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Jeremy Renner, the Worst Avenger, is Using the Coronavirus Outbreak to Get His Child Support Reduced

Things are getting rough for Jeremy Renner during the coronavirus outbreak. Sure he was in three of the ten highest-grossing movies of all time (and the eleventh) but work has just dried up for him since all the productions shut down because of the COVID-19 pandemic. So he would very much like to start paying less money in child support, according to TMZ.

Okay, two things here. One, his daughter’s name is Ava, get your shit together TMZ.

Second, let’s do some quick math. Renner is paying $30,000 a month in child support. His daughter will turn 7 in a few days, which means he’ll be paying that for exactly 11 more years. That’s $3.96 million dollars. Google tells me Renner currently has a net worth of $50 million he’s basically being asked to pay 8% of his wealth to take care of his daughter, and he’s going to court to have that reduced to $11k a month, or $1.452 million dollars, or about 3% of his wealth.

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Former Ellen DeGeneres Employees Share Horror Stories About the Beloved Comic to Pass Time During Quarantine

You know, it’s really disappointing to me to find out that Ellen DeGeneres is a terrible person. I mean, there were hints.

Still, Ellen had always been a hero of mine. Her stand-up album, Eat This, is one of the funniest I’ve ever heard. She is very funny. Like, Louis C.K. funny. Man, it is just not a great time to be a fan of stand-ups in general, is it? Don’t even get me started on what an ass Bill Hicks became after he faked his death and changed his name to Alex Jones.

I had heard rumors that Ellen was just an awful person but I don’t think I realized the extent until I saw the Twitter thread where former employees recounted their horror stories of dealing with her, started for charity by Kevin T. Porter.

He ended up donating $600, which means he got around 300 true stories of Ellen being horrible. Here are a few of the best.

Okay, I said I loved Ellen earlier, but no one disrespects the queen like that. It’s like Bill Cosby telling young black to pull their pants up while pulling the pants off unconscious black women.

This is one of the most petty things I’ve ever heard in my entire life.

This takes petty to a new level.

This seems terrible but keep in mind all vegans are like this, i.e. the worst.

This came up again and again; Ellen apparently gets furious if any members of the production crew, such as the grips and gaffers, make eye contact with her. That’s some next-level bullshit right there.

See? That is a person who thinks they’re better than you because they have money.

The moral is never have heroes. Especially not if they’re stand-up comics. That is not a profession people get into because they’re well adjusted and morally upright.

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Is the Internet Right That ‘Captain Marvel’ Is the Worst Marvel Movie?

Of all the weird things that have happened in the wake of everyone being stuck inside during the coronavirus, one of the most unexpected was Captain Marvel suddenly trending on Twitter. There was no announcement of a sequel, no news about the character in the comics, no reason for it to be trending.

It turns out the reason that Captain Marvel was trending is that people were debating about what the worst Marvel movie was and there was an early winner.

But is the Brie Larson film really the worst that Marvel has ever done? After all, it has Brie Larson in it. If we look at just the movies in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and exclude the raft of terrible made for TV movies, I think a strong case can be made for it.

First of all, we need to look at the contenders. Marvel has made around two dozen movies, so which ones are on the short list for worst? Captain Marvel makes the cut, obviously. Thor: The Dark World and the Ed Norton The Incredible Hulk also come up a lot. I would also say Iron Man 2 and Avengers: Age of Ultron are strong contenders, and Captain America: The First Avenger is on the list.

With our list of contenders assembled, the most striking thing is that half of ‘Phase One’ are on our list. Iron Man, Thor and The Avengers did a lot of  heavy lifting in making this franchise so popular. Let’s look at these early movies and see if any of them qualify as the worst.

The Incredible Hulk was only the second movie Marvel had made and it wasn’t that bad for a second outing. Ed Norton was a good Bruce Banner and the story about Banner and Betty was good. They also had the foresight to skip over Hulk’s origin and get right to just telling a good story, an especially good decision considering Iron Man was an origin film.

Iron Man 2 might be my favorite of these contenders for worst Marvel movie. Sam Rockwell’s Justin Hammer is honestly a great foil for Tony Stark, a better villain than Jeff Bridges’ Iron Monger and there are some great performances from Garry Shandling and Don Cheadle.

Captain America, along with Thor, was a first attempt at giving Marvel films an identity outside of just a straight superhero action-comedy, something that made ‘Phase Two’ the strongest era of Marvel films. In this case, the idea was combining a superhero film with a World War II film. It wasn’t great, but Hugo Weaving’s Red Skull was a great villain and obviously introducing Peggy Carter was pretty important to the overall story.

Next we have Thor: The Dark World, which I think is a bit unfairly maligned because of a weak villain. While the main plot is somewhat disappointing, the first two Thor movies had a great supporting coast, both with the Warriors Three and Natalie Portman’s friends and colleagues. It was a superhero love story and the love story part worked really well even if the superhero part was lacking.

Our last two entrants are the real dregs. Avengers: Age of Ultron was a disjointed mess of a film that was free of the usual charm Joss Whedon brought to his films. It introduced the Sokovia Accords, a MacGufin used to drive a wedge between the Avengers for ‘Phase Three’ of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the first of many terrible decisions they would make in the overall storyline. It also introduces and kills off a pretty important character in the grand scheme of things over a dispute with Fox, which they’ve since settled by buying Fox.

Then there’s Captain Marvel. It’s a tough call as to what’s worse, this or Age of Ultron, but I’m going to go ahead and say Captain Marvel is the worse film. Age of Ultron at least introduced Scarlet Witch, there’s virtually nothing redeeming going on in Captain Marvel, which is mostly just paid propaganda for the United States Air Force.

Right off the bat, I have to ask how hard you have to work to make Brie Larson look that unsexy. It’s like they put ass-flatteners in the back of her costume. We all saw Scott Pilgrim, we know Brie like an 11, what are you doing?

Captain Marvel had the unenviable task of coming out between Infinity War and Endgame as well as being set in the 1990s. It was nice to see Sam Jackson and Clark Gregg again but the plot was weak, culminating in twists everyone saw coming a mile away. Oh, the Kree were the villains? Who could have seen that coming except anyone who watched Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. which did a while season about the Kree being space Nazis.

On top of that, Marvel has tried to take an unearned victory lap form the film, making Captain Marvel a sort of Superman-like figure. No one is ever going to react to Captain Marvel coming out of the sky the same way the react to Superman. There are only a few more popular and beloved comic book characters than Superman. Batman, Spider-Man, Monkey D. Luffy and maybe Son Goku and that’s it worldwide. Marvel has spent some 20 years trying to create their own Superman in the comics before finally landing on Carol Danvers, and they really should have kept looking.

The worst sin of Captain Marvel is that it doesn’t really try to be anything than a by-the-numbers affair that fills a box office release window and keeps the Marvel money printer running between two Avengers films. Marvel has definitely created a template that they use to make movies now, and none of them follow that template closer than Captain Marvel.

Of course, even the worst Marvel movie is a 3 out of 5 because of their producer-driven nature and rigid adherence to orthodoxy. Marvel, who made a name for themselves in the 60s by making edgier, character-driven stories has become the face of movies as corporate, mass-produced products, and the reason Captain Marvel is the worst of them is that it’s also the most emblematic of this approach.

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Jeremy Renner Says Coronavirus Killing Income, Wants Child Support Reduced

Yes, Jeremy Renner's made bank as one of "The Avengers," but the pandemic has left him short on funds, just like millions of unemployed Americans ... according to Jeremy. Hawkeye filed docs Monday in L.A., asking a judge show some mercy when it…

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30 Things We Miss Most About the 90s

The 90s

The ’90s were hip. They still are hip! Every couple of years, there is a resurgence of some element of ’90s fashion, a reboot of an old television show, or a general rise in interest in the era. Things were brighter, funkier, and individuality was truly in. Of course, the fact that the ’90s were one of the coolest times in history isn’t the only reason why it’s on everyone’s minds.


Children that grew up in that decade have a unique perspective on the world. In a big way, they were the last generation to play outside. It wasn’t uncommon to go out and hit the streets the moment you were free to do so and staying out until the streetlights popped on. Things were very different back then for kids than they are today. One of the main reasons for that is that technology has rapidly expanded in the past two decades more than at any point in human history.

The 90s

In 1991, almost no one had a cell phone. The only computers in a lot of homes were clunky desktops that sat in a main area of the home. Nowadays, cell phones, laptops, and game consoles are all over people’s houses. Technology touches every part of a kid’s life now, at home and at school, in a way that children of the ’90s never experienced. Technology has also revolutionized almost everything works, from shopping online to going out for dinner, and more.

A majority of young people feel a lot of love for the ’90s because it was much simpler. Everyone always has the perspective that the world was simpler when they were a child but this is largely true for people in this generation. The way the world has changed shape in the lifetime of a ’90s kid has created a special bond for people in that age group. There have been disasters, scientific discoveries, and a slew of major events that have taken place right as ’90s babies are coming of age. It can make the already rocky transition to adulthood seem all the more unwieldy.


Even those who were a little older in the ’90s or missed it by a few years, though, share the same enthusiasm and sense of nostalgia for the era. Fashion has completely changed, along with music, movies, video games, and all aspects of pop culture. The interests of the world have adapted and changed so much that almost nothing is the way that it was before. Trends change so quickly and content is so readily available to shape those trends now because of all of the new technology.


The laid back vibes of the ’90s contrast starkly with the rush everyone seems to be in today. There are some things that we’d probably prefer to forget, like when everyone was frosting their bangs, but some things will just be held dear forever. Nostalgia is really hot right now, especially now that the last few ’90s kids are getting to the age where they’re becoming consumers. It works, though, because the ’90s were just amazing.

But, as neck chains and flannel come back into fashion, we can’t forget the best things of the best decade of all time that are still stuck in the past. Here are 30 things we miss the most about the ’90s.



AIM was the AOL Instant Messenger client and it was by far the best way to communicate with anyone online. It worked like any other IM client but, believe it or not, it was the sleekest looking at the time. It also gave you the options to customize your font style in your messages, set statuses, and made the most obnoxious noises every time you get a notification. There’s just nothing like it out there today, unfortunately. The day that Skype lets anyone type in lime green, though, then they’ll be on to something.



It’s a shame that most people’s idea of an arcade now is a large chain like Dave & Buster’s. Places like that are fun but they will never compare to the noisy, dark, funky-carpeted little holes in the wall that we had in the ’90s. Arcades were the cool place to be back in the day and it’s sad that there aren’t that many left now. The closest that you can get to a real arcade now is in the back of a sketchy pizza buffet. The only real perk of arcades being so vastly different now is that they started serving beer and chicken wings. Can’t beat that!


Beanie Babies

Beanie Babies will always be the one stuffed animal craze to rule them all. These collectible little animals were going to make everyone rich one day… Remember that? They came out in Happy Meals, special varieties, and in limited quantities. Because everyone wanted them, you could hardly buy them anywhere and they became a hot collectible as soon as everyone caught on that they were scarce. They are still collectible, with some selling for thousands of dollars online, but the thing we really miss is just how crazy everyone went over them.


Body Glitter

Body glitter was never a very practical trend but it was such a fun one. There was spray-on glitter, roll-on glitter, glitter dust, glittery sheer tops so you didn’t have to actually put any of this sticky mess on your skin, glitter lip gloss… the list truly goes on. It’s obvious that the world misses this one based on the popularity of highlighting and skin jewels making a comeback. Nothing says the ’90s quite like finding glitter everywhere after a weekend at the skating rink. If you’re going out to shine, you might as well do your part in bringing this one back.


Bubble Jugs

There was a weird fascination in the ’90s with candy that would start as something good and then turn into bubble gum. For what it’s worth, Razzles were pretty good but nothing tops the sweet powdery goodness of the Hubba Bubba Bubble Jug. As the powder got wet by being in your mouth, if you managed to dump it in there, it would gradually turn into a gum that you could chew. It wasn’t great quality gum but the flavor of the powder was amazing! It also just takes us back to the days when dumping pure sugar in your face was socially acceptable.


Collectible Drinkware

Collecting things is another weird thing that just kind of happened in the ’90s. There were collectibles for every major movie that came out, every theme park, and every big event. Almost every cabinet was full of these cups, which now line the shelves of almost every local thrift store. There probably weren’t two matching mugs in most ’90s kids cabinets and it always felt super cool watching The Little Mermaid while sipping Sunny D from your special Ariel cup from McDonald’s. More serious collectors even had display cases for their stash.


Crayola Stamps Markers

These markers were double-ended with little felt stamps on the other end that just used the inky from inside the marker. They were easily the coolest part of art class because most kids didn’t have a set of their own at home. It was always a race to make sure that you got the heart that hadn’t been squished down too hard and still worked, making sure you got the perfect finishing touch on your latest masterpiece. We wish these hadn’t died off so suddenly, it would be a great way to jazz up your signature.



These cookies were the best cookies that you could imagine. They were crispy vanilla cookies that you could dip into a sugary icing filled with sprinkles. They had a little spice to them that balanced perfectly with the straight sugar goop with crunchy sugar that came with them. It was just the best snack there was. Rumor has it that several other countries still sell these, which leaves us wondering why we had our one true love snatched away from us so early in life. More rumors have stirred that they may be making a comeback in 2020, but the minute that they do, we’re hopping all the way to the grocery store.



Friends is one of those weird shows that was only good if you didn’t pay too much attention. Ross was a jerk, Rachel was selfish, Phoebe and Joey seem to just make money out of thin air, and everyone’s children were just left completely alone all the time, apparently. Even though it had its problems, it was the hit show of the time and people still love it. It ran for ten seasons and it was a huge event when it was taken off the air. We’ll have to see if the reunion makes up for all the lost time between now and 2004.



The Furby was a fresh take on the concept of a virtual pet and what made this one so much cooler than all the ones that came before it was their deep soulless eyes that could never blink quite right. Oh, and it talks! When the Furby came out, it was the coolest thing on the market and every kid had to have one right away. They were almost like Hatchimals if Hatchimals could talk even after you took out their batteries. Whatever these funky owl-chinchilla guys were, things haven’t been the same since they dropped off toy store shelves and returned to their home planet.


Grunge Music

Grunge music was huge in the ’90s and interestingly enough, this subgenre of rock music was born out of nostalgia as well. Murk seventies-inspired guitar, slower vocals, and the same ideals as punk music took over the music scene in the mid-80s and reigned for over a decade. Grunge music fell off with the tragic death of Kurt Cobain, frontman of what is arguably the greatest grunge band to ever exist, Nirvana. We hope to see another alt-rock revival soon. Artists like Marisa and the Moths, Hello Yello, and Hop Along are doing their best to make it happen.


Hi-C Ecto Cooler

Hi-C juice boxes were all delicious but this one was the best one. It was released around the time that Ghostbusters came out as a promotional item so it wasn’t on the shelves for long. It was an orange-tangerine juice drink that was somehow lime green. It was something that blew our minds as kids and the flavor was great. It was a little bit more sour than Orange Lava Burst because of the kick of tangerine but it wasn’t as acidic as other similar juices on the market. It was delicious. There are a few sealed ones for sale on eBay but we’re not going to chance it.


Hit Clips

We miss these less for the functionality of them, which left a lot to be desired, but the sheer novelty of it. Musicians now come out with special toys and other promotional items but Hit Clips were just so much better. Each cartridge would have one minute of one song on it and you would pop it into the battery-powered player and pump up the tunes. This was the most portable way to listen to music at the time and they made a sick accessory clipped onto your chains or your keys. They were a massive status symbol, though, because paying $3.99 to listen to a sound clip on repeat was absolutely ridiculous.


Homemade Treats at School Parties

While this wasn’t officially banned until around 2013-2016, it came to a screeching halt right at the beginning of the 2000s in most places. For Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and Halloween, students used to bring in tons of goodies that their parents had to scramble to put together at the very last minute (Sorry, Mom!), but they were delicious! You never knew what you were going to get and it was way better than the store-bought cupcakes you usually got. Schools started banning this in 2001 and slowly, that spread to encompass most of the country. Now, we actually have to go to someone’s house to eat their baked goods? No thanks.


Hooked Leggings

These just need to come back. It’s legitimately a struggle to convince leggings to stay inside your favorite pair of ankle boots without them starting to bunch at the top and send your fashion sense 40 years back in time. These were kind of ugly and cheesy looking as workout gear but the practical application of them still wasn’t lost. The hook under your foot kept your leggings pulled down where they were supposed to be and they were perfect. Of course, when they come back, are we going to start having the “leggings aren’t socks” argument?


Lip Smackers

Before there were tweens showing off their eos collections on YouTube, long before YouTube itself, there were Lip Smackers. This brand of chapstick and lip gloss was made specifically for children and always had a broad variety of original and licensed flavors ranging from everything like root beer float all the way to Kit Kat. There were Hershey’s Lip Smackers, Pepsi Lip Smackers, Disney themed Lip Smackers, and heaps of others. There was always a rush you got when you opened up your stocking on Christmas to see a fresh pack waiting at the bottom.


Lisa Frank

Lisa Frank was the brand name of the most fun and funky school supplies that you could buy. They had everything that kids loved like animals, bright colors, and plenty of sparkles. These designs were all over notebooks, binders, folders, and all sorts of other academic essentials. You can still buy them every time stores stock up for back to school and there are coloring books that are pretty easy to find, so the brand hasn’t died. The widespread use of it has, though, and we would love to see a little more of it.


Mix Tapes

Burning CDs and, even more recently, making playlists for someone have been the sweet gestures to share music. Before there were CDs, people made mixtapes. We miss them because they felt so much more special. Knowing that someone had used their tape recorder to record a couple of songs on the radio or off one of their records was just incredible. We all understood the effort that went into it and all the waiting that had to happen. Think about how it would feel to know that someone had taken the time to perfectly record a ringtone for you because they heard your favorite song on the radio, but with a full album’s worth of songs.


Mr. Sketch Scented Markers

Smelling markers now is extremely frowned upon. There is probably an episode of My Strange Addiction that details just how bad for you King Sharpie fumes can be but we didn’t have to worry about it with these bad boys. The blueberry or bubblegum were the best ones, but there was lime, cherry, grape, lemon, licorice, and even chocolate. They didn’t really smell on the paper once dry but sticking the end up your nose always did the trick. They were pretty hard to color with though because of the way that they saturated the paper.



Usually, having something floating in your drink is a big red flag (unless you’re a fan of aloe, chia seeds, or the superior orange juice). It was a red flag back when Orbitz came out too, no one seemed to be very interested in the “texturally enhanced” fruit drinks that came out of Canada. They were introduced in 1997 and then disappeared in 1998. The reason we miss these is that half of the ’90s babies were never old enough to try them and misery loves company. These little ingestible lava lamps had little balls of gelatin floating in them.


Pringles Carrying Cases

We loved accessories way more in the ’90s than we do now and that’s evident by little gems like these. These were hard carrying cases that held a serving of Pringles potato chips. There were all different colors and they came in gloss and glitter finishes, and there were even some transparent ones (because everything was back then). You could mix and match your lids because they were all shaped the same and they helped keep your precious snack time treat from getting crushed in your lunchbox. We also miss snack time, now that we mention it. Now, students aren’t really allowed to eat in class.


Real Cartoons

Waking up every Saturday morning and trudging to the living room with your bowl of cereal was an experience. You had all day to do whatever you wanted and you had good cartoons to watch. Shows now just aren’t made the same. The comedy is not as good, the animation styles all look the same. Back in the ’90s, we had all kinds of interesting shows to watch like All That, Clarissa Explains It All, Are You Afraid of the Dark?, Doug, and more. After the rampant success of Spongebob in 1999, shows started trying to emulate it too much and fell short of the late Steven Hillenberg’s expertise.


Saved by the Bell

Can you tell we used to watch a lot of TV? Saved By The Bell was a masterpiece of a sitcom that aired from 1989 to 1993. It followed the story of a group of high school kids through all sorts of different situations. There were a few spin-offs in the form of movies and other shows; it is even seeing a reboot sometime in 2020. It was voted one of the best school shows of all time and was widely successful. It was just a great show, much in the style of Boy Meets World with a much more lighthearted feel.


Shopping Catalogs

Shopping catalogs were everywhere in the ’90s because print ads were still popular. Catalogs would come from clothing stores, electronic stores, toy stores, and even random companies that sold everything by catalog. Whenever they would come in the mail, it wasn’t uncommon for kids to hover around mom for several hours until she had finished looking. It was really entertaining and it was a great way to do some preemptive Christmas list creation. If you feel the same blues we do, Oriental Trading still exists if you want to buy all the ridiculous things you never could as a kid.


Slap Bracelets

We’re almost sure that when people say that beauty is pain, these are exactly what they are talking about. Slap bracelets were thin metal bands that had designs on them, some of them even had rubber coatings on them so they couldn’t hurt you as bad. When you took it off, you could stretch it out and the way the metal was bent would allow it to stay straight and then you’d slap it down on your wrist to put it on. We peeled a few open and you know what we found inside? Recycled pieces of tape measure! That’s why they had such force.


Taco Bell

The inside of a Taco Bell in 1993 was the peak aesthetic for the ’90s. Mood boards and aesthetics now have nothing on the absolute vibe of strolling into a Taco Bell that looked like this and filling up your solo jazz water cup with Mountain Dew when the cashier wasn’t looking. Taco Bell is a restaurant that has always had kind of a cult following, so this is a huge chunk of nostalgia for anyone that ever had the pleasure of dining there back when they looked like this. We can’t really vouch for the food (looking at you, Bell Beefer).


The Commercials

This is a little bit weird because ads are ubiquitous and getting more obnoxious year by year but ’90s commercials are a force to be reckoned with. They were just completely weird. You’re not going to see anyone’s head turn into a banana or a man dressed as a popsicle showing up in your room to give you free ice cream on TV any time soon. They were just weird and fun and full of completely unsuitable toys that we all begged our parents for. Even though ads were a lot longer back then, they were at least pretty fun to watch.


The Mall

Back in the ’90s, there was even something called Mall Culture. It was just what people did when they weren’t at the arcade or skating rink. People would dress up just to go to the mall and show off their fashion sense while they window shopped. It was normal to just hang out for hours in or around the mall. They were still places to shop back then but they were about way more than that, an idea that has been lost over the years. The mall used to be so much cooler than just another store and that’s something that is so ephemeral that it’s hard to really put it into words.


The Slang

A lot of slang terms get kicked to the curb over the years and that’s honestly a total buzzkill. It’s so weird when you say something fly and everyone starts bugging out. It makes us feel old when we used to think that we were all that and a bag of chips. It’s natural for languages to change over time along with popular culture but it’s totally bunk that no one seems down to bring back some of the dopest slang of all time. That’s totally going to stop us from trying… NOT!


Video Stores

It’s so strange to think that there are people alive who don’t even know what a VHS tape is, let alone the wonder of perusing shelf after shelf to find the perfect flick for Friday night. For most people, streaming is the wave now. Even renting movies has been completely changed by technology with the advent of Redbox and online rentals. Blockbuster was a magical place and even going there was a treat. This is just one of those things that just isn’t coming back, either. There are some video rental stores still in existence but nothing really compares anymore because of how accessible movies are compared to back in the day.

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10 Most Ridiculous Shark Tank Pitches

Shark Tank

Shark Tank is arguably the most popular business reality show ever created. The first episode aired over ten years ago and there have been some incredibly successful products that have come out of the show throughout the past decade. One of the most notable of those products is the Scrub Daddy. This smiling scrubber that changes texture based on the temperature of the water is in millions of kitchens across the country. As of 2020, it has amassed over $50 million in total sales.

Every year, more entrepreneurs pass through the tank and find success. Even some of the products that never secure a deal end up being successful, such as Copa Di Vino. Founder and owner James Martin appeared on the show on two separate occasions and didn’t land anything but the opportunity to hear Kevin O’Leary’s famous line, “You’re dead to me!” — Twice.

Shark Tank

On top of the successful products, the show has also had some scandals. Gayla Bentley was the show’s first scandal, featured in the ninth episode of the first season. She came on the show as a fashion designer with a great message. She made plus size clothing and her impassioned pitch explained how hard it was for roughly 60% of the women in America to feel at home in a clothing store and to find fashionable pieces for their own wardrobe. She was asking for $250,000 for a 20% stake in her company.

After a tumultuous interview, she landed a deal with Daymond John and Barbara Corcoran in which she signed over 50% of her company for the initial ask of $250,000. Daymond John has been on record saying that this was the worst deal he’s ever done in the tank because after they funded her, he claims that he never saw her again. Her website remained ‘Under Construction’ for several years and she never opened the flagship retail store she secured the investment for.

Shark Tank

Another Shark Tank fail actually began as one of the biggest deals ever made in the tank. Season five saw Charles Michael Yim come through with his groundbreaking product, Breathometer. This was a breathalyzer device you could plug into your smartphone to check your blood alcohol level to make sure you were safe to drive home. All five sharks came together to put up a staggering $1 million for just a 30% stake in the company.

The product did well at first but, it wasn’t long before the FTC took issue with the accuracy claims that the device was making. There was a lawsuit that ended up costing the company $5.1 million because the FTC asserted that the device was deceptive and causing threats to safety. The company opted to settle out of court and issue all of the refunds that they were ordered to. It was able to bounce back a little bit and change directions in the end, though, which means that it wasn’t a total failure.

Of course, Shark Tank has seen plenty of actual failures. Some businesses have gotten funded and then struggled to get off the ground. Some of them haven’t even gotten that far. Some entrepreneurs get in the tank and they don’t have all of the information that the investors need. There are businesses that are in the early stages and the sharks don’t want to get involved yet and there are some who don’t really need an investor. However, there are some… that just don’t make sense. Some products are just so outlandish that it’s incredible that they made it to the show. While it was certainly entertaining to watch Kevin, Mark, Lori, and Daymond put these entrepreneurs through the wringer, it’s hard to believe that they were even serious. So, here is a look at the ten most ridiculous Shark Tank pitches ever.



In the sixth season of Shark Tank, we were introduced to two interesting entrepreneurs named Lei Yu and Tyler Freeman. They founded a wearable technology company that had raised $74,000 on Kickstarter, which absolutely blew their $35,000 goal out of the water. The product? DrumPants. The tagline for their product was “a band in your pocket.”

Part of the problem with this product is just the utter silliness of it. It was marketed as being an entertainment product for adults; however, it seemed like it would just be another thing to stick in the closet a few weeks after the holidays. The product is a set of Bluetooth speakers that use your smartphone to create different drum sounds from your pockets or sleeves.

Another problem with the pitch was that these entrepreneurs were seeking a $150,000 investment in return for just a 5% stake in their company that had no sales. The company had nearly a quarter of a million in pre-orders but they were not yet manufacturing or selling their product. Even with those issues, a few sharks were interested. Where they really dropped the ball, though, was in their inability to take the offers that were given. In the end, the sharks found them disrespectful and not really willing to make a decision. They were forced to walk out of the tank without an investment.


Elephant Chat

Shark Tank’s fifth season is where this ridiculous pitch comes from. Jason and Amanda Adams aren’t marriage counselors but they came up with a couples communication tool that was designed to help married couples address the elephant in the room, literally. The premise of their product was pretty simple. You would take the elephant out of the box it was displayed in and place it somewhere prominent in your home. The logic was that your partner could bring it up when they were ready.

They were seeking a $50,000 investment in exchange for 20% of their company, which is a comparably reasonable valuation in the tank. Unfortunately, that was where the logic and reason seemed to stop. They wanted to sell this product for a whopping $59 apiece and it cost them $22 to make. This is an exceptionally high cost to them considering the simplicity of the product and an almost laughable price for consumers to pay for what is, essentially, just a stuffed animal.

The magic of editing didn’t really help the entrepreneurs behind Elephant Chat, making the entire debacle just that much more ridiculous. The idea was great in spirit but the way that they executed it and the unseen inner-workings of their business that led them to pay $22 for just a toy didn’t sit well with any of the sharks. They left the tank without a bite from the sharks and it wasn’t long before they abandoned the business idea altogether. Unfortunately, they didn’t make it as a couple either, with their update explaining that they divorced.


Ionic Ear

The year 2009 was a different time for technology and it was a time when everyone wanted to be the next pioneer in the tech space. That seemed to be the dream for Darren Johnson, whose ridiculous pitch was featured on the pilot episode of Shark Tank and has gone down in history as the worst. Ever. His product was called Ionic Ear and he was seeking an investment of a million dollars in exchange for 15% of his business. The tank has seen some massive deals over the years but, at the time, this was unheard of.

Ionic Ear was a Bluetooth device that would need to be surgically implanted into your ear. The idea was that this device would completely obliterate the use of headphones or other Bluetooth headsets. This device would require the user to insert a needle into their ear every night to charge the device as well. Unsurprisingly, the sharks were horrified at his valuation of over six million dollars and even more horrified at the device itself. They did their best to remain respectful, but no one took the bait.

On top of the fact that this device was questionable, to say the least, Johnson didn’t do a good job of pitching his idea, either. His delivery wasn’t enthusiastic, he didn’t make it clear how much progress he had already made on the device, and his defense of the device left a lot to be desired. In the special 100th episode of the show, several of the sharks recalled this as the worst pitch they’ve ever seen.


Man Candle

Another ridiculous pitch from the early days of Shark Tank is the Man Candle from season two. Johnson Bailey came into the tank to give an impassioned pitch about how most candles were designed for women and there weren’t a lot of options for manly smells on the market. Of course, Yankee Candle already had a line of more masculine scents on their shelves when this episode aired, but that wasn’t mentioned at all. Bailey was willing to give up 25% of his company for $50,000.

The scents that the Man Candle brand offered were what struck the sharks as ridiculous first. His best-seller was reminiscent of flatulence but he also had popcorn, golf course, football, new car, and bacon scents. The business was still small, leaving him to pour every candle by hand while balancing his college classes but sales were still nothing to turn your nose up at. He had made $53,000 over the past year. The sharks weren’t impressed.

Kevin claimed that these candles were more of a gimmick for tourists, Barbara felt that Man Candle was too small of a company, and Daymond didn’t think there was enough cash flow or a customer base to make it work. Overall, Man Candle was a product that wasn’t fit for the tank in any way. In a tumultuous turn of events, Man Candle did secure a $65,000 investment from a viewer but eventually failed and Bailey filed for bankruptcy.



Van Gould and Chris Sheldon are another pair of entrepreneurs that ended up on the wrong side of Shark Tank history with their pitch. The product was called NoPhone and it was just a simple piece of plastic that was the same size and shape of the average smartphone. They were seeking a $25,000 investment for a 25% stake in their company.

The big problem with their pitch wasn’t the numbers. In fact, they had sold a fairly impressive amount of the hunks of plastic for what they were. The margins were also great. Each NoPhone cost them less than three dollars to make but were sold for $12 for the standard device or $18 if you chose to buy the selfie upgrade, which included a mirror on the front. Instead, the issue came when they switched gears from a gag gift to a legitimate device to help curb phone addiction.

The pitch was disorganized and despite their relatively healthy numbers and the fact that they had secured a patent on the device, none of the sharks were interested. Each of the sharks had their words about the product, calling it stupid (Mark Cuban, Daymond John), and really bad (Kevin O’Leary). NoPhone walked out of the tank without a deal and the entrepreneurs have been called disrespectful for taking the airtime away from a more sincere product, and otherwise criticized across multiple media outlets.



Pavlok is one of those Shark Tank pitches that most people will never forget. Entrepreneur Maneesh Sethi came into the tank seeking $500,000 for just 3.14% of his company. At a valuation of nearly $16 million, it was hard for the sharks to believe that he even came in seeking a deal rather than just the publicity. Featured on season seven of the show, this was a bracelet designed to shock the wearer whenever they participated in a bad habit that they were trying to break.

Part of the issue with Pavlok came when Maneesh thought it would be prudent to describe the science behind the device. Pavlov’s dog isn’t something particularly new or novel and all of the studies that he referenced were existing studies that had nothing to do with his product. Mark Cuban went as far as calling him a con artist. Slowly but surely, the sharks kept dropping off.

Perhaps the most surprising part of this pitch was who stayed in. Kevin O’Leary was interested in the product based on its sales (near a million) and his experience with aversion therapy. Kevin offered exactly what Maneesh was looking for with a few repayment conditions that should have been a non-issue if his projections were correct. Instead of jumping at the offer, Maneesh declined based on his opinions about Kevin. At that point, he was cussed out the tank and forced to leave empty-handed.


Sullivan Generator

In season three of Shark Tank, we met Mark Sullivan. He is an inventor that claimed he had created a generator that could be placed in the ocean and harness the rotation of the earth to generate electricity. While that sounds incredible, that’s not all! The way that the machine worked would also produce the most valuable waste product possible, gold. He offered the sharks the opportunity to get in on the action by asking for a healthy $1 million in return for a 10% stake in his company.

When he appeared in the tank, Sullivan had only come up with conceptual drawings of the machine and had no evidence to contribute to the validity of how it would work. According to him, the machine would produce roughly $100 billion worth in gold over the course of a few years. A few curious souls across the internet have tried to make sense of his claims but the general consensus is that the energy required to power the machine would exceed its output and render it useless.

No one could really tell how viable the generator was back then, either. Whether we’re all just incapable of thinking at his level or Mark Sullivan was absolutely insane, we will probably never know. The sharks won’t either, as they were all very quick to drop out.


Technology Enabled Clothing

Some ridiculous Shark Tank pitches have less to do with the product and more to do with the person and that is absolutely the case with Scott Jordan. In fact, his pitch is one of the most famous in the show’s history. He came into the tank seeking an investment of $500,000 in exchange for 15% in his company, TEC. This was the licensing arm of his primary business, ScottEvest.

It turns out, he had strategic reasons for not mentioning his primary brand on the show. He was concerned about a clause in the show contract that would allow the sharks to collect revenue from any company pitched on the show. However, the sharks weren’t interested unless ScottEvest was part of the deal. That company had already amassed $5.1 million in sales and had a solid projection of $12 million for the year.

When Jordan refused all of the offers and even consulted with a close friend (Steve Wozniak of Apple) just to come back and decline the last offer on the table, things took a turn for the worst. Scott Jordan is regarded as one of the most arrogant entrepreneurs to ever enter the tank and, despite the success he had after the show, he and the sharks never did start getting along. This pitch is so ridiculous based solely on Jordan’s attitude and the controversies that bubbled to the surface long after he left the tank.


Track Days

It wouldn’t be a complete round-up of Shark Tank’s most ridiculous pitches without mentioning Track Days, a motorcycle riff on The Fast Saga, which was pitched by James Lavitola and Brian Pitt. These two came into the tank seeking an investment of $5 million in return for a 34% stake in the film. They were the first only people to appear on the show to pitch a movie.

After showing a hard-hitting trailer, things started to unravel fast. Track Days didn’t have a script, actors, or any other investments so far, nor had they secured a production company to help bring their dream to fruition. All of the sharks dropped out at an incredible pace. Mark Cuban refused to even listen to the pitch before they got started.

As the pitch continued, Lavitola himself said that films are a “crapshoot” for investors. The next one to sour on the idea was Daymond John, who had previously failed on a film investment in the past. Kevin, Barbara, and Robert were soon to follow. Despite all of the grand plans laid out by the pair, they had to walk away without a deal. As for Track Days the movie, it doesn’t seem like it will be hitting even the small screen any time soon. They were forced to abandon the project because it couldn’t be made without any financial backing.


Wake ’N Bacon

Bacon was all the rage back in 2011 when the second season of Shark Tank brought us the final entrepreneur on our list. His name is Matty Sallin and he’s a man of simple pleasures. His favorite way to wake up is to the scent of frying bacon. Living alone as a bachelor, the best way he could think to satisfy this desire was by creating an alarm clock that would slowly fry bacon and fill your bedroom with the smell.

Matty was seeking a $40,000 investment in return for a 20% equity stake in his company. Wake ‘N’ Bacon was just an idea at this stage. He didn’t have anything but his original prototype and a less-than-stellar grasp on his numbers. He didn’t know how much it would cost to further develop the product, to produce it at scale, or how he was going to price or market the device.

The sharks entertained him for a short while, asking him a few questions about the business and the product, how he thought of it, and what his plans might be for the money if he was funded. Unfortunately and unsurprisingly, he wasn’t funded. All of the sharks backed out on the simple fact that Matty had overlooked the key flaw in his dream to help America “rise and swine.” The product was a serious fire hazard. Nothing was heard about Wake ‘N’ Bacon after the episode aired but the product lives on in infamy as one of the worst pitches in the show’s history.

Maci Bookout Casts Her Kids In Quarantine Music Video: WATCH!

Well, the coronavirus pandemic won't be letting up anytime soon, and like billions of other people all over the world, you might be felling a little stir crazy.

Fortunately, lots of celebs are getting creative in their efforts to kill the boredom, and many of them are posting their handiwork on social media.

Of course, some of the content created under quarantined circumstances has been poorly received by the public.

If you're not familiar with "coronavirus challenge" for example, do yourself a favor, and don't check it out.

Anyway, Maci Bookout is the latest celeb to kill some time by entertaining others.

And fortunately, her latest contribtution to YouTube is a hell of a lot more entertaining than watching a bunch of bored celebs crooning a John Lennon song.

Maci recently had her kids dress up like country stars for a homemade music video set to the tune of Morgan Wallen's "Whiskey Glasses."

"Quarantine Day 6. We're all going crazy," Maci captioned the clip.

Just to reassure fans that she's keeping things in perspective and fully appreciating the chance to take some time off and bond with her little ones, Maci added the hashtag, "#thingsthatmatter".

Naturally, fans loved the sight of Maci's kids whooping up like a couple of cowboys who'd had a few too many.

"This was so adorable. Hope you'll stay healthy, and staying cute. Love you guys," wrote one follower.

"Your family is so cute and I have loved watching your family grow! Thanks for allowing us to be a part of it! We love ya!!" added another one.

"Awe, so precious. Hope y'all are doing good. Hopefully this will be over soon. Much love," a third chimed in.

And there was the fan who may have summed things up best of all:

"This is the cutest thing I've ever seen!" she wrote.

It seems a LOT of folks agree with that sentiment.

In fact, for many fans, just about the only way this video could get any better is if it included a confirmation that Maci is pregnant.

That doesn't appear to be the case right now -- but who knows what the future might hold.

Maybe she and Taylor will decide to take part in the post-virus baby boom!

Maci bookout casts kids in quarantine music video watch

Briana DeJesus: My Family is STRUGGLING Right Now!

Briana DeJesus, like most of the citizens of Earth, is not having a very good time right now.

Yep, settle in, friends, because this is another story about the coronavirus.

This time around, we're going to be talking about how Briana and her family are handing things.

She gave us an exclusive statement, and it sounds like things aren't exactly going well for the DeJesus clan ...

1. Relatable

Briana on teen mom
So yeah ... rough times in the world these days, huh?

2. Facts

Briana on insta
Of course, some people have it way, way worse than others in the midst of this pandemic, but regardless, pretty much everyone is struggling with anxiety on several different levels right now.

3. Horrifying

Briana and her face
And, as it turns out, Briana has more than a few reasons to be feeling anxious about everything that's been happening.

4. Looking Back

Briana dejesus post op photo
We trust that we don't need to recap what's been going with the coronavirus, how it's affecting people all around the globe and bringing life for millions upon millions of people to a screeching halt, so instead, let's just focus on Briana, OK?

5. Oof

Briana dejesus photograph
For a little bit there, it didn't seem like she was taking all of this too seriously -- she made a few jokes about the situation on Twitter, even tweeting last week that she and her kids were going to "practice social distancing" at the beach.

6. Why Though

Briana dejesus up close
Reminder: Briana and her family live in Florida, where hundreds of people actually have been going to the beach, despite recommendations to, you know, not do dumb stuff like that right now.
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Harvey Weinstein Tests Positive for COVID-19 in Prison

coronavirus harvey weinstein

Convicted sex offender and disgraced former Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein has been having a rough time since being incarcerated. 

The #MeToo poster boy was first jailed at Rikers Island in New York City. The elderly prisoner does not have use of a walker to assist him in prison, so he fell almost immediately upon arrival and potentially suffered a concussion. Due to medical privacy laws, much information about Weinstein’s health is not known. Information that has been leaked by officers and officials has been on the condition of anonymity.

He was moved to upstate NY prison Wende Correctional Facility on March 18th. Since then, Weinstein has reportedly become ill with a respiratory illness and was tested for coronavirus. His test came back positive and he has been placed in medical isolation at the prison.

It’s not known where Weinstein, who is now 68 years old, became infected with the virus, as he has had a few medical issues recently. He was admitted to Bellevue Hospital in New York City right after being convicted of two felony sex crimes. He had been out of the hospital for six days when on March 11, after being sentenced to 23 years in prison, he was taken to Bellevue Hospital again after reportedly experiencing chest pain. After spending almost a week in the hospital, he was discharged and placed in the infirmary ward at Rikers until he was moved to Wende Correctional Facility on March 18.

Weinstein is now in quarantine with one other prisoner at Wende who has also tested positive for coronavirus. Seven prison staff members are also in isolated quarantine due to being in close contact with Weinstein and the other COVID-19 positive inmate.

Back on Rikers Island, there are now 29 inmates and 17 correctional facility employees who have tested positive for COVID-19.

Elsa Hosk’s Bra and Panties Isolation

Elsa Hosk is one of the hottest of the Victoria’s Secret Angels as far as I’m concerned. Which is prior to their “WOKE CAMPAIGN” of last week meant a lot because all their models are next level.

Elsa, straight from the mean streets of Sweden where she was a professional basketball player. So you know she’s got that fitness stamina needed for all your fantasies about her, before realizing that no one watched Swedish professional basketball, even though it sounds like something I would never stop watching, so she decided to do that whole Victoria’s Secret thing and she’s done it right!!

Now, if only we could get her to make us some meatballs, but I guess she’s in self quarantine where some of these half naked pics are coming from. Surviving like a survivor should!

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Dua Lipa’s Down Under for Vogue

Dua Lipa is a Youtuber turned pop star because that is taking over the world! She’s one of the biggest, most hyped out there. I couldn’t tell you one of her songs, I am not her demographic, but I have seen her hot outfits over the course of her post-youtube, legit music career.

I’ve checked out her Wikipedia and clearly she’s a product of nepotism because her father Dukagjin Lipa was also a lead vocalist in a Kosovan rock band in Kosova. Clearly connected in the internation music industry, offering her nothing but opportunities to get as famous as she’s done got!

The most interesting thing I learned of Dua is that she was a model for a popular online store called ASOS at 16, before getting Youtube Famous. She stopped because her agents told her to lose weight.

Look at her now!

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Behati Prinsloo Is Not Pregnant Despite Posting Pic Resembling an Ultrasound

Adam Levine, Behati Prinsloo Hold your "congratulations" for just a sec. On Monday morning, Behati Prinsloo sparked pregnancy rumors after she posted a picture to her Instagram that resembled an ultrasound....

Kate Beckinsale Let Us Watch Her Do Yoga

British actress Kate Beckinsale has been keeping to herself recently, after starting all kinds of drama around her post about Harvey Weinstein last month and how he told her to shake her ass on the red carpet back in 2001. She’s been self isolating at her home with her dogs and bunny rabbit and she decided she would let us all watch her do some of her yoga routine.

The best part about Kate showing us her Yoga moves is the outfit she put on to do the yoga in. A tight white sports bra and a super frilly pair of white shorts, complete with a pair of blue panties on underneath.

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Hailey Baldwin Bieber Swimsuit for Roxy

Mrs. Bieber is the new face of swimwear and surf lifestyle brand ROXY, she posed for the brands new collection. Hailey partnered up with a professional surfer named Kelia Termini to launch a collection under the Roxy brand called Roxy Sister Collection last year. They are back this year with a new campaign for summer and modelled a few of the pieces in the pool together.

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Why DJ D-Nice’s Star-Studded Dance Parties Have Become the Internet’s Hottest Ticket

DJ D Nice, CBS This Morning ShowNever underestimate the power of music. Like so many Americans, DJ D-Nice (also known as Derrick Jones) has a career that can't exactly be done like normal during the Coronavirus...

Anya Taylor-Joy Toasting Those Buns

Anya Taylor-Joy is on her way to becoming the new “It girl” in Hollywood. The actress made her debut in the horror film The Witch and the other horror film Split, I guess she’s stepped away from the horror genre because she’s starring in the new period pice film called EMMA where she plays a rich girl in Regency Era England.

In the film, Anya hikes up her dress to warm up her bare ass in front of the fire. I usually hate period pieces but I’m into anything that gives me scenes like this.

Anya Taylor Joy Toasted Cheeks

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Gwyneth Paltrow Wears Gloves for Farmers Market Trip, Social Distances

Gwyneth Paltrow is protecting herself and her loved ones against coronavirus -- let's face it, she knows a thing or 2 about pandemics. The "Contagion" star braved her local farmers market Sunday in Pacific Palisades, wearing latex gloves and…

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Harvey Weinstein Tests Positive for Coronavirus in Prison

Harvey WeinsteinConvicted rapist and former Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein has tested positive for the novel coronavirus, weeks after beginning his prison sentence. A New York law enforcement source...

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