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Celebrities Save More Than You Think

We’ve all heard the stories of how our favorite celebrities live these rich and famous life styles. Every time you pick up a magazine or tabloid with headings concerning a celeb, usually, you will find them engaged in something that shows off their wealth. However, there are a few of those successes that believe that just because you make more money doesn’t mean you have to spend more money. Below are three such ways that they chose to save. Maybe, we can learn from those more fortunate than us for a change.

Hand Me Downs

Most of us have seen a celebrity or two in our day, at least on tv. What they are wearing, in many cases, is what we use as a template for modern fashion and what we think that should look like. Marc Jacobs, Ralph Lauren, and Donatella Versace are just a few of the names we hear when actors, actresses, philanthropists, and even presidents take a walk down the red carpet, but there are a few people that have a little different view on the matter and you’ll never believe one of them.

Sarah Jessica Parker is one of those wonderful designers. She creates some beautiful dresses, but when it comes to her children, she is perfectly ok with hand me downs. It’s not that the money is not enjoyed, but that she wants her children to understand how much work it took to get there.

A Less Expensive Brand Name

When you reach a stage in life where money truly is no object, as most celebrities have, you can afford to get what you want and that means if you want a McClaren P1 instead of a Ford Taurus, then you can do that. However, there are celebrities that understand that you don’t have to sacrifice money for just a name when you can get the same quality at somewhere like Target. Kristen Bell, the lead in the Disney movie, Frozen, donned a $45 dress from there at an event, proving that style doesn’t always mean more expensive.

Choosing A Little Over A Lot

Another temptation that comes when you are faced with the trials of being a celebrity is knowing you can always have more. You want three houses? Go get it. You want 1500 pairs of shoes? Why not? You feel like you need to collect cars like some people collect stamps? Have at it.

Again, there are some who do not see the sense. Those that understand that all the extra money they are making could be put to much better use. Leonardo DiCaprio is one such guy. He is known to have one car, a Toyota Prius. He feels it’s all he needs and spends the majority of his income helping charities who need it.

Overall, the lesson seems to be that less really is more. If you are well endowed financially like the above, when you spend your money frugally, it is guaranteed to stretch much further than you could ever think.