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Can We Not?

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Amber Heard Bashed Johnny Depp in the Head With a Door New Audio Reveals

The more information that we get about Amber Heard and Johnny Depp, the worse things are looking for the “Johnny Depp is an abuser and we should boycott those Harry Potter spin-offs no one was watching anyway” people.

The latest report is that audio recorded of the couple details Heard admitting to punching Depp in the face after hitting him in the head with a door.

Here’s what Page Six reported on the incident.

In the new tape, the actress, 33, admits to also “clocking” the 56-year-old “Pirates of the Caribbean” star in the jaw, saying, “I am so sorry … I can remember hitting you as a response to the door thing. And I’m really sorry about hitting you with the door or hitting your head. I did not mean to.”

She says she hit him “in response to the door thing” but the “door thing” was her hitting him with a door.

On the audiotape, Depp is heard saying, “I’d just been hit in the head with a f–king corner of the door … And then I stood up and then you f–king clock me.” Heard responds, “I did not do this thing with the door … [but] I did mean to hit you.”

Heard, of course, maintains that Johnny Depp was the aggressor in this situation where she hit him in the face with a door and then punched him in the face.

“I was trying to escape from a room where Johnny was attacking me … I was trying to get onto the other side of the door, attempting to close the door, and he was attempting to get in, despite my attempts to try to escape an assault.” Of her apology to Depp on the tape, “I made it very clear I was sorry that the door hit him as I went into the room I was … attempting to escape into.” But she told Depp’s lawyers in the deposition that the taped conversation “misrepresents what actually happened, which is him trying to get into a room, which I was trying to get him out of.”

I’m not one to judge here, but Heard’s statements don’t add up to me. How did she hit him with a door if she was trying to close it and he was on the other side of it? Doors don’t work that way, you would have to swing a door open to hit someone with it. Go to any door in your house and try to make sense of what Heard said happened.

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‘Cats’ Fans Demand to See the Butthole Cut

If you have a cat, you’ll know that they are sinful creatures with no shame who just walk around with their buttholes exposed all day. They also like to stretch when they’re getting on your lap and put that thing right in your face. It’s not great, folks.

The producers of the movie Cats apparently took this to heart, initially, and decided to give all their disturbing CGI-human hybrids CGI buttholes as if that film wasn’t horny enough.

How do we know this? They hired someone just to edit all of those buttholes out later in production.

I wish I could be in the meeting where the producers of this film made this call. I want to hear the discussion that led to this film digitally adding and then removing buttholes from all the cats. You know there were meetings about this. Probably all-hands meetings. Countless internal screenings of the film with and without buttholes.

Of course the citizens of the Internet immediately started demanding the release of the “butthole cut” of the film.

You know your friend who got weirdly obsessed with how hot the characters in the Disney Robin Hood cartoon were and never really got over it? The one who said they were googling naked pictures of Lola Bunny from Space Jam as a joke but had a folder that slowed down their computer significantly when you open it?

They’re called furries and they’re everywhere. They’re the main reason this deeply disturbing film didn’t close after like a week, even if there aren’t enough of them to keep it from being a huge bomb.

Yeah, while observing the abject insanity of this story, I hadn’t stopped to think that this film had actual, respected actors in it. Sir Ian McKellen, Dame Judi Dench and Idris Elba were it, not just the fat guy from Gavin and Stacey. Someone spent hours of their life adding and removing a digital cat anus from a Commander and a Dame Commander of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire. This lends a lot of credence to theory that all of this is a simulation and the goal is to see how much absolute bullshit someone will believe is actually happening before they say “fuck this” and hop on a rocket to Mars.

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Do You Miss Sports? Meet Marble Racing

Marble Racing

Since we’re all quarantined, March Madness has become March Sadness. There will be no Stanley Cup, the start of MLB and the Kentucky Derby have been postponed. We could be here all day listing everything canceled or postponed from archery to wrestling, but the point is we are jonesing for some action. Specifically, we need to spectate some sports.

Here’s what we found — and you’re going to love it or you’re wrong. Marble racing is where it’s at! No spoilers, but keep your eye on that 3 ball. Have a look before you tell us we’re wrong.

Jelle’s Marble Runs is a YouTube channel founded by Jelle and Dion Bakker who also founded the Marble League in 2016. The content on this channel is amazingly creative, wholesome and a lot of fun for everyone to watch (they also stream on Twitch).

We’re in luck. The coronavirus has not canceled the 2020 marble racing season, which is underway now. Jelle’s is uploading new videos frequently.

It looks like so much fun that during quarantine days 8-16 we’re going to carve a marble track into the front lawn. How’s your quarantine going?

#TeamO’Rangers forever.

People Are Putting Up Christmas Lights to Spread Cheer Amid the Coronavirus Pandemic

People Are Putting up Christmas Lights To Spread CheerA bright idea, indeed! With the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic happening around the world, people have been spreading cheer in a simple but inspiring way: Christmas lovers are decorating...

The Challenge: Total Madness Trailer Proves It Will, In Fact, Be Total Madness

The Challenge: Total MadnessSeems like a pretty good time for a show that's subtitled Total Madness. The Challenge put out a new trailer for its upcoming season, and it looks like Total Madness is indeed an...

Ellen DeGeneres Is All of Us Right Now as She Calls Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel to Chat

Ellen DegeneresJust another day in the life... Ellen DeGeneres seems to be feeling a little bored to say the least. So what better way to keep yourself entertained than calling up your best celeb...

The Masked Singer Unmasks the Swan

The Masked Singer, SwanWhat a season this is turning out to be. Last week, Sarah Palin in a bear costume. This week, it's Bella Thorne as a swan. This episode of The Masked Singer was another example of...

Kylie Jenner Says Pregnancy “Prepared” Her to Stay Inside During Coronavirus Outbreak

Kylie Jenner, Stormi Webster, InstagramRemember all those months Kylie Jenner hid her pregnancy from the world? Well, turns out it's doing her some good. As people across the world are adjusting to a life indoors, Kylie is...

Leah Messer: My Daughter is Sick, Please Social Distance!

It's tragic but it's true:

Not everyone is taking the Coronavirus very seriously right now.

Leah Messer with Ali

You've likely seen the videos of spring breakers in Florida, partying on the beach in large groups and hitting up every bar that remains open.

Or you've probably heard the ignorant statements made in public by such famous names as Vanessa Hudgens and Donald Trump.

But Leah Messer is most decidedly not among this group.

The long-time Teen Mom star has made it clear to her social media followers that they won't be seeing her out or about any time soon -- for a very good and very personal reason.

Leah Messer on MTV Picture

“The Coronavirus may not affect some but it does my family. Ali has a compromised immune system because of her disease," Messer wrote on Facebook when the COVID-19 pandemic first swept America.

As has been sadly well-documented, Messer's 11-year old daughter was diagnosed with muscular dystrophy shortly after birth.

This means she's vulnerable to various diseases and, to put it bluntly, is simply weaker than the average child.

At some point, Ali may need in-home care and she sometimes uses a wheelchair to get around and so also sometimes undergoes breathing tests.

Leah Messer's Daughter Cheerleader

As a result?

Due to the outbreak of a virus that can turn deadly for anyone with this kind of pre-condition?

“We will choose to stay low key and are requesting that everyone FaceTime or call us," Messer added on Facebook, advising others to do the same and adding:

"We will be home watching movies and playing board games. Everyone take the CDC standard precautions and stay well.”

Leah Messer on the Phone

And that's the thing:

Even if you are young and healthy... even if you could contract the Coronavirus and barely experience any symptoms... you can easily go out in public, pass it along to someone else, who passes it along to someone else, who passes it along to someone else...

... and that person may be like Alii.

And that person may die.

Leah Messer Flat Tummy

This is what may folks who continue to ignore social distancing pleas either fail to understand -- or fail to care about.

Unfortunately, Leah's close friend, Kailyn Lowry, sounded like one of those folks earlier in the week.

“My 10 year old shouldn’t be coming home from school worried about the f-cking coronavirus. I hate it here.” Lowry recently tweeted, earning some well-deserved backlash, especially when she also wrote:

“People didn’t react this way about the Swine Flu.”

For the umpteenth time, everyone:

This is not the Swine Flu.

It it far more contagious, it has a much higher fatality rate, there is no vaccine for it and there is an extreme lack of testing for it... which means we don't even know how many people have actually been inflicted with the disease.

Truly, anyone out there could have it and millions of people are probably walking around with it.

And this is why we all need to follow Messer's example: Just. Stay. Away. From. People.

Leah Messer with Kailyn Lowry

Now, is Leah Messer in a cult? That's a topic worth debating.

But should you listen to all the health experts and practice social distancing and see as few people as possible for the next several weeks?

Yes. This is not a topic for debate.

Taylor Hill Family Vacation Thong and Other Fine Things!

Crazy times for crazy links!

Taylor Hill Family Vacation Thong

Ashley Benson’s Vulgar Hand Gesture

Ben Affleck’s New Girl Ana De Armas Looking Good!

Rita Ora Pokies in a VIdeo

Amanda Bynes is Pregnant

Lucy Hale Booty in Leggings…SQUATTING!!

Department Store has a Bagpipe Vigil for Toilet Paper

Candice Swanepoel in a Bikini

Hot Stripper Looking Nikita Dragun!

Britney Spears VS Instagram Trolls

Elizabeth Gillies in a Bra Top

Cheeky Russian Model!

Battleship Ping Pong Hyprid!

Norman Reedus Stocks Up on Potatoes

Pregnant Katy Perry – Grocery Shopping

Italians Leave Messages To Their 10 Day Ago Selves….

The Sugar baby Prank is Never Not Funny

Emmy Rossum Naked At Home – Working

Silly Coronavirus Bride

Stella Hudgens Wonderful Cleavage!

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Hannah Brown & Tyler Cameron: Did They Just Confirm That They’re Dating?

There's a lot of scary, depressing stuff in the news these days.

So allow us to provide some momentary relief with an encouraging update about Bachelor Nation's current favorite couple.

Tyler Cameron with Hannah

Okay, there's not a ton of competition in that department, since Peter Weber's season resulted in zero love matches, but at least Hannah Brown and Tyler Cameron can give fans something to root for as they await the corona-delayed return of Bachelor In Paradise.

(We guess there's Listen To Your Heart for folks who like their Bachelor content with a dash of American Idol, but so far, it looks like viewers are taking a hard pass on that offering.)

Anyway, rumors that Hannah and Tyler are dating have been circulating on and off since the day she regrettably kicked him to the curb in favor of Jed Wyatt.

Tyler Cameron Gets Dumped

As you probably recall, Hannah asked Tyler on a date on her live After the Final Rose special; he accepted; they spent the night together ... but then they went their separate ways.

Tyler went on to make the most of his new life as the world's most famous runner-up, briefly dating fellow model Gigi Hadid and generally living it up with the A-list set.

But through it all, rumors about the Bachelorette couple that almost was persisted, as fans rooted for these two to find their way back to one another.

Now, it looks as though the shippers may have gotten their wish.

Hannah & Tyler

Tyler and Hannah were spotted on a date earlier this month after she travelled to Florida to attend his mother's funeral.

Of course, that could've just been a case of a friend supporting another friend during a difficult time.

What really convinced fans that this thing is happening is the fact that Hannah travelled back to Florida this week -- amidst a global pandemic, no less! -- in order to spend more time with Tyler.

Brown and Cameron were photographed on a second date earlier this week, and this time, they made no attempt to hide their affection.

Hannah Brown and Tyler Cameron: Quarantined Together

Now, in a move that should convince even the most hardened skeptics that these two are dating -- or at least staving off quarantine boredom by gettin' it on -- Tyler and Hannah have revealed that they're in social isolation together.

Yes, a fan snapped the photo above on Wednesday, and Brown and Cameron confirmed that they're riding out the coronavirus together by opening a joint TikTok account.

As you're surely aware, this thing could drag on for months, so the fact that Tyler and Hannah have chosen to spend at least part of their self-quarantine together should serve as ample evidence that they're more than friends.

After all -- there are only so many ways to keep busy at home, and posting TikTok vids gets old after a while.

Katy Perry Baby Bumpin’ During Grocery Run with Orlando Bloom

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom are on the hunt for supermarket supplies -- just like most of us adjusting to life in a pandemic -- but the expectant parents look super comfy doing it. Orlando and his pregnant, pop singer fiancee hit up a Whole Foods…

Prince William Offers Support Amid Coronavirus Pandemic via Video Message

Prince William, InstagramPrince William offered words of encouragement amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic while promoted the work of a U.K. disaster charity in a special video message posted on Kensington Palace's...

Anastasia Ashley’s Self Quarantine Surf!

We are all very familiar with surfer Anastasia Ashley.

She’s been around for a while and she’s still up to her hot surf antics. This time with this video that should go viral like it was her twerk video of 2013 as she rides a wave from the comfort of her own home while under self quarantine or maybe it is social distancing. I don’t know, but it’s our new normal.

At least influencers, athletes, celebs, and others are tapping into their creative juices and figuring out new and fun content from the comfort of their own homes as they avoid the virus, or spreading the virus, like responsible people do.

Next time maybe we could make this a little more realistic, throw on some bikinis, maybe have someone there dumping buckets of water on her, it’s a good start but she will have to build on this idea and step it up in the weeks 20 of Quarantine to come.

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Prince George and Princess Charlotte Set to Be Homeschooled During Coronavirus

Prince George, Princess CharlottePrince George and Princess Charlotte are taking their classroom closer to their parents. E! News can confirm Prince William and Kate Middleton's kids will be homeschooled as the...

He Makes a Good Point

Being a silent spreader of disease is temporary. Florida spring break memories are forever!

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Joy-Anna Duggar Is Pregnant 9 Months After Suffering Miscarriage

Joy Anna Duggar, Instagram Congratulations are in order for Joy-Anna Duggar. The Counting On star announced on social media that she is pregnant and expanding her family with husband Austin...

Iris Law is Super Hot

Iris Law is the daughter British actor Jude Law had with Sadie Frost 19 years ago, she’s kept a pretty low profile up until she made her runway modelling debut at a Miu Miu show at this years Paris Fashion Week. She’s now back at home on self isolation and has been posting throwback bikini pics, which is always a good thing.

Since Iris decided to post some sexy photos to get herself through this self isolation, here are some more of her hottest pics to get us all through it too.

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Noah Cyrus’s COVID-19 Mask Doesn’t Look Right

Noah Cryus seems to be trying to do what she can to avoid becoming infected with the Corona Virus by wearing a mask, although I don’t think it counts as adequate protection when it covers everything except your mucus membranes. Regardless, Noah is looking hot as always, wearing a black front zipped leather top and rhinestoned black pants to match her rhinestoned mask.

It looks like the photos are promo for her new music, which she says she’s dropping this friday, she also released an image of her in what looks like a crown of thrones and her new song is called I Got So High That I Saw Jesus – so she’s shouting out her lord.

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Emily Ratajkowski Makes Her TikTok Debut

TikTok, the “chinese spying app” is huge now, and it’s only getting bigger. More and more celebrities and models are heading over to the app to join in on the trending dances and Emily Ratajkowski is one of those people.

With all the self isolation happening around the world, streaming apps are about to get filled with a lot more content. Here is Em RatCow making her TikTok debut.

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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Share Message of Support Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

Meghan Markle, Prince HarryPrince Harry and Meghan Markle have offered encouraging words for the millions of people around the world whose lives have changed due to the coronavirus pandemic. For the past few...

Betty Gilpin’s Sexy Silhouette

Betty Gilpin is an Emmy Award winning actress who stars alongside Alison Brie in the female wrestling show GLOW. This year she’s staring in the new controversial movie “The Hunt” which is about a group of people who are used as prey and hunted by a group of liberals.

The actress sat down with V Magazine for an interview and showed off her very sexy silhouette in a slinky black dress.

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Mariah Carey Has the Best Reaction to John Legend and Chrissy Teigen Cooking to Her Music

Chrissy Teigen, John Legend, Mariah CareyDo do doop do doop da dum... Chrissy Teigen and John Legend are making the most out of social distancing amid the coronavirus pandemic. On Tuesday, she posted an Instagram Live video of...

Jennifer Lopez Oiled Up for Photoshoot

I wonder if Jennifer Lopez will survive these dark times because I think she’s in the demographic most at risk! Senior Citizens!

I am as amazed as the rest of the world with what 50 year olds look like in this era. It doesn’t make scientific sense, but who cares about science, especially during a pandemic! Lets focus on what is important, how good J.Lo consistently looks and based on her age alone, you know she has COMMITTED resources to this body, this face, this look. Being the hot 50 year old can’t come cheap because all odds are against her, but it looks like she’s managed to beat those odds while looking good enough for us to beat our odds…and by odds I mean….meat.

Writing that felt dirty.

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Kiernan Shipka Flaunts for Flaunt Mag

Kiernan Shipka is the new Sabrina on CW. I haven’t seen the show and my heart is forever with Melissa Joan Hart. The only interesting thing about the new Sabrina, which I think is designed for the same demographic the original Sabrina was, is that kids are darker than they were in the 90s.

This is a shoot for FLaunt Magazine, which is a magazine that a decade ago was SUPER hip. I actually thought it went out of business for being too hip but apparently it is still here, with the hip content, because the new generation is hip. It’s the mainstream.

Here’s the video:

Now the pics:

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Patrick Brown, Brother of Hannah Brown, Reveals Near-Fatal Overdose

The day after Tyler Cameron's mother passed away, Hannah Brown's brother suffered a tragic overdose.

Thankfully, he survived, and is now speaking about this nearly fatal experience and how it has transformed his life.

Patrick Brown Reflects

Patrick Brown took to Instagram to share his story.

"I have been very hesitant to post this because of my pride and ego," he begins.

Patrick continues: "but God has been weighing on my heart lately to share."

Like his sister, Patrick is a devout Christian.

Patrick Brown is Pensive

"As some people know," Patrick announces, "on March 1st I overdosed."

"I ended up spending 2 days on a ventilator," he reveals.

That means that his body could not be counted on the breathe on its own without mechanical assistance.

"And I am so grateful," Patrick expresses, "to be here to share this with everyone."

Patrick Brown with Hannah Brown

"I am not posting this for pity or what not," Patrick emphatically clarifies.

"But," he explains, "to thank everyone who has checked up on me."

A few days without Instagram posts are one thing, but a few days without DMs or texts is another.

We're sure that Patrick reached out to many people in his life to share this news before he made it public.

Hannah Brown and Patrick Brown

"Y’all are the reason I fully intend to take my story and share it," Patrick shares.

He explains that his goal is "to hopefully save [another's] loved ones."

He wants others "to not have to go through waiting by the bedside hoping they wake up."

Patrick Brown in Black and White

"Rather then being mad at myself for this," Patrick shares.

He continues: "I am thankful this happened."

"I have grown so much closer to God, healing my heart," Patrick writes.

He is grateful for the opportunity for those things "and finding out who has my best interest at heart."

Patrick Brown and Hannah Brown Throwback

"This is my second chance," Patrick affirms.

"And," he writes, "I intend to make the best out of it."

Patrick is optimistic "and can’t wait to share where my testimony goes from here!"

We will all be excited to see where his journey takes him.

Hannah B. The Bachelorette

"Tomorrow isn’t promised," Patrick writes, "so live it for the king, hold your loved ones a little harder [every day], and check in on them."

"Things like this don’t happen suddenly," he notes.

When it comes to addiction and overdoses, Patrick explains, "it happens in the dark and slowly."

"Sometimes all it takes is a simple text or phone call to show someone you care," he advises.

Hannah Alabama

We  are so grateful that Patrick Brown survived his harrowing brush with death.

Overdoses are no joke. We're just glad that it happened a few weeks ago and not, say, next month as this pandemic worsens.

In April, someone overdosing and in need of a venitllator may not have access to one, as COVID-19 is a respiratory ailment.

It feels strange to agree that someone who nearly died is "lucky," but he's not wrong.

Hannah Beast

Patrick's change in perspective is great, but it takes more than a little resolve to address the aftermath of an overdose.

Even if someone is not (or is no longer) physically dependent upon a substance, there are still the underlying reasons for addiction.

Anyone who survives an overdose and can afford therapy -- not just counseling, but therapy -- is advised to engage in it.

Self-medication can be so dangerous. We wish Patrick all of the best on his health journey.

Why Liam Hemsworth Is So Smitten With New Girlfriend Gabriella Brooks

Liam Hemsworth, Gabriella BrooksIt's not as if he needed to lick his wounds, so to speak, but amidst his split from Miley Cyrus, Liam Hemsworth found himself increasingly drawn to the shores of Australia....