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Halsey and Kelsea Ballerini’s Coyote Ugly!

Kelsea Ballerini teamed up with newly bald Halsey, prior to her shaving her head, to work on a new song called The Other Girl. The two were asked to perform the song at this years CMT Music Awards and they brought us some Coyote Ugly vibes for the set.

Kelsea posted to her instagram that she was “Living out coyote ugly dreams tonight with my girl” and they did not disappoint, Kelsea started the show before Halsey popped up from behind the bar and gave us her best Piper Perabo. See the whole performance below!

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Charlotte Lawrence The Cosmo Girl!

Charlotte Lawrence has been busy this quarantine, she tested positive for COVID-19 early on and ended up self isolating in her new home for something like 50 days. While isolating, the 20 year old shot a music video for her song called Slow Motion, with known celeb photographer Tyler Shields which she said was freeing in a new interview with Cosmopolitan Magazine.

“I’m so used to being on set with a million people and so many opinions. But as much as I love and respect all the pros, it was really empowering to do this by ourselves and be in total creative control.”

Charlotte spoke the magazine via phone from the comfort of her bed and talks about how buying her fist home and this year in general has made her grow up. Read the entire interview here!

“I also bought a house this year and I’m living on my own for the first time, so getting used to that. I feel like a true adult. My big thing these days is dishes. Before the night ends, I have to do the dishes. I can’t leave them in the sink. My parents are shocked.”


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Vanessa Hudgens is a CyberGoth!

Halloween lover Vanessa Hudgens has a new hobby. She bought something called a GloFX Space Whip, its about 6 feet of fibre optic strings that light up while the actress uses it as a dance instrument in what people call “flow art”. Vanessa looks like she belongs under that bridge with all the other Cyber Goths but due to social distancing she’s stuck doing this in her kitchen. That was a compliment.

Vanessa is been back to work this week, she was seen filming a new movie called Tick, Tick…Boom! Which is based on the autobiographical musical by playwright Jonathan Larson, the dude who wrote RENT. Vanessa will play the role of Karessa and the project is being directed by Lin-Manuel Miranda, of HAMILTON fame!


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Josie Canseco Melting Hearts in Montana!

MLB icon José Caseco’s daughter Josie Canseco is currently out in the middle of nowhere Montana, well she’s actually in Miles City which is a true Old West town filled with real cowboys. It’s a well known filming location although the project Josie’s working on is being kept pretty secret.

What we do know is that Josie is playing some sort of barmaid and is wearing a victorian era corset top during the shoot which took place at a restaurant called the Jersey Lilly, the building was actually the towns bank in 1914 before becoming the First National Bank of Ingomar and now, an iconic bar.

The locals are enjoying Josie’s presence around Northern Montana too, with one lucky cowboy ran into Josie when she was dressed down walking through the town, surly making him very popular this weekend.

Josie Canseco

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Meg Thee Stallion is a Nerd!

Megan Thee Stallion has many talents, she’s a top charting rapper who’s appeared on the cover of Vogue but she’s still down to get grimy. Like in her new videos for Instagram where she’s seen doing a stanky little walk in a very tiny pink bikini, twerking around in the pool and living the Hot Girl Summer life, as she should.

Twerking can be seen as another talent of hers, in her new video she proves that her ass has a mind of its own and she can do some moves I’ve never seen before. From the pool to the dance studio, Meg has been shaking that ass all the way to the top. The rapper has even started her own $10,000 scholarship called Don’t Stop, that will be awarded to two women of color who are pursuing an associates, bachelors or post-grad degree in any field of study.

Besides that, Meg is a nerd. Who knew? She recently revealed that Jojo’s Bizarre Adventures is one of her favorite Animes and that Stardust Crusaders was the inspiration behind her new manicure which features the characters. Nerdy, but so hot.

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Bebe Rexha is Still Jealous!

Bebe Rexha has been working on her new album which includes her new hit song called Baby, I’m Jealous which features Doja Cat, the artist who went viral on TikTok for her catchy dance songs. The song is about feeling insecure about other girls on social media and how Bebe is trying to stop being jealous when her boyfriend likes other girls photos.

The songs music video dropped a few weeks ago and shows Bebe and Doja cat travelling through time, back to the 1800’s, the dawn of creation and beyond. While promoting the song, Bebe and Doja hit up The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon to preform the new song. The outfits, hairstyling and the set are pretty dope and Bebe looks like some sort of time travelling cowgirl that landed on Venus. See the entire thing below!

Here they are on set of the music video talking about some interesting things and Bebe showing us how to do the new TiKTok dance for the song, with TikTok’s queen, Charli D’Amilo!


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Megan Fox Gets Bloody!

Megan Fox is finally getting back to work after what seemed like a decade of being off the radar. She had three kids with Brian Austin Green, the same guy she has tattooed above her pubic bone, and basically disappeared after being the It Girl of her time. The actress has been back in the spotlight since stepping out on her hubby Brian and has started dating rapper Machine Gun Kelly.

Now Megan is back and bloody, just how we like her, in a new movie called Till Death. The movie is about a young woman named Emma(fox) who gets involved with some sort of revenge plot that involves her being handcuffed to her dead husband. Here are some of the first images form the new movie that comes out next year!


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PEOPLE SL 10/20/2020

Kelly Hamilton ♡ posted a photo:

PEOPLE SL 10/20/2020

October 20th, 2020
It girl and socialite Kelly Hamilton returns to Second Life this afternoon in a not so incognito fashion. Reuniting with two of her former "bad girl" SLebrity pals, Sara Blowhan; former child star and childhood friend of Hamilton, and Kordelia; former girl band member, and model turned actress. The threesome was seen at one of their pals, infamous playboy & real estate tycoon, also Hamiltons ex, Joey Verianders, many infamous rooftop brunch spots in Luxewood, attempting to catch up after Sara just finished a trial following her August arrest, and DUI charge. The girls were seen smoking what we can assume are cigarettes, but one source tells us it may have actually been marijuana.

Madelaine Petsch is Ready for Halloween!

Madelaine Petsch stars as Cheryl Blossom on Riverdale which must feel like everyday is Halloween because the show is seemingly always shot at night and she gets to dress up in some fun outfits. As it turns out, October is the actresses favorite month, which I assume is because she has orange hair. So she’s getting her little Vancouver apartment ready for Halloween even though this year she will be spending the holiday at home and not visiting haunted houses like she’s used to.

Madelaine is back in Vancouver and started filming for the show after 6 months of not working because of the pandemic travel restrictions. She’s been pretty active on Youtube and let us in on what filming is like with the new COVID restrictions and has enlisted her cast mate Camila Mendes to star in her new video. The friends filmed a Halloween Costume try on video with their dogs, Olive and Truffle. See it below!

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Hailey Baldwin Bieber Hits The City!

Hailey Baldwin Bieber just celebrated her first year of marriage with husband Justin Bieber and to commemorate their love she went and got a new tattoo on her ring finger for her boo. Hailey had a small J with some sparkles tattooed by Mr. K while on her trip to New York City. The model also had a new neck tattoo added which spells out Beleza which is Beauty in Portuguese.

While in NYC, the model didn’t pass up an opportunity to snap some new photos in her new fall wardrobe that her stylist Maeve Reilly pulled for her, including this black leather dress with a strappy back which makes Mrs. Bieber look pretty, pretty good.

Hailey’s OOTD has been captured through her daily paparazzi strolls, like the photos of her on a coffee run wearing the new $10,000 Bottega Veneta coat that has been compared to string cheese, or a mop, she somehow makes that look better than Rihanna did! We like this New York Hailey!

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Joey King Wants You to Vote!

Remember when Halsey shaved her head and looked like Joey King’s stunt double in The Act? I do.

Speaking of Joey King she’s still on her path to taking over Hollywood with this new photoshoot for Ladygunn magazine. Joey was shot in a studio for the mag and while she wore minimal makeup and what looks like Vaseline brushed over her eyelids and lips, she looks totally glammed up and gorgeous.

The 21 year old sat down with Sam Berlin from the magazine to talk about voting for the first time and about her new Blumhouse movie The Lie which was just released on Amazon in time for Halloween. The film isn’t like the usual Blumhouse horror films and is not very scary, but does it play with your head.

“What initially attracted me to that role was that I liked that it was a Blumhouse movie but it wasn’t straight-up horror. It was a mental game, performance-wise I was excited to try and figure out how to make someone worth having empathy but also be the villain.”

In terms of the election, Joey is encouraging her fans to go out and vote and is hoping for a Biden/Harris win and hope that the “whole world stops burning”.

“My hope for 2021 is just overall betterness. But the thing is like, I think what’s kind of scary is that a lot of people are like, ‘oh, I’m so over 2020, I can’t wait for 2021’ as if New Year’s Eve is just gonna magically cure the world. Cause it’s not–it’s going to be a long road ahead of us.”

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Sydney Sweeney Beached!

Sydney Sweeney has been keeping her current location a secret, but I can tell you she’s in Hawaii working on a new secret project. She took some time away from work to hit the beach and work on her tanlines in a blue bikini, shooting this short video that shows her posts up on the beach looking as great as ever.

Sydney was recently interviewed by Who What Wear to talk about her beauty routine and what her current favorite products are. The actress revealed she starts her day with rinsing her face with water before letting location soak into her skin. She ends her day with a gentle exfoliator before applying her lotions and doctor prescribed zit cream (what zits?) and some Burt’s Bees lip balm.

Speaking of her non-existent acne, Sydney said the one thing about her beauty routine the might surprise people is that she uses raw aloe on her face. Whatever she’s doing, it’s working!

“I love to put pure aloe on my face. I am guilty of popping zits that shouldn’t be popped, and then, I end up with a mark on my face that’s even worse than it should be. Aloe saves me from scarring and helps tone down any redness.”


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Halsey Shaves Her Head!

Just in time for beanie season, Halsey has shaved her head in a very short buzz cut that doesn’t really have a style but more of just a straight up shave, it would have been nice to see a little fade on her but I guess she’ll have a lot of time to play around with the short cut as it grows back in. She admitted to loving the look with a “I love be bald” tweet which confirmed she did indeed shave it all off.

A fan on twitter asked Halsey what prompted her to let go of her newly grown out hair and cut it all off again, to which she replied “I was growing it out for so long and I told myself I wouldn’t shave it till I saw what it was like healthy and long and then I saw it healthy and long and said ‘mm this is nice but I miss bald.’ and then so I did it!”

To show off her new do, the singer took to TikTok to film a reveal video using a popular soundbite from the app. It’s the same sound Emily Ratajkowski used when she filmed her going from brunette to blonde this summer. Here is Halsey, flipping her wig off and showing us her natural bald headed look! I’m feeling some Gypsy Rose vibes here and kinda liking it!


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Olivia Culpo Gets Ready for Halloween!

Olivia Culpo purchased her new house in LA this time last year and it looks like she’s made it into her home. She spent this weekend preparing her front step for Halloween, even though it might be cancelled this year because of COVID. Gone are the days of being afraid of razor blades in your Milky Way, now you can’t ring a doorbell without wearing the appropriate PPE. Maybe if everyone just dressed up as nurses and doctors, Halloween could continue?

Olivia also spent some time in her huge backyard, laying out by her pool with her little dog until the dog took off down a cliff that sits at the end of her property. Olivia ran after her dog and scaled the cliff in her bikini, a true hero!


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Miley Cyrus the Rockstar!

Miley Cyrus is killing it right now and has been preforming her new song Midnight Sky to get us all hyped up for her new album that will be dropping next month. It’s working. I’ve never listened to so much Miley in my life, but I’m not mad at it. Miley recently did a duet with her sister Noah as part of her MTV Unplugged set, which was the first time I’ve ever heard Noah sing and it was actually pretty great!

Miley’s newest Gig was at the historic Whisky a Go Go on the Sunset Strip in Los Angeles. Miss Hannah Montana was asked to perform at the venue as part of the Save Our Stages Festival which is a 3 day virtual YouTube that supports The National Independent Venue Association in their efforts to save concert venues from going out of business due to the pandemic. If you want to actually help this cause you can see more about it here.

For her set, Miley performed her hit Midnight Sky along with some covers like this pretty sick rendition of The Cranberries Zombie. Watch the entire show below!


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Celebs Who Voted!

This whole voting thing is getting exhausting, it’s like everywhere we look someone else is telling us to vote, whether it be by wearing a mask that says VOTE, or a shirt that said “voting is sexy” it’s everywhere. I don’t think voting is necessarily sexy, but I get the whole exercising your right to vote thing because if you got it, flaunt it and what not.

The thing I don’t find cool is the celebrities who are being paid to promote the vote, it just doesn’t seem right. But there are things like “I Am a Voter” who are enlisting celebrities to promote the vote as if it’s a new energy drink on the market. Tana Mongeau was even de-monetized on her social channels for potentially committing election fraud by offering free nude photos in exchange for proof of a vote for Biden. Crazy. Here is a round up of all the celebrities who said they have completed their early voting.


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The 5 Things Britney Spears Brings to the Beach!

Britney Spears is back in her weird studio that looks like it’s set up in a basement somewhere with a white background. Apparently her new video was shot just 3 days after she was down at the beach with her boyfriend Sam and I guess we can believe it because she does look sort of tanned in the video, plus she makes a point to tell us that the blue snakeskin bikini is the same bikini she was in 3 days ago.

She also explains that the reason she’s back in the bikini is because she’s heading into her jacuzzi. The #FreeBritney crowd are loving/hating this. The point of the video is to teach us the 5 most important things you should bring to the beach, according to Britney. Number 1 is a towel, followed by oil, sunscreen, a dog and a hat.

In other FreeBritney news, Sharon Stone has expressed her support for the pop star and wrote a pretty well put comment on Britney’s recent “Instagram vs Reality” post, so if Sharon Stone gets silenced soon, we’ll know why…

This was a much needed break from my house cleaning ….
this took me two hours to film because I went to three different locations to find the best lighting …. but unfortunately it was a gray and hazy day … that’s why it looks this way !!! I got home and was like CRAP !!!! Anyhow … on a POSITIVE note … from the car the surfers look like little ants out there …. but up close it’s like a whole new mystical universe !!!! And yes … that’s ME standing for hours in the water just watching !!!! I didn’t even care because it was so much fun … here’s to a day of MAGIC !!!! PS … I know my yoga is by no means done perfectly …. because I’m not perfect nor will I ever be !!!! Before you judge go try this for two hours !!!

Updated with this amazing dance video:


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Vanessa Hudgens Gets Spooky Glam!

Vanessa Hudgens is still getting in her Halloween spooky spirits and this weekend she played around with a new look that included a heavy smokey eye and a new headpiece. The High School Musical star said the look was inspired by the 1972 Liza Minelli film Cabaret.

When Vanessa gets into the Halloween spirit she really goes all out, she even had her manicure done with what looks like bondage straps painted or glued on around the nails, it’s very on trend but sadly the actress broke two nails off while being wild and spooky. Vanessa is so influential, the manicure post already has over 200,000 likes and Mr.Horror himself, Eli Roth even smashed that like button!

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Tracee Ellis Ross Thirst Trapping Now and Then!

I don’t know much, but I know Micheal Jackson was really Diana Ross and Smokey Robinson’s son that was given to the Jackson Family. There is an entire conspiracy page on reddit about it if you don’t believe me. So that makes Tracee Michael Jackson’s bio half sister.

So here is MJ’s sister, Tracee Ellis Ross, thirst trapping in a bodysuit and living the single life. Tracee was feeling nostalgic this weekend and posted up a throwback video featuring her mother Diana Ross and herself waking the runway at a Mugler show back in 1991 when Tracee was just 18 years old. Here’s what she said about the event:

“30 years ago today, I walked in the @muglerofficial S/S 91 runway show in Paris!
My mother @dianaross got a call asking her to walk in Mugler’s “Butterfly Show”. She knew that I would sh*t my Guess jeans at the chance to model for real because I desperately wanted to be a model. Plus, I was only a couple of weeks shy of my 18th birthday. So, my mama agreed to walk in the show as long as they allowed her daughter to model in the show as well. Cut to my 18th birthday present: Me and my mama flying with Supermodels @lindaevangelista, @naomi, @cindycrawford and @cturlington on THE CONCORDE to Paris!”


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Zoey Deutch Throws a Pool Party!

Last week Zoey Deutch celebrated National Pizza Day in her backyard and took that time to let us all in on her quarantine secret. She’s been drinking Aperol Spritz’s and eating pizza everyday for the last 8 months. It seems crazy that we’ve been in this quarantine situation for that long but I guess Zoey has found the way to get through these tough times! It also helps when Aperol pays you to promote the brand while being a genuine fan!

Zoey threw a little pool party this weekend and invited over some girlfriends to drink more Aperol and lounge in the sun. Zoey let us in on another secret, her smoking bikini body, who knew?


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Vanessa Hudgens is Wigging Out!

Vanessa Hudgens has been stoked on Halloween for a while and ordered a bunch of new costumes and wigs for this year’s spooky season, she bought 5 new wigs in total off Amazon so don’t expect to see one of those anti-bezos meme’s on her page anytime soon. She tried them on in a short black and white video as to avoid giving away her final costume away but switched up her look with this short orange bob on her Instagram stories.

When she’s not playing dress up and quarantining alone at home, Vanessa’s hanging out with this girl GG Magree who she calls her best friend. The two have been going hard in the gym lately to combat that quarantine 15 and recently filmed a fitness routine video for YouTube at the Dogpound gym so that we can follow along and get fit like Vanessa!

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Sofia Vergara Rides the Bull!

Sofia Vergara has been working hard throughout this quarantine, filming her show America’s Got Talent where she is a judge along with Heidi Klum and Howie Mandel. The actress took a much needed break this week which she spent in her backyard with her husband Joe and her little Chihuahua.

Sofia put her bull riding talents to the test with this attempt at riding a blow up bull in her pool, she fails, but it is fun to watch! Sofia was also feeling nostalgic this week and posted some throw back Thursday photos that included a behind the scenes look at her 2015 Vanity Fair photoshoot!

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Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian Reliving the Glory Days!

Skinny legend and pop culture icon Paris Hilton linked up with her former assistant Kim Kardashian to help promote Kim’s fashion line Skims. A lot of celebrities have been ambassadors for the brand, which started off as support underwear and bras but nobody has done it like this. Kim has been working on the launch of the Velour collection for over a year and to celebrate the launch she had her former mentor Paris pick up a Motorola Razr and jump back into the early 2000’s with her.

The two ex-bff’s produced a short video to promote the launch and brought us back to the good old days of partying in Ibiza until the sun came up and carrying around those massive lamé Louis Vuitton bags. Kim talks about those bags in the video and how she forced Paris to carry her’s empty because she’s a hoarder and always has everything in her purse from flip flops, bikinis and towels and hundreds of $100 bills crumpled up. 2020 may suck but this kind of throwback sort of helps…

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Ashanti in Her Birthday Best!

It looks like your girl Ashanti had the same birthday plans as Bella Hadid and packed up her bag full of bikini’s to head out on a tropical girls trip to celebrate turning 40. I know, hard to believe Ashanti looks this good at 40 but it’s true. The singer and her crew are posted up at the Hodges Bay Resort and Spa in Saint John’s Antigua and brought us along on the trip through these photos!

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Bella Hadid Gets Back to Work!

Bella Hadid just spent the last week soaking up the sun in Turks & Caicos to celebrate her 24th birthday, it seemed like a pretty awesome time and a great way to spend a quarantine birthday but the model is officially back in NYC and ready to work. Bella has been posting some throwback snaps from the trip and it looks like she packed nothing but neon bikinis! Here is Bella and her gang enjoying the sun before she landed back in the makeup chair to work on a new campaign.

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Miley Cyrus Does Britney Spears!

Miley Cyrus is gearing up to release her Backyard Sessions with MTV Unplugged tomorrow and to get us all even more excited for the event she gave us a little sneak peak at her set list. The singer has her sister Noah joining her for a duet of Noah’s song I got So High that I Saw Jesus and also let us see a clip from her cover of Gimme More by the iconic Britney Spears. Vanessa Hudgens said it best, wow.

Watch the full set TOMORROW over on MTV!

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Halsey Bops in a Bikini!

Halsey has just partnered up with Budweiser to create something called Be a King. It’s a short video put together sometime before the pandemic and has the singer narrating the story how of she became who she is today. The story shows us how Halsey used to be called Ashley and would sleep on the train because she was “homeless” up until the point where she “exploded”. We also get to see Halsey go back to where it all started, Halsey Street in Brooklyn, New York. To get fans excited about this new video, Halsey posted up some thirst trapping goodness in a bikini looking very flirty for the camera!

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Jennifer Lopez Might Marry Owen Wilson!

Jennifer Lopez has been working with a singer called Maluma who up until a few weeks ago I hadn’t heard of. They started working together last year when J.Lo joined Maluma onstage at Madison Square Garden when he was touring for to promote his album 11:11. A few weeks ago the pair starred in a three part music video series that was launched as a live Youtube event, you can see that here.

The pairs newest venture will have them playing spouses in a film set to release this Valentine’s Day called Marry Me. In the movie J.Lo is a super famous pop star who finds out her husband (Maluma) is cheating on her, so she marries super fan who stands outside her concerts holding a sign that reads “Marry Me” instead as an act of revenge. The super fan is played by your boy, Owen Wilson. Here is Maluma and J.Lo in a new photoshoot for Billboard Magazine.

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Sydney Sweeney Gets Glam!

Sydney Sweeney has been working hard during this pandemic and she’s got the magazine covers to prove it! We just saw the HBO It Girl on the cover of Hunger Magazine where she made out with herself in the mirror on FaceTime. And here she is back on a the cover, this time for Numero Netherlands where she’s in full glam wearing more makeup than we’ve ever seen her in before and some fun clothing looks.

The actress recently announced that she is producing a series based on the book They Wish They Were Us and has cast Halsey to star alongside her in the show. The Players Table is currently in development and should come out sometime next year!

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Selena Gomez at Golden Hour!

Selena Gomez is a season pusher and she’s holding on to the last warm nights of “summer” with this new selfie shot at golden hour. The singer is wearing the Caroline bikini top from the brand La’Mariette and does a pretty good job at selling the line for her friend Theresa Mingus who co-founded the brand. Selena went viral the last time she posed in a La’Mariette swimsuit when she famously showed off her kidney transplant scars!

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