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Christy Gibel: Little Women LA Star Receives Restraining Order Against Abusive Husband!

Things are getting pretty tense on the Lifetime show Little Women: LA

After Christy’s step back from her fellow castmates to focus on her health — including a new surgical option to fix her spine — major complications began arising physically for the 51-year-old. 

And now, it seems her marriage has also taken a major tumble. 

Gibel has recently accused her husband Todd of domestic abuse, pill popping and more repulsive behaviors in a bombshell restraining order

Radar Online has revealed exclusive details on the Little Women: LA star’s fight to protect her family. 

In court papers obtained from Los Angeles Superior Court, Christy filed for a Domestic Violence Prevention Order on May 8, 2019. 

She asked that her daughter from a previous relationship, Autumn, 19, also be protected in the new order. 

Christy’s declaration claimed that Todd “has always had a volatile temper throughout the marriage.”

She explained that it came to an “all-time high” when she mentioned wanting a divorce. 

“On April 18, I told respondent that our marriage was not working, and we should figure out our next steps,” Christy explained in court. 

“I mentioned that I was concerned for his wellbeing and asked him repeatedly to seek help — this was a common occurrence during our marriage.” 

She then explained that the “respondent began to yell and threaten” her and went as far “as to throw/break household items.” 

With Autumn present at the time of all the chaos, the two fled the home and visited Christy’s parents. 

After returning home several days later, Christy said she saw “Todd opening all the mail addressed to me and the mail addressed to Autumn.”

From there on out, he showed pure anger — ripping up all of the mail. 

Gibel claimed that the mail included medical bills and important tax information. 

“He has made derogatory remarks every day about me, my makeup, cooking, weight, and dyslexia,” she alleged. 

“He has blackmailed me on numerous occasions to manipulate me into staying with him…”

“He beats on my bedroom door late at night while I am sleeping, he has tried to barricade me out of our home several times.” 

As for her daughter, Todd has allegedly scared her by saying he is going to “put [Christy] in jail.”

“He has harassed Autumn to the point where she has had multiple panic attacks a day,” she wrote. 

The Lifetime star also accused him of stealing her medical prescriptions on numerous occasions.

She then opened up about an incident that took place Fourth of July weekend back in 2015 while the family was in San Diego. 

“Respondent took medication that was prescribed for me for pain in my neck,” she said. 

“He then became violent. He started slapping me and holding me down, so I could not move.”

Autumn luckily was able to call security who handled the situation. 

“I am fearful of respondent and afraid of what he will do if I am not granted protection,” she wrote. 

“Respondent has mentioned that he is depressed and working with a therapist.”

But Christy is understandably worried as “his mental state makes him unpredictable.”

She also claims that he hacked into her computer, writing private messages on his Instagram account. 

Christy provided screenshots that showed Todd posting messages between her and another man. 

In the caption, he accused her of Facebook messaging his ex-wife, saying she was going to send her his daughter’s ashes so they could “film a special.”

“Who does that?? That’s f–king sick,” he wrote. 

He also accused her of starting an online affair with another little person from New York. 

Luckily, for Christy and her daughter the request has been temporarily granted with an upcoming court hearing scheduled for May 29. 

Todd is currently ordered to stay at least 100 yards away from Christy and Autumn and has been forced to move out of their Santa Clarita home. 

He has also been ordered to refrain from making any social media post directly or indirectly referencing Christy. 

The couple married back in 2014. 

Alessandra Ambrosio Sexes Up Cannes with Her Cleavage

As the Cannes Film Festival is getting ready to kick off, all of the hottest people in the world are descending on the south of France, including Victoria’s Secret model Alessandra Ambrosio. Alessandra arrives in the legendary French city, showing off some amazing cleavage in a white pant suit with nothing on underneath except a bra.

This is the kind of outfit that only Alessandra Ambrosio—and women built exactly like her—are able to pull off. I mean, just look how impressed those two Eurotrash dudes behind her in pics two and three are. They’ve never seen anything like Alessandra Ambrosio before, and odds are, they won’t see anything as amazing as her ever again in their entire lives.

Alessandra has managed to capture lightning in a bottle by being in a place where all the most gorgeous people in the world are flocking to at the moment, and managing to set the bar for all who follow. It’s going to be tough to top Alessandra Ambrosio, but I’m more than willing to bet there are many women who are up to the task. I say, let them come!

Photos courtesy of Mega Agency

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Ariana Grande: Sued For Stealing an Instagram Photo!

These days, with everyone & everything being seen on the internet — you really gotta watch what you’re sharing to the world.  

But you all know that. 

Ariana Grande should also know that — though it seems she recently slipped up because she is now being sued after sharing images of herself to Instagram… that technically didn’t belong to her? 

That’s right — the “Sweetener” singer is in some legal hot water after posting images to her social media page. 

Something that she does almost daily.

And while 3 million of the pop star’s fans showed the photo lots of love, her legal team wasn’t too impressed. 

In court documents obtainted by E! News, a paparazzi photographer Robert Barbera is suing the singer claiming copyright infringement. 

According to Robert, Ari publicized photographs on her Instagram page that he captured without licensing. 

In addition, the New York based photog claims that she didn’t have his “permission or consent to publish the photographs.” 

He is now looking for monetary relief, naturally, from the copyright infringement, attorney fees and costs, falsifying copyright management, statutory damages up to $25,000 for each violation. 

In the photos, the Grammy winner is carying a see-through bag with the word “Sweetener” on it as she was exiting a building. 

Two of the photos were shared to Grande’s official IG account back in August of 2018, the day her fourth studio album “Sweeterner” was released. 

“Happy sweetener day,” she wrote in the caption. 

The original post has since been deleted, though an edited version currently remains on her account promoting her merch. 

E! has reached out to Ari’s team for comments, but has yet to hear back. 

As fans of the “thank u, next singer” are well aware — she is often times very good at communcating with her followers via her social media accounts. 

Whether she is opening up about a recent brain scan, or just posing for selfies, the 25-year-old is all about keeping her 154 million followers up-to-date on her life. For the most part, that is. 

We will just have to stand by to see if she is willing to open up about her (totally underdanstandable) photo fail with her fellow Arianators.

Grande, however, is not the first celeb to be scolded for posting a paparazzi photo to their social media pages. 

In January, model Gigi Hadid found herself embroiled in a lawsuit (again!) with a photo agency after posting a picture they had taken of her to her 44 million Insta followers. 

Kim Kardashian West, Jennifer Lopez, 50 Cent, and Jessica Simposn have also been targeted by agencies for re-using photos. 

Of themselves.

Paparazzi members have been suffering (obviously) as the rise of social media has changed the way we look at the rich and famous.

Many celebs use the platform to take control of their own images and open up personally with their fans, devaluing the tabloid images.

Besides, when did these entertainers give these agencies permission or consent to snap photos of them walking to their car or entering a building? 

It seems quite ironic and a tad unfair, but at the end of the day as long as the photos of the public figures are taken in a public place, it is totally legal. 

The paparazzi built an industry around capturing candid photos of Hollywood’s biggest stars, but now that’s going away. 

So it seems they’re turning to an additional source of revenue — suing those stars for posting their pics to Instagram.

What has the world come to, really?  

‘Game of Thrones: The Last Watch’ Trailer Takes You Behind the Scenes of the Final Season


With Game of Thrones coming to a close this coming Sunday night, there’s a bit of good news for fans who will be suffering from the dreaded show hole. One week after the series finale, HBO will be airing a two-hour documentary titled Game of Thrones: The Last Watch about the making of the show’s final season in the show’s regular time slot. Granted, it’s not as exciting as, say, a mystery bonus episode or something, but it’s better than nothing.

As someone who has never given a shit about this show, I really can’t empathize with those fans who are complaining hard about the quality of the episodes in this final season. It’s the same thing that happens to any franchise when its creators start making definitive decisions. Choosing to kill a character or keep them alive immediately alienates half the audience as they were likely hoping for the opposite outcome.

In time, everyone comes around to accepting things and understanding that the creators ultimately went in a different direction than their super sweet fan theories. The sooner these fans come to terms with reality, the better off we’ll all be.

Game of Thrones: The Last Watch airs next Sunday, May 26, at 8pm.

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WWE’s Becky Lynch and Seth Rollins Confirm Romance With PDA-Packed Picture

Seth Rollins, Becky LynchAnother WWE match has been made outside the ring.
After sparking relationship rumors on Twitter, powerhouses Seth Rollins and Becky Lynch confirmed their romance on Instagram last night…

Chrissy Teigen Poses Nude as She Calls Her 2 Kids the “Best Thing I Ever Made”

Chrissy Teigen, Luna Stephens, Miles StephensChrissy Teigen is baring all this Mother’s Day.
The Cravings cookbook author posted a NSFW black and white mirror selfie on Instagram from when she was pregnant with one of her two…

Britney Spears is Doing Yoga in a Tiny Bikini

It’s been a crazy few months for Britney Spears. Not “shave your head and do a guest spot on How I Met Your Mother” crazy, but still kind of nuts. Her recent stint in a mental health facility lead to a rather out-there conspiracy theory that she was being held against her will as part of someone’s scheme, the motive of which was unknown. It didn’t help that her mother was fanning the flames of that one.

Well, Britney seems better, because she’s doing yoga very nearly naked.

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Yoga on the green 😜😌I really like it LIKE THAT !!

A post shared by Britney Spears (@britneyspears) on

Yeah, we like it like that, too, Britney. Big fan of your work. Not so much the music, but the thotting is top notch. Since her Vegas residency was cancelled, maybe she should stop the music thing and refocus full time on being half-naked, she’s really one of the best at it. A real hall of famer.

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A post shared by Britney Spears (@britneyspears) on

Seriously, my god. Legend.

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Inside Adele’s Fiercely Private but Epically Dramatic Relationship History

Adele, Simon Konecki, 2012 GrammysEveryone knows what lit the fire under Adele when she made her smash-hit 2011 album 21.
“This record is inspired by something that is really normal and everyone’s been through…

Taylor Swift Is the Dancing Queen at the 2019 Billboard Music Awards

Brendon Urie, Taylor Swift, 2019 Billboard Music AwardsTaylor Swift is making the 2019 Billboard Music Awards a dance party.
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Nikki Reed Opens Up About Mom-Shaming and Her Daughter’s “Journey With Food”

Nikki Reed, Raised RealNikki Reed is not here for the mom-shaming over how to feed babies and toddlers, and she urges parents to support each other in general.
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Regular Chores, a Packed Schedule and Those Gin Cocktails: Inside the Private World of Queen Elizabeth II

Queen ElizabethMonarch. Tenacious family matriarch. Lover of corgis.
There’s many a term that can be applied to Queen Elizabeth II, the longest-reigning queen regnant of all time, but, perhaps, one…

Fall in Lova with Anastasiya Avilova and Her Perfect Nude Body

What’s not to love about a woman like Anastasiya Avilova? If you said nothing, you’re absolutely right, because there is everything to love about Anastasiya Avilova, starting and ending with her stunningly perfect nude body. I think that the world would be a better place if more people stopped what they were doing and spent some time drinking in the delights Anastasiya Avilova has to offer.

Like many women from Eastern Europe, Anastasiya Avilova has an abundance of “A”s in her name, which is a signature trait of many women from the same area. The leg up that Anastasiya Avilova has on the competition is that she’s posing nude in Playboy, which gives her all the visibility she needs to rise above the rest. It’s a tough climb, but methinks Anastasiya Avilova is up to the task.

Anastasiya Avilova may not have been your dream girl when you woke up this morning, but I’m willing to bet that when you lay your head on the pillow tonight, Anastasiya Avilova will be the last thing running through your mind. I mean, girls like Anastasiya Avilova don’t come along every day, so spend your last waking moments today giving Anastasiya Avilova a place in your thoughts.

Photos courtesy of Playboy Plus

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Chrissy Teigen & John Legend’s Daughter Luna Is Three! See Her Cutest Photos Ever to Celebrate

Luna Stephens, Attention, all Chrissy Teigen and John Legend fans: Luna Stephens is officially three years old!
Seriously, where has the time gone? Wasn’t it just yesterday that the power couple was…

Jamie Lee Curtis is Recreating Memes and Doing YouTube Shows Now, Nothing Makes Sense Anymore

About a decade ago, Jamie Lee Curtis became a meme. No, it wasn’t because of that, that was entirely untrue and offensive to about a dozen groups of people, grow up. It was because she was caught dressing someone down in public and people kind of loved it.

The sip at the end is what makes it. Curtis reproduced this famous moment to promote her appearance on The Game Grumps YouTube channel, which frankly hasn’t been the same since JonTron left. That guy is fucking hilarious and basically the only YouTuber I actually care about.

Curtis played Mario Party with the remaining Grumps and her son Tom who is like 23 and that mostly explains why Jamie Lee Curtis was on a YouTube video game channel for an hour.

Jamie Lee is apparently kind of a video game nerd herself, probably to bond with her son, because her Wikipedia page says she plays World of Warcraft and made her son a costume of one of the characters from it. Still, pretty cool and surprising to see a star of her calibur on YouTube like this. Although less surprising than it would have been a few years ago.

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Zayn Malik Claps Back at Gigi Hadid Haters: ”Leave Her the F–k Alone”

Gigi Hadid, Zayn MalikZayn Malik has a message for Gigi Hadid haters, and it’s loud and clear.
“My tweet was not about @GigiHadid so leave her the f–k alone,” the former One Direction band member…

See Reba McEntire’s Best Looks That Define Her ”Tough Sexy” Style

Reba McEntire, 2018 Grammy Awards, Red Carpet FashionsReba McEntire is nothing short of a country music legend.
Throughout her career, the Grammy winner has been an inspiration for many in the industry. After being discovered at a high…

Love Island’s Dani Dyer and Jack Fincham Are Officially Over: See Where More Couples Stand Today

Jack Fincham, Dani DyerWe hate to be the bearer of bad news, but Jack Fincham and Dani Dyer have called it quits.
The winners of season four of Love Island were among the few couples to survive in the outside…

Farrah Abraham Always Seems To Reveal More Than Intended In Her Photos

If you feel like you’ve been inundated with photo spreads of snarky starlet on the rise Farrah Abraham here at Egotastic, it’s because you have. The Teen MILF is on a publicity tear, and she often doesn’t concern herself with hiding every inch of her bits, so I’m not about to waste the opportunity by not bringing you more asstastic pics. Yes you’ve seen her doing this, and this, as well as ya know, this, but have you seen her frolicking in a field of flowers wearing a stretched-to-death leopard print onesie, that kind of shows her cooch, just in time for Easter, because she’s the real reason for the season, not Jesus or the Cadbury Bunny? No you haven’t.

In this new spread, Farrah is pimping her collab with the clothing brand Pretty Little Things. If the brand sounds familiar, it’s because it because infamous when a just-cheated on Khloé Kardashian showed up to their store opening in February. Pretty Little Things has come a long way since then, and if you don’t believe me, why, just check out these insanely hot and surprisingly revealing pics from Farrah.

Photo Credit. MEGA

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Evil Father and Son Kill Hibernating Bear and Her Cubs, Olivia Culpo Works That Ass and More

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Zendaya Coleman Walking Around Braless, Sophie Mudd’s Boobs Are Their Own Planets and More

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Wendy Williams’ Husband Kevin Hunter Reportedly Welcomes Child With Alleged Mistress

Wendy Williams, Kevin Hunter Wendy Williams’ husband Kevin Hunter has reportedly welcomed a child with his alleged mistress, Sharina Hudson.
E! News learned that Hudson was discharged from a hospital in…

The Jasperz Longmire-Sheriff Walt Robert Taylor Suede Leather Coat!

Sarah Goodwin Fashion posted a photo:

The Jasperz Longmire-Sheriff Walt Robert Taylor Suede Leather Coat!

Longmire sheriff coat is usually worn by Robert Taylor on Sheriff Petrol. His Performance, appearance in Longmire Walt coat and season itself drew a huge attention and praise. The Jasperz crafted this amazing Robert Sheriff Coat in premium quality suede leather and double stitching and high skills craftsmanship make it durable for all seasons.

Shop Now: amzn.to/2OwOICt

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Celebrity lifestyle posted a photo:

#tbt DJ Kyos somewhere out there... . . . . #celebrityfashion #fashion #model #photoshoot #kyoswear #travel #travelling #tour #tourist #music #musician #celebs #celebrity #dj #producer #author #clothes #De_philosopher_DJKyos #slay #slayin #pics #explore #

Ariana Grande’s Dog About to Sniff Her Crotch, Shane Dawson Denies Bestiality Story and More

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Emily Ratajkowski Defends her DUFF From Bodyshaming Attacks Such as This Headline

A few days ago, Emily Ratajkowski posted what seemed like an innocuous ad for her swimwear line, Inamorata.

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Beach buns @inamoratawoman

A post shared by Emily Ratajkowski (@emrata) on

Get it? Bums? Because it’s their butts? She’s so clever, I’m sure that we’d all think that was funny if an ugly girl said it. Well, I mean, it’s on par with the jokes Lena Dunham wrote in Girls, so I guess we would. But I digress. Anyway, people had very strong opinions on Emrata posing for a picture with her chubby friend. Wanna see some? I’m redacting the names but here are some comments from the post.

“I dont know whats funnier, that she posted this of her friend or all the girls in the comments pretending the chick on the left is just as good looking”

“Slim girls are much much more beautiful than fatties”

” I’m just being honest. You feminists cannot handle honesty. You can’t bully or shame me into what I do and don’t find attractive. 90% of men would prefer emrata. She’s rather cruel to compare herself to her friend like this. You keep believing the lies you tell yourselves. Not everyone is beautiful. Beauty is exceptional.”

You get the idea. Emrata wasn’t pleased and expressed that on Twitter, along with a message from her friend.

By the way, her friend’s name is Caitlin King and she has more pictures of the two of them together on her own Instagram.

View this post on Instagram


A post shared by ✨Caitlin 🍟 King✨ (@himynameiscaitlin) on

View this post on Instagram

ready for mexico 🇲🇽♥🌮

A post shared by ✨Caitlin 🍟 King✨ (@himynameiscaitlin) on

Aside from that her feed is mostly just pictures of her boyfriend’s ass.

View this post on Instagram

put a house up on that ass, that’s an asstate

A post shared by ✨Caitlin 🍟 King✨ (@himynameiscaitlin) on

And you thought I was joking.

So what do I think? I have pageview numbers on all sorts of model stories and people are just as likely to click to see pictures of a plus-sized model as a skinny one. And yeah, I say mean things about celebrities all the time, but I get paid to, why are you doing it? Just giving away those insults for free, you insult slut.

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Bigger Paydays, Famous Friends and a Little Heartbreak: All the Ways Life Has Changed for Queer Eye’s Fab Five in Only a Year

Queer Eye Season 3All things just keep getting better.
At least, that’s been the case for Antoni Porowski, Tan France, Karamo Brown, Bobby Berk and Jonathan Van Ness–aka your new Fab Five–ever since…

Mr. Skin Podcast Ep 140: Mr. Skin’s Top 10 Nude Scenes of 1975

This week’s Mr. Skin Podcast is stayin’ alive in ’75!

Today on the podcast Mr. Skin goes over his picks for the top ten sexiest nude scenes of 1975. It was stiff competition because this is one sexy list! With Ursula Andress, Corinne Clery, Sylvia Kristel, and Uschi Digard on one list, you know that things got skintastic in 1975.

Click on the player below to listen to the show and then click over to the Mr. Skin Podcast page for all the links mentioned in the episode, as well as your chance to call into the show and make your voice heard!

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Disha Patani Looks Stunning In White Dress

videosloving posted a photo:

Disha Patani Looks Stunning In White Dress

Disha Patani Looks Stunning In White Dress #DishaPatani #beautiful #celebrity #BollywoodActress #BollywoodCelebs #celebrity #EntertainmentNews #amazing #actresslife #justforfun #viralvideo #VideoViral #latest #NewVideo #Trending #stunninglybeautiful

Checking In on All the Famous Men on Lindsay Lohan’s Infamous Sex List 5 Years Later

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Katherine Schwarzenegger Dishes on Farm Life With Chris Pratt

Chris Pratt, Katherine SchwarzeneggerKatherine Schwarzenegger loves the farm life with fiancé Chris Pratt.
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