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Jenelle Evans: You Guys are SICK for Canceling Me! I’m Such a Victim!

Jenelle Evans has not been having a good week.

One could argue that she hasn't been having a good decade, but let's just focus on what's happening right now, OK?

Jenelle Evans Sells Clothes

If you've been keeping up with Teen Mom 2's biggest mess, then you know that she got very, very upset yesterday after receiving some bad news about her latest business venture.

She'd been working for a while on a "clothing line," or really just some private label clothing that some company agreed to let her slap her name on, and next week she was all set to reveal the line.

Unfortunately for her, the company she was working with figured out that she's not, you know, a good person, and they canceled her line.

She announced all of this in a very dramatic TikTok video -- she explained the situation in her caption, and then the video was just her crying and looking at the camera.

Jenelle Is Sad

The thing is that no one really feels all that sorry for her because these are consequences of her own actions.

Jenelle has been saying and doing truly terrible things for years and years now, and it makes total sense that most businesses wouldn't want to be associated with her after learning about those things.

Still, she seems to be having quite the pity party for herself, and part of that was reacting to a post shared by The Neighborhood Talk, a celebrity news Instagram.

The headline to their post read "Teen Mom Jenelle Evans Cries Her Lil Eyes Out After Her Clothing Line Was Canceled for Coming for LeBron James Over His Kyle Rittenhouse Comments," which was objectively hilarious.

Jenelle Is Down With the Sickness

But it also introduces a new level to Jenelle's terrible, horrible, no good, very bad week.

OK, so you're probably familiar with the story of Kyle Rittenhouse, the guy who is currently on trial for shooting three people (and killing two of them) during a Black Lives Matter protest last summer in Wisconsin.

His trial has been a huge story this week, and many of those stories were about how much he cried in court.

LeBron James, like many others, commented on Rittenhouse's tears on Twitter, writing "What tears????? I didn't see one. That boy ate some lemon heads before walking into court."

LeBron Opens a School

He added some laughing emojis to cap off his joke, and Jenelle found the whole thing very offensive.

"My kids watched Space Jam and looked up to you," she admonished. "Now I know what type of person you are. #truth, oh and Mr. Jordan's version was WAY better lol."

She also added "Next time there's grown adults making fun of your kids ... don't try and defend them when you act the same way."

This take is dumb for a lot of reasons, but mostly because Kyle Rittenhouse is 18 years old, not a minor, and although he was 17 last year when he murdered two people, it's not like he's some innocent kid that's being made fun of for no reason.

Jenelle Has a Podcast

It's also worth mentioning that David Eason made fun of Kaiser, her own child, to his face when he and Jenelle first started dating and she went on to marry him, so she doesn't exactly have room to talk on the subject.

Tons of people were calling her out for these comments, which seems to be why this page assumed they were the reason why her clothing line was canceled.

But as Jenelle explained in some videos she shared on her own Instagram today, there's more to the story.

"Y'all wanna try to cancel me for an opinion I have about somebody, just because he's your favorite basketball player," she began.

Jenelle on Candace Owens

"I can give a sh-t less about basketball. I can give a sh-t less about who your favorite basketball player is. The fact that a grown adult is making fun of a minors is f-cked up. But yeah, carry on, carry on with your day."

Again, Rittenhouse is not a minor and also he killed two people, but for some reason, Jenelle seems positive that the real issue here is bullying.

In another video, she continued ranting, saying "And for you to make fun of me crying and then LeBron makes fun of him crying just goes to show that y'all don't give a sh-t about mental health awareness at all. And it's sick."

"And the whole world needs to f-cking understand exactly how to deal with mental illnesses, and making fun of them is the number one thing not to f-cking do."

Jenelle Evans in Weird Hat

Quick note: crying is not indicative of mental illness. Everyone cries. It's healthy to cry. You can't do horrible things and then be absolved of those things just because you cry about it.

In yet another video, she insisted that she never gave her opinion on Rittenhouse -- although if your instinct is to defend him against some harmless comments about his crying, that does say something -- and that her sole issue was with Lebron being "immature to minors."'

"I don't like that behavior, and I don't want my kids seeing that behavior or looking up to someone with that behavior," she said, once again forgetting about the kind of person she married.

Going back to the clothing line, she wanted to make it clear that her tweets to LeBron weren't the reason that it fell through.

Jenelle and David at a Real Farm

She said that the line was canceled "because of my past, because I have people sending articles about my past. It has nothing to do with LeBron James, let me tell you."

With her customary smug smile, she asked "Do you think for a second the clothing line cares about basketball? No. Let me just inform you, they don't care about basketball. They probably don't even know who LeBron James is, honestly."

Could you even imagine being this delusional?

After making all of those videos, she made one final text post:

Jenelle's mental health break

"My mental health is number 1," the post read. "Honestly I'm so depressed I need time away from social media. Pray for me. Thanks."

She deleted the videos, then made her accounts private.

This is probably the first smart thing she's said in all of this -- time away from social media would almost certainly do her some good, and of course it's important to take care of your mental health.

But besides that, it's just sort of difficult to feel sorry for Jenelle because again, all of the bad things that are happening now are just the consequences of her own actions.

And it's also difficult to hear her get up on that high horse about mental health awareness considering the completely reprehensible things she's said and done to other people, and especially what she's willingly exposed her children to.

Do you think she can ever come back from this?

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Audrey Roloff Shares Intimate Pictures From Third Child’s Water Birth


Simply, truly and just absolutely amazing.

A few days after giving birth to her third child, Audrey Roloff has taken fans inside this blessed and very personal life event.

How so?

Audrey Roloff After Water Birth

By uploading a number of revealing photos from the delivery of young Radley, which took place on November 8 and which also took place inside of a bathtub.

“Can’t wait to share his birth story with you guys,” the Little People, Big World alum wrote via Instagram Stories on Thursday, November 11.

“Photo taken right after [my husband, Jeremy Roloff], shouts, ‘It’s a BOY!

"Blurry birth photos will always be my favorite photos on my camera roll.”

Audrey Roloff, Postpartum

Audrey and Jeremy -- who are also mom and ad to Ember, 4, and son Bode, 22 months -- confirmed they were parents once again this past Monday.

"Welcome to the world Radley Knight Roloff,” Audrey wrote via Instagram as a caption to pictures of herself and her newborn, adding:

"Born 11.8.21 at 6:32 am 9.1 lbs 21.5 in and born en caul which was wild!

"We are so grateful to God for answering so many specific prayers in regards to this labor and delivery. A word that I had been praying over this birth was “harmony.”

"And it truly was one of the most harmonious experiences."

Audrey Roloff with Radley

Cut to later in the week and these incredible snapshots, as we see Audrey cradling Radley to her chest and Jeremy looking on -- in total awe.

This was the sentiment he expressed online, too.

"@audreyroloff showed immense strength and surrender and I’m completely amazed at her," wrote Jeremy.

"The Roloff household is healthy and full of joy, thank you all for the prayers and well wishes. Cheers to Radley!"

Welcome, Radley!

Aside from providing followers with these photos, Audrey also posted a picture of herself just one hour after welcoming her second son, while confessing to some of the pain she's going through these days.

"Most of you know if you’ve been around here when Ember and Bode, were born, my milk comes in a fury and is like molasses,” the 30-year old explained on social media.

“I have gotten severe engorgement with all three kids within 24 hours of them being born.

"And I’ve struggled a lot with reoccurring mastitis postpartum."

Audrey Roloff and Third Son

Indeed, in February 2018, Audrey detailed what it means to suffer through mastitis, which is both a physical and mental challenge for new mothers because it means they have serious problems breastfeeding.

None of this means Audrey has any regrets, though, of course.

“He makes all the after-birth pains worth it,” the former reality star gushed over Radley not long after giving birth to the baby,

Audrey Roloff Postpartum in 2021

As for the reactions of brother Bode and sister Ember to their sibling?

"They came to meet their baby brother the day he was born (will share pics soon) but then went back to Gigi and Papa’s.

"I miss them like crazy, but these first couple days postpartum for my body are something else.

"I’m immensely grateful to have my parents’ help right now because I recognize so many people don’t have that postpartum.

"Knowing that the kids are being loved so well and getting to spend extra time with their grandparents right now is such a gift to me and them."

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