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Amanda Bynes Will Soon Be Raising a Child

Proving god has a sense of humor, Amanda Bynes announced on Instagram the other day that she is pregnant. In a now deleted post, she wrote “Baby on board!” under a photo of her ultrasound. The father is on again off again boyfriend Paul Michael I assume. That or it’s a virgin birth which would be the least weird thing Amanda Bynes would have ever done.

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Vanessa Hudgens Is a Strong Contender For Dumbest Coronavirus Take

The coronavirus outbreak has people stuck in the house and worrying about it and saying some pretty dumb things. Like Chrissy Teigen and her $100 soup suggestion. But Vanessa Hudgens got on her Instagram story to prove that she cannot, she will not be out-stupided by anyone.

So like, what’s the big deal about about a global pandemic that kills a bunch of people? I mean, those people were going to die eventually, right? Why should I miss Coachella just because you wanted another 20 years with your grandma?

The smartest thing Hudgins said was “maybe I shouldn’t be doing this now.”

Some twitter users pointed out that this is what happens when you socially distance yourself from your PR team.

When did Matt Oswalt become the good Oswalt? I feel so bad for Patton.

I did not watch High School Musical because I love myself, but I always thought Ashley Tisdale was supposed to be the ditzy one.

This hits the nail on the head. Rich people are just completely out of touch. And while they’re home all day and running their own social media accounts instead of letting an intern do it we’re going to see a lot more rich celebrities show us exactly how dumb and out of touch they are. It’s like quarantine Christmas.

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Jared Leto Didn’t Learn About the Coronavirus Until Just Now

Jared Leto has been entirely ignorant of the massive coronavirus outbreak because he’s spent the past two weeks at a silent meditation retreat. I dare you to dream of a more Jared Leto sentence than that. I assume he’s been getting into character for a new film where he plays an insufferable douche, a role he’s been preparing for his whole life.

Jared Leto’s twitter account has been active the entire time he’s been away, which takes away a lot of the mystery of whether or not his social media is run by an intern.

Remember those rumors that Jared Leto was a cult leader a few months ago? It sounds more and more true every day. Jared Leto leading a cult is basically the only explanation for how a Jared Leto isn’t in a cult. Or Scientology. Which is definitely not a cult.

Leto isn’t the only person unaware of the coronavirus; contestants on the German version of the reality show Big Brother are about to learn about the outbreak live on the air.

That’s kind of perfect, I can’t think of who is more like a vapid reality TV contestant than Jared Leto. Dude walks out of an ashram somewhere and learns there’s a global pandemic and tweets “wow man, that’s so heavy. Peace and love!”

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Tom Brady is Taking His Deflated Balls and Leaving New England

It’s the end of an era as Tom Brady announced he’s leaving the New England Patriots as a free agent and will be playing somewhere else, though no announcement on where he’s going yet.

Brady made the announcement on his Instagram early Tuesday morning.

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A post shared by Tom Brady (@tombrady) on

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A post shared by Tom Brady (@tombrady) on

It’s the end of an era, Brady and Bill Belichick were like the Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers of cheating at football.

Belichick and Patriots owner Robert Kraft issued responses to the news as well.

It’s actually kind of sweet that Robert Kraft says Tom Brady is like a son to him and that he loves him. Do you think he was getting a squeezer in the back room of a massage parlor when he dictated that letter?

Of course, the speculation is now on what team Brady will eventually sign with. Tampa Bay is leading the speculation right now, and while there was early speculation that the Las Vegas Raiders were interested in Brady, the just signed Marcus Mariota to be the backup to David Carr, so it seems unlikely they’ll bring Brady onboard now.

The LA Chargers and Miami Dolphins are also rumored to have expressed interest in Brady. It seems likely he’ll play for one of those teams next season. You know, provided there is a next season and it isn‘t cancelled because of the coronavirus.

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Britney Spears Says She’s Being Bullied Over Her Instagram Posts

Britney Spears, 2017 Radio Disney Music AwardsIsn't it finally time we left Britney Spears alone?! The pop star paused her usual flow of workout videos, fashion photoshoots and inspirational quotes to address her haters. She...

Cindy Crawford and Rande Gerber Think Son Presley’s Actions Are a ”Cry for Help”

Rande Gerber, Cindy Crawford, Presley GerberPresley Gerber is setting the record straight on his recent Instagram post. On Tuesday, the 20-year-old model showed off the new ink on his face with his social media followers. He...

Kevin Durant, Three Brooklyn Nets Teammates Diagnosed with COVID-19

One of the biggest names in sports has been diagnosed with the Coronavirus.

Kevin Durant -- a former NBA MVP and scoring champion and two-time world champion -- shared the news himself with a reporter this evening.

Kevin Durant Snapshot

“Everyone be careful, take care of yourself and quarantine,” Durant told journalist Shams Charania of The Athletic. “We’re going to get through this.”

Durant made his candid admission shortly after multiple outlets confirmed that a total of four Brooklyn Nets players had tested positive for the virus.

The names of the other three players are not known at the moment, with Durant presumably choosing to go public with his identity as a way to send a word of precaution to others around the world.

With so many schools and businesses closed throughout the United States and people panicking, or even ignoring advice to stay inside as much as humanly possible...

Kevin Durant in the Finals

... it can only help to spread this important message for huge stars such as Durant to hammer home this point.

We salute him for doing so.

Durant signed as free agent with the Nets a few weeks after suffering a torn Achilles heel in the NBA Finals as a member of the Golden State Warriors.

As a result, he has not played at all in the 2019-2020 season.

Kevin Durant in Brooklyn

This season was postponed indefinitely last Wednesday night after Utah Jazz center Rudy Gobert was also diagnosed with virus.

Since then, star Donovan Mitchell and breakout Detroit Pistons player Christian Woods have also come down with COVID-19.

In the Nets statement, meanwhile, the team said of the players who were diagnosed, three were asymptomatic while the fourth is currently exhibiting symptoms.

We don't know into which of these categories Durant falls.

Kevin Durant Gets Hurt

“All four players are presently isolated and under the care of team physicians,” reads this message, which  was posted by multiple reporters.

It continues:

“The organization is currently notifying anyone who has had known contact with the players, including recent opponents, and is working closely with state and local health authorities on reporting.”

The Nets were in Los Angeles to play the Lakers when the league shut down games -- and sources now confirm that all the Lakers players will soon also get tested.

This includes LeBron James.

Kevin Durant Speaks

As of Tuesday afternoon, more than 187,100 people have tested positive for the coronavirus around the globe, according to the New York Times.

The United states has seen at least 5,303 cases since the outbreak began, and 96 people have died in the country so far.

Along with Durant, such stars as Tom Hanks and Idris Elba have been diagnosed.

Please, everyone, heed the advice of experts... keep your distance from as many people as you can... and let's all be responsible citizens of the world.

Naked Cowboy Busks on Empty Streets with Face Mask

New York City's famous half-naked cowboy just got himself some new coverage that is very timely -- although his decision to hit the streets really isn't. The Times Square street performer -- who's well known in the Big Apple and a regular staple…

Vanessa Hudgens Offends the World and Other Fine Things!

Good luck to everyone out there! I know this is bad. It may get worse but we are in it together!

Vanessa Hudgens Offends the World

Ashley Tisdale and Vanessa Hudgens “Duet” a High School Musical Song

Frida Aasen is a Hot Model.

Chanel Westcoast in Nipple Pasties

Celebs Drinking Guinness

Bebe Rexha Says Coronavirus is No Joke As a Friend Dies.

Fiona Apple Says being Trapped in a Room with Quentin Tarantino Made her Quit Coke

Lindsey Vonn in the Bath

Driver Grazes past a Semi Truck

Jessica Alba’s Booty in her Home Gym

Arm Wrestling Commentator Lets People Know About His Fetish!

Minecraft’s Uncensored Library

Celebs at the End of the Rainbow

Jared Leto Just Found Out About Coronavirus

Irish Girls for St Patrick’s Day

Passenger Slaps Air Waitress

Russian Babe has her Nipple Pasties On

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Khloe Kardashian: Caught Lying to Fans About Tristan Thompson Relationship?

Looking back, on some level, we've known this news was coming for at least the past few months.

We didn't want to admit it to ourselves at the time, but in retrospect, all the signs were there:

Khloe and Tristan's Thanksgiving

Evasive answers during interviews, flirtatious social media comments, invitations to family parties ...

Yes, folks, whether we like it or not, Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson are back together.

The first big sign came back in December, when Tristan attended the Kardashian Christmas party.

We don't care how committed you are to co-parenting, the cheating baby daddy doesn't pose for pics at family parties unless he's back together with the mom.

Khloe and Tristan on New Year's Eve!

In the months that followed, Khloe tried to keep the reconciliation on the down-low, while Tristan didn't seem to seem to care if the whole world knew.

So far this year, Tristan has commented on just about everything Khloe has posted, often with heart-eye emojis, just in case there was any doubt that they're totally bonin'.

Now, it seems Khloe has decided to stop with the subterfuge and just let the whole world know what's going on ... well, sort of.

Earlier this week, Khloe posted the photo below on her Instagram page:

Khloe Hangs With True

The pic shows a barely-recognizable Khloe twinning with daughter True in a set of white pajamas.

"The only thing I need you to remember is how much your daddy and I love you!" Khloe captioned the pic.

She added a whole slew of flying dove emojis in case anyone doubted how joyful she was feeling in the moment.

Again, shout-outs to cheating exes are not customary on social media, especially when the guy cheated with your sister's best friend, and it wasn't the first or even the second time he got caught.

Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson on Halloween

Many fans took this pic as the latest indication that Khloe and Tristan are officially back together.

When one fan went so far as to ask Khloe point-blank, however, she received yet another evasive reply.

"It means her parents love her beyond measure," Khloe replied.

Okay, so Khloe's not flat-out lying here.

Cuddle for Khloe

But she's certainly going to great lengths to avoid telling the truth.

Some of her followers have speculated that with the NBA on hiatus due to the coronavirus, Tristan has decided to dedicate his free time to winning Khloe back.

We'll take that theory one step further:

These two have been back together for months, and they're using this time to make a younger sibling for True.

You heard it here first, folks!

It’s Time for a Threesome on The Conners

The ConnersThings are getting spicy on The Conners for one Jackie Harris. For the past couple episodes, Jackie (Laurie Metcalf) has been exploring being part of a throuple with Ron and Janelle,...

Bombshell Lili Reinhart for Jalouse

Lili Reinhart who you know as Betty from Riverdale, which as far as I am concerned is the worst show on TV that I for some reason or another have seen 99% of the episodes of, not in a guilty pleasure kind of way, but in a “How the hell is this on TV” kind of way. They had a solid enough first season, you know a teen murder mystery kind of thing, that makes me think they didn’t prepare for a season 2-5, yet they are on season 4 and it is one giant badly written mess.

What I do know is that Betty is substantially hotter than Veronica on the show, so there’s no real competition like there was in the comics, and I also know, what you can see here and that is that Betty is pretty busty which makes the show even more tolerable despite sucking.

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Ana de Armas Busting Out for Vogue Espana

We all fell in love with Ana de Armas when she was doing her whole media tour for the new Blade Runner. I think that is when I was first introduced to the Cuban actress who came to us via Spain. I am guilty of not watching enough Spanish movies to have known of her from her Spanish career.

In more recent news, she is in a relationship with Ben Affleck and everyone is going nuts because Affleck is a known abusive drunk and we don’t want that for the actress we feel some sort of affiliation or attachment to, but then we need to remember she escaped from Cuba via Spain. So she’s probably dealt with worse.

Not to mention, it’s been great publicity, as anyone who doesn’t know the starlet, now knows the starlet. Plus it is a great look for Affleck who prior to her was with an instagram Playboy girl who was using him while he was at rock bottom.

So if anything, even if it’s a fabricated, agent or executive produced storyline for marketing, it’s a great excuse to revisit Ana de Armas and her content!

This is a photoshoot for Vogue Espana, where she’s technically from, and I’m all for whatever is going on here!

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Rita Ora’s Bright Shoot for Shoes

Rita Ora was out in Miami Beach shooting a lookbook for her new line of shoes that she designed with Deichmann. In the shoot, Ora is seen in different super bright colored outfits as the Florida sun shines down on her and the mirrored platform she’s posing on. Giving us some mirage in the desert vibes.

Ora has been working with the European shoe retailer on a Spring Summer collection that will be called “Colour Up”. She looks amazing in the photos and you can see some of the behind the scenes snaps on the shoot in the gallery below. My one complaint, and not that I’m a foot fetishist, but for a photoshoot for a shoe campaign there sure is a lack of up close feet pics considering Rita’s got some cute toes!

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Reese Witherspoon’s See Through Top

I have been watching a few old Reese Witherspoon movies while in lock down due to the coronavirus, at least that’s why I tell people I am in lockdown, but the truth is the coronavirus has just giving me a great excuse to keep living how I am living without judgement from family and friends who resent me for not getting dressed for days, or weeks at a time.

I saw a report about how you should go about life at home, while working at home, like you do when you work at the office. The experts suggest getting dressed, finding a quiet space, etc. I’m like “you lost me at getting dressed”.

Speaking of getting dressed, here’s Reese barely getting dressed. Sure she’s in her mid 40s and already has adult aged kids, because she got started young, but back to watching her old movies, like Fear and Freeway, and she was hot. This hot tiny bust thing and it gave me a new appreciation of her.

Not to mention, she played June Carter and won the Oscar which as a Johnny Cash fan, also secured her in my mind.

So older or not, Reese is a keeper!!

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Nicole Scherzinger’s Handwashing PSA

With all the chaos and misinformation regarding the Coronavirus, the message remains the same.

1- Keep your distance from other people, whether they are infected or not. Many infected people are most contagious when they show no symptoms. It’s not one of those “It happens to other people, not us”…we are all at risk.

2- Wash your hands for 20 seconds with soap, sing happy birthday when you do it, which is always a fun time, even without the cake.

That is unless that handwashing happens while watching this Nicole Scherzinger PSA on how to wash your hands properly, because she brings the freakin’ cake, if you know what I mean. Something you’d definitely want to BLOW out, or maybe BLOW you out. If you know what I mean, which you probably don’t because I don’t know what I mean.

Hottest handwashing video ever though!

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Kim Kardashian’s New Photo of Son Psalm West Might Be His Sweetest One Yet

Kim Kardashian, Psalm WestGet ready for cuteness overload! Kim Kardashian took to Instagram on Monday to post a photo of her son Psalm West. The precious pic showed the 10-month-old baby boy staring up at his mom...

Bella Thorne Misses Being Redhead!

Bella Thorne is back with some hot boob selfies.

The racy / edgy Disney Kid, which in and of itself sounds like an oxymoron, because the happiest place on earth shouldn’t breed these wild and out of control girls, but I like to think being bad is the new good. It is what the younger generation responds to as they all produce racy content everyday. If Miley and Bella came out in turtleneck sweaters encouraging weekends at the library learning engineering or other useful things to help you survive the impending apocalypse, the meme-ers out there would be like “do you even nude selfie”.

So it all makes sense, marketing and we are all for being marketed by the girls who broke free from the Mouse ears that trained them, that gave them to the world and that allowed them to build up their very own empires filled with hotness.

This is a celebration of Bella Thorne’s red hair, in what could be a wig, in a dress I approve, looking rough the way the world seems to like it!

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Bella Hadid’s Self Quarantine Underboob!

As you probably know, all the models from all the Fashion Weeks are at risk of contracting the Coronavirus. In part thanks to traveling, being in groups, but more importantly, being in two very major hot spots for the virus: Italy and France.

Bella Hadid is doing the responsible thing and taking hot selfies of herself with her boob hanging out, as people do when they are at home with nothing else to do, and by people I mean girls, because if I was to take a boob pic everytime I was home alone, which is everyday of my life for the last 15 years, I’d have over 5,475 titty pics of myself, 5,475 titty pics no one would ever want to see. I guess when you’re a model your boob pics are treated differently, they have more value, the world is an unfair place to guys like me.

She’s also doing the responsible thing by at least pretending to be social distancing herself, but you know never believe what you see on social media as these people all social distance together while ordering food and acting like the virus is just a bad snow storm.

The good news, besides the boob pic, is that this whole group of models is posting this same inspirational quote:

I guess it to make you understand how self aware and deep they are, despite their whole lives being about vanity, something we thank them for, but lets not get ahead of ourselves here and pretend there’s any depth to what they do! It’s just lots of fun to look at.

Here she is in VOGUE KOREA….

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See Vanessa Hudgens’ Hilarious Response to Ashley Tisdale’s High School Musical Video

Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Tisdale, High School Musical Wildcats everywhere! On Monday, Vanessa Hudgens made her TikTok debut with an epic High School Musical­-inspired video. Following her HSM co-star Ashley Tisdale's lead, the...

Coronavirus Challenge: TikTok Star SLAMMED for Licking Airplane Toilet

Now that even beloved celebrities have tested positive for coronavirus, some Americans are finally taking this global pandemic seriously.

But not everyone is using common sense, as you can see when this 22-year-old TikTok star licks an airplane toilet seat.

TikTok star Ava Louise is an influencer from Miami, which sort of makes her a Florida Woman.

In the deeply upsetting video that she uploaded to both TikTok and Twitter, Ava licks what is clearly an airplane toilet seat.

The music playing over the video sings "It's Corona time," in reference to the drink, not the virus.

But the video's caption, "Coronavirus Challenge," leaves no doubt -- or peace -- in anyone's minds.

Though the video no longer appears on TikTok, even the version that she uploaded to Twitter has hundreds of thousands of views.

"Please RT this so people can know how to properly be sanitary on the airplane," she captions the video.

Louise is clearly baiting people with outrage in order to increase her online footprint.

And we can assure you that it's working.

After Ava shared the video on Saturday, March 14, Twitter raised holy hell in response.

"It's sad that elderly will likely die," one reply remarked, "and people like this will live."

"Nice way to get sick dummy. There is more than covid 19 on that toilet seat," warned another.

That tweet added: "She may want invest in toilet paper for those horrible stomach bugs she just licked up."

"I just want to say, this isn't worth it," another admonished. "You don't have to lick toilet seats for Internet likes to feel good about yourself"

"Ppl will like anything. It doesn't define you or your worth," the tweet continued.

"Don't endanger yourself & others for the attention of strangers," the kind Twitter use concluded. "Love yourself."

"Someone seems a little desperate for attention," another observed.

"I don't care if the internet cancles me," Ava wrote in another post. If that's a typo, it's not on our end.

"I can recover from anything cuz of hot girl privalege," she asserted. That is also not a typo.

In fact, we suspect that Ava is making deliberate spelling errors -- in both cases, on key words -- for the same reason that she licked a toilet seat.

She knows that this will enrage people, which will get people talking and drive engagement with her posts.

Obviously, there are ways that this "coronavirus challenge" could be staged, as most viral "challenges" are.

Some of us are too repulsed to even lick a freshly cleaned, never-used, straight-from-the-assembly-line toilet seat.

Assuming that she wasn't granted access to a brand new private plane for the video, she may have rubbed the seat with cleaning products.

Honestly? Even if the act was entirely sanitary, most of us couldn't stomach the thought of doing this. Toilets are just too gross.

The real danger, however, may stem from wannabe influencers rather than from actual influencers.

Remember the "Tide Pod challenge" from a couple of years ago? That was, of course, fake.

People used editing or, in some cases, homemade candy made to look like detergent pods in order to gain clout on social media.

Unfortunately, some impressionable and slightly stupid young people tried the challenge ... and ended up ingesting bleach.

Coronavirus challenge tiktok star slammed for licking airplane t

Emilia Clarke Reveals What “Annoyed” Her About Game of Thrones’ Ending

Emilia Clarke, GOT, Game of ThronesWhen Game of Thrones ended, not everyone was happy. There was outrage from fans and even a petition calling for a remake of the eighth season. Of course, this was almost a year ago, and...

Bachelor’s Hannah Ann Sluss Supports Madison Prewett After Peter Weber Breakups

Hannah Ann Sluss, Madison Prewett, The Bachelor Hannah Ann Sluss and Madison Prewett are doing just fine after their breakups from Peter Weber. Though it may not seem like it, it was just one week ago that viewers watched the season...

The Oils You Should Add to Your Beauty Routine

E-Comm: The Oils You Should Add to Your Beauty RoutineWe love these products, and we hope you do too. E! has affiliate relationships, so we may get a small share of the revenue from your purchases. Items are sold by the retailer, not...

Bidet Sales Skyrocket Amid Coronavirus Pandemic, Toilet Paper Shortages

With toilet paper disappearing from stores amid the coronoavirus pandemic, folks are looking elsewhere in their quest to clean their bottoms ... bidets!!! Bio Bidet, one of the top-rated bidet companies in the business, tells TMZ ... sales are…

A Lot of Our Favorite Celebrities, Like Idris Elba, Are Getting Coronavirus

It might seem strange to say this, but celebrities are probably a high-risk group for a global pandemic like the 2019 novel coronavirus COVID-19. But they’re flying around the world, in airplanes which are great breeding grounds for diseases like this. And now a lot of them have it.

For starters, Tom Hanks and his wife Rita Wilson have it. You can do the whole “Rita Wilson and her husband I’m a feminist” joke all of social media and John Oliver have been doing if you can name one thing Rita Wilson has been in without googling her. Yeah, that’s what I thought. She was Fraiser’s mom on that episode where he dates the woman who looks like his mom.

Idris Elba also has the coronavirus, despite not showing any symptoms. Elba is British, so he’s properly freaking out because British Prime Minister Posh Donald Trump’s strategy for dealing with the disease is “eh, fuck it, it’ll probably work out.”

Former Bond Girl Olga Ker… Kir… Kurylenko also has the coronavirus.

If she needs someone to rub her down with disinfectant twice a day I’m down. That’s what you’re supposed to do, right?

View this post on Instagram

Happy Friday from @hippocratesinst! Love this place!

A post shared by Olga Kurylenko (@olgakurylenkoofficial) on

Kristofer Hivju played Tormund Giantsbane on Game of Thrones and not only did he never got to bang Brienne of Tarth, now he’s got the coronavirus. I’m not saying those things are related, I’m just saying Nikolaj Coster-Waldau is fine so far.

So who is gonna get it next? Not Mel Brooks, that’s for damn sure.

It’s good advice, you should take it.

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TikTok Doesn’t Want Uggos, Fatties or Poors, Internal Docs Show

Have you ever noticed that everyone on TikTok is really hot?


Like to trigger the BOOMERS #bernie2020

♬ Okie dokie boomer – ixx_c00k13_xxi

Seriously, how hot is the “Okay, Boomer” girl?

In fact, pretty much all TikToks are either hot girls doing stupid dances, hot girls pointing to on-screen captions or cute animals.


♬ THICC BOIII – derrick_cdg

It turns out there’s a reason for that.

A new article by The Intercept shows that TikTok intentionally promotes attractive users and suppresses videos of people deemed too ugly, too fat or too poor.

Today, The Intercept and The Intercept Brasil are publishing two internal TikTok moderation documents, recreated with only minor redactions, below. One lays out bans for ideologically undesirable content in livestreams, and another describes algorithmic punishments for unattractive and impoverished users. The documents appear to have been originally drafted in Chinese and later — at times awkwardly — translated into English for use in TikTok’s global offices.

They also note that TikTok says that these policies are outdated, but the sources The Intercept talked to say they were in place in late 2019.

TikTok spokesperson Josh Gartner told The Intercept that “most of” the livestream guidelines reviewed by The Intercept “are either no longer in use, or in some cases appear to never have been in place,” but would not provide specifics. Regarding the policy of suppressing videos featuring unattractive, disabled, or poor users, Gartner stated that the rules “represented an early blunt attempt at preventing bullying, but are no longer in place, and were already out of use when The Intercept obtained them.”

Sources indicated that both sets of policies were in use through at least late 2019 and that the livestream policy document was created in 2019. Gartner would not explain why a document purportedly aimed at “preventing bullying” would make zero mention of bullying, nor why it offers an explicit justification of attracting users, not protecting them.

The guidelines themselves are interesting, basically saying it’ll attract more new users to the platform if it appears the people using it are rich and attractive, which I guess makes sense if TikTok were a dating site.

Because TikTok is a Chinese company, they also have a whole set of guidelines for not criticizing the Chinese government, which… get used to that, the rest of the Internet.

Luckily, sexism is still cool.


Just a joke, we appreciate women #foryou #4u #nosports :(

♬ The Finals (NBA Theme) – Dr. Cover Band

And hilarious.

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