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19 Most Ridiculous Celebrity Books in Human History

The following books are real. They exist. They were actually written by people who thought they were good ideas.

And these people were celebrities!

Which is what makes this collection all the more ridiculous and noteworthy.

Scroll down for a look at books that various stars thought were good ideas to write at the time, but which have simply given us many reasons to laugh hilariously at them instead...

1. Farrah Abraham

Farrah abraham book cover
As if making a celebrity sex tape was not bad enough, Farrah thought it would be a good idea to write a book about the making of it. Um, no. Farrah, please get a real job.

2. Kim Kardashian

Kim kardashian book cover
If you can't write, you could follow Kim Kardashian's tactic and just release a selfie book. The porn-star-turned-entrepreneur got a lot of people talking about the book, but it made money.

3. Naomi Campbell

Naomi campbell book cover
Campbell sent her ideas for the book to a ghostwriter, and we are very sure the ghostwriter burst out laughing when he/she heard them. Five models fight it out for the contract of retiring supermodel Swan. What the heck?

4. Charlie Sheen

Charlie sheen book cover
Charlie Sheen is one of those celebrities who is just all over the place. He was fired from Two and a Half Men for his erratic behavior ... even though he was making a lot of money. Before that, Charlie released a poetry book that got some positive comments from John Stamos.

5. Lauren Conrad

Lauren conrad book cover
Lauren Conrad is a reality TV star and fashion guru. She decided to make the step to writing fiction with a book loosely based on her life. Despite giving it her all, it was a trainwreck.

6. Macaulay Culkin

Macaulay culkin book cover
Macaulay decided to try and make his way back into the spotlight with a book. The book included random drawings, thoughts and a whole lot of gibberish.
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The Cover Of Cameron Diaz’s New Book Includes Her Crow’s Feet & We Love Her For It

The Cover Of Cameron Diaz's New Book Includes Her Crow's Feet &
Cameron Diaz goes au naturale on the cover of her new tome, "The Longevity Book." The 43-year-old actress is pictured with minimal make up and her natural wrinkles -- no Botox here! After a two-...

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20140928 Melanie Joy writing autographs after giving a talk on animal rights | Gothenburg, Sweden

ratexla posted a photo:

20140928 Melanie Joy writing autographs after giving a talk on animal rights | Gothenburg, Sweden

I have not read the book on which her talk was based - "Why we love dogs, eat pigs, and wear cows: An introduction to carnism" - but maybe I will. :)

Vegan FAQ! :)

The Web Site the Meat Industry Doesn't Want You to See.

Please watch Earthlings.

Bill Clinton Gay Scandal: New Book Makes Scandalous Claim That Former POTUS Was ‘Closet Homosexual’ As Law School Professor

Bill Clinton
You either love or hate the Clintons; there's no in-between option, and it seems Hillary and Bill Clinton can't catch a break from scandal. The latest rumor -- that sounds like another trumped up...

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Carly Simon Sexual Goddess: Singer’s Memoir Reportedly Reveals List Of Hollywood Bedmates; Jagger, Beatty Made The Cut

Carly Simon
Singer Carly Simon recently revealed mystery person's identity in her song, "You're So Vain." Simon dished that Warren Beatty is the inspiration for the song. Now, here's another fun fact about Car...

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Kate Gosselin Secret Diaries Uncovered Detailing Harsh Punishment Of Her Children: Report

Kate Gosselin has some “horrible mother” secrets lurking in the pages of diaries that she kept from 2006 and 2007. These are reportedly just now being made public after “Kate Plus 8” returns to T...

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Patricia Cornwell Calls Her Latest, ‘Depraved Heart,’ A ‘Good Spooky, Haunted Story’

Patricia Cornwell Calls Her Latest, 'Depraved Heart,' A 'Good Sp
Patricia Cornwell has 23 New York Times best-selling novels and 25 years of experience in crime thrillers. She's guest-starred on Criminal Minds and is well-known for how much forensic science she ...

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Caitlyn Jenner To Pose Naked? Transgender Star’s Coffee Table Book To Feature Nude & ‘Skimpy Lingerie’ Shots (Report)

Caitlyn Jenner
Former Olympic-athlete-turned-transgender star Caitlyn Jenner is reportedly planning to pose nude for a new coffee table book. The "I Am Cait" star is eager for the attention she'll get upon its ...

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Suri Cruise Neglected? Leah Remini Claims Young Suri Left ‘Crying On Bathroom Floor’

Suri Cruise Neglected? Leah Remini Claims Young Suri Left 'Cryin
Was Suri Cruise abandoned by her parents, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes? That's what actress Leah Remini seems to imply in an excerpt from her new book, "Troublemaker: Surviving Hollywood and Sciento...

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Clooney Recalls Cindy Crawford Climbing Into His Bed: It Was Awkward; Blame It On The A-A-A-A-A-Alcohol?

Clooney Recalls Cindy Crawford Climbing Into His Bed: It Was Awk
George Clooney found himself in bed with Cindy Crawford. Sure, it's awkward, but the silver fox has a logical explanation: It was the tequila's fault.

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Hillary Clinton Facelift: Shocking Tell-All Book Claims Bill Clinton Urged Plastic Surgery Ahead Of 2016 Elections

Hillary Clinton Facelift: Shocking Tell-All Book Claims Bill Cli
Did Hillary Clinton go under the knife and get a facelift? Better still, did Bill Clinton urge the former First Lady and current presumptive Democratic candidate for the 2016 Elections to get pla...

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J.K. Rowling Reveals Harry Potter’s Family History On Revamped ‘Pottermore’ Website

J.K. Rowling
J.K. Rowling has re-launched her all things Harry Potter website, Pottermore, by filling fans in on the entire family history of the boy wizard.

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‘Teen Mom 2′ Jenelle Evans’ Barely There Bikini Pics Not For the Faint Of Heart

Jenelle Evans
Face it; Jenelle Evans' life has been one train wreck after another, and she's often been called the poster child for reality TV. However, one look at Jenelle's barely-there bikini pics, and you'...

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First ‘Allegiant’ Trailer Shows Possible Plot Changes To ‘Divergent’ Series

In the world of YA dystopia are legions of rabid fans, all too eager toes their favorite book series come alive on the silver screen, but utterly disappointed when the studio changes the story’s major (or minor) details. Divergent is no different, and with the new trailer being released, as well as information about the second “part” of the third installment, fans are equal parts excited and apprehensive.

For a casual fan like myself, who has read the books once and seen the first two films, Divergent and Insurgent, the trailer looks fantastic. Set in a dystopian Chicago post-apocalypse, the society is forced to remain within the city’s high, fortified walls, presumably for their safety. But in this installment, Allegiant, viewers see Tris (Shailene Woodley) and Four (Theo James) scaling that wall and entering the unknown wider world.

The new film, set to be released in March 2016, is based on Veronica Roth’s book of the same name. However, the book’s events are to be split in two parts, as has become the norm of most YA-books-turned-film ever since Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows was split in two.

However, Divergent breaks the mold somewhat, by giving the fourth film, the second part, a different name. Instead of having the title “Allegiant Part 2,” the second part will be called Ascendant. This change, seemingly innocuous, carries many implications about what, if anything, the studio is going to change about the canon story.

Fans already saw winks of major change in the second installment Insurgent. Of the most notable and heavily-criticized changes were Tris’s ability to use a gun (she couldn’t in the book, as she was suffering from PTSD), the “secret box” that has to be opened by a Divergent alone, and the ending that shows swarms of citizens leaving the city when the walls come down.

Fans were not happy about those changes.

So the split is weighing heavy on the minds of some die-hard fans, who know that the ending to the book Allegiant may not, to say the least, be Hollywood-franchise-friendly. Without spoiling anything, I think that the name change points in that direction, that the studio will change the controversial, polarizing ending of that book into something more easily digestible and popular to casual moviegoers.

Until then, fans and casual viewers alike will have to content ourselves with the stunning footage above and hope that the studio does the story justice, however they choose to change the plot.

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Winter Is Coming: 6 New Books You Should Read This Fall

There’s nothing better than curling up with a good book during the fall/winter season. Sitting by the fire (or in my case, a radiator) with a hot cup of tea, and thumbing through a good book on a chilly evening is one of my favorite things to do. As the joyous season of summer comes to a close (although it’s been pretty lackluster here in London), here are six soon-to-be-published books that are sure to entertain you this fall and are totally worth reading.

1. Under the Udala Trees by Chinelo Okparanta

Based on a story inspired by traditional Nigerian folklore, Under the Udala Trees by Chinelo Okaparanta tells the tale of an 11-year old girl sent away for her safety as a civil war breaks out. The gripping part of the novel comes as the young girl falls in love with a girl from a different community, and is forced to hide how she feels. Powerful and extremely heartbreaking, this debut novel from Okaparanta explores themes of identity, forbidden love and prejudice and is sure to keep you gripped over the winter.

2. Why Not Me? by Mindy Kaling

Mindy Kaling tells us more humorous tales on life and love in her new book Why Not Me?, which will be released September 15th — the same day that The Mindy Project will make its debut on Hulu, I might add. For the Mindy-obsessed fan, this is definitely a must-have!

3. Purity by Jonathan Franzen

A sweeping novel from the acclaimed writer, Purity is about a girl who is searching for her father and her identity. The complex novel results in a globe-trotting provocative tale that makes it one of the most anticipated books this year.

4. Tales from the Back Row by Amy Odell

Cosmopolitan editor Amy Odell gives us a look at the glamorous fashion industry, but told from the perspective of an outsider. From back row seats at the hottest fashion shows to standing outside the hottest parties, this is a humorous look at the fashion industry told from a lonely fashion blogger.

5. M Train by Patti Smith

After releasing the acclaimed ‘Just Kids’ in 2010, Patti Smith is back with M Train, which once again explores the singer’s extraordinary past and present. The book really is a diary that takes us to some phenomenal places, from Berlin and Moscow, to the Far Rockaways, with a few stops at some hotels and cemeteries in between!

6. Fates and Furies by Lauren Groff

This third novel from Florida author Lauren Groff is an explosive novel exploring revenge, sex, and lots of rage. The story slowly rips apart the seemingly perfect marriage of Lotto and Mathilde, and makes you realize that you never really know what goes on behind closed doors.

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Kaitlyn Bristowe: Plotting Revenge Against The Bachelorette Producers with Tell-All Book?

Kaitlyn Bristowe is reportedly considering writing a tell-all book to stick it to The Bachelorette for the show's treatment of her this season.

Kaitlyn Bristowe Selfie

Those who watch The Bachelorette saw slut shaming Kaitlyn, who had sex (gasp) before the Fantasy Suite, become a pastime this year.

One she believes the producers had a hand in crafting.

We can't speak to that ... but The Bachelorette conspiracy theory that's going around explains a lot of things about this bizarre season.

Now that she's free of the shackles and manipulative editing of the ABC show, Bristowe is said to be out for revenge, and hashing a plan.

One of Kaitlyn's inspirations is Courtney Robertson, author of I Didn't Come Here to Make Friends: Confessions of a Reality Show Villain.

Robertson, who got engaged to Ben Flajnik on The Bachelor, was portrayed about as terribly as a person can be en route to the final rose.

Her book made its way onto the N.Y. Times Bestseller List, in part because she spilled on the show (and reverse cowgirling Ben Flajnik).

Will Bristowe follow in her revealing foosteps soon?

“She almost can’t wait to do like a tell-all kind of thing,” a source close to Kaitlyn Bristowe tells Radar. “She’s already itching for that.”

While Bristowe’s payback won’t be put in to action for a while, “she has shown interest in doing something along the lines of a book."

In the meantime, she's trying to channel her inner Taylor Swift and shake it off, focusing instead on her engagement to Shawn Booth:

“She doesn’t really pay any mind to it. She already knows that she is the most controversial person on the show and she doesn’t care.”

Instead, Bristowe and Booth decided to take some time away from the spotlight and to better get to know each other, says an insider:

“They’re in Vancouver for the next couple of months. They’re trying to get settled, meet everyone and enjoy time with their families.”

“They’re trying to pivot it into a real life together,” another insider says, and believe it or not, “They’re putting that ahead of anything.”

“They’re like a really cute couple that just started dating."

But will they last? Cast your vote in our poll below ...

Hulk Hogan Suicide Attempt: Ex-WWE Legend Reportedly Moments Away From ‘Pulling Trigger,’ Memoir Recalls Deep Pain, Scandal

Hulk Hogan
Amid the current N-word and sex tape controversies, a report out recalls how Hulk Hogan allegedly attempted suicide years ago. The former WWE wrestling legend thanked a woman -- and dear friend -- ...

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Why a Book from 1937 is Still Relevant to Millennials Today


“Knowledge has no value except that which can be gained from its application towards some worthy end.”

Originally published in 1937, Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich is still one of the bestsellers in business and mindset. Its popularity speaks for itself with over 15 million copies sold worldwide. But can the principles of this nearly 80-year-old book still help us today?

Although our world has changed drastically through technological advances, the mindset principles behind a prosperous life have not. Perhaps that is why this book is still so popular.

The cover of my revised and updated version says, “In your hands is the essential guide to joining the ranks of the world’s most successful people.” Sounds powerful, right?

Success means different things to different people, so allow me to put a disclaimer here that this classic book is not just about money. These success principles can apply to how we think about and understand nature, science, relationships and everything important in our lives. Napoleon Hill interviewed more than 500 of the most affluent people of his time and thus provides massive insight into creative and entrepreneurial minds.

In the original version, there are stories of folks like Andrew Carnegie, Henry Ford, and Thomas Edison. Now, with Dr. Arthur R. Pell’s updated version, we can grow to understand the same principles but based on recent stories of Bill Gates, Mary Kay Ash, Dave Thomas, and more.

Most millennials are still struggling with those big questions: like identifying our goals, mastering the secrets to lasting success, and combining imagination and visualization with action. We just don’t always know the best way to make those fuzzy dreams a reality. For me, reading about the success stories of other people and hearing their wisdom helped clarify my own career goals. Here’s what I learned.

We will never be able to achieve our lofty goals until we first learn to utilize or work with the fears and doubts that hold us back. We can find mentors and teachers to instruct us in best business practices. We can find peers and colleagues to share in day-to-day tasks and the wonders of life. But until we become masters of our minds, true, lasting success and happiness will not be ours. I’m learning this and it is still a struggle, believe me, but it’s a process.

“It is your responsibility to make sure that positive emotions constitute the dominating influence of your mind.”

No matter where you currently stand on the path of “success,” there are examples of hope…

Bill Gates: We know Gates from Microsoft, but did you know that before he developed the giant software company, Gates was a Harvard University dropout and failed business owner? Gates is the ultimate example of trying, and trying again because his failure didn’t cause him to drop out of the business world. He persevered and ended up revolutionizing culture and technology through his computer software company.

Mary Kay Ash: when a less experienced man that Ash trained got the promotion she felt she deserved, Mary Kay had enough with the inequality [...]

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Kim Kardashian’s Selfie Book Is A Flop

Kim Kardashian Selfish
Kim Kardashian's selfie book has failed to impress fans. The tome, "Selfish," was released in May and is a certified flop. "Selfish" features 352 pages of Kardashian and includes images from soc...

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Maci Bookout on Teen Mom: I Got the S–t End of the Deal!

In her upcoming memoir Bulletproof, Teen Mom O.G. star Maci Bookout says she got plenty of fame, but no fortune from her MTV stardom.

In other words, she got the "s--t end of the deal."

Maci Bookout Book Cover

“Reality TV can make you famous, but you basically get the s--t end of the deal," writes Maci, who just gave birth to her second child.

"Everyone knows your name and talks about you, but there’s no red-carpet prestige or glamorous piles of money."

We all can't be Kim Kardashian, it's true.

“Once you become a so-called reality TV star, people immediately think that you’re a high-end celebrity," she adds.

"They think you travel the world and have a mansion and all these other things they associate with having your face on TV.”

The Tennessee sweetheart, whose book drops July 21, drops the truth that she's just another mom struggling to get by.

“The fact is, my real life isn’t that much different from what it would have been without MTV,” the 23-year-old claims.

“I still live in Chattanooga. I go to Wal-Mart and buy bread and milk.”

The mother of Bentley (with Ryan Edwards) and baby Jayde (with Taylor McKinney) admits she tweets to her 1.36 million Twitter fans for cash.

“Since I took to it so well," Bookout says, "I started looking into the prospect of becoming a social media specialist."

That she may be, but she's not an accounting pro.

Bookout was reportedly hit with a lien by the IRS for failing to pay nearly $80,000 in taxes from 2011 alone.

On the plus side, Maci, her nemesis Farrah Abraham, Amber Portwood and Catelynn Lowell will be back for Teen Mom Season 6 next year.

Carole And Pippa Middleton Are Stars In ‘Shhh! Don’t Wake the Royal Baby!’ Books

Carole Middleton
Carole and Pippa Middleton star in a new book series called "Shhh! Don't Wake the Royal Baby!" While other members of Kate Middleton and Prince William's family are featured in the books, Carole an...

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Teresa Giudice Comes Clean About Posh Prison Life In Jail House Diaries

Teresa Giudice
Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice is keeping a diary while she's locked up in prison, one that could turn into a big pay day if she is eventually allowed to turn her notes into a me...

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GREY: The Best (Worst) Quotes, Reviews & Reactions

E.L. James' Grey has officially been released, and the alternate edition of 50 Shades of Grey - told from Christian's perspective - is epic.

Epic in the unintentional comedy sense of the word, that is.

Behold, some of the best (or should we say worst) quotes, reviews and reactions from the Christian-centric version of the erotic novel.

Suffice it to say, Twitter is having a field day right now.

1. That'll Teach Her

The christian grey look
"An image of her shackled to my bench, peeled gingeroot inserted in her ass so she can't clench her buttocks, comes to mind, followed by judicious use of a belt or strap. Teah … that would teach her not to be so irresponsible. The thought is hugely appealing."

2. In a Daze

Christian grey in a sweater
"She's staring at me wide-eyed and dazed, and it makes me uncomfortable. Can she read my mind? Or is she just looking at a pretty face?"

3. Nightmares

Get ready for 'em.

4. Put the P Into Her V

Put the p into her v
Christian has a way with words.

5. Her Pelvis Flexes

Her pelvis flexes
Our stomach churns.

6. The Worst

The worst
We're sorry too.
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Holly Madison Suicidal: Former ‘Bunny’ Reveals Suicidal Thoughts From ‘Playboy’ Mansion Days

Holly Madison
Holly Madison was suicidal while living in the Playboy mansion, and the revelation is surprising to many of her fans. According to People Magazine, Holly opened up about that dark time in her life ...

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Author Judy Blume Regrets Joining High School Glee Club Because It Excluded Blacks

Author Judy Blume Regrets Joining High School Glee Club Because
Judy Blume, the author of popular books such as, "Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret," "Blubber" and "Forever," has opened up about one of her biggest regrets in life.

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E L James To Release ‘Fifty Shades Of Grey’ From Christian’s Point Of View

EL James
E L James announced today that she will be releasing a new version of her best-selling "Fifty Shades Of Grey" from the perspective of Christian. The book, titled "Grey," will be published on June 1...

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Kim Kardashian Selfish Reviews: Actually Positive?!?

It came as no surprise many years ago when viewers gave the Kim Kardashian sex tape a positive review.

The footage featured Ray J doing an admirable job behind the camera as he settled down behind his then-girlfriend and gave her a solid pounding.

We understood why people liked it

Kim Kardashian Selfie Time!

But the Kim Kardashian selfie book? Critics are actually heaping praise upon this ridiculous money grab?!?

Somehow, some way, for some reason... yes!

Here is a look at what a few respected publications have had to say about Kim Kardashian Selfish:

What makes Selfish so crazily engrossing is the way it breaks down, image by nearly identical image, the precise, self-determined path of Kim Kardashian’s rise from socialite to household name - and the way that over the course of hundreds of consecutive selfies, the evolution of her public and private selves gets fully entangle - Slate

It should be dreadful, but it isn’t. Surprisingly, it’s a rather enchanting document of someone having a jetset life (sample caption: ‘I was in Africa in a diamond mine’) and not being overly protective about her image (one page is devoted entirely to photographs of her with sunburn after she fell asleep wearing sunglasses). - The Telegraph

A look through the pages of Selfish reveals that what may seem insipid and overblown initially is actually a far smarter, more calculated window into the life and times of one of our culture’s most relevant public figures through the simple, albeit absurd, art of documenting herself. - Complex

What Selfish depicts, more than anything else, is the labor that goes into beauty…. And with her candor about who she is and what it takes to make her that way, she might also, against all odds, move us forward. - The Atlantic

Kim Kardashian Selfie Book: Even More Absurd Than the Kris Jenner Cookbook?

The Kim Kardashian selfie book went on sale today.

So people with far too much free time, far too much disposable income and not nearly enough of a life can now fork over money for the rare opportunity to view self-portraits of Kim Kardashian.

We'd say this is the dumbest book in the history of dumb books, but...

Kim Kardashian with Selfie Book

... a Kris Jenner cookbook actually exists.

It came out in late 2014, it is titled “In The Kitchen With Kris: A Kollection of Kardashian-Jenner Family Favorites” and it is a pretty big head-scratcher.

Because those who watch Keeping Up with the Kardashians online are well aware that Kris has a personal chef.

She's about as familiar with cooking as Kim is with keeping her clothing on.

So it's a tough call, trying to decide which is a more ridiculous idea: Kim Kardashian publishing a book full of the same selfies you can find for free online... or Kris Jenner coming out with a cookbook.

It's difficult to even write those words with a straight face.

Then again, someone near and dear to both Kim and Kris may soon be the winner (loser?) in this debate:

A Khloe Kardashian lifestyle book is actually on the way in 2015.