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Have You Ever Imagined Someone Making a Video About How Ugly You Are? 😭

Future Shang-Chi lead Simu Liu doesn’t have to imagine anymore. Roasted.

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Simone Biles Just Made Gymnastics History and the 2020 Olympics Can’t Come Soon Enough

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Brody Jenner Leaves Flirty Comment on Ex Kaitlynn’s Vacation Pic With Miley Cyrus

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See Every Outfit From Kylie Jenner’s Fabulous (And Expensive) Italian Wardrobe

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Nicole Kidman: Desperate to Rescue Her Kids From Tom Cruise and His Scientologist Goons?

Somehow, Tom Cruise still lands roles in big-budget Hollywood movies.

It's surprising because we live in a time in which celebrities get "canceled" over poorly-phrased jokes, and yet Cruise still has a career despite multiple decades as the poster boy for a global cult that's been accused of human trafficking and using slave labor.

Tom Cruise at Mummy Premiere

We suppose in a profoundly warped way, Cruise's commitment to Scientology is admirable.

After all, the religion has cost him just about everything except his career, and yet he still clings to it.

Cruise reportedly hasn't seen his daughter Suri in over four years as a result of his ties to the Church.

Insiders say Tom is been convinced that Suri isn't really his daughter -- but not in the literal sense.

Tom Cruise for The Mummy

He's well aware that he's the girl's biological father, but he's reportedly been convinced by top Scientology brass that as a "suppressive person" she's not his child in the spiritual sense.

It's a sad situation for Suri, but at least she's not trapped in the CoS or caught in the middle of a bitter legal battle between her parents.

The same can't be said of Isabella and Connor Cruise, Tom's children from his marriage to Nicole Kidman,

Though they're both adults at this point -- Isabella is 26, Connor 24 -- Kidman is reportedly deeply concerned about her children's future.

Isabella Cruise Promotes Scientology

And she feels their only chance at a normal is getting as far away from Tom and the Scientology leadership as possible.

Isabella is currently being groomed to assume her father's role as the face of the Church.

But the passing of the torch comes at an awkward time.

David Miscavige and other top brass within the faith are currently being bombarded with a slew of lawsuits.

Connor Cruise Pic

(Former Scientologists and their families timed the suits in order to deplete the Church's legal resources.)

Nicole reportedly sees this as her window of opportunity, and she's hoping to intercede on her kids' behalf before it's too late.

Rumors that Isabella is pregnant with her first child have led Kidman to the conclusion that there's no time to waste, and it seems her plan is to create enough legal headaches for CoS leaders that they'll want to distance themselves from the Cruise kids.

“Things are getting hot for Scientology with court cases that threaten to blow the organization wide open,” a source close to the situation tells Radar Online.

Nicole and Tom

“And if that happens, she wants Connor and Isabella — and this potential grandchild — to be out of harm’s way.”

“Those kids have grown up without choices,” former Scientologist Sam Domingo tells Radar.

“They’re being used as leverage for the church and it’s not right.”

Domingo, who grew up in the Church and broke free as an adult, says Tom and Nicole's kids were groomed for leadership roles from early childhood.

Nicole Kidman at 2017 Emmys

“Tom Cruise’s kids have grown up in an alien world. It’s completely different,” she tells Radar.

“Connor used to be sequestered in the President’s Office, which is the office that deals with the Celebrity Centre.

"The kids weren’t in general population like the rest of the kids. You never saw them.”

Sam's use of prison terminology like "general population" is probably not coincidental.

It sounds like the stakes couldn't be any higher -- a fact that we're sure Nicole is well aware of.

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Taylor Swift: Did She Just Reveal That She’s ENGAGED to Joe Alwyn?!

Our apologies, but there is no possible way we could calm down right now. 

Taylor Swift fans, who are the best detectives in the business, just shared a new theory with the world and honestly, it's pretty convincing.

The 29-year-old musician sparked engagement rumors with her notorious private BF (excuse me, fiance!!) Joe Alwyn while dropping details about her upcoming album, Lover

Taylor Swift, Joe Alwyn

Swift chose to reveal some lyrics from a track with Vogue in her September cover story, which was released on Thursday, August 8, and swifties are losing it because they think she's hinting at an engagement

The lyrics of question read: "My heart's been borrowed and yours has been blue. All's well that ends well to end up with you."

Any Pinterest user out there knows that this is a reference to the classic wedding tradition of wearing something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue.

Taylor Swift at the BMAs

Fans immediately took to social media to converse over this newfound development. 

"my heart's been borrowed and yours has been blue" is a reference to an engagement.... ya tuhanku.... TAYLOR SWIFT IS ENGAGED IM CRYING," wrote one user. 

Another user said, "finding out @taylorswift13 is engaged is like finding out that i'm engaged too. sorry joe you get all of us too."


Joe Alwyn Photograph

And while the internet was busy entertaining the idea of Swift and Alwyn exchanging vows, Taylor subtly confirmed the accusations by "liking" some of the posts.

"Wait...... my hearts been borrowed and yours has been blue..... something borrowed and something blue.... ma'am," read a post that Taylor "liked" on Tumblr.

Fans, of course, freaked out at Taylor's gesture and began sharing screenshots of the image via Twitter. 

"Taylor Swift just casually confirmed she's engaged to Joe Alwyn through a Tumblr," another fan tweeted.

Taylor Swift is Back!

The lovebirds, who are annoyingly successful at keeping their relationship on the DL, were first linked back in May 2017.

And according to Us Weekly, Tay's friends "are all talking about a proposal and how she really wants to marry Joe."

"Taylor really believes Joe is the one for her," a second source previously dished. 

"She wants to get engaged to him. She just doesn't feel as though she has to impress anyone at this point."

You Need to Calm Down

Joe and Taylor have yet to address these fan-based reports, but I suggest not getting too carried away at the prospect. 

I mean, if we had a nickel for every time Swifties theorized an engagement between the two, well we could probably pay for their wedding. 

Taylor's 7th studio album Lover -- and hopefully more clues! -- will be available on August 23. 

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Spencer Pratt Really Wants Olivia Jade to Tell ”Her Story” on The Hills

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Where Caelynn Miller-Keyes and Dean Unglert’s Relationship Stands After Bachelor in Paradise Text Drama

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Bear Brown: Does His Family Hate His Girlfriend for Being Pansexual?

Last week, fans of Alaskan Bush People were introduced to Bear Brown's new girlfriend, Raiven.

It wasn't long before people did some digging into her past and learned about her ex-girlfriend. Raiven addressed her sexuality on social media.

But a new report says that Bear's family is having a hard time accepting her. Here's what our own research revealed:

Bear Brown with Raiven Adams

"It’s been brought to my attention," Raiven announced days ago on Instagram. "The social media stalkers of my new found life."

Just weeks ago, she was a model but not a public figure. Now she's publicly dating a star of a very successful reality series.

Raiven wrote that these stalkers "have found my ex who was a female,"

"I have fought for my peace of mind in my sexuality, and in my life," Raiven affirmed. "I’m proud of myself for loving myself, in every aspect of life."

"Come for me about my overalls, Come for me about my teeth, my height whatever you want," she added. "But I ask you please let my sexuality be."

Raiven Adams and Bear Brown

"Let my ex be don’t stir a pot that doesn’t belong to you," Raiven suggested. "Let her be she doesn’t deserve the drama."

Many suspect that Raiven's ex-girlfriend is the one who has been shopping news of her existence to the tabloids.

"We split due to being together at a young age," Raiven explained. "And not being ready for a relationship."

"Not being right for one another, we haven’t been together for almost 3 years," she shared.

That's two-and-a-half years before she and Bear began dating.

"I am with Bear!" Raiven happily affirmed. "I am happy and he is what I want every day of my life."

Bear Brown and Raiven Adams

"My past is my past judge me for whatever you want," Raiven wrote. "But don’t do it like this."

She then cited Bella Thorne coming out as pansexual by quoting the young actress' words.

"In the words of @bellathorne," Raiven wrote. "'Somebody explained to me really thoroughly what that is. You like beings. You like what you like.'"

"'Doesn’t have to be a girl or a guy or a he or she or they or this or that,'" the quote continued. "'It’s literally you like personality. You just like a being.'"

Raiven's heartfelt post concluded with the hashtags:"#loveislove#equality#standtall#pansexualandproud"

Alaskan Bush People, Family Photo

RadarOnline reports that Raiven's relationship history is giving pause to Bear's family.

An insider claims that Bear's parents in particular felt "blindsided" by the news of her ex-girlfriend.

The source added that the family currently "slightly suspicious of Raiven" on the grounds that she had not been more forthright with them.

The insider reported that the Browns "are honestly a bit bothered right now."

"They are both very religious," the source noted. "And the fact that she did not tell Bear she was gay at one point in her life really irritated them."

We hope that we do not have to explain that "gay at one point" is not what pansexuality is or even close to how sexuality works.

Raiven Adams, Bear Brown, Rain Brown

The claim that Bear's family resents Raiven over her sexuality doesn't sound quite right to us.

First of all, when Raiven posted on Instagram, it was immediately "liked" by an avalanche of people -- including Rain Brown.

Rain is a good person and has been vocally supportive of the LGBTQ+ community (while quietly side-stepping gay rumors) for years.

So it's no surprise that she was supportive of Raiven's beautiful message.

No matter their personal religious beliefs, we can't imagine the Browns condemning a young woman for not coming out when they first met.

Bear Brown Kisses Raiven Adams

And now we know that the reports of tensions and unease are just a load of malarkey.

We checked with what Bear had to say, and on Friday afternoon, Bear took to Instagram to make an announcement.

"Hey everyone!" Bear writes. "I just wanted to clarify to my fans and to all the fans of our show!"

"That Raiven has been completely honest with me and my family the whole time I’ve known her!" he emphasized.

"She started out as my best friend!" Bear shares. "And our relationship grew from there!"

Bear Brown

"My Mom Dad and whole family think the world of her," Bear reveals. "She is quickly becoming a part of the Wolfpack!"

"Raiven is the most beautiful woman I’ve ever met!" he praises. "Both on the inside and the outside! She has a heart of gold!"

"Also the way my parents taught me and the most important rule of Alaska," Bear notes. "Is to never judge anyone or tell anyone else how they should live!"

"Raiven holds my heart in her hands!" Bear concludes.

There you have it -- no weird bigoted tensions in the family over Raiven's pansexuality. Some folks are just having fun with rumors.

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So, Here’s Emily Ratajkowski With Maj Armpit Hair In A Bra

If a sexy sleek woman smuggling a bushel of hair under her pits gets your hornty, then this is the post for you. Emily Ratajkowski is one of the sexiest women in the world, but she’s not about to let your gender norms dictate her grooming habits. Sorry sir we don’t allow privilege in the dining room. But you can go ahead and check it at the door. Beyotch.

In a new Instagram post Emily Ratajkowski looks so sexy in a slinky lingerie bra, but the twist is that she has armpit hair. This coincides with a post she wrote for Harper’s Bazaar, which she describes as such in her Insta caption:

“Give women the opportunity to be whatever they want and as multifaceted as they can be.” I wrote an essay for @harpersbazaarus about the importance of women’s right to choose (how she dresses, what she posts, if she decides to shave or not) no matter what influences have shaped the way she presents herself. Do your thing ladies, whatever it might be. Link in bio.

Ashley Graham even commended Emily’s stance with the Instagram comment:

You. Are. So. Freakin. Awesome.

So you know there’s some weight behind this movement. Personally I won’t be able to get off until Emily grows a beard. You?



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Whatcha looking at Colombo? 🐾

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