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Stripper Dishes on Celebrity Tippers!

Celebrities are no strangers to the strip club scene.  As stripper Amanda DiMeo revealed recently, that doesn’t mean they’re all great tippers.


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A post shared by Amanda DiMeo (@amandaaadimeo)

After praising the likes of Drake, Usher, and Rae Sremmurd for their generous tipping habits, DiMeo decided to call some celebrities out for being bad tippers as well.

That list includes Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez.  According to DiMeo, this was before J-Lo’s stripper movie “Hustlers,” and the then couple didn’t tip at all.

@amandaaadimeo #greenscreen celebrities who tip well at the skr!p club #dancer #money #fyp #viral #overshareinyourundererwear ♬ Please Don’t Go – Mike Posner


@amandaaadimeo #greenscreen part 2 of celebs in the skrip club #fyp #SourPatchPrankFund #clublife #jlo ♬ Stuck in the Middle – Tai Verdes

Is this the best time to be alive or what?  Strippers can take to social media and talk about the tipping habits of celebrities.  I mean, who needs flying cars?


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The post Stripper Dishes on Celebrity Tippers! appeared first on Egotastic - Sexy Celebrity Gossip and Entertainment News.

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สุดปังกับ แอปพลิเคชั่นแต่งภาพ ที่ห้ามพลาด

แอปพลิเคชั่นแต่งภาพ เป็นพื้นฐานอยู่แล้วที่ไม่ว่าจะเป็นคุณผู้หญิงหรือผู้ชายก็ตาม ที่ต่างถ่ายรูปแล้ว ไม่ว่าจะเป็นรูปตนเอง ผู้อื่น ภาพท่องเที่ยว ฉากต่าง และอีกมากมายก็ตาม ล้วนแล้วไม่พ้นที่จะต้องมาแต่งภาพกัน เพื่อให้มีความสมบูรณ์แบบและสวยมากที่สุดตามต้องการ แต่มันจะเป็นเรื่องที่ยากในบางครั้ง ที่เราไม่รู้ว่า  แอปไหนที่จะมาตอบสนองความต้องการเราได้อย่างเต็มที่ แล้วจะทำให้ภาพธรรมดาของเรากลายดูมีความมืออาชีพขึ้นมาทันตาเห็น โดยที่เราไม่ต้องเคร่งเครียดกับการถ่ายภาพให้มาก ทำให้ภาพที่ไม่มีสีสันกลับมาสดใสได้ ทำให้ภาพที่สีสันเยอะเปลี่ยนไปอีกโทนได้ตามใจต้องการเลย มาติดตามกันว่ามีแอปไหนบ้างที่ดี

แอปพลิเคชั่นแต่งภาพ ที่น่าสนใจมีอะไรบ้าง


ความน่าสนใจในแอปที่จะมาเป็นทางเลือกให้คุณ ในแอปแรกคือ Foodie ที่ใครเป็นสายในการทำอาหารจะต้องพอรู้จักกันอยู่แล้ว เน้นไปในเรื่องของการแต่งภาพของกินเป็นหลัก มีหลายโทนให้ได้เลือก มีความละมุนในสีสัน ต่อมาเป็น Adobe Photoshop Lightroom เหมาะสำหรับใครที่ชอบในการคุมโทน จะทำให้คุณแต่งภาพได้เยอะ ไม่ว่าจะเป็นที่เที่ยว ภาพคน ของต่างๆ แล้วไม่ต้องคิดโทนสีเองให้ยุ่งยากเลย เพราะว่ามีพรีเซ็ตให้พร้อม เลือกได้ตามใจชอบ ไม่พอเท่านั้นถ้าจะเชื่อมภาพผ่าน Cloud ทำได้ไม่ยาก Phonto เน้นในด้านของการที่จะใส่อักษรบนภาพต่างๆ ที่มีหลายฟอนต์ให้ได้เลือกกัน มีทั้งอิโมจิและสติ๊กเกอร์อยู่เยอะ ต่อมาเป็น VSCOcam มีฟิลเตอร์มากมายที่ให้โหลดได้มีไม่ค่าใช้จ่าย ไว้ใช้ปรับสีโทนต่างๆให้เข้ากัน 


แอปพลิเคชั่นแต่งภาพ ทางเลือกที่ดีให้ภาพดูมืออาชีพ

ทางเลือกที่น่าสนใจเราแนะนำให้กับคุณแล้ว เพียงแค่คุณเองถ่ายภาพมา แล้วไม่ถูกใจสามารถที่จะมาแต่งได้ตามใจชอบ จะทำให้ภาพคุณสวยทันตาเห็น 


แอปพลิเคชั่นแต่งภาพ มีเยอะแยะมากในปัจจุบันนี้ แต่ที่จะให้ถูกใจไม่ใช่เรื่องง่าย จึงทำให้เราได้รวบรวมมาแล้วว่าแอปไหนที่น่าสนใจ เพื่อที่จะถูกใจทุกคนที่ดาวน์โหลดมาใช้กัน และขอแนะนำ slot999 คาสิโนออนไลน์ ที่มาแรง แซงทุกโค้ง ไม่ควรพลาด แจกเครดิตฟรี 2021 ให้บริการตลอดเวลา


The post สุดปังกับ แอปพลิเคชั่นแต่งภาพ ที่ห้ามพลาด appeared first on ข่าวคอมพิวเตอร์ PC Notebook มือถือ ไอทีทูเดย์ เทคโนโลยีอินเทอร์เน็ต.

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Leonardo DiCaprio Parties on Gas-Guzzling Superyacht: Is He a Total Hypocrite?

Leonardo DiCaprio does not seem to have the best luck when it comes to large, expensive boats.

Unlike his fictional experience in Titanic, however, the real-life actor has found himself in hot water this time.

Leo is best known for his series of ultra-young girlfriends, but he is almost as well known for his environmental activism.

That is why the former heartthrob is currently under fire for partying on a gas-guzzling superyacht.

Leonardo DiCaprio at 2017 Oscars

Like many people who do not work in healthcare, retail, food, or other essential services, Leonardo DiCaprio was recently enjoying the holidays.

In his case, he did so on a superyacht during a trip to St. Barts.

The 315 foot, $150 million Vava II superyacht must have made his vacation feel like all of the comfort and convenience of a staycation.

Leonardo DiCaprio at the 2016 Oscars

Leo is a celebrity climate change ambassador for the United Nations.

He has correctly referred to climate change as "the most urgent threat facing our entire species."

Using his fame and platform, he has tirelessly advocated for the world to take this seriously, even using his career to that effect.

Leonardo DiCaprio on Stage

But it is estimated that the superyacht on which he was partying consumes as much carbon while sailing just seven miles as the average car uses in a year.

The Vava II has six decks and features a helipad.

Refilling its fuel tanks costs a jarring quarter of a million. That's a hefty gas bill -- for a tremendous volume of fossil fuel.

Leonardo DiCaprio: Full Body Photo at the 2106 Oscars

The Vava II is the largest type of yacht manufactured in Britain.

Leo was there with his 24-year-old girlfriend, Camila Morrone, who had likely not been born yet while Titanic was filming.

Though they partied on it with friends, the superyacht belongs to Swiss pharmaceutical billionaire Ernesto Bertarelli.

Camila Morrone Photo

For most of us who are not among the mega-rich, a house having a gym, a swimming pool, and a movie theater would be considered pricey at best.

This superyacht boasts all of that and more, and can accommodate 22 guests.

In addition to celebrating the New Year at a Unicef gala, Leo and Camila have been seen partying on the beaches of St. Barts before retiring to the superyacht.

Leonardo DiCaprio:  amfAR's 23rd Cinema Against AIDS Gala

Using a superyacht as a hotel might be a waste of money.

But it feels even more dire when the yacht releases in one mile the amount of carbon emissions that the average car emits in two months.

Is Leo a huge hypocrite for pushing to combat climate change while stomping such a wide carbon footprint on vacation?

Leonardo DiCaprio: UK Premiere of 'The Revenant'

The answer is complicated.

On the one hand, advocating for societal change does not in any way mean that you are hypocritical for existing in society.

Wanting food that is more ethically sourced is great, but you still need to eat in the mean time. The same with clothing, transportation, and more.

Leonardo DiCaprio Holds His Best Actor Oscar in the Press Room

On the other hand, the use of a superyacht like this is excessive.

While reports say that the vehicle moved about a mile at most each day, the excess involved cannot be denied.

Everyone is entitled to enjoy themselves from time to time, but this is a great reminder that the lifestyles of the wealthy have a much larger impact.

Leonardo DiCaprio: EE British Academy Film Awards

But the most important takeaway is probably that the idea that individual actions are the key to solving the climate crisis is a carefully constructed lie.

We can all take steps to reduce our own footprint for many good reasons, but it's sort of a "plastic straw ban" approach -- because it won't address the real problem.

Something like 70% of all global emissions are caused by just 100 companies. The way to solve this is through legislation, innovation, and sweeping reform.

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The post Guess Who is Joining the Cast of White Lotus 2 and Other Fine Things! appeared first on Egotastic - Sexy Celebrity Gossip and Entertainment News.

Robert Durst Dies In Prison; Millionaire Murderer Was 78

Well, 2022 as already been witness to quite a few celebrity deaths.

But we don't think this one will affect people quite as profoundly as the passings of Bob Saget or Sidney Poitier.

Convicted murderer Robert Durst died in a hospital in Stockton, California today.

The wealthy real estate heir was 78 years old.

Robert Durst on Trial

The news comes just months after Durst was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole for the murder of his friend Susan Berman.

Durst was also connected to two other murders over the course of his bizarre life.

It is believed that he killed his longtime friend Berman as she knew too much about the disappearance of his wife, Kathleen MacCormack, whom Durst allegedly murdered in 1982.

Robert Durst: The Jinx

In 2003, two years after Berman was killed, Durst was arrested for the murder of Morris Black, another friend of his who died a violent death.

While Durst admitted to dismembering Black's corpse and disguising himself as a woman in order to evade authorities, he was acquitted in that case.

In 2015, against the advice of his legal counsel, Durst appeared in the The Jinx, an HBO docuseries about his life and the many allegations against him.

Robert Durst in The Jinx

In the series' shocking finale, Durst -- who seemingly did not realize that he was still miked up -- muttered that he had "killed them all."

The day after the episode aired, Durst was arrested for Berman's murder.

While he claimed in court that he was on meth when he confessed to the murders, Durst's most recent trial resulted in a long overdue conviction.

Robert Durst on The Jinx

But in the final twist of his almost unbelievably strange life, Durst passed away less than three months after he was sentenced.

He was hospitalized back in October after contracting Covid-19, and while no cause of death has been revealed, it's worth noting that Durst suffered from a multitude of ailments in the final years of his life, including bladder cancer.

Sadly, Durst's death has denied MacCormack's loved ones a final opportunity for closure.

Robert Durst in 2021

He was indicted for her murder on November 1, and while he would have spent the remainder of his life in prison regardless, had Durst been convicted, at least the MacCormack family might have been able to feel that justice had been served.

"After 40 years spent seeking justice for her death, I know how upsetting this news must be for Kathleen Durst's family," Westchester County, New York District Attorney's Miriam Roach said in a statement issued today.

"We had hoped to allow them the opportunity to see Mr. Durst finally face charges for Kathleen's murder because we know that all families never stop wanting closure, justice and accountability."

Robert Durst Photo

Sadly, the MacCormacks will never get that chance, but hopefully, they can take some solace in knowing that Durst will never claim another victim.

So notorious was Durst in the final years of his life that the news of his passing instantly made him a trending topic on Twitter, with many expressing gratitude that he is no longer among the living.

We hope that the loved ones of his victims can take sleep a little easier tonight.

Let’s Play Dress Up With These Cosplay Hotties!

Who doesn’t like playing dress up?  I’ll tell you who, lame ass people don’t like dressing up.  Don’t be a lame ass.  Play a little dress up with these hotties!

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The post Let’s Play Dress Up With These Cosplay Hotties! appeared first on Egotastic - Sexy Celebrity Gossip and Entertainment News.

Camila Cabello Shares Bikini Pics of Herself “Living Life” After Shawn Mendes Reunion

Camila Cabello, InstagramThis "Señorita" is slaying the selfie game. Camila Cabello, 24, took to Instagram on Jan. 10 to share sultry bikini photos from her trip to the Dominican Republic....

Demi Lovato Reveals New Head Tattoo Following Rehab Stint

It's been over three years since Demi Lovato suffered an overdose that nearly claimed their life.

In the wake of that incident, the singer devoted considerable time and effort to getting sober, but then they made a decision that baffled many fans.

Lovato announced that they were "California sober," explaining that they planned to continue smoking weed and drinking in moderation.

(The term usually describes people who use cannabis but do not drink or engage in any other drug use.)

Demi Lovato on a Stage

Sober stars such as Mike Sorrentino and Lala Kent cautioned Lovato about the dangers of such an approach, but Demi insisted that they had weighed the pros and cons before reaching an informed decision.

Shortly thereafter, however, Lovato swore off booze and weed and returned to "regular" sobriety.

“I no longer support my ‘California sober’ ways,” Demi explained last month.

Demi Lovato Is Sober

“Sober sober is the only way to be.”

Possibly to ensure that they maintain this renewed commitment to recovery, Lovato recently checked back into rehab.

This was revealed to fans only after Lovato completed their stay at the Utah facility last week.

Demi Lovato Spide Tattoo

Within 24 hours of that news going public, Demi took to Instagram to show off some bold new ink.

The pop icon is rocking a very short hairstyle lately, and they decided to take advantage of that patch of newly exposed skin by rocking an eye-catching spider tattoo.

Demi revealed the design on Instagram, and while they made no mention of their recent rehab stint, they indicated that the spider is of tremendous symbolic importance. 

Demi Lovato Hosts Unidentified

“It was Grandmother Spider who taught us many things,” they captioned the pic, seemingly referencing Native American mythology.

“She taught us about pottery and weaving. She taught us about fire and light and dark," Lovato continued.

"She taught us that we are all connected on the web – each one of us having our place in the world.”

Demi Lovato, Alien Hunter

The tattoo is the work of renowned LA artist Dr. Woo.

Lovato has another tattoo by Woo that reads, "Love will live forever in the infinite universe." 

Demi has seemingly entered a very spiritual stage of their life recently.

Demi Lovato Speaks About Meditation

The singer has spoken openly about several supernatural experiences, including an encounter with aliens during which they believe that they were whisked away to space.

That may or may not have something to do with the fact that they were still "California sober" when this incident occurred.

Whatever the case, this is clearly a very transformative time in Demi's life.

Demi Lovato on Her Instagram

This decision to get back on the road to recovery comes on the heels of Lovato announcing that they are nonbinary and prefer to be referred to using "they/them" pronouns.

Change can be a scary thing, but it seems that Demi is putting in the work necessary to ensure that she's transforming into the best possible version of herself.

While details regarding Lovato's latest stint in rehab have thus far been hard to come by we'd like to congratulate them on their continued self-improvement and thank them for their courage in fighting this battle publicly.

Tennis Player Christine Sperling Thonged Up in Paradise!

The post Tennis Player Christine Sperling Thonged Up in Paradise! appeared first on Egotastic - Sexy Celebrity Gossip and Entertainment News.

Hailey Bieber in a Winter Wonderland!

Hailey Bieber has teamed up with Victoria’s Secret to promote their new line of lingerie just in time for winter, where you know we’re all out in the snow in our bra and panties and a pair of moon boots, right?

The model posed in a floral set and a pair of pink boots, kicking up what is surly fake snow and looking like she’s keeping warm by the heat of her own body. Hailey also suited up in a new bodysuit from the brand and posed with her skis, looking like she’s ready for the slopes! Shop the collection here and take a closer look below!

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The post Hailey Bieber in a Winter Wonderland! appeared first on Egotastic - Sexy Celebrity Gossip and Entertainment News.

Sydney Sweeney Steals the Show at the Euphoria Season 2 Premiere!

For many of us, Sydney Sweeney is the only reason we have watched any of the HBO series Euphoria. The first season brought us a ton of the actresses nudes that she snapped just for production and it sucked us all into the storyline which involves a bunch of high school students doing drugs and having sex.

The series is back for a second season and with that comes a whole new set of Sydney Sweeney nudes, but you’ll have to watch the episode to see those. To celebrate the release of season two, the cast attended the premiere in Hollywood this weekend where Sydney stole the show oozing old Hollywood glamour on the red carpet! Lucky for us, photographer Amber Asaly was there to capture it all, here are the shots!

Photo Credit: Instagram

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The post Sydney Sweeney Steals the Show at the Euphoria Season 2 Premiere! appeared first on Egotastic - Sexy Celebrity Gossip and Entertainment News.

Elsa Hosk is on Island Time!

Elsa Hosk is taking her first vacation since becoming a mom and she’s made her way to a tropical island somewhere to enjoy some sun and sand. The model showed off her model body in various new swimsuit that she captured on camera and shared to her Instagram channel. Scroll down to see more from Elsa’s vacation!

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The post Elsa Hosk is on Island Time! appeared first on Egotastic - Sexy Celebrity Gossip and Entertainment News.

Billie Eilish Defends Charlie Puth After Benny Blanco Calls Him a “F–king Loser”

Billie Eilish, Charlie Puth, Benny BlancoBillie Eilish has a few words for Benny Blanco after seeing his TikTok about Charlie Puth. For months now, Blanco, a.k.a. Benjamin Levin, has been posting videos targeting Puth, making...

Convicted Killer Robert Durst Dead at 78

Robert DurstRobert Durst, the real estate heir who made headlines for his alleged involvement in the murder of Susan Berman and the disappearance of his former wife Kathleen McCormack Durst, died on Monday,...

IG Model Ashley Sharpe Showed Busty Support for the Raiders!

The post IG Model Ashley Sharpe Showed Busty Support for the Raiders! appeared first on Egotastic - Sexy Celebrity Gossip and Entertainment News.

Gigi Hadid Poses for Moschino!

It’s been a while since we heard any updates from Gigi Hadid, after her baby daddy Zayn had an altercation with Gigi’s mother Yolanda and ended up calling her a “dutch slut”, something that quickly became our favorite insult.

The model is making headlines today with a new series of photos shot by iconic photographer Steven Meisel for the Moschino fashion house. See the new shots below!

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The post Gigi Hadid Poses for Moschino! appeared first on Egotastic - Sexy Celebrity Gossip and Entertainment News.

Wedding Planners Go Head-to-Head in This Hilarious My Celebrity Dream Wedding Sneak Peek

My Celebrity Dream WeddingNothing says "I do" like fake crocodile and a whooole lot of black. In this exclusive sneak peek of My Celebrity Dream Wedding, wedding planner Lance Devereaux is looking to give...

OnlyFans Model Ava Louise Says Antonio Brown Kicked Her Out of a Club this Weekend!

The post OnlyFans Model Ava Louise Says Antonio Brown Kicked Her Out of a Club this Weekend! appeared first on Egotastic - Sexy Celebrity Gossip and Entertainment News.

It’s Another Meme Monday!

It’s Monday again…  That doesn’t mean you have to let the man win.  Get paid while taking a shit and scrolling through memes.  That will show them!


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The post It’s Another Meme Monday! appeared first on Egotastic - Sexy Celebrity Gossip and Entertainment News.

Murder Under the Friday Night Lights Clip: A Grieving Mother Seeks Answers After a Shocking Clue

Murder Under the Friday Night Lights, IDA missing high school football player has turned into a state-wide mystery. An exclusive sneak peek at ID's Murder Under the Friday Night Lights, airing Jan. 11, captures a clue in...

See the Dramatic First Trailer For Peacock’s Fresh Prince Spin-Off Bel-Air

Jabari BanksIt's time for a new Fresh Prince to take the throne. Peacock released the first trailer for the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air spin-off series Bel-Air on Monday, Jan. 10, giving fans a taste...

Caleb Greenwood and Alina Kasha Get Hot and Heavy on 90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days (Recap)

On Season 5, Episode 5 of 90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days, multiple couples were processing eventful evenings.

First up came Caleb and Alina, who had shared their first kiss the night before.

It was decidedly not their last.

On the opposite end of the spectrum were Ella and Johnny, who have yet to meet in person.

Johnny said goodbye to his family, but crushing news could derail his and Ella's chances of a happily ever after.

Gino confessed to some financial struggles but made a good impression on Jasmine's friend.

The same cannot be said for his impression on Jasmine, as the next day was a total disaster.

After their "sleepover" was discovered by Hamza's mom, Memphis is desperate to win her over.

But she also needs to talk to Hamza about his "sexy time" performance.

Mike and Ximena also had their very first sleepover, with very different reviews of the experience.

However, Ximena has been harboring a secret that she knows could end things with Mike for good.



1. Caleb Greenwood and Alina Kasha

Caleb greenwood and alina kasha make out in bed morning
Their first kiss was not their last, clearly, as they are still exchanging smooches the next morning. However, it quickly becomes clear that things did not really go further than that.

2. Why did they stop where they stopped?

Caleb greenwood and alina kasha have an honest conversation abou
Alina and Caleb have an awkward and very honest conversation about how Caleb is self-conscious of her body's differences. He's a guy who tends to overthink things, and it gets in the way of the intimacy despite his bond with and attraction to Alina.

3. Alina is very understanding

Caleb greenwood and alina kasha establish mutual respect continu
Clearly appreciating his honesty even more than she appreciates his strong arms, the two go back to kissing.

4. They have a busy day ahead of them

Alina kasha to caleb greenwood you carry me in such a weird way
But we can see that Caleb is clearly getting the hang of helping Alina ascend stairways. Again, they are in Turkey rather than in the United States, so (obviously) buildings do not have to be ADA compliant and Alina is not finding as many elevators as she might in the United States.

5. Alina wants to spend more time with Caleb

Alina kasha works out makes out with caleb greenwood
She knows that he got his incredible body from being really into fitness, both outdoors and indoors, so she works out a little with him. It's hard for her at times, but it means a lot to both of them that they can spend time together and enjoy things.

6. Alina and Caleb go to see her friend, Maria

Alina kasha has dinner with caleb greenwood and her friend maria
Maria, the one who drove Alina and Elijah to the hotel from the airport, is just as much on the lookout for Alina's well-being as Elijah is.
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