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How to Become UFC’s Most Unlikable Fighter Brought to You by Henry Cejudo’s Post-Fight Speech

On June 8, Henry Cejudo, the King of Cringe, came back from behind to TKO Marlon Moraes to become the UFC’s latest double champ. Cejudo, which I bet many of you don’t know has an Olympic gold medal, had previously beaten Demetrious Johnson, then considered the world’s pound for pound best, to become the flyweight champion.

He then faced TJ Dillashaw, the then bantamweight champ, who dropped down a weight class at the behest of Dana White to kill off the flyweight division. Cejudo KO’d Dillashaw in the first round. The flyweight division was saved.

Eventually, TJ Dillashaw became the most disliked UFC fighter after getting caught for EPO. Dillashaw was forced to relinquish his belt which brought us to Saturday night where Cejudo and Moraes fought for the vacant title.

But if you thought there wasn’t much anyone could do to be more disliked than Dillashaw, then you haven’t been following Cejudo during and after the fight.

Here’s Cejudo at the stare down with Moraes who could only cringe.

Embracing the cringe, Cejudo gave his own poor man’s Conor post-fight speech. With each word, my respect for him lowered and lowered. Note how he called out Dominick Cruz, an old and always injured fighter, and Urijah Faber who’s old and retired. He may as well asked for a fight with someone’s disabled grandpa.

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Nurse Warns Women to Stop Vacuuming Their Vaginas to End Their Periods

Ladies. Get ready for a very important PSA from a nurse. “Please stop using your vacuum hose to end your period early. You’re gonna wind up sucking out a lot more than blood! There were 2 cases of this so far this week and both women had to be admitted. Just…STOP!”

According to medical professionals, this does not work at all. In fact, this could have an adverse effect on your body.

Imagine that. Putting a Dyson hose to your vagina and then putting that sucker on high is a bad idea. The more you know I guess.

Oh and about that nurse? She got into a little bit of trouble but everything worked out in the end.

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UFC Fighter Valentina Shevchenko Destroyed Jessica Eye’s Life with This Head Kick KO

Valentina Shevchenko just ruined Jessica Eye’s weekend

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Meghan Markle: I’m Back! Just One Month After Giving Birth!

Meghan Markle may be an extremely nasty person, according to President Donald Trump.

But she’s a very loyal and loving granddaughter-in-law, according to Queen Elizabeth II.

Emerging from her maternity leave for the first time in week, the Duchess of Sussex attended the annual Trooping the Colour parade on Saturday, June 8 in England in order to celebrate Queen Elizabeth II‘s birthday.

The photos above and below represent Markle’s first public appearance since she stood sort of awkwardly in front of reporters just two days after welcoming son Archie on May 6.

Markle was with husband Prince Harry and other members of the Royal Family for this special occasion, which took place about two months after the Queen turned 93 years old.

At the parade, Meghan donned a navy Givenchy dress and matching purse by the designer and Noel Stewart hat.

She was also spotted wearing a third ring on her wedding ring finger.

The British family put up a united front for the day’s festivities, but rumors continue to run rampant.

Chatter on the Internet still hints strongly at some major tension between various relatives.

And it’s more than mere chatter, too: Sources have confirmed that Harry and Meghan will be breaking away from their joint charity, The Royal Foundation, with William and Kate.

The organization established in 2011, with the former Suits actress joining for her first public appearance on its behalf in February of 2018.

A source told Us Weekly that the two couples will now pursue separate charitable efforts, fueling the constant talk — which has been going on for months — that these four simply do not get along.

However, Radar Online recently reported that things are improving… thanks to Kate Middleton and her ongoing efforts at finding a common ground between the quartet.

“The rift between the brothers and their wives has ripped the royals apart – and Kate decided enough was enough,” a high-level palace source told this website, adding:

“She was heartbroken her children, Princes George and Louis and Princess Charlotte, wouldn’t be close to Harry and Meghan’s child” unless she healed the irritating rift.

We shall see if this report holds true.

As you might, almost no one has actually gone on record in regard to this alleged feud.

It’s only been an abundance of anonymous sources who continue to claim that Meghan and Kate hate each other, while Harry and William aren’t close these days, either.

Elsewhere, Markle’s name was in the news last week because President Trump was alerted to some remarks she made about him in 2016.

These remarks were not positive and the Commander-in-Chief responded to them as follows:

“I didn’t know that she was nasty.”

He later sort of tried to backpeddle by telling Piers Morgan in an interview:

“I hope she enjoys her life. I think she’s very nice.”

Whatever, right? We don’t have time for his nonsense.

Let’s just focus on some adorable photos of Arche instead, shall we? Click down below now!

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Jenelle Evans Shares Unsettling Video of Nugget and Her Kids: What is WRONG with Her?!

Jenelle Evans has made some bad choices in her time.

That much is undeniable.

We'd be here all day if we tried to recount each and every time she screwed up, so let's just go ahead and say that her biggest mistake in her whole entire life was probably getting with David Eason.

Mostly because he's a disgusting human being, but also because during her time with him, he's caused her to continue to make some seriously questionable decisions.

You know, like if she'd never married David, then he never could have killed her dog, and he never would have gotten all the kids removed from their care.

She probably would have married a different terrible dude, maybe even someone worse than David, but let's just focus on this timeline.

Because this timeline is getting real, real bad.

After Jenelle and David lost custody temporarily, they managed to hold things together -- for a little bit, anyway.

But as we saw earlier this week, they simply cannot hold it together anymore.

That's why we've seen Jenelle fighting with her mom outside the courthouse in front of paparazzi, and that's why we've seen David flip Nathan off, also in front of paparazzi.

These are all just really awful choices for them to be making during this crucial time.

If they really want to regain custody, they need to be on their best behavior, and this just is not it.

And if all the courthouse feuding wasn't bad enough, Jenelle's gone and released a new video on her YouTube channel that, considering everything, is just downright disturbing.

The video, which you can watch in full below, went up earlier this morning, and it's titled "Getting Chickens and Chicks.. FIRST TIME."

Yep, she's still trying to make that "homestead" thing happen.

It's not going to happen.

So we're not going to go through the whole entire video because it really is mostly about chickens, but there are definitely more than a few interesting bits besides all that.

For instance, at the beginning we see Jenelle sitting outside, talking about gardening, and who is sitting beside her, being so good and sweet?


Believe it or not, Nugget can be seen several times throughout the video, following everyone around because she was a family dog, and that's what they do.

What's especially heartbreaking is that most of the time Nugget appears, she's keeping close to the kids, and, of course, not being the least big aggressive towards any of them.

Oh yeah, because the kids are there, too -- Ensley, Kaiser, Jace, and Maryssa are all heavily featured here.

Also heavily featured are the original Eason chickens, many of which are no longer with us since they were killed by Jax, Jenelle's pitbull, because she didn't supervise them and she never bothered to try to train her dog.

It's just ... it's weird, right?

Obviously Jenelle's got a lot of extra free time now that all the kids are gone, so she's just chilling at home, editing the footage from "happier times" when the family was altogether.

That's one thing, but the fact that she uploaded this to YouTube and didn't realize how inappropriate it is now with everything that's happened is honestly concerning.

And judging by the comments on the video so far, people are very concerned.

"Psycho husband," one person wrote. "Kissing chickens one minute and then shooting his dog the next."

Someone else referenced an already classic comment Barbara made during her fight with Jenelle at the courthouse with "It's a shame how fake this video is as a happy family ... your mom's right! 'It's all for the cameras!!!'"

"Seriously, I can't believe u post videos like this when u have lost ur kids, ur psycho husband shot ur pet dog!!!!" yet another outraged Teen Mom fan told her. "Totally sick beyond words."

Finally, one person summed everything up pretty well with "What's wrong with you???? You have no business with animals! The only animal you should be concerned with is the one you are married to!"

We wish we could say we're surprised that Jenelle made such a poor choice in sharing this, but really nothing she does anymore is all that surprising.

Watch Jenelle pretend to have a happy family in the video below:

Jenelle evans shares unsettling new video of nugget and her kids

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Dennis Quaid, 65, Is Dating a 26-Year-Old PhD Student

Having broken up with Santa Auzina, 32, Dennis Quaid, 65, is moving on to someone younger, someone smarter, someone who used to date… Jeremy Piven? Yikes.

Quaid is currently dating University of Texas PhD student Laura Savoie, 26. Savoie previously dated Piven while she was getting her undergrad degree at Pepperdine.

Clearly this relationship is going to last a very long time. Probably about the same amount of time it takes for Quaid to learn about Savoie’s secret shame.

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