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20180627 Jack London chilling under a flowering rowan tree in Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada

ratexla (protected by Pixsy) posted a photo:

20180627 Jack London chilling under a flowering rowan tree in Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada




(A couple of days later we were in Dawson City, where some of us visited the Jack London museum. I got a T-shirt, and saw a photo of the doggo on whom Buck was based. :'D )

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20190410_3 Michelle Obama & moderator talking about Michelle’s book ”Becoming” in Globen, Stockholm, Sweden

ratexla posted a photo:

20190410_3 Michelle Obama & moderator talking about Michelle's book ''Becoming'' in Globen, Stockholm, Sweden

I had read the book a few weeks earlier.

Funniest part of talk (paraphrased!): She mentioned how when the kids were younger, either she or Barack would make sure to stay in the same country as them at all times, or something like that. But now the kids are grown, "so I don't really need him in that way anymore. He doesn't do anything for me physically... WAIT! THAT'S NOT WHAT I MEANT, HEHEHE!" xD *lolz*

Of course, much of the book and talk dealt with marriage and parenthood, and, you know... I DON'T HAVE THOSE PROBLEMS! :D Nor the problem of megasuperstardom. Or even common garden fame. o_O

Lastly, I have this fantasy that Barack will write another book, take it on the road, and VISIT GOTHENBURG! 8D HOW ABOUT A TALK AND A SIGNING IN A BOOK SHOP OR LIBRARY!? YEAH! (Seriously... I think Bill Clinton signed his book in a Gothenburg book shop once! That was fucking random. I didn't attend, for some reason or other.)

PS. Why yes, this is my first upload since... March 11? D: I took a long-ish trip in the summer... Then I was going to get a monitor colour calibrator thingy for my photo editing, but the shop/s ran out of them forever so I spent some time hunting for one on E-bay AND around September I discovered that Flickr's tag search had been bungled in the migration from Yahoo. As I am a tag whore, uploading seemed rather meaningless until that got fixed, which happened in November... Well, I'm currently waiting for my calibrator to arrive so I can get editing again (my photos may improve by up to 1.3%!), and then I can get my uploadin-life back! <:D

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Mr. Skin Podcast Ep 152: Being Mr. Skin: The Breast Seller is Available Now

This week’s Mr. Skin Podcast is more than just a good read!

Today on the podcast, Mr. Skin will talk about his book release. It’s a very exciting time to be Mr. Skin as the tell-all book about Mr. Skin’s exciting history is now available. Listen to hear more and get your hands on Being Mr. Skin as the breast seller is out now.

Click on the player below to listen to the show and then click over to the Mr. Skin Podcast page for all the links mentioned in the episode, as well as your chance to call into the show and make your voice heard!

Click here to order your very own copy of Mr. Skin’s Book!

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‘Tattooed Beauties’ Will Make You Want to Buy a Book Again

When’s the last time you bought a book and read it cover to cover? If it’s been as long as I suspect, it’s time to consider making your first book purchase in quite some time thanks to Goliath’s new amazing photography book Tattooed Beauties.

Masterfully produced by fashion and tattoo star photographer Christian Saint, across 250 high-quality printed pages you will see over 50 great-looking tattoo beauties, including Kelly Eden, Bonnie Rotten, Abbey So, Riae, Maegan Machine, Fallon Ven Detta, Alesandra Nicole, Emily Shephard, Cleo Wattenström, Kayte Rae, Annasthesia Awful, Bambu Jessica, Dani Vi, Gabriella Saturria, Linette Otero, Hayley G, Vanessa Lake, Jennifer Lynn, Jesse Lee D, Jessica Wilde, Kay Reynolds, Leila Rose, Leza Lush, Linnea Thomasia, Phay Moss, and Sarah Jensen. Also included are loads of exciting top tattoos, all super erotic and fantastically photographed.

The book has 256 pages total and 250 photos, so you do the math on how much “reading” you’ll have to do once you purchase this book. The perfect display piece for any tattoo aficionado or just anyone that loves the beauty of a naked woman, Tattooed Beauties is the perfect summer read!

Click here to order your copy of Tattooed Beauties today!


All photos courtesy of Goliath Books


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20170819_i1 Jonathan Safran Foer gave a talk in a library in Gothenburg, Sweden! :D

ratexla posted a photo:

20170819_i1 Jonathan Safran Foer gave a talk in a library in Gothenburg, Sweden! :D


1. I brought my mum’s Swedish edition of "Eating animals" because my English one was sitting in my student flat several hours away; I only found out about the talk after I travelled to Gothenburg for the summer :O

2. I told him the cover of "Eating animals" had been my social media icon for a few years now, and flashed my Instagram profile as an example 😀

3. His handwriting is neat 🙂

4. Our shirts match each other and the background drape 😐

5. My neck usually isn’t that long. What

6. I pretty much blacked out when asked how I spell my name because I suck at spelling stuff out loud even when I’m not in the vicinity of a CELEB!!! but we solved the problem eventually 😯


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An Interview with ‘FakeThemePark’ Creator and Author Jason Ginsburg

Former Egotastic staffer Jason Ginsburg, better known during that time as Ross Merrill, got his start in the entertainment industry working for Universal Studios Hollywood. He parlayed that experience into the Twitter account @FakeThemePark, and his 10,000-plus followers have come to expect a sardonic and irreverent look at theme park culture.

Jason has now compiled the best posts from his various social media accounts and added some new material to create the hilarious e-book “If the Princess Rolls Her Eyes, Your Wish Will Come True.” I chatted with Jason recently about the book—which he wants to remind all of you makes for a great Christmas gift—the FakeThemePark phenomenon, and whether he’ll ever escape theme park life.

Brian McGee: Starting at the beginning, where did the idea for FakeThemePark first come from?
Jason Ginsburg: After almost 10 years at Universal, I left for a digital agency job, working in social media and online video. That job succumbed to the Great Recession, so suddenly I had lots of time on my hands and a newfound love of Twitter and Facebook, which were still pretty new back then. This was the era of “fake” accounts, like @BPGlobalPR, which made fun of BP during the oil spill of 2010. I realized no one was making fun of theme parks, which were a big target. As a fan and an ex-employee, I thought I was as qualified as anyone to handle the task.


BMG: I would imagine it grew quickly beyond what you had originally thought it would, but when did you first get the sense that it had grown beyond maybe even what you had reasonably expected it might become?
JG: When I started doing Q-and-A’s, like #AskAPrincess, and found people were actually asking questions instead of just clicking “like.” That was encouraging. I think the big breakout was when I live-tweeted the Park Christmas Parade, which just so happened to closely mirror the Disney Christmas Parade airing on TV. It was a nice moment of community. I guess you could call it “live satire.”


BMG: Whom do you envision as sort of the perfect audience for this book? What aspects will appeal to what audiences?
JG: Certainly anyone who works or has worked at a theme park can relate. I hear from people at smaller parks, like Cedar Point and Knott’s, so I guess the park experience is small-U universal. But any fan of theme parks should see things they love and hate about parks in the book, whether they’re Disney geeks, movie buffs, coaster fanatics, etc.


BMG: Who is Murph Gantly, where did he come from, and what sort of character do you picture when you write in that voice?
JG: Murph is in many ways the antithesis of Walt Disney (his name comes both from Walt and Universal’s Carl Laemmle). He’s cruel to his employees, sees guests as suckers, and cares nothing about tradition. He will put any corporation’s name on any attraction, allows high-risk fracking in the park, and charges guests to sit in the shade. To me, he sounds like a combination of P.T. Barnum and Groucho Marx. Here’s what he looks like on Facebook.
BMG: How was your experience with creating the music video, and what are some of your favorite takeaways from that experience?
JG: It was quite a thrill to bring a small part of the park to life. Making jokes with live actors and rhyming lyrics is very different from a one-sentence tweet, so it was a fun challenge. I’m grateful to Brandon Sturiale for writing a perfect parody of Disney music, and to Diana Sharber for so aptly portraying the cynical diva Princess Peppercorn.


BMG: What was the genesis for combining and condensing all of this into book form? 
JG: There’s no good way to search for content on Twitter or Facebook — and I don’t want to make people have to search. So I took some of the most popular categories and combined the top-performing posts with my own favorites into a sort of guided tour of the park.


BMG: Even though it’s available exclusively as a digital book, what do you feel differentiates it from just going to the Twitter and Facebook pages and clicking on Top Posts?
JG: Well, not all the best jokes became Top Posts! Aside from that, I added value to the book by creating some original content. That includes a foreword by Murph Gantly, a timeline of park history, and the first-ever interview with the Park Princesses. I don’t know how much my audience overlaps, so it’s possible the Facebook content will be new to my Twitter followers, and the tweets will be new to Facebook fans.
BMG: What does your wife, a writer and former Universal tour guide herself, think about all of this? Did she contribute anything to the world or is she reticent to revisit that time in her life?
JG: I still bounce ideas off her. If a draft of a tweet makes her laugh, it gets posted. She occasionally runs across news stories that I don’t know about it and forwards them to me as inspiration. She’s working on a book about Universal Studios tour guides, so she’s happy to revisit that world.


BMG: Are you okay with having never really and truly left the theme park life behind? It seems like one of those things where you might feel like you’ll never escape the theme park no matter what else you do, and is that ultimately something you wrestle with?
JG: Most of my memories of Universal are happy ones. I think of the experience like college — most of us were young, trying to be artists, and generally goofing around. The Studio Tour has meant a lot to people for over 50 years, and I’m honestly proud to have been part of that, and to have entertained families from all over the world. Though I now live in New York, away from the big parks, plenty of museums and tourist attractions here operate the same way, and I can’t help but evaluate them as both a tour guide and a guest.


BMG: What’s next for you? Where can we check out your latest stuff?
JG: I occasionally produce content for Discovery, where I currently work. I’m particularly fond of this web series I produced with astronaut Mike Massimino. I co-wrote a fantasy-adventure movie, The Sorcerer Beast, which comes out in 2020. And you can follow my personal account on Twitter, @Ginsburg.


BMG: Is there anything else you’d like our readers to know or perhaps anyone discovering you for the first time?
JG: I’d encourage Twitter users to follow @FakeThemePark on Facebook, and vice-versa. Different jokes every day. And I love when people talk to the park, ask questions, register complaints — it’s all fuel for more comedy.

Order your copy of “If the Princess Rolls Her Eyes, Your Wish Will Come True” by Jason Ginsburg by clicking here!

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You Can Now Pre-Order Mr. Skin’s Book on Amazon

The holidays are about to get a lot hornier with this opportunity to pre-order Mr. Skin’s book. Give yourself or your friends the gift of skin by pre-ordering Mr. Skin’s amazing new book about his 20 years in the business of spreading celebrity nudity online. Pre-order Being Mr. Skin here on Amazon and get it on May 21st when it’s released. This is bound to be a breast seller and a skinspiring read, so order today!

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It’s the Debut Trailer for Amazon’s Adaptation of ‘Good Omens’ (VIDEO)


If you’ve never read Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett’s brilliantly hilarious novel Good Omens, you’re cheating yourself out of one of the great satires of religion in all of literature. If you’re the type that hates to read, however, Amazon Prime comes to the rescue with this live action adaptation of the book coming to the streaming platform next year.

Michael Sheen and David Tennant (channeling Bill Nighy*) star as Aziraphale, an anal retentive angel, and Crowley, a demon with a wicked sense of humor, and the two old “friends” must form an unholy alliance to prevent the end times from happening. The story has a malicious twist to it that I won’t spoil here, especially considering that the trailer doesn’t give it away.

Any fans of the book apprehensive about this adaptation will be pleased to know that Neil Gaiman wrote the adaptation himself, with the posthumous blessing of Pratchett—and will be serving as the showrunner for the series. There’s no word on whether they will fit the entire book into one season of television, or drag it out until the actual apocalypse is upon us, though I’m sure most of us would prefer the former to the latter.

Good Omens comes to Amazon Prime in the first half of 2019.

*Had they cast Nighy, the tagline of the show could’ve been The End is Nighy

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Steve Jobs in Esquire, December 1986

Tom Simpson posted a photo:

Steve Jobs in Esquire, December 1986

20140928 Melanie Joy writing autographs after giving a talk on animal rights | Gothenburg, Sweden

ratexla posted a photo:

20140928 Melanie Joy writing autographs after giving a talk on animal rights | Gothenburg, Sweden

I have not read the book on which her talk was based - "Why we love dogs, eat pigs, and wear cows: An introduction to carnism" - but maybe I will. :)

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George R.R. Martin Has Another Show In The Works


Move over, “Game of Thrones.” There’s a new George R.R. Martin show here to steal your spotlight.

If you’re a die-hard GOT fan, then this show is for you. And if you’re not, then you may just like The Skin Trade, the short novella Martin penned about werewolves.

The news of the show broke when Martin posted about it on his blog recently, stating that he has signed a deal with Cinemax (HBO’s sister company) to adapt his novella for television.

The novella, written back in the ’80s, is described by Martin as an “offbeat werewolf noir.” It chronicles the story of Randi Wade, a private investigator, and Willie Flambeaux, a debt collector, who are trying to solve some pretty gruesome murders. The twist is that Flambeaux is actually a werewolf.

The novella, back in the ’80s, was first published for a fiction horror compilation called Dark Visions, for which Stephen King also contributed. It then became a series of graphic novels, and finally, perhaps, a show on Cinemax.

On Martin’s blog, entitled “Not A Blog,” he goes into detail about the show-making process and what we can likely expect from this announcement. By no means, Martin asserts, does the fact that Cinemax bought the rights to the show mean that we’ll get a television show next week. Martin states the many complications and roadblocks that can occur between optioning a show and having an actual thing to watch.

Martin wrote:

“The deal is closed, and Cinemax has ordered the pilot script. This being Hollywood, of course, you never know where things will end… but if they like the script, we’ll shoot a pilot, and if they like that, hey, who knows, maybe we’ll get a series on the air.”

However, this is also George R.R. Martin we’re talking about. “Game of Thrones” was a cultural phenomenon that shows no signs of slowing in popularity, so the likelihood of having another successful show is high.

Martin also wrote about the screenwriter, Kalinda Vasquez, who has worked on “Prison Break” and “Once Upon A Time”:

Cinemax and my agents set me up for meetings with close to a dozen different Tv writers, many of them very impressive, but Kalinda’s take on the story and the characters blew me away. She loves the story and the world, and really seems to get Willie and Randi, and her pitch to Cinemax was one of the most polished and professional I’ve ever heard. I love her enthusiasm, and look forward to working with her.

Sounds like the makings for an excellent TV show!

Before signing off on his blog post, Martin snuck in a cheeky reminder that the entire civilized world (practically) is sort of waiting for another project of his to be finished. He referenced the fact that many would expect him to write the screenplay for the new maybe-show, and sassily wrote, “(And no, while I would have loved to write the script and run the show myself myself, that was never really in the cards. I have this book to finish. You know the one).”

Sadly, we [...]

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EXCLUSIVE! Fitness Expert Jackie Warner Shares Some Tips On How You Can Be A Healthier & More Energized Version Of Yourself!

Being fit isn't just about being skinny, it's about keeping your body healthy, eating the right things, and basically being a better you!

We got a chance to chat EXCLUSIVELY with fitness expert and celeb trainer Jackie Warner at FitNation in LA about her new book This Is Why You're Sick and Tired: (And How to Look and Feel Amazing)!

The Thintervention star even gave us a little sneak peek by sharing some tips she gathered and included in her fitness publication!

Things like the importance of a good night's sleep, info on her seven day vegan detox diet, and even healthy snacking tips for those of you who enjoy munching on things all day!

Ch-ch-check out all that in the clip (above)!

But that's not all we have from Jackie -- stay tuned for some awesome workouts AND what this trainer thinks of fad diets!

Interested in her book?? You can CLICK HERE to purchase This Is Why You're Sick and Tired: (And How to Look and Feel Amazing)!