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Aarushi Call Girls in Jaipur

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Aarushi Call Girls in Jaipur


How is THIS What Ariel Winter Looks Like Without Makeup?

Modern Family has wrapped shooting and the final episode is set to air in a few weeks. Last night, ABC aired a mini-marathon of episodes from across the show’s history in prime time as part of the farewell.

It’s hard to overstate the influence Modern Family had on television. It appeared at just the right time and was just the right mix of classic sitcom writing and the style of the nascent prestige TV era to draw in a huge audience and establish a sitcom presence for ABC.

But maybe the best thing the show did was introduce us to Ariel Winter. Playing nerdy middle child Alex, Winter grew up to be both a gifted comedic actress and so smoking hot that the show eventually couldn’t hide her behind glasses and unfashionable clothes anymore.

Just to give you an idea of what I mean, Winter recently posted what she called a “pre-makeup selfie” on Instagram.

Fuck. Off.

How does she look that good without makeup? The Kardashians spend an hour in a makeup chair and another hour with Photoshop and don’t end up looking that good.

Probably not a great time for Pokémon Go, though, unless you want to Pokémon Go to the hospital with coronavirus, Ariel.

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