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The Brother-King (Idiots) of the Internet

Disney Channel used to have a show, Pair of Kings, about two egocentric, imbecilic teenagers who become, through a series of uncanny events, become the kings of a remote Pacific island. Most of the show was mindless comedy and a lack of plot development, but it was still a hit.

Which brings me to today’s subject.

If there’s one thing that’s definitely changed in the modern age, it’s the way we interact with and use the Internet (he says, talking like a grandpa who has just figured out how to work the modem…does anyone still say modem at all, or just me? Just me? Damn.)

We’ve all become so connected to social media, to search engines, and to news sites that we spend our days on them, waking up in the morning to read Twitter like a newspaper and streaming funny cat videos before we go to sleep at night.

Not that I need to tell you how much we love our digital pop culture – you’re on this website, after all. But the developed world has changed in the way we handle the Internet so much that in 2006 ‘You’ became the Time Person of the Year (too much controversy).

Which leads us to a relatively new development in the Age of Celebrity and the Age of Technology: the digital duo. Specifically? The brother-kings of social media, epitomized perhaps best by the Paul brothers of YouTube and the Lopez brothers of TikTok.

If past generations had Abbott & Costello and the Three Stooges, we haven’t been so blessed. Instead, we’ve gotten Logan & Jake Paul, some of the biggest YouTubers of the 2010s, as well as the newest superstars, TikTok’s Tony & Ondreaz Lopez.

Let’s start with the Paul brothers. These guys are idiots by every conceivable measure. If there’s something stupid to be done, they’ve done it.

That guy who filmed a comedy video in Japan’s suicide forest? That was Logan Paul. The guy who threw a legendary COVID-19 party in his Calabasas mansion and posted the whole thing online? His brother, Jake Paul.

The one who used a Taser on two dead rats? Logan Paul. The one who’s gotten the cops called on him so many times he lost a starring role on a television series? Jake Paul. The one who proposed a ‘male-only March’ where everyone goes gay for a month? Logan. The one who went to P.F. Chang’s before filming the looting occurring in a Scottsdale shopping mall? Jake.

Logan and Jake Paul have done so much stupid crap over the years it’s actually somewhat impressive. They both got their start on the ultra-popular video-sharing app Vine in 2013-2014, where they each began amassing massive profiles with millions of followers and billions of views.

Then Vine shut down and the two moved on to bigger and better ways to piss off the world (and bring their ‘content’ to their fanbase of teenage girls) by switching over to YouTube. They quickly became some of the biggest faces of the platform, largely by their antics and general stupidity.

While initially they worked much together, over the years they began having an on-again, off-again feud that presumably is staged, but could very easily be true, knowing these guys.

Then there are the Lopez brothers. If Vine was a huge success in its 2013-2014 heyday, then TikTok today is unstoppable (yes, even by Trump and the country of India), with its over two billion mobile downloads and users.

The Lopez brothers, early twenty-somethings named Tony and Ondreaz, have quickly risen in the ranks to become some of TikTok’s biggest success stories. Ondreaz alone has amassed over a million followers on Twitter, not an easy feat for a Gen Z-er whose last known job experience would be high school student.

This duo got its start a few years ago on the fledgling Chinese social media app, but really took off when it merged with musical.ly, creating the largest music sharing social media application in the world. From there, they were unstoppable.

Much like the Team 10 collaborative house owned by Jake Paul, the Lopez brothers make up part of the Hype House, a Los Angeles-based collaborative house that lets them all live and play and ‘create’ (with the loosest possible definition of the term) together.

Unlike the Paul brothers, however, Ondreaz and Tony have more or less stuck together; while they have their own separate accounts (Ondreaz is far more popular than his brother, for whatever reason), they are often together, creating content and posting videos full of ridiculous dancing or stupid jokes.

They’re still just as prone to idiocy, as demonstrated by Tony’s recent controversy over numerous flirty comments made to underage and seemingly-underage girls.

Another area of similarity is in the diversification of their work. The Paul brothers have each starred in wide-release television shows or movies (Jake was on Disney Channel, while Logan has been starring in a Netflix series of horror movies since 2016 known as The Thinning). Neither is particularly impressive, or even remotely good, but it does broaden their appeal.

Meanwhile, in Lopez-land, Ondreaz has just released “NO BAILA,” a mindless dance-pop banger that has already accumulated almost two million streams on Spotify in the one month it’s been out. Not bad for a TikTok star who went viral based off his poor dancing abilities.

Even more impressive when you comb the lyrics and realize that Ondreaz (who doesn’t speak Spanish) most likely just sang, while producer/engineer Pablo “Vya” Viayra did all the heavy lifting on the songwriting front.

Not to say any of these are crimes or even screw-ups severe enough to warrant much punishment beyond ridicule (well, except for Jake Paul’s little COVID party…that warrants an ass-beating and some jail-time, in whatever order you’d like). These Gen-Z celebrities are simply riding a wave of positivity and mindless fun to the fame and fortune they’ve always wanted.

But in the era of trends that come and go (I mean, anyone else remember when RayWilliamJohnson was the biggest YouTube celebrity ever?), it’s definitely a testament to our current culture that these two particular duos are the brother-kings of the internet.

No such thing as free clout, after all.

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Cardi B Pulls a Chris Evans, Accidentally Posts a Nude Selfie on Instagram

Cardi B has an OnlyFans that she doesn’t get naked on, but she did accidentally just show all her Instagram followers her boobs. She quickly deleted it, but some people had already grabbed the uncensored pic before she took it down (link NSFW).

She’s not the first person to do this, and Chris Evans made headlines when he did the same thing recently.

Cardi is seemingly still partying to celebrate her birthday.

View this post on Instagram

My walk on dumb cause I’m still drunk

A post shared by Cardi B (@iamcardib) on

Her fans supported her in the best way possible, though; they got #BoobsOutForCardi trending on Twitter and posted naked pictures of themselves in solidarity. I cannot overemphasize how this is the best-case scenario and what should happen every time a celebrity accidentally leaks a nude picture of themselves, which seems to be happening weekly now.

That really says it all, I think.

As for Cardi, she seems to appreciate the support, as she retweeted a bunch of people taking their boobs out for her.

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Kanye West Wants to Trademark ‘God Save America’

There’s a podcast called Pod Save America, run by some of the most insufferable assholes to come out of the lower tiers of the Obama administration. You might have heard of it when your insane, MSNBC-addicted uncle had a fight with your insane, Fox News-addicted aunt at Thanksgiving last year. I don’t recommend it.

I only bring it up because it shows that Kanye West did not think of the phrase “God Save America,” which he trying to trademark and sell on clothes. God save America is a phrase in common enough use that there is are parodies of it.

Celebrities try to trademark things all the time. Cardi B tried to trademark “Okurrr” and was denied while President Trump failed to secure a trademark on “You’re Fired” back when he was a TV game show host. Paris Hilton successfully trademarked the phrase “That’s Hot,” though, so anything can happen. Under that logic, she probably could have trademarked vocal fry and sued the Red Scare podcast, which is greatly superior to Pod Save America, right out of existence.

Look, it should be obvious now that Kanye’s run for President is just Kanye trying to sell more clothes. That’s it. His entire presidential campaign is a brand-building exercise.

It’s not even like Kanye is running to bring attention to some sort of issue. Have you heard how empty is his campaign rhetoric is? It’s like that time Lois ran for mayor on Family Guy.

Of course, Kanye isn’t actually hurting anything by running for President; the idea that he’ll somehow hurt Joe Biden by running is absurd, no one who was going to vote for Joe Biden is going to be swayed to vote for Kanye West instead. He’s just wasting an opportunity to do real good for his community and the entire country on a vanity tour to sell merchandise, that’s all.

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Is Lily James With Chris Evans, Hooking Up With Married Dominic West Or Both?

When I heard Lily James was dating Chris Evans, my first thought was “Jesus, save some first names for the rest of us, guys.” Then I saw Chris Evan’s monster hog and figured she would marry him, who wouldn’t?

But Lily James was spotted making out with Dominic West, according to Cinema Blend.

According to reports, Lily James and Dominic West were caught snogging together while on a quick trip to Rome. The couple were scene “dining al fresco,” according to the Daily Mail when they were seen publicly flirting and kissing. They later were also seen sightseeing together on their little jaunt away from their working lives.

West is married, though, and you would think it would cause marital problems. If it is, West and wife Catherine FitzGerald aren’t letting on, as Page Six reports the couple are still happily together.

Dominic West and wife Catherine FitzGerald insisted in a handwritten note shown to paparazzi that their marriage “is strong” — and kissed for photographers outside their family home — after pictures emerged this week of West getting cozy with actress Lily James in Rome.

“Our marriage is strong and we’re very much still together,” read the note, signed by both West and FitzGerald. “Thank you.”

Well, seemingly.

Notably, “The Affair” actor wasn’t wearing his wedding ring and FitzGerald kept her left hand in her pocket. West, 50, declined to answer any questions regarding his recent Roman holiday with 31-year-old James, who is his co-star in the series “Pursuit of Love.”

A little on the nose that he was in The Affair, isn’t it?

Remember when Kristen Stewart hooked up with that married director and she got fired off of the sequel to the movie she was filming and became a pariah until she started dating a woman? Let’s maybe not do that again here.

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Woman Returns Cursed Artifacts to Pompeii

You may have heard of the curse of the pharaohs, where horrible fates befall those who disturb the tombs of ancient Egyptian kings. To the extent that these were real, they were probably caused by bacteria or radiation that were inside the tomb, though it’s basically just based on superstition and coincidence.

I have never heard of a curse of Pompeii, but I’ll bet if anyone placed one it’d be the guy who was flash-fossilized mid-wank.

That didn’t stop one tourist from blaming the fifteen years of misfortune that had befallen her to some sort of curse caused by knocking a few rocks on a visit.

Via CNN:

“I wanted to have a piece of history that couldn’t be bought,” wrote the woman, who said she was “young and dumb” at the time.
Since returning to Canada, she said, she has suffered two bouts of breast cancer, resulting in a double mastectomy, and her family has also been in financial trouble.
“We can’t ever seem to get ahead in life,” she wrote, blaming the bad luck on the tiles.
“I took a piece of history captured in a time with so much negative energy attached to it,” she wrote. “People died in such a horrible way and I took tiles related to that kind of destruction.”
“We are good people and I don’t want to pass this curse on to my family, my children or myself anymore,” she wrote. “Please forgive my careless act that I did years ago.”

Yeah, I really doubt those things are related. Peter Parker has terrible luck and not only has he not stolen any historical artifacts from Pompeii, he’s fictional.

But this woman is not the only one to claim misfortune befell her for lifting a piece of Pompeii.

Over the years, around a hundred visitors have returned small artifacts like mosaic tiles and pieces of plaster that they stole during a visit to Pompeii, according to a spokeswoman for the park.
The items were sent back along with letters from the visitors “claiming to have derived only bad luck” from taking away the artifacts, the spokeswoman told CNN.
A selection of letters and returned artifacts has been put on display at the Pompeii Antiquarium, she added, noting that, while the value of the artifacts was not significant, the letters were interesting from an anthropological perspective.
Personally, I don’t believe in curses, but I still would want to find out that my visit to Pompeii had landed me cursed with eternal blue balls by some Italian guy who died jacking it during a volcanic eruption. Better safe than chaffed.

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Mercury in Retrograde: Celebrity Psychic Reveals What It Means & How It’ll Affect Pop Culture

Pop Culture in a Crystal Ball, Kim Kardashian, Megan Thee Stallion, Allison Brie, TikTok, Voting, iPhoneMercury is in its last retrograde of 2020. Tonight, Oct. 13 marks the last Mercury retrograde of this year and is expected to end on, wait for it, Tuesday, November 3. This means Election...

The Bachelorette Premiere: All Our Thoughts, Mostly About How Much We Love Dale

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Alessandra Ambrosio’s Bikini Volleyball Hotness and Other Fine Things!

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Oona Laurence Booty in Shorts!

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Matt Roloff to Amy: UGGGH! Stop Being So Defensive!

Stop us if you've heard this one before, but...

... Matt Roloff and Amy Roloff clashed this week on a new episode of Little People, Big World.

And they did so, once again, over Amy's piece of the ex-couple's popular property in Oregon.

Toward the end of 2019, when these installments were filmed by TLC, Matt and Amy were going back and forth about the latter possibly, maybe selling a chunk of the farm to her former husband.

As we know all these months later, Amy did, indeed, sell a parcel of the land to Matt and then proceeded to move away.

On the season premiere of Little People, Big World, however, we watched as Amy grew annoyed at Matt for putting pressure on her to make this life-altering decision.

And now we can also bear witnesses to the reality stars arguing over what kind of role Amy ought to play when decisions are to be made on the farm, now that she is only a partial owner.

It's an awkward situation, that's for certain.

In the scene featured here, Amy gets really irritated that Matt is scheduling appointments with contractors without giving her any notice.

He wants quotes on what it would cost to renovate the home in which Amy formerly lived... but Amy is still around on occasion and would like, at the very least, a heads-up when these workers are on their way.

Seems like a fair request, right?

Not to Matt.

"I wish you wouldn't be so defensive all the time," he tells Amy, upset that she's giving him grief and adding to his work load.

"I wish you wouldn't be so pushy and, you know, everything else over the years," Amy replies, clearly hinting at issues the pair had when they were married and even later saying that not much has changed in 30 years.

Ouch, huh?

Just recently, in light of the tension on air between his parents, Zach Roloff was asked if Matt and Amy get along in real life.

"I think they’re getting along fine. They don’t see each other a lot. There’s no reason, really, for them to interact except for at family events," he responded.

Keep in mind, Zach said this many months after the latest batch of episodes were filmed... after Amy sold Matt even more of the farm and now really does take a major backseat when it comes to the business.

Matt can do basically anything he wants with the land at this point.

Zach did also note that Amy remains prominently involved in pumpkin season, which is taking place as we type.

“She’s been participating in that. It’s all calm right now," the father of two said about his parents and their relationship.

We're glad to hear it.

Go back in time to when things between the exes were anything but calm by watching this sneak peek now!

Matt roloff to amy ugggh stop being so pushy and defensive

‘Cheer’ Star Jerry Harris Should Remain Jailed Until Trial, Prosecutors Say

"Cheer" star Jerry Harris should remain behind bars until his trial because he's "a clear and present danger to the community and most notably defenseless children" ... so claim the feds. Harris has a bond hearing scheduled for Wednesday, and…

Colt Johnson Confesses: Yes, I Boned Vanessa While I Was Dating Jess!

At the 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? Tell All for Season 5, Colt Johnson proclaimed his love of boning.

He was much less bold about admitting to cheating on Jess ... right up until he confessed to it.

Colt Johnson wants to be treated like an adult

From the start of their relationship, Jess Caroline was suspicious of Colt's "friendship" with Vanessa Guerra.

No, that is an understatement.

She knew that Vanessa and Colt were more than just friends, and she didn't want them together.

Colt Johnson speaks about friendship, desire for Vanessa

When she told Colt this, he had the option of simply saying "no, I won't end a friendship for a relationship, not now and not ever."

Hey, I'd do the same! But honesty does not appear to be one of Colt's strengths.

Instead, he cooked up a fake set of texts to Vanessa, pretending to end their friendship so that he could appease Jess and retain his bond with Vanessa.

Colt Johnson fake texts to Vanessa via Jess Caroline

Colt's desire to have his cake and eat it too worked for weeks and possibly even months, wasting Jess' time while she had no idea that he was lying to her.

Though the two had some degree of friction, things went so well that Jess invited Colt to visit her in Brazil and meet her family.

Debbie invited herself a long. For our own mental health, we have chosen to believe that TLC were the ones who decided that Debbie would tag along.

Things went well in Brazil. Too well, according to Debbie.

After seeing how well Colt got along with Jess' family, bonding with them even while sending her back to the hotel because she couldn't be nice, she knew that she had to do something.

So Debbie opted to sabotage Colt and Jess' romance ... by revealing Colt's lie.

Debbie Johnson creates problems on purpose

Debbie decided to create problems on purpose.

She knew just how to "innocently" slip it into the conversation that Vanessa was still close with them.

Debbie offered to show Colt and Jess photos of the cats ... photos that Vanessa had taken while catsitting for them.

Debbie Johnson hears - did you know that Jess had a problem [with Vanessa]?

Debbie let it slip and Jess was nothing short of furious.

She bolted out of the hotel and contacted Vanessa for confirmation that, yes, Vanessa is still friends with Colt.

Vanessa confirmed it. When Jess returned, she was nothing short of livid.

Jess Caroline removes her shoe

While no one should ever throw anything, the anger behind Jess' decision to yeet her shoes across the room as she took them off was more than understandable.

Colt had lied to her, setting aside her feelings so that he could continue to bone her -- and, of course, so that he could film the show with her.

Furiously, Jess packed up her things and left the hotel. Sadly, that was not the end of their story.

Jess Caroline throws her first shoe at Colt

Eventually, Jess did agree to give Colt another chance.

He returned to the US, and though he and Jess kept in touch, more often than not, they were still just trying to patch things up.

Jess went from imagining spending the rest of her life with Colt to unsure if she could even stomach conversation with him.

Colt Johnson calls Jess Caroline on his tablet

When they did meet up again, a number of women had contacted her.

We don't know how many women Colt sent his dick pics to while he was allegedly trying to win over Jess.

But at least eight women came forward and contacted her to warn her that Colt was sending his penis photos as if he were single.

Jess Caroline - in two weeks, you sent it to 8 girls

That was not the worst of it, however. Jess might almost have been convinced to go along with things thanks to Colt's protests that they were basically on a break.

Then, Jess learned that Vanessa was now living in the house with Colt and Debbie.

She was their "roommate." That was enough. Colt clearly didn't care about Jess' feelings and he never, ever would.

Jess Caroline - I was born yesterday!

Colt's cheating scandal from December 2018, when he sent his dick pics to multiple side pieces while assuring them that his marriage to Larissa was only for TV, never made it onto the show.

That was not the case when he cheated on Jess, as it was so central to their drama.

But there are different levels of cheating. How far did Colt go when he was supposed to remain loyal to Jess?

Vanessa at the HEA s5 Tell All

Finally, at Part 5 of the Tell All, Colt confessed that he had slept with Vanessa ... and that it happened during his relationship with Jess.

In fact, he shared that if Vanessa had agreed to be with him after their respective marriages ended, he wouldn't have wasted Jess' time.

"I love Vanessa," Colt declared. Meanwhile, Vanessa admitted that though she loves Colt as a friend, after seeing all of this mess, she's no longer interested in a relationship with him.

Save Up to 70% on SkinStore’s Best Holiday Beauty Gift Sets!

E-Comm: HGG, SkinStore's Best Holiday Beauty Gift SetsWe love these products, and we hope you do too. E! has affiliate relationships, so we may get a small share of the revenue from your purchases. Items are sold by the retailer, not E!....

Hit Sydney Sweeney Up on FaceTime!

Sydney Sweeney is a busy girl, it seems like just yesterday she was being painted pink to film some cosplay fun for the Webtoon series Lore Olympus and today she’s appearing in Hunger Magazine! Sydney hopped on FaceTime to shoot a pandemic photoshoot with the magazine with included accompanying interview where the Euphoria actress talks about an upcoming project she’s working on with Halsey! Now we know why they had that sexy photoshoot together a few weeks ago!

The Player’s Table will be a TV series that is based on the book Sydney read with her virtual book club, They Wish They Were Us. Not only will Sydney appear alongside Halsey in the show, she’s also producing the project.

Sydney talks about her upcoming horror movie Nocturne, which is part of the new Welcome to The Blumhouse series of 4 films being released month. She says she was reminded of the Natalie Portman/Mila Kunis movie Black Swan and wanted to challenge herself to play a super dark character like Portman’s. Read the entire interview over here and check out the FaceTime photoshoot goodness with some Nocturne behind the scenes shots in the gallery below!

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Megan Thee Stallion is Living The Endless Hot Girl Summer!

Megan Thee Stallion is known for starting the whole “hot girl summer” craze which said said is about “just being you, just having fun. It’s turning up, driving thereat and not giving a damn about what nobody’s saying.” It’s described as A summer where you are in charge of your own happiness by UrbanDictionary and it looks like Meg is doing just that, endlessly. Here are some new shots of Hot Girl Meg splashing around in a pink micro bikini with her new blonde hair which looks phenomenal.

The 25 year old has had an insane year both good and bad after she got shot a few months ago by a Canadian rapper, who has recently been ordered to stay away from her and is looking at jail time for the event that took place after a pool party at Kylie Jenner’s house. More recently, the rapper appeared in an op-ed for The New York Times titled “Why I Speak Up for Black Women” and talks about how Black women are disrespected and talks about the shooting incident. You can see it all here.

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Jessie J Jumps Off Her Roof!

UK singer Jessie J let us in on her “Monday Mood” this week and that mood is: Insane. The 32 year old posted a video that starts off with her in a pair of grey sweat pants and a matching crop top standing on her roof and ends with her at the bottom of her pool. Honestly this seems insane because the drop from roof to ground level is only about 10 feet and the pool can’t be that deep, can it? It looks like a lot of fun, but we never see Jessie come back up to the surface in the video…

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Jada Pinkett Smith Has the Ultimate Answer to Being Shamed for Willow Smith’s Shaved Head

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Lizzo’s Most Empowering Quotes Are Guaranteed to Get You Through the Week

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Kylie Jenner Shows Off Her Curves!

Kylie Jenner was one of the many celebrities who threw their COVID caution to the wind to attend Cardi B’s epic Pandemic Birthday Party this weekend in Las Vegas. Kylie documented some of her trip including a humble flex of a selfie she posted sitting on her private “Kylie Air” jet and some shots of her grabbing on her boobs and showing off some insane curves in a peach mini dress.

I’m always on the fence about Kylie, sometimes I think she’s a totally smoking hot billionaire bad bitch and and then I get into a vortex of thinking she’s actually a robot with some TPE skin covering her circuits. I don’t know if she even has a personality because I’ve never watched the now cancelled Keeping Up with The Kardashian’s but I will say Kylie is a work of art who’s really fun to look at!

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Gal Gadot Gets Everyone Mad!

Gal Gadot has just signed on the play Cleopatra in an upcoming biopic about the Queen of Egypt. The actress announced the news on her twitter saying “I love embarking on new journeys,I love the excitement of new projects, the thrill of bringing new stories to life.Cleopatra is a story I wanted to tell for a very long time.Can’t be more grateful about this A team!!”

This started a massive online debate about Cleopatra’s race. Twitter users came at her saying things like “Historically, Cleopatra would’ve been black. I feel like if you have respect for this role you should step down”

Yes they are fully asking Gal to turn this role down, because they are convinced Cleopatra was black and therefore cannot be played by any other race. I’m not saying I think Cleopatra was white or whatever, but if the whole social justice thing is about inclusivity, wouldn’t having an Israeli actress play the Queen actually be inclusive in itself?

Here is our girl, Gal looking phenomenal in a new photoshoot for Vanity Fair!

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Emma Rose Kenney is Shameless!

The Showtime tv show Shameless is coming back for an eleventh season which is great news for it’s fans! The season was supposed to air this summer however COVID-19 pushed filming way back until recently. Emma Rose Kenney, also known as Debbie Gallagher has let us in on some of the behind the scenes action on what will be the FINAL season.

The show’s former frontrunner Emmy Rossum tweeted her reaction to the upcoming season being the end of the show that made her famous saying: “Eleven seasons is ten more than most shoes get! Bravo to an incredible run for a wonderful cast and crew.” Here’s the first look…

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How Kristin Cavallari’s Divorce From Jay Cutler Impacted Her Decision to End Very Cavallari

Jay Cutler, Kristin Cavallari Kristin Cavallari is coming clean. As fans may recall, the Hills alum announced her divorce from former NFL star Jay Cutler in April after 10 years together. Weeks later, Kristin dropped...

Demi Lovato Ex Embarrasses Himself!

A few months ago Demi Lovato let us know that she is loved and wanted by introducing us to her boyfriend, a guy named Max Ehrich. Max proposed to Demi on a beach in California and they took some glamour shots to announce the engagement. About a month later, users on Twitter started exposing Max for being secretly a Selena Gomez fan. Selena and Demi have some sort of longstanding beef so it was a blow to Demi’s ego when she found out he used to call her the ugly friend and Selena the more talented one.

Anyway Demi dumped his ass after this because it was embarrassing and now the boyfriend is bringing us even more cringe by having the paparazzi follow him to the beach where he proposed, so that they can take photos of him fake crying and walking into the ocean all dramatic like. It’s pretty funny but very embarrassing for Max, who is now apparently moving on to comedian Elijah Daniel after he slide into his Instagram DM’s. I just want to know if this was pre-beach cry or afterwards, maybe it was during!

Here is a very single Demi, showing off what a little weight gain can do to your cleavage and looking pretty unbothered!

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Cardi B Supports Essential Workers for Her Vegas Birthday!

Cardi B is another iconic October Libra who is celebrating a birthday this week, she opted to head to Las Vegas where it seems nearly everyone in LA is right now. She was put up in a pimped out suite and gifted a Bentley for her birthday by her now ex-husband and baby daddy Offset, which included an $8000 custom car seat.

She also had a ton of people attend the function and supported the essential frontline workers of the strip, the strippers themselves. Being an ex-exotic dancer herself, Cardi tipped them very well and even had a cash gun to shoot bills in the air all night. This doesn’t look like your typical Pandemic Party but the guests don’t seem too worried about the virus!

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Jessa Duggar: Did She Just Join Her Sisters In Rebelling Against Jim Bob?!

Jim Bob Duggar must be feeling a little less powerful these days.

After all, the only reason he had any power to begin with is that his kids never questioned his authority.

Jim Bob Duggar's 55th Birthday

They were taught to obey God first and Jim Bob second, and it seems that until recently, none of them had any doubt about that hierarchy. 

But once one of the kids started to question Jim Bob's sovereignty, it wasn't long before the others followed suit.

Those who know him best say that JB always knew this day would come, but he expected the challenge to come from one of his sons.


Instead, it's Jim Bob's daughters who are fighting for their independence, and their acts of defiance range from subtle to shocking.

Most of them prefer small, symbolic gestures, such as defying the Duggar family dress code.

But others -- primarily Jill Duggar -- have been rocking the boat in much more noticeable ways.

Jill Duggar Drinks!

Jill's husband, Derick Dillard, has been feuding with Jim Bob for over a year now, primarily over the issue of money that was paid to the family by TLC.

(Derick claims JB pocketed all of it, and didn't pass a cent on to his children.)

This has led to Jill being estranged from her family and abandoning many of the rules she was raised with, such as the Duggar ban on alcohol.

Jill Duggar Drinks Coffee

It's also led to a situation in which the family has been divided into two factions -- Team Jim Bob, and Team Jill.

It's been easy for born rebels like Jinger to choose a side, but other members of the family have had a difficult time.

Take Jessa Duggar, for example.

Jess Seewald

She's replaced Jill as the top daughter in Jim Bob's eyes, and it makes sense that she's reluctant to abandon that position.

But she's also a grown woman who probably wants some freedom of her own, and who definitely wants to support her sisters in their freedom fight.

And it's likely for those reasons that Jill sent a subtle sign that she's riding with Team Jill.

Jessa Duggar Wears Pants

Earlier this week, the ladies gathered to celebrate 15-year-old Johannah Duggar's birthday.

Even the estranged Jill was on hand for the occasion -- and it seems Jessa might have taken the opportunity to show her sister a sign of solidarity.

As many eagle-eyed fans have pointed out, it looks as though Jessa wore jeans for the occasion, which makes it one of the first times she's done so in public, and the very first time (that we know of) that she's done so in the presence of Michelle.

Jessa Zoom

"Is Jessa Wearing Jeans?" one fan wrote:

"I hope so, but probably a jean skirt. Who knows! Could be a Jill hand me down!" another added.

"It looks like jeans to me and it seems like pants aren’t that big of a deal anymore," a third chimed in.

Jessa Duggar on TLC's Counting On

A fourth pointed out that even if Jessa is wearing jeans, that doesn't mean that she's joined the rebellion.

"I don’t think we can jump to them breaking free, I think it’s more about practicality and modesty."

It remains possible that Jessa was wearing a denim skirt, but it looks to us like she's rocking some Levi's.

Jessa Duggar and Her Henry

We can only imagine how Michelle reacted.

And you know Jim Bob blew a gasket when he saw this pic!

It may be a subtle gesture -- a very, very subtle gesture, in fact -- but we suspect Jill appreciated it greatly.

Demi Lovato: Help! I’m Being Stalked by Max Ehrich!

In the weeks since Demi Lovato ended her engagement to Max Ehrich, things have gone from bad to worse.

As reports mount of Max's alleged obsession and denial, Demi is now seeking legal options to end his campaign of harassment.

Max Ehrich Kisses Demi

An inside source has opened up to E! News about how troubled Demi's breakup has become.

"She is having all sorts of issues with Max," the insider characterizes.

In particular, the source divulges that Demi is struggling with Max "not leaving her alone."

Max Ehrich Picture

"He has been trying to get in contact with her family and friends," the insider shares.

Fortunately they are supportive of her in this breakup, the source reports, "and they have all blocked him."

Even so, if your ex is having to be blocked by your friends and family, you know that things aren't good.

Max Kisses Demi Lovato

Sometimes, an ex might go on a texting spree for a couple of days after a breakup, but it has been several weeks.

When reason, social pressure, and patience don't seem to be working, sometimes there is just one avenue of recourse remaining.

"She's in contact with lawyers now on what to do," the insider dishes.

Max Ehrich and Demi Lovato: A Photo

Just weeks ago, separate reports spilled the tea on how Demi was feeling in the aftermath of their broken engagement.

"Demi wants no contact with Max at this point," insiders said at the time.

This was not because of some sort of revulsion over the man she knew during their relationship ... but the direct result of his reported behavior after their breakup.

Max Ehrich and Lovato

"She is completely embarrassed at the way he's been acting," a source detailed.

"And," an insider continued, she was disgusted by the way that he was "putting their relationship on blast via social media."

"She wants nothing to do with him," the source declared.

Max Ehrich and Demi Lovato Throwback

It was widely reported at the time that Max had repeatedly "tried to reach out" to Demi to somehow reverse their split.

It sounded like Max was thoroughly "in denial," even by his own admission, about their whirlwind romance coming to an end.

"Demi is completely done," the insider affirmed, "and doesn't want to see him again at this point."

Demi Lovato and Max Ehrich on the Gram

"She can't believe she fell into his trap," the source expressed in the aftermath of Demi's stans digging up Max's thirsty tweets towards countless other female celebs.

Demi was the only one of Max's targets who took the bait"and is really upset over it."

Fortunately, Demi has a lot of emotional support as she works to cope with realizing that her ex-fiance appears to have seduced her out of lust for her fame.

Demi and Max

Insiders detailed that "she's been spending a lot of time with her family and friends" in the wake of her split.

The source shared that she has been leaning on trustworthy loved ones "to help heal from this" and to move on.

Her family and friends are supporting her "and they are all keeping her occupied and rallying around her."

Demi Lovato and Max Ehrich Picture

Of course, Demi's most famous coping mechanism for life's painful moments is also her greatest talent: singing.

On Wednesday, October 14, Demi is scheduled to perform at the 2020 Billboard Music Awards.

Now, we don't actually know which song she plans to sing at the virtual ceremony. But her powerful breakup anthem, "Still Have Me," seems like a solid contender.

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