget

Partially for that reason, Jenelle is “still shocked and upset” over what happened and is not currently living with David.

She says Kaiser and Ensley “were inside and just got done playing” when Eason killed the dog, while Eason's 11-year-old daughter, Maryssa  “immediately went to her bedroom and didn’t come out all night until the next day.”

“Kaiser and Ensley had no idea and [haven’t] said anything about it since,” Evans says.

David Eason Shoots Stuff

“David and I are not on talking terms,” she tells Us.

“I’m too hurt and upset at the fact he did that. It’s taking time to get over this whole situation, and it’s making me feel he’s very cruel and doesn’t have a heart on many ends.”

Asked about the public uproar and the demands that she be fired from Teen Mom 2, Jenelle says:

“[I] would like for everyone to just give me my own time right now to figure things out and clear my head."

Jenelle Evans is Sad

Evans has changed her relationship status on Facebook to "separated," and a source close to the mother of three tells Us Weekly that she's never seen Jenelle more angry at David.

“They are fighting really badly right now," says the insider.

In other news, we now know that the male 911 caller who alerted police to the shooting was Jenelle's ex Nathan Griffith.

David and His Chicken

Apparently, Griffith was upset upon learning that his son, Kaiser, had been on the property during the shooting, and he requested a welfare check from the Clark County Sheriff's Department.

“The male caller referenced making sure his son was safe because his ex-fiancée’s husband shot a dog in front of him,” says one insider.

Despite the concern from parents and the public, it looks as though David will be off the hook unless Jenelle presses charges, which she apparently doesn't intend to.

We'll have further updates on this developing story as more information becomes available.

Kristen Wiig Nude Debut and Other Fine Things to Ogle 5.1.19

Head over the hump with these sexy links including Kaia Gerber’s nipples, Anja Rubik’s tits out, and the best nude scenes released on this day in history!

The Nudity In Purgatory Road Is Disgusting So You’ll Probably Like It

Cara Delevingne Gets Cleavagy And Leggy!

Maria Menounos Is One Sexy Cougar!

On This Day in Movie Nudity History Featuring Kristen Wiig, Susanna Hoffs, and More (header image)

Porn Review: Girlfriends Films’ “Cheer Squad Sleepovers 31”

Kaia Gerber Hard Nipples of the Day

Halsey Pokies while Getting Juice!

Nude and Noteworthy on Hulu Including Like Water for Chocolate, Sex Drive, and More

Angela White Is All Kinds Of Awesome in Darkko/Evil Angel’s “Anal Angels”

Frenchy Morgan Has Accidental And Not On Purpose Wardrobe Malfunction In Malibu

Anja Rubik Tits Out for Fashion of the Day

Confessions Of A Sex Shop Janitor

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Nikola Jokic Gets Pump Up Talk from Caron Butler!

Caron Butler says there's a diamond in the rough in the NBA playoffs ... a guy he says is "so special" the Trail Blazers better not sleep on him -- and that dude is Nikola Jokic.  The 7-footer from Serbia has emerged a force to be reckoned…

What Secrets Do These Game of Thrones Photos Reveal?

Game of Thrones, Season 8, Episode 4The long night is over for Game of Thrones, now the surviving members of the Winterfell alliance (and there are a lot of them, let's be real) are paying tribute to the dead. In new...

Charlize Theron Is A Sheer Delight In New York City

Guess how old Charlize Theron is. Go ahead. Got it? She’s forty-three. And between her roles in Monster, North Country, and Tully she’s gained and lost roughly, oh, five-hundred pounds throughout her career. But nobody bounces back like Charlize Theron, and she recently stepped out from her hotel in New Your City looking like a million freaking dollars. The statuesque blonde brunette went bold in a sheer long-sleeve shirt and sexy black bra. Just look at her. The woman is truly flawless. The busy bae has about a half-dozen projects in the works according to IMDB, including Atomic Blonde 2, which hopefully means more of this…


…in the future. The woman can do no wrong. Right?

Photo Credit: MEGA


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Kristin Cavallari & Jay Cutler Laugh About the Time He Unclogged Her Milk Ducts: “Breast Milk Is Where It’s At!”

Kristin Cavallari, Jay Cutler, Very Cavallari 209Call him Jay Cutler, MVP. Kristin Cavallari's post-breastfeeding conundrum has been making headlines for weeks now thanks to her all-star husband, who played a critical role in the...

Did the Casey Anthony Trial Impact the Susan Cox Powell Investigation?

The Disappearance of Susan Cox PowellThe story of Susan Cox Powell gripped the nation--and frustrated her family. Susan Cox Powell was 28 years old when she vanished from her Utah home. Her husband, Josh Powell, said his...

Billboard Music Awards 2019: Find Out Where Taylor Swift, Joe Jonas and More Will Sit During the Show

Taylor Swift, Joe JonasLet's be real: At an event--or, yes, an award show--who are you sitting next to can make or break how much fun you have. Next to a sleepy partygoer? It's going to be a snooze....

All Eyes on Maria Ryabushkina’s Knockout Naked Body

Despite having a seemingly unpronounceable surname, Maria Ryabushkina is the kind of chick you don’t forget, especially once you see her knockout naked body! There’s an easy way to remember her last name, however, one which I’ve come up with over the last few hours of wrestling with it. Here goes…

Remember Ryu from Street Fighter? Okay, so the first part is very similar, Rya, followed by a word none of us will ever forget, bush. So far we’ve got Rya-bush, and then you have kina, which is kind like Kino and kinda like Piña from Piña Colada, so it’s easy enough to remember. Rya-bush-kina. Easy, peazy, lemon squeezy.

Okay, so it’s still not an easy name to remember, and my hints require you making several leaps in logic, but you get the point. When there’s a hot naked woman like Maria Ryabushkina around, you invent ways to remember her name. You don’t want to forget it, especially in a pinch when things are getting close to crunch time. You want to be able to pull out the name Maria Ryabushkina at the drop of a hat. Take some time to practice, you’ll get it eventually.

Photos courtesy of Playboy Plus

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Go Behind the Scenes of The Big Bang Theory Series Finale With Emotional Photos From the Stars

The Big Bang Theory, Series Finale, Behind the ScenesOn Tuesday, April 30, The Big Bang Theory delivered its big finish. The acclaimed CBS comedy taped its final episode on April 30 and the cast was not shy about sharing their...

Giulia De Lellis Caught Topless on a Beach Photo Shoot

I hadn’t heard of Giulia De Lellis prior to finding out that she was caught topless during this beach photo shoot, but apparently she’s something of an Instagram phenomenon with over 3.8 million followers. She was on Italy’s version of Celebrity Big Brother as well, which is always a sure fire way to predict whether or not someone has shown their tits. If they were on Big Brother, the odds are pretty damn good.

I think Giulia’s clearly got the body built for social media and/or reality television stardom. She looks like a rich person who has had some rather extensive and expensive work done, leading her to give that air of someone famous in one of those realms. You can almost see someone like Giulia De Lellis coming from a mile away, and the second you spot her, you can likely guess how she attained her fame.

That doesn’t make her look any less fantastic when she’s topless, just grounds her in reality much more. The same reality in which reality television is a thing, though that’s pretty obvious given everything we’ve just discussed. Best not to think about any of that and just enjoy the sight of Giulia De Lellis topless!

Photos courtesy of MEGA

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‘Sonic the Hedgehog’ Trailer Will Murder Whatever Inner Child Still Survives Within You


Seeing Jim Carrey doing some of his patented Carreying on in this new trailer for Sonic the Hedgehog, I’m reminded of that old story about Sean Connery agreeing to star in League of Extraordinary Gentlemen after turning down both Lord of the Rings and The Matrix. He turned down both because he “didn’t understand the scripts” before admitting to not understanding the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen script. He signed on to do the film anyway, afraid to turn down another gigantic blockbuster franchise in the making.

Jim Carrey seems to be doing the same here, desperate to attach himself to something that’s got the potential to be a major blockbuster franchise and ultimately making the worst possible decision. Seriously, you can almost see the flop sweat on his brow during that whole verbal showdown with poor Neal McDonough.

Anyway, this just feels like a bunch of terrible ideas converging in one spot. The director’s only other credit is a short film from 15 years ago titled “Gopher Broke,” there are EIGHT credited writers on this, and the only star power beyond Carrey comes courtesy of James Marsden. The voice of Sonic is performed by Jean-Ralphio from Parks & Rec. Not exactly a cast stacked with what might be deemed “first choices.”

I’m not joking when I say I’d rather sit through that Dora the Explorer movie. At least that’s got Benicio Del Toro as the voice of Swiper. Speaking of which, do you remember the very short window of time when Benicio Del Toro, Sean Penn, and Jim Carrey were going to play Moe, Larry, and Curly, respectively, in the Three Stooges movie? I want to live in the alternate universe where that happened.

Sonic the Hedgehog rolls into theaters on November 8.

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Billboard Music Awards 2019 Winners: The Complete List

Kelly Clarkson, 2019 Billboard Music Awards PortraitThe 2019 Billboard Music Awards are finally here! This year is truly shaping up to be a historic show. Not only is Kelly Clarkson returning to host for the second year in a row, she will...

Kim Kardashian SLAMMED for Supporting Cruelty to Elephants

Recent episodes of Keeping Up With The Kardashians have shown the family vacation in Bali.

The eps have Kim feeling nostalgic, so she shared a series of photos that she and Kanye took at a "sanctuary" for elephants.

But some alarming details in the images caused an outcry from fans who saw clear signs of elephant abuse. What was Kim thinking?!

Kim Kardashian Hugs an Elephant

Kim Kardashian shared a series of three lovely but controversial photos to Instagram.

In the images she -- and in one instance, her husband, Kanye -- are standing alongside an elephant in an alleged elephant "sanctuary" in Bali.

"Missing Bali!" Kim writes in her caption.

"And," she continues. "The amazing elephant sanctuary."

Whatever reaction Kim was expecting, she ended up getting a lot of criticism for promoting a place that fans accuse of elephant abuse.

Kim Kardashian and a Ridden Elephant

The issue here is that one of these photos clearly shows a man riding on an elephant.

That might sound fun, like you're leading an ancient army to war or reenacting Aladdin.

But it's terrible for elephant spines. Humans can support weight on our backs because we evolved that way, carrying resources and of course children.

Elephant spines are designed to hold up a massive amount of weight, but bearing weight on their backs causes real injuries.

Not everyone knows this, but fans were quick to take Kim to task for promoting what appears to be an abusive "sanctuary."

Kim Kardashian, Kanye West, and an Elephant

Even Kim's devoted fans were incensed.

"Delete this post and create a new one admitting you were wrong," demands a comment.

"And to advise millions of people NOT to go to these places," the fan continues.

We would certainly recommend that anyone thoroughly vet an animal "sanctuary" before visiting, including those here in the U.S.

The comment asserts: "It’s beyond cruel and you have now promoted this to millions of people!!!!!"

Kim Kardashian Makes Confession

"No actual elephant sanctuaries have humans riding elephants," another comment correctly points out.

"As it is unethical," the fan explains. "Sitting on an elephants back causes spinal damages, internal health issues, along with distress."

The commenter emphasizes: "I urge you to look into these issues next time you visit so you know the facts"

"Do better research next time," another writes. "Don’t go to fake sanctuaries that chain up elephants and torture/beat them into submission."

Kim Kardashian Discusses Parenting

"This is not an elephant sanctuary," expresses another.

The fan explains how they can be so certain: "you do not ride elephants in a sanctuary."

That's pretty fair. If you go to a homeless shelter and the residents are busy performing tasks for the owner, it's not a shelter, it's a work camp.

The commenter insists: "do not visit or post about these places when you do not have the right information."

"These are beautiful animals," the fan points out. "That need to be treated with respect not like a toy to ride along and to take an insta pic with. Disgraceful."

Kim in a Sports Bra

"So upsetting to see that you didn’t look into going to an elephant sanctuary where they actually look after the elephants," a fan laments.

The disappointment from people who genuinely like Kim was palpable.

These weren't trolls or PETA trying to get a reaction. These were people expressing their concern and heartbreak.

"Gross," comments another. "It’s not hard to do some research."

Kim Kardashian Speaks on Baby Names

Kim took to Twitter to defend herself.

"We visited an elephant sanctuary that has rescued these elephants from Sumatra where they would have otherwise gone extinct,” Kim said.

“It is an organization that is working to save those beautiful animals," she asserted. "We did full research before going."

Notably, this tweet can no longer be found.

Perhaps she realized that her research was not as thorough as she had thought.