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Lauren Hashian and Dwayne Johnson: Expecting Baby #2!

Dwayne Johnson has taken a break from being fast and/or furious to be open and excited.

The beloved actor has some very exciting news to share:

He and girlfriend Lauren Hashian are expecting their second child together!

The 45-year old ex-wrestler made the announcement in the most adorable way possible,too:

By sharing a photo of his daughter, Jasmine, who confirmed the great news and added an important detail to the development as well:

“Our Jasmine Lia would like to make a big announcement – IT’S A GIRL,” Johnson wrote, adding:

“Lauren and I are boundlessly grateful for this blessing as this spring we’ll welcome our second baby.”

It’s unclear at the moment just how far along Hashian is, but she’s probably just past her first trimester.

Continued Johnson in the caption to the photo below:

“Jazzy is excited to boss around and protect her lil’ sis. And once again, big daddy is completely surrounded by beautiful estrogen and loving, powerful female mana.

“All girls. One dude. And a boy dog. I wouldn’t have it any other way. #ItsAGirl #GratefulMan #TequilaTime.”

Lauren Hashian daughter

Johnson and Hashian have been a romantic item for approximately 10 years.

They welcomed Jasmine into the world in December of 2015, with Johnson melting the hearts of human beings everywhere when he sang her “happy birthday” last year.

Prior to that moving rendition, Johnson wrote the following of his little girl on Instagram:

“Happy 4 month birthday Jasmine!

“One day you’ll know just how happy, proud, lucky and blessed you, your sister and your mama make me.

“You’ll also thank me one day for your toughness and your mama’s everything else.” 

Seriously, he may look all big and VERY strong, but Johnson is just a softie at heart.

Johnson is also father to 16-year-old Simone, his daughter with ex-wife Dany Garcia.

He maintains a solid relationship with both Simone and Dany, who continued to work as his business manager even after the former couple’s divorce.

Simone, in fact, was just named the 2018 Golden Globe Ambassador.

She said of the honor:

“I’ve been lucky enough to grow up in a household with strong role models and feel so honored to represent the HFPA for its 75th Anniversary.

“As the newly minted Golden Globe Ambassador, I hope to serve as a role model to young people everywhere and empower them to speak out on issues they are passionate about.”

Congrats to the entire family!

Million Dollar Listing New York Star Fredrik Eklund: I’m a Dad!

Million Dollar Listing New York star Fredrik Eklund and his husband, Derek Kaplan, celebrated their baby shower just a month and a half ago.

Well, now some serious congratulations are in order.

Their twins have been born! See their precious photo below!

Fredrik Eklund

Over the summer, we learned that Fredrik Eklund and Bethenny Frankel were joining forces for a new reality series, Bethenny & Fredrik Property Project.

Honestly, we haven't heard much about it since.

Part of that might just be because of the development process (honestly, the show's initially announced name ... needed work).

But in part, the news was overshadowed by some truly wonderful news in Fredrik's life.

He and his husband's surrogate wasn't just pregnant -- she was carrying fraternal twins!

(We've talked about reports, rumors, and speculation about different stars and their surrogates carrying twins before, but sometimes it happens, for real, especially if someone's received fertility treatments or IVF)

Fredrik and Derek went ahead and named their expected son and daughter Fredrick and Milla.

Fredrik Eklund, Derek Kaplan, Newborn Babies

Fredrik shared this photo of the happy couple with their newborns, tagging it:

"Happiest moment of my life. Welcome Fredrick and Milla to the world."


The couple had suffered heartbreak in the past, as their surrogate in 2015 tragically miscarried. We absolutely understand why they waited to try again, but we're obviously excited that they did.

They announced in August that they were expecting twins.

And, back in October, Fredrik tweeted a photo of him and Derek at their baby shower. Notice the balloons!

Fredrik Eklund, Derek Kaplan Baby Shower

On Thanksgiving, they shared a family photo just days before their twins were due.

They captioned the photo below with some moving reflections on their journey.

"The last photo before the twins arrive in just a few days."

They were sure to give credit where credit is due.

"So thankful... most of all to our surrogate, she’s become family through this."

That is so sweet! And we know that this will be emotional for her, too.

"At night I put my hand on her stomach and feel Milla and Fredrick kicking & we can’t wait to finally welcome them home...."

And now they finally can!

"It’s hard to explain but Derek and I’ve both been so giggly all the time lately."

Giggly or giddy? Both of those make sense when you're excited.

"It’s like entering another dimension this thing, if you’ve had kids perhaps you can relate?"

A lot of parents can.

"I think my heart is going to explode when I finally hold them."

We're glad that we got the photo of them both holding their twins.

"We’re so appreciative of all the well-wishes and love [heart emoji] Happy Thanksgiving from us! #nextchapter"

And here's the photo:

Fredrik Eklund and Derek Kaplan, Pre-Baby Christmas Photo

It's so festive!

It's always wonderful when children are born into a loving home.

Fredrik has studied economics, sold homes to big-name celebrities, stars on an Emmy-nominated reality series, and even did a very brief stint in gya porn when he was much younger.

But becoming a parent is going to be his and Derek's greatest adventure.

Jackson Roloff Can Now Do WHAT at 5 Months?!?

We hope you're sitting down for this shocking piece of news.

We hope you aren't operating any heavy machinery.

Okay? Ready? Here we go:

Jackson Kyle Roloff is now FIVE months old!!!!

Jackson at 5 Months

Totally crazy, right?

It really does seem like only yesterday that Zach and Tori Roloff were happily informing fans that the latter had given birth to the couple's first child.

That blessed occasion took place on May 12 and this beloved couple has been incredibly open ever since regarding the status of little Jackson.

They sat down for an interview with People Magazine shortly after he entered the world, for example, and confirmed that he has dwarfism.

And, since then, both Tori and Zach have been constantly updating their Instagram feeds with photos of Jackson.

The latest (above) is a portrait of the tiny human at five months old and it was shared along with the following message from Tori:

- Jackson is grabbing everything.

- He is super smiley in the morning and slightly grumpy in the evening.

- Bath time is still our favorite.

- Jackson can now lift himself up on his stomach.

- He loves making noises with his feet.

- We can feel his first two teeth coming in.

- He has been sleeping in his own room all month and is rockin it!.

- And J loves hanging out at the pumpkin patch!

On the Family Farm

Tori concluded her update by writing "Love you so much sweet boy!"

So do we!

We're so grateful to Zach and Tori for keeping us this well apprised when it comes to their son.

It's been a very busy few days for Jackson, based on his parents' social media activity.

For example, his mother dressed him up like a pumpkin and sat him down in a patch in the family's farm in what just might be THE CUTEST PHOTO WE'VE EVER SEEN IN OUR LIVES.

Also, Jackson got a change to hang out with his cousin, Ember Jean, who was born just over a month ago to Audrey and Jeremy Roloff.

Might this actually be the cutest photo in the whole wide world?

Jackson Roloff and Ember Jean on a Baby Blanket

Back when Jackson turned four months old, Tori said he could roll over and occasionally hold his head up.

He was also coming off his first airplane ride and weighed nearly 16 pounds.

It's amazing how much babies can change over the course of just a few weeks, isn't it?

Take a look at all the pictures below to get an idea of what we mean:

Josh Duggar and Anna Duggar Welcome Baby #5!

The Duggar Family can now count a new precious bundle of joy among its members.

It was revealed via the family blog on Tuesday night that Anna Duggar and Josh Duggar have welcomed their fifth child into the world.

His name is Mason Garrett… he weighed nine pounds and one ounce at birth… he measured 22 inches in length... and HERE HE IS:

Josh Duggar, Son

"We are so thankful and happy to announce the arrival of our new son, Mason Garrett Duggar. Both he and Anna are doing well," reads the blog post, continuing as follows:

"He arrived today without complication and we already adore him. The entire family is ecstatic over the arrival of another beautiful blessing. 

"We want to thank everyone for your prayers, kind words and well wishes. We appreciate it much more than we could ever express.

"We pray God blesses each of you with an abundance of the kindness you’ve shown us."

Just as Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar have named all their children with "J" monikers, Anna and Josh have chosen an "M" theme for their children.

As such, Mason joins older siblings Mackynzie (seven years old), Michael (six years old), Marcus (four years old) and Meredith (two years old).

Josh and Anna Duggar with Family

The couple announced in a blog entry on the same Duggar website in March that they were expecting another child this year.

This one came as a surprise because... well... Josh has quite the sordid family history.

He admitted two years prior to this pregnancy announcement that he had molested two of his sisters, an ugly scandal that his parents helped him cover up.

They didn't report Josh - who was a teenager when his committed these heinous actions - to the authorities, choosing instead to handle the behavior internally.

Duggar acknowledged this dark mark in his past upon announcing Anna was expecting once again.

He wrote at the time:

“For nearly the last two years, we have quietly worked to save our marriage, focus on our children, and rebuild our lives together as a family."

Anna, Josh Duggar Pic

"Doing so is never easy after a breach of trust... We’ve learned that a life of faith and rebuilding a life together is simply done one day at a time."

As recently as last week, it was reported that Josh and Anna remained in marriage counseling.

This report alleged that the ex-reality stars are “trying desperately to salvage their troubled relationship," which was also placed in major danger when Josh confessed to cheating on Anna.

Wrote Anna and Josh several months ago:

“As we continue our journey as a family and rebuild our lives, we are delighted to share with you that we are expecting a new baby boy later this year."

"Beauty comes from ashes and we cannot wait to see and kiss the face of this sweet new boy!” 

Josh and Anna Duggar Anniversary Photo

In August of 2015, Josh checked into a faith-based rehab facility in Illinois, not long after admitting he was addicted to pornography and had been unfaithful to Anna.

He completed this stint in March of last year.

Later this month, meanwhile, he and Anna will celebrate their ninth wedding anniversary.

As for other members of Josh's famous family?

They've been busy procreating and getting married, per usual.

Joseph Duggar exchanged vows with Kendra Caldwell this past weekend, while Joy-Anna Duggar announced late last month that she's pregnant with her first child.

With all of this going on around him in Arkansas, Josh has mostly been flying under the celebrity gossip radar for awhile now.

Or at least trying to.

TLC has gone out of its way to shield him from the public (see above) as though he were some sort of reality TV pariah.

He's back in the fold and back in the news now, however. But for the most positive of reasons, at least.

No matter what you think of this man and/or his decisions over the years, there's now another tiny human being in the picture.

Let's all hope little Mason is raised in a happy, healthy, loving environment, and that his family continues to heal the divisions of the past.

We wish him the best.

Michael Phelps and Nicole Johnson: Expecting Baby #2!

Olympic legend Michael Phelps and his wife Nicole are expecting their second child, the duo announced in dueling social media posts.

Phelps and the former Nicole Johnson are already parents to a little boy named Boomer ... who seems pretty hyped to be a big brother!

Nicole and Boomer Phelps

The greatest swimmer ever wrote, alongside the photo above: “Number 2 on the way!!!! So excited!! Wonder if it’s a boy or a girl??”

We too wonder this, but there's no debating that Boomer is about as precious as it gets as he holds his mom's pregnancy test.

(Which we presume is positive, hence the post.)

Added Nicole in her own Instagram post featuring the same photo of herself and her son, “Lil mans going to be a Big Brother!!!”

The couple met in 2007, started dating in 2009 and temporarily broke up prior to the 2012 Summer Olympics before reuniting in 2014.

Michael's been with her through a lot of ups and downs in life, but never has he seemed happier than right here, right now.

Nicole, Michael and Boomer Phelps Photo

Not to be left out, Boomer, 15 months, says he's looking forward to big brotherhood as well, according to his personal Instagram.

“So excited to see what mama is having!! Do I get to have a brother or a sister?!?” Phelps and Johnson's son "wrote" earlier.

Nicole and Michael welcomed Boomer in May 2016, just months before he capped off his historic Olympic career in Rio that summer.

They also got married last year - two times!

Michael and Nicole, both 32, tied the knot in June and then wed again in late October during a larger event in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

Clearly, parenthood suits them, as he said earlier this year they were already thinking about number two in terms of when, not it.

Michael Phelps and Nicole Johnson Pregnancy Announcement

“Nicole has recently brought up that she would like a girl!” Phelps told People. “We definitely want more kids, it just depends on when."

“I’m sure I’m getting pressure.”

Hey, at least she knows the swimmer's boys can ... sorry, that's not even that funny at the end of the day, but we couldn't resist.

Phelps said Nicole’s pregnancy with Boomer wasn’t planned, but this time around revealed, “[We’re] trying to get moving on some things!”

"We are so fortunate to have a healthy and happy baby and hopefully more coming soon, but we don’t know when,” Michael added.

“We’re going through life everyday happy and blessed with what we have. But I hope to have more kids in the future,” he said.

Now in retirement, the winner of an eye-popping 23 Olympic medals from 2004, 2008, 2012 and 2016 combined is quite content.

He may miss the competition sometimes, but having devoted his whole life to the sport, extra time at home with the kid is great as well.

So many milestones, every day.

“I think that is the coolest thing, watching him grow," he said of his adorable young son. "Just watching him figure out new things.”

Congrats to the whole family!

The Bachelor Baby Boom: From Roses to Diaper Rashes!

No matter what Chris Harrison tries to tell you every year, The Bachelor is terrible at making actual love connections.

But that doesn't mean the women who have appeared on either The Bachelorette or The Bachelor haven't eventually made a different kind of connection: that of egg and sperm.

The following stars and contestants have all welcomed bundles of joy into their lives since becoming part of our lives on the small screen.

1. Jason Mesnick

Molly and jason mesnick with daughter
Jason Mesnick was already the father to an adorable boy named Ty when he met his wife-to-be, Molly, on his season of The Bachelor. Together, they are now also parents to a girl named Riley.

2. Desiree Hartsock Siegfried

Desiree hartsock siegfried
Desiree Hartsock Siegfried announced in April of 2016 that she and husband Chris, who met on Season 9 of The Bachelorette, are expecting their first child.

3. Trista Sutter

Trista sutter adorable baby
The original! This first-ever Bachelorette has two children with her husband, Ryan: seven-year-old Maxwell and six-year-old Blakesley.

4. Renee Oteri

Renee oteri
Rejected by Juan Pablo on The Bachelor Season 18, Oteri got married and gave her 9-year-old son Ben (pictured here) a little brother to play with; Oteri and her husband welcomed Jax in January 2015.

5. Ashley Rosenbaum

Jp rosenbaum and ashley hebert
Hey! A successful Bachelorette couple! Ashley and JP welcomed their first child in September 2014 and named him Fordham.

6. Melissa Rycroft

Melissa rycroft pregnancy announcement
Melissa Rycroft has rebounded nicely after being rejected by Jason Mesnick. She has a daughter named Ava and a son named Beckett with her husband, Tye.
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Kailyn Lowry: I STILL Haven’t Named My Baby!

It's only been two days since Kailyn Lowry welcomed her third child, but fans are already clamoring for updates.

Kailyn revealed the baby's gender with a tweet reading simply, "Mother of boys," and now fans are dying to know the kid's name.

But it looks like they'll be forced to wait for a very good reason: 

Kailyn Lowry of Teen Mom 2

Kail hasn't chosen a name yet.

We know this due to yet another straightforward social media post:

"I still don't have a baby name," Kail tweeted last night.

Naturally, that set off an avalanche of suggestions, with many fans offering up their own first names as inspiration.

Kailyn had to expect that when she revealed her son is still nameless, but we don't think she was really seeking suggestions.

She first revealed that she's having difficulty deciding on the perfect moniker several weeks ago.

At one point, she even jokingly (we hope) posted an article about how long parents are legally allowed to go without naming their children.

Kailyn Lowry "Bump Day" Photo

But that doesn't mean she's wanting for ideas.

In fact, she's already offered up a list of her favorite contenders.

"If only you could get the baby daddy's input. He probably didn't even show up to the hospital though. 3x3," tweeted one follower, referencing the fact that Kailyn now has three children by three different fathers.

"She could name him Trey. You know, for the 3rd baby by the 3rd daddy," another user replied.

"Griffin, Nixon, Ripken [and] Silas" were apparently Kail's favorite possibilities for a boy.

Of those four, Griffin and Silas seem to have the most support amongst her fans.

We suppose they have the advantage of not calling to mind a disgraced president or a preternaturally injury-resistant baseball player.

Kailyn Lowry: Just a Mom Thing!

Whatever the case, it seems the decision is entirely up to Kailyn.

After a brief fling, Lowry is no longer dating Chris Lopez, and she recently revealed that her former flame will not play a role in the life of their son.

The reason behind Lopez's decision remains unclear.

We'll keep you posted with updates on the Great Name Wait.

In the meantime, feel free to watch Teen Mom 2 online at TV Fanatic and relive the many ups and downs in the life of Kailyn Lowry.

Kailyn Lowry Gives Birth to Baby #3!!!!!!

The self-described "longest pregnancy of the year" has come to an end for Kailyn Lowry.

Because this Teen Mom 2 star has finally given birth to her third child!

Kail Lowry Photo

In exciting news broken by Radar Online, Lowry has delivered one of The Hollywood Gossip's most anticipated children in several months.

Adding to her controversial family early Saturday morning, the reality star welcomed a baby boy at 3 a.m. on August 5.

He weighed seven pounds and 15 ounces at the time he became an official human being.

We do not yet know the bundle of joy's length nor, more importantly, do we know his name.

Lowry had teased both the gender and the name of her impending child for most of the spring and summer.

At one point Kailyn tweeted that she was considering "Griffin, Nixon, Ripken [or] Silas" if the baby proved to be a boy.

So it may very well be one of those monikers.

k. low tweet

As recently as six days ago, meanwhile, Lowry expressed irritation at still being pregnant, writing on social media:

“I’m convinced I’m never having the baby and it’s all a dream. I feel no progress here lol.”

But shortly after the Internet blew up with confirmation that she did, indeed, have the baby, Kailyn chimed in herself via Twitter.

"Mother of boys," she simply wrote, mere minutes ago.

The Teen Mom 2 mainstay reluctantly announced her pregnancy in February, confessing at the time that she hadn't planned on going public with the big news just yet.

Already the mother to a seven-year old named Isaac (with ex-boyfriend Jo Rivera) and a three-year old named Lincoln (with ex-husband Javi Marroquin), Kailyn "wanted this to be a private time."

Lowry on Teen Mom 2

Lamenting that she just hoped "I could be excited while not getting chased by paparazzi and bothered with crazy headlines,” she wrote on Instagram, blaming “people” in her life for selling her out.

In other words, announcing her status before she was prepared to tell the world.

Did she plan to get pregnant, though?

Or was this a mistake?

"Please know this was a choice I made," Lowry wrote earlier this year, adding:

"I already know some won’t agree, but I’ve been showered with support by the ones I love since I found out...

"I know this isn't an ideal situation but I know everything will be okay."

Kailyn, Lincoln, Isaac

The next few weeks were filled with viral speculation over the identity of Kailyn's baby daddy.

Was it Javi? Was it an MTV producer with whom she carried on an explicit relationship?

No, it's apparently some dude named Chris Lopez, who has a very low profile and who reportedly met Lowry while she was earning her college degree.

While Kailyn's relationship status with Lopez is unclear at the moment, the pair do not appear to be exclusive boyfriend and girlfriend.

They don't appear to be on very good terms at all, unfortunately, with sources recently saying Lowry is afraid Lopez won't be in his son's life.

In any way, shape or form.

Kailyn Lowry Smiling

That would be very sad, if it ends up being the case.

“Kail became a relationship of convenience for him,” a source told Radar Online, explaining of Lopez and how he viewed his baby mama:

“He never actually loved her. It was a relationship, but he just decided he wanted something different and things didn’t work out so they went their separate ways.”

That would typically be fine and all.

But now there's a little person that exists and who would benefit greatly from having two active parents in his life.

Therefore, no matter what you may think of Kailyn Lowry and the decisions she's made in life, please join us in hoping she and Lopez can work something out.

Something, anything.

For the sake of their brand new baby, at the very least, and for the two she already had, who are going through a lot as it is.

We wish nothing but health and happiness to Kailyn's latest child, and to her entire family at this exciting if tumultuous time.

NOTE: Once we learn the name of Lowry's son, you better believe he'll be added to the rundown below.

Click through it now to familiarize yourself with all the kids Teen Mom cast members have welcomed into the world!

Jackson Roloff Aims to Be the World’s Cutest Baby

Little People, Big World Spoiler Alert: 

Jackson Kyle Roloff is a cutie!

Correction: He's a cutie patootie!

The first child for Zach and Tori Roloff, Jackson was born on May 12, 2017 and made a few headlines at the time because his parents talked openly about his dwarfism.

You should click on the link above to read more about what Zach has to say, it's interesting stuff.

And you should click through the photos below for totally adorable snapshots of little Jackson!

1. Jackson Loves Mickey

Jackson loves mickey
Is this the cutest photo ever of little Jackson Kyle Roloff? It's gotta be a contender, right?

2. In His Crib

In his crib
Little Jackson Roloff is just hanging out in his crib in this cute photo, which was shared online by his mother.

3. I'm So Good at Peeing!

Im so good at peeing
Wrote Zach Roloff as a caption to this photo of his son: "Hi my name is Jackson! I like peeing when dad and mom are changing my diaper, eating, and sleeping. They say I have TaG abilities."

4. Shhh...

Jackson roloff
.... the little guy is sleeping.

5. Daddy and Son

Jacob roloff holds jackson
Zach holds his child in this still image from a video he made to update fans on Jackson's status.

6. Safe and Secure

Jackson kyle roloff
Even Jacob Roloff stopped by to meet his nephew. The estranged Little People, Big World star shared this photo on Instagram.
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Jill Duggar Welcomes Second Child!!!!!

The Jill Duggar birth rumors have turned into a Jill Duggar birth reality.

Which is to say the following:

The TLC star has given birth to her second child!

Duggar and Dillard

Following a few days of speculation of whether or not Duggar and husband Derick Dillard had welcomed baby number-two into the world, the famous couple has come out and confirmed the miraculous truth.

“We are excited to finally announce the arrival of Samuel Scott Dillard,” Jill and Derick wrote on their website Saturday afternoon, adding in exciting detail:

“The newest addition to our family arrived on Saturday, July 8, 2017 at 1:02pm. He weighs 9lb 10oz and is 22” long. After 40 of labor, he was delivered via C-section at the hospital.

"Thank you for your continued prayers and support!"

This precious bundle of joy joins two-year old brother Israel as part of the immediate Duggar-Dillard family.

Jill, Derick and Israel Dillard Photograph

Duggar and Dillard have been married since 2014 in Arkansas and announced their pregnancy this past December.

They opened up about their second child (and first child) in a TLC video in January, excerpts of which went as follows, courtesy of Dillard:

"Israel didn't really understand what was happening, but he's just excited because other people are excited, so he's just excited about his new little baby brother."

Added Jill at the time:

"We're really excited about having another son.

"I know that Israel and this little one will be best friends. ...Thank y'all for your well wishes. We're so excited about this new blessing from God."

Jill Duggar & Derick Dillard: Back in Arkansas!

The birth of little Samuel comes just over one month since his mother spoiled his name for the world, telling the world in a blog post on June 7:

"We are so excited to announce the name of Baby Dillard #2! Samuel Scott Dillard. We can't wait to welcome him to the world and have him join our family very soon!"

Yes, Samuel Scott. It's not Spurgeon or Israel. But it is biblical.

Israel David Dillard was born in April of 2015, while sister Jessa Duggar has kids named Spurgeon Elliot and Henry Wilberforce.

The Duggars aren't just known for having many kids, they are known for having many kids with unusual first or middle names.

(No judgment here, it's worth noting. We're just stating some facts.)

"Children really are a wonderful blessing from God," Jill previously told People Magazine, adding:

"Having Israel has been such a delight to us that we know a second sweet baby will only continue to add joy to our family.

"We are thankful to God for this sweet child and we cannot wait to see her or him face to face!"

And we can't meet to see the first photos of Samuel Scott.

We'd expect them to hit the Internet any day now and we'll be sure to share them on The Hollywood Gossip as soon as they go live.

"There’s a level of ease that comes with your second pregnancy,” Jill also told People.

“Derick and I have been down this road together, so we’re comfortable. I’m just going to see how it goes, try to be healthy and prepare as much as I can. "

Until we're privy to pictures of the latest Duggar baby, we send our very best wishes to Jill, Derick and their entire family!

We wish nothing but the best for their newborn son.

Lauren Conrad Welcomes First Child!

At least one major part of Lauren Conrad’s book is longer unwritten; The Hills and Laguna Beach alumna has just become a mother!

Lauren and her husband, William Tell, welcomed a son named Liam James Tell on Wednesday, July 5, a source confirmed moments ago.

As you can see above, the lifestyle maven announced this incredible milestone in vintage Lauren Conrad fashion on Instagram.

“He’s here! We’re so excited to welcome Liam James Tell into the world!” she wrote as a caption to a sweet cross stitch of the family.

Conrad, 31, revealed on New Year’s Day that she and Tell, 37, were starting their family after just over two years of marriage.

She celebrated a baby shower on May 20, where she showed off her baby bump in a striped dress and celebrated with friends poolside.

“So lucky to have these wonderful ladies in my life!” LC, who looked predictably gorgeous, captioned an Instagram photo of the event.

“They spoiled me with a beautiful shower today.”

Tell, who was in the band Something Corporate from 2001-04 before getting a business degree, first met Conrad when she was just 16.

They went on a blind date 10 years later.

Soon enough, the head over heels in love duo were dating exclusively, then getting engaged, then getting married in September 2014.

“What a perfect way to start our lives together; surrounded by the people we love most,” the smitten couple said on their wedding day.

Lauren announced her pregnancy in similar fashion to her son’s birth, sharing a sonogram on the first day of this calendar year.

“Happy New Year! I have a feeling 2017 is going to be the best year yet…” Conrad wrote as a caption to that special image.

In a 2015 blog post, she responded in a Q&A about how many kids she wants to have with her husband. “Maybe two,” she wrote.

“That way we aren’t outnumbered.”

Time will tell if that changes, but we’re fairly certain in saying she, William and Liam will be one incredibly happy family for now.

“My favorite thing about being married is knowing that I have a partner in life that I get to do so many wonderful things with,” Lauren said.

“Dreaming of the things we will do 20 years from now is so fun. William hates it when I say this, but he really is a very nice guy.”

“When you meet a nice guy who also keeps your interest, that is the dream. If you’re going to settle down, it should be with someone you can’t stop thinking about.

Congratulations to the new parents!

Beyonce Fans: Irate at Matthew Knowles for Breaking Baby News

Matthew Knowles has received an unexpected and unwanted present for Father's Day:

The vitriol of the Beyhive.

Earlier this week, Beyonce gave birth to her twins, with multiple sources confirming that she and Jay Z are now the proud parents of child number-two and child number-three.

The Jay and the Bey

Not much else is known about the blessed event or the babies themselves, although Us Weekly alleges one is a boy and one is a girl.

TMZ, meanwhile, reports that a "minor" health issue has led to a lengthy stay for the newborns; as of this writing, they remain hospitalized.

Beyonce is also still in the hospital, but just to keep an eye over her kids, both of whom are expected to be just fine.

Her father, conversely, is in pretty rough shape at the moment, reputation-wise.

Matthew became the first member of the Knowles family to break this monumental piece of news, taking to Twitter on Sunday morning and writing the following:

"They're here! #beyonce #twins #jayz #happybirthday."

m. knowles tweet

Nice, right? Sweet, no? Harmless and inspired by love, correct?

Wrong, nope and incorrect, apparently.

A legion of dedicated fans have responded to Knowles' Tweet not with messages of congratulations, but with messages of annoyance and irritation.

They're angry that Matthew had the gall to announce this baby news before the mother herself.

"You should delete this and let Bey announce it," Instagram user @wikimct wrote, while a fellow Internet commentator added:

"It's not real until the queen herself reveals it."

knowles reaction

Ouch. Harsh.

Over the years, Matthew and Beyonce have not had the best relationship, it's true.

He was once fired as her manager, for example, and he's divorced from her mother, Tina.

But does anyone out there really think Matthew was trying to steal Beyonce's thunder here?

That he isn't simply a very excited grandfather who did wait to reveal the twins' birth until after a handful of celebrity gossip outlets had done the same?

It would be one thing of Matthew shared photos of the babies without his daughter's consent. That would be very inappropriate.

However, he isn't revealing anything in this Tweet that hadn't previously been revealed by approximately 877 other websites first.

Matthew Knowles

Beyonce and Jay Z have managed through the years to be perhaps the most famous and most successful couple in Hollywood... while also being one of the most private.

They've made a career out of controlling their images and their narratives as well as any celebrities out there, which is likely why the Beyhive is so riled up in this instance over Matthew's actions.

But it's Father's Day.

Can't we cut the guy a break and simply all celebrate together?




This is an exciting time for all of mankind. Let's stay together and raise our collectives glasses as one, okay?

Please join us in sending best wishes to Beyonce, Jay Z and, yes, the entire Knowles family.

Ryan Lochte: Look at My Son!

The unthinkable has happened... America's most infamous liar is a father to a beautiful son. 

The father is Ryan Lochte, and he's already hitting up Instagram with pictures to show off Caiden Zane Lochte to the world. 

Ryan Lochte Just Chills

It's been a few days since we graced you with the news that the world champion swimmer was a father and now, we have the first pictures of the little guy for all of you to feast your eyes on. 

Have a look below.

Ryan Lochte, Kayla Rae Reid and Caiden

"Now this is what it's all about..... family!!!!!!! #Mommy #daddy #CZL"

The pretty picture was almost upstaged by Kayla Rae Reid's side dose of cleavage, but that's a story for another day. 

According to E! News, they are "so excited to be parents." Isn't everyone when they try for a baby and said baby arrives?


Kayla and Ryan got engaged in October last year, and they revealed the baby news just months after. But people questioned whether Ryan was lying about the baby news because he's a well-known $hit talker. 

Caiden Zane Lochte

Kayla also debuted her son on Instagram with a lengthy post that would make you think it was an advertisement for how amazing Ryan Lochte is. 

"My little pumpkin and that smirk," the Playboy model said.

"After almost 26 hours of an unfortunate induced labor, the greatest joy entered our lives. Caiden Zane Lochte born 6-8-17. 7lbs and 14oz of pure bliss." Reid continued, "I Immediately placed him on my chest, he looked me in the eyes and just gazed. I burst into tears, and I will cherish that unforgettable moment for the rest of my life." 

"That moment, I felt so many sweet unexplainable feelings and an infinite amount of love. He is amazing in every single way, and I'm so lucky to be his mommy."

Kayla Rae Reid and Ryan Lochte

"Ryan stayed by side the entire and encouraged me along the way," the proud mother added.

"To see the look on his face when he saw Caiden was adorable and priceless, it was such an emotional moment for the both of us. I'm in awe every day, and I love watching our little man grow daily. His face melts my heart. #love #family #CaidenZaneLochte"

Considering all of the controversy surrounding Ryan Lochte lying about events that transpired in Rio during the summer Olympics, it sounds like 2017 is going to be the year Ryan grows up. 

Ryan Lochte and Kayla Rae Reid

To think, the only reason Lochte and Reid became a thing was that they bumped into one another in Hollywood. How's that for fate? If you're looking for love, don't try bumping into people. You may find yourself arrested... unless you're Ryan Lochte. 

There's also word on the street that Ryan will be naming their next kid Jeah, because, well, he's Ryan Lochte and he can do whatever he wants. 

We kid. Mostly.

What do you think about all of this?

Sound off below! 

Zach Roloff Cradles Newborn, Gushes Over Fatherhood

Simply put, it doesn't get much more adorable than this.

On May 12, Tori Roloff and Zach Roloff welcomed their first child into the world.

His name is Jackson Kyle and we later learned that he does, indeed, carry the same gene as his famous father; despite measuring "normal" length at birth, he will grow up to be a Dwarf.

This will be a challenge, Jacob has openly admitted.

Speaking to People Magazine, the TLC star talked openly about his own difficulties as a child with this genetic disposition.

He was called names. He was chosen last for sports. There was no talk of him getting elected Homecoming King.

“I grew up with the name-calling,” Roloff said in a feature piece for the publication, adding:

"I look at my childhood and being a boy on the farm, it was a little tough because boys are very alpha-doggy and follow the pack.

"I was always chasing the back and way behind the pack. It was tough."

The result is that “you have to encourage a dwarf child a little more because it will take them five steps to do what others can do in two,” Roloff said a few weeks ago.

Now, about a month into fatherhood, Zach has talked once again about this life-changing experience.

In new footage for his vlog with Tori - aptly named “Z and T Party of Three” - he discussed the first few days at home with the baby.

“It felt super surreal and natural the first time I held baby Jackson,” says the Little People, Big World star below, going on in a bit more detail as follows:

“Infants, I always thought, were fragile and hard to hold, but with your own child, it’s super confident.”

It's strange, but true. Only parents can really understand this.

As for Jackson being born with achondroplasia?

“Baby Jackson came in as [a little person] — just like me,” the new dad says, emphasizing:

“We’re super excited for it, though. We’ll hope to just give him a healthy, happy life and support him in every way.

"He can experience as much as the world as Tori and me have been able to and hopefully much more.”

And look how cute he is!

Check out the full video and see what else Zach and Tori have to say about their son right now:

Zach roloff cradles newborn gushes over fatherhood

Ryan Lochte is Now Some Poor Kid’s Father

Sources have confirmed that Ryan Lochte and Karla Rae Reid have welcomed their first child.

S we'll just go ahead and get this out of the way up front:

Oh hells, JEAH!

Ryan Lochte Just Chills

The world champion swimmer and the beautiful model are now parents to a healthy baby boy, according to Us Weekly sources.

The child entered the world at 5:46 a.m. on Thursday, June 8.

The multiple-time Olympic medalist announced in December that he and Reid were expecting a child together, just two months after also announcing they were engaged.

"My Christmas gift came early this year, can’t wait for next year!” the 32-year-old captioned a photo of himself kissing Reid's belly in a cute Instagram post confirming the big news, adding at the time:

“Best news I’ve ever received #CLOUD9 #excited #family #love #2017.”

A month or so later, Lochte told Us Weekly that the future spouses wanted a "unique" name for their son... although they've not yet released the name of the baby boy.

Ryan Lochte and Kayla Rae Reid

Lochte and the model began dating last year after they bumped into each other at Hollywood's Bootsy Bellows.

Literally, actually.

"We physically ran into each other. We grabbed each other’s hands and were looking into each other’s eyes. We clicked," Reid told the New York Post in August of 2016.

She added of her initial impression of Lochte:

"I had always heard he was a player and a partyer. I always said I would never date an athlete. When I met him, he was the complete opposite of everything I thought he was."

We all have that interpretation of Lochte.

Kayla Rae Reid Picture

He was suspended for 10 months in September by the U.S. Olympic Committee due to an incident in Brazil from last summer.

By all accounts, Lochte went out one night during the Olympics... got wasted... vandalized a gas station... and then lied about it to the press, saying he was robbed by locals.

Lochte eventually came clean about what happened and even spoke to Matt Lauer about it on The Today Show.

He came across as a pretty huge douchebag throughout the scandal, but he was nevertheless hired by Dancing with the Stars just a few weeks later.

But anyway. We digress.

Hopefully the athlete has learned from his mistakes and will be able to impart important lessons to his son.


19 Celebrities Who Have Been Blessed with Twins

Some of the biggest names in Hollywood don't just have kids. They have two kids!

At least!

That's right, the following stars are all parents to twins.

Scroll down and all around and you may be surprised by who's on this list...

1. George Clooney

George and Amal Clooney welcomed Ella and Alexander into the world in June 2006.

2. Julia Roberts

Julia roberts at the 2014 emmys
Julia Roberts gave birth to twins, Phinnaeus Walter and Hazel Patricia in November 2014.

3. Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony

Jennifer lopez and marc anthony pic
Jennifer gave birth to Max and Emme in February 2008. Lopez and Anthony may not be together anymore, but they are adamant about co-parenting their children.

4. Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick

Sarah jessica parker and matthew broderick
Parker used a surrogate to welcome Marion Loretta Elwell and Tabitha Hodge Broderick into the world in June 2009.

5. Ricky Martin

Ricky martin on the red carpet
Ricky Martin welcomed twin sons Matteo and Valentino into the world via surrogacy in August 2008.

6. Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt

Angelina jolie and brad pitt throwback pic
The couple may no longer be together, but they did add twins, Vivienne Marcheline and Knox Leon to their brood in 2008.
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Antonio Cromartie: Baby #14 is on the Way! Yes, Baby 14!!!!

Antonio Cromartie has played for four NFL teams over the course of decade-long career.

That's a decent number of squads for which the cornerback has suited up.

But it's nothing - and this bears many repetitions: it's NOTHING! - compared to the number of diapers Cromartie has changed over the years.

Antonio Cromartie, Wife

And he's about to head back to the store for a new contingent of boxes.

On Monday, Cromartie and his wife announced that they’re expecting their sixth child together as a couple.

Which is a lot. And which is definitely a cause for celebration.

But it also doesn't even begin to tell the story of Antonio Cromartie and his sperm... because this upcoming baby will mark the free agent's 14th child overall.

That is not a typo. Antonio Cromartie has 13 kids and now another on the way.

Antonio Cromartie

Antonio and his wife, Terricka, welcomed twins last year, despite Cromartie supposedly having undergone a vasectomy in 2011.

They have three girls and two boys at home.

Now, via a very cute Instagram photo and caption, Terricka has confirmed that another baby is due before the year is over.

“In the up and coming CROMARTIE DRAFT of 2017, with the 6th OverAll Pick. Will the Cromartie's Draft a Boy or a Girl,” Terricka captioned a photo of her baby bump with a pink and blue foot painted on it.

“J6 coming soon #6months #25weeks #boyorgirl #3girls2boys #sexunknown #j6.”

We'd say this pair should spend less time coming up with hashtags and more time finding a reliable birth control method, but hey.

Who are we to judge?!?

Antonio Cromartie Pregnancy Announcement

According to TMZ, Terricka is 25 weeks pregnant.

This means she is due some time in September.

To be clear, Cromartie himself has "only" fathered 13 kids; 8 in previous relationships, two with Terricka, then the the twins and now this next one on the way.

But Terricka came into this marriage with a child of her own and, to Cromartie's credit, sources say he's a very active stepfather.

Hence the number 14. He's responsible in life for a total of 14 children.

Antonio Cromartie, Kids

Terricka talked to Us Weekly last year about how she felt upon learning she was pregnant, considering she thought this was physically impossible after her husband got his goods snipped.

“Originally, he was like, ‘Oh, s—t! Are you serious? How did this happen?’ It was shocking news for the both of us,” she told the tabloid, adding:

"I didn’t even tell Antonio right away because I didn’t think it was possible. I was going back and forth in my head how it could even happen.

"In my head we were good to go, we were having free sex! I just really thought that his procedure was the best protection you could have at this point."

According to the National Institutes of Health, only 15 to 20 out of 10,000 couples will experience a pregnancy after a vasectomy, making the procedure far more effective than using condoms or birth-control pills.

But it isn't perfect.

The Cromarties found this out for themselves last year.

So we can understand how they accidentally procreated and ended up with their twins.

As for why they went ahead and had unprotected sex again, well aware that the procedure didn't make Cromartie fertile?

Just like a player signing with the New York Jets, as Cromartie has actually done on two occasions, we'll never fully comprehend that decision.

Zach and Tori Roloff Welcome First Child!!!!!!

It's an especially little person for the stars of Little People, Big World.

On Friday, May 12 Zach and Tori Roloff welcomed their first child together, a son they’ve decided to name Jackson Kyle Roloff.

Zach and Tori Roloff

"Mom and Dad are so in love with you already," Tori captioned this photo.

The newborn weighed in at nine pounds and one ounce and measured 20.5 inches long at the time of his birth.

“Baby and mother are doing great and Jackson is already mastered holding daddy’s fingers and snuggling with mom! He is adorable and Tori and I are loving being parents,” Zach said in a statement.

The reality stars were also generous enough to share the above family photo on Instagram, along with the precious mother-son snapshot below.

The couple got married in July of 2015 and announced in November that they were expecting a child.

That same month, the proud father-to-be revealed how Tori told him about the pregnancy.

"I walked into the house and she had written it on a notepad that she was practicing her calligraphy, so I was reading through this," he remembered in a TLC video, adding:

"On the last page, she wrote, 'You’re going to be a dad!’ and I skipped right over it. Then she said, 'Wait, hey, you missed it!' Then she pulled it back and I read it."

From there, the stars hosted a gender reveal party where they found out in front of 50 of their friends and family members that a son was on the way.

Tori Roloff Baby Pic

“We are super excited and can’t wait to be parents,” the couple said at the time.

On a subsequent episode of their series, however, both Zach and Tori expressed some anxiousness about becoming parents.

“I do not feel prepared one iota,” Tori said at one point on the TLC program.

Zach and Tori Roloff Pic

This is the first grandchild for Zach's parents, Matt and Amy Roloff.

However, Zach and Tori aren’t the only members of this family who have a bun in the oven - Zach's twin brother, Jeremy and sister-in-law Audrey are also expecting a baby girl.

Little People, Big World airs Tuesdays (9/8c) on TLC.

We send our best wishes to all the celebrities (above) who became parents in 2017.

30 Most Ridiculous Celebrity Baby Names of All Time

From Apple to North to Spurgeon and many, many others compiled here, celebrities sure pick out some hilarious names for their kids.

Not all of them, obvi. Some go the conventional route.

But this is Hollywood, and well, we have no shortage of options while putting together a gallery of unintentional hilariousness like this.

Let's just say that.

There sure as heck are a disproportionate percentage of little kid names that are straight up ridic, head-scratching, LOL-worthy selections.

Check out the 30 most absurd ones given by the most absurd people now and be glad they make enough money to afford good therapists:

1. North West

Kimye and daughter
North West. The spawn of Kimye being named after a direction may be the dumbest thing in human history. At the same time, if she doesn't grow up to have a signature fragrance called North by North West, this is not a planet we wanna be living on.

2. Kyd

David duchovny and tea leoni
Yes, Kyd. David Duchovny mailed that one in worse than his alleged acting on Californication.

3. Kal-El Cage

Nicolas cage mug shot
Nicolas Cage named one of his kids Kal-El, a fact not related to him being wasted out of his mind in this mug shot ... although that could explain a lot of things.

4. Spurgeon

Spurgeon seewald photo
Jessa Duggar and Ben Seewald's baby son Spurgeon is named after Charles Spurgeon, an influential Baptist preacher from the 19th Century. It also is the subject of an awesome page on Urban Dictionary, and will probably make lil' Spurge glad he's home schooled later in life.

5. Rocket Zot (or Ayer)

Sam worthington photo
Avatar star Sam Worthington's baby name choice for his first child with wife Lara Bingle Worthington - Rocket Zot - was chosen because they liked the way it sounded. That makes two of them ... and probably not a whole lot more. Honorable mention to Pharrell Williams' son Rocket Ayer.

6. Reign Aston Disick

Kourtney kardashian and scott disick instagram
Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick went relatively conventional with their first two children Mason and Penelope. For the third, however, they opted for a name fit for a Lord: REIGN Aston Disick. If only his dad weren't the deadbeat Lord of six different rehab centers.
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Josh Duggar and Anna Duggar: Expecting Baby #5!

You can forget all about those Josh Duggar and Anna Duggar divorce rumors.

For good, most likely.

The controversial couple shocked fans on Friday when they took to their official family blog in order to make an unexpected announcement: 

Anna is pregnant with her fifth child!

Anna, Joshua Duggar

The couple announced in a statement:

“For nearly the last two years, we have quietly worked to save our marriage, focus on our children, and rebuild our lives as a family."

“Doing so is never easy after a breach of trust."

"We’ve learned that a life of faith and rebuilding a life together is simply done one day at a time," they continued, adding:

“As we continue our journey as a family and rebuild our lives, we are delighted to share with you that we are expecting a new baby boy later this year."

"Beauty comes from ashes and we cannot wait to see and kiss the face of this sweet new boy!"

They signed their announcement with a simple "Josh & Anna."


Anna, Josh Duggar Pic

The rebuilding to which Josh and Anna reference, of course, goes back to the spring of 2015.

At that time, it was revealed that Josh had molested five girls when he was a teenager - including his sisters, Jessa and Jill Duggar.

Adding to the stunning nature of this bombshell was the fact that Josh's parents (Jim Bob and Michelle) admitted that they were aware of their son's inappropriate behavior around the time it occurred.

But they did not go to the police.

Instead, they decided to handle the matter "in-house" which many fans felt was irresponsible at best, or shady and cowardly at worst.

TLC eventually canceled the family's reality show in the wake of the scandal, although Jessa and Jill have returned to the spotlight via their network spinoff, Counting On.

Anna and Josh Duggar: Bible Launch Event in D.C.

Josh later sought treatment after confessing he had cheated on his wife, a revelation that came out once his name was included among those who had an account on adultery website Ashley Madison.

"I have been the biggest hypocrite ever," Duggar said in August of 2015 upon confirming his infidelity.

He continued at the time:

"While espousing faith and family values, I have secretly over the last several years been viewing pornography on the Internet.

"This became a secret addiction and I became unfaithful to my wife.

"I am so ashamed of the double life that I have been living and am grieved for the hurt, pain and disgrace my sin has caused my wife and family.

"And, most of all, Jesus and all those who profess faith in Him."

Josh and Anna Duggar Anniversary Photo

Given the situation, it was a pretty impressive statement.

And it continued even further as follows, with a mention of his molestation history no less:

"I brought hurt and a reproach to my family, close friends and the fans of our show with my actions that happened when I was 14-15 years old."

"Now I have re-broken their trust."

"The last few years, while publicly stating I was fighting against immorality in our country, I was hiding my own personal failings.

"I humbly ask for your forgiveness. Please pray for my precious wife Anna and our family during this time."

Josh and Anna Duggar on Their Wedding Day

Ever since the molestation and cheating incidents were made public, Anna's future has been the subject of rampant speculation.

Those who follow Josh's extremely large family have wondered when the long-suffering wife finally up and divorce her dishonest, unethical husband.

But this action is strictly prohibited in their religious world.

Instead, Anna and Josh have simply kept a very low profile over the last two years.

The latter left rehab last March of last year and, aside from attending Jinger Duggar’s wedding to Jeremy Vuolo on November 5, the couple has scarcely been seen in public.

(Moreover, it certainly appeared as if TLC scrubbed Josh clean from all footage of the wedding, as you can see for yourself below.)

Josh, 29, and Anna, 28 are parents to four young children: Mackynzie, 7, Michael, 5, Marcus, 3, and Meredith, 19 months.

Baby news is nothing new to the Duggars.

In fact rare for more than a few months to go by when at least one member of the family isn't pregnant these days.

Jessa, for example, gave birth to a son named Henry Wilberforce in February. Jill is currently expecting her second as well.

And there's already talk about when Jinger will get pregnant with her first child, and Joy-Anna and Joseph are courting.

But this is about Josh and Anna and the new addition who will soon join their brood, a photo of which we've shared below:

Josh Duggar Family Photo

The stars celebrated their eight-year wedding anniversary in September, refraining from making a big deal of it themselves.

But the Duggar family's official site (headed by Jim Bob and Michelle) mentioned it shared a picture of them on Facebook.

“Happy Anniversary, Josh and Anna," they captioned the pic.

"We are so thankful for God’s redemptive love in your lives.”

Earlier this month, meanwhile, Jim Bob and Michelle paid tribute to their oldest son on his 29th birthday by posting a picture of him, Anna and the kids.

We join all members of Duggar Nation in sending our best wishes to the couple and hope Anna has a healthy, stress-free, happy pregnancy.

Lord knows she deserves it.

Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott Welcome FIFTH Child!

Tori Spelling can stop showing off her bra and baby bump now.

Because she has an actual baby to show off instead!

Indeed, the actress and husband Dean McDermott have confirmed to the world that they are parents for the FIFTH time, with Spelling have just given birth to a baby boy.

And his name is...

Tori Spelling Pregnant Pic

... Beau Dean McDermott!

Born at 1:48 p.m. on Thursday, the child weighed in at 5 lbs., 12 oz. and measured 18.5 inches long.

“We are over the moon in love with baby Beau," Spelling told People soon after becoming a mother once again.

She added:

"He is a true blessing and his brothers and sisters were overjoyed to meet him! We are all truly grateful for our big beautiful and healthy family."

Spelling and McDermott’s latest addition joins a quarter of siblings. They are:

  • Finn, 4
  • Hattie, 5
  • Stella, 8
  • Liam, 9

Moreover, McDermott has an 18-year-old son named Jack from his previous marriage.

Along with the above statement, Spelling shared the following previous photo on Twitter, writing as a caption:

"We are so excited to announce the birth of the newest member of the McDermott family! Please join us in welcoming Beau Dean McDermott."

Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott Baby Pic

Despite already having four kids... despite having reportedly battled financial problems over the years... and despite how very easy it is to NOT get pregnant, Spelling said in October that she and McDermott were not planning to expand their family.

“It was a total surprise,” Spelling told People at the time. “But we always wanted a big family. I’m really excited.”

McDermott just got sued for unpaid child support, making us wonder how he and Spelling can afford to keep pumping out kids.

But the ex-Beverly Hills 90210 star didn't seem too bothered by the potential monetary hold-ups when talking about her pregnancy last fall.

“Dean was saying, ‘We just got Finn out of diapers; I thought we were in the clear!’ ” Spelling laughed of her husband's reaction to the state of her womb, adding:

“For the first time this year, they’re all in school. So it’s like, wow. We’re basically starting over.”

Tori Spelling & Dean McDermott: 2016 Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards

Spelling has spent the last several weeks documenting her growing belly on Instagram.

She's clearly been excited about the prospected of five-time motherhood... and now it's actually arrived!

“This baby happened at the best time,” she told People a few months ago.

“Nothing is ever perfect, but I’m so madly in love with my husband and with our kids. The idea of adding to that is such a blessing.”

We send our very best wishes to Tori, Dean and all the other celebrities who have become parents in 2017!

Jessa Duggar Shares New Henry Wilberforce Pic: Swoon Now!

Jessa Duggar just became a mother for the second time this month. Now the Counting On star is back with a new photo of her baby boy!

Her adorable baby boy, in case that doesn't go without saying ...

Henry Wilberforce ft. Spurgeon!

“My [heart emoji] is full,” the mom of two captioned the photo.

As the Seewald household grows, so do all of their hearts. It's a feeling all parents out there know, even when their children grow up.

On Tuesday, Jessa posted the above picture of newborn Henry Wilberforce fast sleep in her arms while his big brother Spurgeon plays.

Spurge was born just 15 months ago, and boy has he grown!

While he didn’t initially know exactly what to make of his infant brother, who was born on February 6, he's taking well to it now, Jessa says.

“We thought, ‘This is going to be so adorable,’ but he wasn’t really sure about it,” the 24-year-old said. “He thought Henry was a toy."

2 and Counting

Having two kids so close in age is something Ben and Jessa have expressed excitement about, but right now, that age is really little.

Naturally, the new big brother "wanted to touch his eyes and put his finger in the baby’s mouth" and he “has no concept of being soft.”

He will learn that in time. Maybe ... hopefully.

As for adding to their family, Jessa admitted that before they can think about expanding, they first need to expand their square footage.

“We just need a little more space,” she said.

“We’re always checking the market!”

Jessa also posted a photo of herself twinning with her son, and we can't get over how cute they are - and how much they look alike!

Jessa and Spurgeon

Like Spurgeon, Henry wasn't Henry when he came into the world. Only a few days later did Ben and Jessa settle on his (unique) moniker. 

Henry Wilberforce Seewald and Spurgeon Elliot Seewald share their parents' propensity for baby names, and also obvious share genes.

Reports of Jessa and Ben planning baby #3 are getting a lot of press, but in the short term, they seem focused on the tasks at hand.

Life with a baby and toddler at home is mighty hectic, but from all indications, Jessa and Ben are natural parents who handle it well.

At least as well as you could expect.

In an interview with People magazine, they shared that a little 2-on-2 isn't that arduous a task, considering what might come along soon.

Jessa Duggar: Baby #2 Photo

"I take one. He takes the other," Jessa said, while Ben - a big Arkansas basketball fan - used a sports metaphor to describe his parenting.

Says the proud 21-year-old dad:

"Right now we have two kids and two of us, so it's man-to-man coverage. When we have more, we'll have to switch it up to a zone defense!"

Over the moon with their new addition - both of the new additions, to be fair - it's no surprise that the spirits are positive for the Seewalds.

If and when they do get around to having a third, which we honestly doing expect to be too far in the distant future, parenthood suits them.

Check out the gallery below:

Stars Expecting Kids in 2017: Beyonce! Clooney! And More!

These celebrities are expecting babies in 2017!

Scroll down to find out which stars will be giving birth in the very near future and send them your very best!

1. Beyonce and Jay Z

Beyonce says peace
The queen herself confirmed in February that TWINS are on the way for the couple. YES!

2. George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin

George clooney and amal alamuddin red carpet debut
TWINS are on the way for the actor and his wife. How exciting!

3. Lauren Conrad and William Tell

Lauren conrad and william tell are cute
Lauren Conrad and William Tell are expecting their first child in 2017.

4. Jonathan Rhys Meyers and Mara Lane

Jonathan rhys meyers and mara lane attend ambi gala
The pair recently revealed they were expecting a child in 2017.

5. Gal Gadot and Yaron Varsano

Gal gadot and yaron varsano attend maxim party
Gal Gadot announced that she is expecting her second child with Yaron Varsano.

6. Ciara and Russell Wilson

Ciara and russell wilson at the espys
Ciara broke the news in late 2016 that she was expecting her second child.
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Stars Expecting Kids in 2017: Beyonce! Clooney! And More!

These celebrities are expecting babies in 2017!

Scroll down to find out which stars will be giving birth in the very near future and send them your very best!

1. Beyonce and Jay Z

Beyonce says peace
The queen herself confirmed in February that TWINS are on the way for the couple. YES!

2. George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin

George clooney and amal alamuddin red carpet debut
TWINS are on the way for the actor and his wife. How exciting!

3. Lauren Conrad and William Tell

Lauren conrad and william tell are cute
Lauren Conrad and William Tell are expecting their first child in 2017.

4. Jonathan Rhys Meyers and Mara Lane

Jonathan rhys meyers and mara lane attend ambi gala
The pair recently revealed they were expecting a child in 2017.

5. Gal Gadot and Yaron Varsano

Gal gadot and yaron varsano attend maxim party
Gal Gadot announced that she is expecting her second child with Yaron Varsano.

6. Ciara and Russell Wilson

Ciara and russell wilson at the espys
Ciara broke the news in late 2016 that she was expecting her second child.
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Bey There! 34 Stars Who Have Bared Their Baby Bumps

From selfies to red carpet poses, famous pregnant women often find themselves in front of the camera.

Relive some of the most famous baby bumps in history... here and now!

1. Beyonce!

Blue and a bump
How adorable is this?!? It's a photo of little Blue Ivy staring at her mom's baby bump.

2. Ciara at the AMAs

Ciara at the amas
Looking great, Ciara! You and your growing belly!

3. Joseline Hernandez: So Pregnant!

Joseline hernandez so pregnant
Joseline welcomed a little girl into the world in late 2016... not long after posing for this photo.

4. The Housk!

Chelsea houska and baby bump pic
It was a baby boy for Chelsea Houska. She named the little guy Watson.

5. Pregnant Behati Prinsloo... and Adam Levine

Pregnant behati prinsloo and adam levine
Behati Prinsloo was 20 weeks along in this photo. We wonder how far along husband Adam Levine was at the same time.

6. Kristin Cavallari Baby Bump Selfie

Kristin cavallari baby bump selfie
Kristin Cavallari looked really cute with her baby bump in this selfie. Don't you agree?
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13 Famous Parents Who Can Offer Advice to Beyonce

It's earth-shattering, jaw-dropping and life-altering, but it's true:

Jay Z and Beyonce are expecting twins!

Oh, yes, that's TWO babies! Which is, like, twice as many as one baby!

To whom can this beloved couple turn for advice on such a vast expansion of their family?

The following famous parents. They all have twins (or even triplets!) at home and they all can explain the pros and cons of such a unique arrangement... 

1. Pharrell Williams

Pharrell williams
Mere days before Beyonce made her huge announcement, a rep for the singer confirmed that Pharrell and wife Helen Lasichanh welcome TRIPLETS in early January. Everyone is "happy and healthy," the rep said.

2. Ricky Martin

Ricky martin
The singer adopted twins Valentino and Matteo in August of 2008.

3. Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick

Sarah jessica parker and matthew broderick
The actress and actor welcomed Marion and Tabitha into the world on June 22, 2009.

4. Rebecca Romijn and Jerry O'Connell

Rebecca romijn and jerry oconnell
This underrated Hollywood couple is parents Dolly and Charlie, born on December 28, 2008.

5. Kate Gosselin

Kate gosselin child abuse photo
Kate and Jon Gosselin share eight kids together. But they were once parents to just Mady and Cara, born in October 2000.

6. Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka

Neil patrick harris and david burtka
Nothing is cuter than the Halloween photos these two share with their twins, Gideon and Harper, each year.
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Jenelle Evans Welcomes Baby #3! It’s a …

Congratulations go out to Jenelle Evans, as the oft-maligned Teen Mom 2 firebrand gave birth to her third child a few short hours ago.

Jenelle Evans Baby Photo

The Carolina Hurricane and her partner, David Eason, welcomed their first child together at 10:40 a.m. ET on Tuesday morning.

It's a ... precious baby girl named Ensley Jolie Eason!

The proud new mom - already a mom to two sons, Jace, 7, and Kaiser, 2 - shared the exciting news on Instagram right after it happened.

Evans, 25, got pregnant with Jace during her relationship Andrew Lewis, back when she was on a little show entitled 16 & Pregnant.

Lewis has never been in the picture.

Jenelle's mom, Barbara, still has primary custody of Jace, dating back to Evans' darker days - and has been reluctant to give that up.

Jenelle Evans is Pregnant

Kaiser is the product of her relationship with Nathan Griffith; Jenelle was engaged to him at one point, but that ended very contentiously.

She was also briefly married to Courtland Rogers, but that went south so fast that she had an abortion when she realized she was pregnant.

In the case of Eason, and her current relationship with him, Jenelle has been the subject of pregnancy rumors for quite some time now.

If you watch Teen Mom 2 online, including last night's episode, you know she danced around (even tried to hide) the pregnancy for a time.

Jenelle lied about her pregnancy early and often, to be honest.

Before eventually announcing it publicly under unusual, less than ideal circumstances, she attempted to keep the news under wraps.

Of course, being a famous person, and pregnant, that's hard.

When a police report filed after she and David got into a minor car crash eventually let the cat out of the bag, she was not happy about it.

It was pretty clear from watching the show why Evans didn't want to say she was pregnant; Jenelle knew what the critics would say.

The reality star took to social media to share a lengthy post about how her alleged "fans" criticized her for having a third kid by a third guy.

After she'd just been in a car crash, no less.

“I don’t understand what is ‘disappointing’ or ‘sad’?! Why not ask if I’m ok from the car accident?!” Jenelle said on Instagram.

“Why not be concerned about my health?!"

"I want privacy. All of you disgust me. It’s all about gossip these days," she ranted, with some validity given the hate she was catching.

Jenelle Evans 33 Weeks Photo

Evans never said that she was pregnant over the course of that social media tirade, but didn't deny it, and the confirmation was implicit.

She noted, for example, that it's "funny" how when "someone else comes out with news they are pregnant and the world is overjoyed.” 

The MTV firebrand peaced out of Instagram for a short time before coming back and documenting her third pregnancy for her fans. 

Despite their myriad problems, and less-than-stellar reputations, Jenelle and David have seemed extremely happy and stable of late.

He gets along great with her two sons, too.

“Jace absolutely loves him, [he] always wants to be around him,” she said of Eason, who is a single parent of one (daughter) as well.

“He has an 8-year-old daughter that spends the weekends along with Jace, so they get along very well and everyone is really happy.”

All we can do is hope that it lasts.

Evans has made some mistakes - a lifetime's worth, honestly - in the span in which she's been a public figure, a.k.a. her teens and 20s.

But even she should not be burdened by some of the less fortunate events in her past for the rest of her days as a mother and person.

She's genuinely trying to turn things around and to be a better parent. She has earned her share of criticism, but also another chance.

She deserves to find happiness.

Congratulations to Jenelle, David, Jace, Kai, and David's daughter on their beautiful arrival on this special 24th day of January, 2017!

We can't wait for the deluge of pics!

Jim Bob & Michelle Duggar Introduce 20th Child!

As previously reported, the Duggar family recently welcomed their 20th child into their home under the most unlikely of circumstances.

Now, Jim Bob and Michelle have introduced him on social media!

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar: NOT Divorced!

For those who may have missed it last fall, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar were awarded guardianship of an eight-year-old boy named Tyler.

Yes, JBD and his wife, who produced 19 children biologically (or 20 if you count stillborn Jubilee) acquired this one a little bit differently.

Michelle has a 23-year-old niece, Rachel Hutchins, who has fallen on very hard times - unemployed, she's homeless, and on probation.

Sad as that is, Rachel's son Tyler, was paying the price, and her mom (Michelle's sister), who had been taking care of him, had a stroke.

With T's mom and grandma both unable to continue looking after him, Michelle Duggar nobly stepped in and took charge of the situation.

Jim Bob were granted custody of their great-nephew, seen here:

Tyler (Duggar Family)

Despite having formally added Tyler to the family, the Duggars have only mentioned the boy occasionally, until posting the photo above.

The picture revealed that Tyler was about to “finish off” the jug. 

Of milk. That's about as hardcore as beverages get for Duggar family members of any age, but hey, it does a body good and all that.

Anyway, the post left fans asking questions about Tyler, but the family didn't reply. Curiously, they asked for more privacy instead.

The Duggar Family Blog, which is not run by, yet in close contact with the family, said that they sought privacy for the child at this time.

“At this time, the Duggars are choosing not to reveal the details of the situation that resulted in them receiving guardianship of Tyler."

Michelle Duggar and Jim Bob Duggar

"We encourage fans to respect the [Duggar family's] wishes, especially since there is a minor involved," the site continued.

That may change, and when and if "the family decides to share more information with the public, we will post it to our blog.”

For now, though, we're left with more questions than answers.

Since the guardianship was granted by a judge, Tyler has been seen in numerous family photos, usually with little fanfare.

He was seen participating in homeschooling with the other Duggars, to getting a pocket knife to match Josh's son Michael's.

A family insider recently said that the guardianship is going well and that the family has high hopes of adopting him for good.


That would be quite a storyline for Counting on Season 3, no?

As it is, the Duggars are gearing up for a new season that features Jessa Duggar’s second pregnancy and Joy-Anna Duggar’s courtship.

Moreover, we expect to see plenty of Jinger’s marriage to Jeremy Vuolo, and likely the announcement of Jill Duggar's second pregnancy.

The adoption story, though, would be the most surprising, and arguably the most heartwarming thing to happen in Tonititown in years.

If not ever. Think about it for a second, Duggar Nation:

Mating and procreating will always be the family's meal ticket, but going above and beyond like this is both unexpected and beautiful.

A little universally positive PR never hurt ... just saying.

J.R. Smith: Please Pray for My Tiny Baby Girl

J.R. Smith is known around the NBA as a great shooter and as someone who often takes his shirt off in celebration.

But he's now known among celebrity gossip circles for a very different reason.

The Cleveland Cavaliers guard and his wife, Jewel Harris, shared a heartbreaking video with fans on Saturday.

In the footage (below), the couple explains that it just welcomed a baby girl named Dakota into the world. Five months early.

After quickly thanking supporters for their concerns over his broken wrist, Smith tells the camera: "We've got very important news."

Harris takes over from there.

"We decided to share with the world what's been going on with our family the past five days," she says, fighting back tears and adding:

"We know a lot of you guys congratulated us on the expectancy of our little baby girl, but we had her five months early."

The little girl was five days old as of the filming of this video – and she weighed one pound.

"We know we're not the only family going through this, who has been through this, and who will ever go through it," Jewel said.

"That's why we decided to share what we're going through with you guys. Please keep us in your prayers and we'll do the same for everyone else."

J.R. and Jewel were married last August and have two other kids together.

Watch their admission and their plea below:

Jr smith please pray for my tiny newborn daughter

Lauren Conrad: Pregnant with First Child!

Lauren Conrad is ringing in the new year with a very exciting announcement:

She's pregnant with her first child!

Lauren Conrad Poses

The former reality star, who has turned her stint on The Hills into a solid career as an author, fashion designer and all-around lifestyle guru, woke up Sunday morning and relayed the news to her Instagram follows.

She is expecting a baby with husband William Tell.

And in case you don't believe Conrad for some reason, she included a picture of a sonogram as evidence.

"Happy New Year! I have a feeling 2017 is going to be the best year yet..." she wrote as a caption to the image.

Check it out here:

Lauren Conrad Sonogram

Conrad and Tell got married in 2014.

She donned a Badgley Mischka couture gown for the special occasion, which took place in California and which included former co-star Lo Bosworth as a bridesmaid.

The two started dating in 2013 and were together for about a year prior to exchanging vows.

In a 2015 blog post, the ex-Hills and Laguna Beach actress was asked how many kids she wants to have with her husband.

"Maybe two," she wrote. "That way we aren't outnumbered."

At only 30 years old, Conrad has plenty of time to reach this goal, of course.

"My favorite thing about being married is knowing that I have a partner in life that I get to do so many wonderful things with," Lauren once told her followers, adding:

"Dreaming of the things we will do 20 years from now is so fun."

Lauren Conrad is Pretty

We can't say for certain whether or not Conrad and Tell will be strong parents.

But they appear to have a solid bond, never having made any celebrity gossip headline via any divorce or infidelity rumors of any kind.

"William hates it when I say this, but he really is a very nice guy, and when you meet a nice guy who also manages to keep your interest, that is the dream," Lauren previously told Cosmopolitan. "If you're going to settle down, it should be with someone you can't stop thinking about."

Congratulations to the happy and gorgeous couple!

Back in The Hills days (above), who would have thought we'd still be writing about LC?

She's come so far.