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Lady Gaga and Alyssa Milano Sharing Beverly Hills Gala Red Carpet

The 2018 American Cinematheque Awards were held yesterday, and Lady Gaga got her latest award for her performance in Bradley Cooper’s A Star is Born. Something tells me she’ll be walking a lot more red carpets this winter and accepting a lot more hardware for her very good work in this better than expected film.

Now, as far as why Alyssa Milano was there, I couldn’t tell you, but she was looking hot. Many of us had crushes on Alyssa when she was younger, and she either has very good genes or very good doctors that keep her looking incredible. Honestly, I wouldn’t have thought she’d still look this good.

So whether you’re a Gaga man or a Milano man, there’s something here for every taste. Now, if we’re talking Pepperidge Farms cookies, then consider me a Milano man. I’m a Milano man til I die. Those are among the greatest cookies ever created. Not a knock against Alyssa Milano, but she can’t hold a candle to Milano cookies from Pepperidge Farms. If anyone from the Pepperidge Farms corporation happens to be reading this, I will shill for your cookies in every column if you send me some.

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Photo Credit: Backgrid USA / Splash News 

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Real Housewives Camille Grammer Showcases Her Sexy Body In A Little Two Piece Bikini

If Camille Grammer is what passes for a real housewife nowadays, then I have been setting my standards for who is worthy of getting married to way too low. I mean, the cup size alone of the women that I have been eyeing has been embarrassingly small. Their boobs are nowhere close to the size of my brain, and my brain is impressively small.

I always thought that I should use the national average as a starting point for what is acceptable, but if we are going to use Camille as a qualifier for “real” then I think my scale is needs to be adjusted. Every now and then it is necessary to recalibrate any units of measure. That is nothing against the old scale, it is just that sometimes expectations begin to shift. It is as natural as the low hanging swing of an older woman’s boobs.

It is nothing to be embarrassed of, but it does need to be dealt with. Putting off the inevitable can only lead to a more detrimental outcome than dealing with it early on. This is the same mentality I take on when confronting my perpetually descending testes.


Photo Credit: MEGA

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5 Popular Neighborhoods for Celebrity Homes

In a society that can make stars as quickly as it can break them, it is clear we have become a bit celeb obsessed. For those who want to take their obsession to the next level, your love of certain celebrities may even affect your home-buying decision. Where you choose to live could have a direct impact on how many star-studded interactions you have on a daily basis.

You constantly see magazine reporters snapping candid photos of celebs going about their daily lives getting lattes, going to the park, and even dropping off dry-cleaning. So how can you begin frequenting the same local shops they do? Your best bet is to find neighborhoods that are becoming celebrity hot spots. Included here are a few of the most popular neighborhoods for celebrity homes.

Beverly Hills

Getting into the exclusive neighborhood of Beverly Hills is no small feat, making it an incredibly popular destination for celebrity homes. Stars who are looking to establish, and reinforce, their ranking among Hollywood’s elite are likely to settle down here. Heartthrob Channing Tatum has his residence here, as well as power couple Beyonce and Jay-Z. Scott Disick and Slash also maintain extravagant homes in this ritzy neighborhood.


While New York City has always been an attractant for people who are hoping to become stars, many established celebrities enjoy settling into this hotbed of activity. Downtown neighborhood, Tribeca, is quickly rising as one of the most popular neighborhoods in New York City, growing as a hip destination for those young and old. Taylor Swift, Jon Stewart, Nicole Miller, and Orlando Bloom are all recent additions to this popular New York neighborhood.


Beach-living appeals to almost everyone, as days of sun and surf melt away the troubles of modern life. Heading down the Pacific Coast Highway brings you to the seaside oasis of Malibu. With sandy shores and increased privacy, celebs from Courteney Cox and Matthew Perry, to Steven Spielberg and Patrick Dempsey call Malibu home.

The Hamptons

Spending summer in the Hamptons is the dream of many East-coast residents. The seaside communities along Long Island’s South Fork make up the area called “The Hamptons” where many upper-class New Yorkers live and vacation. Bobby Flay, Brooke Shields, Betsey Johnson, and Renee Zellweger have all chosen to set up shop on this part of the island.

Upper West Side

Known for being one of the classier areas of New York City, the Upper West Side has garnered positive media attention from romantic flicks like “You’ve Got Mail.” Becoming a hotspot destination for celebrities, those from out of town and resident, makes the Upper West Side a developing star spot. Funny folks Jerry Seinfeld and Tina Fey call this area home as well as Glenn Close.

Check Out Kylie Jenner’s Hip-Hugging, High-Waisted Stroll Through Beverly Hills!

Gurl, werk!!!

Kylie Jenner knows a thing or two about form-fitting clothes and crazy-colored hair.

On Friday in Beverly Hills, she knocked both out of the park in a high-waisted suede pantsuit with a matching top that showed off her midriff, and some fierce heels.

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Oh, and did we mention the hair?! Get it, girl!

What do U think -- do U like Kylie's fresh look?

[Image via WENN.]

Kris Jenner Gets A Sloppy Wet Kiss From… A Dog?! Fill In The Blank!

On Friday, Kris Jenner was getting her hair did at Chris McMillan The Salon in Beverly Hills, CA when a cute pup named Buster decided to give her a big, fat sloppy one on the lips!

The 59-year-old put the pic on Instagram with the caption:

"Getting my hair washed at @chrismcmillanthesalon and got a big kiss instead LOL...love you @mrchrismcmillan#busterusuallyneverdoesthat!"

We guess the little woofer couldn't help but shower Miz Jenner with some PDA!

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But what do you think the Kardashian matriarch was thinking when she got some canine action?!

On the inside, she was "__________" because his tongue was "____________"!

[Image via Kris Jenner/Instagram.]