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Baby on the Way for Evan Ross and Ashlee Simpson: ‘They Always Wanted a Big Family,’ Says Source

Ashlee Simpson Ross‘ Autobiography is about to add another family member!

The singer-songwriter and actress, 35, is pregnant with her and husband Evan Ross‘ second child together, the couple shared on Instagram Thursday alongside photos of themselves holding up a positive pregnancy test.

“Ashlee has been wanting another baby for a long time. They always wanted a big family!” a source tells PEOPLE.

“We are pregnant and we are so excited to share it with everyone. Baby #3,” Simpson Ross captioned her post, while Ross wrote alongside his, “The fam is growing. ♥ Ash and I can’t wait to welcome the newest addition.”

“During this unprecedented time, we know pregnant women may be under greater stress which is why we are supporting @marchofdimes Mom and Baby #COVID19 Intervention and Support Fund,” the mom-to-be added, referencing the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. “Check out their Instagram page to see how they are helping moms and babies get the care they need now and in the future.”

The little one on the way will join big sister Jagger Snow, 4½, plus the mom-to-be’s 11-year-old son Bronx Mowgli, whom she shares with with ex-husband Pete Wentz.

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The spouses celebrated three years of wedded bliss in August 2017, with the “Pieces of Me” singer posting a sweet tribute to their relationship on Instagram.

“Happy Anniversary my love 😍 it has been the best 3 years of my life ❤,” Simpson Ross captioned a throwback snap of the duo sharing a smooch on their wedding day.

“I love knowing that I get to wake up next to you for the rest of my life,” she addressed Ross, 31, who is the son of music legend Diana Ross. “Thanks for giving me the best love.”

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Fun family Sunday at universal city walk 🎥

A post shared by Ashlee Simpson Ross (@ashleesimpsonross) on May 21, 2017 at 8:26pm PDT


Ashlee Simpson and Evan Ross on Their “Magical” Date Night with Family to Frozen 2

It’s impossible to tell whom the new baby will take after more at this point, but considering the very different personalities of Simpson Ross’ two kids, it will definitely be a surprise.

“She’s definitely different than Bronx,” she told PEOPLE of Jagger in December 2016. “Bronx was an easy sleeper. She’s like, ‘Nuh uh, Mama. I want to stay up and stay up next to you!’ ”

But that “little bit of toughness” is something Simpson Ross cherishes deeply about her daughter. “I think it’s good for a girl,” she said of Jagger’s outgoing nature. “I’m excited.”

Hilarie Burton Says the Sexual Harassment She Suffered ‘Affects How I Parent My Daughter’

It’s been over a decade since Hilarie Burton left One Tree Hill, but the memories — both happy and painful — remain with her.

In her new memoir, The Rural Diaries — out May 5 — Burton opens up about her family and her joyful life on a 100-acre farm in the Hudson Valley. But in the book, the actress also writes about the abuse she says she suffered while starring on the CW’s hit teen drama series.

“I had such strong relationships on the show and I still do,” Burton, 37, who was on the show for six years before she left in 2009, tells PEOPLE. “There was so much good. But there was bad too.”

In 2017, Burton, along with several of her former costars and One Tree Hill crew members, came forward about alleged sexual abuse and harassment they endured at the hands of creator Mark Schwahn.

For more from Hilarie Burton, pick up this week’s issue of PEOPLE, on newsstands Friday

Burton recalls being “groomed,” by Schwahn on set, whom she said in 2017 was verbally abusive, touched her inappropriately and kissed her against her will. (Schwahn has never commented on the allegations and was fired from his job as showrunner in 2017.)

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But despite the situation, Burton, then in her early 20s, didn’t formally complain about her boss.

“I was told that if you speak up, your career is over,” says the actress, who is wed to The Walking Dead‘s Jeffrey Dean Morgan, with whom she shares son Gus, 10, and daughter George, 2. “You’ll be labeled a troublemaker.”

As a result, “I didn’t say anything for a decade,” says Burton. “And as a result of that, people were abused after me. The guilt that comes with that is really difficult.”

Now, Burton admits, “I’ll always be angry” about the abuse she endured. But she’s focusing on imparting the lessons she’s learned to her young daughter.

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“It affects how I parent ,” she says. “She will never be a pleaser. If my daughter tells someone to f— off, awesome. I wish I had had the ability to do that.”

Burton says she’s had conversations about her experience with son Gus. “He knows something bad went down on that set and he asks me, ‘Why do you still do conventions for it? Why do you still talk about it?’ But I am making a decision as an adult to focus on the good, to focus on the fan base and the crew and the fact that I got to learn my craft every day.”

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Continues Burton: “It was a wonderful opportunity for me to stretch. And now that are out there, we all just get to collectively give this sigh of relief.”

Ultimately, she says she hopes “that kind of behavior is being flushed out of our industry.” That said, says Burton, “there is still a lot of work to do.”

The Rural Diaries is on stands May 5. Friday Night In with the Morgans airs Fridays (10 p.m. ET) on AMC.

Why Ryan Lochte Said Yes to Celebrity Big Brother: Viewers Are Going to See a Different Side of Him

The first time Ryan Lochte appears on Celebrity Big Brother will actually be the second time he has been asked to compete on the CBS reality series.

But that was then. And now, Lochte — a few months fresh from successful treatment for alcohol abuse and still in the middle of training for the next Summer Olympics despite a 14-month ban — is ready for America to see a different side of him.

“He’s not how he is in the media,” his agent, Jeff Ostrow, tells PEOPLE. “He’s a great person, laid-back and down to earth.”

“I thought it would be nice for the 10 million people that regularly watch the show to get to see who Ryan is,” he says.

“People who want to see Ryan — what they think, he’s a party animal, crazy person, that’s not what they’re going to see and that’s not what Ryan is,” Ostrow continues. “And, in fact, he made a commitment to change his lifestyle a little bit and sought a little bit of help for alcohol and he doesn’t party like that.”

Lochte, 34, is one of the most decorated athletes in his sport and a superstar of past Olympics. But his prowess in the pool has often been overshadowed by his behavior on dry land, including a reality series on E! in 2013 that didn’t seem to miss a single moment of cluelessness or shenanigans.

And then there were more troubling incidents. Lochte falsely claimed he and other American swimmers had been held at gunpoint and robbed while at a gas station during the Rio Summer Games, touching off an international incident. He later apologized amid conflicting accounts of what his group had done and why security had felt the need to draw their guns.

Despite stiff punishment from U.S. Swimming, Lochte vowed to make it back to the Tokyo Summer Games in 2020 and was well on his way when he was barred last year from competition for 14 months because he received an illegally large IV infusion. (The substance itself was not banned.)

In October, Lochte underwent treatment for a years-long alcohol addiction after police were reportedly called to an incident at his hotel in California.

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Ostrow, his agent, says now that the outpatient treatment lasted about a month and “went very well.”

“It was something that he voluntarily wanted to do even though many professionals would suggest that he didn’t necessarily need to,” he says of Lochte. “He needed to kind of take control over himself and his decisions better.”

There have been recent bright spots as well: Lochte wed former Playboy model Kayla Rae Reid in a lavish ceremony in September after a civil ceremony earlier in 2018. They are parents to Caiden Zane, born last June, and Kayla is expecting a baby girl this summer.

“They’re super excited, they always wanted to have two children,” Ostrow says.

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Lochte, particularly, “couldn’t be happier — No. 1 that he’s having another kid because he loves being a dad, but having a baby girl has always been part of his dreams.”

After all the ups and downs, Lochte is now set to join a house with 11 other celebrities from various fields (including former White House official Anthony Scaramucci and Lindsay Lohan’s mom) to compete for $250,000.

They will be cut off from the outside world and watched constantly by cameras. Unlike the other sports stars in the cast, such as Olympian Lolo Jones, Lochte is still competing.

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“Ryan always goes into everything to win. His mindset is to win,” says Ostrow. ” I think he’s going in there to try and win the game but not at the expense of making himself look foolish or doing things that are contrary to the type of person that Ryan is.”

One thing Lochte won’t stop doing is training. There will be a pool at the Big Brother house just for that purpose.

While he has brushed up a bit on the series, “He didn’t want to over think the process too much in terms of strategy,” Ostrow says.

“You’re thrown into that experiment,” Ostrow says, adding, “My advice is, ‘Go in and be yourself, obviously be mindful that unlike the rest of our life they’re going to watch everything you do. Just be you’ — and I know he’ll be fine if he’s him.”

Celebrity Big Brother premieres Monday (8 p.m. ET) on CBS.

Sarah Brightman Returns from Space Training for New Album and Tour: ‘I Needed to Earth Myself’

Sarah Brightman is making an astronomical landing with her fifteenth studio album Hymn.

After spending months in Russia training for a trip to outer space that she postponed in 2015, Brightman, 58, opened up to PEOPLE exclusively about the creation of her newest album and the planning stages of her tour.

“I needed to earth myself,” says the soprano singer. “I said I would like to do an album of songs which are full of light, full of hope. Songs that remind me of when I felt safe and familiar with things in my childhood when I sang in my church.”

“If I don’t use and I don’t convey my feelings through it, I feel depleted,” she added. “I don’t function very well and that’s the beauty of having a gift like a voice. You sort of know what to do. You know what direction to take, you know that you want to communicate through it.”

Brightman, who shot to fame after star-turning roles on Broadway musicals Cats and Phantom of the Opera, linked up with producer Frank Peterson for the album-creating process. What came out of two-and-a-half years of planning and recording was the dynamic, choir-filled album, Hymn, out on Nov. 9.

“ is about looking into the good in things because I do believe that good prevails always,” she said, adding that the word “positivity” would describe her album.

“I did experience huge amounts when I was in the space program that actually how precious everything really is on this beautiful planet and how precious that is,” she added.

Now, the “Time to Say Goodbye” vocalist is ready to take Hymn on the road later this fall for a tour that’s “going to be quite beautiful.”

“I have a lot of energy. I tend to before I go on these tours, I become more energetic,” she says. “You create a power for yourself which will protect you because when you go on tour you’re dealing with the hardship of jet lag and moving around continually.”

The “Angel of Music” singer says her set on tour will be divided into two halves. The first will feature a more retrospective aspect to Brightman’s music, which will look like “somebody who is going to the ballet or the opera.” The second will be a bit more modern and feature most of the songs off Hymn.

“I’m wearing all these amazing runway gowns, which I’ve made a little more theatrical by adding things to them. Stones, crystals, all sorts of stuff,” she says. “I’ve got a big choir behind me. Up really high. I’ve got an orchestra on one side, a band on the other side and myself in the middle.”

Brightman’s album is filled with collaborations with artists like French tenor Vincent Niclo on single “Sogni” and Japanese composer Yoshiki on the emotional “Miracle.”

“ is a really interesting guy and we got along very well,” she said. “It was a very interesting collaboration with Japan’s most famous rockstar writing a beautiful contemporary classical piece.”

Along with the collaborations, Brightman’s album jumps from classical and cinematic music to pop rhythms in a cohesive album threaded by its spiritual nature. The album also takes fans back to one of her most famous classics “Time to Say Goodbye” with Andrea Bocelli, which she recreates in a touching English rendition.

“I wrote the lyrics for it but they were very much inspired from the original Italian lyrics when translated,” she said. “It’s quite a grand song, it’s almost like an opera song, but I wanted to do this in a very intimate way.”

Fans can purchase tickets for “Hymn: Sarah Brightman in Concert” through her website.

Justin Bieber ‘Feels Something Is Missing’ from Life — But Is ‘Grateful’ for Hailey Baldwin: Source

Justin Bieber feels empty sometimes, even though his life is filled with plenty to be grateful for, including his wife, Hailey Baldwin, an insider tells PEOPLE.

“Justin has his up and down days like everyone else,” a Bieber source tells PEOPLE. “What he struggles with mostly is that he knows he is beyond blessed, but he has days when he feels empty and confused.”

“He feels something is missing from his life that can’t be bought. It’s a missing feeling of happiness,” the insider explained. “He is very much grateful for his amazing life and especially for Hailey. It’s difficult for him that he can’t just enjoy everything and feel happy. He has been in treatment for this before.”

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The pop singer, 24 — who was photographed visibly upset on multiple occasions last month — smiled while walking with his arm around Baldwin during a morning coffee run in Los Angeles on Saturday.

Bieber, who recently shaved his head, was dressed casually in a blue jacket and grey sweatpants. Baldwin, 21, also opted for a low-key look, wearing a pair of black leather pants, a black sweatshirt and a white jacket.

Sources recently told PEOPLE that Bieber’s decision to dial back his work commitments has to do with his desire to spend more time with Baldwin, whom he wed in a secret ceremony in September.

“Justin seems okay. However, he doesn’t seem ready to record new music yet and keeps saying that he just wants to hang out with Hailey,” an insider said. “Hailey actually seems more ready to work than he does. They have had a few conflicts about it. Justin likes to just hang out, watch movies and chill. Hailey has a lot of energy and projects that she wants to do.”

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A religious source revealed to PEOPLE that part of Bieber’s resistance to work is because “he’s been on the go for a long time, and he’s enjoying a laid-back season of life. He is enjoying time with the woman he loves, and doesn’t want anything to get in the way of that. He’ll get back to work soon, but the truth is that he doesn’t have to. He’s got enough money.”

While the newlyweds have had “a little bit of conflict” over this, Baldwin is totally comfortable with her husband’s decisions.

“Hailey understands how hard Justin worked for so long, and is fine with him taking a break. If she has things she wants to do, Justin is fine with that,” the source continued. “There has been a little bit of conflict, but nothing out of the ordinary. They’re still very much in love, and their families love each other. That’s all that matters.”

Survivor Recap: Power Corrupts, and Jacket Power Corrupts Absolutely

Stephen Fishbach was the runner-up on Survivor: Tocantins and a member of the jury on Survivor Cambodia: Second Chance. He has been blogging about Survivor strategy for PEOPLE since 2009. Follow him on Twitter @stephenfishbach.

“You can have all the numbers on your hands and do all the counting you want, but you cannot calculate relationships, emotions. You cannot calculate deception. The game happens in every conversation that’s had. You can’t calculate those things.” — Ashley Nolan, Survivor: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers

When the final story of David vs. Goliath is written, how much will come down to a jacket?

This episode of Survivor, Angelina revealed that she voted for Lyrsa last week not to send her home — but as a ploy to trick Natalie into handing over her coat. That plan, of course, was a hilarious, spectacular failure. And it also left the rest of Angelina’s tribe feeling suspicious.

“If Angelina’ll do that for a jacket, then imagine what she’ll do for a million dollars,” ponders Nick.

Lyrsa feels especially aggrieved. People hate it when you write their name down at tribal council, no matter how good your intentions. Your name coming up on parchment is like the Grim Reaper laying his icy finger across your spine. It’s an experience you don’t forget.

As I wrote last week, a jacket really does have strategic value. But the optics around Angelina’s vote are terrible. “I’m willing to risk sacrificing your dreams for a piece of fabric” is not the best way to build a long-term alliance.

Angelina’s vote for Lyrsa was a common act of hubris from those in the dominant position. When tribes split, the people in the minority group hustle to save their butts. They work harder around camp. They promise strategic fealty. They’ll do anything and say anything.

As a result, people in the majority start to believe their own hype. It’s like the Stanford Prison Experiment. People who perceive that they have power will invariably abuse it.

WATCH: Shaun T & Andrea Boehlke’s Survivor-Inspired Workout!

Last episode, when Alec was reassuring Kara about working with the Davids, he said, “I don’t look at them as strategically real players. I look at them as an extra vote.” To Alec, the Davids aren’t even real. If that’s not a testament to the depersonalizing effects of power, I don’t know what is.

Angelina’s jacket shenanigans were in the same vein. How disposable must Lyrsa have felt in that moment?

That’s why, season after season, we see big tribes get picked apart. They don’t take their competition seriously.

Nevertheless, this week at least, Angelina stays safe.

When Purple inevitably loses the immunity challenge, Nick wants to vote her out. He worries that she’s too strategic, too untrustworthy. “It’s a free shot to take out a big threat,” says Nick.

But Mike is concerned about what the other Goliaths will think if he sides twice with the Davids. He noted their shocked reactions when the tribe showed up to Reward, with another Goliath gone. “By voting her out, am I also screwing every Goliath left in the game?”

As Mike notes, this vote also has repercussions for the entire season. The Davids and Goliaths are split now at 7-7. This one vote, from this decimated tribe, will determine who has the numbers at the merge.

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“It’s not just somebody going home,” says Mike. “Whatever happens today is going to impact everybody’s game for the rest of the game.”

Voting out Angelina is so transparently the right choice for the group as a whole. She’s definitely a more devious player than Lyrsa. She’s obviously a skilled talker, which makes her a threat at every vote — and again at the finals. Meanwhile, Lyrsa can’t even be bothered to pretend to ally with Angelina, when Angelina comes to her.

But what’s good for the tribe is not always good for the individual. Mike wins the Fishy for putting his own game needs ahead of Nick’s. He gets his way, and is able to show the Goliaths that he hasn’t completely betrayed them.

(It also seems like Nick is honoring a promise, that if they voted out Natalie, the next vote would be Lyrsa. But how much do promises matter on Survivor?)

While the Fishy goes to Mike, ultimately this is a combined win for the Rockstar alliance. Mike gets his way in this decision, but the crucial thing is that Nick and Mike solve the problem as a negotiation between just them. There’s no better way to establish long-term loyalty than working together and voting together.

WATCH: Jeff Probst On ‘Survivor’ Spin-Offs & Why He’ll Never Compete: ‘My Mouth Would Get Me Voted Out’

And is it really so bad for the Davids to enter the merge down numbers?

When was the last time a majority pre-merge alliance actually stuck together and picked off the smaller group? Season 22? Stealth R Us in season 26? I’m sure this is a topic that can be debated, given how hard it is to define “pre-merge alliance” and “sticking together.” Still, the idea that having the numbers at the merge means instant success is almost quaint.

It may actually be better for the Davids to keep their underdog spot. It will keep Alec and Angelina feeling superior. And that means they’ll be surprised when those Davids turn out to be strategically real players after all. 

Survivor airs Wednesdays (8 p.m. ET) on CBS.

Orlando Bloom ‘Is Ready to Settle Down’ with Katy Perry, Says Source: ‘He Is Like a New Person’

There’s nothing “Hot N Cold” about this relationship!

Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry‘s romance continues to heat up, a Bloom source tells PEOPLE.

“He is ready to settle down with Katy,” the Bloom source says of the pair, who just attended the amfAR Gala together in L.A. on Thursday.

“She hasn’t put any pressure on their relationship lately, and everything is just easy. Being with Katy makes Orlando very happy,” the source adds. “In the past, he seemed so scattered and unwilling to settle down. He is like a new person now and everyone is excited for him.”

After dating for a year, the actor, 41, and pop star, 33, called it quits in 2017 before rekindling their romance earlier this year.

“Orlando is in a different place than he was last year,” the Bloom source says. “He has matured a lot. He realized that being single isn’t that great after all. His relationship with Katy wasn’t right the first time around, but it very much is now.”

The “Chained to the Rhythm” singer and Lord of the Rings alum were first linked in 2016 after they were spotted getting cozy at a Golden Globes afterparty. They announced their split a year later in February 2017, when their reps told PEOPLE they’d be “taking respectful, loving space.”

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Then Perry and Bloom sparked reconciliation rumors earlier this year, when they took various trips together — from celebrating the New Year in the Maldivesto meeting the Pope in the Vatican.

PEOPLE confirmed the pair was officially back on in April, then they made their red carpet debut in September at the Gala for the Global Ocean at the Opera of Monte-Carlo in Monaco.

And a source recently told PEOPLE the couple may be ready to get engaged.

“Orlando doesn’t have a ring yet but has been talking about the future,” a source close to the actor said earlier this month. “Everyone would be excited if they got engaged. Katy is wonderful!”

Grey’s Anatomy and HTGAWM Stars Debunk ‘Common Excuses Not to Vote’ in Campaign with theSkimm

Taylor Swift isn’t the only major celebrity encouraging people to vote!

On Tuesday, Shondaland and theSkimm will release the first video of their ‘No Excuses’ campaign, designed at inspiring millennial women to vote.

The 60-second videos — to be released every Tuesday until the election — will feature Grey’s Anatomy and How to Get Away with Murder actors Justin Chambers, Kelly McCreary, Karla Souza, Conrad Ricamora, Kevin McKidd and Aja Naomi King debunking “common excuses'” people use to not vote.

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“Millennial women are the demographic most unhappy with the state of our government but, compared to all other demographic groups, they’re also telling us they’re least certain to vote this November,” the companies say in a statement.

Shondaland is the television production company founded by Scandal creator Shonda Rhimes. In May, Rhimes invested in theSkimm, a media company designed to “make it easier” to “live smarter.”

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No Excuses, a campaign launched by theSkimm in 2016, hopes to inspire 100K people to vote in the upcoming midterm elections. The first episode of this campaign will feature Conrad Ricamora and Kevin McKidd discussing absentee ballots.

For the excuse, I’ll be out of town, McKidd notes that absentee ballots are “the voting equivalent of working from home.”

“Vote while on a conference call with The Price Is Right on mute,” Ricamora adds.

The first episode will be available tomorrow on Shondaland.com and delivered in theSkimm’s daily newsletter.

Families Are ‘Desperate for News of Their Loved Ones’ Amid the ‘Chaos’ of Hurricane Michael

Shortly before Hurricane Michael made landfall on Wednesday, Marshall Martin of Panama City, Florida, posted a jaunty Facebook status, assuring friends he would update every few hours until he lost power.

“I am rationing my cigars and diet Cokes,” Martin wrote at 7:14 a.m. The retired Navy man hasn’t posted since.

To Martin’s family and friends, the silence was terrifying. Others around the country have felt similar fear as they have tried to reach loved ones whose fates are unknown after a devastating storm that knocked out both roads and communications.

“It’s chaos,” says George Ruiz, a former Coast Guard rescue boat driver who runs Geaux Rescue, a nonprofit search and rescue operation. “People are desperate for news of their loved ones.”

As of Saturday, the official death toll from Michael is 17, with almost 900,000 customers without power. The hurricane carved a swath through seven states, reaching north from Florida and into Virginia. Hardest hit was the Florida Panhandle, where homes were splintered and lives upended.

As people in the region take shelter where they can and line up for food and water, loved ones search for news of those they lost contact with.

“I’ve been trying to find my son Jacob” in Panama City, says Kimberly Torres of Houston, Texas. “We haven’t heard from him since before the hurricane. I’m so scared. I’m totally devastated.”

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Torres prepared to drive to Florida to find her son but was told she wouldn’t be allowed into the decimated town.

“They’re not letting anyone in,” Ruiz says. “Unless you’re a paramedic or firefighter in your official vehicle, you have to have an ID showing a local address.”

Desperate to find her son, Torres called hospitals and then shelters. So far, no one knows Jacob’s whereabouts. Torres also has posted on rescue message boards.

The boards portray stories of urgency and anguish.

“If anyone is seeing this and can help, my disabled sister lives in Panama City,” one woman wrote. “Before her phone went out she told me the roof and walls blew off and a tree has fallen on them trapping them inside the remainder of the house.”

“Front door is barricaded so they will have to break in,” another seeker wrote of a missing family. “They are hiding in interior closet.”

RELATED VIDEO: Hurricane Michael Made Landfall as a Destructive Category 4 Hurricane 

For some, even good news leaves them hanging.

Kamra Cook of Phenix City, Alabama, was worried about her grandparents in Florida.

“I just know their house is old, and they were in the area that got hit,” Cook tells PEOPLE. “I kept trying to find them.”

Cook reached her grandparents by phone briefly enough to learn that their roof caved in and then was blown completely away.

“They said they’re okay, and then nothing,” Cook says. “The call dropped.”

“Cell service is deplorable right now,” Ruiz tells PEOPLE. “I’d have to drive 45 minutes from where I was working to get service to find out where I needed to go” to help people in need.

Information that does get delivered is not always consistent.

The elderly patients in a 120-bed nursing home rode out the storm safely, one employee says.

“People are still all at the facility,” says Kyler Hotlen, who answered a safety-check hotline for the Sea Breeze nursing home in Panama City.

While noting that the situation was challenging — “We have a backup generator for now, but if power isn’t restored soon we will have to do something else” — Hotlen says that corporate officials declared that all is well, all things considered.

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“Everybody is reported safe, including the staff,” Holten says.

But when Misty Dewberry Brooks called the facility about her “Granny” Maxine Pepper, she couldn’t get a clear understanding of her grandmother’s whereabouts. Brooks eventually learned that the 92-year-old woman had been moved the night before, along with other residents.

After making the trek to Destin, Florida, Brooks and her family found Pepper, pictured above, at a temporary facility with only the clothes on her back. She was relegated to a mattress on the floor in a room with about 30 men and women. Brooks and family scooped up Pepper to bring her with them to Georgia.

Torres remains dedicated to finding her son Jacob. “I’m so overwhelmed right now,” Torres says. “I just want to find him.”

Martin, meanwhile, has turned up safe, his family reports.

The happy outcomes help to keep the rescuers focused on hope. “The aches and pains go away for a brief moment” when families report that their prayers have been answered, Ruiz says.

The American Red Cross has a “Safe & Well” registry for those who continue to search for loves ones, and for people to report themselves safe following the hurricane.

WATCH: Erich Bergen Premieres ‘Running Through the Night’ Music Video

Erich Bergen just released his debut single “Running Through the Night” last month — and now PEOPLE has an exclusive first look at the music video for the soaring track.

The 32-year-old actor says the last five years of his life informed the lyrics.

“It’s been an incredible time in my life, but I’ve also grown up a lot, and that’s what this song is about … growing up. I hit a point in my life where I started to wonder if I was in the right place, if I was doing the right thing, and what it was all adding up to,” he told PEOPLE. “Becoming an adult doesn’t just mean paying bills on time and lower back pain. It’s learning that life has its ups and downs, to accept them, embrace them and to keep going — taking with you what you’ve learned.”

Bergen added that his trying battle with testicular cancer also influenced his songwriting.

“The post-cancer experience certainly triggered a lot of the feelings this song is about,” he said. “The fear that the ‘C word’ — or any sudden traumatic experience — is waiting around the corner is an exhausting and debilitating thought to have in your head. The key for me was to push my way through the darkness. To keep running through the night.”

Similar sentiments inspired the music video.

“I wanted to focus on the idea of running away from something great because of not wanting to deal with the bad side of a good thing. It’s something I’ve dealt with personally and I know many others who have,” he said.

Bergen added: “One time, I remember being on the verge of a starting a relationship with someone, but I didn’t pursue it because at the time it felt like all of my friends were going through major arguments with their significant others or on the verge of a break-up. It was just like, ugh, I don’t wanna ever go through that. So I stayed away from something potentially great because of something potentially tough. … It wasn’t the healthiest of choices.”

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While he’s maybe best known for his role opposite Téa Leoni in Madam Secretary, Bergen has always been a musician. He portrayed the Four Seasons’s Bob Gaudio in Clint Eastwood’s 2014 Jersey Boys adaptation on the big screen. And this summer, he made his Broadway debut in Waitress alongside Katharine McPhee.

“There is a weird stigma with actors who sing that doesn’t seem to exist with singers who want to act. I’m not quite sure why that is, but I really don’t care,” he says. “I’ve always made music. Way before I knew what acting was, I was making music. It’s just not how most people got to know me. But I hope people give me a shot.”

Priyanka Chopra Dropped Hints to Nick Jonas Before He Bought Her a Tiffany & Co. Engagement Ring

Priyanka Chopra knows how to get what she wants!

Chopra told PEOPLE exclusively that she gave fiancé Nick Jonas some subtle guidance to help him pick out her dream engagement ring.

“Well, I may have dropped that hint,” Chopra explained during the Tiffany & Co. 2018 Blue Book Collection in New York on Tuesday night. “I think we had a conversation about it when we were dating and I’ve always known it had to be Tiffany.”

“I just knew it since I was a kid,” she said at Studio 525. “First, it was Breakfast at Tiffany’s that did it for every girl in the world and then, of course, Sweet Home Alabama came and put a stamp on it that it has to be Tiffany!”

The actress continued, “Since I was a little girl, it was just something that was stuck in my head and I may have said that and I guess he remembered.”

In Sweet Home Alabama, political hopeful Andrew Hennings (portrayed by Patrick Dempsey) blindfolds his Southern-belle-turned-big-city designer girlfriend Melanie Carmichael (played by Reese Witherspoon) and leads her into dark room. When she asks where they are, the lights turn on to reveal the pair standing inside of the famous Tiffany & Co. flagship store on Fifth Avenue in N.Y.C.

Melanie’s jaw drops and as the store employees look on, Andrew gets down on one knee to give his leading lady the most romantic proposal money could buy.

While Jonas did close down a Tiffany store — as PEOPLE revealed in July — Chopra was not there.

“No, I wasn’t there, he and his brothers went and did a whole thing to buy the ring for his future wife,” she tells PEOPLE.

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Jonas, 26, popped the question to Chopra in July. In August, the actress debuted her customized Tiffany & Co. cushion cut diamond with tapered baguettes, captioning the sweet photo with, “Taken.. With all my heart and soul.”

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The fondness for the diamond destination seems to run in the family, as Kevin Jonas Sr. was seen exiting the India airport with a big Tiffany & Co. bag in his hand, ahead of meeting Chopra’s family for the first time in August.

During the trip, Jonas and Chopra celebrated their upcoming nuptials with a party in Mumbai, India, that was attended by their respective families and many from her Bollywood circle.

In photos of the bash — known as a roka ceremony — shared by Chopra, Jonas was dressed in traditional Indian apparel.

Chris Watts Keeps Bible & Photo of Slain Family in Cell, Source Says: ‘Nothing to Do but Reflect’

Chris Watts, the Colorado father accused of murdering his pregnant wife and their two young daughters in August, has been sitting in jail for more than a month — and, according to one source with whom he has been in touch, “He has nothing to do but reflect on what happened. That’s basically it.”

Watts spends 23 hours a day in his cell at the Weld County Jail under “Close Watch Protocol,” a technical name for suicide watch. He has no TV. Once a day, he is allowed to go to the common room, where he is alone. In that room is a table with a communal newspaper that he is free to read.

His cell is no less sparse. PEOPLE has learned that the 33-year-old has just two personal effects: a Bible and a photo of his wife and children, 34-year-old Shan’ann Watts and girls Bella, 4, and Celeste, 3 — the same people he allegedly killed.

“He doesn’t have much to do in jail,” says a source who has spoken to Chris.

Chris, who occasionally speaks with guards and can talk to other prisoners, is keeping a low profile as he awaits his eventual trial.

“He sleeps a lot,” the source says. “He can just sit there and look at the picture and read the Bible.”

Chris was arrested on Aug. 15 and charged with three counts of first-degree murder, among other crimes, in the deaths of Shan’ann, Bella and Celeste.

They were reported missing on Aug. 13 and their bodies were found on property belonging to Chris’ former employer Anadarko Petroleum, authorities announced not long after he was taken into custody.

Anadarko fired Chris the same day as his arrest.

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In an arrest affidavit obtained by PEOPLE, investigators revealed that they had discovered Chris’ affair with an unnamed co-worker, which he initially denied. The document also alleges that he confessed to killing Shan’ann, who was 15 weeks pregnant.

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However, the affidavit states, Chris allegedly claimed he only strangled his wife after watching her kill Celeste when he told her he wanted to separate.

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“He’s not doing well at all,” this source previously told PEOPLE. “The gravity of the situation has hit him like a ton of bricks. Depression is setting in, and he’s despondent.”

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Chris has not yet entered a plea and is due to return to court in November.

His lawyer did not respond to PEOPLE’s requests for comment but, according to a statement from the state’s public defender’s office, their attorneys are barred from discussing ongoing criminal cases.

At a joint memorial service for Shan’ann and her daughters in August, she was remembered as “a woman of love,”

“She loved God, her family and her friends,” Father John Forbes told the mourners. “She was a woman of determination. She had dreams to be fulfilled, and she worked towards to those dreams. She wanted to make a difference. She wanted to be an exceptional wife and mother.”

Southern Charm’s Thomas Ravenel and Ex Ashley Jacobs Reunite for Dinner Weeks After His Arrest

Are Thomas Ravenel and Ashley Jacobs back together?

The former Southern Charm star and his ex-girlfriend reunited over dinner at Obstinate Daughter on Sullivan’s island in Charleston, South Carolina, on Sunday, PEOPLE can confirm.

The exes were affectionate and seemed in good spirits during their night out, with Ravenel wrapping one arm around Jacobs as they sat at the bar with another couple.

This isn’t the first time the exes have spent time together since calling it quits this summer after over a year of dating. In September, the two were spotted packing on the PDA while out at dinner together.

“They looked like they were having a great time,” a source told PEOPLE at the time. “If they are still split, you never would have known, but at the same time they weren’t showing any PDA or anything. They looked friendly, like friends having a good time out together.”

Their most recent reunion comes just weeks after Ravenel was arrested and charged with assault and battery in the second degree following allegations of allegations of sexual assault that were brought against him by “nanny Dawn,” who was featured on the show caring for his two children with his ex Kathryn Dennis: daughter Kensie, 4, and son Saint, 2½.

Ravenel was granted a $20,000 personal recognizance bond and was ordered to turn in his passport, avoid contact with the victim and not leave South Carolina. Following the news, Bravo confirmed to PEOPLE that Ravenel will not be returning as a cast member for season 6.

Ravenel and Jacobs split in August.

“I don’t want to comment but there are just some things I’m trying to handle privately,” Jacobs, 33, said at the time. “Before I say too much, I love Thomas and I’ll always love Thomas. I’ll always care about him.”

“I’m still trying to work it out — not work out getting back together, but I’m still trying to figure it out,” she added. “I think everyone’s been through breakups before but it’s hard. It’s not easy. … Sometimes you just want to stay quiet and figure out what the next move in your life is going to be. … I’m just trying to take care of myself the best way that I can.”

Almost two weeks later, Ravenel, 56, implied that Jacobs had not been faithful to him during their relationship.

Today, my personal life just took a huge upward turn,” he tweeted. “I finally have more than enough information to move forward without any doubt or hesitation and I’ll never look back.”

He added, “After 30 years I finally understand the lyrics from that wonderful Chicago tune: If she would have been faithful, if she could have been true, then I would have been cheated, I would have never known real love.”

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But Jacobs denied having any affairs.

“I never cheated on Thomas,” she told PEOPLE. “We had agreed to go our separate ways, and I told him I wanted to see other people. When he saw that I was out with friends, he got angry and made assumptions that I was dating other guys. And when he confronted me about it, I blocked him because it wasn’t worth my energy. It’s toxic and unhealthy. So he went on a tweet storm.”

Ravenel eventually apologized, tweeting, “I have no information that Ashley Jacobs ever cheated on me. In fact, as far as I know, she has always been true and faithful especially during the really dark times. She didn’t deserve my insinuations to the contrary.”

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Star Stephanie Beatriz Marries Brad Hoss in L.A.-Inspired Wedding

Stephanie Beatriz is officially a married woman!

On Saturday, the Brooklyn Nine-Nine actress tied the knot with her partner Brad Hoss in an intimate wedding while surrounded by friends and family — and her costars!

The newly married couple said “I do” in front almost 300 guests at a celebration the two planned the whole wedding themselves.

“We decided that we wanted it to really reflect us. So for us that meant being involved every step of the way, meaning that we didn’t hire a wedding planner,” Beatriz, 37, told PEOPLE just days before the nuptials. “We did it ourselves, which is a pretty big undertaking when you consider there’s gonna be close to 300 people there.”

View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Stephanie Beatriz (@stephaniebeatriz) on Oct 2, 2018 at 7:50pm PDT


And despite the challenge, Beatriz said she was feeling fine two days before the big day.

“My friends are all calling me ‘bridechilla,’ ” she joked. “They’re like, ‘Why aren’t you stressed out?’ and I’m like, ‘Cause I’m marrying an awesome human.'”

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For the wedding, the two settled on a theme close to both their hearts: Los Angeles! Beatriz and Hoss planned the celebration as a little tribute to the city they fell in love in, while the bride went for an “easy and fun” wedding dress from Grace Loves Lace. 

“We’re kind of doing a lot of theatrical recreations of our favorite stuff in L.A. Like, the flora and fauna and how no matter the time of year something is blooming,” she explained.

Guests were also in for a treat once they arrived at the reception, which featured special rooms celebrating the best parts of the city and food trucks instead of traditional buffets. 

When it comes to the dance floor, Beatriz is betting her costars will be some of the first jamming out to the ’90s cover band that will be playing. The actress said Andy Samberg, Melissa Fumero, Chelsea Peretti and the rest of the cast were “psyched” about the wedding.

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@entertainmentweekly x @comic_con x @nbcbrooklyn99

A post shared by Stephanie Beatriz (@stephaniebeatriz) on Jul 19, 2018 at 8:49pm PDT


“That’s all we talked about this last week at work. We were just like, ‘Yeah, we can’t wait to party!’ ” Beatriz revealed with a laugh. “I think Andy’s excited to have another Hot Cheetos burrito. I think all of us are excited to dance. That’s one of our favorite things to do when we’re out all together, at a birthday party or whatever. Everybody loves to hit that dance floor.”

She continued, “And not for nothing, all of them are pretty new parents. They deserve a night to just let loose and celebrate life, and I’m really, really excited that they’re all gonna be there to celebrate with me.”

90 Day Fiancé’s Hazel Reveals to Tarik That She Has ‘Nowhere to Live’ — the Night Before He Leaves

90 Day Fiancé‘s Hazel is dropping a big bombshell on Tarik Myers before they say goodbye.

In a PEOPLE exclusive sneak peek at Sunday’s 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days, Hazel, who is from Manila, Philippines, tearfully reveals, “I am homeless tomorrow.”

While Virginia native Tarik, 43, is packing the night before he leaves to return home, Hazel, 25, tells him that she has “something to say.”

“My niece house is crowded place,” Hazel explains.

When Tarik asks if there’s room for her there, she says of why she can’t return: “I stayed with her after I broke up from my ex-boyfriend. I can’t go back.”

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Despondent, she reveals: “I have nowhere to live.”

Learning the unfortunate news is a weight on Tarik. “It’s like one thing after the next thing after the next thing that gets revealed to me at the last minute,” he shares. “The last thing I want to be doing is worrying about whether or not you good when I leave.”

Instead of worrying, though, Tarik springs into action.

When Hazel tells him she will “find an apartment” after he leaves, he doesn’t leave that up to chance: “No, we’re going to find an apartment tonight.”

90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days airs Sundays (8 p.m. ET) on TLC.

Norah O’Donnell Wins Emmy for Report That Exposed U.S. Air Force Academy Sexual Abuse Cases

Almost a year after a six-month investigation into sexual assault cases at the U.S. Air Force Academy, CBS This Morning host Norah O’Donnell won an Emmy for outstanding investigative report in a newscast on Monday.

“Sexual abuse and harassment is systematic and pervasive. It is across our culture and our workplaces,” O’Donnell tells PEOPLE exclusively. “In the exposing of these individual stories, we give weight to their powerful voices and egregious experiences.” 

O’Donnell, who worked with producer Jennifer Janisch, shared four cadets’ accounts of being sexually assaulted and the retaliation they faced for reporting them on CBS This Morning last December

Despite 287 sexual assault reports to the U.S. Air Force Academy over the past 10 years, the longtime anchor noted that women serving in the military still endure assault, abuse and harassment.

“It was like they experienced two assaults. First being the actual sexual assault and then lack of support, lack of belief and the further harassment that resulted,” explains O’Donnell, whose father served in the military for 30 years and sister is a surgeon for the Army.

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This is me praying we’d win for an investigative piece we poured our hearts into. So grateful to the Academy for the Emmy 🏆 for Outstanding Investigative Report in a newscast. Our story was nominated twice for a six-month investigation into sexual assault at US Air Force Academy and retaliation against survivors. Active duty cadets risked disenrollment to share their stories. I am grateful to the cadets who are the most courageous women I have ever met. After this story aired the US Air Force Academy made sweeping changes. Huge congratulations to producer Jennifer Janisch and @laurengalippo and @sheenasamu.

A post shared by Norah O’Donnell (@norahodonnell) on Oct 2, 2018 at 11:51am PDT


As the investigation unfolded, O’Donnell felt pride in exposing the abuse.

“They reported the assault. They sought medical help. There is a record. There is a name attached to it with a fellow cadet at the Air Force Academy and these women are not believed,” she says. “Still to this day it is hard to accept.”

While O’Donnell and producers were initially unsure if any current cadets would be willing to speak up, two women from the United States Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs came forward.

“We put them in silhouettes,” says O’Donnell. “These were current cadets, who not only were risking their scholarships, but their careers.”

When O’Donnell asked one of the women, who chose to remain anonymous, if she regretted reporting her assault, the cadet broke down.

“I regret it every day because of everything that came after. I just wish that I never came forward,” she said through tears on CBS This Morning. “I never asked to be assaulted.”

While the interviews were emotional for the victims, O’Donnell and her team also struggled hearing about the “soul-crushing abuse and harassment.”

“We at one point had to stop the interview because my producers, who were about 10 feet away, were crying so hard I could hear them in my microphone. The cameramen were sobbing. It was like nothing I had ever experienced in my life,” she remembered.

O’Donnell pointed out that the experience opened her eyes about the allegations made against her former co-host, Charlie Rose: “I just thought about how soul-crushing abuse and harassment is. You have to understand that in order to fix that problem, there has to be zero tolerance. It is soul-crushing for women and you live with it for your entire life.”

Survivor Recap: What’s Good for the Tribe Isn’t Always Good for the Individual

Stephen Fishbach was the runner-up on Survivor: Tocantins and a member of the jury on Survivor Cambodia: Second Chance. He has been blogging about Survivor strategy for PEOPLE since 2009. Follow him on Twitter @stephenfishbach.

“It would be stupid if we made an alliance, gave it a name, bandied the name about, talked about ourselves being warriors, and then chickened out at the last second.” — Benjamin “Coach” Wade, Survivor: Tocantins

This week on Survivor, the David tribe loses the immunity challenge, and is offered a classic Survivor conundrum. With Pat pulled from the game, the tribe feels like it needs to stay strong. The loudest voices quickly settle on Lyrsa as the weakest link.

But what’s allegedly good for the tribe isn’t always good for each tribe member.

“When you hear your best buddy’s name thrown out, you’re not going to just sit idly and do nothing. You’ve gotta get into gear,” says Elizabeth. Elizabeth wins the Fishy this week for shifting the vote off her ally Lyrsa and eliminating Jessica instead.

When Elizabeth hears that Lyrsa is the target, her first instinct is to try to vote out Carl. But she realizes that the tribe will never vote out a strong male, and suggests Jessica instead. The first step to having your plan adopted is knowing who the tribe will actually vote for.

And as Lyrsa notes, Jessica is the link between Carl and Bi. I’m a big fan of targeting the social connectors. Loyalty on Survivor is typically to individuals rather than to groups. With one key person gone, an alliance can fall apart.

Elizabeth recruits Gabby, who’s paranoid that she’s being targeted and is just happy to vote for anybody who’s not her. When Christian comes to join their conversation, Elizabeth gives him a big hug and pitches the idea. “We just changed things big time,” she says.

Do I think Elizabeth is being self-consciously manipulative when she gives Christian a giant embrace immediately before telling him she’s upended the strategy? I do not. She seems like a genuinely caring person. But as Guatemala’s Rafe Judkins once said, “Your character is your strategy.” Elizabeth’s caring nature helps sell the plan.

I also like how Elizabeth makes her pitch. It’s not “What do you think about getting out Jessica?” or “How would you feel if we changed things.” She leads with “We just changed things.” The change is already done. You can get on board or you can be left behind.

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Christian loops in Nick, and then from being the obvious boot, Lyrsa suddenly controls a five vote majority. That’s how fast Survivor can change.

While Elizabeth wins the Fishy for being the prime mover, this episode also shows how decisions never really come down to one person. It’s always a network of alliances, a push-and-pull between every person on the beach exerting their influence. It’s a mixture of strategy, paranoia, and random chance.

Each person has their own web of reasons for agreeing to the plan, and recruiting others.

Gabby goes along with the shift because she’s convinced that Bi and Jessica are secretly targeting her. They were so abrupt on the beach! Gabby’s suffering from a case of early game paranoia. It’s a common affliction among Survivor players. Before you adapt to the rhythms of the game, before you learn to decouple your feeling of anxiety from the reality of who’s actually plotting against you, you naturally assume everybody is out to get you all the time. Some people never recover. But as an unlicensed Survivor physician, my prognosis for Gabby is positive. I believe she’ll get through this bout, and go on to great things.

Christian goes along with the shift because of his loyalty to Gabby. How hilarious and touching was that scene on the beach, when Gabby asked him, “Do you want to play with me?”

“Play with you?” Christian asks. “Oh, in the sand?” Then he offers his hand for her sand game.

“No, play this game with me,” Gabby says. “Do you feel comfortable protecting me? More than Jess? Do you bond with Jess?”

“No, I don’t bond with Jess at all!”

I could watch this scene a thousand times. It’s one of those Survivor moments that is so pure that you could never script it. It would seem cliché: the nerdy character completely misunderstanding the girl’s subtext. And yet there’s Christian, asking Gabby if she wants to play in the sand.

Christian seems like a nice guy. (Such a David). And he also manages to let his kindness and awkwardness serve as a mask for his brilliant strategic brain. “I am surprised how fast things change,” he says. “But I’m encouraged that things move so fast, that I feel like a hyper-frenetic person like me is the ideal person to handle it all.”

Christian pulls Nick along with him as part of the Mason-Dixon alliance. Nick deserves a ton of credit this episode. When we left him last week, he was the tribe’s de facto boot. But adaptability is the most important Survivor skill. If you can recognize how people perceive you and change accordingly, you’re set up to do very well.

This week, Nick cements his alliance with Christian by naming it. Naming alliances may seem corny, but it’s smart strategy. Alliances can feel very ephemeral, especially in Survivor’s early days. Naming them makes them feel more substantive, more reliable.

At Tribal Council, Jessica is practically giggling about her big move. “I think the way of the game isn’t — wait until tribal council to start playing,” she tells Lyrsa.

But that’s the thing about Survivor. Everybody’s hustling from the moment they hit the shore. If you don’t know what somebody else’s game plan is, then you very well may be their target.

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At the Goliath tribe, Dan is making himself a target by his fixation on Kara. Angelina, Alison, and Kara create a Goliath alliance. Jeremy and Mike find Dan’s idol.

But how can you pay attention to any of that when we have Natalie? As great as the scene between Christian and Gabby was, it was rivaled by the brilliant exchange between Natalie and Jeremy.

Jeremy: “Here’s the issue. I’m not a psychologist, and I’m not getting paid for this. There’s a lack of self-awareness.”

Natalie: “Okay, so let me stop you there. I feel like I get along with everybody.”

Jeremy: “Why do you feel you get along with everybody?”

Natalie: “Because I do.”

Jeremy: “Lack of self-awareness would be …”

Natalie: “You don’t have to define that for me. Is that all?”

Survivor is at its best when people are completely themselves, and Natalie Cole is 100 percent herself. As Jeremy says, “She’s been married 24 years. That means somebody loves her as she is. That means she’s not making any changes.”

I have a tremendous amount of sympathy for Natalie. She’s 57 years old, which in Survivor is like being 107. It can’t possibly be easy to be the oldest person on the season by a decade. (Although the Goliath tribe is geriatric by Survivor standards, with three contestants over the age of 40.)

But Natalie also doesn’t do herself any favors. People are trying to help her out, but she refuses to let them. That’s true with Jeremy. And it’s also true with John, who wants to work with her. John tries to protect Natalie by telling her she can’t trust Dan. But don’t say anything, he instructs her. Five seconds later, there’s Natalie confronting Dan. “So I understand you’ve abandoned me.”

“How is the oldest person in the damn tribe the biggest threat?” Natalie asks. “You guys are playing like a bunch of amateurs and a bunch of Davids.”

A bunch of Davids. The ultimate burn.

Natalie is actually making a strong argument. She’s using her age as a virtue, pitching herself as somebody who isn’t threatening and therefore isn’t worth eliminating. And why should Natalie wait for John to give her the go-ahead to save herself? Make the case now and let it marinate. If Natalie just waited to scramble before tribal council, it could be too late.

It’s a reasonable case. Nevertheless, by shutting down Jeremy, and going behind John’s back, Natalie is alienating the few people who want to work with her.

David vs. Goliath

I want to take a moment to once again praise the storytelling of this season. It’s only episode two, and I can already name a key alliance for literally every character on the show. Tell me a recent season where that’s been true. If the show can keep up this balanced, engaging editing, David vs. Goliath could be a heavy-hitter.

Survivor: David vs. Goliath airs Wednesdays (8 p.m. ET) on CBS.

Gisele Bündchen Opens Up About Her Blended Family with Tom Brady: ‘I’m So Grateful’

Gisele Bündchen found her romantic match in 2006, when she was introduced to now-husband Tom Brady by a mutual friend.

But just two months into their relationship in 2007, they discovered that his ex-girlfriend, Bridget Moynahan, was pregnant with his first child: son John “Jack” Edward Thomas, now 11.

“It wasn’t the ideal situation for anyone — there’s no manual to prepare you for that,” Bündchen tells PEOPLE in a revealing new interview for this week’s issue.

“But I’m so grateful for ,” she says. “I know this was hard, but I couldn’t imagine my life without . I call him my bonus child.”

After Jack was born, “He opened my heart in ways I didn’t even know my heart could expand,” says the supermodel and Lessons: My Path to a Meaningful Life author, 38. “I fell in love with him.”

She says feeling such love for her husband’s son made her “want to start a family” with Brady, whom she married in 2009. And though they had previously discussed waiting 10 years to have children, they realized they “wanted Jack to have a brother or sister close in age.”

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In her new memoir — Lessons: My Path to a Meaningful Life, written in the style of a journal — the famously private supermodel reveals that motherhood was a tough adjustment. (She and Brady, 41, share daughter Vivian Lake, 5½, and son Benjamin Rein, 8½.)

“Things can be looking perfect on the outside, but you have no idea what’s really going on,” Bündchen tells PEOPLE. “I felt like maybe it was time to share some of my vulnerabilities, and it made me realize, everything I’ve lived through, I would never change, because I think I am who I am because of those experiences.”

“When I became a mom, I kind of lost myself. It was like a part of me died,” she adds. “I’d been this very independent person. It was all about me. But now I had this little being, and I suddenly felt l couldn’t do other things and that was very hard for me. All I ever wanted was to be a mom, but when you’re actually experiencing that, it’s a shock.”

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Bündchen also acknowledges that the stresses of parenting have sometimes taken a toll on her marriage. Taking on the majority of the childcare while Brady trains — often from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. — “You’re overwhelmed and tired and then you’re not the nicest partner,” she admits.

The Brazilian model says she and her husband have had disagreements (his decision not to retire, for one) and weathered rough patches (like 2015’s Deflategate scandal, when Brady was suspended while NFL officials investigated allegations that he cheated by playing with under-inflated footballs).

“When someone you love is happy, it makes you happy, or if they’re sad it makes you sad,” she says. “You suffer with them and you have joy with them.”

All proceeds from Bündchen’s book will go to Projeto Agua Limpa.

For more about Gisele Bündchen’s new book and life at home as a mom and stepmom, pick up the latest issue of PEOPLE, on newsstands Friday.

WATCH: Christina Aguilera Gives Fans a Peek at Her First Tour in More Than a Decade

Christina Aguilera is ready to “Accelerate” into her first tour in over a decade.

In an exclusive video, the “Genie in a Bottle” singer, 37, takes PEOPLE backstage as she prepares for her Liberation Tour, which kicks off Sept. 25 in Hollywood, Florida.

In one shot, the former The Voice coach sits and looks into the distance nervously. This is the singer’s first time going on tour since 2008 — and she says she is “thrilled” to get back on stage.

“I feel like a new artist again, which is so refreshing,” she told PEOPLE this summer. “It’s what I’ve been needing for so long. I don’t really have any expectations.”

In the exclusive video, the songstress is seen practicing both sensual and emotional choreography alongside multiple male and female dancers, in what looks like will be spectacle to watch during her tour.

View this post on Instagram

The Unbreakable Flower 🌺 Making something special for the #LiberationTour — 5 days…..

A post shared by Christina Aguilera (@xtina) on Sep 20, 2018 at 9:10am PDT


This week, the singer shared that she was adding the “finishing touches” to her tour, posting a photo of her getting her makeup done on Instagram.

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#LiberationTour finishing touches 🌷✨

A post shared by Christina Aguilera (@xtina) on Sep 19, 2018 at 4:54pm PDT


Aguilera also told PEOPLE this summer that along with her dancers, her adorable daughter Summer Rain, 4, will be joining her on tour.

“She’s a mama’s girl and I’ll definitely be taking her on the road with me,” said the “Beautiful” singer of Summer. “She’s going to learn to see life through a different set of eyes.”

It was the birth of her daughter and her son Max Liron, 10, who encouraged Aguilera to take a small break from making music and coaching on The Voice so she could “have a stable, one-place, rooted environment for my kids.”

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“But with any artist, that will run its course and feel stagnant. I was like, ‘Man, I won’t be of service to anyone if I don’t get back to who I am and what I love to do,’” the “Sick of Sittin” singer shared. “I said, ‘Mama’s got to hit the road again!’”

The behind-the-scenes video ends with Aguilera faintly asking her fans to “remember.” And how can fans not remember the five-time Grammy award winner’s most iconic songs and performances?

The Liberation Tour in the North America begins Sept. 25 and is set to end on Nov. 13. Fans can access tickets through Aguilera’s site.

Magician Shin Lim ‘Went Into a State of Shock’ When He Won America’s Got Talent

Shin Lim pulled off the ultimate magic trick by winning America’s Got Talent.

The 26-year-old self-taught magician tells PEOPLE he still can’t believe co-host Tyra Banks announced him as the winner of season 13 during Wednesday’s results show.

“For me, the whole thing was kind of like a dream. When Tyra announced my name, I went into a state of shock,” says Lim, who was born in Canada and currently lives in Acton, Massachusetts.

“I couldn’t really hear anything because the cannons went off behind me. It was quite memorable. Definitely going to remember that feeling for the rest of my life,” he adds.

Less than 24 hours after hearing his name called out as the champion, Lim is getting used to the idea of winning $1 million and a headlining gig at the Paris Theater at Paris Las Vegas from Nov. 2-4.

“It’s kind of settling down now but it’s still a blur. I really can’t believe that a card magician could win AGT like this. Magicians in general struggle on the show, so for me to make it to the Top 5 was like wow,” says Lim, who ate an In-N-Out burger immediately after the results show to celebrate his victory.

“I couldn’t have asked for a better platform. I couldn’t have asked for anything more amazing than this. It’s so life-changing and so many incredible memories that I’m trying to hold on to. I don’t want to forget it,” he adds.

Looking back on his season 13 journey, Lim admits he has one regret.

“The quarterfinals, I wish that was better. I guess I wasn’t focused enough,” he says. “I think I might have been nervous. It wasn’t my best performance. I do wish that one could have been better.”

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During his time on AGT, Lim opened up about his carpal tunnel syndrome, which he was diagnosed with at age 20 and is what forced him to give up his piano career.

“I think the best thing to take out of my story is there’s always another way. Even when a door closes, another one does open because there’s always another way out. I really thought my career was over when I quit playing the piano because that’s all I did,” he says. “I practiced three hours a day since I was nine. My parents, my friends, my teachers, they all thought that I was going to be a concert pianist so that was my vision as well. I thought it was all over, genuinely for a year.”

As a hobby, Lim had practiced magic, starting at age 16, but quickly realized it was his passion.

“But then magic started to somehow pick up and I started actually making money from magic. I thought, ‘Wow this is actually possible. I can make a living off of this.’ That’s what I want to tell people: you can do it,” he says.

After his big AGT win, Lim, who calls retired magic star Lance Burton his idol, looks to wow fans with even bigger close-up tricks and more sleight of hand moves.

“Something along the lines of the finale,” he teases of his Paris Theater shows. “The finale gave me hope and inspiration that I can actually continue doing stuff like that. It gave me a lot of hope.”

Tickets for Lim’s Vegas shows, featuring season 13 finalists Vicki Barbolak, Samuel J. Comroe, Brian King Joseph, Courtney Hadwin and Duo Transcend, go on sale on Friday and can be purchased at www.AGTVegas.com.

Season 14 auditions for America’s Got Talent are currently underway and interested acts can register at www.AGTAuditions.com.

Stabbed 63 Times at Home by Boyfriend’s Teen Son, Murder Victim’s Family Wonders What Drove Him to Kill

The night of April 6, 2017, was wet and cold — miserable already — when Todd Taylor and his older sister, Alyssa Nicholas, learned their mom, Heidi Taylor, had been murdered.

It was late when Todd, 21, heard the news. He’d been at work at a fast food restaurant, coming off a dinner break as his shift neared its end, when his sister called and told him to get to Heidi’s house as quickly as he could. She’d just received a phone call of her own: Something was wrong with their mom, she’d been told, and the police were involved. But nobody seemed to know where to find Donovan Nicholas, the 14-year-old son of Heidi’s longtime boyfriend, who lived with Heidi and his father in a two-story farmhouse in Urbana, Ohio.

Todd arrived to a scene already covered with police and caution tape — “I didn’t even know Urbana had so many cop cars,” he says. Amid all of the activity, he saw a body being wheeled out of the home and then he saw Alyssa, 23, wrapped in layer upon layer of blankets. She was “bawling her eyes out.”

“I’m trying to get information and finally she says, ‘That was mom,’ ” Todd recalls. “I asked who did it and that’s when one of the deputies came over.”

Says Alyssa now: “What actually happened would never have been something that I would ever have guessed in a million years.”

‘It Wasn’t Me … He Snapped’

Donovan Nicholas, the boy who killed 40-year-old Heidi Taylor, whom he called “mom,” is also the only witness to her death.

His is the most complete version of her murder, and it is an awful one: In a stuttering voice that April night last year, he called 911 once Heidi was dead to report what had been done.

He described how Heidi had been stabbed with a kitchen knife — authorities learned she suffered some 62 or 63 wounds across her body — before being shot once in the head on her bed.

He told responding officers that it was just the two of them in the house: Heidi upstairs and him down by the back door, bleeding from an inadvertent cut sustained in his attack. He pleaded for help and he said he was not to blame.

“It wasn’t me who killed her,” he told the emergency dispatcher, knowing how that sounded.

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“This really hard to explain, but I kind of have another person inside me,” Donovan said. It was this person — this “Jeff” personality — who was responsible, who had been in control during each swing of the blade.

Jeff was modeled after the fictional horror character “Jeff the Killer,” an eyelid-less maniac who recurs in online stories and artwork.

Donovan, who had become enamored of “Jeff,” dressed the part for Heidi’s murder, saying he was driven to wear black clothing to look like Jeff and to take a small blade to slash the sides of his mouth, extending it into a Jeff-like rictus.

“He killed her,” Donovan told 911. “He snapped.”

The teen’s voice shook. “I hate Jeff so much,” he said. “He’s going to make me die in prison.”

An Excuse or a Disease?

Prison is where Donovan will spend at least the next 28 years of his life, after which he will be eligible for parole from his life sentence. Tried as an adult for aggravated murder in Heidi’s death, he was convicted in July, days after his 16th birthday.

Everyone agrees on the who, the how, the when and the where. But the why is a struggle.

Donovan’s attorney, Darrell Heckman, who is appealing his conviction, believes he is seriously ill and should never have been removed from the juvenile system, where he could be rehabilitated. Donovan’s father, Shane Nicholas, is supporting his son’s appeal and believes he is sick. (Shane declined to speak with PEOPLE.)

In critical need of treatment, Donovan has developed still more personalities while behind bars, Heckman says. He believes Donovan has dissociative identity disorder (DID) — a rare condition whose roots typically trace back to extreme physical or sexual trauma in childhood, which Donovan did not experience.

While psychological experts say someone with DID could theoretically commit such violence in the grips of another identity, as Donovan says he did, patients with the disorder do not tend to be more violent than anyone else.

“In general they’re people who have been badly damaged,” says Dr. David Spiegel, a Stanford psychiatrist professor. “The last thing they want to do is hurt anyone else.”

Spiegel, who stresses that he is unconnected to Donovan’s case, is nonetheless somewhat skeptical of Donovan’s clothing change. “When you’re really experiencing it, you don’t need the props,” he says.

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The psychologists who examined Donovan came to no more of a consensus. All three found him legally sane under the standards of Ohio law — in essence barring Donovan from arguing at trial that he was insane — but two found that he had notable mental health issues such as depressive disorder.

None of them determined, conclusively, that he had DID.

Prosecutors have never been convinced. “I believe this ‘Jeff’ persona was created by the defendant as a way to try to find a legal excuse for the conduct that he engaged in,” says Kevin Talebi, the Champaign County prosecutor.

While Heckman has taken issue with Donovan being prosecuted as an adult despite his youth, Talebi phrases the issue in reverse: “How often is it that we deal with 14-year-olds who plot the murder of a person in a premeditated manner then follow through with the plan?”

Heckman takes a wider view, posing more difficult questions than he provides answers.

“We need to come to grips with the fact that severe mental illness is real,” he says. “There is an important societal issue as to what age do we give up on children for their rehabilitation prospects and what age do we not? We want to be tough, but we want to rehabilitate that can be rehabilitated. And I think there also is a question of how much of a limit do we want to put on insanity? What should you be allowed to present to justify insanity?”

Heidi’s children, who were raised as siblings to Donovan, aren’t sure what to believe. Todd, 21, thinks Jeff must be fake — but if an alternate personality is not to blame, who is?

“I don’t know how he would go from an innocent kid,” Todd says, “to what he is now.”

What Was Going on at Home?

Prosecutors say the answer is simple: Before killing Heidi, Donovan had grown resentful and wandered deep into homicidal fantasy, exchanging numerous morbid messages with a friend from school. He was pushed over the edge when Heidi discovered him sexting with an out-of-state girlfriend and decided to take his phone away.

Heckman disputes this and says it was the “Jeff” personality who could not handle the stress of losing his connection to Donovan’s girlfriend. In Heckman’s telling, “Jeff” developed over the course of early 2017 as an alternate personality for Donovan, a studious but socially awkward boy who had dealt with depression and self-harm in recent years.

“The more he admired him, the more it took over,” Heckman says. How a dissociative identity disorder could develop in Donovan, however, he still doesn’t know. Before Heidi was killed, Donovan had not been violent and he has had no issues since.

Those closest to the teen, too, say they did not see signs of such darkness in him before the murder last spring.

Donovan, whose mother lost custody of him soon after his birth, was just a toddler when his father and Heidi — who had first met through mutual friends and later reconnected — moved in together. They formed a close-knit blended family including Heidi’s two children, who describe typical domestic scenes such as bustling weekend breakfasts and trips to hike and camp.

At some point, however, Donovan began deteriorating.

Alyssa says Heidi and Shane were aware he had been cutting himself and that Heidi had taken steps to make sure he was not alone at the house. She wanted him to get counseling, according to Alyssa. “She tried doing everything she could, just to make sure he was okay.”

Otherwise, Alyssa says, Donovan did not seem unusual — apt, as any teenage boy, to give Heidi some grief when asked to do the dishes.

But there were things Donovan did not talk about: He was skilled at masking his self-harm, according to Alyssa, and neither she nor Todd say he had mentioned Jeff to them.

“For my sanity, I’d like to think that there really is something truly wrong, something going on , just for him to be able to do something like this — just so out of the blue and so horrific,” Alyssa says.

Jailhouse Conversations

“I’m sorry”: That’s what Donovan told Todd the second time Todd visited him in juvenile detention, as Donovan awaited his trial.

“He just kept apologizing,” Todd says. “I mean, really that’s all you can do. I don’t want to hear no excuses.”

This was last year. Both Todd and Alyssa visited Donovan multiple times while he was in custody.

“Initially, for something so unexpected to happen and for the reasons he’s saying that it happened, I guess I just needed to talk to him and figure out and try to see if he really was himself,” says Alyssa, noting that they “really weren’t allowed” to discuss the murder.

The first time Todd visited, he was with Shane, Donovan’s dad, who did most of the talking. “I couldn’t take my eyes off his hands,” Todd says.

His second visit, months later (“I was too mad to go see him because the only thing standing between me and him was a metal table”), was much more charged — a confrontation, a confession, and some kind of equilibrium.

“It sounds wrong, but it’s not: I wanted to kill him at the time and so I told him, I was like, ‘You don’t understand how bad I want to hurt you,’ ” Todd says. “And he’s like, ‘I’m sorry,’ and I asked him, ‘Do you ever think about what you did?’ and he’s like, ‘Yeah, every night.’ He’s like, ‘I can’t even sleep. Most of the time I curl up in the corner of my bed crying and screaming.’ ”

Todd says he asked about Heidi’s murder and Donovan “kind of shrugged the question off.”

“He asked me, ‘What would you have done if I would have ran?’ and I told him what I’d do,” Todd continues, leaving the consequence unsaid. “And he told me it was understandable.”

Alyssa, who visited more often, saw Donovan a few days before he was sentenced on July 24. She was working on her victim impact statement for the court.

“I was having a really hard time just trying to decide how I did want him to be sentenced and I felt like I really did need to talk to him about how it has affected all of us,” she says, remembering their conversation.

“He told me that he understood how I felt about everything and that he wanted me to be honest because he understands that what he did has a huge impact on us and he understood how we felt. … And he said it doesn’t matter what I put in it, he was okay with it, because he knows how hard it’s been for all of us.”

‘No More Big Family’

In court, Donovan offered his regret and said he wanted treatment. He repeated his story about the “Jeff” personality, telling the judge, in part: “Before we distinctly split, I liked Jeff the Killer, I was obsessed with Jeff the Killer. Jeff became a problem when he started doing things I didn’t want him to do: destroying my room, stabbing walls.”

Alyssa’s statement was read on her behalf by a close friend. She called her mom her “biggest supporter and my best friend,” and she called Donovan her brother.

“I no longer have a parent to turn to for guidance when life gets rough,” she told the court. “I have nobody to support me and push me to be who I can be. I feel completely lost all of the time.”

Heidi, who loved to cook and garden, especially loved being a grandma to Alyssa’s daughters — apt to cancel any plans to spend time with them and never one to tell them no. The February before she died she’d left her job at Honeywell, where she had worked in various positions, to help with child care as Alyssa prepared to go to nursing school.

“There is no more big family unit that is there to love and support each other,” Alyssa said in her victim statement. “Holidays no longer feel warm. My children no longer experience the joys of having a grandmother and being able to run to a grandparent for things parents just never quite understand.”

Donovan’s absence created its own pains. Alyssa said her daughters “do not know what happened or why they haven’t seen Donovan, but they miss him and the fun times they remember with him.”

Despite the grim details of a murder that has attracted national attention, Alyssa tells PEOPLE she holds to her mother’s memory.

“I don’t want anybody to forget who she was and the type of person that she was. I just don’t want her to be another name or face in this case file. She was an actual person, and she was a very important person.”

A few days later, Alyssa gave birth to her third child, a girl neither Heidi nor Donovan will ever meet.

“Even if they were convinced that he was okay and he was to be released, I don’t know if I would ever really be okay with the fact that he was released,” Alyssa says.

But she knows that, were Donovan someday to go free, she would not want to see him outside of prison.

“That trust just isn’t there anymore.”

The Bachelorette’s Jillian Harris Opens Up About Her ‘Rough’ Pregnancy with Baby No. 2

She’s weeks away from giving birth to her second baby, and first daughter, and Jillian Harris is more than ready to meet her little girl.

“This has been a rough pregnancy,” Harris, 38, admits. “The first trimester I was so physically ill and tired. Now I’m just exhausted. But I’m hanging in there!”

Harris, who is engaged to Justin Pasutto, with whom she shares 2-year-old son Leo, says she was shocked to find out that she was having a girl.

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View this post on Instagram

My heart could EXPLODE!!!! Up next…. a baby GIRL!!!! @justinpasutto are you ready for this!!??🎀🤰🏻🌸👛👙💗 (reveal story on @youtube, link in profile!) … Thank you EVERYONE for your enthusiasm and LOVE 💕

A post shared by Jillian Harris (@jillian.harris) on May 23, 2018 at 1:38pm PDT


“I secretly wanted a girl, but I was expecting to have another boy,” says the Bachelorette alum. “I’m so excited to have one of each!”

As far as Leo, “He says ‘baby’ when he looks at my tummy, but I don’t think he really understands that it’s going to be another addition to the tribe,” says Harris. “He is a little bit territorial, so it will be interesting. He’s in the clingy mommy phase!”

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For now, Harris, who has partnered with Saje Natural Wellness and designed her own diffuser, credits the wellness line, which also carries essential oils, sprays and rollers, for helping assuage her anxiety and pregnancy-related insomnia.

“I feel like I needed to take better care of my nervous system and myself,” she says. “I wanted to explore more natural options. I started using Saje’s rollers and mists and realized I needed to incorporate them into my life!”

And life is about to get a lot busier.

Says Harris, “I grew up as an only child, so I’m excited for Leo to have a companion. I’m happy our family will be a little foursome!”

Duff Goldman Dishes on His Wedding Plans—and Why ‘a Weight Was Lifted’ When He Proposed

Since getting engaged in April, Duff Goldman and his fiancée Johnna Colbry have wasted no time planning their January wedding.

The Ace of Cakes star, who is the first-ever resident chef at Kellogg’s NYC, spoke to PEOPLE from the all-cereal restaurant on Wednesday night and dished on the details of his upcoming nuptials.

When guests arrive at the Museum of Natural History in Los Angeles, where the ceremony will take place, they’ll be greeted with a “Hall of Mammals,” as Goldman calls it. “We’re going to have a petting zoo when you walk in with ponies and sheep and goats, because we both love animals,” he said. “Eventually I think we’re going to get our own farm.”

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After that, the menu is a main priority—complete with a dramatic confection, of course. “We’re going to have a taco guy, a baked potato bar, pizza, and just a ton of really good food,” he added. “And then the cake we’re hanging from the ceiling.”

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For their honeymoon, the pair has grand plans to circumnavigate the globe. “Straight afterwards we’re getting on a plane, and we’re going around the world for two months, and we’re going to write a book,” Goldman said. “We’ll start in Fiji and just chill out for a few days. From there we’re going to go to New Zealand, then Tokyo, Singapore, India, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia—and then there are just so many options.”

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I woke up yesterday and it felt like any other day. Sun was shining, birds was chirping. I made some coffee, ate a little breakfast, and got in the shower. I was shaving my head when like a mule kick to the heart I realized that I am absolutely in love with Johnna ( @letushear ) and I can’t imagine living another day without her in my life. She is kind, funny, smart, beautiful, cool, wise, and sexy. She’s a tempest of feeling. I didn’t plan this out, it just happened and it was so glaringly obvious that I couldn’t have stopped it if I wanted to. I asked her to marry me. She said yes. I cannot imagine a state of happiness that is more intense than whatever I’m feeling right now. My heart just might burst. I love you muffin. I love every scar. I love the way you smell. I’m sorry I didn’t have a real ring. I hope you don’t mind butcher’s twine, I am a chef, after all.

A post shared by Duff Goldman (@duffgoldman) on Apr 2, 2018 at 5:24pm PDT


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Though Goldman proposed on a whim tying a piece of butcher’s twine on Colbry’s finger in lieu of an engagement ring, he says he’s never second-guessed his spontaneous decision. “When I proposed to her, it was just so obvious. I was just like, ‘Of course we’re getting married.’ I never wanted kids and now I’m just like, ‘Of course we’re going to have kids!’,” he said. “Everything changed. My whole worldview changed. A weight was lifted.”

And he’s finally replaced that string with the real thing. “I told her she could pick out any kind of ring she wanted, and she went with a thin, very simple, beautiful band,” he said.

Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth Open Up About Their Fears for Raising a Newborn

Growing up with 18 siblings of her own, Joy-Anna (Duggar) Forsyth had lots of firsthand experience caring for children. But when she welcomed her baby boy earlier this year, the new mom realized that some things can only be learned through parenting.

“I have to wake Gideon up at least twice a night to feed him to make sure that he’s gaining weight because he’ll just sleep and won’t eat,” Joy-Anna, 20, says in a PEOPLE exclusive sneak peek at Monday’s Counting On episode.

“Being a mom is in a lot of ways easier than I thought and then in a lot of ways, harder than I thought. I knew that my mom had gone through a lot with all of us kids, but I didn’t think it was that hard just because I had always taken care of kids myself,” she shares. “But it’s given me a whole new appreciation for moms out there that have kids.”

On Feb. 23, Joy-Anna gave birth to her baby boy, Gideon, who measured 22 inches long and weighed 10 lbs., 3 oz.

After bringing little Gideon home, new dad Austin Forsyth also learned about the hardships, fears and realities of raising a newborn.

“The first week it was, ‘Is the baby breathing?’ I would just lay there and see if I could hear it and multiple times I got out of bed, you know, making sure was breathing,” says Austin, 24. “I think I’m finally coming to the realization that there’s always going to be something for the rest of my life and the rest of his life. I think that’s just part of my job as a dad.”

As the couple approached the birth, Joy-Anna and Austin anticipated that she would be having a home birth. But after being in labor for over 20 hours at home, Joy-Anna’s midwife determined that the baby was breech, and she was rushed to the hospital, where she learned that she needed an emergency C-section.

“I hadn’t really ever changed a diaper before we had Gideon,”  Austin admits.

WATCH: Exhausted’ Joy-Anna Duggar ‘Was Just Ready to Get the Baby Here’ During Difficult Labor

“And then with Joy’s C-section and her being kind of bed-ridden, just not really being able to get out of bed much, she probably changed maybe five diapers the first two weeks. So like diaper bootcamp. I got broke in,” he says with a smile.

As Austin tirelessly cared for his wife and newborn son, it certainly didn’t go unnoticed by Joy-Anna.

“Austin really stepped up, especially since I had a C-section, I couldn’t really hardly get up at all by myself, he had to help me up and, I mean, do all the dirty work for me and for the baby. He’s amazing,” she says about Austin. “I haven’t ever seen a guy give so much of himself for his wife.”

Counting On airs Mondays (9 p.m. ET) on TLC.

Katie Lee Is Married! Food Network Star Says ‘I Do’ to Television Producer Ryan Biegel

A wedding was on the menu for Katie Lee on Saturday.

The Food Network star, 36, and television producer Ryan Biegel got married, PEOPLE can exclusively report, in a ceremony attended by family and friends and filled with emotion.

It’s the second marriage for Lee, who was previously married to music star Billy Joel from 2004-2010.

Days before their big day, Lee and Beigel were in Capri, Italy — where they soaked up the final days of summer (and swam on a pizza float, of course).

Swoon. #Italy

A post shared by Ryan Biegel (@ryanbiegel) on Aug 28, 2018 at 1:26pm PDT


Mambo Italiano 🇮🇹 #Italy

A post shared by Ryan Biegel (@ryanbiegel) on Aug 26, 2018 at 1:37pm PDT


Yes, we came to Italy and bought a 🍕float. #nerds #tourist #nocarbleftbehind

A post shared by Katie Lee (@katieleekitchen) on Aug 26, 2018 at 1:30pm PDT


Lee and Biegel announced their engagement back in March. He had popped the question while she was vacation in Paris.

It was very romantic,” Lee — who co-hosts The Kitchen on the network as well as Katie Lee Eats Meats, in Sweats — told PEOPLE earlier this month. “We were going out to dinner to one of my favorite restaurants, and I thought that it was coming. We’re on the trip, like I kind of thought, ‘Listen we’re in Paris and we’re taking the Orient Express to Venice. If he doesn’t propose on this trip, he’ll really miss a great opportunity.’”

And just as she predicted, on their second night staying at La Reserve Hotel, Biegel took advantage of the perfect setting and popped the question. After she said “yes,” they went to dinner and “gorged” on chicken and duck fat potatoes.

Took several attempts to get one good photo with @ryanbiegel 😍 #hamptons #endlesssummer

A post shared by Katie Lee (@katieleekitchen) on Jun 24, 2018 at 5:42pm PDT


I said yes 💍

A post shared by Katie Lee (@katieleekitchen) on Mar 22, 2018 at 2:53pm PDT


Food has been at the center of her relationship with Biegel from the beginning. “That’s really what brought us together and that’s what we enjoy the most,” said Lee. “I think just going through life with somebody who I share a similar idea of how we want to live, you know? We really have fun together and aside from all the love stuff, we really like each other.”

“We like to do the same things,” she added. “Last night we went out on a date to a place called Din Tai Fung, a dumpling house, and ate a ton of dumplings. That’s the type of thing we like to do together. We’ll read about somewhere, and then we’ll go and we’ll pig out, and we’ll have a lot of fun.”

And though she kept wedding plans a secret at the time, Lee did promise the big day would include one thing for sure: “You can plan on there being a lot of good food and wine,” she said.

Lara Spencer is Married! Good Morning America Co-Host Ties the Knot in Vail — See Her Dress!

Lara Spencer is officially off the market.

The Good Morning America co-host and her boyfriend of two years tech entrepreneur Rick McVey said their “I dos” on Saturday in an outdoor ceremony in Vail, Colorado, surround by 135 friends and family members.

Spencer first met McVey after a mutual friend set them up on a blind date. McVey is the founder, chairman and CEO of MarketAxess, a publicly traded and successful financial technology company. He popped the question in January.

This is the second marriage for both. Spencer shares two teenage children daughter Katharine and son Duff with ex husband David Haffenreffer while McVey is also dad to three grown daughters with his ex.

Video from the ceremony was posted on Instagram by PEOPLE’s Editor-in-Chief Jess Cagle.

Spencer’s son Duff walked her down the aisle — wearing a dark suit, white shirt and pink tie — while Christina Perri’s song “A Thousand Years” played in the background.

Of course, all eyes were on Spencer. She wore a wore a sleeveless Adam Zohar lace gown, with a mermaid skirt and sheer cutouts. The blonde beauty kept her hair up with loose pieces dangling in front, and a long  white veil flowing from the back.

And this is how you get married. @lara.spencer and son Duff. #vailnuptials

A post shared by Jess Cagle (@mrjesscagle) on Sep 1, 2018 at 4:32pm PDT


In the days leading up to their big day, Spencer shared a photos of she and McVey on a bike ride in Colorado.

She also posted a picture from Vail with her two kids. Both were captioned with a heart emoji.


A post shared by Lara Spencer (@lara.spencer) on Aug 30, 2018 at 3:10pm PDT



A post shared by Lara Spencer (@lara.spencer) on Aug 31, 2018 at 9:08am PDT


The first 3 attempts at this selfie had the #eiffeltower coming out of my head like a single antenna #smallvictory #paris

A post shared by Lara Spencer (@lara.spencer) on Jul 10, 2017 at 8:21am PDT


Mood 🇬🇷❤

A post shared by Lara Spencer (@lara.spencer) on Jul 11, 2018 at 10:07am PDT


Happy Fourth of July!! I am working this morning on #GMA but I will be recreating this pic by this afternoon. Enjoy your day, everyone! 🦀 🇺🇸 🍔🌭#happyfourthofjuly🇺🇸 #eyewant #tura

A post shared by Lara Spencer (@lara.spencer) on Jul 4, 2018 at 4:21am PDT


Meanwhile, the newlyweds haven’t been shy about sharing their love on social media — Spencer often posting cuddly pictures of the two to Instagram.

Both were all smiles during a trip to Paris last July.

The first 3 attempts at this selfie had the #eiffeltower coming out of my head like a single antenna #smallvictory #paris,” Spencer, 48, captioned a selfie in front of the Eiffel Tower.

Hilaria Baldwin Has ‘Pretty Great Labors’ But Reveals Why Her Fourth Time ‘Wasn’t as Fast’

Hilaria Baldwin‘s secret to staying in shape after baby? Working at it both before and during pregnancy.

In a new chat with PEOPLE, the 34-year-old fitness expert admitted that prioritizing her workouts before conceiving and making sure to do the same during her pregnancy is what helps her bounce back so quickly after baby.

“I’m fit before pregnancy, I stay as fit as I can during pregnancy, and that I think has allowed me to have pretty great labors, deliveries and recovery,” Baldwin — who teamed up with Little Tikes to throw her kids a huge end-of-summer party at her home in the Hamptons — tells PEOPLE.

She adds of the hurdles she has faced this time around since welcoming son Romeo Alejandro David, now 3 months, “This time was hard because I had pneumonia during my labor and delivery, so I was really sick. It wasn’t as fast as the other times, but I made a comeback.”

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Probably one of the most asked for exercises on my page is diastasis rect aka abdominal separation. I haven’t posted about this because I didn’t suffer from it with my pregnancies and wanted to do a lot of research before offering solutions. Most important concept is to CONTRACT AND ZIPPER UP YOUR ABS, RIGHT THROUGH THE MIDDLE OF YOUR TUMMY. Think about where the separation is and try to connect it again, through activation of core. Maintain this and 1: Releve and tuck hips under and foreword for 10. 2: Incline forward, pull in tighter through your lower belly, flex feet and pulse for 10. 3: Stand again, releve and shake hips side to side for 20. 3 sets of all 3 exercises. YOU MUST MAINTAIN CONTRACTION, OR IT WONT WORK. Do daily in am and pm…share with your friends so you can help them too #wegotthis2018 ps wardrobe choice is to show proper form. All fashion police will be blocked immediately 👮🏼‍♀️

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Ending the summer full of fun, laughter and sunshine! ☀ Thanks @OfficialLittleTikes for gifting us with these fun toys to make this day so amazing and encouraging little ones to get outside and get active. #LittleTikes #ActivePlay

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Not that it’s easy to fit her workouts in. As a parent to four children with husband Alec Baldwin — Romeo, Leonardo Ángel Charles, 2 next month, Rafael Thomas, 3, and Carmen Gabriela, 5 — she has to get creative.

“I have to work out when it’s convenient for my four little children and my husband and my two dogs,” Hilaria tells PEOPLE. “A lot of times, what I’ll do is I’ll get up, get the kids ready and then I’ll go for a jog. Al gets the kids in the car and will meet me at the end of my jog. And then we go and we drop the kids off at camp.”

“I’m really just so efficient with trying to find windows of time,” she explains. “I know that my jog is 30 minutes, and if I can make my 30-minute jog and then when nap time is I can do another 30 minutes of yoga or whatever it is, that’s a really good day.”

Celebrating Carmen, just a few days away from her 5th bday 💛

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Hilaria reveals that she has “enjoyed the changes that childbirth has brought to my body,” even though her physique is different than it was before she had kids.

“It’s not the same, but I feel a little bit more feminine and a little bit more capable,” she says. “I feel like I know myself better. Going through that experience, you learn yourself from the inside out in a whole different way.”

“I am more confident and … I’m tired,” the mother of four admits. “I’m very tired, but I also know that’s such a finite point in people’s lives. I meet people who have older children, in their 20s and 30s now, and they say, ‘Just enjoy it.’ And that’s what I’m doing. I’m taking that advice. Everybody tells me that. I’m taking that advice, and I’m enjoying it.”

Tour Real Housewives of Dallas Star Kameron Westcott’s Sprawling Colorado Family Vacation Home

The Real Housewives of Dallas are heading to Beaver Creek, Colorado, on Wednesday’s all-new episode for a stay at Kameron Westcott‘s family vacation home — and PEOPLE has the first look inside the 11,192-square-foot property.

In an exclusive clip, Westcott, 35, gives Bravo fans a tour of the stunning abode, which sits right beside a ski-slope.

The home features 6 bedrooms and 6.5 bathrooms, as well as a cozy kitchen, a large dining room, classic fireplaces, a glass-top golden elevator, an outdoor hot tub, an indoor bowling alley, and a gym.

“My mother-in-law designed this house about 15 years ago,” Westcott says of the home, which sleeps 16. “She put her heart and soul into everything. Every single detail is all done by her.”

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Hand-carved wood details flow throughout the interior, with exposed wood beams accenting the vaulted ceilings and breathtaking metal and glass chandeliers.

Many of the items in the home have historical value.

“All the wood in this house is actually from an old gold mine, which makes it so special,” Westcott explains, later showing off the tin metal ceiling and wood baseboard in one of the suite guest bedrooms. “This gorgeous ceiling is from a hotel in Colorado. Over here, these gorgeous carved wood panels — all of these are actually from an old church in England.”

Because the Beaver Creek home is a shared family getaway, Westcott’s favorite memories in the home are ones she’s had with her husband Court and their two kids (daughter Hilton, 7, and son Cruise, 4).

“The kids are obsessed with coming up here for the holidays because we’re all one roof,” she gushes. “We love to come up here on the holidays and just be with the family.”

Families are even more prone to visit because each bedroom suite is of similar size, and comes with its own private bathroom and walk-in closet. “All of the suites are similar, which is amazing cause no one has to fight over rooms when they come visit,” Westcott says.

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A few other standout memories from her time spent on the property? Hanging in the outdoor hot tub off the third-floor patio.

“It’s a ski-in, ski-out house, so we can see all the skiers go down the slopes and we can just be chilling in the hot tube like, ‘Hey skiers, what’s up?’ ” Westcott jokes. “Which is so much fun. I love it.”

And seeing as Westcott is a dog-lover who owns her own line of dog food, it should come as no surprise that she fondly recalls adorable things her pooches do when visiting.

“Our dogs are obsessed with this elevator,” she remarks at one point. “Our dogs are lazy up here and they stand by our elevator and they don’t take the stairs.”

The Real Housewives of Dallas airs Wednesdays (9 p.m. ET) on Bravo.

Sarah Jessica Parker Reveals How Robert Downey Jr. Taught Her How to Love and Be a Good Parent

Sarah Jessica Parker Divorce Kids Jess Cagle Interview

Sarah Jessica Parker is opening up about the lessons she learned as a result of her relationship with Robert Downey Jr.

The former couple met on the set of their film Firstborn and dated for seven years in the ’80s and early ’90s before calling it quits.

“It taught me how I love,” the Divorce star told PEOPLE and Entertainment Weekly Editorial Director Jess Cagle of her relationship with the actor, who struggled with drug and alcohol abuse during much of their time together, ultimately leading to their demise.

Adds Parker, 51, “And what’s the difference between loving and taking care of people and what’s necessary, and what grown-ups should and shouldn’t do for one another.”

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For his part, Downey has spoken about Parker’s many attempts to help him throughout their years together.

“I liked to drink, and I had a drug problem, and that didn’t jibe with Sarah Jessica, because it is the furthest thing from what she is,” he told PARADE in 2008. “She provided me a home and understanding. She tried to help me. She was so miffed when I didn’t get my act together.”

Although the couple split in 1991 — Parker went on to marry Matthew Broderick and the couple are now parents to 7-year-old twin girls Tabitha and Loretta and son James Wilkie, 13 — the actress says her time with Downey had an effect on the way she parents her children.

“Maybe it taught me a little bit about being a parent too, because the things that I ended up caring about, and the way I cared for Downey, were things that might be more suitable for a parent at a certain point,” continues the former Sex and the City star

“In a way, I think I’m asking myself those same questions now — I have an almost-14-year-old, so what I should and shouldn’t do for James Wilkie is a question,” she adds. “Like, at what point do I let him lose something? When do I say, ‘You gotta lose it in order to understand how to even cope? How are you going to develop your coping mechanisms if I’m fixing?’ ”

“When does a parent let go? When do you let go in a relationship?” she continues. “So I think I learned a lot about it. You don’t know you’re learning about it when you’re in it — you’re just in the day-to-day, caring about someone and loving them, and hopefully keeping them safe.”

The Hocus Pocus star adds that she also picked up some other useful skills during her time with Downey — the latter of whom has spoken positively about his relationship with Parker, and how she tried to help him in the past.

“I also learned how to balance a checkbook because I had to, and I think those are pretty big things to be learning,” Parker says.

Jen Juneau and Anya Leon

Chip and Joanna Gaines Reveal Why They Keep Their Kids Out of the Spotlight – and Why They May Still Go for Baby No. 5

Chip and Joanna Gaines
Larsen & Talbert

HGTV Stars Chip and Joanna Gaines open up about their Fixer Upper empire and why they’ll always choose family over fame. Subscribe now for an exclusive interview at home with the duo, only in PEOPLE!

Chip and Joanna Gaines are famous for their Fixer Upper empire, but the home-improvement couple want to keep their kids far away from the spotlight.

And while their four children — Emmie, 6, Duke, 8, Ella, 9, and Drake, 11 — do occasionally appear in their reality show, they’re not subjected to filming multiple takes and the Gaineses don’t show their faces in photoshoots.

“They’re so young and we want to give them the chance to have a normal childhood,” Joanna says in this week’s issue of PEOPLE.

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One factor that helps shield the Gaineses‘ children from the TV world? The family doesn’t have a television in their home.

“So they don’t really understand that we have a show,” Joanna says. “They don’t get it.”

Chip and Joanna Gaines
Larsen & Talbert

While the Gaineses definitely have their hands full with their 40-acre farm, running all their businesses and four kids, Joanna says adding to their family isn’t off the table.

“I look at life as the more the better. If I found out we were having another baby, I would be really excited,” Joanna says. “We like a full plate. That’s just how Chip and I operate.”

For much more from Chip and Joanna — including their family and life in Waco — pick up the latest issue of PEOPLE, on newsstands Friday.

— Emily Strohm