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Tayshia Adams and Zac Clark are on a Break, And Bachelor Nation is a Mess

So much, sadly, for living happily ever after.

If tabloid reports are to be believed, Tayshia Adams and Zac Clark have become the latest Bachelor/Bachelorette couple to bite the romantic dust.

“They’re definitely taking some time apart to figure things out,” an insider told Life & Style late this week, predicting a bleak future by adding:

“It doesn’t look good.”

Tayshia Adams and Zac Clark Pic

This apparent confirmation doesn't come as a shock to astute observers.

Many out there noticed that Adams was NOT wearing her engagement ring during two recent consecutive episodes of her “Bachelor Happy Hour” podcast, which she cohosts with Becca Kufrin.

Additionally, Tayshia ditched her diamond at the House of Gucci premiere in Los Angeles on Thursday, November 18.

Three days before that?

Tayshia Adams and Zac Clark in Nevada

Adams Tweeted the words "trust the process."

This could have been a reference to anything, of course.

But based on everything else we've heard and read of late, it sure sounds like someone trying to cope with an unfortunate break-up.

On the flip side, Adams and Clark ran the New York City Marathon back on November 7.

Tayshia Adams on Insta

But Tayshia didn't exactly gush over her supposed partner on social media after the very long race.

“Again, just want to say thank you to each and every one of you that cheered me along the way," she wrote two weeks ago.

"For my best friend James, who flew out to be by my side and helped see my final miles through.

"And for Z, for running with me every step of the way."

Tayshia Adams and Zac Clark Kiss

Following the marathon, Tayshia was actually hospitalized.

However, her health scare was unrelated to the 26.2 miles she had somehow managed to run.

“Number one, I don’t want you guys to think that this had anything to do with the marathon because it actually doesn’t,” she told fans via Instagram Stories on November 13.

Later, Adams -- who made no mention of Clark in this post -- wrote that she may have had a “really bad kidney infection.”

Tayshia Adams and Zac Clark: Wedding Photo!

Adams replaced Clare Crawley as The Bachelorette on Season 16 after the latter agreed to marry Dale Moss just weeks into filming.

Clark advanced all the way to the finale and then proposed to Tayshia to wrap up an emotional run.

In August, the couple celebrated their one-year anniversary of meeting on the reality franchise ... and seemed more smitten than ever before.

To wit:

Tayshia Adams and Zac Clark

“At approximately this time 365 days ago, I met you!” Tayshia captioned her lovely tribute on Instagram.

“It’s been a wild ride so far with our lives going a million miles an hour but how lucky are we to have had an amazing week together at the place where it all started, AND we were able to renew our wishes a year later?!

"WILD … Happy to have you by my side, Clarky.”

These days, Adams is once again co-hosting The Bachelorette, this time around for Michelle Young's season.

Zac Clark, Fiancee

For his part, Clark only had kind things to say about his accomplished fiancée over the summer.

Wrote Zac in honor of the aforementioned anniversary:

“I hope your wish came true and I hope you take a minute to breathe and appreciate all YOU have done in the past 365 days since we met.

"You have done more in a year than most do in a lifetime."

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Amber Portwood: Playing the Victim and Denying Andrew Glennon Assault in New Book?!

Amber Portwood has many, many problems.

And she freely admits that -- so freely that she's written a book set to be released in February titled "So, You're Crazy Too?"

Amber Portwood Breaks Way Down

But while she's been open for a long time about how much she struggles with her mental health, she's not so quick to admit when she makes mistakes, even if those mistakes are huge and terrible.

It's unfortunate, really, because she has such a big platform and could do so much to raise awareness about her specific mental illnesses, but instead she pretends to do that while making excuses and blaming other people for her truly deplorable actions.

So when we heard that she's writing a book specifically about mental illness, it didn't really sit well with us, you know?

And after seeing some comments from her co-author, a woman named Thea de Sousa, it seems pretty safe to say that we were right to be concerned.

amber's book

Amber announced the book release, and after she did, Thea made a post about it on her own Instagram page, and some people had a lot of thoughts they felt the need to share with her.

One person commented "She's an abuser. Literally tried attacking the father of her child with a machete while holding their baby. Why work with her?"

It's a fair question -- we all know the stories of Amber being abusive towards her romantic partners. Her penchant for domestic violence along with her parenting are the two things that earn her the most criticism, and rightfully so.

The machete incident, just to give a quick refresher, happened on July 4th, 2019, when Amber was still dating Andrew Glennon and they were raising their son James together.

Amber, James, and Andrew

They ran into some road work on the way to see fireworks and Amber got mad about it, and she took it out on Andrew. She beat him with a shoe when they got home (and she's admitted to that part), and Andrew claimed that she also tried to overdose on one of her meds and also that she tried to break down a door with a machete while he was hiding from her with James (she's always denied the machete stuff).

She was arrested and ultimately pleaded guilty to felony counts of domestic battery and intimidation. She was sentenced to five years of probation and Andrew was given custody of James.

A little while later, someone close to the situation leaked several audio recordings of Amber verbally abusing Andrew, telling him that she was going to kill him and even admitting to punching him in the nose once.

Andrew Glennon on Teen Mom OG

Interestingly enough, one of the recordings was made on the night of Amber's arrest, and in that one Andrew could be heard asking her if she was taking out her machete, which she confirmed -- you could also hear her hacking at the door with something.

Photos were also released of huge slash marks on a door in her home.

Just keep all of that in mind while we go over Thea's reply to the comment questioning why she'd ever want to work with someone like Amber.

"Um, that never happened," Thea wrote. "There was no machete. It was a flip flop on a door after he got home at 2:30 am w her two year old son."

Amber the OG

"You really shouldn't believe everything you read in the press. There are two sides to every story and I was very honored to help her tell her story. She is one of the most misunderstood celebrities out there."

"I promise you I would be the first to condemn anyone who actually did that," she continued. "It didn't happen."

So ... the marks in the door were from a flip flop? The noise made in that recording was the sound of a flip flop banging against the door?

Amber door 1

It's also worth mentioning that Andrew didn't have "her son" out that late because James is his son as well, and they were out because Amber had been flying off the handle and beating Andrew with a shoe, which, again, Amber herself has admitted.

But ol' Thea really had to double down on this nonsense.

"It was a shoe not a machete," she insisted. "It was a flip flop with a small heel and the heel made tiny marks. I've spent the last year getting to know this girl and if I could tell you in detail the events of that night you would be shocked."

"Any parent would have tried to knock that door down," she said "He had her son. It was the middle of the night. He was not in a normal state of mind. She was not trying to hurt anyone she just wanted to put her son to bed."

Amber Portwood Plays It Cool

Again, he's Andrew's son too, and we're supposed to believe that she was trying to knock down the door with a flip flop?

Thea admitted that Amber does have her issues, but "everyone has the story of that night wrong and it breaks my heart for her."

She revealed that while she has joint legal custody of both of her children, she only sees James for a visit every other weekend because "it's all she can handle because of her disorders" -- this is a change from the original visitation schedule which gave Amber three unsupervised visits a week.

We're not sure why she revealed this, but it's definitely interesting, right?

Amber Portwood on Teen Mom OG Season 9

Thea also claimed that Amber has been sober for five years now, something that Andrew (and many Teen Mom fans) clearly disagrees with, and that she's trying her best.

"Nobody is perfect and she is far from it," she wrote, "but you have her all wrong."

Amber and Andrew are still battling for custody of James so she said that Amber can't talk about a lot of this herself right now, "but if she could tell you the details of that night I think you might change your mind about her."

Probably not, honestly.

Amber Portwood Reaction

Amber's history of domestic violence and her incredibly short temper have been well-documented for years now. That along with those recordings and the photo of the door after Amber was done with it, and of course the fact that Amber pleaded guilty to her charges, really makes it seem like maybe Andrew's story was pretty accurate.

But it feels like all of this is a decent preview for what the book is going to be like: excuse after excuse and vague denial of any major wrongdoing.

Are you going to read it?

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Colleen Conrad to Jon Gosselin: STFU About My Cancer Diagnosis! What is Wrong with You?!?

Jon Gosselin has managed to piss off yet another woman from his past.

His very recent past in this new case.

The former reality star has been feuding with his ex-wife, Kate Gosselin, ever since they got divorced a decade ago.

Heck, the pair were feuding long before they got divorced, too, with each side basically thinking the other is a terrible parent a person.

Colleen and Jon

In August, meanwhile, Gosselin split from girlfriend Colleen Conrad after seven years of serious dating.

Jon said at the time that the break-up was mutual and natural, telling The Sun:

"We had some struggles and we tried to push through them as best we could, but it didn't really work out the way we thought it would.

"I still love and care for Colleen but we've both determined that it’s the natural end.”

Jon and Colleen Conrad

A few days prior to this interview, Conrad thanked supporters who had been there for her after an unfortunate cancer diagnosis -- notably NOT including Jon on this list.

She wrote back then that was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer this summerr and then underwent a mastectomy in July.

“The reason I decided to post this was that I was lucky that it was caught early,” Conrad told her Instagram followers

“And to remind everyone not to put off your mammograms and do your monthly breast exams. Set a monthly alarm if needed."

Jon Gosselin and Ex

For his part, Jon was clearly offended by Conrad's snub, going into ultra self-defense mode when speaking to The Sun.

He said he took time off work after Colleen learned she was sick and:

"I tried to support her as best I could, being by her side and meeting with all the doctors, trying to understand the cancer and her diagnosis, doing all the research and being as supportive as I could...

"It's always very difficult to end a relationship, but I think we [gave] it a pretty good go."

Jon Gosselin and Colleen Conrad, Playful in Florida

Then, on November 8, Gosselin appeared as a guest on The Dr. Oz Show.

Along with once again taunting Kate, he told the host of he and Conrad:

“We had ongoing issues previous to our breakup and previous to her diagnosis. We had trouble in the relationship for a long time and didn’t really want any stress during her treatment."

He added that the former couple thought it was “best” to end their romantic relationship and “work on [their] friendship” to “get her through her treatment.”

trashing Jon Gosselin

Following this appearance, Conrad jumped on Instagram and asked a simple question:

"How is it okay for someone else to keep talking about your cancer diagnosis on TV or in the media without your permission?"

This was clearly a reference to Gosselin.

But in case there was any confusion, Colleen proceeded to name names when asked by a follower:


Pretty easy to understand Conrad's side here, isn't it?

And pretty easy to imagine Jon Gosselin as being insensitive to someone else's needs, desires and/or preferences.

“I’ll always love Colleen and we’re friends and it wasn’t because of cancer [that we broke up],” he added to Dr. Oz.

“I helped her through cancer, insurance and everything else. I supported her through her cancer. It was easier as friends to break off the relationship and get her through that as well.”