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Bachelor Nation’s Lesley Murphy Reveals Sex of First Baby

Lesley Murphy, Alex KavLesley Murphey is happy to announce, "the future is female." The Bachelor Nation star revealed that she and fiancé Alex Kavanagh are going to welcome a baby girl in months...

Bachelorette Emily Maynard Is Pregnant, Expecting Baby No. 5

Emily Maynard-JohnsonEmily Maynard had her Instagram followers scratching their heads when she captioned a photo, "ready or not #5." First thoughts are that she's either preparing for a great game...

Miley Cyrus’ Cover of Britney Spears’ “Gimme More” Is Pure Perfection

Miley Cyrus, MTV Unplugged Presents Miley Cyrus Backyard SessionsGimme, gimme more Miley Cyrus covers! The Hannah Montana legend took on a tall task: performing a cover of Britney Spears' steamy song "Gimme More" for MTV Unplugged on...

Everything We Know About You Season 3

You, Season 2Joe Goldberg is back on his bulls--t. Season three of the Netflix hit You is on its way with a few new characters and likely many new reasons for both Joe (Penn Badgley) and Love...

Yikes, Tom Felton Admits There’s a Villain Scarier Than Lord Voldemort Out There

Draco Malfoy, Tom Felton, Harry PotterHe Who Must Not Be Named has some villainous competition out there, according to the dark wizard's former cohort Draco Malfoy Tom Felton. Yes, giving Lord Voldemort a run for his, er,...

Emily in Paris: How Old is She… Really?!?

Lily Collins would like a do-over.

The actress, who is pretty much everywhere these days as the lead star on the Netflix sensation Emily in Paris, stirred up quite the unexpected controversy this week.

Emily in Paris

Collins, who stars on this comedy as Emily Cooper, a young marketing executive who gets sent to France for a year as part of her job and experiences many professional and personal ups and downs there, was asked a few days ago about her title character.

Specifically, about her age.

“I don’t believe we’ve ever given her a specific ‘number’ for her age, but I believe that she’s pretty fresh out of college. Maybe this is her first year after graduation,” the actress told British Vogue.

“I want to say she’s like, 22-ish. She’s had enough experience at her company in Chicago to have earned the respect of her boss...

"She’s gone to school for this, and she’s completed internships."

Emily in Paris

This simple hypothesis took Netfllix viewers aback. Like, WAY aback.

How could Emily only be 22, they asked?

She has a Master's Degree on the show. She has a very expensive, Chanel-themed wardrobe. And she sleeps around... a lot. (No judgment!)

illily c

“Emily has a MASTER’S DEGREE she is not 22!!!! Lily Collins plz,” one fan tweeted, while another chimed in as follows:

“Excuse me but Emily is supposed to be 22?! And get that job transfer to Paris fresh out of college? Alrighty then.”

Apparently aware of all these questions and the scandal she accidentially created, Collins has now walked back her response.


“Emily looking at me when I get her age wrong,” the actress, 31, captioned a GIF of her alter-ego via her Instagram Story on Friday, October 16, adding a laughing emoji.

“Sorry girl," she also wrote.

Collins proceeded to take the lighthearted response one step further.

“You might not be 22, but I gotta say – you do act like it sometimes!!!” she concluded.

Emily in Paris2

Elsewhere in her British Vogue interview, Collins defended Emily’s level of experience.

“She’s not the person who traveled during college. She was really, really focused on her jobs in the Midwest, and I don’t think she’s been abroad,” the star said.

“Basically, she’s always kind of been a big fish in a small pond -- and then suddenly in Paris she’s a fish out of water.

"If she had gone to a different company in Chicago, she would have been taken seriously -- but in Paris, she’s not prepared for the cultural shift that she experiences at Savoir.”

emiky paris

As for how she feels about some of the criticism leveled at Emily in Paris, like how it's full of cliches and that her character is very one-dimensional and shallow?

“She is a woman who is both romantic and work-driven – you don’t have to be one or the other,” Collins said of Emily.

“It’s refreshing to hear a woman say, ‘I love my job, it makes me happy.’ …

She’s in a city that’s extremely foreign to her, and it’s tough – and, yeah, she could probably get on a plane and go home, but that’s just not who she is.”

That's great and all -- but how old is she?!?!?!?!?

Hottest Celeb Bikini Pic of the Week and Other Fine Things!


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Man Presumed Dead Stored in Freezer By His Brother Wakes Up After One Day
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Bella Hadid’s Thong Bikini Might Be Her Riskiest Look Yet

Bella Hadid, WTF WidgetBeach babe alert! Bella Hadid pulled out all the stops for a trip with friends, and that included wearing a particularly risqué a bathing suit while out on a boat. In a...

Chrissy Teigen Breaks Silence After Pregnancy Loss

John Legend, Chrissy TeigenChrissy Teigen knows that silence can be a source of great strength. And more than two weeks after the Cravings author revealed she experienced a pregnancy loss, the star is breaking her silence....

Armando Rubio’s Mom Doesn’t Want to Attend His Wedding to Kenneth Niedermeier

We watched Armando announce his engagement to his family on this week's 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way.

Now it's time for him to talk about wedding plans with his mother ... and it's not going well.

Oh no. This looks awkward and painful.

In this sneak peek for Sunday's new 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way, Armando Rubio has a seat with his mother to do as she asked.

She told him that she wanted him to talk to her first about things, so that's what he's doing about wedding plans with his fiance, Kenneth Niedermeier.

"Tell me the truth. Were you surprised when I told you we got engaged?" Armando asks his mother.

She admits: "I was surprised because I didn't expect it."

"You didn't even hint about it," she accused.

"I told you, I am your mother," she reminded him. "You must always tell me things first."

It is clear to Armando and to viewers that this has less to do with the surprise and more to do with the fact that it's a surprise related to Armando's sexuality.

This is a painful moment, but Armando's not hiding how he feels about it.

"I can tell my mom's not thrilled still about hearing that Kenny and I are engaged," Armando sadly shares to the camera.

"Her telling me that she would have preferred I told her in private shows me that she's still struggling with it," he observes.

Heartbreakingly, Armando adds: "I think in some ways maybe she feels embarrassed that I'm gay."

"She needs to learn how to accept me without worrying what anybody says, thinks, or who is around," Armando correctly emphasizes to the camera.

Armando came out to his family early this season, but it was not the first time.

He had previously been outed to his family -- by his late ex-wife, no less -- but was then forced back into the closet. No one should have to live a lie.

When Armando begins to speak to his mother about his and Kenneth's plans for a wedding, she reacts with astonishment.

Apparently, she imagined that if they were married, they would simply fill out paperwork and be done with it.

Translation: she had hoped that it would be something easy to hide and not something that she or others might have to either attend or decline attending.

"We want to celebrate it," Armando says as he for some reason finds himself having to explain the concept of weddings, like his mother is new to the concept.

"Like any other couple when they love each other and they get married," he continues.

Armando then states, again as if speaking to a preschooler instead of a grandmother who is familiar with the concept: "It's a very important day."

Armando then has to ask multiple times if she will attend her own son's wedding.

"I want it to be a happy day," Armando emphasizes..

"I want to have full support from you and from and the family," he explains, "So I can feel complete." In this sneak peek, she does not give a verbal answer.

Armando rubios mom doesnt want to attend his wedding to kenneth

Jill Duggar: I’m the Only Duggar Who Doesn’t Think Covid-19 Is a Hoax!

America has been coping with the Covid-19 crisis for about seven months now, and regardless of how you feel about lockdown orders and sheltering in place, there's no denying that the virus is real.

Over 220,000 Americans are dead, and many regions of the country are bracing themselves for a third spike that might continue through the winter.


But despite all of that, there are still ignorant conspiracy theorists out there -- one of them being Jim Bob Duggar, who proudly believes the coronavirus is a hoax.

And it appears that most of his kids have decided to go along with Jim Bob's insanity.

Most recently, we saw Joy-Anna Duggar taking her kids to church without a mask anywhere in sight.

Joy-Anna and Kids

Joy seemed to have little interest in social distancing, and she's certainly not the only Duggar to take that stance.

Early on in the pandemic, Jana Duggar signaled that she's not worried about Covid by posting Instagram photos in which she engaged in public activities with no mask and no social distancing.

Thankfully, there's at least one member of the Duggar family who's capable of understanding science and thinking for herself.

Jill and Sisters

We're talking, of course, about Jill Duggar.

Earlier this week, Jill posted an Instagram Story in which she can be seen hanging out with Jessa Joy-Anna, and a whole mess of Duggar offspring.

“Enjoyed some sister time (missing the rest of the sisters) at the @craftfairnwa today!” she captioned the post.

Jill Duggar and Husband in Masks

“The weather was perfect!”

As you can see, Jill was the only one wearing a mask.

In the r/DuggarSnark Reddit group, critics had a field day with the Duggars' apparent lack of concern for this deadly pandemic, even in the presence of their children.

Jill Duggar Drinks Coffee

“It’s a weird feeling, because I’m so proud of [Jill] for wearing a mask around her siblings and in public, and yet it’s the bare minimum anyone should be doing,” wrote one commenter.

“I hope that Jessa’s kids are asking her why they aren’t wearing masks,” added another.

Of course, it's not terribly surprising that Jill is the only one of her sisters who's willing to go against Jim Bob's decree.

Jill Duggar and Derick in Masks

She's been increasingly distancing herself from her parents' ignorant worldview, and she reportedly has little contact with Jim Bob and Michelle.

Earlier this month, it was revealed that Jill even drinks alcohol, which is strictly forbidden in her family.

Jill's son Israel was not present for the recent day out, and as several Redditors observed, this is probably he attends public school, unlike the other Duggar kids, who have all been homeschooled.

Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard in Masks

“I hope Izzy learns a lot, shocking all the Duggars with how much he learns,” one Reddit user commented.

“Hopefully, he will change or at least challenge their idea of public school.”

Yws! Here's hoping that this is the beginning of a Duggar Age of Enlightenment!

Everything We Know About the Dexter Revival

DexterThe new Dexter will not be anything like the old Dexter, except it sort of will be. TV fans were shook on Wednesday when Showtime announced that after six years off the air, Dexter was...

Princess Beatrice Breaks Silence on Her Royal Wedding Day in Rare Tweet

Princess Beatrice, Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi, wedding, GettyAhead of her three-month wedding anniversary, Princess Beatrice has finally spoken out about one of the biggest days of her life. The royal daughter of Sarah Ferguson and Prince Andrew...

Nicki Minaj Shuts Down Fan’s Claim About Her Baby Boy’s Name

Nicki Minaj, Kenneth Petty, 2020 Fashion Week, Marc JacobsNicki Minaj is setting the record straight on rumors about her baby boy's name. On Thursday, Oct. 15, a follower tweeted a photo of an infant and suggested the little one was the...

Vanessa Hudgens is Wigging Out!

Vanessa Hudgens has been stoked on Halloween for a while and ordered a bunch of new costumes and wigs for this year’s spooky season, she bought 5 new wigs in total off Amazon so don’t expect to see one of those anti-bezos meme’s on her page anytime soon. She tried them on in a short black and white video as to avoid giving away her final costume away but switched up her look with this short orange bob on her Instagram stories.

When she’s not playing dress up and quarantining alone at home, Vanessa’s hanging out with this girl GG Magree who she calls her best friend. The two have been going hard in the gym lately to combat that quarantine 15 and recently filmed a fitness routine video for YouTube at the Dogpound gym so that we can follow along and get fit like Vanessa!

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Sofia Vergara Rides the Bull!

Sofia Vergara has been working hard throughout this quarantine, filming her show America’s Got Talent where she is a judge along with Heidi Klum and Howie Mandel. The actress took a much needed break this week which she spent in her backyard with her husband Joe and her little Chihuahua.

Sofia put her bull riding talents to the test with this attempt at riding a blow up bull in her pool, she fails, but it is fun to watch! Sofia was also feeling nostalgic this week and posted some throw back Thursday photos that included a behind the scenes look at her 2015 Vanity Fair photoshoot!

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Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian Reliving the Glory Days!

Skinny legend and pop culture icon Paris Hilton linked up with her former assistant Kim Kardashian to help promote Kim’s fashion line Skims. A lot of celebrities have been ambassadors for the brand, which started off as support underwear and bras but nobody has done it like this. Kim has been working on the launch of the Velour collection for over a year and to celebrate the launch she had her former mentor Paris pick up a Motorola Razr and jump back into the early 2000’s with her.

The two ex-bff’s produced a short video to promote the launch and brought us back to the good old days of partying in Ibiza until the sun came up and carrying around those massive lamé Louis Vuitton bags. Kim talks about those bags in the video and how she forced Paris to carry her’s empty because she’s a hoarder and always has everything in her purse from flip flops, bikinis and towels and hundreds of $100 bills crumpled up. 2020 may suck but this kind of throwback sort of helps…

The post Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian Reliving the Glory Days! appeared first on Egotastic - Sexy Celebrity Gossip and Entertainment News.

Texas Teen Wins $25,000 for Developing Potential COVID-19 Treatment

A teenage girl in Texas is getting national recognition for her work on a potential treatment for COVID-19 ... and she's already getting paid. Anika Chebrolu, a 14-year-old freshman at Independence High School in Frisco, is being hailed as the…

Ashanti in Her Birthday Best!

It looks like your girl Ashanti had the same birthday plans as Bella Hadid and packed up her bag full of bikini’s to head out on a tropical girls trip to celebrate turning 40. I know, hard to believe Ashanti looks this good at 40 but it’s true. The singer and her crew are posted up at the Hodges Bay Resort and Spa in Saint John’s Antigua and brought us along on the trip through these photos!

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Bella Hadid Gets Back to Work!

Bella Hadid just spent the last week soaking up the sun in Turks & Caicos to celebrate her 24th birthday, it seemed like a pretty awesome time and a great way to spend a quarantine birthday but the model is officially back in NYC and ready to work. Bella has been posting some throwback snaps from the trip and it looks like she packed nothing but neon bikinis! Here is Bella and her gang enjoying the sun before she landed back in the makeup chair to work on a new campaign.

The post Bella Hadid Gets Back to Work! appeared first on Egotastic - Sexy Celebrity Gossip and Entertainment News.

Miley Cyrus Does Britney Spears!

Miley Cyrus is gearing up to release her Backyard Sessions with MTV Unplugged tomorrow and to get us all even more excited for the event she gave us a little sneak peak at her set list. The singer has her sister Noah joining her for a duet of Noah’s song I got So High that I Saw Jesus and also let us see a clip from her cover of Gimme More by the iconic Britney Spears. Vanessa Hudgens said it best, wow.

Watch the full set TOMORROW over on MTV!

The post Miley Cyrus Does Britney Spears! appeared first on Egotastic - Sexy Celebrity Gossip and Entertainment News.

Max Ehrich Drops New Song “Afraid” After Demi Lovato Breakup

Demi Lovato, Max Ehrich, InstagramOn the heels of a breakup, Max Ehrich has channeled the beginning of a romance for his new song. The Young and the Restless alum, who made headlines this year for his whirlwind romance...

The Bradshaw Bunch Preview: Can Erin Convince Sister Rachel to Sing at a NASCAR Race?

Rachel Bradshaw, The Bradshaw Bunch 107Sisterly support. In this clip from Thursday, Oct. 22's all-new The Bradshaw Bunch, Erin Bradshaw convinces sister Rachel Bradshaw to perform at a NASCAR race. However, since Rachel...

RHOC Ratings Plunge 25% as Fans Boycott Kelly Dodd

The Season 15 premiere of RHOC was actually pretty good, culminating in a tearful confession from Braunwyn Windham-Burke.

But a nosedive in ratings has Bravo scratching their heads. Do viewers miss Vicki and Tamra, or do they just hate Kelly Dodd?

Kelly Dodd Doesn't Know What to Say

Season 15 of The Real Housewives of Orange County premiered this week, and the ratings were, to put it bluntly, bad.

Since Season 6, only one episode of the show has had lower viewership than the Season 15 premiere ... and it was Part 1 of the Reunion for Season 14.

Ratings and how they are compared are complicated, so we'll lay it all out for you, with all of Season 14's ratings for context.

RHOC Season 14 ratings

The Season 14 premiere had 1.42 million viewers.

The (pre-reunion) Season 14 finale episode had 1.24 million.

The very last episode of that season, Part 3 of the Reunion, had 1.03 million viewers.

RHOC Season 15 season premiere ratings

The season premiere of Season 15 had 1.05 million viewers.

If you look at the dropoff from 1.24 million to 1.05, it doesn't look like that hefty of a loss, especially in 2020 -- it's a weird time for television.

And if you compare Part 3 of Season 14's Reunion special to the Season 15 premiere, viewership actually goes up a little -- 1.03 to 1.05.

Braunwyn Windham-Burke Listens in Astonishment

But we don't look at season premieres and season finales through the same lens.

With rare exceptions, you expect more people to tune in for a season premiere, conventional wisdom saying that they either lost interest or have resolved to "catch up" later.

Most of the time, when measuring the health of an ongoing series, you compare season premieres to season premiere.

Shannon Beador Feels Betrayed

Doing that with Season 14 and Season 15, you witness a drop of 370,000 viewers -- the population of a large American city, vanishing from one season to the next.

There is always a chance that some of these viewers will return as the season goes on.

But at the moment, it looks like a solid percentage of people have just ... lost interest in viewing one of Bravo's flagship series. Why?

Emily Simpson is Listening

The most obvious difference between Season 14 and Season 15 is that, for the very first time, Vicki Gunvalson is not part of the cast.

She is the OG of the OC. She has been part of this franchise since its inception.

And she's not the only one who's gone. Tamra Judge, after 12 years on the show, also took her leave after turning down Bravo's insulting "Friend" offer.

Vicki Gunvalson and Tamra Judge Dine Without Drama

A lot of people have grown to actively hate Vicki and Tamra over the years, and were on social media (and even in their mentions) celebrating their departure from the show.

But it may be that even more fans are sad to see them go and aren't invested in watching what the show is like without them.

Whether we're talking about politics or TV ratings, it's so important to remember that social media does not reflect how the broader world feels.

Tamra Judge and Vicki Gunvalson Filming After RHOC Exit

Vicki has been a mainstay on the series, and it may turn out that dropping an OG from the show was a mistake.

Few of us can imagine RHONY without Kyle Richards. And we have no idea what RHOA will look like without NeNe Leakes.

However, though there is much to be said about Vicki and Tamra, maybe this ratings slump has less to do with what's missing ... and more to do with who's still there.

Kelly Dodd in a Drunk Wives Matter Hat

Kelly Dodd has spent 2020 lashing out at fans, followers, and countless others, signaling her malice again and again on social media.

She said that the COVID-19 pandemic was "God's way of thinning the herd" as Americans died in hospital hallways.

She mocked the death toll, told outright lies about the virus, made false comparisons to the flu, and spread dangerous misinformation about COVID and masks that got her posts censored on Twitter.

Kelly Dodd Mask-Free Bridal Shower

Kelly flauted safety guidelines again and again. She also condemned heroic Black Lives Matter protests as "terrorism in America" when her Fox News fiance (now husband) showed her his network's propaganda.

Viewers and fans expect Housewives to be over-the-top or even toxic people. They expect to see personality disorders that make people entertaining to watch.

But as calls to fire Kelly and to boycott the show while she's on it have grown, it's clear that fans draw the line at a genuinely evil person. Maybe we're seeing that boycott in action with these numbers.

June Shannon: I’m Sober Enough to Be Back on TV!!!

Some fans are worried about whether June Shannon can stay sober on her family's show. Others wonder if it's even coming back.

June is offering some reassurances that both she and her show are coming back ... but not as soon as fans hope.

June Shannon Shares Some Good News

This week, Mama June Shannon took to Instagram to address questions posted by some of her curious fans.

She also wanted to give people a little update on how she is doing -- with her life and with her sobriety.

When June allowed fans to pose questions, one follower of course inquired if her family's show is returning for another season on WEtv.

June Shannon Singing

"Yes," June confirmed on Instagram, "the show is coming back."

In fact, this isn't hypothetical -- as the show has begun to film.

"Production did start last week," she detailed.

June Shannon Does Yoga

Given what time of year it is, however, fans shouldn't hold their breath for a season premiere any time too soon.

June confirms that the show is in production "but we're not coming back until 2021."

"So," the grandmother expresses, "it is what it is."

June Shannon in a Mask

Obviously, last season, June was not a cooperative participant for most of the season, only showing up a couple of times.

This time, it seems, things will be different.

"And will I be back?" June asks before answering the very popular question: "Yes, I will."

June Shannon Does Not Know What to Expect

Last season, June let down her family, and not for the first time.

Instead of going to rehab as she had planned, she ghosted.

Refusing to return her family's messages, June seemed more interested in her boyfriend and drugs than in getting her family back.

June Shannon Breaks Down

Her downward spiral with Geno Doak continued for months.

Sadly, there were times in late 2019 and very early 2020 when many feared that the next piece of news about June would be the last.

Geno confessed that he and June managed to spend $150,000 in just six months ... every cent of it going to crack cocaine.

June Shannon in a Red One-Piece

But downward spirals eventually have to end, one way or the other.

Fortunately, June's ended with the realization that she had lost all control over her life -- and lost her family and career in the process.

She set about fixing up her life, working on her sobriety and repairing a missing tooth.

June Shannon at the Dentist

Part of the key to her new sobriety journey was having a traveling companion, so to speak.

Just as Geno had been part of June's extended drug binge, he was part of her recovery.

In fact, new photos of Geno that circulated in the early weeks of the COVID-19 pandemic gave fans reasons to hope.

Geno Doak Bares His Arms

Fans asked if suddenly seeing photos of him in short sleeves and putting on weight meant that he was no longer covered in fresh track marks and was taking better care of himself.

In response, Geno hinted that they were right.

Needle marks are conspicuous, but less so when someone stops shooting up. And weight gain can be a very promising sign that someone's life no longer revolves around a needle.

June Shannon: I'm Feeling Great!

June has recently revealed that she is now nine months sober.

Her return to reality TV may end up testing her, however, because with a return to TV comes a renewed flow of income.

Hopefully, June will stick to her sobriety journey. Besides, she's going to need that income in order to buy a new house.

From Psycho to The Grudge: All the Horror Movies You Can Watch on Peacock

Takako Fuji, The Grudge There's nothing like curling up with some popcorn and putting on a good horror movie--spooky season or not--and now, you can do just that thanks to Peacock's generous offering of scary...

Save Up to 30% Off During Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty Friends & Family Sale!

Ecomm: Rihannas Fenty Beauty Items Everyone Should HaveWe love these products, and we hope you do too. E! has affiliate relationships, so we may get a small share of the revenue from your purchases. Items are sold by the retailer, not...