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Which Fandom Has the Worst Fans? We’ve Got the Definitive Answer

“Toxic” is something of a buzzword on the internet, and in general it means “any behavior I don’t like, especially if it’s done by someone I disagree with politically.”

It makes sense, honestly; if you sat down a religious conservative and a bohemian liberal to discuss their opinions on gay marriage, they both might accuse the other of having toxic views. Someone who believes homosexuality is a sin that will damn you to an eternity in hell would be rightly horrified that children are taught it’s a perfectly normal way to live your life, while someone with liberal sensibilities would be horrified to have children exposed to what they see as bigotry whether it’s based on a religious belief or not.

As overused as the term toxic is, though, some fandoms take their enthusiasm to an unhealthy level and toxic really is a good word for what happens when those fans launch harassment campaigns or worse over their fav not being everyone’s fav.


The Japanese have a word, isekai, to describe the currently insanely popular genre of fiction involving people who are transported to or reincarnated in strange fantasy worlds. Think A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court only King Arthur’s court is almost definitely a video game and Guinevere has gigantic breasts. Just enormous. Like honestly, so big they’re bordering on silly. Oh, and Morgana is a thousand years old but for some reason she looks like a 10-year-old in a micro bikini.

Outlander is sort of the American version of an isekai show for women, where a moderately-attractive middle aged WWII-era Scottish nurse finds herself traveling back in time to the 18th century where a super-hot guy goes down on her all the time.

The problem here is that some fans of the show are so into the idea of the plain-looking nurse and the super-hot Braveheart guy getting it on that they are insistent that the actors who play those characters must also be having sex with each other in real life. Those actors are very much not having sex with each other but the worst parts of fandom will bully anyone who makes them face that reality, even when that happens to be one of the actors they’re obsessed with.

Sam Heughan who plays Jamie, the sexy non-immortal Highlander in Outlander, once mentioned he had been bullied for years by fans of the show.

Sam mentions “six years of constant bullying, harassment, stalking and false narrative,” which isn’t coming right out and saying that it’s people trying to prove he’s actually in love with co-star Caitriona Balfe but it’s pretty much saying that it’s people trying to prove he’s actually in love with Caitriona Balfe.

It’s also worth mentioning that Sam’s friend and fellow actor William Shatner has become involved with coming to Sam’s defense.

Rick and Morty

Even Rick and Morty’s creators Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon find Rick and Morty fans to be embarrassing.

The first thing that probably comes to mind when you think about Rick and Morty fans is the Szechuan sauce. In the season 3 premiere, which was released without any prior announcement as an April Fool’s joke, Rick tells Morty that the reason he goes on all his adventures is to get more of the Szechuan sauce McDonald’s made for a 1990s Mulan promotion.

Of course, the joke here was that Rick doesn’t have any deeper meaning, that looking for clues to his dark backstory isn’t a productive avenue of thought because as Roiland, Harmon and Ryan Ridley mentioned once in the DVD commentary, they don’t know the answers themselves. They haven’t written a grand backstory for Rick to uncover.

What fans actually took from it was “I’d like to try that sauce, one of those guys must actually really like it.”

So McDonald’s, in their infinite wisdom and without involvement from the Rick and Morty team, brought the sauce back in a tiny, tiny supply to get some viral headlines. This lead to some angry fans and some real a freak-outs, though the most famous one seems staged. I hope.

There are also definitely some fans who really seem to think the show is some sort of intellectual masterwork. I don’t know if I’d call any of those fans toxic, though. Cringe-inducing and embarrassing, sure, but not toxic.

Of course, there was a small contingent of fans who were very angry that all the new writers Harmon and Roiland hired going into season 3 were women. I remember seeing the comments that they were going to ruin the show and wouldn’t understand the characters and then a woman wrote Pickle Rick, the season’s most popular episode. But the fourth season came and went and it was a lot harder to find the complaints about the “SJW lady writers” who were ruining the show by then.

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift’s entire career has essentially been being a serial monogamist and then writing songs about how the guys she dated sucked. They’re good songs, but it’s her whole schtick, everyone knows it, the only other thing she’s ever been in the headlines for is having a feud with the guy who was involved with granted more wishes for Make-a-Wish kids than anyone else on the planet.

Her fans, the Swifties, are in the habit of attacking Swift’s exes with her lyrics years after she dated them and released the songs.

And anyone who doesn’t like her albums better watch out as well. Like when her album Folklore came out, Swift’s fans doxxed and sent death threats to a reviewer who “only” gave the album an 8/10.

On top of that, a number of teenage LGBT Taylor Swift fans claimed other Swifties outed them to their families because they expressed disappointment that Swift’s song ‘Betty’ wasn’t about expressing romantic feelings for another women as they had originally assumed and related to.

Star Wars

What’s fun about Star Wars fans is that the new sequel films created a rift in the fandom and both sides are pretty terrible.

Star Wars fans are some of the most passionate fans in all of fandom, and that fandom can lead to a lot of toxic online behavior, especially when the last good Star Wars movie came out in 1983. And there’s nothing wrong with pointing out that certain movies and characters are awful, but fans have a tendency to take it too far.

Take for example Ahmed Best, the actor who provided the voice and motion capture for Jar-Jar Binks, one of the worst, most-hated characters in the history of cinema. And as far as I’m concerned, pointing out that Jar-Jar was a bad character is fair play. But some fans took it too far, as Best says he “had death threats through the internet. I had people come to me and say, ‘You destroyed my childhood’. That’s difficult for a 25-year-old to hear.” That’s rough, but keep in mind it doesn’t make the character good retroactively.

The Last Jedi was also a truly terrible movie, and moreover felt like an attack on Star Wars fans that basically came right out and told them everything they liked about the movies was terrible. Rian Johnson is normally good at his job, Knives Out was great, but with no plan for how this trilogy of movies was supposed to play out, Johnson decided to defy expectations and went a bit too far in blowing up everything established in the previous movie.

But new character Rose Tico, played by Kelly Marie Tran, attracted what I would describe as an unwarranted amount of hatred from some fans, and that ire was directed at Tran herself. While The Last Jedi wasn’t good, Rose Tico wasn’t exactly the new Jar Jar Binks, and worse, Tran describes the harassment she received as being racist and sexist.

And finally, there are the Reylos, or the people who were primarily interested in seeing new main character Rey knock booties with Han Solo and Leia Organa’s son Ben Solo, also known as Kylo Ren. When they didn’t get their way and Adam Driver’s character died at the end of The Rise of Skywalker instead of living happily ever after with Rey, they absolutely freaked out.

Death threats, suicide threats, attacking Adam Driver’s wife for getting in the way of their ship… it’s typical shipper behavior.


When Beyoncé released her hit album Lemonade, the song ‘Sorry’ seemed to reference an affair the singer’s husband Jay-Z had, referring to his mistress as “Becky with the good hair.”

So her fans did what any rational person would do and immediately started trying to figure out who this mistress could be so they could harass her. Eventually they settled on fashion designer Rachel Roy and started harassing her on social media. They also attacked Rachel Ray because her name is similar.

And then years later, the owner of the Golden State Warriors Joe Lacon and his wife Nicole Curran invited Beyoncé and Jay-Z to sit with them and watch a basketball game. At one point Curran leaned across Beyoncé to ask Jay-Z if he’d like a drink and Beyoncé’s fans acted like she had shot the Pope.


Ghostbusters fans did maybe the worst thing we’ve talked about so far, much worse than death threats or years of abuse aimed at an actor on a tv show for not being the character he plays on said TV show.

Ghostbusters fans gave thumbs-down ratings to a trailer of Paul Feig’s reboot on YouTube and a low audience score on Rotten Tomatoes.

That was definitely more toxic than the throngs of people attacking respected film critic Richard Roeper for giving the film a bad review.

Felicity Smoak

I know what you’re thinking when I say Felicity Smoak: Who? And you’d be right. Felicity Smoak is a DC comics character who had a very minor role as a civilian antagonist in The Fury of Firestorm and later became the stepmother of Ronnie Raymond, one of the two people who combined to become Firestorm. She was never a very important character in the book, but she owned a computer technology company so the Arrow writers decided to name a one-off IT technician after her as an Easter egg.

The actress who played that character, Emily Bett Rickards, was so charming and funny in the role that she found herself integrated into the main cast in the second season.

This soon became an incredibly divisive issue among Arrow fans because Smoak’s clumsy and unrequited crush on the Green Arrow was turned into a romantic subplot between the two characters. The problem here is that Green Arrow already has a love interest, Black Canary. Putting Oliver Queen and Felicity Smoak together is a bit like having Superman date Cat Grant, but a bit more like having Superman date Betty Rubble.

As Felicity moved beyond her comic relief/sidekick role and into the role of romantic lead, her character suffered; she became a bargain-basement Chloe Sullivan (without the sex cult) and almost all of the fandom turned against the character. Except, that is, for a small, vocal and toxic part of the community: the Olicity shippers. And specifically among them, the so-called “Stemily” shippers.

Much like Outlander fandom, a small subsection of these fans latched onto the idea that Stephen Amell and and Emily Bett Rickards were in a relationship in real life. Never mind the fact that Amell is happily married to someone else, these fans just kind of attacked his wife whenever Amell posted a picture with her, which is a really messed up thing to do. They also spread a lot of nasty rumors about Katie Cassidy, the actress who played Black Canary on Arrow.

The Worst of the Worst

So what’s the most toxic fandom? The sexist Star Wars or Rick and Morty fans? The Beyoncé fans who ruthlessly harassed a woman for being polite to the singer’s husband? The Swifties who outed LGBT teens for relating to a song incorrectly? People who didn’t a like a movie we decided only bad people didn’t like? Maybe just any shippers from any fandom?

It’s shippers, right? It has to be. Like half of these are shippers and I could filled three lists this size just with shippers. Even the supposed “good ships,” like Clexa from The 100, sent tons of death and suicide threats to the writers and producers of the show when one of the actresses left the show to be on Fear the Walking Dead instead.

It’s fine to like things, and it’s even fine to think a few characters are super cute together. There are movies and entire TV shows about watching characters fall in love. Maybe just keep some perspective and don’t tell the actors’ spouses you’re going to kill them because you think that actor belongs with their co-star from a TV show you like.

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Beyonce Is Actually an Italian Pretending to Be Black, Florida Politician Claims

We know this may be hard for some members of the Beyhive to admit, but it's allegedly true:

Beyonce Knowles is not actually black.

Her name is Ann Marie Lastrassi and she is of Italian descent.

Beyonce Stuns

KW Miller, a Congressional hopeful who is running for office in Florida, relayed this surprising piece of information to his 17,000 Twitter followers this week.

"Beyoncé is not even African American," Miller Tweeted, as you can see for yourself down below. "She is faking this for exposure."

What sort of exposure you might ask?

The sort that comes with being a prominent, so-called African-American who can take control of conversation that center around this race and act like a role model to others who look like her.

Beyonce at Film Premiere

"Her real name is Ann Marie Lastrassi. She is Italian," continued Miller, seemingly in all seriousness,

"This is all part of the Soros Deep State agenda for the Black Lives Matter movement. BEYONCÉ YOU ARE ON NOTICE!"

Back in late May, Beyonce became one of the first celebrities to post a thoughful message in response to the killing of George Floyd.

The artist called for "justice" and added:

"We all witnessed his murder in broad daylight. We're broken and we're disgusted. We cannot normalize this pain."

Beyonce in Homecoming

Miller, who is running for Congress in Florida's 18th Congressional District in November, believes in a conspiracy theory that seemed to have started as a joke on social media a few days ago.

By latching on to it, he's captured the kind of attention that someone in his shoes could only have dreamed about before.

Even if that attention is due to his imbecilic and racist ramblings.

Continued Miller:

"You all do know that Beyoncé’s song “Formation” was a secret coded message to the globalists I certainly hope?"

Beyonce Rehearses

And continued Miller some more:

"The song clearly admitted that she was demonic and that she worshipped in the Satanist churches located in Alabama & Louisiana. She keeps Satanist symbols in her bag."

The politican went on to say that "Becky With The Good Hair" actually refers to "Soros operative" UK writer Beck Hogge.

He also thinks the fact Beyonce shouts out to a "Black Bill Gates in the making" in 2020 -- the same year Black Lives Matter "terrorizes" the country and Bill Gates pushes a COVID vaccination - was simply too much to be a coincidence.

more miller rants

Miller also recently Tweeted:


He's either a carnival barker who will say absolutely anything to make news -- or he's running for political office and truly believes these things.

You can go ahead and decide which option is scarier.

Beyonce on Coachella Stage

For the record, the origin of this Beyonce conspiracy theory stemmed from a Instagram comment alleging Miller's claim in June.

A very obviously tongue-in-cheek Twitter thread at the time said to have found pictures of "Lastrassi" -- using a photo of Big Brother 11's Rachael White -- and the fake theory caught fire.

Most commentators were in on the joke.

Most. But not all.

bey claim

Miller describes himself as a Donald Trump supporter.

However, he is running in the election as an Independent candidate against incumbent Republican Representative Brian Mast.

Beyonce Posts Powerful Message in Response George Floyd Killing

In the wake of civil unrest across the country... with protests breaking out in major city after major... with racial injustice at the forefront of nearly every news story...

... the Queen has spoken out.

On Friday night, in the wake of George Floyd's death and the subsequent nationwide fallout, Beyoncé took to social media to share an important message with her 147 million Instagram followers.


"We need justice for George Floyd," the artist began her moving video message on Instagram.

"We all witnessed his murder in broad daylight. We're broken and we're disgusted. We cannot normalize this pain."

Floyd was a Minnesota resiident who died several days ago after a police officer knelt on his neck for almost nine minutes.

In video of the incident, Floyd can be heard saying "I can't breathe" and asking the officer -- who has since been arrested -- to please get off of him.


Over the last couple days, protests and riots have broken out in cities such as Atlanta, Los Angeles and Brooklyn in response to this fatal incident... and the overall history of police brutality against African-Americans.

"I'm not only speaking to people of color. If you're white, black, brown, or anything in-between, I'm sure you feel hopeless about the racism going on in America right now," Beyonce continued.

"No more senseless killings of human beings. No more seeing people of color as less than human.

"We can no longer look away."


Beyonce went on say that "George is all of our family, and humanity," adding:

He's our family because he's a fellow American. There have been too many times that we've seen these violent killings, and no consequences

Yes, someone's been charged, but justice is far from being achieved.

Please sign the petition and continue to pray for peace, compassion and healing for our country.

Beyonce and Jay-Z in Love

"If you want to demand more charges brought on all those involved in the death of George Floyd, click the link in my bio to sign the petition," Beyonce's video caption read on Instagram, which directed you to her website.

It included petitions from Change.org, Color of Change, We Can't Breathe and NAACP.

While many celebrities have spoken out on this killing -- including Viola Davis, LeBron James, Gabrielle Union, Gigi Hadid, Taylor Swift and countless others -- some have also taken to the streets to protest.

Porsha Williams and Jamie Foxx, were example, took part in the Atlanta protests.


Rihanna also posted a picture of Floyd and wrote along with it:

For the last few days, the magnitude of devastation, anger, sadness I’ve felt has been overwhelming to say the least! Watching my people get murdered and lynched day after day pushed me to a heavy place in my heart...

I can’t shake this! I can’t get over an ambulance pulling up to an arrest, a paramedic checking a pulse without removing the very thing that’s hindering it!

Is this that f— normal??? If intentional MURDER is the fit consequence for 'drugs' or 'resisting arrest'....then what’s the fit consequence for MURDER???


At the conclusion of her post, Rihanna included the names of Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery and Breonna Taylor; all recent victims of violence against innocent African-Americans.

Arbery was shot and killed by two white men on February 23, for example, after the assailants saw him jogging in Santilla Shores, Georgia.

After a video of the shooting leaked, Travis McMichael and Gregory McMichael were arrested, while William "Roddie" Bryan -- who followed Arbery in a second vehicle and filmed the shooting -- was charged as well. 

All three were charged with felony murder.

Beyoncé Hops On This Savage Train

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Beyoncé Wants to Trademark Daughter Blue Ivy, Calls Her a ‘Cultural Icon’

I know you think your kid is extra cute and extra special and way better than everyone else’s kid, but I regret to inform you that no one gives a shit. I know, all your friends like all your Instagram posts about how you’re raising an indigo child or whatever, but they don’t actually care.

Even if you’re Beyoncé, no one gives a shit about your kid, they’re just a kid. Which is why I think I sprained something rolling my eyes when Beyoncé called her 7-year-old daughter Blue Ivy a “cultural icon” during her attempt to trademark the tot’s name despite resistance from a wedding planning business called Blue Ivy.

Via Page Six:

The Emmy-nominee went on to call her 7-year-old daughter a “cultural icon” while taking a few shots at Morales’ company, calling it a “small business, with just three regional offices and a handful of employees.” She also mentioned its “weak online presence and poorly subscribed social media accounts.”

Give me a fucking break here. Her argument here is even though Wendy Morales is already the Blue Ivy mark for her business, Beyoncé should get it because she’s more famous. I kind of understand why her fans are the way they are now.

On top of that, the trademark office has previously denied an application for a trademark on Blue Ivy’s name when she was a baby. Thanks probably why Beyoncé is trying to claim a 7-year-old is a cultural icon.

Blue Ivy isn’t even famous. Her parents are famous. She has accomplished nothing, because she’s seven. No seven-year-old has accomplished anything ever. The world’s most successful seven-year-old still just learned to wipe their own ass and can’t do long division. They absolutely cannot be an icon.

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OMG! OMG! Meghan Markle Just Met Beyonce!!!!!

The two most famous couples in the world met in London on Sunday night, July 14.

We're barely even exaggerating here, as Meghan Markle and Prince Harry made their red carpet debut at the European premiere of The Lion King remake this weekend.

And just who did they meet at this event?

None other than Beyonce and Jay-Z!!!!!!!!

Why were they in attendance?

Because Beyonce is the voice of Nala in this film and because the star-studded celebration was actually held in support of Harry’s ongoing conservation work and his service on behalf of communities near endangered wildlife in Africa.

But enough preamble, right?

Scroll down for a look at the epic introduction!

1. Bow Down, Folks

Bow down folks
Talk about a different kind of Royal family! The Duchess meets the Queen B herself in this photo.

2. About Time, Right?

About time right
They've finally done it! Meghan Markle and Prince Harry make their red carpet debut in this photo.

3. Meghan Hugs Beyonce!

Meghan hugs beyonce
It's the hug that's being celebrated around the world. We never thought we'd see this day.

4. What are They Saying?!?

What are they saying
We would give pretty much anything on the planet to overhear what Bey and Meg were discussing in this photo.

5. The Ultimate Meeting

The ultimate meeting
Prince Harry shakes the hand of Jay Z in this epic photograph of maybe the two most famous couples in the world.

6. The Duke and the Queen

The duke and the queen
Elizabeth who?!? Prince Harry gives a smooch here to the cheek of an even more respected queen.
View Slideshow

Beyonce Busts Out Her Cleavage at ‘The Lion King’ Premiere

I don’t think you can call the upcoming version of The Lion King “live-action” since it’s actually animation made to look like live action footage. Nevertheless, the film is coming and it premiered in Hollywood this week with the stars in attendance, including Beyonce, who voices Simba’s betrothed Nala as an adult. Beyonce broke out the big guns for the premiere, and by that I mean she wore a dress with a plunging neckline that gave her some fantastic cleavage.

I know, it’s probably inappropriate to talk about cleavage when she’s attending the premiere of a kids’ movie, but she obviously wanted to get people’s attention, because why else would you wear this dress? She’s also rocking the smoky eye look that’s so popular and prevalent these days.

I’m sure that there were a lot of other attractive women at the film’s premiere, but they can’t hold a candle to Beyonce, at least in terms of cultural cachet. It certainly doesn’t help that Beyonce dared to bare lots of cleavage at the premiere, because that basically put the nail in the coffin in terms of anyone else attracting attention. The cultural food chain is a vicious place to live, but such is the circle of life.

Photos courtesy of Mega Agency

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Beyonce Fans Sent Golden State Warriors Owner’s Wife Death Threats For Talking to Jay-Z

There was a new meme today based on an interaction Jay-Z had with Nicole Curran, wife of Golden State Warriors owner Joe Lacob. Basically, she leaned forward to say something to him because his wife Beyonce was sitting between them. It lead to some funny takes on social media, like this one from Blemish favorite Stavros Halkias.

Beyonce looks slightly inconvenienced by this, and that’s her all her fans needed to unleash a torrent of hatred and death threats at Curran. Seriously.

Shelburne is a reporter for ESPN.

What is wrong with people on the internet. You saw the picture, all this woman did was talk to Jay-Z in front of his wife.

Here’s a video.

And here’s some of the harassment it engendered.

And what exactly did Curran say here? She asked Jay-Z if she could get him something to drink.

A few years ago, we had to listen to endless hand-wringing about online harassment because some dumb video game fans called a YouTuber a cunt for making some idiotic videos about Mario is sexist or whatever. People still bring that up, and you’ll see tweets like “Donald Trump’s new policy of beheading immigrant children is all the fault of some people who gave the Ghostbusters trailer a thumbs down.”

This is just who people are. Assholes. Everything you love is loved by a non-zero number of assholes. Including Beyonce.

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Emilia Clarke’s Worst Fear Was Beyonce Hating Her

Game of Thrones is over and as we know, Daenerys Targaryen went all the way crazy. She burned King’s Landing to the ground and killed a million men, women and children, then had her men execute the prisoners. Once it became clear her plan was to keep doing this all over the world again and again, Jon Snow killed her and set the ending of the show in motion.

I thought it was a pretty brilliant move. People wonder how fascism can take hold in a country, and Game of Thrones absolutely encouraged us all to root for Daenerys Targaryen even as she proved to be completely inept as an actual leader and a ruthless, bloodthirsty tyrant in the making. When you stop to think about it, her army of the Unsullied even looked evil, dressed all in black leather and marching in lockstep. How many hints did we need?

Still, almost everyone was rooting for her. More people named their daughter Khaleesi than Stacy in recent years. Australia’s first female Prime Minister Julia Gillard and current US Presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren publicly expressed their support for Dany and even Beyonce loved her.

That last one was a bit awkward for Emilia Clarke who played the hero-turned-villain before the world found out about her heel turn on Sunday. Clarke told The New Yorker that when she met Beyonce she was terrified that the singer would end up hating her for betraying the sisterhood or whatever.

And Beyoncé says to me, ‘Oh, my goodness, it’s so wonderful to meet you. I think you’re brilliant.’ I just couldn’t handle it! I was on the verge of tears. I could see myself reflected in her eyes. I could see her go, ‘Oh, no. I misjudged this. This girl is crazy and I’m not going to have a real conversation with another celebrity. I’m having a conversation with a crazed fan who’s looking at me like a rabbit in the headlights.’ Which is exactly what I was. I said, ‘I’ve seen you live in concert and I think you’re amazing and wonderful! Wonderful!’ And all I wanted to scream was ‘Please, please still like me even though my character turns into a mass-killing dictator! Please still think that I’m representing women in a really fabulous way.’ ”

You don’t have to be the hero or a role model. No one should be looking to prestige TV stars to be “representing womanhood.” But hey, Daenerys proved that even women can be war criminals, and she’s letting all the female war criminals out there finally see themselves on the small screen.

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Taylor Swift’s Originality Shines at the Billboard Music Awards

Pretty sure I’ve seen this performance from someone somewhere a year ago. I think her name sounded something like Leyonce?

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Boob Tube Roundup: The Week’s Sexiest TV Scenes 4.22.19

Over at MrSkin.com, they don’t just focus on the week’s best nude scenes. They also round up all of the sexy non-nude content from the week and we’re bringing it to you in our Boob Tube Roundup! Here’s what you’ll find in the gallery below…

Now Apocalypse: Kelli Berglund strips out of her jumper, showing off her amazing ass in a thong!

The ActJoey King and Calum Worthy are on the lam, laying low in a motel and having lots of sex. She tries on a sexy bra and her rainbow wig.

Proven InnocentRachelle Lefevre and Candice Coke share a steamy make out session in the shower.

Grey’s AnatomyCaterina Scorsone shows some cleavage in bed after having sex with a guy.

American GodsLaura Bell Bundy performs a cowgirl burlesque routine in an American flag corset and panties, and we get some nice close ups as she dances around the stage.

Bosch: Jamie Ann Allman is wearing a matching bra and undies as she is helped up by the title hero

Huge in France: This French Netflix comedy about comedian Gad Elmaleh had lots of sexy ladies showing off in the first season. Rebecca Azan rocks an arm bra over her huge breasts, Erinn Hayes shows plenty of cleavage bending over for Gad, and Brittany Ross showed some poolside bikini cleavage!

Homecoming: A Film by Beyoncé: Beyoncé shows off in a thong while doing a long lunge during a performance in her Netflix documentary.

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No Matter What, Beyonce Still Made Out Better Than Ariana Grande

Reports started coming out on Friday that Ariana Grande was paid $8M for her Coachella performances while Beyonce was only paid $4M. That report was corrected saying both stars made $4M per performance. But between those 4 hours of initial reports and the correction, Beyonce fans were breathlessly tweeting their disbelief.

As we soon found out, Ariana could have been paid three times as much as Beyonce but it wouldn’t have mattered because Beyonce flipped her own Coachella performance into a $60M three project deal with Netflix. And if we’re forcing two famous singers to complete for imaginary internet points based on how rich and famous they are, then it wasn’t even a fair fight to begin with. Ariana may be as popular as The Beatles, but Beyonce has a legacy spanning almost three decades. Plus, Ariana isn’t about to drop a 40 track album on the same day as her Netflix special. She can barely get Nicki Minaj’s mic to work.

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Beyonce Killed Future Coachellas

I’m not saying Beyonce ruined Coachella for all future Coachellas, but Beyonce ruined Coachella for all future Coachellas.

In 2017, Beyonce Knowles was scheduled to headline Coachella. Her highly anticipated performance was sidetracked by a little thing called a pregnancy. A year passed, she popped out her twins and was again scheduled to headline Coachella. This time, Jay Z had the courtesy not to put more babies in her.

The hype from 2017 only compounded in 2018. And when it came time for Beyonce to perform, she delivered. The production was beyond what anyone expected. It set a record breaking 458,000 simultaneous stream viewers on YouTube. She got people to actually choose to sit home and watch someone perform at a festival. Go to any site and you’ll find a recap about the cultural imagery used, the sort of return of Destiny’s Child or how it “slayed”. Stay here if you want a hot take on how 2019’s Coachella and any future ones will always be a letdown.

I’m not saying future Coachellas will suck. I’m saying the anticipation her performance built up and the fact she delivered has set the mark so high that no one is going to be able to reach it. Add to the fact non-Beyonce fans could check out X Japan, the first Japanese band to play Coachella, and it may seem Coachella had peaked.

There was a chance this year of Coachella could bring similar levels of hype with Kanye. But Kanye wouldn’t perform without a bigger stage because they “restrict his artistic ability.” Meanwhile, Justin Timberlake pulled out because of scheduling conflicts. So now you have Childish Gambino, Tame Impala and Ariana Grande headlining Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Good, but not great.

Childish Gambino is 2018’s symbol for wokeness while Ariana Grande talked about Pete Davdison’s big dick for an entire month before ending their engagement. Tame Impala is just, well, Tame Impala. None of these acts bring two decades of history with them. In fact, Ariana Grande was only 11 when “Say My Name” was released. Plus, she’s playing Sunday. A day when everyone is burnt out and ready to head home.

The only way Coachella can top Beyonce’s 2018 performance is if they booked a Kanye West b2b with Taylor Swift. And they gave him a bigger stage. One where he can descend from the heavens as god intended.

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Beyoncé’s Mom Tina Celebrates Singer’s 37th Birthday with Adorable Baby Photo

In celebration of Beyoncé‘s 37th birthday, proud mom Tina Knowles Lawson dedicated a sweet shout-out to her daughter.

The grandmother of Blue Ivy, Rumi and Sir Carter, 64, shared a throwback photo of Queen Bey from when she was just 4 months old.

“Happy Birthday to the nicest, owner of the most beautiful, generous, loving hearts ever !!!! Brilliant too! Always thinking, planning, analyzing, strategizing, how you can make everything you touch better!” Knowles Lawson wrote on Instagram Monday, ahead of Beyoncé’s Sept. 4 birthday.

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“Sometimes I can’t believe out of all the incredible people in the world I was chosen by God to be your mom!” said the mother of two, who is also the proud parent of Solange Knowles.

“The day that you and your sister entered this world were the two best days of my life, hands down!! It is a privilege to have carried you two in this body. … No one deserves it more!” Knowles Lawson concluded, along with red heart emojis and bee emojis.

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It’s already your birthday where you are ❤So Happy Birthday to the nicest , owner of the most beautiful, generous , loving hearts ever !!!! Brilliant too! Always thinking , planning, analyzing, strategizing , how you can make everything you touch better! On this day you were 4 months old and i couldn’t even control the excitement and pride and the all encompassing love i felt for you , my first born ❤ I made a vow to love and cherish you everyday . For the rest of my life ! Sometimes i can’t believe out of all the incredible people in the world i was chosen by God to be your mom❤! The day that you and your sister entered this world were the two best days of my life , hands down !! It is a privilege to have carried you two in this body ❤ Enjoy your B-Day !!! No one deserves it more !! I love you Mom❤❤❤❤🎂🎂🎂💐💐💐🐝🐝🐝

A post shared by Tina Knowles (@mstinalawson) on Sep 3, 2018 at 6:35pm PDT


Last year, the singer, who is currently on performing with husband JAY-Z for their On the Run II tour, was surprised with a special tribute video.

Famous friends, including Michelle Obama and Serena Williams, got in formation by recreating Beyoncé’s iconic look from her “Formation” music video.

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Former Destiny’s Child bandmates Michelle Williams and Kelly Rowland also participated in the tribute, Knowles Lawson, mother-in-law Gloria Carter, and JAY-Z’s grandmother, Hattie White.

Beyoncé and JAY-Z resume their On the Run II tour on Sept. 11 at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas.

Beyonce and Jay-Z: Fan Rushes the Stage, Gets Clobbered by Dancers

Beyonce and Jay-Z were on stage when a man from the audience rushed on stage, where he allegedly made some sort of physical contact with Jay-Z.

Security whisked Beyonce away and rushed to help, but not before Beyonce's backup dancers rushed into action.

We've merged a few fan videos of the incident so that you can see what went down from multiple angles.

Jay z and beyonce backstage and grateful

A man later identified as 26-year-old Anthony Charles Thomas Maxwell allegedly raced onto the stage on Saturday night during Beyonce and Jay-Z's performance.

Remember their joint album? The couple is doing their "On The Run II Tour."

TMZ reports that Maxwell made some sort of physical contact with Jay-Z, but did not appear to be able to reach Beyonce.

Eyewitness reports from the audience (which we should always take with a grain of salt) say that the man punched or otherwise struck Jay-Z.

Whatever the man was expecting ... what happened next was probably not it.

Beyonce and jay z attack gif 01

Going by what various eyewitnesses reported on social media, it sounds like a bodyguard whisked Beyonce away immediately, leaving Jay-Z behind.

People have joked about this, but we would speculate that this is the standing order with their security team. If they'd had their children with them, getting the kids to safety would certainly be the priority.

Before numerous black-shirted security members could rush onto stage, it looks like a score of backup dancers rushed in.

When you see someone charge onto the stage, you don't know if they're an obsessed fan who wants to touch someone or an obsessed fan who wants to stab someone.

It looks like these dancers weren't taking any chances with Beyonce or Jay-Z, and it appears that they totally clobbered Maxwell in order to protect the stars.

Beyonce and jay z attack gif 02

Police arrived and, TMZ reports, merely detained Maxwell and wrote up a ticket for disorderly conduct.

He was then reportedly released, with a hearing scheduled for Monday.

Since Jay-Z was reportedly not injured, Maxwell may have gotten very lucky and avoided assault charges -- but that remains to be seen and will ultimately be up to prosecutors.

A rep for Beyonce shared that this will not halt the tour, but that they may have tighter security going forward.

That sounds like a good plan. Sometimes, these scary incidents invite copycats.

People who are already unbalanced and considering doing something drastic can draw inspiration from other people's bad behavior.

Beyonce and jay z attack gif 03

What really makes this is the video -- or, rather, the series of videos -- that fans have of the backup dancers breaking formation.

We're sure that Beyonce and Jay-Z's security team is as good as it gets, but no one can plan for every contingency.

And, unfortunately, the "lone lunatic with nothing to lose and no plan to escape" is considered all but impossible to counter unless you want to live in a bunker.

Thankfully, it does not appear that Maxwell was in any way armed.

Thanks to that and the quick reaction of both the dancers and security people, this story has a happy ending.

The jay and the bey

Beyonce's rep, Yvette Noel-Schure, shared a photo of the couple on stage

"Thank you to all the fans for your concern," she wrote in her captions.

Her captions continue: "They are fine and looking forward to the show tomorrow."

It is great to have confirmation of their well-being.

Beyonce and jay z fan rushes the stage gets epic beatdown

Everyone Still Wants to Be Beyonce Including Mindy Kaling

Beyonce graced the cover of Vogue with a shot that is 100 percent Beyonce.

What is her obsession with flowers?

Mindy Kaling got bored one day and decided she wanted to be Beyonce.

And then everyone wanted to be Beyonce.

Beyonce did a SnapChat filter in real life and called it fashion. Bow down.

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Kylie, Selena, Justin & More: Who Tops the List of Instagram’s Biggest Earners?

In case you somehow weren't aware, Kylie Jenner is rich.

Extremely rich.

Like, a few days shy of her 21st birthday, people are already talking about Kylie becoming a billionaire in the very near future.

Most of that cash comes from her wildly popular cosmetics line, but Kylie has a number of other revenue streams available, as well.

One of the big ones is Instagram, which enables Kim's little sister to earn an astonishing amount of cash as an "influencer."

Of course, Kylie is just one of many top stars who's raking in stacks on social media.

Check out our list of Instagram's top influencers to find out who's really getting rich from sponsored content:

1. Kylie Jenner: $1 Million Per Post

Kylie jenner in a leopard print dress
All hail the queen. According to Hopper HQ’s newly-released Instagram Rich List, Kylie earns up to $1 million for a single Instagram post.

2. Crazy Cash

Kylie jenner enjoys taking selfies
“Even in industry standards, getting paid anywhere near $1 million is eye-wateringly high,” says Hopper co-founder Mike Bandar.

3. A Massive Following

Kylie jenner pin up pic
With 112 million followers, it’s not hard to see why Kylie’s account is so attractive to advertisers, but it’s not just the size of her audience that makes her Instagram’s top dog.

4. The Queen of Influence

Kylie jenner at gala
Kylie’s followers are, on average, young, impressionable, and happy to take cues from the world’s most successful 20-year-old when it comes to their consumption habits. Of course, Kylizzle isn’t the only one who holds a ton of sway over the young women of the ‘Gram …

5. Selena Gomez: $800,000 Per Post

Selena gomez turns 26
Yes, SelGo is another celeb who’s getting insanely rich just by getting paid to do what you do for free every day.

6. Winner of the Popularity Contest

Selena gomez on the 4th
Selena’s following on Instagram is almost unfathomably massive. Hopper reports that the singer currently has 139 million followers, which is slightly more than the list’s next-highest earner …

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Amber Rose Is Out Here Accusing Gwyneth Paltrow of Sleeping with Jay-Z

Remember Spencer and Heidi Pratt? Well, they have their own podcast. It’s called Make Speidi Famous Again, just in case you were wondering about their intentions.

Amber Rose recently appeared on the podcast and dropped a potential truth bomb about Jay-Z and Beyonce.

“I definitely think that Gwyneth Paltrow is Becky with the good hair. I really feel like she’s the one who was, like, fucking JAY Z.”

For those that don’t remember, on Beyonce’s track “Sorry,” she accused JAY Z of cheating on her with “Becky with the good hair.” JAY Z confirmed these accusations on his latest album.

Rachel Roy was originally outed as Becky, but she denied the allegations.

Paltrow is (was?) a longtime friend of Jay and Bey’s. She dedicated her cookbook to their daughter, Blue Ivy, and was one of the few to attend their wedding.

The math doesn’t add up here as Paltrow is not named Becky, nor does she have good hair. Now, she did play a character named Rebecca in Shout, which is her first acting credit on IMDB. I know we all want to believe Beyonce is a supernatural genius, but this would be some next level stuff.

A rep for Paltrow denied Rose’s comments, telling PEOPLE the allegations are “completely absurd and 100 percent false.” A source stated that all three are still friends.

Until Paltrow shows up as a special guest on the On The Run II tour, I don’t believe it.

Rose backtracked on her comment on Twitter.

Kanye West definitely put her up to all this.

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Beyonce Looks like a Peasant Up On Stage

Beyonce believes she runs the world. But this stage in Poland owned her on Sunday.

How come she didn’t just float down like a Goddess?

While being stuck on the floating stage that had enough of Beyonce’s shit, she sort of tried to entertain the crowd.

She did like six hip thrusts and people went wild. No one woman should have all that power.

Jay-Z and Beyonce are still in Europe for the first leg of their “On The Run II” tour. They’ll have had a couple of days off before they hit the stage again on July 3 in Germany. Hopefully that gives the technical people enough time to get the floating stage fixed. Or come up with a better solution to get her down.

Nothing kills the aura of a Queen like needing five people and a ladder to help you down from high places.

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Beyonce and Jay-Z Release Joint Album, Nearly Destroy the Internet


This is one way to distract the public from an alleged affair with LeBron James.

Jay-Z and Beyonce Together

On Saturday afternoon, Beyonce and Jay-Z stunned the music universe by releasing a joint album as a rather significant complement to their ongoing "On the Run II Tour."

Titled "Everything Is Love," the album was released exclusively Tidal and announced by Beyonce via Instagram.

The announcement footage features the two artists at the Louvre museum in Paris, including shots of them standing in front of the Mona Lisa painting while donning pink and mint suits ... as well as glimpses of dancers performing in skin-colored tights and crop tops.

Two performers appear on the cover of the Everything Is Love album.

But this is not even all:

On top of the album drop, Bey and Jay also released a music video for the record's debut single, "Apes**t."

The video was filmed on location last month in this same iconic museum, a Tidal rep tells E! News...

... and here it is!

Within three hours of Beyonce confirming this album, her announced has received over 1.2 million Likes on Instagram.

While the Internet went bonkers with the news, Beyonce and Jay-Z were performing in London Stadium, where onlookers have reported the same announcement was made on a big screen behind the singers.

Beyonce and Jay-Z have been together for a decade.

They are parents to three children, including a set of twins, and have overcome at least one Jay-Z cheating scandal.

The global superstars actually renewed their vows in June, aiming to prove to the world that their love could withstand this sort of infidelity and obstacle.

On the Run Tour 2

As always, however, the artists have remained mostly close-lipped about their relationship, preferring to let the occasional family photo or mysterious quote do the talking.

That, or a surprise album and music video drop of course.

Beyonce sings and raps in the song "Apes**t," whose lyrics make a rather clear reference to her marital challenges. To wit:

I can't believe we made it/This is why we're thankful.

Jay-Z and Beyonce have collaborated on other tracks in the past -- but never on a full album.

The former told the New York Times in 2017 that the pair both "using our art almost like a therapy session," which helps explains Beyonce's legendary Lemonade alum and his 4:44 album.

Beyonce and Jay Z at the Game

As we said, the record is available on Tidal and its track listing is as follows:

1. Summer

2. Apes

3. Boss

4. Nice

5. 713

6. Friends

7. Heard About Us

8. Black Effect

9. Lovehappy

Beyonce’s Bare Ass Is Outta This World, It’s Sarah Hyland’s Ribs and More

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This Justin Bieber/Beyonce Hybrid Is the Thing of Nightmares

I’m going to be honest, if you played a Beyonce song and a Justin Bieber song for me, I probably wouldn’t be able to tell which is which. You can include Taylor Swift and Lorde on that list, too, it just all runs together to me. I suppose I’d figure out that the most feminine-sounding one of the four is Bieber, but I really have no way of knowing without being told.

Bieber himself seems to have embraced this by sending out a picture of his head on Beyonce’s body on Instagram. It is… well, it is certainly a look.

Y’all need to meet my sister Rachel Bieber

A post shared by Justin Bieber (@justinbieber) on

I’m pretty sure this sot of gender-swapping is frowned upon by Bieber’s weird, Australian religion. But as long as they’re cool with it, Bieber could experiment on photoshopping his head on to other people who are less terrible than he is, like Charles Whitman or Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. Or he could just stick to people who are more talented musically than him, in which case I’d like to recommend William Hung. Remember that guy?

Yeah, there is no song Justin Bieber has ever done that sounds better to me than that William Hung cover of “She Bangs.” Can we just get Marilyn Manson to kick this kid’s ass back to Canada already? Even Beverly Hills doesn’t want him, and they took in the Clampetts.

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Beyonce’s Boobies, Jessica Rose Naked in Paint and More

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  • Kylie Jenner says her body is back to normal [Celebitchy]
  • The question about mac n’ cheese that has everyone’s mind blown [Radass]

Beyonce Puts Drake, Tiffany Haddish, and Kim Kardashian on Notice

Tiffany Haddish likes talking about Beyonce in her interviews.

In January, she told Vulture that she was ready to fight a bitch at a party if it weren’t for Beyonce. The Queen calmed Tiffany down, the two took a selfie together, and all ended well.

In February, she told TV One’s “Uncensored” (via PageSix) “So I go to the Jay-Z concert and I am invited to the after-party. I was talking to another actress that was there, who was also talking to Jay-Z and she touched Jay-Z’s chest. Beyoncé came walking up and her demeanor was like, ‘Get your hand off my man’s chest!’”

And now, in March, Beyonce is letting Haddish know that she needs to stop talking about her. In DJ Khaled’s new song “Top Off,” Beyonce sings, “If they’re tryna party with the queen, they gon’ have to sign a nondisclosure.”

Haddish was almost giddy that Beyonce would give her an in-direct shoutout that also served as a warning:

This is what being the Queen looks like, folks. One line and Haddish is bowing down at her feet.

Beyonce also put Drake, and possibly Kim Kardashian, on blast in the song, saying, “I break the internet, top two and I ain’t number two.” This is a shot at Drake, who stated, “I know I said top five, but I’m top two. And I’m not two and I got one” on his song “Gyalchester.” It could also serve as a shot at Kardashian, who “broke the Internet” with her Paper Magazine cover.

Jay-Z intro’d her by asking her to “B, put these fuckboys on notice.” Eviction might be next after that verse.

Beyonce Is Cheaper Than Mr. Krabs

According to some bitter hotel worker at the Beverly Hills Hotel, Beyonce does not tip the staff.

This comes from Radar Online, the only outlet who still believes Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez are still getting back together.

Here’s what a staff member told Radar:

“Beyonce goes to the Beverly Hills Hotel often with Jay Z and they hate her there because she does not tip at all,” a hotel worker exclusively revealed to RadarOnline.com.

“They even call her ‘Cheap-Yonce’ because she is so frugal! She doesn’t even tip a penny!”

“Cheap-Yonce” doesn’t exactly have a nice ring to it. Maybe they should worry less about coming up with bad nicknames and more about the service they are providing.

The staffer goes on to say that Jay Z tips really well. The man is known for spendin’ G’s. But whenever Jay Z leaves a big tip, Beyonce gives him a dirty look.

There you have it. The real reason Beyonce made Lemonade. Not because Jay-Z cheated on her with Becky with the Good Hair. But because Jay Z tips the Beverly Hills Hotel staff more than a penny. How will their relationship survive this?

I don’t know how well Beyonce tips. I’m not a Beyonce fan and find her to be pretentious, but I’m willing to bet she leaves at least a penny when the bellhop carries her bags upstairs. She’s a diva, but she’s not a monster.

Guess I’ll have to go undercover as a member of the Beverley Hills Hotel wait staff and get to the bottom of this story for myself.

Jay Z: I Cheated on Beyonce, But She’s My Soulmate!

Remember that wacky time when we first started figuring out that Jay Z had cheated on Beyonce?

It was all the way back when she released Lemonade — almost two years ago now, can you beieve it?! — and her message wasn't exactly subtle.

And then last summer, when he released his new album, he confirmed it with lines like "You almost went Eric Benét, let the baddest girl in the world get away," referencing Halle Berry's first husband.

In November, Jay talked about it all again in an interview, explaining that he believes he was unfaithful because of his tough childhood.

"You have to survive," he said of the way he grew up. "So you go into survival mode, and when you go into survival mode, what happens?"

"You shut down all emotions. So even with women, you gonna shut down emotionally, so you can't connect."

"In my case, like, it's deep," he admitted. "And then all the things happen from there: infidelity."

It makes sense, right?

But last night, Jay appeared on the first episode of Van Jones' new show on CNN, and he discussed everything in even more detail.

When asked why he and Beyonce fought so hard to save their marriage after everything that had happened, he answered "That's my soulmate. It's the person I love."

"If you haven't experienced love or don't understand it or you don't have the tools to move forward then you are going to have complications. Period."

He said that "You can either address it or you can pretend until it blows up at some point, and for us, we chose to fight for our love, for our family, to give our kids a different outcome, to break that cycle."

"For black men and women, to see a different outcome … it's not just a celebrity couple. We were never a celebrity couple, we were a couple who just happened to be celebrities. We're real people."

Next, Jay Z was asked about any advice he might give to someone in a similar position, and he simply said that "The best apology is changed behavior."

"You have to acknowledge the pain and you have to let that person have their say."

"You have to get on the floor, get on the mattress," he continued. "You have to work through it, really be honest."

"It takes a while. It's hard. It's difficult to hear, difficult to stay, difficult to listen to that kind of pain — but you have to be strong enough."

"But on the other side," he added, "it's beautiful."

For what it's worth, Jay Z and Beyonce certainly seemed to have been able to work through all their problems — those precious little baby twins they had last year are proof of that.

Watch Jay Z get real about his infidelity in the interview below:

Jay z i cheated on beyonce but shes my soulmate

Rumi and Sir Carter: First Photos Revealed!

Ever since Beyonce gave birth to twins back in June, she and Jay-Z have been very careful about keeping Sir and Rumi out of the public eye. With an exception.

Some would say that they're being too careful or even selfish; others applaud them for looking after the privacy of their babies instead of showing them off.

Well ... it looks like Beyonce and Jay-Z let down their guard. Because the world is getting its first glimpse of the twins, and this was clearly not planned.

Obviously, we've seen Sir and Rumi.

Beyonce shared a photo of the twins and of herself.

Just as in her pregnancy photo, she looked radiant and magical and like she belonged in a Renaissance painting (Italian, not Northern).

Or at the very least in a much more contemporary fairy painting.

We know that the twins are alive and well, though they spent extra time in the hospital due to a health issue.

We know that their names are Sir and Rumi, and we know what their names mean.

(Sir is named for his perceived assertiveness upon his birth, while Rumi is named after Beyonce and Jay-Z's favorite poet)

But, aside fromt hat one (glorious) picture, the twins have been out of sight, if not out of mind.

Along with their big sister Blue Ivy, Sir and Rumi are a blessing in Beyonce and Jay-Z's lives.

But we know that things have been less than perfect for this epic power couple.

In her epic Lemonade album with the music video journey that captivated the world, Beyonce revealed that Jay-Z had done the unthinkable:

He had cheated on her.

But it wasn't until Jay-Z's 4:44 album came out that the world really came to understand the full extent of Jay-Z's infidelity.

This was so much more than just Becky With The Good Hair, folks.

Though his tone and lyrics seemed deeply remorseful, Jay-Z seemed to almost humble-brag about almost losing his family because of a threesome.

Threesomes are considered unusual in some communities and common in others, but most people don't bring them up unless they want people to know that they've participated.

Jay-Z's lyrics referred to specifics about how he and his wandering penis had directly impacted his and Beyonce's efforts to grow their family.

Within the tracks of 4:44, Jay-Z lamented his cheating and the distress that it had caused Beyonce.

Not only for its own sake, but because of the very physical toll that the anguish had taken on Beyonce.

We're talking about miscarriages, folks.

We're not Beyonce's doctor and we're woefully unqualified (not being doctors and also not being experts in the particular medical needs of demigods), so we can't speak to the actual degree to which Jay-Z's cheating contributed to Beyonce's failed pregnancies.

But it's clear that the couple believes that it had a role.

But now, things are so much marriage. Not only between Beyonce and Jay-Z, but for their whole family.

Sir and Rumi are in their lives and in Blue Ivy's life. And now the world has gotten a little sneak peek, as you can see in the video below.

The 5-month-old twins got some time outside at Beyonce and Jay-Z's mansion in Miami, Florida.

You can see Beyonce holding Sir while Beyonce's mother, Tina Knowles, cradles Rumi.

Look at their chubby little cheeks! These babies are too precious for this world!

Rumi and sir carter first photos revealed

Hurricane Harvey Relief: Which Celebrities Donated?

Hurricane Harvey was a Category 4 storm when it first made landfall in Texas.

We have all seen the photos of the flooding. We've seen highways that have flooded so high that the water above them has waves.

We've seen people standing on rooftops, people riding boats between houses, and heard the horrifying stories of people who were swept away by the water.

Celebrities have heard this, too, and they have been using their considerable platforms and their own personal resources to help with the relief effort.

As climate change continues to destabilize what were once more temperate weather patterns, these "500 year storms" will be coming more and more frequently.

Many believe that we need a better coordinate governmental response when these disasters strike. It's good to hear stories of private citizens acting as heroes, but it's better if they never have to.

In the mean time, however, boat owners have been taking time off of work and traveling with their boats towards Texas where they hope to help distribute supplies and reach people who are still stranded.

Celebrities are donating money to the relief effort, but some stars are doing even more.

1. JJ Watt

Jj watt
JJ Watt's relief fundraiser had an initial goal in the six digits. It has currently raised over $10 million and the amount continues to clim as donations pour in.

2. Jennifer Lopez and Alexander Rodriguez

Jennifer lopez and alex rodriguez on vacation
J Lo and A-Rod have each donated $25,000. They have also used their celebrity status to encourage their followers to donate to the Red Cross.

3. DJ Khaled

In addition to sending his prayers to the people of Houston, DJ Khaled has also donated $25,000 to aid those ravaged by Harvey.

4. Nicki Minaj

Nicki minaj and boobs
Nicki Minaj announced that she was donating $25,000 when she shared Kevin Hart's message.

5. Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson

Dwayne johnson laughs
Dwayne Johnson donated $50,000 and shared Kevin Hart's plea.

6. Kevin Hart

Kevin hart at get hard premiere
Kevin Hart is said to be the first major celebrity to donate, putting up $50,000. He's also encouraged other celebrities to do the same.
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Beyonce and Jay Z: Here’s the Meaning Behind the Twins’ Names!

Can you believe it's already been over two months since Beyonce gave birth to the twins?!

The world feels a little bit more magical, doesn't it?

The Jay and the Bey

It feels cuter, and safer, somehow.

It's a nice feeling.

So far, Beyonce and Jay Z have pretty much kept quiet about their two new bundles of joy.

Basically all we know is that one of the babies is a boy and the other is a girl, and they spent around a week in the hospital after they were born.

They suffered from a minor health issue, most likely jaundice, and required special care, but Beyonce stayed with them until they were able to come home.

We haven't seen a ton of photos of them yet, but our glorious goddess was gracious enough to share the following photo:

Beyonce Twins Photo!

As for our last little bit of knowledge on these kids, we know their names: Rumi and Sir.

When the names were revealed a lot of people were a little ... well, they were a little taken aback.

Bey and Jay are free to name their offspring whatever they like, of course, but Rumi and Sir?

Of course, these are also the people who named their first child Blue Ivy, so perhaps we shouldn't have been surprised at the names they chose.

But hey, we're only human, and humans who love celebrity gossip at that.

Who are we to be chill about some weird baby names?

Beyonce at 2016 MET Gala

The names were revealed nearly two weeks after we heard that Beyonce had given birth, so again, we've had about two months to get used to the titles of our newest future overlords.

(We call them overlords, by the way, because if Beyonce's children don't grow up to rule the world, then, like, what's the point?)

Are you feeling them yet?

If not, maybe you will after you hear Jay Z explain why they chose the names they did!

In a new interview, Jay spills all the details -- first, for his second daughter, he says "Rumi is our favorite poet, so it was for our daughter."

Beyonce and Jay Z Party It Up

And that makes sense, right?

Besides, Rumi is a lovely name! It's the human whose legal name is Sir that really threw us for a loop.

But, to explain that, he says "Sir was like, man, come out the gate. He carries himself like that."

"He just came out, like, Sir."

Fair enough.

Congrats again, Carter family!

Taylor Swift Just Crossed the Beyhive. Find Out Why.

In her brand new song, Taylor Swift takes aim at famous rivals such as Kim Kardashian, Kanye West and Katy Perry.

But it's a different A-Lister who now has a beef with the artist.

Or, perhaps we should more accurately say, it's a different artist's fan base.

Taylor Swift Music Video Tease

On Friday afternoon, Swift unveiled a music video teaser for "Look at What You Made Me Do," two days ahead of when the full video will premiere at the MTV Video Music Awards.

You can check it out HERE.

It doesn't reveal very much.

But it has revealed enough to severely anger the Beyhive, the loyal group of Beyonce fans who worship at the feet of the world's most popular solo singer...

... and who have now set their sights on Swift.

In one frame from her video teaser, Swift is dressed in a black leotard and fishnet tights while leading a group of male dancers who are all rocking similar looks.

The footage appears to be set in an ornate ballroom.

Critics, meanwhile, are pointing to  Beyonce’s Lemonade visual album as a comparison.

In the video for the Beyonce track “Sorry,” the superstar and Serena Williams dance in the halls of a lavish Louisiana plantation... while wearing - you guessed it! - black leotards.

Queen Bey also donned the look with a contingent of similarly dressed backup dancers during her performance of “Formation” at Super Bowl 50.

bey image

One fan tweeted side-by-side screen shots of Swift’s “Look What You Made Me Do” teaser and video from Lemonade, captioning it “Lemonade and Minute Maid.”


That's harsh.

But is it fair?

minute maid

Added Beyonce fan added: “Taylor Swift wanna be Beyoncé so bad.”

Taylor has received A LOT backlash for this new single, which many Internet users believe to be petty and simply not very catchy.

It also has a very dark tone.

Others, meanwhile, thought back to Swift’s infamous feud with Kardashian and West and accused the singer of “playing the victim.”

This is a charge Swift has faced for years, having often sang about being wronged by ex-boyfriends in some way, shape or form.

This is different, though. This is Taylor Swift daring to cross the Beyhive. We'd be a tad frightened if we were her.

swift haters

Are these criticisms justified?

Do you think Swift really did copy Beyonce?

Or is this just a coincidence? And it Swift receiving an unfair rap?

Sound off below and also answer this question:

Are you excited for her new album?