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Caroline Calloway Says Her Dead Dad Makes Her Feel Sexy

In case you don’t know that Caroline Calloway story, we’re going to catch you up as quickly as possible. She’s a lifestyle blogger who was recently #exposed as a scammer in a scathing article penned by her ghostwriter Natalie Beach. That’s right, Instagrammers have ghostwriters. Spooky. After the article went viral Caroline had an  Insta meltdown, which was somewhat tempered by an article published in The Atlantic defending Caroline. It wasn’t written by her, but she links to The Atlantic piece in her bio because it was the one quasi-positive endorsement she received after being #exposed.

Somehow throughout all of this controversy – which went down mid-September – I managed to avoid Caroline’s Instagram because the whole thing seemed above my paygrade. We only deal with crazy here when it comes to Bella Thorne. A matter of principle. That is until someone sent me this bikini Instagram pic Caroline posted with a caption that cements her as one of the greatest living female Instagram writers of our generation. Here’s what she wrote to accompany an image of her bikini-clad puss puss and chesticles kneeling in the sand in the Majovi desert:

Four weeks ago to the day I found out that my Dad died. Five days ago I found out that he committed suicide. I am sexy and sexual and grief-stricken and shrewd and zany and romantic and generous and imaginative and manipulative and reckless and ambitious and good. I have generalized anxiety disorder and chronic depression and I used to be addicted to Adderall. I’m fantastic with words. And I refuse to let the world force me into being any smaller than the messy whole of who I am just because some parts of me seem confusing or contradicting or inconvenient. They are. Humans are.

Don’t think a ghostwriter is going to come forward to claim this one. We wish Caroline all the best and hope that she continues to strip down while thinking about her dead dad for years to come. Forget being dead sexy. Caroline’s dead dad sexy. Enjoy…



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People always tell me I smell like flowers but not all of my favorite perfumes are floral. Mojave Ghost by @Byredo is pretty woody. Here’s the description from their website: Mojave Ghost is a woody composition inspired by the soulful beauty of the Mojave Desert. In this xeric wilderness, rare are the plants that dare to blossom. With a light and graceful character top notes of musky Ambrette combine with fresh Jamaican Nesberry. Powdery Violet then unfurls to reveal Sandalwood. Finally warm Chantilly Musk rounds out a base of crisp Amber and Cedar wood, leaving the raw spirit of Mojave Ghost to linger on the skin. I love descriptions of perfumes! I love regarding scent-building as an art form! I hope to make my own perfume someday—it’s on my Bucket List. But in the meantime when I mist Mojave Ghost onto my skin in the West Village I will think about today. And here are some of my other favorite perfumes! Plus photos of my body looking baaaannnging and @jacnov’s book living it’s best life in the Californian desert! Do you guys know any indie perfume brands that make really good woody or floral scents?

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Funny GIF Of The Day: She Made One Crucial Mistake

She didn’t check her perimeter

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Britney Spears

braidoss posted a photo:

Britney Spears

Italian-American Wedding Etiquette That Will Make You Want To Elope

Italian weddings may be the stuff of nightmares.


When my sisters got married, the word “tradition” lost all meaning for me. My mother used that word so often, I offered to tattoo it on her forehead. If the dress is mermaid and not a ballgown, it’s not traditional. Weird flowers? No flowers? SAY IT AIN’T SO. It must be cocktail hour with more food than you’d have to feed Cambodia, pasta served before the salad course, and one of the entrees must be filet mignon.

Oh, and my mom about had a heart attack when neither of my sisters threw the bouquet or did the whole creepy garter thing. Why? Because TRADITION.

Useless favors no one likes or uses

The only favors that are acceptable are rococo serving dishes with cherubs carved on them, that almost everyone will hate or else display in their china cabinets until they die. They must be wrapped in white paper with confetti—those three Jordan almonds in tulle—for good luck. If you choose something quirky or gasp! give a donation, you’re basically spitting on your ancestors.

Grannies who bring blank checks to the wedding

Italian nonne will wait for the reception to assess how much they’re willing to spend on you. If they’re not happy with the food, or they think the decor was tacky, tasteless or heaven forbid—modern—they won’t give you a big busta, i.e., money. They also confer with each other and will end up all giving you the same amount so that no one looks better than anyone else.

The word “abbondanza”

In case you don’t speak Italian, the word “abbondanza” means “literally all of the foodstuffs you can possibly imagine, so that your third cousins you’ve never met don’t call us cheap.” Abbondanza is a word you’ll only hear your mother/grandmother say when you’re discussing your menu. Of course you have to have three pasta choices and six entree choices! Didn’t I raise you right?? Now, call the maitre d’ and tell him you want the extra soppressata table at cocktail hour.

Viennese Hour that everyone criticizes

If there’s no cannoli and the cappuccinos cost extra, you may get a severed horse head in your marriage bed.

Family pictures

This may seem obvious, but think about the difficulty of joining every single family group together during the reception just to take pictures with the bride and groom. These photos are obviously the job of the professional photographer, and it’s their worst nightmare to take two dozen stiff, posed shots that no one, including the happy couple, will ever want or pay money for. Family pictures take hours away from time better spent shooting tequila and twerking, but God forbid you don’t ask every single family member to take a photo with you.

Table visits

Another requirement of the couple during the reception is to visit every single table, kiss everyone on the cheek, and thank them endlessly for attending, the same way you’d thank a stranger for taking a bullet for you. Table pictures are also a necessity to stroke the considerable egos of the [...]

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From Filming Girl Meets World To Beyond, Here’s Our Week In Twitpics, Instagrams, & Snapchats!


What a CRAZY week it's been in pop culture!

From the death of Cecil The Lion, to allegations Ben Affleck was cheating on Jennifer Garner with his nanny, there was definitely no shortage of buzz worthy news!

Luckily, our lives have only been filled with positivity!

Not only are we working hard on our podcast The PHP, we filmed a cameo for Girl Meets World, AND our play Full House: The Musical opens in...


We are BEYOND excited!

And of course, we documented all of our adventures on Twitter and Instagram!

Want to see what pics we shared on social media?!

If so...

CLICK HERE to view "Perezcious Pics: July 25 - July 31"

CLICK HERE to view "Perezcious Pics: July 25 - July 31"

CLICK HERE to view "Perezcious Pics: July 25 - July 31"

CLICK HERE to view "Perezcious Pics: July 25 - July 31"

CLICK HERE to view "Perezcious Pics: July 25 - July 31"

[Image via Perez Hilton/Instagram.]

Uh Oh! Channing Tatum Reveals The ‘Darker Side’ Of His Stripper Days!


Although Channing Tatum plays a sexy stripper in Magic Mike XXL, that doesn't mean you should quit your day job and become one!

In case you didn't know, the 35-year-old worked as an exotic dancer when he was 19!

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While this experience would later influence the hit blockbuster, the hunk warns any potential booty shakers to think twice before pursuing this occupation!

On Monday, at the Sydney premiere of the much-anticipated sequel, the Alabama-native said:

"I am not sure I could recommend it."

The Foxcatcher star doesn't regret his past job, but he is definitely glad it's over, revealing:

"But it was a good time in my life. It was one complete year of down-the-rabbit-hole crazy. I am glad I moved on ... it definitely has some seedy, darker sides."

Although he won't elaborate on what "crazy" things happened, the thespian revealed he:

"Did a lot of bad things for one dollar bills."

Oh my! Guess we can use our imagination!

But seriously, we're just so glad Channing is now an actor and no longer has to strip to make a living!

[Image via WENN.]