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Drew Brees Responds to Donald Trump, Stop Focusing on Flag and Help Black People

Drew Brees has just responded to President Trump -- telling POTUS their focus should not be on the flag ... and should be on helping the black community. Brees posted a note directed at Trump ... saying, "Through my ongoing conversations with…

The Bachelor’s Bekah Martinez and Garrett Yrigoyen Argue Over Police Support Amid Protests

Bekah Martinez, Garrett YrigoyenBachelor Nation is divided after Garrett Yrigoyen posted a statement in support of "Thin Blue Line," a phrase used in association with Blue Lives Matter countermovement. In a...

Pink Rips Into Trump Supporters…and Other Fine Things!

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Pink Rips Into Trump Supporters…

LA Galaxy Fire a Player for his Wife’s Racist Tweets

Michael Jordan Donates 100 Million Dollars to Fight Racism

Bella Thorne Naked in the Shower

Kendall Jenner Rocking the Business Casual Bikini Look

Natalie Jayne Roser Leggy Shoot!

Tennis Player Ana Ivanovic in a Bikini

Australia’s First Full-Time Female Supercar Driver is Now Making $25,000 a Week on OnlyFans

Tennis Bad Boy has his Sights on the Bouchard Twins!

Chloe Grace Moretz Booty Workout.

Gigi Paris Topless in Naked Magazine!

The first “Tiger King” reality spinoff is possibly inked already

Blind Woman Gets Saved From A Car Crash By Her Dog!

Huge Landslide In Alta, Norway Causes Houses To Float On The Sea!

Riverdale Black Canadian Babe Vanessa Morgan Gets an Apology

George Floyd GoFundMe Campaign Sets Record

Ariadna Majewska Showing Off her Stockings!

Former MLB Star Carl Crawford Was Arrested for Domestic Violence After Allegedly Choking His Ex-Girlfriend at Gunpoint

Kanye West created a college fund for George Floyd’s daughter

He Gives Zero Fucks

Nicky Whelan Rocks the Stripper Pole

Guy Shows Thumbs Up To The Protesters, Gets A Rock Thrown At Him

Sex Worker Protesting Offers Sex To Any Cop Who Quits The Force!

Halle Berry’s Boobs vs Emrata’s Boobs and Other Celeb Nudity News!

Woman Exposes Bills Rookie Jake Fromm’s Racist Text Messages

Jeff Bazos Schools Customer on Black Lives Matter

Sarah Hyland Cleavage!

Here’s The Portal Version Of “The Sound of Silence” And It’s Creepy

Otters Having An Amazing Seafood Breakfast!

Loren Gray With the Booty Pop!

Russian Model Ekaterina Dorozhko Says She’s Received Death Threats for Being Married to a Black Soccer Player

Miley Cyrus Hikes in Sports Bra

A Behind The Scenes Clip Of Mortal Kombat 3!

Amazing Overhauled Vintage Truck With 42 Huge Horns!

Andreea Gabriela Balaban Nude with Unlit Cigarettes!E

Instagram Golfer Karin Hart Set the Gram on Fire With a Recent Look at Her Swimwear

Vegas is back baby

What Makes Dogs Stick Their Heads Out Of Car Windows?

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NFL and Roger Goodell Admits Wrongdoing in ”Not Listening” to Players About Racism

Roger Goodell, NFLNFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has come forward to say the league was wrong for "not listening" to players' concerns regarding racial inequality. In a new statement voicing...

Little Mix’s Leigh-Anne Pinnock Feels Like She’s the “Least Favored” Member Because of Her Race

Leigh-Anne PinnockLeigh-Anne Pinnock is opening up about her experience in the music industry. As the Black Lives Movement continues to grow around the world, the Little Mix member took to Instagram Friday...

Faith Stowers Details Her Experience on “All-White” Vanderpump Rules: “It Was A Lot”

Faith StowersUPDATE: Following Faith Stowers' accusations about the Vanderpump Rules cast, some brands have stated to E! News that they've cut ties with Stassi Schroeder. "Billie is ending...

Michael Jordan Donates $100 Million to Racial Equality Causes

Michael JordanMichael Jordan is donating $100 million in support of the Black Lives Matter movement. In a statement released by his manager Estee Portnoy, it was announced that Jordan and the Jordan...

Loren Brovarnik SLAMS Facebook: Stop Letting Fans Attack My Baby!

Loren Brovarnik hasn't even been a mother for two full months yet, but she has already had to smack down trolls who insulted her baby.

Now, the 90 Day Fiance fan favorite is taking aim at an online community who ridiculed her infant son.

Loren Brovarnik Holds Shai Brovarnik

"To all those disturbed people at the '90 Day Fiancé (Unfiltered),'" Loren begins a post on her Instagram Stories.

She accompanies her words with a photo of baby Shai, who was born in early April of this year.

Loren goes on to explain that this is a "@Facebook group who makes fun of babies and other people."

While she is furious at the people saying cruel things about her precious son, she is also unhappy that they had the opportunity to do so.

loren brovarnik june 2020 baby defense IG 01 of 02

"Shame on you @facebook," Loren scolds the infamous social media site that many blame in part for the current state of the world.

"This page has been reported multiple times for posting things about my baby (and other people)," she accuses.

"Yet you still allow it!" Loren marvels.

Loren is certainly not the only one outraged that the depths to which people will stoop when they are on social media.

loren brovarnik june 2020 baby defense IG 02 of 02

"Call me crazy," Loren suggested, "but WHO MAKES FUN OF BABIES?!"

She concluded by declaring that this entire affair is "Absolutely disgusting!!"

She is 100% right about that. Making fun of children is cruel and unacceptable and crosses the line of basic human decency.

Making fun of a newborn is ... well, words fail to describe what sort of person would do such a thing.

Loren Brovarnik Kisses Baby Shai Josef Brovarnik

Loren and Alexei are public figures.

Though they are almost universally beloved by 90 Day Fiance viewers and fans, that does mean that yes, some people may make fun of them.

They are adults who signed up for reality television and who continue to voluntarily air their persona lives on social media.

They even caught viewers up who do not follow them in a recent episode of What Now?

Shai Joseph Brovarnik

Shai Josef Brovarnik is not even two months old, yet he is also arguably a public figure.

Obviously, he's not old enough to sign up for anything other than nursing, nap time, and diaper changes.

But famous parents create famous kids -- that is simply how it works.

That said, because he is not only a child but a literal baby, ridiculing his appearance is vicious and practically inhuman.

Alexei Brovarnik, Loren Brovarnik, and Shai Josef Brovarnik

Attacking anyone's appearance is obviously unfair.

The reason for this is that, no matter how bad or even wretched a person may be, someone else is bound to share the same physical trait.

Attacking someone like Colt Johnson or Donald Trump for their figures may feel justified for the person doing it.

But doesn't it make more sense to focus upon choices that they make and character traits rather than physical features that good, innocent people may share?

Loren Brovarnik, Alexei Brovarnik, and Newborn Shai Josef

That argument goes 1,000 times for making fun of children and babies.

Ridiculing an adult for their looks may leave a bad taste in people's mouths. Ridiculing a newborn baby is a friendship ender.

Should Facebook allow this kind of discourse on their site?

Considering that they actively allow disinformation campaigns to run rampant so long as they do so under the guise of politics, it's unlikely that they will stop it.

Loren Brovarnik and a Sleeping Alexei Brovarnik

The First Amendment gives Americans the right to free speech with very few limitations.

That does not mean that people can say what they want without consequences, however.

A beloved internet personality and comedian Justin McElroy famously addressed this in 2018.

Justin McElroy tweet the first amendment protects from the government not the justin

The government may not censor the ridiculing of a baby, and apparently Facebook is content to err on the side of being permissive.

(Unless it pertains to human sexuality or someone dares to show a nipple, of course)

But people who make fun of babies are not immune to being held accountable for their nasty words.

Call people out when they do wrong. Maybe they will use the experience to grow and learn as human beings.

Jenelle Evans: Call Me Racist All You Want! I Still Don’t Care About George Floyd!

Folks, Jenelle Evans is having a tough time these days.

Yes, pretty much everyone is having a tough time these days, but we invite you to forget your own problems for a moment and revel in Jenelle's misfortunes, because they're totally self-created, and she deserves every one of them.

Jenelle Evans on Her Birthday

Also, she keeps digging herself a deeper hole through hate and bigotry, and people like her deserve zero sympathy.

If we want to go all the way back to the beginning of this year, Jenelle's latest round of problems began when she got back together with David Eason.

But for the sake of brevity, let's stick with more recent events and say that Jenelle's troubles started when David Eason went on a racist rant against Michelle Obama.

Why now, when the former first lady doesn't hold any sort of public office and isn't running for one?

David and Jenelle Eason Forever

Well, we'd have to delve deep into the hell-world that is David's tortured psyche to answer that question, and that's just not something we're willing to do.

Anyway, Jenelle defended her husband's bigoted remarks, as she always does, and shortly thereafter, the police murder of George Floyd sparked protests all over the country.

There's a handful of people who are still holding out hope that Jenelle will eventually prove herself to be a decent person, and they believed she would eventually condemn the Floyd murder and express support for the protests.

They were wrong,

Jenelle Evans Eyebrow Kit

When it was revealed that Jenelle had once again unfollowed her husband on social media, there was hope that she would release a statement clarifying that David is the racist in the relationship, and she only remained silent out of misguided loyalty.

Didn't happen.

Instead, Evans has been picking fights with the few people of color she knows, such as Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant star Ashley Siren.

That's not a great look at any time, but it's especially egregious with everything that's happening to the black community in America these days.

Jenelle Evans at a Salon

On Thursday, Jenelle posted an Instagram Story in which she addressed her refusal to say anything about Floyd's murder ... by not saying anything about Floyd's murder. 

"Everyone's coming at me pretty hard with their opinions and hate, but guess what? I'm still not gonna say nothing," she told her followers.

From there, Jenelle quickly moved on to the topic of her former manager Johnny, whom she accused of stealing money from her.

We guess that's her way of saying she'll never address the topic of Floyd's murder despite frequent requests from her few remaining fans.

Jenelle Evans Eats

Jenelle seemed to revel in her ability to simply move on to a new topic, but for millions of Americans, that's simply not an option.

When you don't feel safe in your own home or community, it's pretty much impossible to focus on anything else.

Jenelle is either ignorant of that fact or unbothered by it.

Whatever the case, those who have been arguing that she's more culturally sensitive than she seems and was only keeping quiet for David's sake should probably go ahead and give up hope for her redemption.

Rachel Lindsay: I’m Ashamed to Be Associated with The Bachelor!

Rachel Lindsay will forever be a part of Bachelor Nation.

This is simply a fact, considering she anchored Season 13 of The Bachelorette.

However, amid civil unrest the likes of which this country has scarcely ever seen before, Lindsay has now made it pretty clear...

Rachel Lindsay Promo Pic

... she wishes she could immigrate.

As part of a virtual interview with Page Six, the former ABC personality opened up about how it's more likely a person of color will be the leader of the free world than cast as the lead of this long-running franchise.

Just think about that for a moment.

Rachel Lindsay Shakes Her Head Awkwardly

"There's been one person of color in 40 seasons," the attorney explained.

"We have 45 presidents. There has been one person of color.

"We are literally on par to saying that you are more likely to become the president of the United States than you are to be the lead of this franchise.

"That is insane."

Rachel Lindsay Red Carpet Photo

Lindsay addressed this topic in the wake of George Floyd being killed by a Minnesota police officer.

In the days since, this officer has been arrested on second-degree murder charges -- while protests have broken out in all 50 states.

Every night, the streets are filled with protestors yelling, screaming and pleading for racial equality, along with various police reform measures.

With the country seemingly on the verge of a revolution, Lindsay freely admits she's ashamed of her professional past.

Rachel Lindsay Motives You

Continued the star:

"When I look at what's happening in our country, and then I look at the franchise, I can't continue to be affiliated -- it's embarrassing honestly at this point -- to be affiliated with a franchise who is not on the right side of this.

Lindsay grew understandably upset at the interview kept going.

She simply could not remain quiet any longer.


"How can I sit back and be quiet, when I am a part of something that isn't as supportive or doesn't reflect who I am?" Lindsay added.

"I just feel like if anybody is in my position, you couldn't sit quiet about that. And I don't think that anyone would fault me -- a higher up in the franchise  -- for saying that."

Rachel, who was also in the news of late for having to deal with Hannah Brown's use of the N-word, did accept some responsibility as well.

Bryan Abasolo and Rachel Lindsay

"I feel like I've been a little bit a part of the problem," Lindsay confessed admitted.

"We continue to make excuses as to why we haven't seen this change. You continue to say, 'Oh, well it's just because the lead hasn't picked a person of color that's gone far enough.

"'Oh, this person was more qualified for this person. Oh, the audience liked this person more.'

"But that’s not true."

Rachel Lindasy and Bryan Abasolo on Instagram

Almost every year, it seems as though The Bachelor is asked about casting another person of color as the lead.

And every year except for 2017, producers ramble on about diversity in some fashion... and then choose a white man or woman.

"It's time to stop making excuses," Lindsay told Page Six.

Rachel Lindsay in a Black Top

She then concluded with these words of wisdom:

There are so many different ways in which you can take action … by posting, by letting people know you're aware, by sharing your own story of how maybe you were ignorant before, how you did choose to be silent because of whatever reason.

You were scared, you didn't know, you chose to ignore it.

And I think donating to these causes --  maybe you don't know how to use your voice -- but donate to a cause that does.

LA Galaxy Releases Player Aleksandar Katai Over Wife’s ”Racist and Violent” Posts

Aleksandar Katai, Tea Katai, InstagramLos Angeles soccer team LA Galaxy has released Aleksandar Katai over controversial comments posted by his wife, Tea Katai, on social media. In a statement released Friday, the team said...

Vanessa Bryant Honors Daughter Gianna on What Would’ve Been Her Graduation Day

Gianna Bryant, Vanessa BryantVanessa Bryant is honoring daughter Gianna on what would've been her graduation from middle school. On Friday afternoon, Vanessa revealed that her late daughter would've taken...

Citizens Rise Up: A Timeline of the Global Protests in the Wake of George Floyd’s Death

George FloydIt was only May 25, 2020--Memorial Day here in the States--when George Floyd became the latest on a tragically long list of black men and women who have lost their lives while in police custody....

Breonna Taylor’s Mom Calls for the Arrest of Police Officers Involved in Her Death

Breonna TaylorBreonna Taylor's mother is fighting for justice on her daughter's birthday. As many Americans pay tribute to the essential worker who would have turned 27 today, Tamika Palmer is...

Kendall Jenner Rocking the Business Casual Look!

Kendall Jenner may be irritating to most, mainly because of what she represents and the family she is one of the figureheads for, but she does look good in a bikini.

By far the hottest of the Kardashian clan, positioned as some sort of high end fashion model, despite really only being a rich kid who wears designer clothing and the whole being a model thing was more about being an influencer they could pass off as a model, because America seems to have been built on the Kardashians, even though they are basically useless.

She’s looking awesome in this bikini and I am loving the blazer look, on some lawyer, professional, maybe an accountant, it is tax season after all.

Her face doesn’t look so Kendall, but looks more Kaia, but with modern technology and medical procedures, filters and photoshop, all these girls can be whoever they want to be and we’ll accept it as fact because we saw it on the internet and EVERYTHING on the internet is fact.

Kendall Jenner Bikini British Vogue

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Kira Kosarin Rollerskating Her Way to Our Hearts!

Kira Kosarin is a 22 year old known for being on a Nickelodeon show. She has made the move to music, which I guess is a more lucrative career than acting. I figure if you create some hit songs that people download, it’s a product that you can monetize directly. Plus with all the technology coupled with the training she’s had to get to the point of having 5,000,000 followers. It’s a no brainer.

Almost all of these kids who started working in the industry young are triple threat, trained dancers and singers and actors, while acting pays less than singing, it gives them the great platform to start from and then choose whether to to follow the dollar signs or not.

What I like about her, besides her hot body she shows off, is that she roller skates. It’s some vintage throwback as the sport makes a comeback and it’s really fun and cute and something different in a world where everyone is doing the same thing on repeat!!

Here she is making a dumb TikTok dance look good

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Fitness Friday with Nina Agdal!

Nina Agdal is a hot, probably retired at this point, Sports Illustrated Swim model who is now in her 30s, and who now seems to live out her life at the Brinkley estate in the hamptons, becasue she is dating Christie Brinkley’s son. It’s a keep it in the Sports Illustrated swim family, because Sports Illustrated Swim has been so good to her, it’s basically the only reason we know her or learned about her hot, fit, danish body that looks like it doesn’t eat many danishes.

I assume she’s doing the whole trophy wife thing, living the rich and famous life of luxury, but still taking time to make some dance videos or fitness videos half naked to keep her fans excited!

Her biggest job may have been dating Leo DiCaprio for about 10 minutes, but clearly she has lots more to give!

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Rachel Lindsay Sounds Off on Drew Brees’ Apology, Hannah Brown & More

Rachel LindsayActions speak louder than words. On Friday, former Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay virtually stopped by Daily Pop and shared with E!'s Nina Parker her thoughts on Drew Brees' apology,...

Pregnant Gigi Hadid Posing with her Baby Daddy!

Gigi Hadid has teamed up with British Vogue to take part in their online auction to raise money for NHS Charities Together and the NAACP by choosing a look from their wardrobes and auctioning it off, all while they document it for the virtual event.

Gigi is auctioning off her Dior saddle bag and a Fenty jacket along with her best wishes for the auction. She snapped a photo of pregnant self in the mirror holding onto her baby daddy Zayn Malik. You can see the full auction details here and go cop you some Kate Moss socks or a pair of Joan Smalls’ panties if you’re lucky !

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Washington, D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser Changes Street Name to Black Lives Matter Plaza

Black Lives Matter Street Sign, Mayor Muriel Bowser, Black Lives MatterWashington, D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser announced that the city has renamed a street in honor of the Black Lives Matter movement. Taking to social media on Friday, she shared footage of an...

6 Acts of Kindness That Will Inspire You

Childhood Friends Protest Together"Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping." Mister Rogers may have shared his mother's words to him as a young boy decades ago, but they are more...

Alexis Ohanian Resigns From Reddit, Urges Board to Fill His Seat With a Black Candidate

Alexis Ohanian, Serena WilliamsAlexis Ohanian has resigned from the Reddit board. The tech entrepreneur, who is the husband of Serena Williams, announced on Friday that he's taking a step back from the company he...

What to Watch, Listen to and Read to Support Black Voices

What to Watch, Listen to and Read to Support Black Voices You are what you watch, you are what you listen to, and you are what you read. As citizens continues to mourn the death of George Floyd and protests supporting the Black Lives Matter...

Billie Eilish is Complaining to GQ!

Billie Eilish is huge, she has a MASSIVE fan base and has won numerous awards despite just turning 18. She’s been working towards her career and being famous her entire life, performing for her friends and family and producing music at a young age with her brother.

She’s also been super vocal about the world “sexualizing her” and has spoke out about why she dresses in baggy clothing to cover her curves. But now she’s complaining to GQ about not being seen as a woman because of the way she dresses. I’m trying to be positive but I’m just gonna say it, Billie Eilish annoys the heck outta me. She does have good style, or a good stylist though so here are some pics of her.

The quote:

“Sometimes I dress like a boy. Sometimes I dress like a swaggy girl. And sometimes I feel trapped by this persona that I have created, because sometimes I think people view me not as a woman.”

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George Floyd’s Friend and Witness to His Death Recalls Final Moments

Maurice Lester HallChris Cuomo interviewed George Floyd's friend Maurice Lester Hall on Thursday's episode of Cuomo Prime Time. The CNN anchor told viewers Hall was with Floyd and sitting in the...

Karlie Kloss Is a Hypocrite, Ariel Winter Is Alive and Busty and More

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Bella Hadid’s Idyllic Farm Life!

Bella Hadid has been spending quarantine with her mother Yolanda and sister Gigi on their idyllic little (huge) farm in Pennsylvania. This has been great for those who consume her content daily because it’s provided her with a ton of interesting photo ops and back drops to shoot her Instagram selfies in. Her time on the farm has also been a sweet escape for the jet setter, giving her an opportunity to stay put and spend time with her family.

The farm is set on 32 acres in a rural community outside of New Hope. The farm is filled with various gardens including a new lavender field planted by Bella herself. They also have horses, cows, chickens and goats to hang out with, which makes me very jealous.

Here is Bella looking like a real life fairytale princess in her newest Farm Life Selfie which includes 3 of her horses grazing around her.
Bella Hadid Vogue

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Man Asks “Did I Miss Anything?” After Emerging From 75-Day Silent Retreat

Daniel ThorsonDaniel Thorson returned from a 75-day silent retreat to find that many changes had taken place around the world. On March 13, the Emerge podcast host headed into a solo retreat at...

Kelly Brook Gets Cheeky!

Kelly Brook may not be the Glamour Model she once was, but about 20 years ago, the world was introduced to her and fell in love with her, or at least parts of her, you objectifying misogynistic jerks!

I don’t blame you, it was just the era we lived in, where we didn’t need to pretend nude or topless modelling was art, or high concept, or empowerment, but instead could apreciate it without a political agenda.

She was a huge part of the classic UK Glamour model scene, made a fortune doing it because there was a time when newspapers in the UK had Page 3 girls, and those Page 3 girls, would get famous, and the Lad Mags would add them to their roster of talent and do consistent shoots with them, only for it to lose out to instagram models.

I remember those days and I remember Kelly Brook, who must be around 40 now, but still willing to be cheeky and fun in her shorts on her walk. You can take the girl out of the Lad Mags, but you can’t take the Lad Mags out of the girl. I am not sure what that means, so I won’t be trademarking it any time soon, but I am sure it means something.

Scroll the pics to see how cheeky she gets…

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Anna Kendrick Details “Confusing Time” When a “Totally Peaceful” Protest Took an “Alarming” Turn

Anna Kendrick Anna Kendrick is reflecting on her protesting experience. During her virtual visit to The Late Late Show, the Trolls World Tour star recalled participating in a Black Lives Matter protest...