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Ellen DeGeneres Gives Half-Assed, Non-Apology on Season Premier

One thing journalists often have to decide is whether to use the active or passive voice in describing an incident. The headlines “Unarmed Black Man Executed by Police” and “One Dead After Police-Involved Shooting” could describe the same incident, but the use of the passive voice allows the person using it to avoid assigning responsibility to guilty parties.

Here’s what Ellen DeGeneres said about the accusations that she’s a gigantic bitch who made life miserable for everyone around her on the season premiere of her talk show, via Page Six:

Sarcastically calling her summer “great,” DeGeneres apologized to anyone who had been negatively affected while working on her staff.
“As you may have heard, this summer there were allegations of a toxic work environment at our show and then there was an investigation. I learned that things happened here that never should have happened. I take that very seriously and I want to say I am so sorry to the people that were affected. I know that I am in a position of privilege and power and with that comes responsibility and I take responsibility for what happens at my show,” DeGeneres said.
She added that she is now “taking responsibility for what happens at my show.”

Lady, you did pint learn s**t, you did s**t. Look at how she frames it: “things happened here that never should have happened.” That is not someone taking responsibility, that is someone using passive voice to specifically avoid responsibility. “Gee, I guess you had to chew gum before speaking to me and were reprimanded for looking me in the eye. I don’t know how that happened but I take full responsibility. And you, I recently discovered someone tried to get you fired for having chipped nail polish? Geez, what a Karen, right?”

This is an unrepentant person hoping her behavior can be swept under the rug. It’s not an apology and it’s not taking responsibility for anything, it’s just throwing some producers under the rug. You should have listened to your wife and retired, Ellen.

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‘Friends’ Reunion Looking For New Host to Replace Ellen DeGeneres

Do you think Ellen DeGeneres feels like she’s stuck in second gear? Like this hasn’t been her day, her week, her month, or even her year? Well, no one is there for her.

It was long believed that Ellen DeGeneres would host the Friends reunion for HBO Max, but that doesn’t appear to be in the cards anymore. Here’s what Lisa Kudrow said about it, via Page Six.

On a new episode of SiriusXM’s Andy Cohen Live, Cohen asked Kudrow: “Is there a host for that? Is Ellen — did I hear that Ellen DeGeneres was hosting the reunion?”

“Um, you may, I don’t know,” Kudrow, 57, responded. “I don’t know that that’s been decided.”

That, to me, sounds like someone desperately trying not t say “yeah, we were going to have Ellen host but it turns out she sucks and everyone hates her now, so we keep calling Jon Stewart and Joe Rogan to see if they have an open day in their schedule.”

I’m not sure Ellen would have been the best host for this even before everyone found out what a huge bitch she is, honestly. I don’t want another celebrity there with the cast, I want like, a producer or a director of a lot of episodes who knows about all the behind-the-scenes stories and can facilitate conversations about what working on the show was really like. Creators David Crane and Marta Kauffman would be the best choice in my mind. They would clearly know the show and the cast, have a lot of stories to tell and they wouldn’t insist on making David Schwimmer pull them to the studio in a rickshaw while they whipped him.

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Ellen DeGeneres Allegedly Set ‘Traps’ For Household Staff

At this point, I feel like Ellen DeGeneres’ continued insistence that she’s not a horrible monster to everyone she considers beneath her is just insulting to our intelligence. For me, the things that sum it up is the story of someone saying hello as they walked past her and her wife Portia only for Ellen to respond “Who the hell do you think you are?” That’s the attitude of someone with an uncontrollable ego.

Ellen has repeatedly been accused of mistreating her staff, which she’s tried to push off onto her producers, but now The Daily Mail is reporting her household staff is sharing all sorts of horror stories about working for her.

Workers were hit with an itemized daily list of trifling gripes from serving food in the wrong bowl, leaving the salt shaker in the wrong place or failing to ensure DeGeneres’ latte was frothed the way she liked it.

Nitpicking DeGeneres would even ‘lay traps’ before she left for work, strategically leaning matchsticks behind cupboard doors and cushions to test if cleaners were dusting every square inch of her sprawling residence.

Sounds like a real joy to work for. It’s like your dad rigging the drawer he keeps his 70s porno in.

‘My belief is that someone’s real personality comes out at home,’ the former employee told DailyMail.com.

‘So after everything that has been said about her at work, you can imagine how terrible Ellen is going to be at home when her guard is down.

‘Sometimes she would yell at us but it was more about the incredibly condescending tone she would use. She treated you like you were nothing.

‘She was going to torture you and you were just going to sit there and listen to it because you were being paid.

‘Ellen was the worst person that I’ve ever met in my life. She takes pleasure in firing people.’

But, you know, the mistreatment of her staff at work was just because other people weren’t being as nice as she was. She just didn’t realize, you see, that people were being mean on her behalf.

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Ellen DeGeneres Show Producer: It’s Been a Couple of Rough Months, Huh?!?

As previously reported, The Ellen DeGeneres Show has been canceled in some markets,

In hopes of avoiding such a fate in the United States, executive producer Andy Lassner spoke out this week for the first time since the public has been privy to an onslaught of allegations about the program's work environment.

Ellen DeGeneres Takes a Seat

Lassner did do so by returning to Instagram after a month-long hiatus and recording a video that featured himself talking directly into the camera.

"Oh, look who it is. If it isn't Andy Lassner. Well, yes it is. Your eyes do not deceive you," he began in an obnoxiously flippant manner.

"I'm back. I've been away for a little bit dealing with, you know, some stuff. You may have read about it."

Oh, yes, dude, we've read about it -- and claims of sexual misconduct, racism and generally abhorrent behavior by those in charge of The Ellen DeGeneres Show should maybe be treated with more respect.

Ellen DeGeneres Monologue Pic

"It's been a couple of rough months," added Lassner.

"But it's when we go through these things, I guess, when we learn the most about ourselves, and maybe even some growth.

"But to tell you it hasn't been rough would be a lie, and I've always been honest with you. It's been rough. But I'm back."

Lassner could not sound less serious about the outcries of toxicity behind the scenes of this series; or more focused on himself, as opposed to the victims of all that has allegedly transpired.

Ellen DeGeneres on Her Talk Show

Lassner concluded the video by telling fans:

"I love you guys; I miss you and I'll talk to you soon."

Hooray? We guess?

Lassner is one of the few lead producers who did NOT get fired last month, as Ellen cleaned house in an attempt to right her quickly sinking ship.

Ellen DeGeneres Tries to Smile

Ed Glavin, Kevin Leman and Jonathan Norman -- all of whom have been accused of horribly treated various staffers over the years -- were ousted just over two weeks ago by the Warner Bros.

Over the previous couple months, accusations against these executives of racial insensitivity, sexual misconduct and other toxic work problems have come to troubling light.

In a subsequent video conference with employees, DeGeneres told her workers she "wasn't perfect," a source who was on the call said to People Magazine.

"I’m a multi-layered person, and I try to be the best person I can be and I try to learn from my mistakes,” the comedian told crew.

Ellen on Set

She then added a lame apology that went as follows:

“I’m hearing that some people felt that I wasn’t kind or too short with them, or too impatient. I apologize to anybody if I’ve hurt your feelings in any way.”

Due to the overwhelming number of former staffers who said they experienced racism, sexism or different types of aggressive/inappropriate behavior, the show's production company launched an internal investigation this summer.

The reputation of Ellen herself, meanwhile, has been shattered. Likely forever.

Ellen DeGeneres on EllenTube

Just consider:

BuzzFeed News published a report at the end of July in which "dozens" of ex-employees accused executive producers of sexual misconduct or harassment.

One of the unnamed producers denied "any kind of sexual impropriety" and another is "100 percent categorically denying" the accusations.

A third producer did not respond to a request for comment by E! News.

Ellen DeGeneres at Grammys

This same outlet also talked to one current and 10 former employees of The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

These folks came forward with allegations about their time at the program, including claims of a "toxic" work environment led by rude and short-tempered producers.

DeGeneres herself was never directly cited as a source of tension or intimidation.

But she has been accused of just sitting back and laughing while her producers berated or embarrassed her staff.

Ellen DeGeneres in 2020

In a memo to this same staff on July 30, DeGeneres said that she was "disappointed" to learn of the accusations of a toxic work environment on the show.

"On day one of our show, I told everyone in our first meeting that The Ellen DeGeneres Show would be a place of happiness – no one would ever raise their voice, and everyone would be treated with respect," she began.

"Obviously, something changed, and I am disappointed to learn that this has not been the case. And for that, I am sorry.

"Anyone who knows me knows it’s the opposite of what I believe and what I hoped for our show."

Ellen DeGeneres and Kevin Hart

DeGeneres added that she accepted responsibility and was "committed to ensuring this does not happen again."

The Ellen DeGeneres Show is scheduled to return to the air September 9.

Should be quite the interesting premiere, huh?

Mariah Carey Sounds Like She’s in the ‘Ellen DeGeneres Sucks’ Camp

It’s time for another episode of America’s favorite game show, Who Hates Ellen DeGeneres Now?. You know it’s you love it and at least the answer isn’t just “homophobes” anymore. This was a much easier and less exciting game in 1997.

Today’s contestant is Mariah Carey, singer, skinny legend, incredible ass-haver, American Idol judge and star of the worst movie ever made.

So, will Mariah love Ellen or hate her? Does Ellen Glitter or litter? Would this game make more sense if you didn’t already know the answer from the headline? Let’s get a quote from Vulture to find our answer.

“I was extremely uncomfortable with that moment is all I can say. And I really have had a hard time grappling with the aftermath,” she says. “I wasn’t ready to tell anyone because I had had a miscarriage. I don’t want to throw anyone that’s already being thrown under any proverbial bus, but I didn’t enjoy that moment.”

This is in reference to a 2008 appearance on Ellen’s show where she pressured Carey to admit she was pregnant by handing her a glass of champagne and telling her to drink it if she isn’t pregnant.

Ellen seems to love to do this to celebrities, press them in person on the sort of rumors people like me report on and/or viciously mock them for. I’ve also interviewed celebrities in my career and I have found that it’s better to not be an asshole to them, but that’s just me.

Carey’s PA is also named Ellen, and Vulture’s profile of the singer had a funny exchange between the two that stuck out to me.

“Ellen, will you make us some ‘horse devoirs,’ ” Carey asks, intentionally mispronouncing the word. “That’s what we call ’em.”

The reason I like that so much is it’s a line from Neil Gaiman’s Sandman, the one comic book your NPR-listening friends will admit they’ve read, though Delirium (neé Delight) actually says “horse doovers” and not “horse devoirs.” Still, it makes Carey seem a little cooler.

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Ellen DeGeneres Struggles to Save Show: I’m Not a Bully! I’m Just Shy!

Reports of Ellen DeGeneres mistreating her staff and behaving in an aloof, unapproachable fashion toward all but her most famous guests came as a shock to millions of viewers who had come to accept the daytime host's kindly onscreen persona as a reflection of her true self.

These days, Ellen is in damage control mode, attempting to rescue both her wildly successful talk show and the reputation she's spent decades creating.

Ellen DeGeneres on EllenTube

Insiders say a Warner Bros. investigation into DeGeneres and her staff has been concluded, and execs have not found sufficient reason to cancel the show entirely.

Three producers have now been fired in connection with unprofessional behavior.

So it seems that Elle has managed to convince her bosses that she's not too toxic to continue as the face of a TV franchise.

Ellen DeGeneres Sucks?

But now, she's faced with the equally difficult task of convincing her audience that she's worthy of their continued loyalty.

And apparently, Degeneres has decided that earning the forgiveness of the people she allegedly mistreated is the first step on the road to redemption.

According to a new report from Page Six, Ellen addressed her remaining staff in an emotional Zoom call on Monday.

Ellen DeGeneres in 2020

Insiders say the host explained that she was unaware of many of the abuses of power which her top-tier producers reportedly engaged in.

In defense of her own stand-offish behavior she stated that she's "introverted" and has "bad days," but insisted that she harbors no ill will toward any of her staff and was shocked to hear herself described as a bully.

DeGeneres also addressed the rumor that her underlings are often instructed not to address her or even make eye contact with her.

Ellen DeGeneres on Sofa

“I don’t know where it started,” she said of the report.

“Please talk to me. Look me in the eye.”

Actually, there's no great mystery regarding the origin of that particular rumor.

Ellen DeGeneres is Happy

A producer on Australia's version of the Today show revealed that he received the instruction when the comic made an appearance on the show back in 2013.

“‘She’ll come in, she’ll sit down, she’ll talk to Richard and then Ellen will leave,'” Neil Breen recalled Ellen's staff telling him.

“And I sort of said, ‘I can’t look at her?’ I found the whole thing bizarre," Breen added.

Ellen DeGeneres Accepts

Several anonymous Ellen staffers later confirmed that the host is notoriously skittish about eye contact.

Reports of DeGeneres' rude and at times abusive behavior have been surfacing non-stop for several months now.

Most recently, a former employee likened working for Ellen to the film The Devil Wears Prada, in which Meryl Streep's fashion magazine editor delights in tormenting her employees.

Ellen DeGeneres on the Mic

"It's kind of like The Devil Wears Prada," the anonymous former staffer explained.

She added that employees were denied "basic human rights" such as "being paid overtime" and "water on a hot day."

According to this former employee: “If you ask for that, you’re told, well, there’s the door.”

Ellen is Confused

So while it's nice that Ellen decided to address her employees directly this week, her personnel issues clearly go well beyond a lack of eye contact.

Only time will tell if the once-beloved host will be able to repair her battered reputation.

But at the moment, it seems unlikely that she'll be able to convince audiences that she's the fun-loving humanitarian she once made herself out to be.

Ellen DeGeneres Claims Staff Just Spontaneously Decided to Tell People Not to Look Her in the Eyes

Ellen DeGeneres is trying to survive her “Ellen is actually a huge bitch” scandal by desperately claiming to be a powerless figurehead with no actual authority on her television show and that all the stories about her being a horrible monster are actually the fault of other people and she knows nothing about it.

This would all be more believable if she didn’t try to have a waitress fired for having chipped nail polish. Did you know that waitress, like all wait staff in the LA area, is also a stand-up?

Yeah, now we’re getting somewhere.

If you remember a while ago Neil Breen (not the director) talked about what a nightmare she was as a guest on a show he was producing, between moving the location by 400 miles and just giving an interview when she was supposed to be a guest host. And the crew was told they weren’t to talk to or look at Ellen.

Now Ellen has claimed she doesn’t know how that started but it didn’t come from her. That incident with Breen was seven years ago and was one of the things that came up more than once in the Twitter thread that kicked off Ellen’s troubles.

I’m sorry but I just don’t believe Ellen’s people told everyone not to look her in the eye for a decade and she never had any idea. Remember that someone claimed they said hello to her while walking past her on the street and she responded “Who the hell so you think you are?”

I don’t think she’s going to Luke and Beau Duke her way out of trouble this time. Even if her show doesn’t replace her, I don’t think the ratings will hold after all these stories have come out. And I don’t think anyone buys her half-hearted denials.

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Anne Heche is Not Exactly Rushing to Ellen DeGeneres’ Defense

Remember Anne Heche? She was Ellen DeGeneres” first girlfriend after coming out and had a well-deserved reputation for being a little strange. And after they broke up we had to listen to every hackey late-night host go “Jeez, Anne Heche dated a woman and now she’s dating a man. Make up your mind!” It’s called being bisexual, don’t you have some Lewinsky jokes to tell for the next twenty years?

Anyway, Anne Heche rather famously dated Ellen DeGeneres and at the time, Hollywood was still pretty homophobic. The same companies and indeed the same people who are falling all over themselves to show how much they love diversity practically blacklisted Heche, an incredibly talented Emmy-award winning actress, to appease people who didn’t like the idea of two women dating.

In an interview in Mr Warburton magazine (which somehow is not owned by Patrick Warburton), Heche commented on the allegations against her former paramour.

“I haven’t spoken to Ellen in years. I’d listen to the people who have.”

She goes on to say, “If I’m standing someplace and I don’t like what’s going on there and I stay there, it’s my fault. So what are the actions that got me there and why can’t I get out of it easily if that’s not something that I want to be engaged in?” She takes a breath.  “Ellen is standing where she walks, and that is hers to continue that journey. Our time was a beautiful part of my life and one that I wear with honor. I was a part of a revolution that created social change, and I could not have done that without falling in love with her.”

Anne’s always been a little out there, and not just in a “walk two miles through the desert and knock and strangers door and just hang out until the police come and get her” kind of way.

But none of what she said there in any way sounds like “that doesn’t sound like the woman I loved” to me. It actually sounds like she’s saying the people calling her toxic are probably telling the truth.

As for Ellen, she’s busy throwing her producers under the bus in an attempt to salvage her reputation. A fish rots from the head, Ellen, and co-executive producer is not exactly the head.

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Ellen DeGeneres Tried to Fire a Waitress Over Chipped Nail Polish: Bizarre Report

Just when we thought we had heard every sordid story there was to tell about Ellen DeGeneres...

... along comes Chris Farah.

Ellen DeGeneres is Happy

A former waitress who is now trying to make in as a comedian, Farah says she was was working at Real Food Daily in Los Angeles in 2014 when she waited on Ellen and wife Portia de Rossi.

Everything went fine and normal during their interactions.

Or so Farah thought.

A week later, however, she claims that her managerr called her into his office and said DeGeneres had filed a complaint.

Ellen DeGeneres on the Mic

"She really went out of her way to try to hurt someone who was beneath her and serving her," the 35-year-old told DailyMail.com.

Ellen, according to Farah, took issue with the server's chipped nail polish.

"You’re going to try to take money away from me for two weeks because you don’t like the way my nails looked? It’s shitty," Farah told this same outlet, adding:

"It’s not anything akin to her image of 'be kind. It’s unnecessarily cruel and out of touch, and doesn’t understand the repercussions. It’s a crazy thing to do."

Chris Farah

It absolutely is -- if it actually happened.

We obviously have no idea if Farah is telling the truth... and even if you believe all the horrible allegations against DeGeneres of late, this just sounds unsually bizarre.

"There’s an underlying sadistic-ness to her sometimes, under the veil of this whole 'be kind to others' thing," Farah now says.

Ellen DeGeneres Tries to Smile

The Ellen DeGeneres Show is currently under investigation amid numerous claims of sexual harassment by executive producers, with numerous past employees saying the culture backstage was "toxic."

This is an accusation that has been backed up by none other than the DJ who seemed to get along very well with Ellen.

In front of the camera, that is.

In early July, talk show staffers revealed bombshell accusations they suffered from "racism, fear, and intimidation” on set.

Ellen DeGeneres at Grammys

“Is she always nice? No,” said a former staffer of the host. “It irritates me that people think she’s all sweetness and light and she gets away with it."

DeGeneres wasn't cited as the one actually doing the harassing or intimidating, with most ex-employees pointing a finger at three of her executive producers.

But the superstar has since apologized for all the ways her program has seemingly run way, way, way off track.

Ellen DeGeneres on Sofa

In this message, Ellen acknowledged that her "success" -- which includes 30 Emmys and 20 People's Choice Awards -- would not have been possible "without all of your contributions," referring to everyone backstage.

"My name is on the show and everything we do and I take responsibility for that," she said.

"I’m learning that people who work with me and for me are speaking on my behalf and misrepresenting who I am and that has to stop...

"As someone who was judged and nearly lost everything for just being who I am, I truly understand and have deep compassion for those being looked at differently, or treated unfairly, not equal, or – worse – disregarded.

"To think that any one of you felt that way is awful to me."

Ellen DeGeneres on Her Set

Added DeGeneres:

"As we've grown exponentially, I've not been able to stay on top of everything and relied on others to do their jobs as they knew I'd want them done.

"Clearly some didn't."

"That will now change and I'm committed to ensuring this does not happen again.'

Ellen DeGeneres on EllenTube

This is how she then concluded:

I am so proud of the work we do and the fun and joy we all help put out in the world.

I want everyone at home to love our show and I want everyone who makes it to love working on it. Again, I’m so sorry to anyone who didn’t have that experience.

If not for COVID, I’d have done this in person, and I can’t wait to be back on our stage and see you all then. Stay safe and healthy.

The Ellen Show Was a Toxic Environment, Former DJ Confirms

While the rest of us watch gleefully as Ellen DeGeneres' employees experience hope for the first time in years, some are still in doubt.

Was Ellen's alleged toxic behavior some sort of mass hallucination by unseen members of the crew? Her show's former DJ is speaking up.

Tony Okungbowa

In the TV business, members of any production might come and go, but others 

Tony Okungbowa was Ellen's DJ for the show for about a decade.

Others who work on the show now have described a toxic environment of fear and emotional abuse.

Ellen is Confused

"Hey Guys," Tony says in an Instagram post on the topic, "I hope you are all keeping safe out there during these trying times."

"I have been getting calls asking me about the Ellen Degeneres Show," he reveals.

"And," Tony announces, "I would like to address the time I spent there."

Ellen DeGeneres Tries to Smile

"I was on air talent from 2003-2006 and from 2007 -2013," Tony reminds people of his time spent working there.

"While I am grateful for the opportunity it afforded me," he begins.

Tony then confirms: "I did experience and feel the toxicity of the environment."

Ellen DeGeneres on Her Show

Tony confirms that his experiences line up with those described "and I stand with my former colleagues."

He supports Ellen's employees "in their quest to create a healthier and more inclusive workplace."

Tony supports these reform efforts "as the show moves forward."

Ellen DeGeneres on EllenTube

It is important to emphasize that, though Ellen herself has been the subject of criticism, she is not alone.

Some of her producers have been accused of toxic behavior, creating an atmosphere "of fear" on the show.

But, ultimately, as the face of the show, all eyes are on Ellen and the perception that she is two-faced, showing her less friendly side to underlings.

Ellen DeGeneres on Sofa

In fact, both supporters and fellow celebrities -- some, anyway -- have come forward to defend Ellen.

They insist that they have never seen this side of her, pointing out that her friendliness is famous.

These defenders explain that they simply cannot imagine Ellen even allowing a toxic culture for employees, let alone contributing to one.

Ellen DeGeneres Accepts

But then ... isn't that the whole point?

We do not judge people and their niceness by how friendly they are to the rich and famous while they are being recorded.

We judge people based upon how they treat people who have no power.

Ellen DeGeneres in Mourning

The excited cancelation of Ellen isn't just about the culture on her show.

This also has a lot to do with Ellen's reputation -- her lesser-known reputation.

Because for years, those of us who cover entertainment news and those of us who know a lot of people in the service industry have "heard things."

Ellen DeGeneres at Grammys

Many of us have heard anecdotes from waiters and hotel employees who apparently caught Ellen in a bad mood.

Based upon these anecdotal recollections by restaurant employees and concierges, it sounds like Ellen vents her frustrations by getting low-income workers fired.

She has allegedly demanded that people get fired, even writing letters to management ... at times, over something as minor as a waitress with a bad manicure.

Ellen DeGeneres on the Mic

Ellen was a trailblazer for LGBTQ+ rights, putting her career on the line in the 1990s to come out as a lesbian to the world.

There were real consequences for that. But, over time, she was able to advance in her career and take it to new heights.

But Ellen has come under fire for a number of bad choices in recent years that seem to indicate that she has more in common with other people who happen to be wealthy and white than she does with her own community.

Ellen DeGeneres in 2020

None of us can forget those inexcusable photos of her being buddy-buddy with George W. Bush at a sports game.

Bush made opposition to gay rights a cornerstone of his 2004 reelection. None of us will forget that -- except, it seems, for Ellen.

She has spent years as the go-to defender for the likes of Kevin Hart.

Her accomplishments in the '90s were great, but it has been a long time since she deserved her current platform.

All of These Clips of Ellen DeGeneres’ ‘Playful’ Meanness Aren’t so Cute Now That We Know She’s a Huge Bitch

You know how when you learn something new about someone, it makes you view their past work in a new light? Like how Michael Jackson sang all those songs about having sex with preteen boys and they just seems so different after finding out his favorite thing to do in the entire world was have sex with preteen boys? Yeah, pretty weird now, isn’t it?

Ellen DeGeneres, it turns out, liked to sort of playfully bully people on her talk show and those clips don’t really seem so charming now.

Take this clip where Ellen’s crew set up hidden cameras in a room they were giving free stuff to audience members in.

Isn’t it hilarious the way the woman making $50 million a year is embarrassing that lady for taking a mug and a shirt? This segment really hits different knowing Ellen tried to get a waitress fired for having chipped nail polish doesn’t it? Sorta goes from your playful friend Ellen busting your balls to a feudal lord putting a peasant in the stocks.

Look at how irritated Taylor Swift is, emphatically saying she doesn’t want to play this game while Ellen insists, begging DeGeneres to let her keep “the last shred of dignity” she has.

Ellen is just so disrespectful here. The idea is she’s like, annoying the First Lady, but what she’s  actually doing is ruining a bunch of products and wrecking a store someone is probably getting paid minimum wage to clean. Doesn’t seem as funny when you hear the way Ellen screams at non-famous people for having the audacity to say hello to her, does it?

Hasan, I’m such a big fan and then I mispronounced you’re name and doubled down on it when he says you’ve said it wrong. Seems much worse after hearing about all the racial abuse that took place on set.

And who could forget Dakota Johnson? It takes some real balls to blow off someone’s party and then ask why you weren’t invited on national television.

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Ellen DeGeneres Treats Her Staff like Trash Because She’s Scarred from Getting Canceled 20 Years Ago

Ellen DeGeneres hasn’t recovered from her sitcom Ellen being canceled in 1998, that’s why Ellen’s  a horrible human being. That’s the theory according to staffers.

An insider confessed to Daily Mail over the weekend:

“Many of us have a theory that Ellen behaves this way as a mechanism to protect herself. She was so damaged when her sitcom was canceled after she came out that she chose to keep people at a distance in order not to get hurt should this show be canceled. Yet 17 seasons later it’s still on the air and she’s so powerful now she thought she could do whatever she wanted.'”

They call this PTSD.

I could see how getting canceled would make someone a bitter, unhappy person. Especially in Hollywood where you have to keep up outwards appearances and be fake and happy.

Plus, everyone in Hollywood will stab you in the back.

In other words, I get how Ellen turned out to be a horrible person to her staff and people around her. It’s the system, not her.

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Are Ellen’s Days on Her Show Numbered? Could James Corden Take Her Place?

It turns out that the only celebrity willing to speak out on behalf of a Ellen DeGeneres is Scooter Braun, that dude Taylor Swift hates. We heard last week that she was seen as too toxic for celebs to take her side, and since then, Scooter Braun aside, we’ve had a few celebrities speak out and say “Yeah, she sucks.”

Brad Garret, who played Robert in Everybody Loves Raymond, tweeted that Ellen’s behavior was “common knowledge” in Hollywood circles, and Back to the Future’s Lea Thompson seconded it.

Comedian Jim Gaffigan, who worked with Ellen on the criminally short-lived sitcom The Ellen Show, said on his web series Dinner With the Gaffigans that DeGeneres was “not perfect“ on Sunday, and I don’t want to put words into Jim’s mouth but that sounds an awful lot like the way someone from Indiana calls you a bitch.

Now, the remaining EPS on Ellen’s show said today she’s not quitting, but there were also reports her successor has already been chosen.

James Corden, the late-night talkshow host and the Gavin & Stacey creator who didn’t get an MBE, is said to be on deck for Ellen’s show by The Sun, with an insider telling the tabloid:

“James Corden was being eyed for Ellen’s job in the long term before any of this came to light. Now this shocking new development places a spotlight on the next step.”

NBC Entertainment Chairman Paul Telegdy sounds very high on Corden, but nothing has been finalized yet.

I think it’s unlikely Ellen continues doing her show much longer; the celebrities currently not coming to her defense are unlikely to show up on her show and ignore the reality that everyone hates her. And is that how Ellen wants to end her career? She doesn’t need the money, why subject yourself to further indignities? How many more celebrities have to tell everyone you suck?

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Ellen DeGeneres Quitting Her Show Because People Realize She’s a Horrible Human Being

Ellen DeGeneres has had enough of you calling her out on her bad behavior and employing alleged sexual predators. Daily Mail reports that DeGeneres is going to end her show. So WarnerMedia can take their current investigation of her show and shove it up their ass. Probably Ellen’s words, definitely not mine.

An anonymous “insider” at the show said to Daily Mail:

“She feels she can”t go on and the only way to recover her personal brand from this is to shut down the show.”

Perhaps her new brand can be insufferable mean person. The insider also disputes DeGeneres” claims she knew nothing about what was going on at her show.

“The truth is she knew what was going on, it’s her show. The buck stops with her. She can blame every executive under the sun – but Ellen is ultimately the one to blame.”

Daily Mail had multiple, anonymous staff giving great quotes about Ellen. Among their best quotes:

“Don’t think for a minute anything she has said in that apology means anything. She created and then enabled this toxic culture to go on for so long.”

“If anyone had come to her or those three vile [executive producers] to complain, they would’ve been fired.”

“Inside Telepictures we’ve had enough of her. She is a phony who does not practice what she preaches.”

“The behavior of her show executives has been appalling, but [Ellen] is no better. In fact, she is the worst. It’s outrageous that she is trying to pretend that this is all a shock to her. The fish rots from the head, and Ellen is the head.”

I love that one. Ellen is a rotting fish head. Haha.

[Ellen] “hates coming to work”, “struggles to be nice to people and has utter contempt for her audience.”

“She has been phoning it in for so long, and only staying for the money and celebrity it affords her.”

“We’ve dealt with her BS for so many years, she’s not innocent at all, she’s not nice and the show is not filled with happiness.”

“She’s only addressing this now because the publicity is so bad for her and her BS brand of happiness and kindness. Ellen can throw everyone else under the bus, but the buck stops with her.”

Shocked to learn that this show is a fraud. You mean all that dancing wasn’t sincere? I need a new hero.

“Don’t think for a second that there won’t be a witch hunt to find out who went public with the worst kept secret in television. Ellen is mean. She’ll want vengeance for all of this coming out.”

“She kept herself isolated from the staff. You can’t go up and talk to her, heck, you can’t even get within a mile of her on the lot,”

“Warner Bros should cancel our show or swap her out for a fun celebrity host. Viewers have been fed lies for years. The Ellen you see on TV is disingenuous and inauthentic. She’s a horrible person who has done nothing to support 99% of the people who work for her.

“Yet they won’t cancel it as all they care about is money and the show is a cash cow.

“It’s time for Ellen to leave TV. She’s done enough damage. They should replace her with someone wonderful like Jen Aniston. She’s always a dream when she comes by – gracious, kind and funny and we’re actually allowed to look her in the eyes!!”

I need a random tweet generator to tweet anonymous quotes about Ellen every day. Also, I would love to see Jennifer Aniston on TV again.

Ellen DeGeneres sounds like a real winner. It makes me wonder how Portia de Rossi manages staying with her. My guess is $$$.

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Brad Garrett to Ellen DeGeneres: YOU’RE to Blame for Your Show’s Toxic Culture!

Brad Garrett has a harsh truth to share with Ellen DeGeneres.

The former Everybody Loves Raymond star took to Twitter this week and issued a very short, albeit verry simple message to the beleaguered comedian.

Brad Garrett to Ellen DeGeneres, ellen

Following ongoing reports of a toxic workplace environment on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, along with new reports of sexual harassment on set, Garrett linked to Ellen's apology from Wednesday night...

... and basically called it complete BS.

Brad Garrett tweet

"Sorry but it comes from the top ⁦@TheEllenShow," Garrett wrote, tagging DeGeneres and writing:

"Know more than one who were treated horribly by her.⁩ Common knowledge."

For the record, Garrett was a guest six times on Ellen's talk show.

So he's speaking from some experience here.

Ellen DeGeneres Tries to Smile

Earlier this month, it was announced that the program was under internal investigation due to numerous ex-employees telling Buzzfeed News that they were treated horribly and unfairly by a number of executive producers.

These allegations included staffers who said they were penalized for taking medical leave... instances of racial microaggressions ... and fear of retribution for raising complaints.

Ellen DeGeneres on Her Set

More recently, producer Kevin Leman was accused of making sexual advances on an ex-staffer at a company party.

He has also been accused of grabbing a production assistant’s penis and groping another PA in a car, in addition to making inappropriate comments at the office.

Leman denied “any kind of sexual impropriety” and claimed that he has not had “a single HR or inter-personal complaint made” about him in his 17 years working on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

Still, though...

Ellen DeGeneres in 2020

It's yet another extremely troubling look behind the scenes of a once-beloved series, which now appears to be circling the drain.

On Thursday, DeGeneres issued an apology to the staff members of The Ellen DeGeneres Show in response to this  criticism.

"Hey everybody – it’s Ellen," she wrote.

Ellen on Set

"On day one of our show, I told everyone in our first meeting that The Ellen DeGeneres Show would be a place of happiness – no one would ever raise their voice, and everyone would be treated with respect.

"Obviously, something changed, and I am disappointed to learn that this has not been the case."

"And for that, I am sorry."

Ellen DeGeneres Accepts

"Anyone who knows me knows it’s the opposite of what I believe and what I hoped for our show."

DeGeneres, however, also seemed to hide behind executives on the show, shirking some responsibility for all that has seemingly transpired.

"I’m learning that people who work with me and for me are speaking on my behalf and misrepresenting who I am and that has to stop," she said.

Ellen DeGeneres is Happy

"As someone who was judged and nearly lost everything for just being who I am, I truly understand and have deep compassion for those being looked at differently, or treated unfairly, not equal, or – worse – disregarded.

"To think that any one of you felt that way is awful to me.

"It’s been way too long, but we’re finally having conversations about fairness and justice."

Ellen DeGeneres at Saint Laurent Fashion Show

The 62-year old added that she is "glad the issues" were brought to her attention, and she is promising to do her "part" in pushing herself and others "to learn and grow."

She continued:

"We all have to be more mindful about the way our words and actions affect others, and I’m glad the issues at our show were brought to my attention."

Ellen DeGeneres Speech Photo

"I promise to do my part in continuing to push myself and everyone around me to learn and grow. It’s important to me and to Warner Bros. that everyone who has something to say can speak up and feels safe doing so."

And she concluded:

I am so proud of the work we do and the fun and joy we all help put out in the world. I want everyone at home to love our show and I want everyone who makes it to love working on it.

Ellen DeGeneres on the Red Carpet

Again, I’m so sorry to anyone who didn’t have that experience.

If not for COVID, I’d have done this in person, and I can’t wait to be back on our stage and see you all then. Stay safe and healthy. Love, Ellen.

In a statement from Warner Bros. yesterday, the company said it "interviewed dozens of current and former employees about the environment" of the show.

Ellen Pic

Warner Bros. said it was "disappointed that the primary findings of the investigation indicated some deficiencies related to the show’s day-to-day management."

This statement added:

Warner Bros. and Ellen DeGeneres are all committed to ensuring a workplace based on respect and inclusion.

We are confident this course of action will lead us to the right way forward for the show.

Ellen DeGeneres Issued a Half-Assed Non-Apology to Her Crew the Same Day and Australian Producer Recalled What a Nightmare She Was

Ellen DeGeneres can’t catch a break. She issued an “apology” to her staff that essentially involved throwing one of her EPS under the bus. Just read the first paragraph of  the statement she made to her staff, which was published by Variety.

Hey everybody – it’s Ellen. On day one of our show, I told everyone in our first meeting that The Ellen DeGeneres Show would be a place of happiness – no one would ever raise their voice, and everyone would be treated with respect. Obviously, something changed, and I am disappointed to learn that this has not been the case. And for that, I am sorry. Anyone who knows me knows it’s the opposite of what I believe and what I hoped for our show.

Her bad luck is that a producer on the Australian talk show Today gave an interview where he described Ellen as being an absolute terror she was when she appeared on that show which was picked up by Page Six just hours before her “oh jeez, how could this have happened?” schtick.

“[Ellen DeGeneres’] producers called us aside … and said, ‘Now, Neil, no one is to talk to Ellen. You don’t talk to her, you don’t approach her, you don’t look at her,’” Neil Breen said this week on radio station 4BC, where he’s now a host.

The demands came after Ellen’s staff already had “watered down” her appearance on “Today” from a spot co-hosting the Sydney-based show to doing just a sit-down interview in Melbourne, which meant the production had to relocate 443 miles, Breen said.

She insisted no one in the crew so much as look at her after making them relocate to a different city. And Sydney and Melbourne are not exactly just next door; it’s the equivalent of agreeing to meet someone in New York and then calling them from Pittsburgh and saying “there’s been a change of plans.”

By the way, if you want to impress your Australian friends, just pronounce it Melbun. I’m 100% certain Ellen said Melborn.

He also said her team controlled how the interview would be conducted, from lighting to seating. Breen said he couldn’t tell what type of person DeGeneres was, as he “never got to talk to her.”

“I have no idea whether she’s a nice person or not, I wouldn’t have a clue,” he added. “But I can tell you the people who worked with her walked on eggshells the whole time, and the whole thing was totally bizarre.

But don’t worry, everyone in Ellen’s crew, now that mean ole producer Ed Glavin is gone you can all “learn and grow” together.

You know I how I know these stories about Ellen aren’t anything that’s normal for celebrities? Because you’re hearing about them. No one has come forward and said “Oh, yeah, you’re not allowed to look at any talk show host, I once saw Conan O’Brien shove a can of Guinness up an intern’s ass and open it inside of him because he said ‘beautiful morning for it, boss’ in passing.” It just doesn’t happen.

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Ellen DeGeneres’s Celebrity Friends Do Not Have Her Back

Have you noticed that despite her popularity among the Hollywood elite, no one has come out to dispute the stories about Ellen DeGeneres supposedly being an abusive boss and generally terrible person? When Disney fired James Gunn over a made-up right-wing outrage born out of intentionally not getting jokes and not realizing jokes about pedophilia were fairly commonplace a decade ago, the entire cast of Guardians of the Galaxy came out to support him and some of them even threatened to walk off the third movie if Gunn wasn’t involved.

And yet, there has been nary a peep in defense of Ellen despite the fact that it would probably help her in the investigation launched into her behavior and the atmosphere she created on her set.

The New York Post reports that The reason for that is none of her famous friends are willing to put their reputation on the line for her.

A source told The Sun: “Ellen has gained a reputation as a friend to the stars, but A-listers would have to take great risks to publicly defend the show.”

That sounds like they think she did it to me. What other reason can you think of that not one person has come out and said “The Ellen DeGeneres I know isn’t a huge bitch who treats everyone who isn’t famous like they’re subhuman” if not they at least think there’s the possibility that it checks out?

Still, you stand by your friends. If your best friend tells you they killed someone, your response should be “I’ll be right over with two shovels, don’t touch anything.” Ellen may have a lot of A-List friends, but it sounds like she doesn’t have any friends willing to help her bury a body. And the odds are good at least one of them has buried a literal body before. Is she friends with anyone who was on the boat with Natalie Wood?

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Ellen DeGeneres’ Bosses are Investigating Her Treatment of Her Staff

In Ellen DeGeneres’ latest stand-up special, she talks about how her wife Portia de Rossi has been encouraging the talk show host to join her into retirement and that her brother Vance told her he thought she should keep doing her show. It’s looking like Portia might get her wish now that WarnerMedia has opened an investigation into her behavior on set and the allegedly toxic environment on it.

From Variety:

Executives from show producer Telepictures and distributor Warner Bros. Television sent a memo to staffers last week saying they have engaged WBTV-owner WarnerMedia’s employee relations group and a third party firm, who will interview current and former staffers about their experiences on set, said sources.

A Warner Bros. Television spokesperson declined to comment on the matter. A rep for “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” did not immediately respond to Variety‘s request for comment.

Maybe it’s time to pack it in, Ellen. I mean, ideally, before everyone hated you would have been the best time, but let’s be solution oriented and get the hell off of television before people hate you even more because it comes out that you made your assistant put a marmoset in his trousers or something.

An investigation announcement was the last thing we heard about House of Cards before they fired Kevin Spacey and everyone had to pretend the show was just as good without him, but did anyone even watch the last season of House of Cards? I mean, at least Ellen didn’t grab anyone’s dick and there won’t be a need to hastily conclude plot points since she does a talk show.

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The Ellen DeGeneres Show Under Investigation Due to Workplace Complaints: Report

What seemed like an impossibility just a short while ago may now become a reality.

The Ellen DeGeneres Show could actually get canceled.

Ellen DeGeneres on Her Set

According to Variety, the program has become the subject of an internal investigation by WarnerMedia due to numerous accounts of workplace problems on set and behind the scenes.

Executives from series producer Telepictures and distributor Warner Bros. Television sent a memo to staffers several days ago saying they have engaged WBTV-owner WarnerMedia’s employee relations group and a third party firm.

This firm will interview current and former staffers about their experiences working under DeGeneres.

Ellen on Set

Earlier this month, BuzzFeed News published a report in which previous staff members claims there is a "toxic work environment" behind the scenes of the daytime talk show.

The report anonymously one current and 10 ex-staffers about their experiences on set... including allegations of being penalized for taking medical leave, instances of racial microaggressions and fear of retribution for raising complaints.

For example?

One African-American woman who worked on The Ellen DeGeneres Show said she experienced what she described as "microaggressions" and was "reprimanded" by producer Ed Galvin.

Ellen DeGeneres in 2020

What was her supposed transgression?

Asking for a raise and suggesting staff members undergo diversity and inclusion training, among other claims.

Another former employeed recalled racist remarks by coworkers about her hairstyle, even stating that a senior-level producer told her and a fellow Black employee, "Oh wow, you both have box braids; I hope we don’t get you confused."

This same person also alleged a writer joked to her, in front of others, that they only remembered the names of white staffers.

Ellen DeGeneres and Kevin Hart

After years of being considered one of the kindest people in Hollywood, DeGeneres has come under constant fire of late.

She has been accused of being abusive toward her staff, although many of the people quoted by Buzzfeed didn't cite DeGeneres as the main culprit of the aforementioned toxic work environment.

"People focus on rumors about how Ellen is mean and everything like that, but that's not the problem," one ex-employee told Buzzfeed.

Ellen DeGeneres Accepts

Continued this individual:

"The issue is these three executive producers running the show who are in charge of all these people [and] who make the culture and are putting out this feeling of bullying and being mean.

"They feel that everybody who works at The Ellen Show is lucky to work there:

"‘So if you have a problem, you should leave because we'll hire someone else because everybody wants to work here.'"

Ellen DeGeneres in Mourning

In response to the report, Executive producers Glavin, Mary Connelly and Andy Lassner said in a statement at the time that they take full responsibility for daily operations on the program.

"Over the course of nearly two decades, 3,000 episodes and employing over 1000 staff members, we have strived to create an open, safe and inclusive work environment," they said.

"We are truly heartbroken and sorry to learn that even one person in our production family has had a negative experience."

Jimmy Kimmel and Ellen DeGeneres

They concluded:

"It’s not who we are and not who we strive to be, and not the mission Ellen has set for us.

"For the record, the day-to-day responsibility of the Ellen show is completely on us.

"We take all of this very seriously and we realize, as many in the world are learning, that we need to do better, are committed to do better, and we will do better."

Ellen DeGeneres is Happy

A Warner Bros. Television spokesperson, meanwhile, declined to comment on the pending internal investigation.

Ellen, for her part, has not said a word in public about all these recent scathing allegations.

Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi Got Robbed

“God bless America. The Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Office is reporting that Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi’s Montecito home was burglarized on the Fourth of July, according to local affiliate KEYT. “High-value jewelry and watches” were reportedly the items taken from the home, which deputies said was targeted because of its status as a known home to celebrities.” [NYPost]

Celebs are getting robbed even though we’re all home?? This is bold.

Celebs like Rihanna, Nicki Minaj, David Spade and and Christina Milian, have been hit lately too.

Watch out Ellen staffers. She’s going to be a real bitch to you tomorrow.

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Report: Ellen DeGeneres Has Basically Killed Her Brand by Being a Bitch

Other than people who have gotten the coronavirus and the 1/3rd of Americans who were unable to make rent or mortgage payments last month, no one has had a worse coronavirus lockdown than Ellen DeGeneres. Before the virus hit, she was a beloved daytime host who was making housewives less homophobic by the day. With all their newfound free time, however, people were free to talk about what a bitch she is.

A Fox News report alleges that Ellen’s brand may be irreparably harmed by all the negative attention she’s gotten for all the horrible things she’s done. Fox spoke to Reputation Management Consultants chairman Eric Schiffer, and he painted a pretty grim picture for the talk show host.

“Authenticity is king with celebrity brands and these continued leaks are lacerating her credibility and mangling her capacity to continue to try to be positioned at a high moral ground,” Schiffer told Fox News.

“It’s celebrity brand suicide,” he added.

This is, for instance, why you don’t see Bill Clinton doing a lot of political ads about integrity or not being a rapist. Doesn’t feel authentic.

“Ellen is unwilling herself to accept full responsibility and is trying to get her senior producers to take the full hit which further shows a lack of character,” Schiffer said. “A leader steps up and learns from it, and now we’re learning that Ellen — who is considered to be squeaky clean in her persona — may be leading an organization that has stone-cold crazy racism going on within it. It’s horrifying to think about.”

Schiffer added that it would be nearly impossible for DeGeneres to not have already been aware of the alleged abusive behavior going on behind the scenes.

“The chance of Ellen not knowing that this is going on is the same possibility that there are people still in America that don’t know Donald Trump’s name,” the brand expert said.

Those lucky fictional bastards.

Schiffer went on to say that Ellen hiding and deflecting and hoping things blow over of about the worst thing she could be doing, saying “She’s too important and she doesn’t want to hurt her brand. Meanwhile, her brand is bleeding out in gushes across America.”

The really bad thing for DeGeneres is that more and more of these stories keep coming out, like an employee who was allegedly told to take down a fundraiser to pay for medical bills because it would make Ellen look like she didn’t take care of her employees but then also she didn’t pay the employee’s medical bills.

They’re going to end up giving her show to a more likable comic, like Louis C.K. or Bill Cosby.

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Ellen DeGeneres: Are She & Her Show About to Get Canceled?

Ellen DeGeneres may soon get canceled, according to a stunning new report.

Ellen DeGeneres in 2020

We don't mean this in the broad, social media sense, either.

We don't mean this in the sense that Ellen DeGeneres is being criticized by an online mob and users are saying she should be ostracized from the general conversation and/or the public stage.

We mean this literally.

Ellen DeGeneres Accepts

Rumors surrounding her future have been flying around that we never expected to entertain just a few months ago.

Ellen may actually get canceled as a talk show.

Amid insiders whispering about this possibility, The New York Post spoke to a represenative from DeGeneres’ production company, who simply said the following:

“Telepictures can confirm it’s untrue."

Ellen DeGeneres at Saint Laurent Fashion Show

How is this even being discussed at the moment?

How could Ellen, one of the most popular and successful figures in all of entertainment, have fallen this far so quickly?

Back in April, Ellen was accused of cruel behavior toward her guests and also toward her employees in a series of articles.

Ellen DeGeneres Wins!

These reports began to circulate once she began airing a stripped-down version of her talk show amid the coronavirus pandemic.

According to insiders, the 62-year-old talk show icon allegedly communicated very poorly with her staff during this period.

And then ripped them off.

Ellen DeGeneres and Kevin Hart

Crew members "received no written communication about the status of their working hours, pay, or inquiries about their mental and physical health from producers for over a month," said two sources.

According to Variety, both insiders spoke out only under the condition of anonymity because the situation was so toxic.

Ellen DeGeneres Speech Photo

Then, with the country in the grips of a long overdue conversation regarding income inequality, especially in the midst of the global pandemic, the real bombshell hit.

After weeks of uncertainty, "nearly all crew members were told last week to brace for a 60% reduction in pay, even as the show continues to air," the report continued.

For the record, Ellen is worth approximately $330 million.

Ellen DeGeneres in Mourning

In the wake of this backlash, ratings for Ellen have plummeted.

Is that because of the negative press? It's hard to imagine it's not, since Americans are at home watching TV more than ever, and Ellen's ratings recently fell 14 percent to a new season 17-low rating of 1.2.

The “stories are all true,” a former employee of Ellen's long-running daytime talk show has told the Post, seemingly confirming allegations of abusive behavior by DeGeneres.

Ellen DeGeneres is Happy

This remains a shocking revelation after many years of DeGeneres presenting herself on air as an especially friendly and benevolent celebrity.

“Is she always nice? No,” added a former staffer. “It irritates me that people think she’s all sweetness and light and she gets away with it."

Not so much any longer, it seems.

Jimmy Kimmel and Ellen DeGeneres

The contradiction between such accounts and Ellen's public persona is hard to reconcile, but perhaps that's why the push to unmask her (so to speak) has been so pronounced this year.

On March 20, comedian Kevin T. Porter launched a Twitter thread that went viral, calling for anyone who encountered DeGeneres to respond with “insane” stories about “Ellen being mean.”

Ellen DeGeneres on the Red Carpet

Replied TV writer Ben Simeon to that particular call to action:

“A new staff member was told, ‘Every day she picks someone different to really hate. It’s not your fault, just suck it up for the day and she’ll be mean to someone else the next day.’

"They didn’t believe it, but it ended up being entirely true."

Ellen DeGeneres on the Mic

If that were an isolated case, it would be easily dismissed.

But more of these stories began to emerge, and each one - even if only partially true - painted a worse picture than the last.

DeGeneres has not directly responded to these accusations, but a source told celebrity gossip magazine Us Weekly shortly after they started coming out that "Ellen is at the end of her rope."

Ellen Promo Pic

What does this actually mean and will we see any changes or statements from DeGeneres or her team?

We can't say at the moment, but it will be very interesting to see what happens, to put things mildly.

Ellen DeGeneres is Not Enjoying Reaping What She Spent Her Career Sowing

Ellen DeGeneres thought that the stories about her being a huge asshole to everyone around her we’re just going to blow over and Us Magazine is reporting she doesn’t know what to do now that it isn’t actually blowing over.

“Ellen is at the end of her rope,” a source reveals exclusively in the new issue of Us Weekly. “She thought this was all just sour grapes from a few haters. But it’s not a passing thing — the hits just keep coming.”

It turns out that when you treat hundreds of people like they’re beneath you, you get more than a few haters.

Ellen’s reaction here actually reminds me of a viral tweet from last year.

But really, things are not too bad for her in her giant mansion with her hot, younger wife.

“Ellen’s so grateful to have Portia in her life as a soulmate and a sounding board, but that doesn’t mean it’s been easy,” a second source tells Us. “Their home life is strained right now. … Her real friends never ask her to be funny or tell jokes. They accept her as is.”

And at the end of the day, DeGeneres’ ratings continue to soar, which indicates that the backlash has not affected her show.

“Ellen’s been in our homes for so long, it’ll take a lot more than a bodyguard and a blogger to change how people feel about her,” the second insider notes. “Her best response is just being happy Ellen on the show every day.”

Honestly, she probably should have taken her wife’s advice to retire, and it’s not too late. Her show’s ratings aren’t down, but who knows what will happen when the pandemic ends and there are other shows to watch. Go out on top before something really bad comes out. Harvey Weinstein thought he was just going to ride out #metoo and go back to making movies, and he ended up being the only person it took down before they ended it for Joe Biden. Not that Ellen is as bad as Weinstein, but that public opinion can turn on a dime.

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Ellen DeGeneres: More Accusers Come Forward With Accounts of Cruel, Abusive Behavior

Earlier this year, several media outlets reported on allegations of Ellen DeGeneres engaging in cruel and abusive behavior toward her staff throughout her time on television. 

As the weeks went on, more colleagues and underlings came forward with accounts of being mistreated by a woman who's built a billion-dollar brand by portraying herself as a paragon of kindness and compassion.

Ellen DeGeneres is Happy

Now, the New York Post has published the accounts of several more Ellen staffers who say they were mistreated during their time on the show.

“The stories are all true,” a former employee of Ellen's long-running daytime talk show told the Post.

“Is she always nice? No,” the former staffer continued.

“It irritates me that people think she’s all sweetness and light and she gets away with it.”

Ellen DeGeneres Accepts

The Post also spoke with a bodyguard who was charged with protecting DeGeneres when she hosted the Academy Awards in 2014.

“Ellen pretty much just gave me a side glance out of her eye and didn’t even say ‘hello,’ or ‘thank you for protecting my mother, my wife and me,’” Tom Majercak said.

“It was very cold and it was very sly and it was actually kind of demeaning in the way that she treats people other than those who are in her circle.”

Podcaster Kevin T. Porter who was among the first to call Ellen out for her mistreatment of others stated that the host's belittling behavior has long been something of an “open secret” in Hollywood.

“There’s always been this whisper network about her notorious behavior."

Ellen DeGeneres in Mourning

A former producer on Ellen's show recalled an incident from several years ago that highlighted the extent of the host's privilege.

The anonymous staffer says DeGeneres lost her glasses on set one day, and she promptly placed a phone call to one of the most iconic innovators in American history.

“She stopped everything and made a call,” the producer said.

“Next thing we know, we literally hear [Apple CEO] Steve Jobs pick up and say ‘Hi, Ellen’ … Ellen told him the iPhone should have a bigger font." he added.

Ellen DeGeneres on the Mic

"That’s her. It’s not that she’s some demon. She just lives in an incredibly privileged bubble and is out of touch with the real world.”

Of course, there's "out of touch" and then there's "call the CEO of Apple and make demands for the next iPhone software update, all because you lost your glasses."

Some have gone so far as to claim they felt abused or bullied by Ellen, but for the most part, the behavior described by accusers is along the lines of the Jobs anecdote -- depressing reminders of what can happen when insecurity and extreme privilege collide.

Here's hoping Ellen will take this opportunity to engage in some serious self-reflection and consider the ways in which she can be better to the people around her. 

Ellen DeGeneres Accused of Cruel Behavior Toward Staff, Guests [Report]

To the millions of fans who tune into her eponymous talk show on a daily basis, Ellen DeGeneres is not only a top-tier comic, she's a kind and warm-hearted individual who truly cares about the charity workers and other do-gooders she routinely invites on her show.

But new reports from those who have worked with the daytime queen over the course of her show's 17-year run paint a very different picture.

Ellen DeGeneres Accepts

Like every major network talk show host, Ellen has been broadcasting a stripped-down version of her show from her home ever since the start of the coronavirus pandemic.

Unlike her comedian colleagues, however, DeGeneres has allegedly cut off contact with the crew that helped turn the studio version of her show into a ratings juggernaut.

According to a report from Variety, it was only after repeated phone calls to Ellen's co-producers that staff were able to gather some information about their salaries and future employment.

Ellen DeGeneres in Mourning

And when they finally received a response to their inquiries, it seems they did not like what they heard.

Crew members "received no written communication about the status of their working hours, pay, or inquiries about their mental and physical health from producers for over a month, said two sources, both of whom spoke on the condition of anonymity," Variety reports.

And after weeks of uncertainty, "nearly all crew members were told last week to brace for a 60% reduction in pay, even as the show continues to air," the report continues.

DeGeneres has a reported net worth of $330 million, and she earns roughly $50 million a year from her talk show.

Ellen DeGeneres is Happy

A one-woman media empire, Ellen also hosts the popular Game of Games series that airs during prime time.

Ratings for her talk show have remained consistent during the lockdown, meaning there's no reason to suspect that her sky-high earnings will be diminished even in the slightest.

Despite all of this, it seems DeGeneres' crew will suffer a decrease in pay that's likely to prove catastrophic for many.

All of this comes on the heels of a new report of Ellen's infamous rudeness on set.

Ellen DeGeneres on the Mic

For years, allegations Ellen has been haunted by rumors that her boisterous and personable demeanor is a carefully-constructed facade.

Now, insiders say "the mask is starting to slip."

Dutch beauty blogger Nikkie de Jager -- known on YouTube as NikkieTutorials -- appeared on Ellen back in January, and she describes the experience as a deeply unpleasant one that left her with the impression that the host's apparent kindness is merely a charade.

"Call me naive, but I kind of expected to be welcomed with confetti cannons," de Jager told a Dutch magazine this week.

Ellen is Confused

"But instead I was greeted by an angry intern who was a bit overworked. I was expecting a Disney show, but I got Teletubbies after dark."

de Jager says Ellen "didn't even say hello" to her before her interview segment, and she was given rude instructions from an intern regarding which bathroom she would be permitted to use.

"Every guest at Ellen's had a private toilet, but I didn't," de Jager claimed.

"I was not allowed to use the nearest toilet because it was reserved for the Jonas Brothers."

Ellen DeGeneres and Obama

Adding to the cruelty of the bathroom situation is the fact that de Jager is trans and was forcibly outed earlier this year after being blackmailed.

Ellen is no stranger to controversy, of course.

In recent years, she's been criticized for buddying up to George W. Bush and defending homophobic tweets from fellow comic Kevin Hart.

But the latest allegations could signal major trouble for DeGeneres' public image going forward.

Ellen DeGeneres is Love

"The behavior that's been revealed about Ellen is rat poison to the Ellen DeGeneres brand," brand expert Eric Schiffer tells Fox News.

"When you have a brand like Ellen's leak information that is 180 degrees different than this facade she's been painting, it creates a dumpster fire on her image and it's like watching the Hindenburg."

In all likelihood, Ellen's career and talk show will survive this latest round of damaging reports.

But if this type of information continues to surface, at some point the damage to her reputation may prove irreparable.

Ellen DeGeneres Is Not Being Kind to Her Crew During the COVID-19 Shutdown

Ellen DeGeneres has really become public enemy number one lately, and all she ever did was act like a completely horrible person for years with absolutely no accountability. Hunh, I guess it actually makes a lot of sense that people want to replace her with Ellen Page. Portia de Rossi is probably even on that train by now.

Well, just because Ellen is currently filming her show in her house, don’t expect her to start treating the crew like they’re people or anything. Variety reports that members of her crew are apoplectic over the poor treatment they’ve received from Ellen during the coronavirus crisis.

When production executives finally did weigh in, nearly all crew members were told last week to brace for a 60% reduction in pay, even as the show continues to air, according to sources close to the matter.

These people have families and obligations and shouldn’t have to be the ones to bear the burden here, especially with a boss who’s worth o we $300 million. And it took two weeks for crew members to find out how much they’d get paid or if they’d even get paid at all.

Adding insult to injury, sources said that while most of the crew was left out of work with reduced pay, the remote production has hired Key Code Media, a Burbank-based audiovisual house, to help produce technical elements of the show while crew members with the same skills sit idle. Each of DeGeneres’ crew is affiliated with the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees union.

Not only have the hours crew are getting paid for been cut from 40 to 16 a week, Ellen has hired non-union tech workers to do the work crew members could be doing.

Of course, none of this has stopped Ellen from saying how much she loves the crew.

On her April 7 return to the air, DeGeneres told viewers she “wanted to start doing my new show as soon as possible.” The host specifically said it was for “my staff and crew. I love them, I miss them, the best thing I can do to support them is to keep the show on the air.”

I don’t like to throw the term “two-face bitch” around lightly, but it’s mostly because uptight people tend come out of the woodwork when you say it and not because it doesn’t apply.

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The People Have Spoken, And They Want Ellen Page to Replace Ellen DeGeneres on ‘Ellen’

Ellen DeGeneres really managed to blow through all the good will she built up by being one of the first out people in Hollywood. Seriously, one of the biggest lesbian pop-culture blogs of the early 2000s was called AfterEllen. I cannot express to you how much people loved Ellen, and those same people hate her now.

Maybe it was hanging out with George W Bush or complaining about how being stuck in her mansion with her beautiful wife doing a TV show where she talks to celebrities was like being in prison or maybe it was just that it’s come out she’s kind of a horrible person. Whatever the reason, people really don’t like Ellen anymore.

As if to shine a spotlight directly on this, there’s now a petition to replace her on her talk show with Ellen Page.

ellen page is a much better ellen to host the ellen show. ellen degeneres is a hetero that just happens to be gay. ellen page is a much better host because she’s way more gay

Okay, I don’t exactly know what that means or on what scale we’re measuring gaiety here, but almost 8,000 people have signed that petition and Ellen did say she was thinking about retiring and now that everyone hates her it seems like a good time. Not as good a time as before everyone hated her but let’s not allow the perfect to be the enemy of the good here. Ellen has a perfectly good chance to go out on somewhere near the middle and I say she should jump on it.

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Former Ellen DeGeneres Employees Share Horror Stories About the Beloved Comic to Pass Time During Quarantine

You know, it’s really disappointing to me to find out that Ellen DeGeneres is a terrible person. I mean, there were hints.

Still, Ellen had always been a hero of mine. Her stand-up album, Eat This, is one of the funniest I’ve ever heard. She is very funny. Like, Louis C.K. funny. Man, it is just not a great time to be a fan of stand-ups in general, is it? Don’t even get me started on what an ass Bill Hicks became after he faked his death and changed his name to Alex Jones.

I had heard rumors that Ellen was just an awful person but I don’t think I realized the extent until I saw the Twitter thread where former employees recounted their horror stories of dealing with her, started for charity by Kevin T. Porter.

He ended up donating $600, which means he got around 300 true stories of Ellen being horrible. Here are a few of the best.

Okay, I said I loved Ellen earlier, but no one disrespects the queen like that. It’s like Bill Cosby telling young black to pull their pants up while pulling the pants off unconscious black women.

This is one of the most petty things I’ve ever heard in my entire life.

This takes petty to a new level.

This seems terrible but keep in mind all vegans are like this, i.e. the worst.

This came up again and again; Ellen apparently gets furious if any members of the production crew, such as the grips and gaffers, make eye contact with her. That’s some next-level bullshit right there.

See? That is a person who thinks they’re better than you because they have money.

The moral is never have heroes. Especially not if they’re stand-up comics. That is not a profession people get into because they’re well adjusted and morally upright.

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Meghan Markle Snubs Oprah, Grants First US TV Interview to Ellen!

Now that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have stepped down as senior members of the royal family, they'll be faced with the task of supporting both themselves and their 8-month-old son, Archie.

Of course, they're still internationally famous, and they still have a lot of clout.


So you're not gonna see Harry and Meghan taking a civil service exam or picking up an industrial-sized drum of cheeseballs at Sam's Club anytime soon.

Their version of getting out there and earning a living will look very different from the peasant version.

For example, rather than being interviewed by hiring managers, Meghan will sit down with one of the most famous television personalities in the world.

And in doing so, she might be making an enemy of the other most famous TV host.

Meghan Markle in Canada: A Photo

According to a new report from The Daily Mail, Meghan has decided to give her first post-Megxit interview to Ellen DeGeneres.

The move is surprising for a number of reasons.

For one thing, Ellen's show is more informal and less journalistic than some of the outlets Meg might have chosen.

(Though it's safe to say some adjustments will be made -- you can bet no one will be jumping out from under a table to make the Duchess of Sussex shriek on national TV.)

Meghan and Ellen

On top of that, Meghan has long been friends with Oprah Winfrey, and the one-woman media empire has served as one of the Sussexes most vocal supporters in the States.

Despite that fact, the Mail's insiders say the Meghan-Ellen interview is a go, and will take place in the coming weeks.

"Ellen and Meghan have already discussed a sit-down interview. That has been in the works for quite some time now," says one source.

"Ellen getting the first shot at an in-depth interview is surely going to put Oprah's - (and Gayle King's) nose out of joint."

Markle and Prince Harry

The insider goes on to point out the many ways in which Oprah has gone to great lengths to forge a relationship with Meghan in recent years.

"After all, Oprah wooed Meghan's mother by having her spend the day in Montecito, wrangled an invite to the wedding and has been pretty vocal in her support of the couple's decision to break away," says the source.

In spite of Oprah's efforts, however, it seems that Meg simply feels a deeper connection with Ellen.

"Meghan adores Ellen and loves the fact that she and Portia are huge animal lovers," the insider claims.

Ellen DeGeneres Accepts

"She said they have stayed in touch since meeting in person and have become close."

Far more than a professional relationship, sources say the mutual fondness between Meghan and Ellen has all the makings of a beautiful friendship.

"She said they actually have a lot in common and that Ellen has been a huge support, especially since moving to Canada," one source tells the Mail.

"Ellen has a way of making things happen," the insider adds.

Ellen DeGeneres is Happy

"Plus Ellen has made it clear to her staffers that Meghan is one of the nicest, most real people she's ever met and that Harry is just the same."

And it seems both parties are looking forward to getting to know one another better, now that they won't be separated by an ocean.

"I wouldn't be surprised if they forge even more of a friendship now that Meghan is in North America.

Of course, North America might not be safe for Meg and Harry now that they've incurred the wrath of Oprah!

Kendall Jenner On Kylie’s Pregnancy Rumors & Why She Missed The Family Christmas Card!

Kendall Jenner made a visit to Ellen on Friday! 

But, before getting into the latest family drama, Kendall had something serious to discuss with the comedian. 

Kendall Jenner in Total Shock

"Honestly, I was a little offended that I haven't ever been scared before," she told Ellen. "I feel like all my family members have been scared, and you got my mom really good last time."

Yes, probably the best scare in the history of scares.

Kris falling over out of pure fear and claiming that she "wet her pants" was way too good to not re-share with the audience. 

Kris Jenner Reacts

But, Ellen was prepared for Kendall this time and not only had one scare staged for the model but two! 

And though the first one, which featured snakes falling from the ceiling, surprisingly didn't make the model jump, scream or cry the prankster queen had another trick up her sleeve. 

While Ellen was busy distracting Kendall with boyfriend questions, a large man dressed up as mom Kris Jenner, popped out of a box.

Honestly, it got us all. 

The successful scare pleased the reality star and the two continued on with the more important stuff... you know like addressing whether or not her sister is actually pregnant and the real reason why she missed out on her family Christmas card. 

Kylie Jenner sparked all kinds of internet buzz when she "posted a pic of her and Travis Scott getting very cozy with the cryptic caption, baby #2," according to Toofab.  

Kylie Jenner Embrace

Ellen figured it was a pregnancy reveal, along with the rest of us, but Kendall had a different explanation. 

"I think she was just like, 'we are looking good and we are really into one another' and maybe baby number two is gonna happen," Kendall responded. 

"They're practicing, right?" she asked. "Is that what you call it?

Ellen joked back saying "I don't call it anything." But, we get you, Kendall. It's just practice! 

Kylie Jenner is Engaged?

Which tells us that Kylie and the rapper do intend on having more babies together in the future, which could be right around the corner. 

I hope the couple doesn't continue to test out their baby reveal announcement via Instagram because we can't handle all the false hope.

The talk show host also covered a never before discussed topic (a joke) about why Kendall missed out on the Kardashian Christmas card.

Kardashian Christmas Card 2018

But her excuse was nothing thrilling: 

"We were on set all day and we hadn't really planned a Christmas card," Kendall said. "Kim was like we're all ready why don't we just do a Christmas card, and I was like, "I gotta go. I had to run with my mom to somewhat of a work thing, so we didn't really have time." 

But, she was totally cool with the final product and thought the moms and their kids all looked great.

She did have some fun however with all the online jokes and even horribly photoshopped her face into the card. 

Kendall Jenner: A Selfie

Kim Kardashian did admit that she felt bad her sister missed the picture and actually considered doing a professional add-in of the 23-year-old. 

Overall, the Ellen episode shared some fascinating highlights of Kenny finally getting spooked and that Kylie is not pregnant with baby #2...yet?

Luckily for us, the Kardashians will tell all in the new season which comes out this March!