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Julianne Hough’s Full Body Orgasm for Trauma

Two things have happened with Social Media.

The first is oversharing. Everyone wants you to know what color and texture of their feces is based on what level of GLUTEN they eat, or whatever else I don’t want to know, but that people seem to be love writing about their personal experience with it.

The other is everyone is a GURU, at least the influencers are, and people who have no business being experts are being seen as experts, when all they are doing is perpetuating misinformation! So you have people partaking in whatever current health and wellness trend that’s going on that minute. Whether it is Keto, or meditation, or Celery Juice. It’s constant. So dancing with the stars babe Julianne Hough was involved in some health and wellness practice that looks more like an exorcism porn parody, because I think he’s having an orgasm out of her butthole, like just finishing up her Taco Bell dinner, only instead of it being some gas station bathroom, it’s in front of people. I don’t get it, but it seems crazy, but that’s what cleansing yourself of trauma will do to you!

Here she is in a bikini…

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Maeve Wiley Sex Education Fringe Jacket

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Which Canadian Singer Used to Be a Nude Model?, Don’t Love Lizzo Just for Her Body and More

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Taylor Swift Will Not Attend 2020 Grammys Despite 3 Nominations

Taylor Swift, 2020 Sundance Film Festival, Miss Americana premiereYou’re going to need to calm down when you hear this news about Taylor Swift.
E! News can confirm Taylor will not be at the 2020 Grammys on Sunday. According to multiple reports, the…

Channing Tatum Slams ”Horrible, Hateful” Comment Comparing Jessie J to Jenna Dewan

Channing Tatum, Jessie J, 2020 MusiCares Person of the YearChanning Tatum and Jessie J's love is the real deal. Days after E! News exclusively reported that the Magic Mike star and British pop songstress were back together following a brief...

Star Trek’s George Takei Has a Message for Donald Trump After Space Force Logo Reveal

George Takei, Donald TrumpGeorge Takei doesn't seem too impressed with the new logo for the U.S. Space Force. Perhaps it's because it bears striking similarity to that of the original space explorers from...

Tori Roloff Knows When Little People, Big World Will Return… Sort Of!

A Little People, Big World star has some rather huge news to share.

Taking once again to her Instagram Story on January 22, Tori Roloff tried to answer the main question on the minds of fans around the country.

How is she doing at home as the mother of two young kids?

Tori, Zach and Their Kids

Not quite, even though Tori has well over one million followers who are often curious about how things are going for Tori and Zach Roloff with their newborn daughter and toddler son.

In this case, however, the pressing question centered not on Tori's personal life... but on her professional life.

“When does the new season air?” a social media user asked Tori of Little People, Big World, prompting a surprising answer from the beloved TLC star:

“This spring!!”

So there you have it, folks. Sort of.

lpbw return

Tori's response is rather broad and vague, of course, but it does fit the typical Little People, Big World timeline.

The series premiered on April 2 in 2019 and aired new episodes through June 4.

If it really does follow this same pattern in 2020 -- kicking off a new season on the first Tuesday of April -- then that means we'll have Tori and her family back in our lives on April 7.

But don't quote us on that! It's merely an educated guess.

Roloff Women, Babies

When the long-running program does return, it will not lack for storylines; that much is for certain.

Tori and Zach welcomed daughter Lilah into the world a short while before Thanksgiving. 

Just over two months later, Audrey and Jeremy Roloff welcomed a son named Bode.

And before these blessed events took place, Amy Roloff got engaged to Chris Marek. And she has also moved off the farm and into her very own place for the first time in decaces.

Tragically, she also bid farewell to her mother last fall.

Tori Roloff and Cuties

Like we said, a lot has gone down of late!

Mostly good and mostly all very promosing for the future of these loved ones.

The Roloffs excel at social media use, at least, so we've been able to follow most of these developments in real time.

But it's always fun to go behind the scenes on Little People, Big World and to see certain things that only television cameras can capture, you know?

A Very Roloff Christmas

Are you excited for the return of Little People, Big World?

Are you still watching, even in the absence of Audrey and Jeremy, who left the series in the summer of 2018?

And just how adorable is little Bode?!? Check out some of his best and cutest photos below:

Vicki Gunvalson Is Leaving The Real Housewives of Orange County After Demotion

Vicki Gunvalson, Real Housewives of Orange County, RHOCVicki Gunvalson's run as the O.G. from the O.C. is officially over. The Real Housewives of Orange County star announced her departure from the Bravo reality TV series on...

How Life Has Changed for Cheer’s Monica, La’Darius, and Morgan

CheerPrince Harry and Meghan Markle. Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston. Monica Aldama and the Navarro Cheerleaders. If you've been paying attention to pop culture this month, those are three...

Onision’s Kid Fell Out of a Window and It’s Looking Shady

As previously reported here, YouTuber Onision, real name Gregory Jackson,  has come under suspicion of having a penchant for underage girls. Whether it is true or not, one scroll through the guy’s YouTube page is all you need to see that he’s a creep on a massive level. Now it turns out that he isn’t just shitty while the cameras are on, that’s his factory setting.

Now, Newsweek uncovered a story that happened back in September where Onision’s daughter reportedly fell out of a second-story window. In most cases, this would sound like a tragic accident.

Still, there are some pieces that don’t add up like Child Protective Services having been called on this slimeball in the past and anonymous tips to a school principal that the kids have been suffering abuse for years. The most disturbing detail about this sad incident was when police showed up, Onision was taking pictures of the aftermath of the accident. When police questioned why he would be taking photographs, Onision said it was to show a doctor to prove he didn’t do it.

Whether he did it or not, it’s pretty evident that the kids need to be removed from that situation. At the very least, Onision should be charged with neglect, but I think we’d all be better off if this Gary Glitter wannabe was castrated and locked in a cell until his very existence is wiped from our collective minds. We could all hope that his constant threats to quit YouTube come to fruition, but given they are cries for attention, that isn’t likely.

Hopefully, Chris Hansen’s work to catch this predator will end up with Onision behind bars, but until then, let’s ignore this dumpster fire of a human being and hope that the justice system and karma both do their jobs.

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Lily Rosenthal is Phil Rosenthal’s Hot Daughter and Other Fine things…

Lily Rosenthal is Phil Rosenthal’s Hot Daughter

Selena Gomez Titty Parlour Tricks

Selena Gomez Another Busty in a TUBE Dress

Flight Attendant on Why You Shouldn’t Order Coffee

Vegas Lyft Driver Won’t Drop off Passenger

Bella Thorne -Titties with a View

Charlotte Lawrence’s Weird Slutty Dance

Cara Delevingne Looks Old in a Sheer Top

Arrest HALSEY – she Wished for the Collapse of One World Trade

Wendy Williams Says She Didn’t Fart on TV because She’s a Burper

Andie MacDowell’s Daughter has Great Nips

Fiona Erdman Nipple Pokies

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Halsey Accidentally Making a 9/11 Joke is Cringe

Pop singer Halsey got herself in a little trouble by accidentally tweeting a 9/11 joke.

After Pitchfork gave her new album Manic a less than favorable review, Halsey tweeted, “Can the basement that they run P*tchfork out of just collapse already.”

This would usually just be a snarky tweet that caused a few smirks, but there’s only one problem. It turns out that Pitchfork’s offices are in One World Trade Center, the tower that was built where the Twin Towers once stood.

Halsey is either a giant asshole, or she made an innocent mistake while trying to make a joke about a bad album review. Though the tweet is total cringe, most people had fun with it, joking about how Halsey called for another 9/11 for one bad review and laughing at the idea that one of her entourage would have to explain the faux pax to her.

A few media outlets tried to spin the story which Halsey was quick to respond to as clickbait.

Halsey realized her mistake and the singer removed the post and replaced it with the following explanation:

ABSOLUTLEY deleted it upon realizing this. was just trying to make a joke! Intended zero harm. Just figured I could poke at them back with the same aloof passive aggression they poke at artists with! Clearly a misunderstanding ❤

It’s pretty clear that this was an innocent mistake, but no one is safe from the ire of the internet. I bet Halsey’s regretting it today, considering she’s on SNL this Saturday night, and they won’t miss a chance to take a shot at her.

If being the butt of an SNL joke is the worst that comes of it, I think she’ll bounce back from this; after all, she dated G-Eazy for a while, so she’s no stranger to making mistakes.

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YG Arrested for Suspected Robbery

It wouldn’t be the first time that a celebrity did something stupid, but this whole thing seems pretty suspicious from the outset. Cops showed up at YG’s house at 4 a.m. today with a search warrant and arrest warrant for a suspected robbery.

It wasn’t just a few cops either, TMZ‘s pictures make it look like the LA County Sheriff’s Department showed up with an army to serve the unsuspecting rapper.

YG was quick to hire big-time attorney Joe Tacopina who’s defended Alex Rodriguez and Michael Jackson, among others. Tacopina had this to say about his client’s arrest:

“This arrest is one that caught YG completely off guard because there is no truth to them. YG has no idea what investigators are talking about and we have not been provided with any details … we are learning about this case through the media. Rest assured, my client will be cleared of all charges, if they even survive past the arraignment.”

Minutes later, Tacopina released a separate statement with more information:

“This has become even more outrageous … normally, in the American justice system, you get arrested after an investigation is completed. The motives here are pretty clear.”

What motives you may ask. Tacopina and rapper The Game have both called out the sheriff’s department for the suspicious timing considering YG is set to perform at the Grammys on Sunday to honor late rapper Nipsey Hussle.

Did I miss the part where YG slept with the sheriff’s daughter? Because it really seems like the LA County Sheriff’s Department is out to get him. I’m no lawyer, but this looks from the outside as a pretty clear case of an abuse of power by the LA justice system. The rapper’s bail was set at $250,000, so it’s likely that he is already home and preparing for his Grammy gig.

Since there hasn’t been an announcement about anything found in the raid, it is unlikely there’ll be one, but the cops will certainly find a unicorn at YG’s house before they find the apology that they owe him.

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Meghan Markle Snubs Oprah, Grants First US TV Interview to Ellen!

Now that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have stepped down as senior members of the royal family, they'll be faced with the task of supporting both themselves and their 8-month-old son, Archie.

Of course, they're still internationally famous, and they still have a lot of clout.


So you're not gonna see Harry and Meghan taking a civil service exam or picking up an industrial-sized drum of cheeseballs at Sam's Club anytime soon.

Their version of getting out there and earning a living will look very different from the peasant version.

For example, rather than being interviewed by hiring managers, Meghan will sit down with one of the most famous television personalities in the world.

And in doing so, she might be making an enemy of the other most famous TV host.

Meghan Markle in Canada: A Photo

According to a new report from The Daily Mail, Meghan has decided to give her first post-Megxit interview to Ellen DeGeneres.

The move is surprising for a number of reasons.

For one thing, Ellen's show is more informal and less journalistic than some of the outlets Meg might have chosen.

(Though it's safe to say some adjustments will be made -- you can bet no one will be jumping out from under a table to make the Duchess of Sussex shriek on national TV.)

Meghan and Ellen

On top of that, Meghan has long been friends with Oprah Winfrey, and the one-woman media empire has served as one of the Sussexes most vocal supporters in the States.

Despite that fact, the Mail's insiders say the Meghan-Ellen interview is a go, and will take place in the coming weeks.

"Ellen and Meghan have already discussed a sit-down interview. That has been in the works for quite some time now," says one source.

"Ellen getting the first shot at an in-depth interview is surely going to put Oprah's - (and Gayle King's) nose out of joint."

Markle and Prince Harry

The insider goes on to point out the many ways in which Oprah has gone to great lengths to forge a relationship with Meghan in recent years.

"After all, Oprah wooed Meghan's mother by having her spend the day in Montecito, wrangled an invite to the wedding and has been pretty vocal in her support of the couple's decision to break away," says the source.

In spite of Oprah's efforts, however, it seems that Meg simply feels a deeper connection with Ellen.

"Meghan adores Ellen and loves the fact that she and Portia are huge animal lovers," the insider claims.

Ellen DeGeneres Accepts

"She said they have stayed in touch since meeting in person and have become close."

Far more than a professional relationship, sources say the mutual fondness between Meghan and Ellen has all the makings of a beautiful friendship.

"She said they actually have a lot in common and that Ellen has been a huge support, especially since moving to Canada," one source tells the Mail.

"Ellen has a way of making things happen," the insider adds.

Ellen DeGeneres is Happy

"Plus Ellen has made it clear to her staffers that Meghan is one of the nicest, most real people she's ever met and that Harry is just the same."

And it seems both parties are looking forward to getting to know one another better, now that they won't be separated by an ocean.

"I wouldn't be surprised if they forge even more of a friendship now that Meghan is in North America.

Of course, North America might not be safe for Meg and Harry now that they've incurred the wrath of Oprah!

Feel Good Friday: This Week’s Stories That Will Melt Your Heart

BlakelyTGIFGF: Thank God It's Feel Good Friday! We made it to the weekend, friends, and why not head into it with a smile on your face, checking out six stories that are sure to make you...

Joy-Anna Duggar: Breaking Jim Bob’s Rules By Getting a JOB?!?!

The Duggar girls have little chance at normal lives, but fans still have hope -- and love to see when they break Jim Bob's awful sexist rules.

Well, as part of Joy-Anna's bid to convince fans that Austin Forsyth isn't a creep, she revealed that she kind of has a job. Like, a real job.

Joy-Anna and Austin: Together!

The Duggar girls are expected to be wives and mothers, obedient to their "lord husbands" as they were to Jim Bob before they were married.

Just recently, Jill Duggar defended her role as a stay-at-home mom after fans encouraged her to have a life of her own.

No, she's not qualified to teach her kids, though she's determined to do it anyway. It'll keep her in the house, where Jim Bob groomed her to stay.

But it looks like Joy-Anna has chosen a different path for herself, and she shared as much on her Instagram Stories.

Joy-Anna Duggar IG helps Austin with yard job 01

"I'm a mess," Joy-Anna admits in her Instagram Stories.

She writes: "but enjoying working with Austin today!"

Joy-Anna made it clear that she's working outside with Austin, clearing debris. This isn't maintenance work on their yard -- it's work.

She also shares a look at Austin wielding a chainsaw, captioning the photo: "Giving me lessons on chainsaws."

Joy-Anna Duggar IG helps Austin with yard job 02

"On the side, Austin does dozer work and clears land and stuff," Joy-Anna explains.

"He was finishing a job," she details, "and needed extra hands to just pick up sticks and run errands and stuff."

Joy-Anna reveals that this is where she became involved, sharing: "so I got to come help him."

She was also sure to clarify that they didn't abdicate their parental duties, noting: “My family’s keeping Gideon."

The Joy of Hunting

Apparently, Joy-Anna was thrilled by more than just her husband's company. She enjoys the work.

"A lot of people are like ‘Why do you even enjoy that?’" she acknowledges to her followers.

Joy-Anna explains: "but I really love it."

"I love getting to work with him," she gushes about Austin.

Joy-Anna and Austin On the Gram

Joy-Anna also notes that she enjoys the thrill of "riding in big trucks, helping to run equipment, whatever it is."

"I’ve always loved being outside and doing things," she expresses.

Joy-Anna's explanation concludes: "It’s kind of a highlight for me."

Those of us who do not enjoy "being outside and doing things" may be mystified by her confession, but it makes a certain kind of sense.

Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Selfie

For Joy-Anna, being outside with her husband is symbolic -- perhaps even on a subconscious level -- of freedom.

She's not under Jim Bob's roof. She's not at home being a mom, even if it's just for a few hours.

For this short period of time, she gets to have a normal job, working alongside her husband, outside of the grand plan Jim Bob laid out for hsi progeny.

The outdoors may be a hellscape filled with mud and unregulated sunlight, but for Joy-Anna, the cool January breeze tastes like freedom.

In the Air

Of course, pitching in to help out your husband isn't the same thing as true independence.

But for a Duggar daughter, this is still a huge deal. She's doing something other than being a mom or a midwife or "making herself available" to Austin.

It could be -- as fans hope, but as Jim Bob dreads -- a step in the direction of getting her own job one day.

Can you imagine if Joy-Anna started working a part-time office gig and sent Gideon to a real school? Jim Bob would blow a gasket.

Maya Hawke for Madame Figaro

Stranger Things fans will recognize Maya Hawke as Robin from the third season of the Netflix series, but prior to that she starred in the 2017 BBC adaption of Little Women. And prior to THAT she was the main attraction in Uma Thurman’s womb about 21 years ago.

Maya is the product of Uma Thurman and Ethan Hawke’s marriage, and at any given time looks exactly like her mom or her dad. Anyway she posed for the magazine Madame Figaro this month showing us that she’s not just an actress but a fantastic model as well.

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The MixtapE! Presents Rosalía, Calvin Harris and More New Music Musts

The MixtapE!, Rosalía, Calvin HarrisNew music Fridays are a thrilling, yet daunting prospect for any music lover. It's essentially a weekly holiday where fan-favorite artists and fresh faces alike drop their latest...

Vanessa Hudgens new Tattoo

Vanessa Hudgens is newly single and seems to be getting over her break up the same way all girls do, they post throwback photos of themselves looking amazing in racy outfits, then the go get a tattoo.

So Vanessa went out and visited the popular BangBang tattoo shop in New York City and had a new addition added to her body, this time it’s a small yellow sunflower just under her left breast which was done by a tattoo artist who goes by the name “Dragon”

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LB Bonner: My 600-lb Life Star’s Family Sues Production Over Death

In 2018, My 600-lb Life star LB Bonner died by suicide at the young, young age of 30. He was a fan favorite and it was a tragedy.

Now, his family is suing My 600-lb Life's production company for gross negligence and more. They hope to change the show for the better.

LB Bonner photo 05

Starcasm reports that LB Bonner's family is now suing production company Megalomedia, alleging that they have some culpability in his death.

The lawsuit accuses the production company of "gross negligence."

Allegations include production backin out of multiple promises to LB and pressuring him into filming when he was not prepared.

When this took its toll on his mental health, the production company allegedly failed to provide him with adequate health care.


As part of the evidence that LB's family is presenting with the lawsuit, they cite text messages that LB sent to a member of the production team.

"I am a f--ked up wreck right now," reads one text message.

In another, he warned the producer: “I’m not in a good place right now it’s dark." In another: “I had a breakdown.”

Apparently one of the text replies that LB received was: “Fake it till you make it."

LB Bonner photo 01

In addition, Megalomedia allegedly "demanded" that LB shave his beard.

When he wanted to move to Texas to obtain work, they allegedly forbade him from doing so until they worked out an approve filming schedule.

When LB did move, they then had him return to his old home in South Carolina, unpack, and then repack so that they could film it all.

Hopefully, we do not have to explain that moving is considered one of the most stressful experiences that the average person has in their lives.

LB Bonner photo 02

The lawsuit does acknowledge that LB Bonner received therapy -- but alleges that production gave him only one therapy session.

Additional therapy sessions would only come on an "as needed basis," which was apparently ill-defined and insufficient.

Viewers of My 600-lb Life may be shocked to hear that Megalomedia allegedly did not "pay for all charges associated with" the weight loss surgery.

The lawsuit claims that LB was inundated with calls from “bill collectors … harassing LB for payment and impairing his credit."

LB Bonner photo 04

One of the consequences that LB allegedly faced after his dramatic weight loss and this extreme stress was something truly shocking.

Per the lawsuit: "due to the rapid weight loss and lack of sufficient after care, LB’s teeth became loose and some fell out."

Additionally: "his vision became impaired, and he suffered from general malaise."

"All the while he continued to suffer psychologically and physically, the show continued to pressure," the lawsuit accuses.

LB Bonner photo 03

The lawsuit was filed by LB's mother, Karen Sue, his father, James, and his ssiter, Tera Ann Shumaker, who is also the executor of his estate.

According to the lawsuit, the family “seek[s] monetary relief well in excess of $1,000,000.00."

In the grand scheme of things, a $1 million lawsuit isn't that much when you're talking about the death of a human being.

But there's a reason for this, as the family is reportedly looking for "a monetary verdict to change the reality show industry."

LB Bonner photo 06

For years, people -- from those who have had their own weight loss journeys to folks on social media -- have expressed concerns about My 600-lb Life.

While it's not the worst show out there for overweight people (looking at you, The Biggest Loser), it's known that rapid weight loss has real risks.

Of course, we ourselves cannot confirm the contents of the lawsuit to be true, or identify what else may come up during the case.

We hope that justice is served, and our thoughts are with LB's loved ones as they continue to mourn is passing.

Lauren Jauregui at an Event in her Pyjamas

Lauren Jauregui is a former member of the UK girl group Fifth Harmony, the group that created Camila Cabello before kicking her out for being a bad sport.

So Lauren shows up to this Spotify event last night in what looks like a silk pyjama set wearing a white underneath. I’m not gonna lie, I’ve never heard her sing but her look is giving me strong healthy Amy Winehouse vibes no?

The outfit though is giving me major TLC Waterfalls vibes! RIP Lisa Left Eye!

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Joanna ‘JoJo’ Levesque’s New Look

Jojo, who still goes by the name Jojo, despite not being 19 is still out here promoting herself despite having not done anything memorable for the last decade and she’s looking more amazing than ever, but that could just be the outfit she’s wearing talking.

There’s this level of ATEX PVC that makes her seem like she’s Julia Roberts’ boot in Pretty Woman. Fetish Gear. Ok.

There’s this other level of “damn she’s got a body” where was that hiding back when The Kids Say the Darndest thing Star (where she got her start in Hollywood from Bill Cosby) was a big deal and at her peak…..oh right she hadn’t gone through puberty yet but at 29 she’s doing fine.

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Gigi and Bella Hadid for i-D Magazine

The Hadid sisters posed for the Rihanna edition of i-D Magazine this month, the publication gave the singer her own special edition of the magazine where she was able to feature women who inspire her.

In the interview with Gigi she admitted she has regrets about her career and that her biggest regret was not speaking up on set. “ I think my biggest failures in my life and my career have been when I haven’t had- or i wasn’t old enough to have the confidence to stand up for myself when I knew what was happening on set wasn’t right – I guess through those disappointments in myself or through disappointing others with my actions, I’ve really been able to learn. I try and grow from everything”

Her sister Bella had a similar mind set saying “ I need to own my decisions and stand up for myself” while her biggest failure is not trusting her won intuition. You can tell these girls are sisters by the way they speak with Rihanna.

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Watch People Hilariously Mistake E!’s Scott Tweedie for a Hemsworth Brother!

Scott Tweedie, Chris HemsworthChris, Liam, Luke...and Scott! Scott Tweedie shares a few things in common with the Hemsworth brothers, including good looks and an Aussie accent. But can fans tell the E! News co-host...

Check Out the Tattoo Vanessa Hudgens Got on her Boob

Vanessa Hudgens is newly single after breaking up with her long-time boyfriend Austin Butler, with Hollywood Life reporting the reason for their split was simply not being able to spend enough time together.

“They had to spend too much time apart the last few months, that’s what did it. Vanessa was so busy with back to back projects that she was hardly home. And Austin has been just as busy with work. He’s doing a movie in Australia [Elvis biopic] and he’s had to be over there on and off for months doing pre-production. They are very good when they are together. But when they’re apart, that is when things get tough and they were apart for months,” a source tells HollywoodLife.com EXCLUSIVELY.

Aww, that’s sad, I wanted it to work out for them. Still, nine years is a long time, you can’t say they didn’t have a good run, especially since they’re both only around 30.

Hudgens has been spotted around town with NBA player Kyle Kuzma of the LA Lakers since the break-up. She also showed off a new tattoo on Instagram.

I’m not a huge fan about tattoos, but something about this one really appeals to me.

Of course Hudgens has never been shy on being sexy.

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Cedric Bixler-Zavala of Mars Volta is Accusing Scientologists of Killing his Dog Over Danny Masterson Claims

As you may know, Danny Masterson has been accused of raping 4 women, accusations that caused him to lose his role on The Ranch and he hasn’t had an acting gig since. Our lawyers tell us that we do not believe these outrageous lies and we’re sure the truth will win out. Our lawyers have also added that the idea that the Church of Scientology used their wealth and influence to mastermind some sort of cover-up is completely unfounded and absolutely not something you should believe, because it isn’t true.

Loudwire reported some new accusations against the church and Masterson by singer Cedric Bixler-Zavala, whose wife is one of the women accusing Masterson of rape, that we’re sure are equally untrue.

The vocalist believes the Church of Scientology is behind the loss of both of his dogs. He uploaded a photo on Instagram of a chunk of raw meat that had rat poisoning stuffed inside. “This is what I’ve been finding in my front and backyard. This is what scientology does when you speak about the predators they protect,” he wrote.

The ASPCA later confirmed to the couple that the dog had ingested flavored rat poisoning.  “We had to put her down today,” Bixler-Zavala wrote in another Instagram post, in memoriam of their dog. “This was the result of eating rat poison rolled up in raw meat. This is the 2nd dog we’ve had to put down due to the harassment from private investigators and Scientologists. This only makes us stronger.”

That is really messed up and it’s the sort of thing only an absolute monster would do. Luckily, it was probably just a mishap. I’m guessing an errant cow just rolled around in some rat poison, butchered itself and fell into Cedric’s yard because it couldn’t stand the thought of how much its farts were contributing to global warming. It’s really the only explanation that makes sense, if you think about it.

He also made a statement on Instagram about the incident.

We definitely do not endorse listening to this podcast, and this is absolutely not consistent with stories people have been telling about the church for decades.

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