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Fred VanVleet Sacrificed His Tooth So the Raptors Could Win Game 4

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Jennifer Lawrence Bringing You One Hard Nipple, Jordyn Jones in a Pink Bikini and More

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Malika Haqq and Rapper O.T. Genasis Break Up After 2 Years

Malika Haqq, OT GenasisMalika Haqq and O.T. Genasis are going their separate ways. After being together for almost two years, the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star and 31-year-old rapper have decided to call...

The Good Place To End After Season 4

The Good PlaceWe have arrived in the Bad Place. NBC's critically acclaimed comedy The Good Place will end after season four, creator Mike Schur announced during a panel celebrating the show on...

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Reunion: Who Flipped the Eff Out?

You may not believe this, readers, but it's true:

Some serious drama reportedly went down on stage at The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 9 reunion taping.

Crazy, right?!? You probably thought the special would be calm and collected and that each woman on set would totally keep her cool, no?

Camille Grammer Promo Picture

According to Us Weekly, Camille Grammer was at the center of the main controversy at this taping, getting into it with a fellow star and even storming away from everyone when things got too testy.

“At one point, Camille ended up walking off the stage and had a full breakdown,” one insider told this tabloid, noting that Camille and Denise Richards “got into it.”

Per a second source, Camille was in a “hot seat" -- and did not react to it well.

Far from it, in fact.

“The women were taking her to task,” this same second source says.

Camille Grammer in the Hot Seat

For what reason?

Anyone who has been paying attention this season can likely take a few easy guesses.

Grammer returned to The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills only as a friend during season 8.

She then under fire during season 9 when she was caught talking about her costars - specifically Teddi Mellencamp and Dorit Kemsley - behind their backs.

After filming the aforementioned reunion, the 50-year-old reality star revealed she regretted attending the taping, which took place on Wednesday, June 5 and which will air later this summer.

“I showed up in good faith for #RHOBH reunion but I shouldn’t have gone,” wrote Grammer yesterday. "Hindsight is 20/20.”

cg tweeting

Added Grammer of her castmates:

“They have been talking behind my back the whole time. The Hypocrisy of it all.”

While Grammer is clearly looking for some attention here, most of the attention this week was on Lisa Vanderpump, and for good reason:

She quit the show!

An Icy Look

"I think they've made it pretty impossible for me to go back frankly," Vanderpump told The Daily Mail on Tuesday, June 4 when asked about her return on next season.

"So... no."

Pretty straightforward, huh?

“I have a great relationship with [Bravo]; I just don’t have a great relationship with the women,” she added to Us Weekly on Thursday. “After 17 episodes of them bashing me, I think I’ve had enough of all of them.”

On Tuesday night's The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills after-show, Vanderpump continued to not beat around the bush.

"I've always said I'm not just a Housewife," Lisa said.

"I didn't make a career out of being a Housewife... I don't have time for bullsh-t negative minutiae. I don't."

So there you have it.

Will you miss Vanderpump on the show?

Daisy Ridley’s Diamond Ring Sparks Tom Bateman Engagement Rumors

Daisy Ridley, Tom BatemanThe galaxy might be a little brighter because of the rock on Daisy Ridley's finger. Fans are speculating that the Star Wars actress is engaged to her Murder on the Orient Express...

Audrey Roloff Gets Dragged for Allegedly Endangering Her Daughter

For the 3,679th time, it must be said:

People on the Internet can really suck.

The latest evident of this unfortunate fact can be traced back to a photo Audrey Roloff shared on Instagram this week.

Auds and Ember

The former Little People, Big World star - who walked away from that TLC series along with her husband last summer - loves nothing more than to post cute photos of her daughter, Ember.

On Monday, this is exactly what Audrey thought she was doing when she put up the snapshot below.

As you're about to see, it features little Ember behind the wheel of a tractor on Roloff Farms, the sun setting in the background, a smile plastered on the toddler's face.

"The Farmer’s daughter. Oh hey June in Helvetia. You can find us here all summer long," wrote Roloff as a caption, adding:

"Riding mules, chasing chickens, picking wildflowers, covered in berry stains and freckles, and watching sunsets by the embers. On repeat."

Behind Tractor Wheel

Despite this being pretty much what social media ought to be made for (adorable pictures of young kids having fun), Audrey has been somewhat roasted by a bunch of judgmental followers.

Can you guess why? Probably not, right?

It's actually because Ember is... sitting behind the wheel of a tractor.

"Get her away from there right this instant, r u nuts?!?" wrote one annoyed user.

Added another: "You're just asking for a dangerous accident there. #thinktwicemama."

And then a third: "Shame on U, Audrey. What if she fell and got run over?"

Audrey and Jeremy Roloff and Ember

Crazy, right? That total strangers would take a mother to task for this?

But it's actually happened before... to the Roloffs, no less!

In July 2018, Tori had to clap back against parent-shamers who had a similar reaction to a photo of her son also riding a large vehicle.

And, look, we don't want to jump on too high of a horse here, but: WHAT THE HECK IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE?!?

These kids are obviously safe and none of this is any of your business.

Can you please stop giving her crap for photos such as the one above and also the one here?

Loving Her Ember

It's possible that you aren't the biggest fan of Audrey Roloff.

You may think she's too self-righteous and you may think, as The Hollywood Gossip has often said, that Audrey exploits her religion at times to make money.

But even the absolute harshest critic has to be honest about something. He or she absolutely has to admit the following:

Audrey loves her daughter and would never do anything to hurt her.

Shame on you for ever thinking or implying otherwise.

Chrissy Teigen Spoofs Four Weddings By Getting Married to John Legend in a Bath Towel

Chrissy Teigen, Glamour AwardsThe social media queen is at it again! Chrissy Teigen is spending her time across the pond with hubby John Legend, her two kids and a v dramatic and entertaining spoof of Four Weddings....

Kawhi Leonard Has Cost McDonald’s Millions in Fries

Before Kawhi Leonard was traded to the Raptors and lead them on a spectacular run to the finals, McDonald’s promised free fries in Ontario whenever the Raptors hit 12 three-pointers in a game. They figured the injury-prone Kawhi would cost them maybe 700,000 orders of medium fries. A number they based off a forecast model from a previous giveaway with the Montreal Canadiens. McD’s figured out of the 82 games, they’d only hit more than 12 in half of the games.

How did they come up with 12? Originally, they threw out 11 but saw that the Raptors averaged 11.8 threes per game last season. So they ended up at 12. And this was just a bunch of marketers looking at stats and just throwing out numbers.

Well, estimates were a little off. Especially with Danny Green on the team as well. The Raptors have reached the threshold 44 times this season with another 10 so far during the playoffs. While the deviation from their estimate wasn’t too bad, they underestimated how many Canadians want free shit.

McDonald’s gave out 2 million free orders worth $2.89 a piece to a tune of $5.8 million worth of fries. In Game One of the finals, McDonald’s gave away 80,000 orders which is almost $250,000 worth of fries.

Now the head office is getting a little worried. Mainly about fulfilling the orders. Some franchises are averaging around 500 giveaways per game record. Apparently Canadians have an insatiable appetite for fast food. The upside of all this is it’s lead to a bump in downloads of their app which people have to use to claim their free fries.

If you do the math, before the finals started, 37,000 people claimed fries after each record breaking game. Considering each game maybe 30% of those people are new users. That’s a lot of downloads. This is an amazing opportunity to fatten up those Canadians.

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Joey Chestnut Devoured 200 Doughnuts in Eating Contest But Still Lost

Joey Chestnut's celebration of National Doughnut Day is a bitter pastry to swallow, because like Anthony Joshua's upset loss to Andy Ruiz Jr. -- Joey's gone down like a bag of ... y'know.  The famous wiener-eating champ strolled…

Jennifer Lawrence Peek-a-Booty and Other Fine Things to Ogle 6.7.19

Kick off your weekend with these sexy links including Anja Rubik’s rack, Natalia Andreeva naked, and an in-depth look at the sex and nudity of Kathryn Bigelow’s films!

Megan Moore Nude Is Literally, Truly, Honestly, The Hottest Thing You Have Ever Or Will Ever See

Kate Upton Busting Out Her Ginormous Bosom And Legs And Booty In A Skimpy Swimsuit!

The Hottest Jordyn Jones Bikini Pictures

A SKIN-depth Look at the Sex and Nudity of Kathryn Bigelow’s Films

A Field Guide to Jennifer Lawrence (header image)

Anja Rubik Tits Out for Fashion of the Day

Florence Pugh Pokies in a Black Dress!

Sophie Turner and Maisie Williams Used to Pretend to Date on the Set of Game Of Thrones

Twenty Questions with Hot Porn Starlet Savannah Sixx

Some Horror Movie On Amazon Called Hell’s Belle Has Awesome Nudity

Natalia Andreeva Naked Again of the Day

Wet Blanket Wife Issues Rules For Husband To Follow At Friend’s Bachelor Party

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Johnny Depp: Could He Really Go to Jail For Perjury?!

For obvious reasons, it's pretty uncommon for A-list celebrities to be thrown in prison.

The justice system tends to look pretty favorably on the wealthy and well-connected, and if worse comes to worst, you can always just hire a fall guy.

Still, when there's even a remote possibility that a major star will get tossed in the clink we like to imagine how they would cope with life on the cell block.

Johnny Depp Red Carpet Image

And in the case of Johnny Depp, we think the obvious answer is not very well at all!

Sure, Depp's played some major badasses over the course of his career, and he gets bonus points for being covered in tattoos. 

But turning over his many man-bracelets at the front gate would probably leave him with tear-streaked guyliner, and that's just not a good look on day one.

But we're getting ahead of ourselves here.

Johnny Depp: Pirates 5 Premiere

Why is it -- you ask -- that there's a remote chance Johnny might end up rocking a county orange jumpsuit?

Well, like every tabloid scandal in his life over the past three years, it all has to do with his messy marriage to Amber Heard.

It's been over two years since Depp and Heard finalized their divorce, but a recent lawsuit -- filed by Johnny, ironically -- has the ex-couple back in front of a judge.

And now, Heard's lawyers are alleging that Depp committed perjury when in his initial filing.

Johnny Depp Smokes

Depp is suing Heard for $50 million in connection with a piece she wrote for the Washington Post in which she described herself as an abuse victim.

According to Johnny, Amber's article violated their non-disclosure agreement -- and now he wants her to pay.

Unfortunately, the legal action backfired in spectacular fashion, as court proceedings have resulted in one embarrassing revelation after another for the actor.

Sure, the allegations have gone both ways. but the ones Heard has lobbed at Depp -- including a story in which he became so jealous of James Franco that he flew into a violent rage -- have been the most humiliating.

Amber Heard in Brooklyn

And Amber's latest accusation could have serious legal consequences.

According to newly-filed documents obtained by The Blast, Depp “clearly perjured himself claiming that there was only one 911 call reporting his abuse on the evening of May 21, 2016."

Heard's attorneys say Depp made the claim knowing full well that Amber's friend iO Tillet Wright made multiple 911 calls the night of the alleged attack.

"Readily obtainable public records of LAPD call logs from that evening show that iO Tillet Wright called 911 at 8:30 PM to report Mr. Depp’s violent and destructive behavior that evening, confirming the eyewitness accounts of how iO heard that Mr. Depp was becoming violent toward Ms. Heard over the phone and then called 911," their filing reads.

Amber Heard and Johnny Depp: Throwback Photo

Now, people go to jail for perjury all the time.

But very few of those people have anchored multi-billion dollar Disney franchises.

So Depp probably won't be getting locked up -- but this isn't great news for his already-battered reputation.

How many crimes does this guy have to commit to research his role as Grindelwald? Yeesh!

Nike Now Featuring Inclusive Plus Size Mannequins

I have a lot of things to say, but I’m just going to leave this as it is for now.

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90 Day Fiance Happily Ever After Sneak Peek: Pedro is Pissed to See Chantel

90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? returns on Sunday, and it's anyone's guess whether Chantel and Pedro can make it work.

After the way the Pedro betrayed Chantel, she knew that she had to come see him for herself -- over his stern objections.

In this sneak peek, we see her frosty reception at the airport. Oh dear. ...

Chantel is on her way

"My parents think that it's a bad idea for me to follow Pedro," Chantrel candidly informs the camera.

She says that The Family Chantel is of this opinion "because Pedro's family is not on good terms with me."

That is a massive understatement.

"But," she notes. "He's mentioned starting a business ... divorce."

"Now," Chantel expresses. "I'm feeling like I really need to go there and find out for myself what's going on."

Pedro jimeno chantel was coming no matter what

"I'm here in the airport in Santo Domingo," Pedro narrates to the camera.

He explains that he is "waiting for Chantel because she's coming today."

"I feel so disappointed," Pedro admits.

He feels disrespected "because we talk about this one, and I telling her that I need my own time in the Dominican Republic."

Pedro wanted time "with my friend, with my family.."

"And she say, ‘No,'" he observes. "She say only, ‘I gonna come there.'"

Pedro jimeno once saw chantel as the most perfect woman

"I [brought] some flowers and a balloon for her," Pedro explains to the camera. 

He says that he did so "because that's the way I do it every time when Chantel comes to Dominican Republic before."

"In the beginning," Pedro recalls. "Chantel and me, I say, ‘I have the perfect woman in the world. I feel like heaven.'"

"But now it's so different," he laments.

"But, even though I'm disappointed with Chantel, that she coming," Pedro emphasizes. "I want her to know that I love her anyways."

Pedro jimeno i want chantel to know that i love her always

Pedro is admittedly sending some very contradictory signals when Chantel arrives.

His balloons say "Te quiero," meaning I want you. It's the Spanish-speaking equivalent of I love you (because te amo comes on way too strong).

But his intense resting b--chface is, well, frosty to say the least.

Chantel is all smiles when she sees her husband, but Pedro is cold and standoffish, turning his head when she tries to kiss him.

He barely says anything (on camerra at least) in terms of welcome, saying "hi" and "we can go?"

That's ... pretty harsh, dude.

Chantel everett has concerns

But even that unfeeling reception was apparently a positive sign in Chantel's book.

"You really surprised me by showing up," Chantel says with a smile.

"The fact that Pedro did bring me flowers and a ballon," she says to the cmaera. "Makes me see a glimmer of hope."

Chantel hopes that "he may want to put forth the same effort that I'm putting forth."

But she makes it clear that making an effort with Pedro does not mean that she's making an effort with his family.

Pedro jimeno sends mixed messages

"While I'm in the Dominican Republic, I'm not going to stay with Pedro's mom and sister," Chantel promises.

She explains that this is "because I don't trust them with anything. I'm just going to leave it at that."

That's probably a smart decision.

That said, given the recent horrific news stories of hotel guests in the DR being assaulted and murdered, maybe The Family Pedro isn't the worst option.


90 day fiance happily ever after sneak peek pedro is unhappy to

Jada Pinkett Smith Says There Have Been “Betrayals of the Heart” in Relationship With Will Smith

Will Smith, Jada Pinkett SmithJada Pinkett Smith is getting real about her relationship with Will Smith. In a teaser for an upcoming episode of Red Table Talk, the 47-year-old actress can be seen talking to couples...

Olivia Munn Prefers Her Vibrator Over Her Unnamed Toxic Ex-Boyfriend

Olivia Munn went on the Naked With Catt Sadler podcast and talked about a past boyfriend that made her feel worthless. She didn’t name any names so it’s anybody’s guess as to who it is.

“We had been in calm waters for a long time, it’s always calm waters. And then all of a sudden the boat capsized,” Munn explained. “… I think a lot of women and men who are in relationships are like this where, you know, you’re just walking on eggshells and you’re just happy anytime it’s just like you can breathe a little bit, even though you don’t realize that you have, you know, a cinder block on your chest the whole time. You’re taking in little sips of air.”

“And so, when it capsized, I was still in the emotional place that I had been in for those years, which wasn’t a good place,” she continued. “And then when you do go through something like that you do truly feel worthless.”

Totally unrelated fact. Olivia Munn and Aaron Rodgers dated from 2014 to 2017. Anyway, this mystery ex convinced her to turn down career opportunities like Broadway and filming in Australia.

“I had an opportunity to go on Broadway and I turned that down. I had an opportunity to go to Australia to film. And he said, ‘No, don’t do it.’ And I was [like], ‘OK,'” Munn recalled. “… And that was easy for me to do. That was so easy for me to say, ‘No.’ It felt good and bad to put myself second and put somebody else first.”

This has absolutely no relevance to this story, but here’s Aaron Rodgers trying to chug beer like a little princess.

Munn, now single, says she doesn’t think she’ll ever marry or have kids. Ironically, that statement has made her 10x more attractive. Which is complicated because I have a deep dislike for how she always plays up her “hey, I’m just one of the guys” persona. But why the fuck would she care what I think? She’s got her fans and her vibrators.

“I am so happy in my life right now and I don’t think I will ever get married or have children, unless somebody comes around that’s so amazing,” she shared. “… I already feel like I’m actually in a happy ending…. Like, I don’t know what a guy can bring, honestly. I do not know. What are you bringing? ‘Cause I have so much more fun with my girlfriends. And I love my work and I love being an activist and using my voice. I have my dogs who are just so cuddly. And, you know, they make great vibrators and a lot of them are USB charged now. You don’t have to scramble around for batteries.”

Take note, celebrities. If you want to test drive vibrators from different companies, this is how you get them to send some to you.

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Lady Gaga: Is She REALLY to Blame For Bradley Cooper-Irina Shayk Split?!

As you may have heard by now, Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk have called it quits after four years of dating.

The official account holds that there was no major drama, and the couple just drifted apart -- but fans aren't buying that narrative.

Irina Shayk and Bradley Cooper at the Globes

The public always favors the most dramatic possible explanation for any celebrity breakup, and this time, they didn't have to look very far in their search for potential drama.

Ever since Cooper and Gaga's intimate performance at the Oscars, there have been constant rumors that the collaborators started banging on the set of A Star Is Born and only tore themselves away long enough to make the occasional red carpet appearance.

Not long after the film's release, Gaga called off her engagement to Christian Carino, a development which added further grist to the rumor mill.

Christian Carino Photo

Unless Gaga and Cooper officially announce that they're a couple (which is the outcome the entire internet seems to be rooting for), we'll probably never know for sure if there's anything more than a platonic friendship between them.

But it seems the mere suspicion that the co-stars were knocking boots may have been enough to prompt Shayk to call it quits:

“Bradley’s relationship with baby mama Irina began to really fall apart when he started filming with Gaga and she accused him numerous times of cheating on her with his co-star,” a source close to the situation tells Radar Online.

“Ever since then, Irina has not been able to trust Bradley at all.”

Irina Shayk ad Bradley Cooper

Yes, according to Radar's report, Shayk confronted Cooper, he denied engaging in any sort of infidelity, and she simply wasn't convinced:

“She doubted every single thing he said and she became incredibly jealous of Gaga," says the insider.

"She was also very possessive and controlling.”

The source goes on to say that despite reports to the contrary, Cooper and Shayk's breakup was decidedly not amicable:

Irina Shayk on the Runway

"The end of Bradley and Irina was a mess," the tipster claimed. "All the two did was fight."

The cause of all that bickering? You guessed it -- the suspiciously close offscreen relationship between Jackson Mayne and Ally.

"Irina gets that he has to spend time with her, but she finds it totally inappropriate that he’s seeing so much of her at such odd hours," an insider said last year when Brad and Lady were promoting A Star Is Born.

"She’s very threatened by the situation." 

Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper on Stage

One source claims the final straw for Shayk was an awards season photo in which a smudge of Gaga's bright red lipstick could be seen on Cooper's face.

The couple reportedly tried to work things out for several months after the pic leaked, but this week, Shayk moved out of the home she had been sharing with Cooper.

Sounds like the makings of a great country song!

Snooki Shares Adorable Photo of 1-Week-Old Son Angelo Fist-Pumping

Snooki, Angelo, BabiesSnooki's baby boy Angelo is a week old! The Jersey Shore star gave birth to her and Jionni LaValle's third child on Thursday, May 30. The couple's new bundle of joy has joined...

What Went Wrong for Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk After 4 Years Together

Bradley Cooper, Irina Shayk, 2019 Golden Globes, CouplesThere are different reasons why people don't want to give too much away about their relationship. The number-one issue is usually privacy. Why let anyone else in on their world? Or,...

Courtney Green’s Huge Boobs Look Amazing In This Bikini Top


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When I turn up late, this is what I was doing 📸

A post shared by •COURTNEY GREEN• (@courtneymegz) on


British celebs truly are taking over America, and one of the ones leading the way is the stunning busty Brit Courtney Green. She stars on the reality series The Only Way Is Essex, and recently was caught by the paps hanging out in Miami Beach. She’s definitely giving off Katie Price vibes, and I’m definitely vibing with that vibe. While Green covers her lower half with a beach wrap, we get some great looks at her busty cleavage thanks to her skimpy bikini top. In the pics we see that Green doesn’t even bother to put on a shirt as she strolls around the streets of Miami. And maybe we have the lukewarm misty UK climate to thank for this. Courtney’s been so desperate to let her rack fly free for so long, and now that she’s finally in the Sunshine State, no one can get her to cover up her boobs. Now if we could just see if the ass is always Greener. Whatever the hell that means. Enjoy…

Photo Credit: MEGA

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Nostalgia Alert! Brenda Song Looks Back at Her Disney Channel Past Ahead of Amphibia Return

Brenda Song, Disney ChannelNearly 19 years ago, Brenda Song first appeared on the Disney Channel as a young girl who just wanted some snow for Christmas, in the 2000 movie The Ultimate Christmas Present. Now, she...

Claws Stars Niecy Nash, Carrie Preston Tease More Money, More Problems in Season 3

ClawsIt's been a wild ride for both Niecy Nash and her Claws character Desna. Fresh off of filming When They See Us, the Netflix miniseries about the Central Park Five that's getting...

Mr. Skin Minute: Nude Jennifer Lawrence Will Make Your Dark Phoenix Rise


This week’s Mr. Skin Minute just blue itself!

Jennifer Lawrence in back in the body paint for X-Men: Dark Phoenix, but it’s another bird flick that will please your pecker, Red Sparrow. Nude on Blu-ray, Julianne Moore is like a fine nude wine in Gloria Bell, and the second season of Vida has us dropping la Vida load-cas!

As always, this is but a taste of the great things that await you on MrSkin.com, so be sure to head over there today and start fast-forwarding to the good parts!

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Great Celebrity Social Network Photos – April 2018

Egor Rybakov posted a photo:

Great Celebrity Social Network Photos - April 2018

Kate Upton (kateupton / 21.04.2018): Ready for summer!""
Supplied by Instagram.com/face to face

Viviane Leigh is Playboy’s Muse of the Month for June


If you’re in the market for a new muse, may I suggest Playboy’s Muse of the Month for June, the vivacious Viviane Leigh! This Asian beauty has a perfect pair of breasts and a love for showing off her naked body that’s sure to make her an instant addition to your spank bank.

“This place is totally beautiful,” she says of her surroundings. “I’m super excited to be here! I’ve never been somewhere so exotic before.” Dressed in a beautiful pink and orange dress, Viviane is vibrant and charming as she gives the camera her best poses for her first feature pictorial. “The first look was a boho dream. I arrive on set in my cute little scooter and start exploring the ranch.” Basking in the sunshine of her garden, Viviane is absolutely breathtaking as she slips off her dress to reveal her alluring figure. “I’ve been modeling for a while on and off because I also keep my job as an accountant,” she says. “I love being nude. I think the naked body is beautiful and a women’s naked body should be celebrated!”

The best thing about Viviane is that she can continue being your muse long after June is over. Hell, you might not need another muse ever again!

Photos courtesy of Playboy Plus

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Is It a Happy Reunion for 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?’s Chantel and Pedro?

90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? Season 4So, you've been having marital problems and your husband buys a one-way ticket to his home country and says he wants some time and space to himself. What do you do? If your 90 Day Fiancé:...

Halsey Looks Abs-olutely Fabulous Outside BBC Live Lounge

If you put a gun to my head—which I don’t recommend—and asked me to name a Halsey song, I’d have a bullet in my head in no time. I don’t know anything about this woman’s music, I only know that I’m a big fan of her fashion sense because it takes one sexy ass woman to wear a shirt that’s been torn apart and crudely reassembled.

Honestly though, Halsey’s abs and cleavage are selling me on her, despite not knowing a thing about her music. I mean, I don’t need to know what songs one sings to admit my attraction to them, but it would be nice to have any sort of context on her career at all. It reminds me of the days of watching Brittney Spears music videos on mute. We knew the score.

Keep those pictures and soundless videos of Halsey coming, because I get the feeling that if I heard her music, I’d be substantially less attracted to her. Though, I guess it’s fair to assume it might also boost my attraction should the music end up sounding better than I imagined. At the same time, I don’t want to take that risk. I’ll just think of her as that hot chick named Halsey.

Photos courtesy of Mega Agency

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What You Need to Remember About Big Little Lies Season 1

Big Little LiesWe're just a couple days away from the return of Big Little Lies, but you'd be forgiven if you forgot what happened the last time it was on. It's been more than two years...

Final ‘Men in Black: International’ Trailer Fails to Make the Case to See This Movie


It’s a little surprising it took this long for Sony to reboot Men in Black, even though the new Men in Black: International is more of a soft reboot considering it retains the services of Emma Thompson’s character from Men in Black 3. To be honest, this franchise was never all that great to begin with. There’s some cool set pieces and some decent scripted banter, but other than that, it’s full of mostly forgettable characters and situations.

It’s also strange seeing Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson teamed up again considering we’ve just seen them as Thor and Valkyrie in Avengers: Endgame. Make no mistake, that’s what the filmmakers are hoping you’ll think as well, and they also hope you’ll purchase a ticket for this one—against your better judgment—in hopes of seeing some of that magic recaptured.

I’m sure some people are excited for this movie, but I just can’t bring myself to give a good god damn about it. It certainly doesn’t help that it runs two hours when the previous films ran a respective 98, 88, and 105 minutes. Everything is too damn long now and that trend needs to stop. It’s just not about to stop with Men in Black: International, which hits theaters one week from today.

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