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Grimes is Selling Her Soul, as if Anyone Believes a Person Who Had Elon Musk’s Child Could Possibly Have One

One of the best scams in the world is performance art. You just do dumb shit in public and you get to go on late-night TV, provided you’ve had sex with someone famous.

Don’t believe me when I say that’s all performance art is? Here’s a video of Yoko Ono on Late Night with Conan O’Brien performing her most famous piece of art, getting in a black bag.

Does anyone believe for a second she would have been on that show doing that act if she hadn’t goo goo g’joobed John Lennon’s walrus?

Grimes is a performance artist now, and she’s selling a piece called “Claire soul” at a virtual gallery show called Selling Out. The first person to cough up $10 million will be legally entitled to a percentage of the singer’s soul.

I was certain she had sold her soul already in some sort of weird monkey’s paw deal where she wanted to be obscenely wealthy but the catch was she had to become a terrible person and have sex with a goofy white South African narcissist laughing stock. But apparently she did that of her own free will.

HuffPo reports that Grimes said she just “really wanted to collaborate with my lawyer on art. The idea of fantastical art in the form of legal documents just seems very intriguing to me.”

What she should have done was sold the naming rights to her kid, who she named X AE A-XII after the state of California wouldn’t let her put XÆ A-12 on the birth certificate. Apparently Grimes is calling the unfortunate young soul “Little X” even though XÆ A would clearly be pronounced “zaya,” which almost sounds like a name. But she probably could have gotten a few million bucks to call him Raymond James or Papa John or Disney Presents Mulan, all of which would have resulted in way, way fewer ass kickings in middle school.

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Movie Box Office Projected to be Down 50% This Year – And That’s Only If They Reopen on Schedule

Things are not looking great for the movie business right now. The inadequate response to the coronavirus means that most people don’t want to go out in public if they can avoid it even as places start to open back, and movie theaters by and large haven’t been given the green light to resume operations anyway, due to their nature of being basically the best place to spread a virus like COVID-19.

Variety reports that the box office for the year is projected to be half of what it was last year and that even that is based on theaters reopening next month, an assumption that is seeming more and more unlikely as the date approaches.

The trade says that Wall Street analyst MoffettNathanson predicts a haul of $5.5 billion for studios this year and $9.7 billion next year, both under last year’s $11.4 billion. But those numbers assume all the summer blockbusters come out this year and moviegoers return to theaters in roughly normal numbers despite the looming threat of the virus and doesn’t take into account additional waves of virus outbreaks that could cause further closures of theaters and delays of releases.

Personally, I think that the theater industry is on the brink of obsolescence. When we designed theaters, people didn’t have access to televisions or air conditioning in their homes; now you’ve got both and they’re probably pretty great. Is watching a movie in a theater really a better experience than watching it in your living room?

And unlike, say, dining out or seeing a play or band, it’s not a communal or live experience. The respectful way to watch a movie in a theater is with your phone turned off while shutting the fuck up so you don’t bother the people around you; in your living room you and your friends can talk and text or whatever and not bother anyone. And it’s not like Robert Downey, Jr is playing Iron Man live in the theater, inks the same movie on your TV.

The only thing you can’t really re-create at home is the 3D but does anyone still even care about that? The novelty of 3D wore off long before the novelty of Marvel Comics movies wore off for me, it just wasn’t even worth the extra $2, long before the glasses came with a big side of slow, painful death.

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Kim and Kanye Could Sue Former Bodyguard Who Keeps Telling Everyone How They Suck

Steve Stanulis used to be Kanye West and Kim Kardashian’s bodyguard, and now he’s an actor, director and producer. This means he’s out promoting a movie he made with Tara Reid called 5th Borough, and while he’s on the road he’s got a lot to say about his former bosses, something TMZ reports has lead Kim and Kanye to threaten him with a lawsuit. What sorts of things does he have to say, which the couple claim are false and defamatory?

If you missed it, Stanulis claimed Kanye had “ridiculous rules” — like walking 10 paces behind him on city streets, and claimed he got angry if Steve blocked a paparazzi shot. He also called Yeezy the “moodiest” and “neediest” celeb who’s hired him.

I mean, if that is false it’s the most plausible lie anyone has ever told. Why would you even make that up, it’s like making up a story about Harvey Weinstein being a sex pest, there are just so many examples to choose from that you’re just wasting your own time making up a fake one.

Stanulis told TMZ, through a representative, that they have no grounds to sue because this wasn’t a breech of his NDA since the information was already out there from when he breeched his NDA before.

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Carole Baskin Wins Control of Oklahoma Zoo That Used to Be Joe Exotic’s

Joe Exotic isn't gonna sleep well tonight -- his nemesis, Carole Baskin, now has control of the Oklahoma zoo that used to be his, thanks to a judge's ruling. The short story is Carole won a $1 million judgment against Joe and his mom many years…

E!’s Nina Parker Challenges People to ”Speak Up” in Powerful Call to Action on Racism

Nina Parker, 2019 E! People's Choice Awards, Red Carpet FashionE!'s Nina Parker has a question for people at home: "What are you going to do in this climate to make it different?" In response to the police killing of George Floyd, the...

Designer Virgil Abloh Addresses Backlash Over His Looting Comments and $50 Donation

Virgil Abloh, Paris Fashion Week 2019Designer Virgil Abloh has issued an apology. On Monday, the Louis Vuitton men's artistic director and founder of Off-White took to social media to address his previous comments about...

Adele Says Racism Is ”Alive and Well Everywhere” After George Floyd’s Death

AdeleAdele stands in "solidarity" with the Black Lives Matter movement after a week of protests all over the world. "George Floyd's murder has sent shockwaves around the...

George Clooney Calls Racism “Our Pandemic” in Response to George Floyd’s Death

2017 Toronto Film Festival, George ClooneyGeorge Clooney is using his massive platform to speak up and show his support for the black community. The A-list actor and philanthropist penned an essay for The Daily Beast on Monday...

E!’s Nina Parker Shares Ways to Take Action & Get Involved Amid Nationwide Protests

Nina Parker, Daily PopIn the week following George Floyd's death--which reignited a nationwide conversation about issues like systemic racism and police brutality--many have been left feeling heartbroken, angry,...

LAPD Encouraging a Girl tagging is So Weird To Me a Other Fine Things!

Here are some links!

LAPD Encouraging a Girl tagging is So Weird To Me

J.R. Smith Beat Up a Dude Who Broke His Truck Window During Protests in Los Angeles

Sharon Stone Made a Riot Safe Room Video

Genie Bouchard Excited About Space X with Some NASA Cosplay!

Brie Larson Hard Nips!

Cindy Mello is Amazing in Lingerie

Best Covid Memes of the Week

Principal Plagiarizes Graduation Speech From Teen’s Choice Award Show!

Big German Shepherd Realizes That It’s At The Vet And Gets Scared!

Mayweather Paid for George Floyd’s 88,000 dollar Funeral!

Hannah is Topless and Making Sandwiches

Stars Who Took Part in the Protests

They Say George Floyd Died from Opiates Not Cops!

PINK Ranger Rosa Twerking…

John Cusack Gets Pepper Sprayed!

Emmy Rossum Hard Nips in a T-Shirt

Alexandra Daddario’s Big In the Closet TITTIES!

Irina Shayk See Through Black Bra

Everything You Need to Know about Kayli Ann Phillips

Idiot Actor Tries to Defend Making Racial Slurs

Girls Puts Ice In her Panties

Riley Keough Naked and Tanning!

Little Bird Taking a Bird Bath

Retired Navy Seal Breaks Down Movie Combat Scenes

Child Militia Seen Outside Lenox Mall!

Sports Bar Owner in Minneapolis Starts a GoFundMe After Rioters Destroy His Business

Elizabeth Elam Nude Model!

Back Stretches by a Cotortionist!

HGTV Romance 17 Years Strong!

Elderly Man With Cane Thrown On Ground By SWAT Team

National Guard Seen Shooting Family Who Are Standing On Their Own Porch

Rihanna in Green Lingerie

Lottie Moss’ See Through Body Suit

Duck Dynasty Dude Reunited with his Secret Daughter

Nina Dobrev And Sean White In Love and Get Haircuts

Looking Into 19th-Century Indian Armour

Memorial Day Gathering Attendee Tested Positive For Coronavirus

Hot Model Chloe Avenaim Joins Mile High Club…

Bar Refaeli in a Swimsuit!

Get Some Tropical Print Masks for Mandatory Mask Stores

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Karol G Apologizes After Posting Photo of Her Multi-Colored Dog to Promote Black Lives Matter

Karol G, 2019 Billboard Latin Music AwardsKarol G has apologized after facing backlash for a post she shared about the Black Lives Matter movement. On Monday morning, the 29-year-old Colombian singer shared a picture of her...

Billie Eilish DESTROYS "All Lives Matter" Trolls in Epic Rant

Celebrity takes on these impassioned nationwide protests have ranged from being right on the money to being tone deaf or even vicious.

Billie Eilish, one of the most accomplished young musicians on the planet, is taking "All Lives Matter" racists to task for this pernicious motto.

Billie Eilish on Instagram

"I've been trying to take this week to figure out a way to address this delicately," Billie begins. 

"I have an enormous platform," she writes to her 63.6 million Instagram followers and anyone else reading.

"And," she explains, "I try really hard to be respectful and take time to think through what I say and how I say it."

"But holy f-cking s--t," Billie exclaims, "I'm just gonna start talking."

Billie Eilish Wears Many Necklaces

"If I hear one more white person say 'aLL liVeS maTtEr' one more f--king time, I'm gonna lose my f--king mind," Billie declares.

Notably, all lives matter is a phrase that did not crop up until the Black Lives Matter movement took form, as a tactic to silence BLM.

Also, over the weekend, a white man declared "all lives matter" before trying to shoot black men with arrows.

"Will you shut the f--k up?" Billie righteously demands.

Billie Eilish vs racists IG 04

"No one is saying your life is not hard."

"No one is saying literally anything at all about you."

"All you mfs do is find a way to make everything about yourself."

Billie Eilish Holds 5 Grammies

"Society gives you privilege just for being white," Billie acknowledges.

Contrary to what many people's knee-jerk reactions claim, this is true.

"You can be poor," she explains, "you can be struggling."

"And," Billie continues, "still your skin color is giving you more privilege than you even realize"

Billie Eilish vs racists IG 03

"And nobody is saying that makes you better than anyone," Billie says.

"It just lets you live your life," she reasons.

Billie explains that those of us who are white can go through life "without having to worry about surviving simply because of your skin color!!!"

"You are privileged!!" she explains.

Billie Eilish at 2020 Oscars

"If all lives matter," Billie poses the question, "why are back people killed for just being black?"

"Why are immigrants persecuted?" she asks.

Billie goes on to ask: "Why are white people given opportunities that people of other races aren't?"

Those of us who are white are given the benefit of the doubt in situations where people of color are not.

Billie Eilish vs racists IG 02

"Why is it okay for white people to protest literally being asked to stay at home while carrying semi-automatic weapons?" Billie asks.

She is referring to the heavily armed goons who stormed government buildings in a menacing display of their "rights" with no pushback from police.

She then asks: "Why is it okay for black people to be called thugs for protesting the murder of innocent people?"

"White. F--king. Privilege," Billie explains.

Billie Eilish at 2019 AMAs

"We have to address hundreds of years of oppression of black people," Billie explains to her fans and followers.

Then, as if having to explain it to a small child, she writes: "The slogan of #BlackLivesMatter does not mean other lives don't."

"It's calling attention to the fact that society clearly thinks black lives don't f--king matter," Billie laments.

She affirms: "And they f--king do."

Billie Eilish vs racists IG 01

"It means Black. Lives. F--king. Matter," Billie declares.

She repeats: "Black Lives Matter. Black Lives Matter. Black Lives Matter,"

"Say it again," Billie Eilish concludes her powerful and righteous message. "#JusticeForGeorgeFloyd."

Well said.

Duggars In Decline: Critics Say It’s Time to Cancel Counting On!

Well, a new season of Counting On is almost upon us.

After a period of several months in which it looked like the show might be canceled by TLC, network execs revealed last week that the Duggars are coming back with a slate of new episodes -- and soon, too.

The Duggar Family: A Photo

The show's eleventh season is set to debut on June 30.

And since so many other series have experienced production delays due to the coronvirus pandemic, the Duggars might be on the verge of one of their most popular seasons to date.

And they could certainly use the comeback, as Counting On ratings have been on the decline for the past several years.

But that's just one of several reasons that fans suspected the show had been canceled when TLC waited much longer than usual to announce its return.

Duggar Family Reunion 2020

The Duggar family has always been a magnet for controversy, and it often seems there's no end to how much TLC execs will tolerate from their favorite cash cows.

After all, even the Josh Duggar sex scandals weren't enough to permanently remove Jim Bob and company from the network.

But many thought that the combination of declining ratings and a slew of new scandals would be enough to bring an end to the family's time on television.

The latest spate of controversies began when agents from Homeland Security raided Josh's place of business.

The Duggar Family Bowling Night Photo

That was back in November of 2019, and the Duggars have been successful in terms of keeping the details of the raid under wraps.

Homeland Security investigates matters pertaining to human trafficking, so it's widely believed that Josh was/is suspected of some seriously sketchy business practices.

On its own, that could have been enough to convince TLC that it's time to cut ties with with Duggars.

But shortly thereafter, another scandal erupted in the form of the Derick Dillard vs. Jim Bob feud.

Duggar Family: Counting On Season 4 Photo

TLC was indirectly involved in that one, as Derick accused Jim Bob of stealing millions from his kids by pocketing their earnings from the network.

Again, that could have been enough to end the partnership for good, but instead, here we are, on the verge of the eleventh season of the Duggars' second TLC reality show.

And as usual, critics of the family have not been quiet.

“Can’t wait for another season filled with the same thing I saw last season,” one follower commented on a TLC Instagram post announcing the show's return.

Duggar Family Photo: A Classic!

“Stop promoting these grifters,” another wrote

“Can we stop with these Duggars? It’s time to end the series once and for all," a third commented.

But either the Duggars have maintained their popularity with diehard fans, or a lot of people are tuning in to hate watch (in all likelihood its some combination of the two), because TLC jumped through all the necessary coronavirus hoops to rush this season out.

And in all likelihood, they'll continue to work with the family in one capacity or another for many years to come.

Lorde Says “White Silence” Is “Damaging” Right Now in Message to Fans After George Floyd’s Death

LordeIn the wake of George Floyd's death, Lorde is trying to do her part as an ally. According to Billboard, the Grammy-winning songstress issued a message to fans via email over the...

Cole Sprouse Says He Was Arrested During Black Lives Matter Protest

Cole Sprouse, 2019 E! People's Choice Awards, Red Carpet FashionCole Sprouse is sharing his experience of protesting after George Floyd's death. On Monday afternoon, the Riverdale star took to Instagram and revealed that he was arrested over the...

Adriana Lima Sweats it Out!

Adriana Lima is sweating it out the right way! Rocking a sports bra to remind you what being a retired lingerie model is all about!

The Brazilian sensation has had a HUGE career thanks the the Victoria’s Secret brand that made her a celebrity body, but her face wasn’t so bad either. Her dark skin and light eyes really made her stand out all these years, making her like a familiar friend, since we’ve rode along her career the entire time!

I guess at 40 years old, or near 40 years old, she’s scaled back on the modelling, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t plan on keeping fit, or producing that content on her social media as an influencer or inspiration to anyone out there looking for some model life hacks, because she is privy to all the health, wellness and beauty products being as famous as she is.

Seeing as 80 percent of you are dudes, you’re probably more into her outfit choices, or how great she looks getting her sweat on, because fitness is the best thing for mental health and a mental body!!

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Hailey Baldwin Bieber’s Road Trip!

As you may already know, Hailey Baldwin and her husband Justin Bieber went on a little road trip through Utah in a million dollar RV this month. Were just now seeing some photos from the trip which looked pretty epic. Hailey wears a yellow bikini as she cools down in a pool and the pair are seen kissing under the Welcome to Utah sign. Hailey also shared some videos of her working out in a face back as she heads back to the gyms, I guess COVID is really over…

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Jordyn Jones Dancing Through Quarantine!

Jordyn Jones is a lot of fun.

The Kalamazoo Michigan based personality has put out a few dance videos, but unlike all the 30 year old girls on TikTok who are too old for TikTok and who are embarrassingly cringeworthy, even to those of us who LOVE watching women we like dance, but feel almost awkward watching them TikTok dance because it’s so obvious that they are just trying to promote themselves and build another channel, another audience to monetize, because no self respecting 30+ year old who hasn’t NEEDED to dance until this point in their career, would dance unless there was an agenda!

But when Jordyn Jones, a younger girl who is getting a lot of clout for her booty shaking, her hot look, her little shorts does it…it’s good times for all! Keep it coming!

She also posted this racy enough, but barely racy topless pic that is BEYOND SFW but still hot.
Jordyn Jones Toples

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Bella Thorne Unveils HEMP Based Clothing Line!

Bella Thorne is a busy girl, she recently signed a development deal with FOX and is working on producing some teen dramas for the network. She’s also been working on her weed company Forbidden Flowers and went on a Instagram live with her sister Dani to test out her new strains, like one she calls “Fire Crotch”.

She also had one of her growers join in on the live to show off her crops. Bella’s love for weed has made it’s way into the hemp textile side of things now. She just unveiled a clothing line called Drihp that features all Hemp based apparel. She modelled some of the products and also gave away over 20,000 hemp based masks over the weekend to promote the business. Hemp is the future and Bella’s here to sell it!

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George Floyd Protests Go Global as Countries Stand in Solidarity With Black Lives Matter Movement

George Floyd Protest, BerlinAll around the world, protestors are showing their support for George Floyd. As thousands of Americans attended protests in major cities across the United States this weekend, social...

Virtual Tony Awards Postponed Amid “Ongoing Racism and Injustices”

Tony Awards, statue, trophyThe 2020 Tony Awards has been put on hold. On Monday morning, Broadway on Demand CEO/President Sean Cercone announced the newly launched streaming platform for theater devotes will...

Lizzo Breaks Down in Tears as She Addresses Racism Amid George Floyd Protests

Lizzo, WTF WidgetLizzo is ready for change. On Sunday, the "Juice" singer took to social media with a plea in response to the death of George Floyd. While hosting an Instagram Live, she relayed a...

90 Day Fiance Before The 90 Days Finale: Who Got Married? Who Broke Up?

We have previously reported on spoilers from this season's 90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days Tell All special.

But we could only work to fill in the gaps between what we had seen and the end of the season.

Sunday night, the season finale aired.

Who got married? Who got engaged?

Who got DUMPED?

Take a look below and see where all of the Season 4 couples stand:



1. Yolanda Ballard and "Williams" are DONE

Yolanda on 90 day fiance
The season finale may have had plenty of twists and turns, but we didn't get a real resolution from Yolanda.

2. That's because he was a catfish

Williams to yolanda im so ready
Yes, 90 Day Fiance's careful editing made David Murphey's lady love, Lana, look like a catfish for the longest time.

3. But "Williams" was the real deal ... in terms of being fake

Yolanda and williams
We have heard so much speculation about the mind -- or minds -- behind Williams, and the voice behind his "British" accent.

4. Soon, we'll know more

Yolanda speaks to williams
Yolanda filmed the Tell All with a catfishing expert, so we will hopefully learn more about that whole situation ... and maybe Yolanda will be better prepared for scammers in the future.

5. Big Ed Brown and Rosemarie Vega are DONE

Rosemarie vega sits while big ed brown walks away crying
Ed was arguably this season's biggest breakout star ... and also one of this season's villains. As had already been made clear, Ed and Rosemarie are over.

6. He is brokenhearted

Big ed
"It broke my heart. I spent a lot of time, a lot of money but I just wanted to be happy," Ed expressed during the finale.
View Slideshow

Elsa Hosk Amongst the Flowers!

Some would say that there is nothing more beautiful than the flowers blossoming after a winter of hell, bringing that much needed color to our otherwise grey and bleak world, not that we should view things that way, but winter sucks even in non-COVID times and I know I’ve always loved staring at gardens. It can therapeutic.

Well as it turns out, when you throw a hot Victoria’s Secret model in silly pants and a bra top into a blooming garden, you’ve got something far more therapeutic than the garden itself.

This is Elsa Hosk, the Basketball player turned Victoria’s Secret model who broke through when Candice Swanepoel was benched for having two kids back to back! She’s amazing and not just because she gives us the FRONT and BACK option to choose our own adventure with!

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Body Cam of ATL Cops Tasing, Violently Yanking Black Students from Car

Two Atlanta cops have been fired over this violent incident -- a black couple yanked from their car and tased while trying to leave a protest ... all captured on police body cam. APD released the video showing just how chaotic and scary it was…

Josephine Skriver Hot Body in a Bikini!

I am not too sure why Josephine Skriver would go ahead and crop out her face, she’s a wonderful looking model with an interesting origin story, she was made in a test tube!

I am sure even when not in make-up and hair is hot as hell! It just goes to show you that even the most beautiful of women can be self conscious and insecure when they feel they aren’t looking their best.

The Nashville living, Raiders fan, from Denmark who you know from Victoria’s Secret and who has been with the same boyfriend for the last 7 years, who an insider told me actually was her first sexual partner, but I can’t confirm or deny that.

It was a 6 degree of separation situation where I was told that her boyfriend who has dated a bunch of models actually took her virginity. You probably can google that or fact check that but you can try! In this era of girls having more sexual partners than Annabel Chong by high school graduation, there’s something romantic about that story, if it is actually true.

Well, these images were posted on Friday with the caption:

When quarantine is over this is the body i want back 🤪🤗 you ready for the rebuild ? Gotta get #weddingready 😂

So I guess they are getting married and this is the fit booty she’s looking to get back for that wedding day! Bittersweet maybe, but you didn’t have a chance so just enjoy the pics she’s sharing.

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Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds Donate $200,000 to NAACP Legal Defense Fund

Blake Lively, Ryan ReynoldsBlake Lively and Ryan Reynolds are taking action. In response to the national outrage sparked by the death of George Floyd, the couple announced that they have donated $200,000 to the...

Read Ciara’s Message to Her 6-Year-Old Son in Response to George Floyd’s Death

Ciara, FutureCiara has shared an open letter to her 6-year-old son, Future Zahir Wilburn. Over the weekend, many stars took to social media to react to the death of George Floyd, a black Minnesota man...

Little People, Big World: Will It Be Renewed?

Little People, Big World...

... murky future.

With this beloved TLC series having wrapped up yet another season just a couple weeks ago, fans around the country are now constantly refreshing their Internet browsers and asking the following question:

Little People, Big World Logo

Will the show be renewed for 2021?

Before answering this question, or at least attempting too, we must begin with a caveat:

It's nearly impossible to predict anything about the future of television amid this novel coronovirus pandemic.

Every production in Hollywood has been shut down in understandable response to this outbreak and there's simply no way of knowing when filming on programs will resume.

And this is just for shows that have already been picked up, of course.

Tori Roloff, Zach Roloff, and Jackson Roloff Wrap Filming on Season 14

TLC has not yet made this announcement when it comes to Little People, Big World.

Which, to be clear, is perfectly normal for this series.

It almost always films through the end of the summer right until pumpkin season, which takes place in October and which gives the network plenty of time before it needs to make a decision about the program's future.

But who wants too wait? Let's speculate, shall we?!?

Amy and Chris on Air


One major reason, to be blunt? Because it's cheap.

This is why reality shows are so appealing across the dial: networks barely need to worry about a travel budget for a series that films on just a few locales; and the salaries for these "actors" almost always pale in comparison to the salaries of actors without the quotation marks.

Also, no writing room, no need to hire an expensive director, etc.

Zach Roloff on LPBW

Little People, Big World also stands a decent shot at renewal because there are a few obvious storylines to follow on an upcoming season.

Tori and Zach Roloff welcomed a baby toward the end of November, meaning they are now adjusting to life with a pair of young kids at home.

Amy Roloff, for part, is engaged to Chris Marek and planning a 2021 wedding that would provide the show with plenty of fodder.

As for the ratings? It's difficult to find this sort of information, but Little People, Big World was the 29th ranked series among 18-49-year olds for the week of May 18, 2020.

It remains popular, that's for sure, especially when you consider the cast members' social media presence.

Wedding Invite Talk


Because of Matt Roloff, basically?

The father of four has hinted on multiple occasions that he may be ready to sell the farm and move to Arizona full-time.

He also talked more openly this year than ever before about how Little People, Big World is edited and scripted, a rather huge admission that he may have been hesitant to make it he planned on a return.

He wouldn't have wanted to anger the producers, you know?

Amy on an Episode

It's also worth noting that even if Little People, Big World itself is canceled, there's actually been talk of a spinoff.

Matt could essentially retire to Arizona and cameras could then follow only Amy and Chris around as they make wedding plans -- such a concept has been the basis for quite a few reality shows over the years.

Or how about this wild idea:

Audrey and Jeremy Roloff buy the family farm off their dad and become the subject of their very own series?!?

Little People, Big World Stars

At this point, for reasons that center around the real world (Covid-19) and the entertainment world (it's simply too early in the schedule), there's no way of knowing the future.

But if you want our education opinion, we'd say that Little People, Big World returns in the spring of 2021.

That's only a guess, mind you.

Thankfully, however, the Roloffs will provide fans with plenty of social media content and photos in the months to come, making the enormous wait just a tad bit easier.