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Madison Prewett Reminds Us The Bachelor Finale Was Only a Week Ago

Madison Prewett, The BachelorIn the famous words of Ron Burgundy: Well, that escalated quickly. Believe it or not but The Bachelor finale started last Monday with everyone talking about Madison Prewett's shocking...

Tom Hanks, Idris Elba and More Stars Spreading Hope After Coronavirus Diagnosis

Tom Hanks, 2019 Toronto International Film FestivalA growing number of celebrities and athletes are facing COVID-19 with hope and candor. On Friday, Andy Cohen and Colton Underwood shared news of their diagnoses. Days prior, Idris Elba...

Universal Is Killing the Theatrical Release Window Because of the Coronavirus

The theatrical release window is the time that movies are only shown in theaters before being released to the home video market. It’s generally 90 days and really popular films will take even longer to release to Blu Ray and digital after they’re in theaters.

Theaters have essentially negotiated this with studios as it’s the only thing keeping theaters afloat. Once people figure out that watching films in theaters isn’t a good experience, much less one necessary to enjoying movies, that’s the end of the entire industry.

Universal Pictures, in cooperation with the coronavirus, may have just killed that window. Variety is reporting that Universal is going to release the films it’s currently showing theatrically to the home video market for the low, low price of $20 for a two day rental.

The move is a response to falling theatrical receipts in light of the global pandemic because it turns out most people don’t want to risk killing their grandparents to see Onward. Universal wants to make some of that lost revenue up so The Hunt, The Invisible Man and the newest version of Emma will all be available this Friday, and other upcoming films like Trolls World Tour will be available for home viewing the same day as their theatrical release.

Even at $20 for a 48-hour rental, I think this is the beginning of the end of theatrical movies. It’s cheaper than two tickets to the theater, the studio gets a larger cut and you can watch from your couch. You can use your phone or iPad without getting assaulted by an Alamo Drafthouse theater ninja. If this becomes the standard, there’s really no reason to ever leave your house to see a movie again.

“Oh, but I like movie theater popcorn, it just tastes better.!” It’s called Flavacol, it’s like $6 for two pounds of it, you’re welcome.

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Lady Gaga’s Bare Ass and Other Fine Things!

In this time of uncertainty, one thing is for sure….FINE THINGS TO CLICK ON.

There is no risk of catching any diseases by clicking links.

It is the one truly safe space during the pandemic.

Lady Gaga Nude in a Magazine

Toilet Seat Licking “Influencer”

Josie Canseco Topless on SetCoco Austin Breast Feeding 4 Year Old

Hot Italian Pole Vaulters!

Vanessa Hudgens in Bike Shorts Working Out

Girls on the Slingshot

Orlando Bloom Celebate Before Katy Perry

Hot Models Promoting Bikinis

Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta’s Hot Bods in Bikinis….

Real World: Miami Star Flora Resurfaces on ‘Botched’ to Fix ‘Uniboob’

Rita Ora in White Panties Promoting Muic

Try To Look Up Selena Gomez’s Skirt

Coronavirus REMIX

Jojo in a Panty Dance

Every Star Diagnosed with Coronavirus or Self Isolating

No Fans Allowed at WWE

Lindsay Lohan Hot Towel Selfie!

The Guy who is Fed Up with the Media’s Coverage on Panic Buying

KFC Explodes!

Demi Rose and Kinsey in Nude Quarantine!

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Josephine Skriver Underboob for Numero Magazine

Josephine Skriver is amazing, probably one of the hottest Victoria’s Secret girls to ever happen.

Her story is straight out of a Sci/Fi movie, kind of like everything going on right now in the world, because I’ve read various stories about how she was created in a lab.

Her father was a gay biologist, her mother a lesbian friend who I guess acted as a surrogate, and I assume she was an experiment gone right.

I am sure the whole “designer” baby concept of creating a goddess is left out of her wikipedia page, but it’d be so boring to assume that this was just a straight IVF procedure, since she was able to go right to the top, after being virtually unknown by the Victoria’s Secret company.

I wouldn’t find it too crazy a concept that the corporation funded the research in the designer baby, creating what could be the perfect lingerie model, because as it turns out she grew into the perfect lingerie model, but I may just be losing my mind in self-quarantine. Digging a little deeper than I should into things I know nothing about.

Instead, we shall stare at her hotness!

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Margot Robbie Makes a Swimming Cap Look Good

I still remember the day I saw Wolf of Wall Street and was officially introduced to the Australian goddess who turned out to be Margot Robbie. She was just so naked in it. Before that movie, she was basically an unknown in America, Australian actress.

At the time, I figured she’d go viral as other actresses who had a celebrated nude scenes had done before. I thought it would put her on the official map, get her some more roles that involved her getting naked.

She did go viral, all dudes were like “Did you see Margot Robbie, that girl is something else” and other probably pervier statements about her performance.

So instead of continuing on the nude actress kick, like a one trick pony she became one of the biggest stars in Hollywood. I was not expecting her to polarize that viral nude scene, because at the time it was a big deal, and turn it into Oscar nominations.

I don’t know why she didn’t get typecast as the hot chick who gets naked, even though I guess she’s typecast as the hot chick who fills seats, I don’t know how she became a hitmaker, besides being the hot actress who gets naked. I don’t know why she has been placed in basically any and every movie being made, she’s filming 3-5 movies a year it seems but I have a few ideas and they aren’t all Weinstein based.

Maybe her and her team always had this plan and it unfolded perfectly in a perfect storm of events.

I know most of you are glad it did, because you just can’t get enough of this babe, so here’s some more of this babe!

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The History of Deadly Pandemics

Although our minds are focused on COVID-19, also known as coronavirus, throughout history, there have been many deadly pandemics. This graphic illustrates the magnitude of the Bubonic Plague, the Spanish Flu and HIV/AIDS as compared to the Swine Flu, Ebola and COVID-19.

Deadly Pandemics

Prince William & Prince Harry: Brothers’ Relationship Is More Strained Than Ever, Sources Claim

Well, a lot of events are being postponed or altogether canceled these days, but it seems that one long-awaited occasion will still take place right on schedule.

We're talking, of course, about Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's royal retirement!


Yes, Meghan and Harry are still stepping down from their roles as senior members of the royal family, and far as anyone knows, the preparations are proceeding apace. 

The event the global media has dubbed #Megxit is scheduled to take place on March 31, which means that on April 1, Meghan and Harry will officially be relieved of their royal duties.

Sources close to the royal family have stated that they've long been hopeful that tensions between Harry and his family will ease once he and his wife and son are permitted to relocate to Canada full-time and escape their fishbowl existence in London.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Are Outta There

Unfortunately, as the date draws nearer, it seems that the longstanding feud between William and Harry is alive and well.

In fact, insiders tell The Daily Mail that tensions between the brothers are at an all-time high.

"William is said to feel insulted by his brother’s recent comments, including the stream of remarks on Harry and Meghan’s Sussex Royal website, which many have taken as implied criticisms of the Royal Family," the newspaper reports.

"William feels his brother has ‘disrespected’ the institution of the monarchy and – most woundingly of all – their grandmother the Queen."

2 Princes

Insiders say the relationship began to deteriorate back in 2015, when Harry was essentially strong-armed into leaving the military so that he could join Will and Kate in their humanitarian work, which quickly became a source of tension.

"It didn’t help that whenever [Harry] asked the shared staff at Kensington Palace to do something, they were often busy with ‘more important’ work for the Duke of Cambridge, who, after all, will one day be King," says one insider.

Yes, apparently the fact that William will one day be king and Harry will not -- a fact the brothers have been well aware of since childhood -- has become a source of escalating conflict in recent years.

Kate, William and Harry

"When Harry gave the interview about being on a different path to his brother, I don’t think anyone in the Palace was surprised," an anonymous aide tells the Mail.

"One [brother] is going to be King and the other is not and therefore has to figure out what that [life] looks like."

"It didn’t help that William never let Harry forget which of them was going to be King," adds another royal source.

The difference in duties and expectations has apparently led to increased feelings of alienation for Harry.

A Fab Four

"Harry has always been looking for signs that he belongs, but soon all he could see – I think wrongly – were signs that told him he wasn’t needed," says one insider.

"He should have taken his father’s advice and stayed in the military. Leaving the Army was the worst thing he could have done.’

The source adds that Harry essentially blames his brother for his forced military retirement, as he feels he was forced to return to royal life in order to lighten William's workload.

The British media has been quick to blame Meghan for the bad blood between Harry and William, but it sounds as though this royal feud has been a long time in the making.

Vicki Gunvalson: WHAT Coronavirus? I Can Drink Where I Want!

We have all seen that Vicki Gunvalson is filming again for some mysterious project. Maybe she should cut back on her social media videos.

As millions of Americans correctly practiced self-isolation, Vicki was partying in Palm Springs, and now she's getting slammed for it.

Vicki gunvalson on her insta

We've all heard the stories of people who refuse to self-isolate for any reason despite being in the early weeks of a global pandemic.

No one blames the people who are out getting food, medicine, or other vital supplies.

But some people, particularly those whose political ideology makes them resistant to cooperation, have been ignoring common sense.

Unfortunately, it appears that Vicki has been risking her own health and that of many others all so that she can get hammered with friends.

"Daydrinking with my girl," Vicki Gunvalson begins the ill-advised video that she shared to her Instagram Stories.

This was only after using the social media platform to share that she was drinking cosmos with her friends.

Vicki gushed: "It's so much fun!"

Pausing and speaking very deliberately, as one might do after drinking, Vicki asks: "What coronavirus?"

Vicki then jokes about the notorious toilet paper shortage, which has left families and children in real need.

The cause is, of course, selfish people who simply bought as much toilet paper as they could stuff into their cars.

Vicki's friend then shares that she "stockpiled," adding "sorry, people."

Having a few dozen rolls is a fine "stockpile." If someone has hundreds or thousands of rolls, they're doing a community disservice.

After Vicki's video made the rounds on social media over the weekend, even her own fans were outraged.

They knew that everyone going out without reason was endangering not only themselves but others.

Schools all over the country are closing. Houses of worship are shuttering their doors.

But Vicki apparently prioritized partying it up in Palm Springs over keeping her family and her community safe.

Vicki is only a few years below the age threshold for those who are considered to be at special risk.

But even the young, healthy people who contract COVID-19 have been found to have alarming, lasting effects.

Right now, a number of Asian countries whose numbers of new infections are going down are grappling with a new problem.

Some of those who "recovered" are experiencing a partial loss of lung function. Doctors believe that the coronavirus may have done permanent damage.

"She stock piled all the toilet paper but is still out and about, day drinking??" one Twiter user wrote. "She’s the problem!"

Another shared a gif of Vicki with a message: "shame on you, shame on you."

Another tweet simply commented "how vile."

People have died in the US and abroad, and experts say that the coronavirus pandemic is likely to drag on for weeks if not longer.

What is especially strange about Vicki's behavior is that her flippant attitude flies in the face of her espoused views.

Vicki has spent the past week tweeting articles about the coronavirus and about common sense preventative measures.

Obviously, Vicki is not the only person to be reckless during this crisis. She is also not the only person to broadcast it on social media.

But in this time of seeing multiple celebrities speak intelligently on the coronavirus, it is so strange to see someone with Vicki's platform act the fool.

Vicki gunvalson what coronavirus i can drink where i want

Idris Elba Has the Virus

Been wondering how many celebs would test positive for the Covid 19 virus. First there was Tom Hanks, now Idris Elba.

Elba tweeted out that he tested positive for the coronavirus and is self-quarantining himself.

Elba said:

This morning I tested positive for Covid 19. I feel ok, I have no symptoms so far but have been isolated since I found out about my possible exposure to the virus. Stay home people and be pragmatic. I will keep you updated on how I’m doing 👊🏾👊🏾 No panic.

Elba said he got tested after coming in contact with A CARRIER!

What’s up guys. So look this morning. I got some test results back for coronavirus and it came back positive. Yeah and it sucks. Listen, I’m doing okay. Sabrina hasn’t been tested and she’s doing okay. I wasn’t, I didn’t have any symptoms. I got tested because I realized I was exposed to someone who had also tested positive.

I found out last Friday that they were tested positive. I quarantined myself and got a test immediately and got a results back today.

Thoughts and prayers to Idris.

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This Simple Act of Kindness Is Exactly What We Need Amid Coronavirus

Coronavirus, COVID, Helping NeighborsAs Mister Rogers famously advised, "look for the helpers." Amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, such a helper was found in London, where a woman offered her neighbors help...

Gisele Bundchen’s Got a Green Thumb

Supermodel Gisele Bündchen partnered up with Marie Claire magazine to talk about her efforts in sustainability. Apparently, for her 40th birthday the model and Goodwill Ambassador plans to plant 40,000 trees in her native Brazil. Here is what she had to say about teaching her children about sustainability and caring for our planet.

“I try to lead by example in my daily life and teach my children about all the incredible things that our planet provides us. We wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for our planet; this is our only home. As a mother, I cherish the moments we get to spend in nature and learn together by doing. I love seeing my kids get excited when they find fresh eggs in our chicken coop or harvest the vegetables from our garden.”

Gisele kneeling down in the dirt, hand picking her kale tells me one thing, she makes sustainability look good.

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Khloe Kardashian Reveals Where She Stands With Tristan Thompson Amid Reconciliation Rumors

Khloe Kardashian, Tristan ThompsonKhloe Kardashian is setting the record straight on where she stands with Tristan Thompson. On Sunday, the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star shared a precious pic of herself twinning...

Alessandra Ambrosio Selling Bikini’s and Getting Wet

Alessandra Ambrosio started her own bikini line a few years ago called GAL Floripa, it looks like she’s trying to get her bikinis sold off asap now that travel is being limited and everyone is on self isolation, most of which don’t have a pool in their backyard where they can wear a new GAL Floripa bikini everyday as they tan.

So Alessandra released these photos of her getting wet in her new line of bikinis to inspire us all to strip down and spend this isolation period half naked.

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Kid Rock’s Nashville Bar Refuses to Close Over Coronavirus

Kid Rock's Nashville honky tonk says it will NOT shut down over coronavirus ... despite the city's orders ... and Kid's joint ain't alone in taking this defiant stand. Restaurateur Steve Smith -- who co-owns Kid Rock's Big Ass Honky Tonk &…

Jessica Alba’s TikTok Dances for your Social Distancing!

Jessica Alba has been posting a series of “while you’re at home” workout videos and dance videos that feature various people which I assume break the “self quarantine” rule, unless they live in her house with her, which is always possible.

I figure since Jessica Alba is not an authority on anything Coronavirus but we can still watch her dance, because before she was the dot com e-commerce billionaire with her Honest Company, she was the hottest actress we all loved. Literally, the hottest actress around and the mom of a dozen kids or so is still looking awesome and bringing the goods to TikTok. The future of short format hot as hell dance videos.

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Why Lady Gaga Did Not Like Being Single

Lady Gaga, Michael PolanskyLady Gaga just wanted some stupid love. On the heels of dropping her new single for her upcoming sixth studio album, "Stupid Love," the world-famous entertainer is in the midst...

Harry Styles Breaks Down His Biggest Hits During Intimate Tiny Desk Performance

Harry Styles, NPR Tiny Desk Harry Styles' Tiny Desk performance has got us falling. On Monday, the "Adore You" singer performed stripped-down versions of his hit songs from his new album Fine Line for...

Tom Hanks’ Son Colin Weighs In After Dad Sparks Vegemite Debate

Tom Hanks, 2020 Golden Globe AwardsTom Hanks has sparked a bit of a debate. On Sunday, the 63-year-old actor posted a photo of some toast with Vegemite, which he appeared to be eating during his time in isolation in...

Hey, At Least Colton Underwood and Cassie Randolph Are Still Together

Colton Underwood, Cassie Randolph"In other news I still love Cassie." You know what, Colton Underwood? We needed that. After sitting through that car wreck of a two-part Bachelor finale where actually no one...