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‘Willy Wonka’ Actress Denise Nickerson Dead at 62

Denise's family tells TMZ ... she passed away in her hospital room Wednesday evening around 10:30 PM Colorado time. We're told several visitors came by her room on Wednesday to share memories and say their final goodbyes. Denise was 62. RIP Denise…

The Rage Quitting Bagel Boss Guy Has a Rage Filled YouTube Channel

By now you’ve probably heard about Chris Morgan, the Bagel Boss Guy, who went off at a cashier after he thought she slighted him. He ended up venting his frustrations with dating apps before a man tackled him to the ground. Bagel Boss did give us some memorable lines such as, “You’re not my dad, or god, or my boss!” You can refresh your memory with the video and the aftermath below.

Bagel Boss owner Donald Rosner wasted no time in capitalizing on the video by offering a free mini bagel to anyone who came in and mentioned the video.

And now, naturally, his YouTube channel was discovered and it has just as much rage as his bagel video does.

Life has not been kind to Morgan who decided to use YouTube as a way of shaming Al to pay back the $1500 he lent him.

People won’t even leave his car.

It’s also not the first time someone made fun of his height.

There are also some other videos that were removed of him calling people “ghetto hoodrats” which, if he was planning to use the sympathy card, will simply not work.

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Shockingly, Miley Cyrus is Still Bisexual After Getting Married

Being bisexual isn’t something you just turn on and off. I know some celebrities who are bisexual just tell people “Oh I’m gay/a lesbian” once they’re in a relationship, but that’s not because they stopped being bisexual, it’s because for some reason our society cannot wrap its collective head around the idea of someone being attracted to both men and women despite the near-deification of David Bowie that’s gone on since his death.

You might think I’m pulling this out of no where, but look at this E! headline about Cyrus:

Married Miley Cyrus Admits She’s Still Attracted to Women

That’s how being bisexual works, guys. You’re attracted to men and women. Forever.

Of course, Miley isn’t entirely helping things in the interview she gave Elle that this misguided headline referenced.

I think it’s very confusing to people that I’m married. But my relationship is unique. And I don’t know that I would ever publicly allow people in there because it’s so complex, and modern, and new that I don’t think we’re in a place where people would get it. I mean, do people really think that I’m at home in a fucking apron cooking dinner? I’m in a hetero relationship, but I still am very sexually attracted to women. People become vegetarian for health reasons, but bacon is still fucking good, and I know that. I made a partner decision. This is the person I feel has my back the most. I definitely don’t fit into a stereotypical wife role. I don’t even like that word.

Look, my girlfriend is bisexual, and so am I. Most of the people I date are bisexual, we tend to stick to our own because straight people and gay people are all assholes to bisexuals, just ask literally any bisexual person. Mick Jagger will tell you. It’s not unique or complex or modern, it’s two people being faithful to each other because they love each other, and just because we’re not having sex with slightly more people than other monogamous couples it doesn’t mean we need a medal.

At the end of the day, bisexuals are just as capable as anyone else of being monogamous, and you don’t magically stop being bisexual just because you get married. Only if you forget to pay your dues. They go to a good cause, though, we buy David Bowie posters for the needy.

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US Women’s Soccer Hero Megan Rapinoe’s Entire Boob Fell Out at the ESPYs

I feel good and bad for the US Women’s Soccer team right now. They’ve been dominating the sport for a while now, which has made them pretty popular in the US, way more popular than the Men’s team, who are terrible. But the reason they’ve been so successful is that none of the countries that care about soccer have really built women’s programs, and they’re starting to. Once places like Brazil and England and Spain have real women’s soccer teams, it’s game over for US dominance and the popularity of the sport in the US.

But the women are champions and they should get to enjoy that. Team Captain Megan Rapinoe has been taking a well-deserved victory lap and enjoying the spotlight as of late. She courted some controversy by saying “New York City, you’re the motherfucking best!” at the parade for the victorious women which was broadcast on television, but she topped that at the ESPYs when she just let her entire breast fall out of her top.

Completely unphased, what a champ.

Rapinoe has no hang-ups with showing off her incredibly sculpted body to begin with, though. She was even in this year’s Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue.

She and her partner Sue Bird also appeared nude on the cover of ESPN The Magazine.

View this post on Instagram

Body in Motion.

A post shared by Megan Rapinoe (@mrapinoe) on

Despite what I said earlier about the US women’s team’s days in the sun being limited, that’s not going to happen in the foreseeable future, and I’m sure we’ll be seeing more of Rapinoe and her teammates at the next World Cup.

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R. Kelly Arrested for Federal Sex Crimes and Racketeering in 2 States

R. Kelly just entered a plea of not guilty during his arraignment. He will remain locked up until his next court appearance on Tuesday. Federal prosecutors in Brooklyn want to make sure Kelly remains behind bars until trial. In a letter to a…

Real Housewives of New York Season 11 Reunion Digs Into Luann and Dorinda’s Crumbling Friendship

Real Housewives of New York, RHONY, ReunionThe time has come to hash a few things out. The Real Housewives of York began the season 11 reunion tonight, and in just this part one, they already touched on some of the bigger issues...

2019 Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Sports Awards Winners: The Complete List

Megan RapinoeThe Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Sports Awards are bringing together two great things: sports and slime. Host Michael Strahan truly brought the laughs with an array of championship...

Love Island Welcomes 2 New Guys to the Villa and Drama Ensues

Love IslandWe were missing those accents from the UK version of Love Island, so tonight, the U.S. Love Island obliged. Two new guys entered the villa in the third episode--Dylan of Currently in San...

Jenelle Evans: The Cops Are LYING! David Shot the Dog to Save Our Daughter! (Exclusive)

Jenelle Evans is, without a doubt, one of the most controversial figures in the history of reality television.

She's been accused of all manner of unsavory conduct over the course of her decade in the spotlight, but through it all she's maintained that anyone who really wants to know the truth about her life can get the straight facts from one source and one source only — Jenelle Evans.

To her credit, Jenelle has proven her honesty and consistency by admitting to behavior that would have left many reality stars hiding behind their publicists.

Now, she's speaking with The Hollywood Gossip exclusively about the shocking allegation that she lied to police and faked her dog's death as a publicity stunt.

It''s an appalling charge, and not surprisingly, Evans is eager to clear her name.

Here's what she had to say in our exclusive interview:

1. Safe at Home

Safe at home
Following a series grueling custody hearings, Jenelle’s kids have been returned to her. But she’s still on trial in the court of public opinion.

2. David the Dad

David the dad
After weeks of legal wrangling, the judge in David and Jenelle’s case dismissed their case, and Ensley, Kaiser, and Maryssa were back on The Land in time for Fourth of July weekend.

3. Together Again

Together again
In photos shared exclusively with The Hollywood Gossip, Jenelle documents a life of quiet domesticity — her children bonding with their parents, with one another, and with the animals that make up such a crucial part of life on the Eason homestead. But it wasn’t easy to get back to this point …

4. The Nugget Scandal

Jenelle evans and nugget
Back in April, it was reported that Jenelle’s beloved French bulldog Nugget was shot and killed by David after the dog allegedly became aggressive with the couple’s 2-year-old daughter Ensley.

5. Domino Effect

The eason family
This alleged act resulted in a CPS investigation which caused Jenelle and David’s children to be removed from their home.

6. Jenelle’s Version

David with nugget
From the start, Jenelle maintained that she was irate with David for killing the dog, but forgave him with the understanding that his actions were prompted by a concern for his daughter’s safety,

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Gabrielle Union’s Daughter Kaavia Is a Total Natural at Her Very First Award Show

Gabrielle Union, Kaavia James Union Wade, Dwyane Wade, Kids' Choice Sports 2019Baby Kaavia James Union Wade made her red carpet debut and she is here to slay. The 8-month-old made her big debut on the Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Sports Awards red carpet on Thursday...

The View Gets Lit: Co-Hosts Share Their 2019 Summer Reads

Meghan McCain, The ViewWe love these products, and we hope you do too. E! has affiliate relationships, so we may get a small share of the revenue from your purchases. Items are sold by the retailer, not...

Jenelle Evans: Did She FAKE the David Eason Dog-Shooting Incident?

By now, yopu've probably heard the entire sordid story of how Jenelle Evans lost custody of her kids.

The short version goes something like this:

David Eason shot and killed Jenelle's dog in a fit of rage; the entire world freaked out because who the hell does that; CPS investigated and took the kids away to homes with fewer dog murders.

By now, most of us familiar with that narrative.

But this is Jenelle Evans we're talking about, which means there might be several layers of dishonesty, fabrication, and flat-out BS in plahy here.

Sure, no sane person would ever pretend that their husband executed the family dog, but that doesn't mean Jenelle would never do such a thing.

Yes, believe it or not, police now believe Evans might have made the whole thing up for publicity.

Check out the latest wild allegation against the former Teen Mom 2 star:

1. The Nugget Incident

Jenelle evans and nugget
Back in April, Jenelle told police that Jenelle shot and killed her French bulldog, Nugget, after the animal allegedly made a threatening gesture toward her 2-year-old daughter, Ensley.

2. Partner In Crime

David with nugget
David has corroborated that story many times since, claiming that he made a split-second decision and dragged Nugget out of the house and shot him.

3. "Evidence"

Ensley dog bite photo
Eason even posted this photo which he claims shows a scratch on Ensley's face, which was left there by David.

4. David's Defense

David eason unhinged
"I dont give a damn what animal bites my baby on the face... whether it be your dog or mine, a dog is a dog and I dont put up with that shit at all. I'm all about protecting my family, it is my lifes mission," Eason wrote in a since-deleted social media tirade.

5. Not the Brightest Bulb

David eason hunting
"Some people are worth killing or dying for and my family means that much to me. You can hate me all you want but this isnt the first time the dog bit Ensley aggressively. The only person that can judge weather or not a animal is a danger to MY CHILD is ME," he concluded.

6. Yeah, No ...

The eason family
Of course, David quickly learned that the government actually gets to determine what is and his not a threat to his kids, ad Ensley and the other children were removed from the Easons' land following a CPS investigation.
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Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Sports Awards 2019 Red Carpet Fashion: See Every Look as the Stars Arrive

Michael Strahan, Kids' Choice Sports 2019Celebs are starting to arrive at the 2019 Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Sports Awards! The award show, which honors athletes for their incredible work in the sports world over the last...

Cybill Shepherd Topless at Twenty and Other Fine Things to Ogle 7.11.19

Head into the home stretch with these sexy links including Sofia Vergara’s tits, Marisa Papen naked, and some of the best films in the Criterion Collection with nudity!

What. The. F*ck. We Have UN-NOTHER Full Frontal Elsa Jean Playboy Spread

Angelina Jolie Busting Out Her Ginormous Bosom Like Bananas!

Miley Cyrus In A Bikini Is Tight

Criterion Collection Films with Nudity Spines 400-599 (header image)

Top Ten Hottest Naked Movie MILFs

Sofia Vergara’s Tits on a Yacht of the Day

Lucia Rivera Nip Slip on the Fashion Runway!

Check Out and Use Mr. Skin’s Original GIFs from Skin Central

Top Five Throated Scenes So Far This Year

Eva Amurri Teased Her Massive Cleavage On Instagram, But We Remember Her EPIC Nudity

Marisa Papen Naked Again of the Day

What’s It Like To Be A Software Engineer At Google

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Amanda Seyfried Apologizes to Influencer Arielle Charnas Over ”Targeted” Take-Down

Amanda Seyfried, Arielle Charnas Amanda Seyfried would like to set the record straight. After publicly criticizing social media influencer Arielle Charnas for what she described as "flaunting" her lifestyle and...

Cameron Boyce’s Sister Says They Spent “Normal and Fun” Time Together Before His Death

Cameron Boyce Cameron Boyce's younger sister and only sibling Maya Boyce is breaking her silence about the death of the Disney Channel star, recalling how they had a "normal and fun" time together...

How Emma Chamberlain, Kyle Hanagami and More Creators Are Forging Their Own Path on YouTube

Emma ChamberlainVidCon 2019 is well under way! In celebration of the famous convention, E! News has the scoop on all things YouTube to prepare those who are going to the convention or wish they could be...

Chrissy Teigen Is Done With the Internet’s Comments About Her Butt

Chrissy TeigenChrissy Teigen is over you talking about her behind. This week, the star spoke out about a photo that popped up of her with husband John Legend on vacation. In the snap, the famous...

Serena Williams Says Meghan Markle “Couldn’t Be a Better Friend” After Wimbledon Visit

Meghan Markle, Serena Williams Serena Williams has Meghan Markle's back. The tennis pro came to the Duchess of Sussex's defense on Thursday after the royal made headlines over her Wimbledon appearance last...

New BH90210 Teaser Features Kissing and Brand New Footage

BH90210Finally, we've got a glimpse of what BH90210 might actually look like. A new promo appears to feature some actual footage, and there are a whole bunch of new pics of the actors in...

Jenelle Evans Made Up Story About David Eason Shooting Her Dog For Publicity, Police Say

Jenelle Evans, Dog, Nugget, InstagramDid Jenelle Evans' husband David Eason really shoot and kill their dog? Police have now closed their investigation into the case due to lack of evidence and say the reality star made up the...

Jeremy Roloff Announces Exciting New Project

Jeremy Roloff officially has two babies on the way.

One of them is an actual baby, as the former reality star and wife Audrey announced this month that they're expecting a second child.

The other, as we just learned, is a professional baby; a new project about which Jeremy sounds very excited and about which he has now written extensively on Instagram.

Jeremy Roloff Carries Ember

"As most of you know, I love photography," Jeremy wrote to open this announcement, continuing as follows:

"It’s always been a passion of mine, so much so that I studied it professionally and received a bachelors degree in professional photography and after school continue to pursue commercial photography in Los Angeles."

Jeremy, of course, walked away from Little People, Big World just about a year ago.

He and Audrey emphasized at the time, however, that fans would be seeing them plenty and hearing from them a lot over the subsequent few months.

And, boy, have they been correct!

Jeremy Goes Camping

Audrey and Jeremy now host a podcast and recently landed on the New York Times bestseller list with their memoir, "A Love Letter Life."

Jeremy isn't content, though. He's adding another line to his ever-growing resume.

"Audrey and I [have been] dreaming of working together and combing our talents in a more specific way," he writes now.

"Once we finally took the leap, I started doing most of our Always More shoots, all of our photo management, and most of our design work. Over the years many have asked if I’ll ever come out with Lightroom presets, and we’ll, they’re here!"

Meaning what, exactly? Says Jeremy:

"I just launched my first preset pack: HISTORY⁣."

Jeremy Roloff presets

A preset is basically a picture that has been edited for better clarity and composition.

Jeremy is saying that he's basically come out with a unique photo album.

"There are 6 presets in this pack and yes, it comes with BOTH the mobile and desktop versions, for a very affordable price," he promotes here, adding:

"And they’re $20 dollars off for launch week! Also included two (2) instructional .PDF’s for BOTH the mobile and desktop versions as well as a YouTube video about how to use them."

You can learn more and you can make your purchase via JeremyRoloffPresets.com.

Quite a Family

Concludes Jeremy of his new project:

These were designed to give a nostalgic vibe while also remaining somewhat pure & clean.

I’m super happy with them as these are what I’ve been using on my feed (and so has Auj) for months now. If you want some Lightroom presets to make your photos looks amazing, visit jeremyroloffpresets.com.

There you can view the before and after slider examples and see more about them. ⁣Enjoy!

Jeremy and Audrey are parents to an almost two-year old named Ember. She's featured everywhere on Jeremy's Instagram page and also in his preset album.

Said the latter upon confirming her pregnancy on July 1:

"Baby #2 is coming in January!!! Ember is gonna be a big sister! We are so grateful and excited for this little blessing to join our family."

Jade Roper Claps Back After Follower Claims Her Daughter Is “Showing Signs” of Autism

Jade Roper, Tanner TolbertJade Roper Tolbert knows her daughter best. The Bachelor in Paradise alumna sent a clear reminder to her fans on Thursday after an Instagram follower sent her a message claiming Emerson...

Miley Cyrus’ Most Candid Confessions About Love and Sex

Miley CyrusMiley Cyrus always speaks her mind. So, it should come as no surprise that the "Mother's Daughter" singer opened up about personal life in a candid new interview. For her Elle...

It’s Time To Play F*ck, Marry, Cancel: Hottest Disney Stars Edition

The results of our last rousing round of F*ck, Marry, Cancel featuring the Hadid Dy-nasty are in, and you guys want to fuck Bella, marry Gigi, and cancel Yolanda. Sounds like a fun afternoon. Today you have to decide your fate with three of the sexiest starlets ever birthed by Mickey himself – Miley Cyrus, Demi Lovato, and Selena Gomez.

All three of these lovely ladies got her start on the Disney Channel, and each has become a sex symbol in her own right. But one’s sexier than the others. One’s more of a homemaker than the others. One’s more deserving of a tragic untimely cancelation than the others. Which one’s which. That’s up to you bitch. Take a look at some sexy shots of Miley Cyrus, Demi Lovato, and Selena Gomez below, and decide once and for all – F*ck, Marry, Cancel.




Miley Cyrus


Demi Lovato


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A post shared by Demi Lovato (@ddlovato) on


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A post shared by Demi Lovato (@ddlovato) on


Selena Gomez

Photos courtesy of Mr. Skin

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Hear Khloe Kardashian’s Advice for Revenge Body Twins Still Mourning the Loss of Both Parents

Khloe Kardashian, Revenge Body 302Ashley and Amber are ready for a new start. "We're here 'cause we had a lot of things happen to us when we were growing up, and I feel like it sort of put us down for a...

Naked Redhead Cutie Erna O’Hara Has the Luck of the Irish


Erna O’Hara is the latest redhead to take it off in Playboy, and she makes quite an impression with her first pictorial. To quote Matthew McConaughey’s Wooderson from Dazed & Confused, “I love those redheads, man,” and I’m sure you agree, especially after reading what Erna has to say about her own ass…

“What I love most about my body is my butt,” she says. “My middle school self wouldn’t understand. I used to hate it, and now it’s the source of my power,” she laughs. When it comes to posing nude, Erna feels totally comfortable. “It’s my way of expression, creativity, and making something positive in this world,” she says. “I love being naked, especially outdoors!”

See me, I love being naked indoors. It’s kinda the only place I try to ever be naked. I can live vicariously through Erna O’Hara, though, and even though that’s clearly not her real name, it’s also achingly apparent that Erna is an Irish girl to the core. It’s a potent mix, one that’s sure to get even the most self-loathing Irishmen of the world excited over her. She’s a true cutie, the kind of girl you’d like to take home to mama, and then be naked with, indoors or out.

Photos and video courtesy of Playboy Plus

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How to Get Away With Murder Ending With Season 6

How To Get Away With MurderAnnalise Keating will teach her students how to get away with just one more murder--ABC's How to Get Away With Murder is ending with the coming sixth season. Viola Davis won an Emmy for...

Beyonce Busts Out Her Cleavage at ‘The Lion King’ Premiere

I don’t think you can call the upcoming version of The Lion King “live-action” since it’s actually animation made to look like live action footage. Nevertheless, the film is coming and it premiered in Hollywood this week with the stars in attendance, including Beyonce, who voices Simba’s betrothed Nala as an adult. Beyonce broke out the big guns for the premiere, and by that I mean she wore a dress with a plunging neckline that gave her some fantastic cleavage.

I know, it’s probably inappropriate to talk about cleavage when she’s attending the premiere of a kids’ movie, but she obviously wanted to get people’s attention, because why else would you wear this dress? She’s also rocking the smoky eye look that’s so popular and prevalent these days.

I’m sure that there were a lot of other attractive women at the film’s premiere, but they can’t hold a candle to Beyonce, at least in terms of cultural cachet. It certainly doesn’t help that Beyonce dared to bare lots of cleavage at the premiere, because that basically put the nail in the coffin in terms of anyone else attracting attention. The cultural food chain is a vicious place to live, but such is the circle of life.

Photos courtesy of Mega Agency

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American Horror Story: 1984: The Cast, the Premiere Date and Everything You Need to Know

Pose, Angelica RossWe're going back in time for the next season of American Horror Story. The ninth season in Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk's FX anthology series, American Horror Story: 1984, is set to debut...